How Jack Became Black | Official HD Trailer (2018) | Documentary | Film Threat Trailers

How Jack Became Black | Official HD Trailer (2018) | Documentary | Film Threat Trailers

How Jack Became Black follows Eli Steele’s quest to explore the impact of the multiracial baby boom upon a nation that has embraced divisive identity politics. He interviews a large number of Americans of two or more races, while also examining racial controversies in the news, including the George Zimmerman trial and white privilege. Steele uses undercover cameras and blunt man-on-the-street interviews and the result is an unvarnished look at race in America from the perspective of a man with no allegiance to a single tribe.

The critically-acclaimed documentary, How Jack Became Black, will be available through cable via iN DEMAND (Comcast, Charter, Cox, RCN), iTunes, and Amazon. This comes after nationwide screenings that have received high praise and reviews. Radio personality and comedian Adam Carolla described the film as “eye-opening.”

The film begins in Los Angeles where local, award-winning filmmaker, Eli Steele, who is deaf and multiracial, attempts to enroll his son, Jack, into the local public elementary school only to be told that he had to choose a “Primary Race” box to identify his son. Jack represents his family’s third multiracial generation: black, Jewish, Mexican, white, and Native American.

Worse, the Los Angeles Unified School officials informed Steele that if he did not pick one race, Jack would not be allowed to enter the school to begin his education. Why does race matter so much? How did we get here as Americans?

Directed by Eli Steele.

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