Joe Rogan Media Strikes Brendan Schaub Documentary

Joe Rogan Media Strikes Brendan Schaub Documentary

Beige Frequency’s documentary masterpiece: I’m Not Surprised – The Brenda Schlob story has been blocked by CBS then by Bent Pixels, Joe Rogan’s media company.

Documentary Mirror here:

bass frequencies Brendan Schaub documentary yet I haven't because you can't yeah it's on Vimeo I'll send you a link I just finished watching it today but that's neither here nor there bass frequencies a guy who does documentaries he he did a great like was a 12-part thing on Anthony ku Mia he stunts Amy Schumer one was fantastic he put up the the Brendan Schaub one and he added it all first it was hit by CBS well and then this happened guys for the audio quality there are about a million cicadas outside right now it's summer unless I record at 2:00 in the morning they're gonna be making noise so I just have to kind of deal with it right now because I wanted to get this video out relatively quickly this is different than my normal videos and I want to keep this one pretty short and sweet so it's easy for people to understand and you know get out there and share if they want to do it yesterday I uploaded a video that I've been working on the video being I'm not surprised a Brendan Schaub documentary I would say within 20 minutes of that video being up it was hit with a copyright block because of a manually detected clip 24 seconds from Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather now again look he may even make a point here in a second where there's there's longer clips on YouTube of it like there's there's 13 minutes of the fight there's 2 minutes of the fight there's 3 minutes of the fight so this isn't like something you can't find on YouTube however remember this was CBS now CBS is the person people who did the fight Showtime right the Showtime pay-per-view someone who did the fight CBS on Showtime Brendan Schaub special was on Showtime Annie as a show on Showtime there are multiple copies of this clip on YouTube some have been up for over a year so the fact that my video was taken down within 20 minutes to half an hour I don't remember the exact timeframe definitely says something that this was more than just an attempt to you know control copyright of a pushing two year old boxing match it was a targeted attempt to censor my video because I spoke ill of Brendan shop but I went back to the drawing board I went back into premiere I edited out the clip from show time of Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather I also edited out the clips of Brendan Schaub talking tomorrow or now though about the fight before it happened and then I reloaded it to YouTube but once my video is back up on YouTube and slightly edited fashion it remained up for 17 hours and in that timeframe it got 50,000 views in 17 hours that's very impressive I know he's doing really well which is which is pretty crazy my channel only had 20,000 subscribers at the time I uploaded the video and I've just hated present shopping around people that yeah so this was for example you know who definitely saw this video Brendan Schaub kidding you know who else did Joe Rogan oh yeah you better believe it over 1000 subscribers during that 17 hour window and also the video was mentioned in the top comment on Joe Rogan's recent video with Brendan Schaub top comment so his video was the top comment on the Rogen thing less than me at Java until it was deleted because of course it was because Joe Rogan is a hypocrite so for a little while I thought it was kind of saying this isn't the first time Joe Rogan's deleted comments he's done it before think the video is going to be taken down again but then earlier this afternoon I get an email saying that the video has once again been blocked worldwide this time because of a claim from bentpixels what bentpixels do you know what bentpixels is right that would be Joe Rogan's whatever production media company yeah yes means that's his media company I've been pinched before pen trips been pinched before yeah particularly paying trip because pink trip gets he gets hit with the monetization claims now all the time so that's why he has a patreon because every time pink shirt makes a Rogen video it's like Ben pickles but bentpixels has claimed this video so which if you don't know is the the multi-channel network that handles Joe Rogan and this time the claim was for again another 20 odd seconds of video from the fighter and the kid now in my opinion this is two separate claims coming from two different companies this is clearly attempt to censor the video from multiple angles it's premeditated and it's really nothing but pure censorship all the clips are used in my video meet the criteria for fair use one fair use covers criticism commentary education comedy and parody to the clips that I used in no way would infringe upon or replace the content from the fighter and the kid using a 20 second clip does not in any way affect them they are not gonna lose subscribers or views or money or anything no no no no no no it's because and I know you haven't seen it yet my buddy because you're making him look bad he in making him look poor barest him yes he embarrassed him because I use this clip it doesn't replace their content however that's not how you Tues copyright system works so YouTube does not get involved with fair use they're not arbiters of what constitutes fair use and companies can just copyright claim something and take it down and it's up to you to file a dispute then it's up to the company itself who owns the copyright to decide whether or not they want to rescind their claim and you can go to court if you really want to but as far as my reading and understanding of fair use goes my usage of the clips is completely covered and to take the video down because I use a few seconds of video here and there purely to illustrate my point as evidence that in my opinion is infringing upon free speech and for this reason I want to call out Joe Rogan specifically here because Joe Rogan is the main channel associated with bentpixels yep and Joe Rogan has used bentpixels multiple times to censor content that criticizes him makes fun of him or just otherwise negatively reflects upon him he basically uses it like a truncheon to beat people and so this was he's he used it for this video this is a little bit ago the ultimate sob compilation a hundred and twelve minutes of Brendan Schaub isms which is just