INCIDENT IN NEW BAGHDAD – 2012 Academy Award Nomination – Best Documentary Short

INCIDENT IN NEW BAGHDAD - 2012 Academy Award Nomination - Best Documentary Short

(WARNING: Contains graphic war imagery.) Preview for James Spione’s Oscar-nominated documentary INCIDENT IN NEW BAGHDAD, winner of the Best Documentary Short Award at the Tribeca Film Festival and the Grand Prize for Documentary Short at the Rhode Island Film Festival. More information at

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  1. The question is "What the hell were they doing in Iraq in the first place?". Before you say: "9/11"-Iraq had nothing to do with that. Before you say "WMD's"- Proven a lie. Before you say "Saddam was a mad tyrant who butchered his own people"-well..look at this video see who is butchering the people of Iraq.

  2. The film is playing in a few theatres in the part of the Oscar Shorts tour, until early March. It will premiere on the Documentary Channel (available on Dish and Direct TV) at the end of May. Other venues such as online video on demand and overseas broadcast, are currently in the planning stages.

  3. when he says "We got a wounded girl we need to take to Rustamihya" I get that sick in the stomach feeling………..I was stationed at Rustamihya from 05-06 and it was a living nightmare……….In fact Ive probably had boots on ground in that same locale………speechless…….A flood of memories rushing in………hello PTSD…….I Thank God im home every night and I pray every night for the lives that are tortured by the living hell of occupation……Thx for posting……….

  4. I remember when Bush was president and at one point ALL of the documentary nominees were about the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Forward to today, and only one or two are, and of course, they don't win. Following Obama's election, the winner was a documentary about French dudes crossing the Twin Towers on wires nearly 40 years ago. HELLO!!! Anyone home?!?! Can you not smell the liberal bias? Are we going to be so blind and pretend that there is no Liberal bias at the Oscars? Give me a break.

  5. Being a real believer in what wikileaks is all about, ill be downloading this documentary as soon as its available. You didnt expect me to buy it did you šŸ™‚

  6. "See the Academy Award nominated short films at a theatre near you" .. i don't know.. paying to watch the "truth" doesn't seem quite right.

  7. Thank you for your comment, rangergirl. This is a short movie about one soldier's experience, so it obviously will not conform to other's subjective viewpoints. As I mentioned in the discussion last night, my hope is that the attention granted to this film will spur interest and backing in a longer piece which will incorporate the perspectives of others. But as a movie that gets into the mind of a fighter who has a change of heart about his own part in war, I believe my film stands on its own.

  8. Our government… teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.

  9. Horrific events like the ones shown in the "Collateral Murder" video happened regularly McCord said. Remember, WikileaksĀ“ "Collateral Murder" video shows some 40 mins of a decade of war! Just imagine all the collateral murders we havenĀ“t seen yet and never will see! Think about the atrocities committed by private armies like Xe (Blackwater before), that have more free hands than the regular army.

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