Help Wildlife by Sharing the Beach — Helpful Tips from Toyota TogetherGreen

Help Wildlife by Sharing the Beach -- Helpful Tips from Toyota TogetherGreen

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Nolan Gould and Danielle Soibelman show how you can keep the beach safe for birds and other wildlife.

You can be a steward of the shore and its wildlife by following these simple steps:

1. Leave no trace. Be sure to take all garbage and items with you when you leave the beach.

2. Dispose of fishing line properly. Improperly discarded fishing line can injure and kill a variety of animals, including sea turtles, sharks, and birds.

3. Keep dogs on leashes. Playful pooches can wreak havoc on shore-nesting animals in a matter of seconds. Protect baby animals by keeping your pets properly leashed.

4. Respect protected areas and signs. Give animals the space they need and stay out off protected areas.

With support from Toyota through our Toyota TogetherGreen program, Audubon is working across the country to help make shores safe places for people and wildlife.

Director- Gilly Barnes

I love this beach so beautiful yeah it's nice he gets to come fishing here in my dad you know with a stick for a pole and some fishing line do you like to fish I just don't understand how someone could consciously do that what you know imagine your turtle or a bird or a seal and then one day your foot gets trapped in some fishing line an idiot left behind on the beach oh now you can't move which means you can't eat which means someone's probably gonna eat you I didn't know that yeah and those six pack rings it's like y'all just need to be more careful but that's a pretty caring guy so my what if you were you know a little baby bird the sun is shining the wind is blowing you're alive and it's awesome but then suddenly there's loud music playing on the beach and then there are some dogs running around and your mom's like and then she leaves you behind in your crying and then the Sun gets higher and the breeze stops and then all of those babies including you are dead from heat exposure you can kiss me now I think you're gonna need a minute

9 thoughts on “Help Wildlife by Sharing the Beach — Helpful Tips from Toyota TogetherGreen”

  1. This video is warped and confused. Stop chasing little girls for your balls. Let your dogs off the lead. That's sharing the beach. Leave your unpackaged food that you don't eat for the animals to eat. Don't bother with packaging and rubbish as much as possible- eat raw fruits and vegetables. vegan. Then you don't have to clear up your fishing line because you've got none. Recycle whatever rubbish you do got. It's simple. Let all the animals do as you do. You wana walk around free and at the same time put a leash on a dog. Stop trying to play teacher. Toyota is more of a danger to the world than any dog off it's lead. Clear your mind and you can clear the beach

  2. unbelievable. i have no words…..makes me want to get rid of my toyota and get an f350 diesel, and ILL STILL BE CLEANER ON THE BEACH because i care about the beach. and we all can use mother nature's gift to us. holy shit im livid. 

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