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everybody but in this society we know that and type the yahoo signboard diner Moses is talking about Jesus the Christ he was not making reference to Muhammad when he said raised among your brethren but brothers with his twelve tribes the 12 brothers described as a nation of Israel he was not talking about Ishmael Ishmael was not in the wilderness with Moses before now this is a prophecy right now you're caught playing your chords e throw your course something other than what guy would step the million dollar question what are you into some black men and black I speak of no location signal the Lord and his mouth the Lord wishes for dr. Nassif the knowledge Hotel des plaines has been about a range of gonna run of each chapter 28 but the yeah I can learn numbers in each family because it you just appear YouTube is a Greek Weber buzzing God don't be the flavor of what so this is something that they were about to grow right business of another culture takes on that that this same culture we have a chance after that to go to Jerusalem Jerusalem that was interesting the reason I was interested that we actually we have before Jerusalem actually we had a chance to see where you know the the so called Jews bidding building orders are they played you know the place they told him not to build the desert last oh yes and increasingly since there's been questioning them Esau and Esau is I got a city's Esau is not gonna give that up no listen to don't listen to the media oh yeah they got a stop bill or they want peace no they don't know that though they're not gonna stop they never stop you see this if you see these houses shows me those thing looks so nice Esau is nonverbal and is administered by the Israel and authority but the JNF doesn't pay taxes on it and the public doesn't receive a thing in return for the land that it owns according to Haaretz the comment sparked an angry response from JNF officials who said that the budget division director levy is still new to the job and that's the only rational explanation for the lack of mastery of the material that he's demonstrating JNF land is far from being a government resource rather it is land owned by the Jewish people the Jewish National Fund was formed over a century ago for the purpose of purchasing land in what was then Ottoman rule Palestine by the time Israel was established the company owned less than six percent of the land shortly after in the 1948 war that created the state and led to the Masters position of nearly a million Palestinians the government awarded the gen-f another two million square kilometres Naga cudeman is an Israeli historian who studied this period hakarl a psycho freak okay I'm a patient even if Nick Medina very eloquent Simba Machel experimental – Alexa really critical Tom who Vania da Mucha la la was for him in pocket s redemption I'm MC from the neutral l'attaque who short been a very social forum last whata facility – oh no – oh man jealous bulimic stomach I'll make the critical cacao the pituitary no fish the parking and a homogeneous are the motel a best water connection in baqara Carl a vocal accelerated the government creaming formats the meeting women alike for in Chania Suvorov engineering the film name album officially they had the Kakashi a Shia mega man I voted a three-beam this land on which dozens of demolished Palestinian villages stood the JNF holds for the benefit of the Jewish people at large as animal and bossa wrote in the marker on Sunday what does it mean when the Jewish nation is defined as the benefactor of a company and not just any company but one which today holds a liquid capital of 4 billion shekels and 2.5 million square kilometers whose potential value is dozens of billions more the JNF has recently been the center of heavy criticism for its practice of discriminating between Jewish and non-jewish citizens in the way that allocates land Suhag Bashara is an attorney and the lands division director for a doula a legal organization that works with the Arab minority in Israel the set of Israel basically owns 93% of the lands within its Green Line geographic space and these lands were confiscated from the Palestinian citizens of the state from the Palestinian refugees and a public domain that they inherited from the British Mandate now you have different types of segregation and you have different tools that's used to exclude the Arab Palestinian citizens of the state from purchasing lands for residential use one is a land owned by the Jewish National Fund which comprises about 13 percent the ila administers the lands owned by the JNF according to the memorandum of the JNF which means only for Jewish people now in 2004 were petitioned against its policy and the petition since then has been pending before the Supreme Court and it's not we don't foresee when the Supreme Court will issue its decision now since the creation of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people the debate of whether it's a democracy has been waged by many who criticize its tiered system of rights for Jewish and non-jewish citizens professor organ if the fan of the ben-gurion university proposed another way of looking at the kind of state Israel is an ethnocracy in the first part of the story we looked at the new law proposal brought forward by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu which will further entrench Jewish exclusivity in Israel and defined the state itself as belonging to the Jewish nation at large what are the characteristics of it left the critic state the main characteristic is that the distribution of resources and power is governed by ethnicity not by citizenship citizenship is an envelope which is quite often Hollow then there is a constant project of the state to create boundaries between majority and minorities so the minorities will not influence the core of decision-making and the character of the state one of the main ways in which an ethnocracy maintains the control of resources in the hands of the ruling group is through the control of land in this second part we ask who owns the land of the State of Israel and of course the assumption is unspoken assumption that state land belongs to the dominant ethnic group and this is why the Aquatics states are so keen to nationally can I please see your ID Linda bra has seen hundreds of cases like this if we look behind us ready stolen land that is land confiscated from Palestinian owners and this is to Jewish contractors to be both for Jewish people who will buy the apartments and nothing nothing is held back when it comes to planning for Jewish neighborhoods it is an international law totally illegal and one could actually say it is a war crime because it is forbidden in in turn in in by the laws of war what has happened is forbidden it's our lands as mrs. al khatib here and here but what can we do their house need not be knocked down straight away but others are not so lucky the house is being destroyed in mrs. shivani's neighborhood without a permit Locker she had been told that Palestinians would never get a permit for building in someone unlike the Jewish settlers the Israeli courts were due to hear the family's appeal left very morning with the soldiers half an hour later relatives returned with a temporary injunction to stop the demolition taking place but by then three rooms had been destroyed and with them when something else to Arab residents like these a sense of trust but one day Jerusalem might be a city they could share with Jews in peace you no exact what is this well in Jerusalem we went there the brother from Damona who's a nice brother very kind spirited brother SAR at the second I can remember the name he wanted to take us on a tour and I found him then we don't do tours that's but I don't like tours it's a waste of time but it was very insistent it took us to the this area where the Wailing Wall is and why we like it's like the marketplace yes the market and while we were there we decided to start teaching with just several interviews we got from the street well that was good yeah that was good we we do cut from the street in Jerusalem you know inside the we went to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre yes and all in the front you have images of Esau everywhere everywhere but where in the back off to the side where is dark no life you've no lights you got black images of Christ Mary the prophets certain of rulers as black men and women that's what you see all the walls and it was very shocking and amazing and we had to point it out to the people in that when y'all see the footage you you see what I see we've been saying that for a widow we're saying that forever like they did why wash a lot of us stuff right well I'm from India where we were at wellsworth we went to wailing wall my funny what's so funny to me was on the inside the churches that that that them flow that everybody was kissing oh everybody's kissing the floor it's like idolatry all in the air all and I doubt you all would have been as crowded in there I mean a lot not all over the world of there from there we went to the to the Wailing Wall they want us to put that little stupid hat on we say hell no you gotta show some respect we say yeah we shall we spare we just not gonna put it on then you say okay okay okay go ahead yes so we went in there we wrote our prayers on a piece of paper we put into the wall yeah Baruch Hashem Baruch Hashem Baruch Hashem and from there from there from there we went to we went back to we went to Tel Aviv Tel Aviv we whole camp in Tel Aviv we went to this park where we actually went there women's and a place where there's a lot of our people hey don't listen to nobody there's no black people that's a lie you know when Moses is gonna scare us all over our people he's all over the world hooray cos in Jerusalem remember there was a section for Africa's well it's not Palestinians I have fro we forget to mention that yeah after we talked to a couple of and even on the world they don't put at for Palestine also a guy yes the brother from the motor said they won't even write it on the wall now they got a little map of Africa like a statue or something that you sit in