Jaguar Documentary – The Real King Of The Jungle – History Channel HD

Jaguar Documentary - The Real King Of The Jungle - History Channel HD

Jaguar Documentary – The Real King Of The Jungle – History Channel HD

The jaguar, Panthera onca, is a big cat, a feline in the Panthera genus, as well as is the only extant Panthera varieties native to the Americas. The jaguar is the third-largest feline after the tiger and the lion, as well as the largest in the Americas. The jaguar’s existing range expands from Southwestern United States and also Mexico throughout much of Central The u.s.a and south to Paraguay and north Argentina. Aside from a known as well as potentially breeding population in Arizona (southeast of Tucson) and the bootheel of New Mexico, the feline has mostly been extirpated from the United States considering that the very early 20th century.

This seen cat most carefully appears like the leopard physically, although it is usually larger and of sturdier build as well as its behavior and environment characteristics are closer to those of the tiger. While thick rainforest is its favored habitat, the jaguar will vary across a range of forested and open landscapes. It is highly related to the presence of water as well as is significant, along with the tiger, as a feline that appreciates swimming. The jaguar is largely a singular, opportunistic, stalk-and-ambush predator at the top of the food web (a pinnacle killer). It is a keystone species, playing an important function in stabilizing ecological communities as well as controling the populaces of the pets it pursues. The jaguar has an exceptionally powerful bite, also relative to the other big cats. This allows it to pierce the shells of armored reptiles and also to utilize an uncommon killing technique: it attacks straight through the skull of target between the ears to supply a fatal bite to the mind.

The jaguar is a close to intimidated types and also its numbers are declining. Hazards consist of loss and fragmentation of environment. While global trade in jaguars or their components is prohibited, the feline is still regularly killed by people, especially in conflicts with breeders and also farmers in South The u.s.a. Although reduced, its variety stays big. Offered its historical circulation, the jaguar has actually showcased prominently in the folklore of many aboriginal American cultures, including those of the Maya and also Aztec.

