KPEL Transformers Corporate Film|Brand House|Corporate Video Production in Hyderabad|South Films

KPEL Transformers Corporate Film|Brand House|Corporate Video Production in Hyderabad|South Films

Brand House Ad Film Maker Krishna Kishore, Brand House stands tall as the finest and the most effective Ad Film Making Company in the advertising world. Brand House has come up with Ad film production House in Telengana and Andhrapradesh.

We offer Collaborative, innovative solutions for Ad Films, Corporate Films, Documentary Films & Photo Shoots.

M.Krishna Kishore
Cell: +91 97037 11226


India is Vols third largest producer and fourth largest consumer of electricity growing population along with increasing electrification and per-capita usage to drive growth in power consumption rapidly energy is lifeline for any developed society and transformers are critical components delivering reliable and continuous path to its users it is this criticality that drives Kenya copper initially engineering limited to continuously develop and manufacture highly reliable and efficient transformers that gives peace of mind to its users we all know that transformers are the heart and soul of power supply in modern world knowing the significance of them we have established Kanaga permission Engineering limited in 1983 to act as a one-stop destination for all power distribution equipment solutions despite being a new company in the competitive industry under the leadership of mr. Raja Rao gamba Kenyatta perimetry engineering Limited has become one of the most sought-after name in the manufacturing of transformers and electrical equipment mr. Laxmi Khan gumpa for the greater good of people we produce electrical equipment we do what's best for transformers since we are manufacturing them Chanukah is an organization where every employee is empowered to take decision-making and enabling us to take big decision and prompt action we welcome you to do business with Kanaka having two world-class facility units to manufacture them our transformers are being utilized in significant number of rural electrification networks urban electrification of both residential and commercial buildings across India which we have the capacity to make a pretend megawatt and 33 kilo watt class we specialized in making amorphous core transformers which are 80 percent more efficient than to conventional transformers and we make that cold in-house to ensure the best quality while we believe in technology the advanced vacuum drying and vacuum oil filling facility makes our transformers more reliable with optimum inputs and at wast automation tools and 3d simulations ensuring precise and timely production to our clients as becoming the first and foremost once tolerated efficiency transformers manufacturer in India Kenya copper misery engineering Limited believes innovation in technology having expert personnel in technological adaption and advances we have and always will create state-of-the-art equipment over 1 lakh 50,000 units of transformers are in satisfactory service across the country and steadily growing today the company is able to deliver more than five thousand transformers per month and we are able to satisfy our customers both on timely delivery and quality by all means moving forward globally we sustain innovation service and quality in the process of productivity

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