the footage and that's all they have there to determine or figure out that these are the Afro Palestinian yes so okay Palestinian from day after we talk to them a blood is just just look look just like us yeah then we go to camp we got okay we meet we preaching with Tichina people you know you know sisters yes oh yes I met two young sisters that that you know I talk the truth to them not 12 year old era by now they about one is about 22 23 they about 22 23 ah they actually was born but their father from Ghana this big poufy he as I was talking to them I was showing them soft in the scriptures and there was like we go to church we never heard nothing like that before yes they they say we never they actually didn't even know Christ colors in the Bible didn't even know that they didn't even know the Jews is black so one of them say eh I think you should bring this to my church because she say I say yes she said listen in our church people let Esau walk all over them and it she said I'm gonna talk to my pastor and she was supposed to call me today and give me what I know I mean see if we can go and talk to him and she also give us new spot she said there's a better spot where there's actually nothing but our people there I put some aside today we're gonna go check it out what iswhat is we do what is we do what is we do that was it that was it for yesterday yesterday was a good day yeah yesterday was actually a victory food list upon their head neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard let me see your head let me see a good let your hair grow let your hair grow you can cut it short don't shave your head don't make ball in this one you understand neither shall you shave off your beard that's what you gotta take you live here right you live here right now what's your name Steven Steven you gotta teach me you understand so that we can come back to who we are right you understand so we can stop having to live like this we got to change our to me nobody's gonna change your focus we got to stop just being about lip service and get you doing it we come from us all the way here all right from the US all the way here to tell you but you should be here your home you should be hearing your home telling all your people just forgot you know to observe oh okay oh please you understand it this is very supportive this is screams I'm sorry but you understand this but you don't understand this yeah good because that's what we're going over right now we understand we understand that feel freedom prove us wrong we understand is this is the devil the Bible speaks of right you know the oh yeah this is a bit Dublin this is the CG you understand and and guess what it received all of us right all of us you understand this is the demon it must be cast down in the earth right that's what this is that's what we understand Revelation chapter 1 verse 1 Jesus Christ the revelation of Jesus Christ you're gonna know what it needs at 610 it's a business just the image okay listen listen he give you a description if you tell me how your grandfather what you're not writing down up to describe to me I you look right there you say he got white Willie here you got dogs whatever you made my mad that's all my know I have you right again is in description i'm said ID pictures of him understand this just for show us you wanna be clear you know I know the Reverend oh Jesus Christ so the Bible is about to reveal the true image the truth the true color of Christ right the Bible is gonna do the same thing verse 14 his head his head and his hairs were white like wool white do you have see this image that's Willie head Willie head relegated his head and his hairs were white like wool they were white in color listen they were white in color his hairs white in color and like war like woo like your head it's like wool understand his head his head like whoa our hair like listen his head and his hairs were white like wool as white as snow and his eyes were as a flame of fire and his feet like unto fine brass and Christ that the color of his skin you listening what's your name bro what's your name okay listen Christ color the seat and his feet like unto fine brass so the color of his skin was like fine brass like brass like brass like this is the color of brass understand as if they burned in the furnace so not only was Christ skin brown in color but they were also as if they burned in a furnace in fire you burn it with fire and it becomes burned yes so it becomes what color what color what color this a peacock burn this color in a furnace with fight what color is the brother yes it's already brown there have really game listen Jeff Lucy and his feet like unto fine brass as if they burned in a furnace so not only was it his skin brown but it was also as if somebody burned him in a furnace will color with brown come with color with a brown man come if somebody burned him with fire no black bonnet you wonder okay don't touch it when your bunny yeah okay don't block exactly exactly it becomes black yes so Christ was described in this price this is the image they taught you right hmm so it says that Christ and white wooly hair right I thought yeah you do that 14 yeah which I don't believe that what I this is Christ yeah you know you look disgusting you look disgusting let me show moving on read it again and you tell me your best price of decimals read again revelations chapter 1 verse 14 his head and his hairs were white like wool or started 13 so he understands Revelation chapter 1 verse 13 13 and in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man you know the son of man is right Jesus grace right yeah alright clothed with a garment down to the foot so he had a body you understand and this this garment was on a body which is about to be explained his body his skin his flesh is about to be explained and Girt about the paps with a golden girdle his head and his hairs were white like wool his head and his hairs were white and like wool right white like wool you understand like wool right and as white as snow and his eyes were as a flame of fire and his feet like unto fine brass so what color is brass he watches best know white ain't brass brownish present a brass of brownish color like this is almost a color press right yeah that's a brown shoe that's a brown color right right so it's skin was brown his hair is woolly woolly like an afro right Yeah right and his feet like unto fine brass and his skin is brown as if they burned in a furnace is brown as if it burned in a furnace which would make it what color black that's black so we guess this is listen he black cause he's black and his father is black to God the Creator of heaven and earth is black the Bible read from verse 1 again the Bible explain it to you this is a lie Revelation chapter 1 verse 14 and 15 Revelation chapter 1 verse 14 and 15 read chapter I mean we wrote one for the brother with your name again brother Stephen Stephen we are reverse one for you just coming out the Bible this ain't coming from an image you say you learn from an image nobody never told you the scripture that Jesus a white man right you say you learned it from an image somebody showed it to you when they showed it to you when your forefathers in slavery they gave it to us right Yun said when our families with this slavery take giving us this image this is a lie this is not nothing to do with us this is a this is a white man to see your boys I mean his name Caesar Borgia Pope Alexander the sixth son take painting in German to be Christ we'd never worship them we'd never knew this guy when we were in a slavery they gave this to us right but the truth is what the chart but the true Steven this is recorded in the Bible this is no way in the Bible that's right then said now you come into reality to learn you've been lied to or your Harvick with something yes and pretty keen eyes yes grab the cross come Wendy come God did occur when you can't order ready do you live you see where you live yes where we cutting the water yeah got it easier where did he leave Jerusalem and Galilee Galilee he was born yes Israel Israel yes let the program in Israel Bethlehem in Israel bring revelations chapter 1 verse 1 the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave birth to him what the word revelation means do what you've been going to church you said right yeah what did the word revelation me little man and let's put penis on the revealing yeah yeah the revealing yes yeah 3 verse 14 his head and his hairs were white like wool my hear in my head is what what color it's white like wool Christ hair and his hair was white like wool already describing the describing is here that was on his head in his bed the color it was you understand and it touch it was his head and his hairs were white like wool like mine is and you grow your beard yours would be uh a woolly young stay in the same way as white as snow white as snow like mom is white good and his artist in his eyes what was Christ first miracle the miracle his first Mary Mother did for you force me that I'll call we get with the order make you water to be done why exactly I'm gonna show you give me that didn't just give me that amount make it easier for him at the 11:19 Matthew 11 19 Christ drunk wine brother so we giving you the description that the Bible give you of who Christ really is right you belong to Stephen you belong to wake up Stephen you've been launching then lying Gala says they love and gave us religion the people here is nothing true people in his land we've been allowed to all these things the loss loss loss we here to strike this thing there we need to cast down imaginations we need to bring you back to the rightful man you really up you are is your life right you from the job Evo you are is right then we ran to the west coast of Africa that's how we got in Nigeria that's how we gotta be mean that's how we got in Ghana that's how we got it Liberia that's how we got over there in Cape Verde that's how we got any phrases all in South Aurora supplement Oh South Africa we ran we was on the run that's how we read and got down into the races read Matthew chapter 11 verse 19 the son of man came to Son of Man again who's the son of man is Christ the Son of