inGREEDients trailer- Chemical Food Additive Documentary

inGREEDients trailer- Chemical Food Additive Documentary

The NEW inGREEDients trailer!!! (Contains images that may not be suitable for children or the faint of heart) The documentary film inGREEDients took the independent film festival circuit by storm this year winning several awards and was accepted at some of the top international festivals. The movie connects diet and health; teaches how to read a food label; and uncovers some scary truths about our food supply. “If you eat food then you have to see this movie.” For more information or to order the DVD go to

well people think about fat and the diet is something bad but actually it's an essential part of our diet we cannot live without fat in the diet certain kinds of fatty acids are absolutely essential for life so this idea that is bad is a bad idea that the FDA is is is inspecting virtually nothing when it comes into the United States market and they and they can they conduct virtually no foreign inspections you

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  1. im also into exposing these truths but dont have the money to buy this dvd it looks good but i have to agree with loretta on this one its been out for a while now let people view this for free and allow to spread this truth everywhere hopefully we all can stride to make better food choices and educate others sirrebelfilms are doing there part in exposing the food industry

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