Hawaii's Hidden Darkness (Conspiracy Documentary) | Real Stories

Hawaii's Hidden Darkness (Conspiracy Documentary) | Real Stories

Hawaii was an independent nation until January 17, 1893. That day, the archipelago and its monarchical government were overthrown illegally by the United States. Since then, the USA has taken over Hawaii illegitimately, turning the island into a military base that threatens world peace, while sovereignty groups organize to rescue its legitimacy.

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[Applause] [Applause] Hawaii and we think of Hawaii we think of paradise coral sand beaches coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze waterfalls rainbows Hawaii is all these things and many more in fact Hawaii has a deep dark little secret a secret the US government wouldn't like you to know about the American agenda tonight a most significant presidential apology at the White House yesterday President Clinton signed a formal letter of apology to the people of Hawaii he was apologizing on behalf of the US government for the government's involvement a hundred years ago in removing the independent Hawaiian monarchy by force and on the agenda tonight Hawaiian identity Native Hawaiians who say give us back our country in touristic Hawaii hundreds of people demonstrate and a president apologizes the reason the United States government that considers Hawaii the 50th state of the union has in fact had mitad that a century ago it committed an abuse in 1993 the US government passed a law this was approved by the Congress the Senate and ultimately signed into law by President Clinton and this was a confession flatout public law 103 150 was a confession and in that confession the United States admitted to all sorts of crimes and it further admitted that the Hawaiian nation never relinquished its rights but if Hawaii is the 50th state of the Union since 1959 why is it that in 1993 President Bill Clinton apologized for the user patient the original inhabitants of the archipelago were victims of to understand the situation let's do some history Hawaii is an archipelago formed by eight islands situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean they were probably populated by immigrants from faraway lands they created a socially and politically advanced society Native Hawaiians are Polynesians they come from a land they call keshiki which is the home land and many believe that to be Tahiti or the Marquesas and perhaps we're here as early as 100 BC perhaps a little bit later than that 2 way voyage incants enture II Hawaiians were living here pretty much on their own and developing a much more stratified society and that led to the development of different island kingdoms here amongst the chains we had an IR rather a kingdom of kawaii a kingdom of Oahu kingdom of Maui and of Hawaii Island its founding King Kamehameha the great unified the societies of the archipelago their soil began to yield food for the inhabitants of Hawaii however the Hawaiian Kingdom would not be alone for long by the same sea from where the original inhabitants of why came from visitors from other lands would arrive contact with foreigners of European or American descent comes in 1778 with the arrival of Captain Cook it is speculated that there may have been other encounters prior to that but it's not documented Captain James Cook a British explorer and sailor established contact with the inhabitants of Hawaii in 1794 the British explorer George Vancouver gave the court of King Kamehameha a Union Jack as a token of friendship from King George the third the Hawaiian Kingdom added the Union Jack to its own flag as an act of recognition for the gesture of British friendship in spite of the foreign presence in Hawaii mainly Britain at the time as well as other ethnic groups king kamehameha gave his kingdom its own identity he gained international recognition 1843 the Kingdom of Hawaii was indeed recognized as an independent nation state as a member of the family of nations through treaties with the United States Great Britain and France and I believe about 20 other nations of Europe and this was meant to secure the sovereignty of the nation through those treaty agreements that would been made and so from that point on 1843 the kingdom of Hawaii is indeed recognized as an independent nation state as the monarch consolidated the archipelago as a sovereign state the Kingdom of Hawaii also created a society of citizens with its own identity an independent state in the 19th century the term Hawaiian was an indicator of citizenship or membership to the Hawaiian Kingdom which throughout the 19th century was an independent country independent state beginning in 1843 the Hawaiian Kingdom was actually the first non-european territory in the world to become an independent and recognized as a sign of recognition of Hawaii's independence several members of the Hawaiian royal family travel all over the world on official visits they were welcomed by kingdoms and Republic's as the true representatives of a sovereign Kingdom in the mean time Western immigrants continued to arrive in Hawaii by the start of the 19th century a few American settlers were already living in the archipelago so as the the American settler population continued to grow there began and their interest in business continued to grow they oftentimes were pressuring the Monarchs pressuring the government to develop things for the government to develop and the economy to a develop in a way that these settlers would find most comfortable a group of settlers mainly American formed an organization of landowners they controlled the production of sugarcane their economic power ensured that their influence in the affairs of the kingdom increased so when we get to 1893 by that time these foreign settlers many of them who were invested in the