man came eating and drinking and they say behold a man gluttonous and a wine-bibber they go to my wine baby you look at so many people here this drainage the eyes the white of your eyes turn red when you drink the white of your eyes turn red right he said they came eating and drinking they called him a wine-bibber alcoholic a tronic they tried to call him out hauling he drunk wine you would know it drunk like this he always drunk in moderation Yun said but he said he came eating and drinking okay and they say behold a man gluttonous and a wine-bibber they called him greedy and they call him alcoholic a wine-bibber and so called an alcoholic today they called him an alcoholic because he drunk wine the white as I was read this guy here they said white your Willie here this guy here white and Willie is his hair like my hair oh you're here no you don't see him well willing here nowhere so that's a lie that's a lie his eyes was red what colors odds white is ours and white is white discuss the Bible describing hot Jesus Christ look this is a line that gave us anybody slavery that's what we were in slavery they slap disown us and made in two seconds oh we was killed whatever you accept this when you die free Revelation chapter 1 verse 14 his head and his hairs were white like wool as white as snow and his eyes were as a flame of fire the white of his eyes were as a flame of fire and his feet and his feet you can see they eat they think is the same car as their arms they legs and a face he said in his feet like unto fine brass the brother just explained to you over say explain him price is like a dark coleridge brownish color he says feet like unto fine brass his skin is knowing in the fire last night as if they burned in a furnace if I take that poll right now and put in a fire and I take that tree right now put in a fire pull it out what colors on me and then it's blood it's gonna be black right this Bible describing he was a black man right our Lord and Savior is a black man that's right that's what we're steaming you I know you fight one of your market religion gave you that white image religion showed you this from a kid now you this oh now you're looking like I've never heard that before but you hearing it now right show them straight up the Bible the King James Version Bible straight out the Bible they're bidding a thousand years we've been allowed to are alike we've been wrestling on our life give me that enrollment eight give me room at 8016 with stephen real quick I'm gonna show you son Stephen because this truth right here will be unveiled this troops gonna be on there right before your eyes like John 8:32 say you will know the truth with the truth will make you free right we see when God said I hate Roman 80/60 Romans chapter 8 verse 16 the spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God you know the spirit itself is God spirit gospel is will right here in the Bible right the Bible is God's Spirit he said the spirit itself where what barrett witness and will bear witness with our spirit with us the israelites the people are his Bible is wrong bear witness with our spirit that we are the children of God that we are the children of God it's not a little coincident you here in this land right now and not no pointing at you standing before us right now right God is calling you God is waking you up God showing you the truth about this Bible right before your eyes yes we're living in biblical prophecy right now right we live in Bible promise give me two out three I'm going to show you we live in in Bible prophecy right this second here Stephen right and God go calling people back he says she for his voice we not everybody we are here for the chosen people this a few people God created serve him they serve him alone read Showell chapter 3 in verse 1 for behold in those days and in that time when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and he will bring the captivity of Judah the emos new rubles the ants on takes all us we are the children of God who reign and fled from his place is 70 AD right 70 AD we reign up out of here because the Roman armies is coming to kill us God said run run or you will be killed right here by the sword Reed and Jerusalem I will also gather all nations and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat so Judah and Jerusalem is these whole trail chops detalle child I hear you action people did make Jews around here right now you ask them where the rest of the tribe that they all claim to be Judah they all said they Jews did not know to number brood that to you as well they not know Jews you aren't you rather than Jew this notice wave rumors they stole our heritage they still are custom they saw everything we had brother right you know we can realize you've been launched oh you've been ripped off you're all right before your eyes right God sent you back here today well you can hear his word once again just when he's gonna show you what happened to his land God Himself going to tell you what happens his land he promised on these three thousand four thousand years ago really I will also gather all nations and we'll bring them down into the valley of Jehosaphat that's the valley of decision it's not right now and will plead with them bare for my people were godly Isaiah 66 are you pleased with his get that hold that Isaiah 66 verse 15 i'ma show you how he pleased and your feet with his feet receive it God loved you that he gonna be for his people Isaiah chapter 66 in verse 15 for behold the Lord will come with fire and with his chariots fire he don't come on fire what fire you come away fire what you mean by a fire that is coming to George the living and they those details on me becoming what did he become wait come in withdraw you come with fire that I will draw those living on doors blew up he passed away oh you talk about the living in the day for behold the Lord will come with fire and with his chariots like a whirlwind – come on fire like a whirlwind surrender his anger with fury and his rebuke with flames of fire by fire and by his sword will he plead with a lord plead with his all flesh we see we see fire for by fire and by his sword a my sward would the Lord plead with all flesh you know pre we'll all questioned let my people go once again he won't tell him and let us go right he don't say let my people go I understand the second Exodus the understand the second illusion of us we've been in slavery a long time we were in slavery eight years ago we were in slavery we Exodus Egypt 400 years living in slavery these days 400 years or more or more a little water net read so well chapter 3 fire that's how come we he give people chance to do the right thing they're not he gonna destroy every day good Joe Welch is the three first two I will also gather all nations and we'll bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat all nations is in there all nations is in here right now instead and we'll pin the valley of Jehoshaphat is the valley of decision he gonna make a decision here let my people go he gonna let loose all tribal World War actions that we said we require in this war he breathe I will also gather all nations and bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat and we'll play with my with them there for my people and from those god people it didn't your shoes dip somebody else you know whose shoes is that you that on your feet yo your shoes right yeah God says my people think I possessive people he got a certain people or chosen people right MacKinnon Yun said he said my people he twelve times I am there was God chosen people that's right churches there you'll never tell you that the churches won't keep you down shouting laws right they said we put a whipping on them you don't know who he is no more we can let him go that's what they say but God said no redeem my people calling back to me read I will play with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel whom they have his heritage who for my era touch Israel whom they have scattered among the nations we are scattered amongst every nation on his planet Earth right we are scattered amongst every nation on his planet Earth you can go to the smallest island to the biggest continent we are their failure chapter 5 verse 15 I will go and return to my place so they acknowledge their offense God said he gonna go back to this place – we acknowledge our hitch do we acknowledge we disrespecting him by breaking his laws to acknowledge that we reach set the hell with your voice answer came is we want to do what we're gonna do – the Lord said I'm gonna put you at the bottom then I would make you suffer I wouldn't make you be at the bottom everybody else going to be above you and that's what we had today at the bottom because God cursed us for bringing his laws really I would I would say angel said curtly it is cursed I would say punished he punished us for bringing his laws I will go and return to my place today acknowledge their offense we have their knowledge we broke his laws we are their knowledge we push them to the side yes I'm Isaac and Jacob go come back for you right do not judge and acknowledge that you disrespected and seek my face and their reflection I will go and return to my place so they acknowledge their offense and seek my face in their reflections they will seek me earth how are we gonna see your face we gotta dig back in his Bible you got a dick back in his Bible understand who you are what happened to you you're gonna understand who you are and wherever Jesus seek is the only way you can see God face is reading the Bible you can't see God face no he said and you will see my facebook in their reflection and your picture and your fliction that was seek me how me son hi by reading your Bible I will go and return to my place till they acknowledge their own fitness we got to acknowledge we've burgers lost at your commandments we got a knowledge that we are the children of God we got a now is what happened to us we all know that we are in their addictions they will return Hey hello Mizzou bismuth thinner you got the Brethren all around win in bow kick yes sir imple kick that's where we're staying at on home this is day five of our journey here in the Land of