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[Applause] [Applause] it's called El Tigre the Jaguars the most powerful jungle cat in the Americas it stalks the secret reaches of the rainforest a jungle masters so well camouflaged but only the occasional paw prints reveal its presence in order to film the elusive Jaguar nature went to the steamy jungles of Belize in Central America there are some 2,000 Jaguars living in those rainforests but even in Belize it's all but impossible to film these great cats in the wild the only way we could accurately portray the Jaguars secret lifestyle was by using specially constructed sets spread out over 100 acres of jungle the result one of the most complete compelling and intimate portraits of North America's biggest cat ever recorded on film empires that would rule forever lie buried beneath the land the glory of the Mayans gone the Olmecs the Toltecs the Aztecs now fragments of history but there was a time before our kind laid claim to the Americas a time when the great spotted cat lived unfettered uncontested on oppressed through the drifting mist the Jaguar makes his morning rounds unseen eyes since he isn't hungry yet the iguana cautious a howler monkey warns his troops [Applause] prepare to flee the motmot calculates even for the never hunted caution is the surest way to stay alive awareness of every movement every sound every sect in the tropics subtle change betrays the passage of time during the dry season when it may not rain for days the rivers run low but life in the Jaguars world follows a flow uninterrupted by the change of seasons high above the dimness of the forest floor in the sun-drenched canopy a community awakens to the clamor of a toucan six-inch wings begin to unfurl newly reversion a Morpho butterfly the female they made it just a month ago now there's only avoidance like the urge he felt when he picked up the female scent a thirst now cause that his throat by mid-morning after hunting all night the Jaguar is ready to rest as the top predator here the cat does not have to sleep concealed or with one eye open but insects keep up a steady assault peccaries a stately procession of wild pigs seeking the relief of water and the pleasures of mud the year has been uncommon ly dry drawing together the thirsty the Jaguar like most hunters fails more often than he succeeds in the tropics opportunities are never very far away the turtles bite neither discourages the Jaguar nor arouses his anger he concentrates eyes pause searching hunting in murky water by touch capture is only half the battle the turtle lives in a fortress few can penetrate the Jaguars crushing jaws the most powerful among the cats shatter the turtles defense the Jaguar visits his favorite stump to clean his claws and to post his presence cat nails scraped the rock hardwood already scarred by others scent glands and his cheeks leave his signature and stake his claim by marking trees he hopes to skirt a confrontation with another male for in the tropics even a minor wound can lead to a tortured death the rainforest provides many ways to die from a sudden demise to the drawn-out triumph of infection in the heavy heat of afternoon The Drowsy in between of thought and dream clouds the senses who knows of what a Jaguar may dream a coati learns when it's still young to forage while the cat is napping you Swift and agile paws brush away the stinging hairs that discourage others from devouring the tarantula the Jaguar is a stalker to capture prey he normally relies upon surprise and a sneak attack in a chase he's at a disadvantage bitch knows who has the upper hand cause this size cannot negotiate the narrow branches that offer the karate refuge before the heavy rains the female or append Allah turns architects constructing a nest that follows a genetic blueprint while she Labor's suitors serenader and advertise their assets [Applause] they Cal they burble for the reward of passing on their genes in this tropical nursery trees have strategies of their own some flower before they leave to ensure that their pollen rich blossoms are conspicuous the consumers they lure unknowingly collect and then transport the dust that is the agent of new life songbirds like the honey creepers help coral trees follow a similar scheme as tech parakeets flip each flower open uncovering a trove of pollen you you the howler feeds as if he's in a hurry as if the flowers of the course how calm might suddenly vanish but there will be time for the blossoms and the fruits before the onslaught of the rains the karate is alert even while mysteriously it rubs its tail with blossoms that have fallen from the sky the coral snake with flashy rings and fatal poison for protection a quick karate can kill a snake before it strikes when food is on its mind the female Jaguar she's hungry and she's pregnant now she settles for small and easy prey armadillo a staple of the Jaguars diet but just one armadillo will not sustain her for a long in the forest food distribution often follows a vertical path fruit is abundant but the supply can be outweighed by the heavy demand below the kuroh sales claimed privilege within their clan the cranky jungle fowl have their own pecking order the lure of sweet MAME it attracts the blue-crowned motmot and the chorus house even a Shia booty dares to be at their own stately pace the peccaries approach to claim their share Oh Hey the Marne a feast continues waiting to make another run the agouti watches other eyes also watch and measure opportunity you you a light passes a season passes and a time of change sweeps across the Jaguars world [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] in a limestone cave he will wait out the storm the wild air shows the seeds of change life that waits to be will be awakened by the rain it will ring the bun complete intensely every day for nearly half the year but the deluge does let up often in the morning or at night allowing time for basic needs as the season wanes the rain no longer rules so it's legacy remains nature's potent formula of moistures Sun and decay nourishes each secret crevice of the rainforest like magic mushrooms spring from improbable places the storm has passed the Jaguars first urge you to eat now he feeds on leaves a remedy to clear the hairs left in his gut by grooming in the fading light another cat stalks its prey a hungry Ocelot eager for a meal but careful to avoid its powerful competitor both felines will hunt into the night you the Jaguar is at ease in the dark its eyes are just well but not every hunter depends on sight the eyelash Viper sees poorly at night it weighs it option to flee or to strike by testing the air with its tongue sometimes sighs take second place to sheer determination if push finally comes to shove a smaller bat is wise to give way Ammar gaze eyes penetrate the night antenna ears hear what eyes cannot detect the Margay moves on dainty cat feet but gives its up away the deed is done and I'd with indeed in the wake of the rains the tree frogs gather for bouts of communal shuffling the underlying herd is secured a role in the future [Laughter] the business of catching a fish cannot afford distractions it demands concentration strategy and a bit of luck fishing by eye and fishing by touch a flick of the pause sprinkles the moonlight a technique or a ritual it remains unexplained things seemed tamer now since the fury of the rains has been tempered by the Sun beneath the canopy new life renewed vitality many residents of the rainforest now must face the added pressures of new responsibilities among the newest vaatrik forest dwellers to natural-born killers vicious predators of insatiable appetite and cunning expertise following in their mother's footsteps the Jaguar Cubs will climb to the top of the food chain for the next two years she will be there so link to survival teaching them all she can and she will give them time to explore through play to discover to test their world as two paths cross two lives cross and for a moment two Jaguars connect the future and the past but he continues alone the flow of life moves on young as a stream after the rain old as the course that it follows you to learn more about what you've seen on this nature program visit this is PBS you

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  1. 0:26 seconds into this damn thing and the opening line was "it's called, el tigre" 🤦🏻‍♂️which translates in Spanish to " it's called, THE TIGER" sorry.. but who the fuck told you that jaguar in Spanish is tiger … no dickheads its JAGUAR IS JAGUAR LOL (HAA-GOO-ARH)

  2. I learned nothing in this hour documentary that I didn't learn in the five min I spent on google researching the animal. you made NO case as to why the jaguar is the real king of the jungle.(which it is) I LOVE and I mean L.O.V.E wild life documentaries. but this is boring dull and longgggggggggg garbage. you disgraced the jaguar as well as yourself. I literally could have got the same info from a elementary school book from 1995. by the wat this is the only mean thing I have said to a person in the last several years. this was a waste of my time and yours.

  3. There might be some jaguars in the USA and Canada but they are mostly found in the Amazon. It is Brazil's national animal symbol. If you climb a tree a jaguar will bring you down, if you hide in a hole a jaguar will dig you out, and if you jump into a river a jaguar will jump after you and drag you out. There's a joke in Brazil that says that the only way to escape from a jaguar is to out run the person next to you. Alligators are their favorite prey.

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