plantation economy were were very strong in their opinions about how the government should continue and when litleo Oh Kalani he was the queen of Hawaii in 1893 when she proposed to bring forward a new constitution a group of 13 businessmen calling themselves the annexation club and the Committee of Safety they took it upon themselves to overthrow the Queen or to remove her from the government and they did this in conjunction with the approval it would seem of the u.s. minister to the Hawaiian Kingdom Minister Stevens and so he was totally misrepresenting his position by essentially conspiring with this group to take over the Queen's government in the Constitution Queen Liliuokalani only gave the right to vote to those citizens who were considered natives of Hawaii the settlers feared that they may lose their political and economic power on the 17th of January 1893 US troops landed in Hawaii arguing that they were there to protect the rights of the settlers Queen Liliuokalani was arrested and taken to the Royal Palace of lolani she was forced to abdicate because of the military superiority of the invaders the conspirators took advantage of the end of the monarchy to take control of the archipelago they created the so-called Republic of Hawaii however the inhabitants of the islands did not accept such a position and took action this is when the people of Hawaii gather together in a couple of huis or groups that protest against annexations with a petition asking that the United States recognize that the people of Hawaii who have signed this petition do not want to be a part of the United States do not wish to be annexed and we believe that some 38,000 people in total signed these petitions out of a Native Hawaiian population that was close to 40,000 the petition did not succeed on the 12th of August 1898 in a ceremony that took place in front of the lolani palace the old residence of the Hawaiian monarchs the flag of the kingdom was taken down an American flag was raised the annexation of Hawaii brought a process of Americanization in the local society this process included the imposition of an educational system that marginalized the values of the local population the local language was replaced by that of the settlers in 1896 under the authority of the Republic of Hawaii a law was passed that stated that all public school instruction must take place in English so they didn't outright ban Hawaiian but in effect they did because they said to everyone you must learn English you must use English and only English in your schools and so parents became much more reluctant to use Hawaiian language in their homes and certainly in the schools many children were reprimanded for using Hawaiian language when they were expected to be using English is with a us to go by our education there it when they took our language they took our land it took our identity and nearly succeeded in taking our will to live at the same time the United States passed a law which determined who was and who was not a Hawaiian around 1920 you start to see this legislation being passed in US Congress that kind of begins to define legally through US law what is considered a native Hawaiian in that bill the u.s. congressional law you have for the first time this understanding and blood-quantum that Native Hawaiians are legally defined as those that possess half native blood or 50% native blood so you can really start to see American racial logic being institutionalized with him within Hawaii and that that lasts for a very long time even till the even till this day right these terms Native Hawaiian or Hawaiian are now defined through US law within the context of blood quantum 1/32 of broth is still Hawaiian but they say all according to the law you have to have 50% boom taking ever loss we don't need them coming over here and telling us what to do and what not to do so my company concerned I'd see they committing genocide big time Big Time this process of Americanization and the imposition of rules that were alien to the local culture led to the violation of native sacred land the place they call a Walmart on chemical Street and makalah Street it just happened that my family had ownership papers to eight and a half acres and that's where they put their their store on they found 66 sets of bones they were buried on that on that property grounds and it took seven years to get through all the mitigations and war whatever for us to put the bones back in the ground and all we try to do is respect our own ancestors you know what do we be really interesting if some of us went up to punch bowl where the American veterans are buried and go up there and tear out some of those graves and put up a fancy building the United States did not settle for the annexation of Hawaii the suppression of the local language and the desecration of hallowed lands they wanted statehood they wanted to turn away into a new State of the Union on the 12th of March 1959 the US Congress overwhelmingly voted in favor of statehood Hawaii became the 50th state becomes the state of the United States in 1959 of course if if annexation were or was illegal and overthrow was illegal then many believe statehood is also an illegal event so you do you certainly continue to have debate here in Hawaii as to whether or not Hawaii is a state but officially according to United States in 1959 it is not surprising then that President Bill Clinton sanctioned a law whereby his government apologized for the dispossession the local population had been victims of the law recognized that the people of Hawaii had not voluntarily relinquished their rights nor had they accepted the abolition of their kingdom you don't need to be a lawyer really to understand if the criminal admits to committing a crime against you and further admits that you never relinquished your rights ie your property was