Israel we're gonna do a recap regarding yesterday in the days prior and just the electro no we did visit the brothers and sisters in Dimona and I know a lot of you're wondering no they do not believe Jesus the Christ or Yeshua HaMashiach is the Son of God who is returning to deliver our people they do not believe that they said they believe he's he was a messiah for that time and he came and left already so no one need to add no more wondering we asked them straight where is it written that Jesus Christ was black bro that's like the smartest question we don't heard all day questions we go show you right now the Book of Revelations yes I do one verse one you know right the revelation of Jesus Craig so this is what we gonna do we gonna show you how how Jesus is black so you do you think that that's Jesus where you talk to this is Jesus okay good so we're gonna do a comparison cap Quixote we're gonna do a comparison wreath 13 start it one started one they'll reveal the revelation of Jesus Christ so we're going to reveal Uli's and Jesse we're gonna reveal what Christ looks like grief which God gave unto him I have to show it to the his servants things which must shortly come to pass all right give me that give me that the record was that a 13th verse verse 11 green flashes saying I am Alpha and Omega the first and the last and what they'll see ya now Christ told the Prophet John okay John he said whenever you see do what write in a book so he had to write it down he had to record it because he knew in the last days that people are gonna be worshipping this that's right so he had to make a record to show you what Christ looked like right now jump down to verse 14 we wanted to get right to the point we're gonna read verse 14 uh-huh his head and his hairs were white like wool so the first thing he described he described Christ hair right when he say he had what color hair and what was the texture of his hair reading again his head and his hairs were white like wool what was the texture of his hair like wool who's got Willie hair who say it say it loud it looks the black sparrow so let me ask you this just he had Willie hair he don't so that strike one here's his hair of a white okay that strike to read that's why the smoke uh-huh and its eyes what has a flame of fire I'm asked a question do you know what Christ first miracle was no no no what did he do with the water Lupita's heater to wash he changed water to one cuz track Christ like to drink wine in moderation so since he drink wild like that it made them whites of his eyes red okay three and his feet like unto fine brass so check this out so John is looking down at Christ's feet Christ has sound was over right back in so he's looking at his feet and he saying his feet look like fine branch will cut his breath it was brown right just like a like like Petco right let me how bout we go find out how black how brown his feet for the worry that's they burned in a furnace so he said Christ was so dark he looked like he'd been roasted in a plane you understand that that's how dark Christ would write is that the image of Christ he looks more like that right now we're not saying that this is Christ but what we are saying is that Christ look a lot more like this man then this pastor right here that's right that's what we say did that answer your question our praises you got another okay I'll praise you left oh oh and guess what not only is Christ black but God is black did you know that we actually serve a black guy give me that in Daniel 79 I'm gonna show you that real quick where you told him that okay let me answer you told him that yeah who taught you this no no listen where do you find the description of Christ could you say you ain't know before now you know right where you finding it where you finding that Revelation chapter 1 verse 14 and 15 all praise yes so now I'm going to show you what God looked like all right read the Book of Daniel chapter 7 verse 9 great I beheld till the thrones were cast down so did the prophet Daniel is he's having a vision right now he sees that all his kingdom like these these rallies okay the the so-called Chinese the Arabs all of their kingdoms are coming crashing down three and the Ancient of Days did sit the Ancient of Days is God because he's before time even existed you understand that breathe whose garment was white as snow now we talked it that God don't have a body he's just a spirit right but just saying he got a garment on so if he's wearing a garment what does that mean Mark Breaux you in the spirit he had him by here the body breathe and the hair of his head oh he got hair breathe like the pure wool who else got we'll hear that Christ have wooly hair so you see that and Christ told you if you've seen the father if you see me that you've seen the father right so we can make we can the depiction of what God looks like God is a black man right Christ is a black man and his children are black men and women that's from you understand it all praises to the mall side you got another question bro okay and when and where you find out where do we just put it chapter 7 verse 9 if you got it on your remember okay I believe you a smart brother I think you've done this you and women and when you fire Christ out again put it down yeah yeah eating and what they say that they would leave the multitude of the heathen they said they no longer wanted to go with your customs of the people that had them in captivity but they wanted to do what and go forth into a further country they wanted to go somewhere else away from the people that had to miss slaves read we're never mankind well they wanted to go somewhere where no man has ever gone before read that they might bear keep their statues because they couldn't keep their own laws in the while they were in captivity they had to go all the way across the world in order to keep come back to the laws of the Most High God read which they never kept in their own land uh-huh and they insert into Euphrates by the narrow passages of the river so they took the Euphrates River and they they started to make a journey they were own ships okay three for the most hurry being showed signs for them so God showed them the way to make this journey three and held still the flood now this area right here in Africa this is very treacherous waters here a lot of a lot of ships come through here and they get lost at sea and I never heard again but but the Most High God made it so we're your people to add up the asteroids could come through here without any problems breathe hail steal the flood for the multi showed signs for them and help steal the flood until they were best over until they came through this treacherous waters brief walk through backcountry ha ha there was a great way to go so in order for from here to here into the long time how long did it take namely of a year and they had they were all ships for a year getting him to travel this route 3 at the same region is called our Sorento so before this was America before Christopher Columbus came here this was called Mar Suren yeah Cologne Christopher Columbus this was called Arthur hey somebody open this up for me get this Arthur I'm gonna show you what Arthur with me because first of all he he knew about this because he read in the Bible the Jewish encyclopedia Kuja then our sri the name of the land beyond the great river far away from the habitation of man in bricks the ten tribes in ten tribes right yeah of Israel will dwell the ten tribes of hoop of Israel where you want inside answer you are from the ten tribes of Israel but three observing the laws of Moses like I said here is that if you wait over here to observe the law of the most breathe that's it until the time of the restorations according to Fort estrus chapter 13 and verse 45 read Columbus listen escucha uh-huh identified America with this way he identified what America identify what America yes we're go ahead with this land that's how crude the fuck alone knew to come over here in the blue to in slavery so ever since he came over here you've been pushing your face Catholic what's your wish Oh Billy head to her like young yeah and you do is do okay okay so you do but the majority of Brazilians right they speak there are their religions what what Catholic right and they believe that this right here they they worship this right here right did it come is yeah and much that's right yes sir that's exactly right he's saying why you got so many images I think that's exactly correct so what we're here to do is we're gonna show you who you are in these scriptures right here so you know that you're an Israelite right you understand it let me get Deuteronomy uh change sorry I must go yeah yeah you yeah so you you live here and you're just look I must go because I will kind of the fight a minute okay to go uh-huh because they did somebody's waiting for me okay you know you gotta you gotta fly right yeah let me show you something you have something in Spanish we don't have any Spanish fire is it's very limited depending upon your time being a mess a website much as glasses much all when I'm a little bit gracias okay gracias is a result of you being a stiff neck and rebellious that it really what you got the book of Zechariah chapter 11 verse first Greg who's possesses slay them because our possessors are the one to have us in captivity they slay us in the street they shoot us down they take us they take us by military force of guilty and hold itself not guilty they will shoot you down they will get off not guilty and then they get a five hundred thousand to a million dollar or a retirement package who the hell does that how do they have the license to slay us in the street and get pay for that's how you know you are no curse brother you got any questions hello you got any questions okay where you put you from – if you are you do lefty black Bailey black yes and you won't believe how much a black spider father by one spider is negative in the loop yes yes sure yes she was black girl yes sure is black it is the BLA yes yes yes so we are here we are here to tell you that you are the children of Israel you are Israel no no yes but Israel Israel is in Africa Israel is in Ethiopia Israel is a huge area