Jaguar Cubs Fight for Food | Jaguars Born Free | BBC Earth

Jaguar Cubs Fight for Food | Jaguars Born Free | BBC Earth

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As the jaguar orphans grow from cubs to adults, they must learn to fight, hunt for prey, and guard their kills.

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Jaguars Born Free
Brazilian jaguar expert Leandro Silviera has run the Jaguar Conservation Fund from his remote ranch for the past 25 years. When he was given three orphaned jaguar cubs after their mother was shot down by cowboys, he nursed them back to health and filmed their remarkable recovery on camera. After teaching them how to live in the wild, he is releasing them back into the jungle. How will they cope on their own after forming a strong bond with their human foster family, and will Leandro be able to stop the cowboys from creating more jaguar orphans? Natural World tracks the trio’s upbringing over a tremulous 18 months.

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yeah we know that there's a carcass around that's already good sign Sharansky the gentle giant is trying to establish his dominance as the male see interesting that Yvonne she has taken over the core cast Kira is trying to approach me but see she's respect and she's giving him the space jagged of solitary hunters and defeat solitary Maya's wailing Kira is waiting for savage to finish his turn on it usually the male eats more than female he gets larger and the more dominant he becomes so he ends up eating first oh right now they all have enough on the space and they're waiting to see who's giving up and now all I see now my starting to feed but savant and Kira haven't decided yet like because I want you stirred to her Jaggers don't like physical contact that position is very clear that they are very very tense right now that is deadlocked where I think one is hoping for the other one to give up who really can start eating but none of them wants to give up look at that Kira is in a advantaged position because she's under Nisha much now and now she got a position at least she can breathe better now look good bad after 10 minutes the stalemate is finally broken Maya walks away from the fight she's still the smallest and can't compete with her more aggressive siblings eventually Kira proves to be the cleverest of all she chews through the rope and claims the prize all for herself with her praise secured Kira becomes extremely protective it's the first time one of the Jaguars has issued such a clear threat and even at this age Kira could easily kill the Android we have to leave leave her alone she's too aggressive and we should leave the cloaca Kira is losing her bond with people and developing the aggression she needs to live in the wild it's good to see that she's having that behavior that means she's confident she's growing but it's the right time to be outside of the enclosure

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  1. Honestly it actually seems that animals that separate from people after forming a bond become hyper-aggressive. Take wild dogs for example. After a few months left alone a once domesticated dog will become a more aggressive animal than most wolves or coyotes. The same seems to go for this Jaguar, attacking unprovoked isn't something you want to see. That just means her head will off after killing a fishermen over a territorial thing, which MOST naturally wild Jaguars don't do.

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