History Memes 10

History Memes 10

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nobody the Mongols Italians in World War two Italians in New York City vite cow and bullsh Americans Americans retreat vidcon you can run but I'll still be in your nightmares let's storm the gates of Rome they can't crucify all of us Rome war's end in Europe wars this time for Africa USA talking about freedom and democracy USA spreading freedom and democracy random US citizen maybe we shouldn't have unclear we the government in the 50s i diagnose you with communism I'll have a um I'll have a world war two mean how original and Oh Vietnam trees mean daring to they aren't we American sniper French sniper Australian sniper finished sniper I require a virgin sacrifice if I was in charge of Germany I would have one perfect Isaac Newton announces he discovered gravity the guy floating 100 feet in the air you'll never heard of Jesus no but he sounds like a great addiction to our pantheon Ottoman Empire in 1683 Ottoman Empire in 1914 when you laugh at France for surrendering but realized they once conquered Vietnam galilea the Earth revolves around the Sun the church well new ideas are fine but they are also illegal what the Austrian flag stands for number of world wars started by an Austrian number of world wars 1 the snow yeah probably the snow wery why can't I find a guy like but hey weary no but I'm literally the guy on the pig Mexico watching the USA have the California Gold Rush after losing California less than five months before does your dog bite no button can hurt you in other ways only 1% of ancient literature has survived jeremy bettin publicity defending women's rights gay rights and animal rights in 1815 I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet but your kids are gonna love it when you are just a farmer watching how they elect a new pope but it of purchase on you so now they say that you are the new pope in 1967 polish masonry raffle Gann Alex was asked what it felt like to take human life I wouldn't know I've only ever killed communists people Hitler and Stalin killed the most people in history no we're not letting anyone on the ark Britain hey colony so we are gonna raise your taxes by a bit you okay America how about you lick these American nuts submarines basically fly underwater put a flat panzer on the seafloor and simply shoot them down historical problems require historical solutions Henry the eighth yes oh I need you to execute my wife executioner so no head Lincoln we are not going to allow slavery in our new territories in the West the South what in the hot crispy Kentucky Fried fuck News CNN Australia is at war with feral cats the biggest threat to its native species the government wants to kill 2 million of them great Erie War veterans Jesus Table four twenty six please waiter but there are only 13 of you Jesus yes but we are all going to sit on the same side when someone asks you how naval combat worked in 480 BC WOM United States NYX Japan finally the war is over Soviet Union hey those were some pretty cool bombs the world we did it with time travels but to watch here let me ask that guy over there where are we Hiroshi when I hear the phrase men don't start drama world history America when Germany sinks a ship full of innocent British and American people America when Germany sends a text to Mexico girls we aren't that confusing also girls time traveler hey what year is it French man its 13:37 we've been at war with the British hopefully it's over soon time traveller oh you mean the 100 Years War French man say psych right now me is in the same room as Stalin Stalin makes joke me something I've never expected Japanese ex German offender chant to attend while you obviously never heard of the Second World War when the Sun never set in your empire as well but everyone remembers the British instead sad desperate own noises Europe isn't has always been all about culture art poetry peace and freedom literally every historian France fuck you Germany Germany fuck you to Belgium my time has come when my son died Sark asks why I'm taking him to the mountain with a knife I am the cool dad that's my thing when you were once the most powerful country in Europe able to fight Russia and win but everyone remembers you for selling iron to the Nazis giving support to the US Revolution so they defeat the British France your own people start a revolution because you are now in crippling financial debt France senator hey we killed Caesar you're free from tyranny people of Rome you are America you are going to be a democracy third world country no we are going to tried communism America sorry but I wasn't asking who would win an advanced space shuttle that cost one hundred and ninety six billion dollars to operate a piece of plastic used to seal joints on tubes when you plan to kill Julius Caesar but the squad doesn't show up Trotsky I don't know if this economic policy is really what Marx intended Stalin French monarchy exists French revolutionaries you have lost head privilege 13-year old Nazi sympathizers talking about Waldron or two in their history class we were on the verge of greatness we were this close the British were good to Ireland penal laws Oliver Cromwell Black and Tans collusion and Northern Ireland internment the famine they are not loot boxes they are surprised mechanics it's not an Italian tank it's a surprise malfunction how Italians see Italy and other countries see Italy British troops arriving in Africa for the first time get back you savages horrible things the USA has done to Japan Dragonball Evolution Death Note when them happy trees start speaking Vietnamese me is incapable of lighting a fire in the summer with paper fire lighters dried wood and a magic stick of flames my ancestors who made fire in five minutes without shelter in the snow with wet grass and Flint shane robert e lee trench warfare at the siege of Petersburg I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet but your kids are gonna love it study history to pass exam study history to understand culture study history to understand memes we understanding a more complex meme than France surrendering World War two or area 51 time traveler which Reich are you guys 1st 2nd or 3rd Otto von Bismarck the Third Ward Tito slaps map of Yugoslavia this bad boy can fit so many ethnic conflicts in it that doesn't want dog family gets dog anyway dead and dog the us bombs Hiroshima Japan doesn't surrender the US will be right back with double jeopardy Germans the Allies are moving up don't worry the Italians we Italians charging towards Germans Germans say psych right now listening to Sabatini because it's awesome music listening to sabaton to learn about history mongol empire join us nation no mongol empire shame USA we are gonna punish you for war crimes nazy's how about we send us a to the moon before usher it can't be that easy it's that easy I require a virgin sacrifice Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas perfect teacher today we learn about Asian imperialism bills wait what Asia had an imperialist cow boys when an anarchist assassinate an Archduke and Bosnia random farmer in Wisconsin guess I'll die Austrian 1940 Hitler is ours Austria raft in 1945 I've never met this man in my life when you go to war with 80 men but come back with 81 Starks Europe we just banished Napoleon to an island time traveler the first time or second time Europe say psyche right now normal person you can't be a victim and commit war crimes Japan now this looks like a job for me Stalin has political opponents also Stalin wow that's so weird they just disappeared Mongols storm the Great Wall of China they can't stop us all if you enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already feel free to check out my other videos as well thank you for watching

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