SO many awesome things happening recently! Candie Bolton and I are working on a top secret sofubi project, I got to see a sofubi making factory and Mori Katsura invited us for a private tour of his shop!

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hey guys so I have a very exciting package to open today is this not the most adorable package you guys have seen on my channel I was so excited when this arrived and I knew exactly who was from when I got to my house is this from my friend candy if you don't know who candy is I'll link her Instagram and her Twitter down below as well she's a very talented artist and she creates toys sofa B soft vinyl toys and she paints them and she's just overall really freaking awesome and amazing so you should go check out her stuff while I'm opening this box today I thought it would be cool to chat with you guys about how I met candy because we are going to be working on a very exciting project together and you're gonna be hearing lots about her well we're working on it and when it's finished and I show you guys and everything so I wanted to kind of introduce you to her and tell you about how we met so she sent me a message on Instagram I think it was I can't remember and she sent me a picture of her work and it was so freaking cool she's so talented so we started talking and she came to Japan and we met up and not gonna Broadway and we went shopping for more Pokemon figures and that was the first time we met and we're just both really similar we have lots of similar interests we look similar our personalities are very similar we just got along really well and we became really good friends and we've been talking ever since but while she was in Japan on that trip we also got the opportunity to go visit a Sophie B Factory so a factory that makes the soft vinyl toys and it was so interesting to see the whole process and when I showed you guys some of the Sophie B toys when I'm in like nothing o Broadway and you saw the prices and I saw the prices we were both kind of like wow those are really expensive and you kind of wonder why they cost so much they're just like plastic toys but after going to this Factory and talking to candy and seeing all the work and talent and time and money that goes into making these things I totally understand why they are priced that way so I thought I would show you guys clips from the sofa B factory that we went to so enjoy these here's the mold for Candy's toy bucket who Judith that she's co-producing with toy art gallery the vinyl starts out as a hard brick which is then heated up until it's easy to pour you can see that he's filling the mold with the vinyl here next the vinyl will be placed in a vacuum chamber to remove any bubbles in the vinyl this step is very important if you don't remove the bubbles and you cook the vinyl with the air inside there you'll end up with a very uneven surface and they'll be holes in the toy here you can see the bubbles being removed from the vinyl through this process he opens up the vacuum chamber and makes sure to shift around the molds so that just in case it was kind of like tilted to an angle you want to make sure that the bubbles are all coming out evenly so you turn them around and make sure that it's gonna be all even when it's finished the molds are then dipped into a hot chemical bath to cook the outside and the vinyl only needs to coat the sides of the mold so the extra vinyl is then poured out and can be reused again some molds are then returned to the chemical baths and covered with a lid once they sat there for a little while they can then be removed like so for the next step he'll be dipping the molds into cool water just for a quick dip to help them cool down and that's enough now for the best part the vinyl is ready to pull and we get to see how it turned out so he's gonna take some grips to tug out the vinyl and it's a lot sturdier than you might imagine it to be so you can really yank on it and it won't rip apart many so foobie figures require more than one part the Baka Cuccia has quite a few here and we saved the coolest part for last here's the head doesn't that look awesome this was so fun to see Candis design come to life and she was just so happy it was such a cool experience cute Jana means whale Phantom and it's based on this yokai mythology that when a whale is killed by a human that it turns into a phantom whale and it gets its revenge so it has some human features meshed in with the whale features the horn is a narwhal horn it has the whale fin and like the lines on its belly and that the hands are supposed to look like it makes it clean behind you my favorite and human hands and the skull is supposed to look human-like as well so it reflects that part of the myth that the whales were killed by humans and now they want my revenge I'm supposed to look pretty monstrous and scary it's pretty creepy yeah not gonna lie yeah that was a very amazing day and I got a souvenir the artist gave me one of his original toys and I just freaking love the coloring on this thing and I love the look of spiders I hate spiders I'm terrified of them but I think this thing is freaking awesome so that was just a really cool day I learned a lot and it was just very inspiring so after seeing that me and candy decided to work on a collaboration together and we're gonna be making our own toy it's so fun um honestly she's gonna be making it all she's the genius behind everything and she has all the experience in the industry but we kind of came up with the idea together for the design of the toy and candy sketched it out and we sent that to a sculptor a very famous sculptor in the sofa B industry so I'm just so excited for this to happen I think it's gonna take probably about a year for the sculpture to be finished and everything we're gonna have to be patient but I'm just really