everywhere everywhere Israel Israel Israel yes Africa so so Ethiopia is here we yes Ethiopia is here the Israelites everywhere all these places we're black okay okay oh praise so where we where we issue any blinking name great whose possesses slay them uh-huh and hold themselves not guilty so two people that have us in captivity there was that luck uh something changed they also have the ability to shoot us down in the streets and do what and hold themselves what not guilty I will show you read the book of John chapter 8 verse 32 watch it this is why Tim this is why it matters that Christ is a black man when ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free the truth shall make you free because here the deal we read to you that Christ is a black man right right the truth in the Bible is that crisis and black men right so why if everything if Christ is a black man why are we told that debt is Christ why do we have to lie about what Christ looks like telnet Tel Aviv we are kept in Tel Aviv we have a day camp of course the Rennicks brothers blood is that and the mona they actually then want us to have camp didn't didn't think we supposed to have camp but a scared scared but knowing i you are see i said before we don't travel for force i see if luck if I wanna see sightseeing we go in Google it's the same thing we don't travel for sassy we travel to work up the torch our visual that's our purpose that's what we were sent for that's our job so we're not gonna spend thousand of dollars go in a course country of course state just to for sightseeing why would that make no sense but upwards to Messiah must I got the victory the word goes out the word goes out there is too clear English but guess what a lot of them understand like the canal Ibaka say we plant the seed deuteronomy to the seventh verse 25 the graven images of their gods shall you burned with fire God is commanding us to burn these images with fire we're not supposed to have these images we're not supposed to have none of these images in our homes the fake image of Jesus Christ God says to burn it with fire why because if this image comes with dachi which keeps us away from worshipping though once you gonna get me numbers numbers 1532 now let's go into dress code because we went over the the beard but notices another thing that we all have in common besides to beard look at our clothing what's gone on our shirts have you ever seen this before ok in the Bible it is recorded by Twitter here it open in the Land of Israel the so called shoe use the Jewish people they have something called seat seats they got that from the Bible we're gonna read it but this is this is the real way to win okay come on numbers from the 15 verse 38 speak unto the children of Israel and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments rule of their generation that they bid them that they make them one that they make the fringes in the borders of their garments throughout the generation so Moses is commanding us to make fringes in our garment throughout our generation okay and that they would oppose the fringe of borders a rebel of blue so we put on a ribbon of blue not our ID bo n ba r ib the a.m. meaning something to hold the fringe in his place and it shall be unto you for a fringe that you may look upon it and remember all the commandments of the Lord some of the commandments all the commandments of the Lord and so he said to them what you gonna understand Raphael the God we serve is a God of action he's not a God of talk to you he's a God of action right he requires us to go action we need to carry out his words and actually do his work now the Pentecostal I know the Catholic religion in the Pentecostal religion they have something that they torn December 25th 12 crystals do you celebrate Christmas all your life you okay last year's Christmas did you celebrate okay at that time you entertain me and still right okay all right you too okay so good that's a good thing that you got time for Kristal because what you're gonna understand is that Christmas according to the Bible is of the devil as pagans we're gonna read it all your life in Nigeria or your life in a Catholic Church did the pastor or priest ever show you Christmas in the Bible so why did you serve you why did you worship it or why did you keep that or celebrating Wow because we've been following the traditions of men right your father your mother had been following traditions of men your grandmother your grandfather have been following the traditions of men what tradition of men the British man a Portuguese man the French man those are the ones that gave you these religions and all these holidays remember it was the white man that pushed these religions when our people grow throughout Africa all throughout America but you can't read about Christmas as something we should follow in the Bible right Jeremiah 10 verse 1 we're gonna read something Boone in Jeremiah Empress Wu Jeremiah chapter 10 verse 1 come on hear ye the word which the Lord speaking up to you he went I know it says here he the word that the Lord speak unto you come on o house of Israel o house of Israel come on either two things you either Shem or hand hopefully for you your chefs God forbid for you of your hand come on thus says the Lord learn the way of the heat so the Bible says learn not learn not the way of the heathen what does that mean learn not the way you what does it mean don't do what the heathens do don't practice with the heathens practice don't worship what the heathens practice come on we gotta get from the top thus says the Lord learn not the way of the heathen and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven for the heathen are dismayed at them don't be all up in astronomy and astrology the worshipping of the stars the worshiping of the plan is the constellation the harvest focus is so forth for the customs of the people are paying for the customs of the people the peak that is making reference to it is they even the heathens means joy or other nations the customs of the people are vain the customs of the people are lies Raphael the customs of the people are lies Moses trying to read about a particular specific custom that's been a lie to our people come on for one cut it a tree out of the forest for one does what for one cutting a tree out of the forest what holiday in the Catholic religion and depends of console religion for one cut it the tree out of the forest the work of the hands of the workman with the next they deck it with silver and with gold does Palm Sunday requires you to deck the tree with silver and with gold what holiday requires the decade of a tree Moses and Raphael with silver and gold during Christmastime regime's putting silver and gold pencils around a tree back then it was real now to use the little ornaments and stuff come on they deck it with silver and with gold they fasten it with nails with hammers so it doesn't use to the left of the rifle so it doesn't tip over it what are we reading we reading about Christmas God is saying learn not the way of the heathen so this was never taught to you Rafael Moses this was never taught to unicast I grew up in the Catholic Church unfortunately but I always knew something was wrong because I keep going to church that's the beautiful thing and thing's gonna fly you from us Moses so that mean to fly man is our point flying man we're supplies somebody gives us brother fly well you have all right so we have to repent keep God's commandments what it's about you understand but do you want dude do you understand the importance of keeping God's laws where are you from Nigeria Evo are you okay beautiful beautiful do you know our brothers and sisters in Nigeria or part of the 12 tribes of Israel but do you can see yourself Africa okay Africa's good right so you come from a white man who do you talk cause I'm not looking at a way person so you say yeah Africa what did the name happy to come from where did the name of that continent come lioska pious Africans no for Roman general Compton Hannibal a black man who's from the tribe of Asher so what we're teaching is that our brothers and sisters they must repent come back to keeping God's law get me Isaiah eleven and eleven would with an indefinite we attend again yeah let me show you something because you've been what's your name brother huh count Pizza okay Peter let me ask you something Peter what color or the juice of the bite that we read about it of the fire what is there come up they erase huh you said black or white black anyway now okay glad I'm gonna go with you correct on the white part the incorrupt now I would have to ask you where in the Bible can you show me that the chosen one because I can sure go in the Bible individual black now you would have you just said nice anyway now I'm gonna actually prove that their way can you prove that you've been learning lies all your life people the people that you see walking around running today say they're Jews and not the real truth the real truth is when you show you something in Lebanon and it shall come to pass in that day that the Lord shall set his head again the second time to recover the remnant of his people which shall be left from Assyria we have Ezra my son were left in a surreal come on and from Asia and from Egypt Peter West Egypt what continent is Egypt on but guess what Peter the people that you see in Egypt those are not the original Egyptians right those are Arab dreams of babies that cockpit Egypt during the Ottoman Empire and it actually goes back it goes back because the white man tries to go into Egypt Jordan the reign of autonomy but they fully confident when the average average went up in you that's why you see them today the way they look but then with dark stick people of tall stature come on and from Assyria and from Egypt and from Petros and from cush and from what and from cook and from what head from cush so the Bible says push whiskas was pushed they say pushy right that's what they call it they call you negotiated call you could she call you – she's going with me push they call all of us they put us in one box and they call us Khushi there's a rap on it just gave a speech the other day rabbi yitzhak she called us pushing