How to Make Money Selling Drugs Official Trailer #1 (2012) – Documentary Movie HD

How to Make Money Selling Drugs Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Documentary Movie HD

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How to Make Money Selling Drugs Official Trailer #1 (2012) – Documentary Movie HD

Ten easy steps show you how to make money from drugs, featuring a series of interviews with drug dealers, prison employees, and lobbyists arguing for tougher drug laws.

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for decades millions of people have come here in search of the American dream but for many that dream is quickly disappearing are you unemployed or stuck in a dead-end job people are losing their jobs every day are you homeless we're living in a bad neighborhood unemployment shot up to its highest level in nearly 26 years if the American dream broke its promise to you don't worry we have an answer they say let me help you help yourself I'm gonna do an errand you know to do this because if you know what to do it are you gonna be all right how experts are gonna give you everything you need yeah it takes me like four hours to make $4,000 in a year you could be making easily six figures Compton average income was probably $24,000 a year three four hundred thousand dollars in a day I don't wanna be like Michael Jordan magic sounds don't want to be like freeway raping my name is freeway Rick Ross pretty much every day I could do a million dollars one for drugs and there was days and I would go to two and three million dollars what the rules are oh come on it's marijuana you're not gonna bust me for this it's illegal I'm a grown man he's mother can't tell me what I can't he can't do oh no anybody said I'm not gonna get high but that might go to jail government they don't want you to use your drugs they want you to use their drugs so what did law enforcement do we developed the cases we got the informants we did the search warrants we did the wiretaps we took down these big organizations we didn't take the money out of it so what happened oh the wonderful little entrepreneur said now it's my time in this 90 minute program masters of the trade are gonna reveal to you their secrets on how to get paid in this exciting four hundred billion dollar global industry I mean look around this is you know this is the environment of of post-industrial America there are the work has gone away the only factory that remains is the drug trade they're hiring they're the only people hiring we might as well take out billboards in the inner-city saying you want to know how to make money selling drugs

42 thoughts on “How to Make Money Selling Drugs Official Trailer #1 (2012) – Documentary Movie HD”

  1. just know every ANCIENT CREEPY SCUMBAG interviewed here DESTROYED not only individual lives but also FAMILES and Communities. Yet they laugh like its funny. Nice CHIPS, FIDDY.

  2. 50 cent is the man hes an Original Gangster. OG! He was raking in money before he became famous. Although once he can actually declare it form his music that's when he can purchase property and exotic cars

  3. This is bullshit. If you want to do this. You have to understand many MANY Many! More things. This is not the 90s nor the 80s. This is 2018. Wake up motherfuckers. I first recommend you get into hacking. Learn how to be the most invisible online, how the government can learn about you. This says NOTHING. Nothing. Learn about privacy. Learn how to be a ghost with the devices. Trust NOBODY. Secure EVERYTHING in your life. NEVER get high on your own supply. Let your family and friends away from this. Delete all social media. Be very Low Key. Be aware of your surroundings. And be like a rich white man. And remember, roses are red violets are blue I'm on the watchlist and so are you. You can NEVER be invisible. Never get too excited. Never be comfortable. Save your cash. Give to those in need. And be aware of EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY. And have people tell you what is going on with everything. Lots more but im done typing

  4. This video is garbage for the mind. 50 cents is a boule fuck boy down for meritorious manumission.

    The biggest drug dealers are the federal government and the CIA( hit squads) aka ,”assassins/enforcers.” Most white people are naive. I guess they must have forgot about Oliver North.
    America is a retarded country where the slaves do not know they’re slaves or that their democracy pushes drugs in everyone’s back yards.
    Those drugs and OD’s effect everyone but the sheep slaves are conditioned to point fingers at every one else. Yeah okay..

  5. Only Jewish people hire Jew to work in a good paying company ,the rest of us have to do what ever it take to pay bills to support family  ,The Banker are all Jews ,Obama gave them Jew bankers 700 billion bail out money ,the bankers kick out over 10 million family out into the streets 'house gone with everything you put into it ,lost' 'that Bulshit Modification loan ,only 12000 people were approve ,THE LAWYER MADE THE MONEY OF THAT SCAM AND YOU GOT BOOTED ,BIG SORRY ''is what they are good at saying , the new drug now are pain pill and fentanyl patch for pain ,again who making the big money ,the pharmaceutical company ,doctors, Walgreen,cvs and police ,prison and we are the victim or target,get us HOOK then send us to jail ,another scam wake up brother don't trust nobody not even that rat GJ FROM BLOW THE MOVIE .

  6. 7 years ago i went to mexico and got involved in drug trafficking im 25 now living life good so far with money in my safe! here and than i help the poor in need, the least i can do!

  7. Coming from a neighborhood where everyone doing the same shit, where families worry more about whats going to be on the plate for dinner rather than what your going to wear for school tomorrow, where your area is that one area business don't go to, where your judge by your skin color and determine what kind of employee you are just by how you look, selling drugs just seems like the easiest thing to do.

  8. My uncle Michael is making a crazy amount of money every single night from his computer. Just search (( "omega easy money blueprint" )) on Google to learn all about it…. hurry How to Make Money Selling Drugs Official Trailer #1 (2012) – Documentary Movie HD

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