a bunch bunch of fucking up or being stupid bentpixels blocked it now remember this isn't a Scottish thing cuz you know some companies have auto auto block it they're set up this is manually because if you put up a Rogen clip and you're talking good about him no problem we've played we've played on this show we've played video of of what is the sting in the Bing or being in the bong ring in this thing there it is King and the sting which is the Ovid and Brendan shot Joe we play that addition we've never had a problem why we call it the mullet in the gullet the mullet in the color there it is chin who expose him and criticize him or expose Brendan Schaub and criticized Brendan shop which to me is complete and total hypocrisy how many people has Joe Rogan had on his podcast that are part of the so-called intellectual dark web and how many of those people are Jewish oh no I'm sorry I was asking my own question he already asked how many members is being electrified on he already covered both of those people who have supposedly had their free speech and fringed upon how often does Joe Rogan claim to be a proponent of free speech yet he uses his multi-channel network to censor people who speak ill of him who criticized him and make fun of him or his friend that is pure 100% hey man we just have to have a conversation you know like I just want to sit down here and like have conversation you know free speech is really important in this country you know man can I just can I just to quote the enigma report it's a quote rich this is just unabashed J word ism and censorship and hypocrisy and maybe you can say that Joe isn't the one behind this I have no proof that Joe said go take that video down but I highly doubt that he is not aware of it being done and if by chance he isn't aware he should be made aware of it now and he should talk to the people behind the channel and tell them that it's wrong to censor people a page I'm gonna tell you something right now it was him Joe Rogan doesn't have 20 people working for him Joe Rogan has two people working for him it's not it's not a bit there's not a big group there you know what I mean he knows and of course he knows because you don't just arbitrarily choose what videos to take down though because there's plenty of clips of other people talking about Rogen other people talking about you know Theo Vaughn's podcast other people talking about that hold that whole orbit all the Rogan orbiters there's plenty of videos of people talking about these guys and they're not taking down and they're not block world tonight sometimes you get monetized that does happen happens to ping Tripp but but you ting Tripps videos are very neutral like they're not really mocking Joe Rogan nor are they praising Joe Rogan he's just using the source material to make bizarre videos but that be they'll claim that but yeah if you criticize Joe you're gonna get hit or part of his his little clique of boys yep using the copyright system if he has any integrity Joe should do this but I don't think he will and I don't think he does have any integrity because as we all know Joe Rogan is a repeat offender of deleting and censoring comments and like I said he uses this company to censor people in banks upon the fact that nobody is going to call him out and that nobody who does try to take him on will gain any traction or at least enough traction that a light will be shined upon the fact that he uses he underhanded tactics to censor negative information about him now I have thought about filing a dispute but as I said it's up to the copyright holder to rescind their dispute and I don't think they're going to do that the only reason I think they would rescind the copyright is if they look worse now I'm gonna help you beige I'm gonna trust because we're experts at this did this we know this very well Feld Entertainment and stuff like that fighting they're not gonna sue you there there's no way do you understand the terrible publicity that would happen yeah but this isn't this is uh what do you call it they with this with this new system they don't have to go to court like the mammalogy video covered that if they claim it and then you say no that's not copyrighted and they go yet is no that's the end of youtube's process that's but it is but then you move into the same region one Feld Entertainment then it becomes a court case thing you could say file a dispute they then have 10 to 14 days depending on the jurisdiction to sue you and if not the videos the videos are unblocked but that's that's why then why are they there have been other cases we're videos were just just stayed taken down because biggest can identify back that's all it is people are afraid and and for a lot of reasons people are afraid to fight back and we've talked about this on this show with the felt thing because you have to then when you're fighting back when you're saying no this is fair use like you know that we've sent those out a couple times this is fair use you have to give your personal information and a lot of people go fuck it I'd rather the video stay down I don't want to give my personal information now that's what it is and then if they shoot that they don't need to win a lawsuit by the way they just need to show YouTube that they enacted some sort of legal process that you've been served if they could prove that then then it then it stays blocked until the court case is decided if they don't respond within 10 days the videos unblocked so that's how it works I think your computer's unmuted by the ocean by censoring my video than the video itself would have made them look and the only way to accomplish that is by exposing them by sharing this video if you like my channel if you like my videos if you like to Brendan Schaub I do hers even if you didn't for it personally though I don't care if a beige frequency I think he's a little mean and he says mean words about people it was dude dude he he dish he destroyed him it was very very well done at he point he the stuff that really blew me away and I here I'm gonna give you the link guys in the Vimeo link I love all the people that are like man I wouldn't Doc's myself what fucking I gonna do Doc's you yeah how many of you people out there worried about being doxed like it's easy to find I could find any one of you people right now if I wanted to and you couldn't stop me and I could do whatever I wanted to you know now like well I'm gonna say something I'm gonna try to