stolen and you never relinquished your rights to the property you don't need to be a lawyer to understand that according to that that the Hawaiians have one of the best claims if not the best claim for independence once again so that bill really should have apologized to the national population but that wordage of seeing national population would would kind of throw off right the political intent of that bill it's a kind of sidestep or kind of erase that history that history that it was a kingdom why did the Americans do it that was the first question I asked when I heard about the apology bill it was an intent to defraud the Hawaiian nation Hawaiian people even further the apology bill was followed by several resolutions proposed by a senator for hawaii daniel Akaka to be implemented by the year 2000 his intention was to pass a law that would give Native Hawaiians federal recognition the same strategy was used for the Native Americans in 2009 Congress passed the so-called Native Hawaiian government reorganization Act also known as the Akaka law according to this law the descendants of the original habitants of the archipelago could form a government but within the US federal structure they could not reclaim the rights they had lost before the overthrow of the monarchy in 1893 or their status of sovereign nation and I believe the people that were involved in the Akaka bill this trying to continue to deprive us were absolutely on the track of imposter rating our claims and and and at the end of it all first of all naming us Native Hawaiians which were not needed we Nationals okay so imposter ation started not knowing this then the imposter issue for Native Hawaiians were coming and then the next step would be that the imposter Asian was that they now becoming the Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Asian foundation and and most of all people who notice yet we're on a different boat here a lot of people like to compare us with American Indian per se well in our in our situation we're fortunate enough to have a government that actually had the treaties with the US that actually have never been dissolved so you know um if anything it'll show America's true colors if they want to be a good big brother or not but both in a century the United States has been working to establish the image of Hawaii as a tourist destination behind a facade of paradise hides a history of usurpation and dispossession this history has given rise to several pro sovereignty movements which have demanded their right to be an independent nation Captain America don't need a sweater but you imagine me remember I was stolen last this Orion Superman it's warning it back give back the like I build America give back to like I better never go cappen by your policies are we one in sovereignty it's so hard to theory pro sovereignty movement activists have started a process to recover their language and art at the same time universities are researching the history of Hawaii by dusting up old newspapers from the 19th century all written in the local language the apology bills strengthen the prose sovereignty movements they started to explore the possibility to recover their own government the one that was in place before the annexation to the US in 1893 the lawful Hawaiian government is part of that process my name is Henry norm okay I'm the elected prime minister for the reinstated lawful Hawaiian government the lawful Hawaiian government was formed March 13 1999 and it actually reinstated the former government offices that was in existence prior to January 17 1893 the day that we got overthrown our government was overthrown so what has happened since that day till now is that basically there was actions taken by the by the conspirators who are the United States government to try to justify or even validate their actual existence here and their authority that they exercised here in Hawaii the lawful Hawaiian government which has been in place for more than a decade is not legally recognized by the United States however it is not simply a symbolic gesture of sovereignty but it has its own structure it legislates and governs on the basis of strict rules we have a House of nobles also representatives and an executive branch which includes Prime Minister Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Interior and a Minister of the Treasury are currently we are engaging in land Reclamation's we realize that we would have to be able to get our people yeah to unite under this government so we've done a lot of educational programs to get these to get our own people to understand listen the government still exists and it's been in a band since it's been absent all these years all we needed to do was put it back bring back the government which is what we are able to accomplish the second thing that we educate our people to is now we need to put power to the government and the only way that can happen is if we as a people participate in that government and begin to do to build the government the functional bodies of that government the executive the legislative the judicial branches all of the departments that come to functional government has to be real has to be reset of which we have actually accomplished those things in its annual convention known in the local languages Manukau can Hawaii the lawful Hawaiian government and delegates from all the islands got together to discuss issues related to land evolution the structure of his government and to appoint new authorities across entire island chains get together of a won't Ivanov alone and we initiated a process to reinstate the former offices of that it's been a long process so for my understanding the Hawaiian government has actually the reinstated lawful government has progressed to a point where now things are gonna start to become would come to exist on that