Logic Pro for Beginners – 1.1 Intro

Logic Pro for Beginners - 1.1 Intro

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Introduction to this free series of video tutorials on Logic Pro for beginners. By

hello welcome to my series of videos on Logic Pro for beginners in these videos I've tried to cover all the basic topics you'll need to know about to begin making music with logic just a quick word about me I'm not a certified logic trainer or anything like that I'm just someone who's used logic for about eight years I enjoy making electronic music of my own and I work part time in a commercial studio I also make and sell sound design tutorials presets and sampler instruments for logic at my website sound guru comm so please take a look if you're interested you should find everything you need to get started with logic here to get you recording audio programming software instruments and using basic mixing tools and techniques but of course there's no way for me to be totally comprehensive with these videos logics an extremely deep program and many people who have used it for years still regularly find new features and new ways of doing things myself included so for the sake of keeping these at a manageable length I've tried to stick to the really key topics that everyone needs to know about and I'll leave you to explore logics more esoteric features if and when you need to I haven't included much here in terms of being really creative with sound that's what my paid tutorials are for instead I've chosen to focus on the core tools in logic and learning how to use them quickly and efficiently and trust me it's really worth learning these well because the faster and more efficiently you do these tasks the more time you can spend thinking creatively so without any further ado let's get on with it we're going to start in the next video with a quick tour of logic so you can get a feel for its layout and the way it works you

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  1. FYI it's illegal to say you have a bunch of free content and then try and charge money.  That's called a bait and switch, and is the oldest, slimy-ist trick in the book.

  2. can some one please tell me how to set up multiple output for my sutdio monitors… i am using two pairs of monitors… wanna set them up.. anybody help… digi002 interface… logic pro 9

  3. Hello, thanks a lot for uploading this tutorial!
    I have been looking for a comprehensive and complete tutorial, and this is the best one I have found on youtube!
    You may not be a 'certified logic trainer' but you might as well be!

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