give advice here without me see how I word this correctly you can okay if somebody wanted to how about this if somebody wanted to fight one of these things and they they tell you you have to put your correct information but unless they try to sue you nobody knows you don't necessarily have to be 100% forth can they tell you you do but probably 99% chance they're not gonna check that address or that name just so you guys know I don't know I'm not telling you to do that am I telling you subvert the system or anything I'm just saying that is that is weird because I don't see anybody checking on it and I'm I'm gonna post I'm gonna post a link right here here's the again the link to the to the Vimeo where he married it and that's the entire documentary I'll put that in D live for you guys – there it is I I really I really recommend watching and so they said yeah you could use a lawyer to file for you but why would you pay a lawyer to file a motion for you on a website that doesn't want to pay you anymore it does one right of course right I can account taken away tomorrow like it's not worth it like fighting for your rights on YouTube it's just not worth it anymore like we're just we're just around here skimming as many fucking viewers of theirs as we can so when we just when we do eventually go away hopefully people will follow us to wherever we're going right what's worth fighting for this isn't fucking five years ago YouTube where there was money to be made no you're right D live dot TV slash revenge of the system of the way that's a reminder now regarding Rogen this is somebody found remember when you brought it up to me actually when people were like you were told me you know Rogen doesn't go live anymore he pre records his stuff wait a minute remember when this was right around the time he started not going live anymore yes you want to know why and he started premiering streams re-recorded him is this the UH cuz remember this Tim Poole Jack doors live but remember this was the one that disappeared for a while and everybody went where did that go and then it was back up but it was edited right now oh no did we get something and I love this time and this is good it's not super juicy but you're gonna see why he's not going live anymore assists that's what I want to see it's gonna happen whether we like it or not any last thoughts no I just want to thank you Joe has been great and Tim thanks for your few this is the end of the show this was lawyer thank you I really appreciate you guys thank you jack Jake you made a mess things I think we've said it all that's a wrap folks no more ear beatings good night everybody that was awesome thank you thank you thanks for for for talking I really do appreciate it they worry me the you mentioned an auntie fuck out that Doc's policemen can you please just been that wrong bitch ly / auntie between fit dot ly / antifa sweet and then um would you di mean I'll follow you would you DM me neither they accounts that you said threatened you know I believe in minimizing harm and if I so when a tree well how about this I won't take action on it but I want to understand why you didn't take action on them and I can't learn from that and I won't take action on it so so when Lawrence elder got banned from a tree on hold on a lot of people were does it do without his his streaming program froze and it was still alive so that's the if you want to know the reason why Rogan doesn't go live anymore that's the reason why and that that's happened like I've had my obeah I've had my OBS freeze on me and it's a because now now it's gonna this is gonna be for Rogan it's gonna be you you peaked you're not gonna get bigger than you've been and now you're going too slow people are gonna slowly start losing interest you think people like oh it's not live anymore and it's not anonyme it's too sanitary and it's to pre-record so it's yeah man it's just weird so yeah it stated recording and I think ever since then that's the reason I guess somebody what else must have sniped it hey listen Tim guy who's now part of the inner circle could you give me a list of these people and don't worry we'll get them for you to be fair no into Tim's defrag he's like you know we by the way people could say you're phony but he didn't know he was lying didn't know I was gonna say didn't know he was live so that's not cool you know fucking putting on a front cool for the pun that he was literally hey can you give us a list of the people in her ass even though yeah I got look you gotta give me that much that that is at least a man who is principled because even offer he was like no I'm not a snitch yeah I know dog snitch I know snitch dog know Tim was that gangster yeah I didn't know either but that's the reason ever since that Rogen hasn't been home Rogan hasn't been going live because of that little abstract with the ivory because when she was looking you give me loose no I was waiting from be like you're like no no no it's not happening all right ah Mike quick update I just wanted to read a quick quit up quick update from our president about the gun laws how much are we giving Israel today it's not that in this case I never thought I'd say this I wish that's what it was serious discussion this is the Donald Donald Trump the president United States serious discussions are taking place between House and Senate leadership on meaningful background checks I have also been speaking to the NRA and others so that their very strong views can be fully represented and respected guns should not be placed in the hands of mentally ill or deranged people I am the biggest Second Amendment person there is yes Mike I don't believe you but we all must work together for the good and safety of our country and this word remember this is this this next this net these next two words are what this is the literal Democrat talking no no no this is a literal Obama Biden talking exactly common sense things can be done that are good for everyone like taking guns away from people we deem not good without due process see they take the guns first remember member no we're gonna have rapid due process remember mmm remember remember remember when he sat down anyway and that he was caught saying can we just can we just take the guns away and worry about to practice later remember that and everyone was like uh eat him he must have messed up he didn't mean that he was just goofing around it was just no he's just no goofing guys and here we are

