24 thoughts on “Lena Horne Documentary 1996”

  1. Lena was not black also not treated nor labelled at black , I think she was a tanned skin Latina or a Sicilian Italian who are Tanned , she isn’t black her nose speaks for it self must be Jewish too , Hollywood need to stop lieing to people

  2. I am extremely surprise that her voice was so beautiful even though I knew her for many years. I know that Jesus will let her have her long awaited movie one day, she was truly a golden voice black giant

  3. All of you are so proud of Lena being black, however she was racist by her own admission she married a white guy for convenience, she knew that a white man could give her more than a black man.

  4. An extraordinary, beautiful, talented mixed woman. She was Senegal, Native American and White European, that came from upper crust or from a family with some money, from New York. She was not just black. Her great grandparents were also mixed, had marriages with white and mixed heritage as well. Can you not look at her nose, her facial bone structure and see this? Its true. Do your home work, please. Her mother was also an actress, theatre and singer, too. Why do so many people ignore mixed races? I look white, right? Wrong. Im African American, Nigerian, Sierra Leonain, Congo, and South African, Native American Indian, Cherokee, Souix. Blackfeet. Irish and Welsh. Never assume the color of a persons skin tells the complete race, heritage and story. My two grandsons ….one is very dark, looks African American, while the other is medium dark and looks a cross between Hispanic and Alaskan Indian. They got their black blood line from my side, my fathers side. So, never assume. There is no shame in being mixed. We are all mixed one bloodline with others.

  5. She's beautiful because she's mostly white, let's just put that out there – the elephant in the room. Gorgeous, no doubt, and that's the reason why. Go ahead haters…..weigh in. But it's the truth.

  6. Ms. Lena Horne was my idol back in the day. I grow up looking at all her movies. My favorite ones were Strome Wether. And Cabin in the sky. And i also loved how she allways stood up for her wright's and her black race. I also loved her in the movie the Wiz. May she Rip.

  7. The greatest actress are those that can play every roll and get into there part with passion and understanding with every great story that Would be the best For A New Hollywood movie. Reading a script is one thing but to be and show the audience the emotions each Role makes The Best actress or actors in the World No Matter what race the actors or actress Are

  8. If Lena didn't trust men and more so white men maybe they in turn felt the same way. Why would she marry a white man for selfish reasons if she didn't trust men let alone white men
    She's a contradiction and not true to herself let alone her race. That's sad for her. She was pretty, but not honest.

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