"ICO Starting Point" – EPISODE 1 – ICO Documentary | DocuSeries – Kimera | Artificial Intelligence

"ICO Starting Point" - EPISODE 1 - ICO Documentary | DocuSeries - Kimera | Artificial Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will rewrite what it means to live on planet earth, and Kimera wants to see that within our lifetimes. To achieve this, we are traveling the world to share our vision and bring people together.


Kimera Systems is an advanced artificial intelligence company that has developed the world’s first Artificial General Intelligence. AGI is different from other artificial intelligence, because it can think and reason the way humans do. During Kimera’s travel around the world, we will promote our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to help bring this technology to the world.

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An ICO Documentary | DocuSeries

think it's that actually not an easy question because you don't know where is that artificial general intelligence is going to rewrite what it means to live on planet Earth and we won't experience that within our lifetime to achieve this goal we have set up an ICO and are traveling the globe to share our vision and bring people together ever since I was a kid I always really dreamt about how life could be for everything with super intelligence the fact was after 60 years of AI research we were nowhere close to general intelligence technologies just a tool to change stuff the question was why are you changing my gut feeling says it was economics has to change then I realized ok it's not companies that change their world is people people talking to each other people meeting and that was the beginning of me starting to think about well maybe this big idea as possible the claim that cámaras built a working AGI is a very bold claim we have the algorithm we have the data that proves it's working we just need more of that and to be able to tell it in a way that can really bring the most skeptical person on board I was fortunate enough to meet Monier and Nick Gilman about six years ago while I was working at Intel and even in a company with the deep pockets that Intel has it's amazing how much budgets and resources control the amount of work you do or don't do it started with Bob decoding asking me weren't we doing ICL and this was about when the file coin I finished air ICL a week later James Whitley texted me and goes why aren't you doing an IC L so I just replied back we don't have the technical expertise to do it reality was I had a bad gut feeling about the ICS I didn't know enough about him then in November I flew back to Norway my was at the end of his life losing against cancer and Steph them emailed me and said when he come back to the u.s. I need to talk to you once I came back I had a chat with him he said that he's been working on a lot of blockchain in the RC 20 contracts and he was very comfortable with the whole blockchain and setting up tokens and all that kind of stuff he was wondering why aren't we doing an IC L that actually got me talking through experts talking to people in the IC o—- world and then I brought a few of those expert to our board meeting everyone on the board agreed that this is the route to take Nick we're talking on the phone he says funny there was kind of a garbled message and I thought he said do you know what and I don't know is and I was like what I thought it was a drink or something menator dice is IC o—- I figured out fairly soon that you know was this cryptocurrency funding model and that Camaro was pursuing it and that was a real game-changer started looking at how much money to have to raise to kind of start this IC not the presale stuff but just put the foundation in place and we realized we needed about a couple hundred thousand dollars within 24 hours we had commitments for half of that by that point I feel really good Viraj was the first investor to sign us after agreements that was a interesting little trip so it's 1:45 p.m. we're trying to close our first investor to fund this ico process he's leaning on vacation tomorrow so we have to close him today now the paperwork from the attorneys in it I was supposed to have this morning has not arrived yet and we're meeting him in 30 minutes they're on our way right now to me enough I'm nervous if he leaves without signing those papers he's not gonna be back for two or three weeks and that's not good for us yeah so we're at the Starbucks next to the AT&T store right Oh wrong one will we'll head over to that Starbucks we we wait at the Starbucks hoping that doctors Wolfram and Psyche just Colorado but nothing well that didn't work out paperwork from the lawyers I have to get going to our board meeting the investor was nice enough to meet up late tonight not a good day I'm still an optimist but man I wish I wish women and that paperwork was in my inbox you know I'm literally just sitting waiting for these these documents to come in and I'm sweating because still nothing less than five minutes before the board meeting was over it finally came in so that we're meeting is over and I just got the email from our attorneys the three other guys who are as part of the first hundred thousand all around they could sign anytime but I needed Rogers signature before he left at Friday morning if we had closed less than hundred thousand dollars she will just be sitting in the bank collecting dust because no it wasn't enough money to do anything with the ICO the initial investors now realize there was a very novel form of funding that would actually help leverage their initial investment got to keep the lawyers happy right absolutely so we flew down to Palo Alto first met with a couple of guys in the ico world before the investment bank and they were telling us about how certain law firms down there literally helped I SEOs word their white papers in such a way that they could avoid security compliance and based on everything that's going on today with with SCC and not only going after icos but also after tourneys for helping ICL's avoid security I'm really glad we were working with iMix because I think they did a phenomenal job of creating a strategy that doesn't break any security law many times we'll be in the middle of a meeting phone rings he picks it up and he just bolts out of the room and he does a lot of pacing I kind of just try not to think about is that going good is that going badly I just try to focus back in the work and when Moe comes walking back in the room and when he's got a smile on his face like oh I just talked to ROG the money's coming in I think okay all these ideas all these videos all this infrastructure all these roadmaps all this product planning I'm doing guess what the odds of it coming to life just went up it's just like go cámaras what I feel I had a meeting with Kartik Otto his specialty is AI and FinTech and he teaches about the subject at Stanford University and I told him about how we believe that in the future if machines started automating jobs there has to be a new or a different kind of economic model that we live by his response was he's written a book about it he argued for the same thing and when I realized that I was like we need you in Portland artificial general intelligence is to rewrite what it means to live on planet earth and we won't experience that within our lifetime to achieve this goal we have set up an ICO and are traveling the globe to share our vision and bring people together

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  1. Kimera is an unique and large-scale project. It brings incredible technologies that will change our world! Team is very strong and does everything wisely. Good luck!

  2. Kimera is creating a unique Ecosystem around it’s tokens that will allow users and developers to earn them each month.Your idea is very interesting and, of course, will benefit the whole of humanity!

  3. cutting-edge artificial intelligence is pretty primitive, i am sure that the development of experts kimera structures inc. might be the impetus for the similarly improvement of technology.

  4. Your project is excellent and necessary for humanity, because the technologies are moving forward, which allows a person to make life easier, and you are moving in the direction that humanity has lived better and more comfortable!

  5. Global changes are coming and the most of people, unfortunately, do not understand that. AI will have a huge number of roles in our lives and it will change all activity areas of humanity

  6. The marriage of blockchain technology with AGI is surely the safest way to progress this field of endeavour. A secure, immutable and decentralised system will allow humanity to embrace AGI without the fear of governments or other well-funded organisations from manipulating or interfering in the development and learning potential of Nigel as it grows.

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