27 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Media Strikes Brendan Schaub Documentary”

  1. Lol I'm not a big fan of Schaub or Joe but that documentary is a straight up hate fest. I mean the irony of this guy trying to build a following by hating on another guy who he doesn't think deserves a follow is a bit rich.

  2. I had no interest in watching it weeks ago… but now theyre trying to block it… im downloading Vimeo!

    Im still subscribed but he stopped having anything of interest to me on the podcast…

  3. There’s no one who can “expose” Joe Rogan. You can’t expose someone who operates with purely genuine intentions like he does… B. You guys are mistaking INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Just because Theo Von and Schaub don’t have their intellectual property taken down doesn’t mean Rogan can’t. If you actually paid attention, he’s a huge proponent for Intellectual Property….. And 2. Joe Rogan was told by YouTube he needed to START MONITORING his comments or he could be demonetized, he’s even stated they considered disabling comments altogether.

  4. Cracks me up how so many of these Comedians talk shit about other Comics that they feel haven't paid their dues but will turn around and give someone like Schaub a free pass to the front of the line because they're bros. Dude has a special before many other deserving Comics that have been doing it for much longer than him. Then he got a big(ger) head because of that and has been turning more and more into a complete jackass.

  5. If anyone has checked the reupload on Vimeo, there's already a bunch of dickrider comments that are so poorly worded and structured that they really feel like farmed out comments. You know like when people pay a company in India or where ever to like, sub and comment with dummy accounts. None of them really make any arguments or refutations to Beige's points. Fun that they are so hurt by some criticism towards Schaub that they followed the video to a reupload, or that he's (schaub) paid a service to follow the vid around and comment on it. LOL.

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