excited about it and I can't wait to show it to you guys the toy is based off of Mauro you could probably guess that it's a combination of Mauro and one of my other favorite things so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did I'm planning on putting up a few for sale on a website or something when they're finished and I'm gonna paint them together with candy I'm trying to like self-study how to paint so Phoebe properly so hopefully I will have that all figured out by the time the toys are finished and they arrive at my house it's just overall very very exciting I love like getting into new things and learning new skills and I think this will be a really fun project for me so let's open up the box of stuff candy sent me I know some of the things that are in here one of them is the Mothra figure that I bought in Nakano Broadway that needed a makeover and started out with really ugly coloring I think it was like blue and red I can't remember no I'll try and find a picture of what it originally looked like so you guys didn't see it but it was in bad need of a makeover so Kennedy offered to do that for me and I just know it's gonna be amazing she was the best taste and everything she paints is just a masterpiece that is something like hard in it let's open that first since it was on the top oh this is so cute oh it's maro and Miko that is so adorable oh my goodness oh my god okay this is nice to go somewhere there we go okay that is really cute thank you Kay I'm gonna frame that and put it somewhere next we have sweet ah some of the Pokemon figures that she painted she sent me a picture let me she asked me which ones are my favorite and venomoth was my ultimate favorite oh I think you were giving that one to me I know you really liked it as well is that not the sweetest looking venomoth ever I hope the camera is picking up like the detail on it she packaged them all nicely too so like I don't want to open it but I do want to open it I want to show it to you guys is this not the most gorgeous paint job ever just like the fade of the rainbow colors and it's sparkly I'm not sure if that's showing up and I'm pretty sure the accents here are glow-in-the-dark so it probably looks pretty epic when I turn off the lights ah this is so cool and here's the Charmander it's so beautiful and she painted quite a few more of these and she has them for sale over on her website they might not be up for sale yet but they will be up sometime soon so I'm gonna link the website down below and I'm gonna confirm with her which day they will be released so if you guys would like to purchase any of these you can do that from the link down below and my Taurus cuz she accidentally took this one home with her out there did not for a shopping trip thank you for giving that back morrow Wow oh I have a feeling he's gonna like these ones I can see him playing with these four am oh he came in wow you got a present it's already excited of course always you can do the thing where he throws it I see the Mothra it's so big I forgot that it was this big holy crap that is so pretty ah it's shiny and metallic seriously this couldn't get any more awesome I love it ooh this crowd looks are really nice oh my god it's so cool like how cool is that I just fell in love with these toys when I saw what candy did and I was like I need to learn how to do that my life will not be complete if I don't learn how to do this and paint myself some toys so that's what we're gonna do together and I hope you guys enjoy following the process thing and I kind of bring you along when I'm out the factory pulling the toys and stuff when it gets to that point so candy and I also had the chance to go visit Morrison's shop in Tokyo and he's very famous and it was so sweet of him to allow the two of us to come to his shop after hours and he gave us a little tour and he let us kind of talk to him and we got some advice for making our toys okay so remember those my nickimja girl that I showed you guys in the video that I made recently well I'm in the shop of the artist that makes them so there are so many here some of these little ones are my favorite they're so cute and he gave me some of his toys he's probably most famous for Dominic Nichol Cyclops I bet you've seen this around if you're interested in sofa B so that is the exciting news I wanted to share with you guys and if you want to check out county's website again I have it linked down below so you can purchase her creations that she has for sale up there and I hope you guys are excited about this as I am because I'm really happy to share this whole like process with you and I can't wait to get started but again the sculpting itself is gonna take a while and I'm not involved in that we hired a sculptor to do that but when it gets to the like choosing the colors and starting to paint them and everything I'm gonna show you guys that process so stay tuned thanks for watching and I'll see you guys soon bye


  1. Omg! So cool! Loved her drawings of your kitty’s.😻😻 You should do a children’s book series of the adventures of Maro ( not sure how to spell) and Luna and she could do the art work. It would be amazing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hey Sharla! How is this project going?? I have just started making my own toys too, resin to start with but am desperate to work with Sofubi too <3 imagine my delight when researching Sofubi to find your video – I must have missed this episode of yours when you aired it, so I can barely believe it, haha!! I really hope your Maro sofubi is still being made <3

  3. Fantastic video! While at Mori's shop are customers able to purchase virtually anything in the glass cases, or is it specifically only what he offers at that particular time? Your response would really help, thanks.

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