Oh white Jewish man calling us push but God said that the Israelites will be scattered in crush witches modern-day ethiopia gary Zephaniah 3 verse 10 now simple nice what you're gonna learn Peter you're the Jew I'm looking at the truth right the reason you don't know that you're – because you weren't taught it it won't show you that in the Bible they'll put up these images all throughout the earth of the image of the Beast the devil that the Bible speaks of it tell you this is price mean why you can never you can never you self with the people of the Bible because the greatest king to ever walk this planet Earth they whitewashed it right and it contaminated all the pictures with leprosy and gave it to you and said this is Christ when the Bible says Christ look was was so dark you look like he was burnt in a furnace come on 7 9 3% Zephaniah chapter 3 verse 10 come on from beyond the rivers of India from what from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia from the rivers of Ethiopia the Blue Nile beyond the Nile River come on my starting from Addis Ababa come on my suppliers even the daughter of Midas Parks Peter what does it mean dispersed what does the work this person hold that get me to Ronnie twenty eight sixty forty no pump just scatter how did God scatter his chosen people I'm gonna show you Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 64 and the Lord shall scatter thee among all people from one end of the earth even unto the other nugget 68 to show Deuteronomy to the 28 verse 68 and the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships come on by the waiver of I spanked us to do thou shall see it no more kids and there you shall be sold on to your enemies for bond men and bond woman so God scattered us with ships what people were scattered with when we were sold to our enemies for bond men and bond woman meet a slave man and slave woman what people what people we're not your forefathers take you from Nigeria and look to the Western Hemisphere as slaves how did that happen this is Bible prophecy so now you should be asking yourself when did they go on to captivity on stations you draw a blank you can't answer them because they don't fit the process of writing back to Zephaniah they don't fit the process that you fit the prophecy these two sisters right here descendants of slaves right we fit the prophecies come on Zephaniah chapter 3 verse 10 from beyond the rivers led opium my supplies even the daughter of my dispersed now you know how we were dispersed by slave ships like come on shall reign mine offered it that day shall not shall not be ashamed for all the doings wherein thou has transgressed against me because we broke God's laws we transgressed but God's laws that's what allowed us to go into slavery that's why God allowed our homeland Israel on the continent of Africa to be inhabited by the goyim by the Gentiles by they even because we broke his laws come on for then I would take away out of the list of these them that reject rejoice in thy pride those same dispersed people those same dispersed people God is making reference to them right here we got him for it then I would take away out of the midst of thee them that rejoice in thy pride and thou shall no more be house-party because of my holy mountain uh-huh I will also leave in the midst of thee and afflicted and poor people you are be afflicted and poor people what I'm looking at is poverty you left the country all to come all the way here to Israel to see what better opportunity a better job many of our brothers was locked up since last year they just came out now Netanyahu's trying to get you out that when you leave you're gonna try to make it to Italy orders Greece in order to get to Italy or Greece you got to go past Libya and we all knows what happened when you go to Libya the Arabs are gonna take you us slaves because that's what they're doing in to this very day to our brothers and sister live area in from Nigeria they taking you and selling you or auctioning blocks in the year 2018 you'll being sold on auction box you are the afflictive and poor people were reading about in the fight that's right come on I will also leave in the midst of thee and afflicted and poor people now we're gonna find out who is this afflicted and poor people beyond the rivers of Ethiopia come on and they shall trust in the name of the Lord the remnant of Israel what's the remnant of Israel the Liberians the remnant of Israel the remnant of Israel the remnant of Israel African the remnant of Israel God calls you the remnant of Israel that's the remnant of Israel I'm looking at Israelite tribe with the wide nose and big black lips that's you we are the children of God you are God's jewels on this earth that's been misplaced and dispersed come on the remnant of Israel shall not do iniquity so the laws of God are coming out no more Christmas you shall not do iniquity grow your beard don't Mar your beard you shall not do iniquity no more adultery you shall not do iniquity no more worshipping of these idols idolatry all these stupid garbage religions we serve you shall not do a list of iniquity no more whoremongering you shall not do iniquity no more adultery no more homosexuality we shall not do iniquity that's the only way we're gonna be safe from our condition Luke 1 chapter 168 no huh I can't hear real from you guys my parents are from Haiti come on Luke chapter 1 verse 68 blessed be the Lord blessed be the Lord God of Israel because a lot of people like to say I'm saying I'm washed in the blood of Jesus I'm saying well I'm a Catholic I'm saying well I see you are not saved because you're here in the land and your own land whose been inhabited by your enemies begging them for welfare begging them for benefits they could take you and ship you out at any time you don't control the laws here nor do you implement any policies in this land so how are you saved we are the people that need to be saved right saved from our enemies come on let's be the Lord God of Israel well he has visited let's be the Lord God of Israel the Lord God Hashem of Israel didn't say the whole world people but all you like he was taught that Christ died for everybody God loves everybody you gonna find out God is not dealing with and everybody God is only dealing with the nations of Israel you're talking to three sisters I was talking to twisters there one of them was mentioned that you know you know like you just said bishop we come here brothers thinking who just come before cycie to tell the truth that get me upset when you think about it because we the people then the people in semo see most I didn't say merciful side saying when I was talking to the sisters one of the sisters said to me she said listen there's a lot of a lot of our people in Israel and I see where the hell she said listen she give me an address you say Friday night Friday Friday Friday evening and afternoon come go to this address all our people is there come to found out the reason our peoples there because here in here in Israel Friday the only world half day and she said right now the reason that we don't see that of our people out is because they work but she said listen if you come in the afternoon after two o'clock recon on fire is going to see a lot of uh people there all over the place but the brother San in the mana tell us they were the only one there there was none of our people there which is which is a lie which is a big lie that's a deceiving spirit right there why because they're scared they don't want to do it so they don't want us to do it no no no no that was a lie so we found where people at and we was able to when they were fourth or put some time once I got the Victor we plant the seed all we need to do is plant the seed and that's what we did let must I do that quiz but we plant the seed oh yes yes the same young lady invite us she said if we was gonna stay into Sunday she embarrassed to go speak to it at that church of course you know we have to leave so we not that's not gonna happen but hopefully Lord willing next time we come back like some welcome back give me one thing about the brothers that we need on here we hope to the spirit of Most High God man that take the chance and continue with it you know then they start hitting the street and gather our people you understand because these guys been there was a fifty years but 15 years with was a three thousand people fifty fifty years fifty years with three thousand who doesn't so we could have done way more in fifty years if the Lord allowed us last there long you understand me but guess what these workers get our guests are like Ezekiel see they get the level of the water still endure and the bottom of our feet but us we are we gonna take this thing to the next level man our job is to teach our people and every corner in every street there's nobody gonna stop what's doing that because this is what we cypher I had something to what you say I truly believe I actually believe the reason they've been here for 50 years the only gun they only have 200 people 2,000 people is because they're not keeping most like that laws this is what brothers and sisters understand when you keep inside that laws Mos Eisley will fight for you these brothers at this brothers well again the morning sisters they're not keeping that laws first of all they don't even class they do not believe in Christ they believe this is the kingdom right now this is not the kingdom no this is not the kingdom because we usually not a rulership here this is the kingdom Munna willing who do we worry we are willing nobody we on the bottom as you're some of you gonna see when we got to camp some of our people sleeping on the street drunk they have not no place to stay you're gonna see we on the way we dust is the kingdom it's not the kingdom I pray your brothers and your sisters as in the Munna start keep repent and start to bloom cigar laws seriously most like God will destroy you I'm telling you keep mossad that laws and I said somebody was the Dakota Texas yeah so I suppose I'm not a vegan so y'all eat lamb he says oh no we don't do that part they just eat the vegetable part of the Passover so they use broccoli at for the length broccoli cabbage support