individual spot to fix an injustice to understand who you are and you have the perfect right to step forward and try to we've been talking about how we're gonna do things but now we're applying ideas that we've been bringing up at the table at the monocle kind of wise for the last 30 conventions and it's gonna pan out pretty good I think it's been a long time coming to get to this point where we're at today where we can actually reclaim land and issue Awards we did a lot of preparations to get to this point and now that we're actually here it's it's little overwhelming exciting we have built a case that it's hard to argue with you know so if we know we're dealing with the de facto government backed by the United States and so we're up against some heavy hitters we know that so our case has to be solid Oh it has never been inside that I know in our history that we not have we have not worked to regain what is rightfully ours say this all those that have dedicated their time Mahama because you cannot get attention if you don't put the work into it whereas we're at that stage where tomorrow I believe and this weekend woman takes on the store two steps we have legislated resolutions in our constitution we brought our constitution to modernity from 1893 and brought it forward to modernize it that was our kick a lot of the language was archaic we had to modernize it first of all so we did as little as possible it's another thing that happened was that the legislators who were elected were charged with creating a constitutional convention in the year 2001 to modernize the Constitution and to really to really decide what style of government to implement [Applause] the lawful Hawaiian government's legislative branch is divided into seven districts each one as a representative and a noble according to the ancient traditions of the archipelago in this branch young and old take part without distinction look at it is being ahead of the curve in a sense you know there are a few other members of the government itself that may be my age or younger however I guess what it comes down to is well having been called old for my age for some time I guess I know there's a lot of folks my age who have a basic understanding of the issue I mean I guess I guess in a sense I'm by myself ahead of the curve in comprehending the moral obligation that in companies you know the historic facts now you're gonna see more of our generation getting involved with a little Hawaii and moving our culture and getting involved with the politics just in different pathways I think and then on the flip side I think outside of the Native Hawaiians within our education and how they view us it has become more of a sport I think and how anxious it is a cool place to come and work for two years and get their get their thrills and then they why I'm doing what I'm doing here today this is the most this is the day we waited for a long long time and we've always said it only on the god stop where we we do this well today is God's time where are we gonna put the people back on our land is this very spot 13 years ago uncle Robert and I sit in his car and we ask God to help us and the rest our prime minister at that time was the organizer of our our Hui everybody was waiting for us to bring one Kanata to that bTW this is when we was gonna put the government together and we asked God right here at the very spot where we sit help us help you know why am i so elated today so in Hawaiian we say the word fall being elated it Holly Holly Nui happy very very happy because we're getting to put our people back on the land that the US had come through the Sheep know whatever you call it took our people and drove us to be the destitute and a problem that we're having is that they're not fulfilling their obligation they're continuing to ignore deny us and that's one of the most difficult things when we're the victims of this hypocrisy but the people on the payroll continue denying us access to our lands that they say they gave us all back which we never received yet to the monies that they say they given us we don't even receive and this has been going off 120 years Hawaiian nationals know that there is a process that were were conducting or were providing to reclaim lands national lands during the lawful Hawaiian government's convention Prime Minister Henry Noah gave land titles to groups of ten people for them that simple ceremony means the beginning of a new chapter in their lives because such land is situated in an area affected by volcanic activity in fact it does not belong to anyone it is barren land where ten settlers and their families will build up their future now we have Allen so instead of going for up the hill miles away from home we can just walk here oh it's a house war on your Tod time well this this one lab this is for a community center where a community can meet you know you can come and have the kupuna or the elders do crafts have the younger ones learn etiquette you know Hawaiian etiquette learn how to make medicines learn how to how to do medical techniques learn language skills and you know every anything that the community needs any kind of education as a whole they can come to this hot spot and then of course tourists who are walking through they can always visit anybody who like wants to know they're welcome to come [Applause] one of the activities of the lawful Hawaiian government is poverty relief Hawaii's image of prosperity with its luxurious shops and expensive cars in the most expensive state of the United States exists in stark contrast with the poverty in which hundreds of people live the 2010 census found that 33% of families was children under five years of age live in a state of poverty the postcard image of Hawaii contradicts the everyday reality of the inhabitants of the archipelago what you see here around me is a homeless