How to Create a Crossword Puzzle | WIRED

How to Create a Crossword Puzzle | WIRED

New York Times crossword puzzle constructor (also known as a cruciverbalist), David Kwong, shows us how he makes a crossword puzzle.

David Kwong is a New York Times crossword constructor and magician.

His show in New York City, The Enigmatist, is an immersive evening of puzzle-solving, cryptology, and illusions.

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How to Create a Crossword Puzzle | WIRED

21 thoughts on “How to Create a Crossword Puzzle | WIRED”

  1. Not a fan of the word variations chosen. They dont seem like common single words, as I would expect.

    For example, fmaj. Wow. No thanks.

    Thought the whole point was the answers were 1 word each… not multiple word phrases or names or shortened variations that no normal personal would ever think of on their own. It's just feeling in bs and pretending it makes sense. Guess that's why this puzzle isnt for me!

  2. So funny to see a human doing this. A computer creates 1000 puzzles with equal or superior quality and wit within 1 second. That is one example where human efforts are wasted.

  3. I was thinking that you need to overlay the maze at 0:42 to the completed Crossword at 8:21 to get the answer.

    (The maze looks to be a 15×15 grid like the crossword with, in my opinion, a weird route/solution. I spent a good hour trying to overlay and thinking I need to mirror the route due the the solver of the maze being behind the glass maze. I tried reading the maze route, backwards, mirrored, mirrored backwards, reading just the corners of the route, and I even tried to overlay the maze on the crossword at 1:00 . But I guess the maze had nothing to do with the crossword. 😛 )

  4. I do two per day. One is in USA Today and One is in my local paper NJ Star Ledger. On Sun, they run the LA times puzzle, which I can do. Love NY Mag puzzle. Always thought about trying to create one.

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