History of Kenworth Trucks | Truck History Episode 7

History of Kenworth Trucks | Truck History Episode 7

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You may have seen our first episode of Truck History where we talk all about the legendary W900L model… well today we are here with the full history of Kenworth Trucks, starting all the way back in 1912! Take a deep dive with us back in time with one of the best-known truck brands to date. Enjoy!

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41 thoughts on “History of Kenworth Trucks | Truck History Episode 7”

  1. You said doors on w900 changed in 72, I was told 73. I know the 72 I had few years back had the old doors. I wanted to add a sleeper and paint it two tone Brown but a friend pointed out I had the wrong doors to make it like the snowman's truck

  2. So. Nothing about Sonny Pruitt's Movin On W925 from the 1970s?
    I know that truck and that show was one of biggest influence on me and wanting to be a driver as a child.
    30 yrs later still out there Movin On!

  3. The W900A is the best looking KW conventional ever made. I was hoping to see the 953 and 953S oil field rigs make the video; but an 853 is better than nothing.

  4. Why couldn’t Kenworth introduce the L model earlier instead of making drivers wait 8 years for the hood to be extended all because of a movie???
    Also I believe you should of mentioned how Kenworth started to expand their company when they started deporting their trucks to countries like Australia and Mexico etc.

  5. Again, I really like the W990, it looks like a modern update of the W900. And, I repeat, that on a Kenworth Dealer video, the dealer said the Kenworth isn't going to get rid of the W900 any time soon.

  6. The W990 is only controversial cause people choose to make it that way. There's plenty of room in the market for both of these trucks. It's more like what's your flavor and preference. Some are gonna like the traditional truck and some are gonna like a more modern truck. It's really not that big of a deal, but it is what it is. Great video!

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