village there was established in 2009 this is adjacent to Waianae a pokai Bay boat harbor the boat harbor is right here this campsite is right here what these people have been able to do is stay out of the public parks which their presence in occupying public parks seems to interfere with the tourists and the government does not like interference with cash flow in any sort so this area here is called pokai Bay and we're going into the forest adjacent sort of to the harbor on this I heard that this is where a majority of the homeless people that got out stayed from the beaches have relocated to this area here we've had a history of these homeless people been in there has been increasing large numbers I came here in 2010 in 2009 is actually when we became houseless I will not say homeless because we're not homeless we how is our home this ayah is our home we became house this in 2009 was a greenhorn at it only knew how to go camping and that's what I took and from there kind of we hit recession back in 2009 seven incomes five loss couldn't continue our home gave up our home back then we began living amongst the hostess people and we learned a lot and from there we got swept in at all Ahava back in March 2010 most of these people that's here started from here from this camp going that way have been here for a while where this tree is right here this very tree is there's a no pile or in there but they're cleaning up they're trying to clean up and stuff yeah a lot of us are we understand that we are gonna get swept so a lot of us are doing spring cleaning right now sort of people who come down and do the sweep and sweep everybody out of here is it as a police department or the Sheriff's Department basically what about basically what happens is okay this from what we understand and what was told to me was it the state is not in the business to do sweeps but the state will go ahead because of the least they have to go ahead and do a lot of the what is required by law which is to clean all the land before they lease it right now I've deal with the sweepers nobody has nowhere to go the next we're moko to the mountains but the denial of their rights the poverty and the marginalization under which they live are not the only problems faced by Hawaiians there is a threat that hangs above their heads that puts in jeopardy their very existence war for the United States Hawaii is not only been an archipelago with commercial and economic interests these islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are part of a strategic military structure on August 16th 1898 four days after Hawaii became a part of our nation the United States Army became an important part of the island community since then under the impact of two world wars in the Korean Conflict the Army in Hawaii has expanded enormously today the Hawaiian Islands represent a multi-million dollar base of operations for American defense forces in the Pacific Ocean area in fact the United States discovered the strategic and military importance of Hawaii long before its settlers managed to get at annexed in 1893 Major General John Schofield arrived on Oahu in 1872 his mission was to find a military use for the island seaports general Schofield found the seaports were perfect for the growing United States Navy and that the land between the Waianae and Kola mountain ranges was ideal for ground forces the American Spanish war for the control of Puerto Rico Guam and the Philippines sped up the annexation for the Americans Hawaii was a crucial stronghold for his military campaign Pearl Harbor built in 1900 became the main United States naval base in the Pacific during the Second World War on the morning of the 7th of December 1941 the Japanese air force exposed the vulnerability of Hawaii I was nine years old when the troll avos happened when Japan came by and bombed Pearl Harbor that was a very memorable day for me particularly I didn't find out the instructions after everything was said and done where when I went home to my grandparents home I seen all the holes in the roof where the planes came over and straight the united states military presence in hawaii constitutes a constant danger for the very existence of the archipelago Hawaii is a military outpost it's got every branch of the US military Army Navy Air Force Marines and there are unknown amounts of nuclear weapons you've got nuclear submarines you've got nuclear aircraft carriers you've got nuclear silos with intercontinental ballistic missiles those missiles are directed at targets all around the world there are literally billions of people under threat from the missiles that are based here in Hawaii literally right here is Pacific Command which is one of the Keystone's one of the one of the major bulwarks of the American Empire the Pacific Command in its own mind has jurisdiction over half of the world this includes China Russia Asia most all of the Pacific South America Central America this is a huge section of the human population that has nuclear missiles and nuclear weapons that are directed at them from Hawaii if we were to enter into a third world war and if nuclear weapons are launched there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Hawaii will be majorly targeted targeted by America's enemies specifically China and Russia directed at Hawaii because of American presence but it's a significant number and rest assured there's no question that if there is a nuclear war and missiles are sent here there will be so many missiles that there will be nothing left of Hawaii the importance of the American war machinery in Hawaii is not only strategic in reality the economy of Hawaii depends a great deal on the United States military structure according to the Rand Institute of Defense studies the military economy of Hawaii constitutes at least 18 percent of its gross domestic product