alone but can't pick and choose in Commandments thank you I can't hear can't pick and choose with the commandments you're not gonna grow the most high is gonna just keep you at a stagnant level you know in all actuality it's not even stagnant doing the moonwalk backwards you know if you're not progressing you're just you're just wasting you just giving props for what journey they took here yeah you need a lot of courage to overcome great they overcame great obstacles they did you know and we definitely give all praise and honor to the most high for allowing them to survive so I don't want anybody to mistake what we're saying is as hatred envy or jealousy we do give them props and it's admirable but the battle is not over that was not over we have to gather our people we cannot get comfortable that includes America wherever our people at we minute of moss I cannot get comfortable with this is our pilgrimage and whatever land we're in including here in the Land of Israel pilgrimage until the kingdom is established cause right now the kingdom of yah is not established yet okay like the scripture said Bishop this is not our rest whether it's America or here like you said we do help that hope that what we've done will inspire you brothers here in the Land of Israel to gather yourselves together and go out on the street and teach and gather the people that's that is our prayer I don't want you to mistake anything that anyone said here for hatred envy or jealousy it's not that we want to exhort you to good works and that you can help us in this battle until the Lord returns quoting a few times about that fearful spirit as many of the brothers here in Israel have second chronicles 20 and verse 29 and the fear of God was on all the kingdoms of those countries when they had heard that the Lord fought against the enemies of Israel the Lord listened one thing we must do as a people is keep God's commandments and when you keep God's commandments the Lord is fighting for against all your enemies we should we'd we should have a spirit of fear we have a country with a plethora of our people that's been dispersed here scattered here trying to be exiled from here so on and so forth that needed the Word of God but they hide in these camps they hide in these these I'm gonna use nice words communities and they would hold the Word of God from the people so we all have to get our minds right and fall in line with God's order and then the Lord will start to fight for us let me back you up on that Isaiah 30 and 20 and though the Lord give you the bread of adversity in the water of affliction yet shall not get shall not I'm said again yet shall not die teachers be removed in a corner anymore but that I shall see thy teachers that's what happened when we came here the people see in us on the street we find would again away the Most High his spirit he put the spirit on us and lead us where to get away why are people wet what they need to hear this word that is about us are coming out here trying to outdo anybody we just come out here to do the work of the Lord he said go to the highways and byways could to compel his people to come in and we in Israel if we in Africa and we in Australia and we in Europe we gonna go to the ghettos in search of our God chosen people that he calling right now to come back to him and that's our mission regardless of what we at what we don't we gonna keep focused on the mission we're not going to divert left or right from doing the most awesome is to do and that's what this whole mission is about like Bishop said earlier we not trying to how do nobody down great nobody we're just doing the work that he sent us to do at the end of the day and that's cause people back to him something cause a lot of people on social media not a lot a particular sister I don't know she says took offense of the Edomite children behind the cage mm-hmm now me and captain Zeff were going across the street now where you see that cage that dog eating my kids that was a school they were having like recess that the kids jumped on the fence and started what would he screaming Julia yeah they called you boy or gorgeous going going gone gone so I walked over to them and that's are you going no no you going so I took a photo in front of it oh you guys want to do hurt two people I took a photo in front of rebellious children on a gate so get it together if you never been out of the country their schools are set up like that so get a clue brothers and sisters stop with all this foolishness some of our people is clueless they don't understand when they'd be cool names and they might hit work but it's way to tell them what we mean the word goy simply means nations however in the you know in a oral tradition or oral law which is called the town mood when they use the word goy it means cattle so it is a negative meaning to it cattle means slave okay well the other word we heard out here Baba yes pussy Baba that's like a black monkey Oh black nigga yes Baba ate yeah Abraham Khushi Baba yeah yeah you know the whole question of things is you know sometimes we as family we have to see the level you know you remember the Maccabees you were able to acknowledge all these kids that gift their head but that should be the way all cam should think you understand oh we take it that far now let these guys take it the next level right what Israel don't think like that because we still dinner with the crab in the Bell that's what brothers cannot see it like that because if you can see it where we stand you watch us all the time you realize that us we go we go where where the most fear people is where their gangs well where are people being destroyed and uh-uh-uh-uh there is no hope for them but I bet you don't deep inside when they see us they say that is all if these black men can't stand up and do what they're doing now we need to be a part of this whatever it is let's build together let's make the nation of Israel any resistance all over again alright and but a lot of your brother don't take with knowledge you're taking Nakano mind you understand because your condo people you understand me but guess what God did not ways in condo is within a spiritual man to stand up 144 soldiers has he gathered to win back the nation of Israel Julia I know I know I know some of us try to be nice but my problem is and still is try to stop somebody who's doing the world that you supposed to be doing that's my problem we come here we doing you we come in we doing work you been here for 50 years you supposed to be doing and we come here for a week we do we do more than you do for 50 years that's what get me upset 50 years you know 15 running sister listen we're not talking about 15 years we're not over 50 days 50 years from zero that's a long time which you know how many other people you can gather for and 50 years are you serious now you try to stop us who come here to do the work I supposed to be doing no no no no no I'm not gonna be nice to you no hell no I'm not gonna be nice to you no I'm just gonna tell you we pitch that to be most like that laws listen in the Munna that's one job I'm gonna tell you what I see I see women in tight pants woman in pants young girls and pants brothers with three four five wives that's all that's against coaches that's it gets description interracial marriage when the Bible said to issue marriage blood as a pollutant immense amounts of man are we looking in their heart show me that scripture said that there is no scripture that said that all these are breaking musa that laws and you want us to be nice to you know we're not going to be nice you gonna tell we preach and slightly be more sad that lost some evil stuff man yes we give you a week we give a little grateful for being a bee force but a listen we paint hey just touching on what Deacon Malachi said their minds are fully set to do evil when you read the book of Ecclesiastes 8 and 11 the most highest judgment has not come upon them yet even going back to that remember in the book of Joel 32 and 9 it says they should teach if I'm not mistaken so these brothers have been teaching for over 50 years and nothing's changed except for a bump on your lip the most hijacking you guys up I'm just going to be straight with you y'all brothers need to come out that foolishness man hey they didn't they brought us into the school of the prophets what they call the school of the prophets and they said in those chambers they have a set of elders whose job it is to determine what laws do not pertain to us and this time to keep what law they don't want to keep right so they don't want to pick and choose so they have the black highlighter in there so in 50 years in 50 years you should have been you should have come to the realization of what laws only pertain to Levitical temple or things of that nature the temple the Levites that's all you should already know that you don't need a group to sit down and figure that out you know but you know I try to be nice no let me tell not a thing to that's how we know these but I don't believe in Christ they believe and they burn on me every single room there's even a me picture in there the enemy is not the Messiah Benna me is not the Messiah the Messiah is Christ I'm going to repeat that again Benna me is not the Messiah the massage Christ Jesus requires you can call him yahwah you can call me a sure you can call him water how high is that Venom yah yah shocked he's not been on me alright get don't get it get it to you in ease venom is not the Messiah yes I said is that the Messiah all right then I mean did he ain't coming back he ain't the Messiah stop playing game with Messiah got laws gonna make one point to that that arm they also did say that the Bible is not the beginning of all and the end of all when it comes to truth and also that they primarily follow the writings of ben-ami and not the Bible so that just goes to show a testament of their thief I'll just want to bring this out real quick but we live in Bible prophecies you understand what they did and not seen and I picked up in my spirit on that Deuteronomy 28 45 it's still in effect on our people I don't care if you feel like you and the Holy Land the Promised Land I don't care if you feel like you in London or anywhere else you think you're gonna get away from the curse of the Mossad Deuteronomy 28 45 moreover all these curses shall come upon thee and bacilli wherever you go and overtake thee to dial be destroyed a people destroyed overhead they push them in a little corner we up at the moment was a big place they ran whole like town they got a little part in the morning for a little village they call it a village of peace but you don't operate suppose are they got that but it was a little hole in the wall in the mortar trailer but exactly it's consistent to a trailer park over there they say they had a big garden they got all getting fooled and the garden was so big why does that couch that the bishop and I'm sitting on right there that's how big the garden was yeah understand then they came to towards the truth was traveling that they body foods from out outsource a they carrots and they brought me from other places yeah because they told us when we first got there they'd grow their own food and then we figured out they told us they got a freezer truck and they go to other places they go buy the fruits and vegetables and bring it back to the town so they he said these crushes gonna file a pursue them he said it's gonna shoot up and overtake them until they'll be destroyed because now I'm honking there's nothing to the voice of the Lord their God to keep his Commandments and his statutes which he command me so I don't care will you add a jib GOCC before we took my Egypt I don't talk about all these kids they were talking about getting away and running these curses are still gonna be sewers everywhere we go Liberia Ghana Haiti Jamaica Trinidad we see the same outsourcing the same thing is going on in these other places that we at the bottom like the scripture say in these other nations on top so we got to come back to keeping our lost at your commandments or you can you can all these curtains will pursue you and overtake you you understand but meet myself that's my descriptive talk along was there for six about being destroyed for lack of knowledge because I don't really they don't really believe that destroyed over here they think they progress in after all these years they've got a hole in the wall darling I'm getting government benefits you know and things like that but they don't seem like they destroy but the most are tones they're gonna be overtaken and destroyed in the end if they don't keep it 100 commandments and we seen it with our own eyes not to downgrade them but we speak in truth that's all I basically grew up in this camp you know from the time I was 5 years old I knew I was an Israelite and migrated the way I grew up my greatest achievement was to come and at least visit Damona the village of peace that was always a goal for everyone you know that's an extension of the kingdom of young when I found out that before I joined I USC that I found out that we supposed to keep the commandments instantly I realized that I hadn't been doing it so once I joined the camp and once I got integrated into how to keep the laws how to keep the Sabbath how to properly where your friend is in your border blew the most high up of my eyes so he gave me the opportunity to be on this trip with you brothers here so when we get to Damona y'all have to understand like I'm just gonna be honest I was embarrassed it was a picture of enemy in in every household and him and he was really bright and it reminds me of white Christ I'm embarrassed like I got all y'all brothers you know and y'all was like seeing this and I'm being looked at crazy like you know what the hell you ain't gotta sit – and I'm speechless because the the things that they had to endure to get to where they are now it should be a movie I'll tell you that at that point of time the Most High had to be dealing with these brothers but what they did was they got over here they got beat down so much that they said that they don't want to fight anymore and they got comfortable they left all of us back in America back in China back in South America and they just huddled together and said forgetting the rest of them but that's not what the scriptures say the scripture says in Matthew 24:14 I believe that when this gospel is preached through the whole world that's when the hen is going to come and we we haven't made it to the whole world yet we still make it our way so I have to tell you our brothers and sisters in Dimona and I know I'm gonna get some backlash about it but I follow the most high is point-blank period we we have to continue with the work the work does not stop until that that sky cracks open and it's not gonna be Ben I mean it comes out it's gonna be Christ that comes out of here oh oh and lasting brothers and sisters from deported we do love you out but and we do know there's no J in Hebrew we do know that we know his name wasn't Jesus we know that but that's the language that we speak and that's the language that people know if you see you can feel in this game like you Abraham Isaac and to leave the Lawkeeper day of a new life even little better what they're going to be still a hope another design that we have done the job I know you saw the truth – don't you come here now you Russian is what is the color of Christ Catholicism halitosis garbage when did God give us Pentecostal mm um Baptist Islam you were created from men remember even taken out of Adam nobody has winter where we would do read that again we need to print you better write them in you really up you are is your life right you from the job Yvonne you are is right then a whole Kevin have not been done and has been done on such a roof when they had heard that the Lord fought against the enemies the Lord listen one thing we must keep God's commandments if we keep God's commandments the Lord is fighting against all your enemies and their minds are fully set to do evil then you need loving the most highest judgment has not come upon them yet I hate you mention Judith what about the other tribes being admitted website I'm arsonist enrich the ten tribes and ten tribes right here yep of Israel with twelve you Hey Shalom is real Messiah Christ let's pretend you're here we're in Tel Aviv again this is our second time here we're at this park here and this park is a haven of squeaking derelicts and well some of the refugees are here I want you to take a walk with me I'm gonna show you us see we go where you from sit down okay a lot of our people struggling out here okay all right brother this guy's gone he's gone all right Alisha waiting for us you're not from a rich here no he is but I don't think you are I know you I seen okay you see him with all the money in his hand just take a look I am ready to political to live and even some of our fight master Seagal next night now look at this he said it where you from he's from India you got some bully headed Wow I did have to say this so you saw the brother with the money right Destin that's the dope boy right there he's the one to give free hits to the people in this area now he might look like a derelict himself he's not a derelict I'm in peeping that guy for a while there was a car around us Israel's building a case against these refugees if they can prove and get public opinion against us that they're useless useless boy have no use for society they can get everybody against them and get them out so what they're doing lottie's guys are high like if you look over there behind the camera how are you gonna have drugs but you got no money go over there's cameras all over the place it was a military guy here earlier he was more concerned with recording us than getting the dope boys out of this area okay so is we gotta be aware I want us to blow a spot up but he had a a cake hahaha but we definitely got to be aware like I was saying is a great car that drives by here collects the money from that guy okay listen I'm on top of my game I know what I'm doing just might blow a spot up might be your hell out here later on I'm just waiting I'm letting the spirit you know you got all these guys out it is some of the refugees that came out of the that prison Center okay we're a bit early today so as you see you know the crowd isn't too thick you got one guy here to my chest now that's not really too many people but don't worry about that the Spirit of God is honest all right so if we just stay tuned [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] why are you so hard this is Bishop Nathanael of Israel United in Christ please subscribe to our YouTube channels stay up to date with our latest events music and classroom lessons are you I see plans to continue visiting different countries when his gospel has not been preached before I you I see needs your help in pushing this truth so join us subscribe why Instagram Facebook Twitter and podcasts and stay up to date with us more information please visit


  1. Ahhh man that was a dope edited video!!! IUIC is leading the way for all 12 tribes and I myself can see the Most High's Spirit is on these brothers. All praises and blessings to the Most High for IUIC✊πŸ’₯ I love you brothers!!! I mean it…

  2. Shalom IUIC, Without a doubt TMH is working through to gather the 12 tribes of Israel scattered through out the 4 corners of the earth. Whether IUIC is at home or abroad we must pray, send monetary donations and support in whatever way that we can.We are an excellent people and that is being portrayed in these documentaries. The production is as excellent as the physical work being done. MHNCBUA IUIC.

  3. Shalawam Yisrael. Ahayah bless you Bishops, elders, deacons, and others for this work. I lived in Israel for about 5 years. I wish I could have met and spoke with you all. I discovered some disturbing truths about Israel and the so-called people who claim heritage to the land. Israel needs your ministry. Keep coming back so that we can live there. Shalawam.

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  6. That white supremacy jesus , just can't come out of our brothers head . Get rid of them cobwebs my brother, and wake up . . He is stuck with what he sees on his wall, but not what is read to him . . Igbo , means – Hebrew .

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