more than 12 billion dollars a year military industrial complex is the number-one economy here in Hawaii entity entity of our economy everybody thinks tourism is number one but I believe that the military industrial complex is actually at the top it's not the two tied together there so that's what drives our economy so it's very difficult to even have a discussion about withdrawing some of that military presence because our economy is so dependent upon it for so many people the United States takes advantage of valleys mountains and seas to use them as a training camp for its truth at the same time the United States offices hawaiians Enclave for the training of foreign troops the American military presence in Hawaii has caused serious damage to the environment of the islands according to the Pacific health dialogue there are 768 contaminated sites in Hawaii this contamination is caused mainly by the deterioration of ammunition the presence of mercury led napalm radioactive rubbish and radioactive fuels in 2008 Colonel Howard Killian admitted that there was enriched uranium in Hawaii but he argued that it was no danger for the population of the archipelago is my name Hawaiian's are against the US military presence because it goes against the desire to remain neutral they demand independence and also the withdrawal of the military from the islands the military abs absolutely needs to go I mean for one thing it compromises our neutrality you know we made it a point to stay out of the rest of the world's conflicts because I mean who has a problem with them what with the Hawaiians for one thing I mean from my personal perspective ideally what I think it should be is that a hoist should be a neutral buffer zone between the Chinese power and the American power military buildup here is certainly something that's discussed a lot by many people it's almost become so normal though that I think some people don't realize how prominent the military is in Hawaii poverty high living cost cultural alienation and military threat are the direct result of the presence of the United States in Hawaii despite all of that those Hawaiians who have decided to reclaim what was taken from their ancestors more than a century ago are not prepared to surrender my efforts for being involved with this process of reinstatement is I'm trying to get back to being a lawful person to the law that you see here today is a charade it's a it's a big old Hollywood production that's what is going on and Hollywood does real well in fabricating identities and whatever else they do I guess what it comes down to is all for me personally having been aware of all the wrongs that were perpetrated Hauer like oh well over a century ago part of it has to do it for me making sure that you know that the torch stays lit I think you're gonna get mixed feelings for sure but it's hard I think that as this movement grows there's going to there's going to be that shift and I hope instill some sort of hope of I can participate in something that is a gift to my generations to come and it can be it can be not in that space of anger I think we got the body in place we're going to demonstrate that we're real here in Hawaii and now we're gonna take this realness to the world and let them know this is why we executing to reclaim what is rightfully ours which is sovereign Authority and reclaiming our land putting substance to our sovereignty process oh I see a free independent Hawaii once again will be a reality because we're gonna make that possible true law and the military the US military can leave and just go back to North America follow their rules exert their rules or Nayland you may remember I was strolling it back governed by your policies are we one in sovereignty it's so hard to be rain this is boba aunty sleeping under palm trees it's a shame – lions are moving away the ocean for promotions and wages I think it's safe to say that a Wagga unique is doing better in their battle Las Vegas Captain America told me this matchup but you mention that remember all the stolen last be so why did Superman you you

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  1. That guitar guy's song in the park was too good 💗 I've also known from other sources that the Hawaiians have a welcome place on the lava Island for landing of extraterrestrial beings and Gods from above and this place is sacred. There are many testimonials revolving around this matter by the locals. I have also seen a documentary on the channel Edge of Wonders where there are beautiful reasons for doing so. Hawaiians should definitely reclaim their ancestral land. This is their right by birth.

  2. I'm speechless. What a disgrace what was done to these people. They were not the first to have something similar happen to them. I'm so cynical though I wish it could be different, doubt it will ever change. Who will the next conquerers be? The Chinese? Or some non human entities? I mean for any of us, not just the Hawaiians. No left wing Bolshevism or right wing populist cult of personality will save us from the inevitability of this…

  3. This is not how it was taught in schools!
    Give Hawaii back to Hawaiians!
    America is now fighting to maintain our own sovereignty yet we took Hawaii from their people.
    I'm sick of our government lying to us!

  4. Most everyone on this feed has missed the important clue in this documentary and immediately goes to blaming US and Britain or "whites" but, the true culprit is Freemasonry which is a world wide organization with members of all races, ethnicities, and creeds and rooted in ancient mysticism.
    "The U.S also has a lot of symbolism related to the number 13. The country started with 13 colonies. The first flag had 13 stars and 13 stripes (which remain today). Many phrases associated with the United States contain 13 letters, including “Annuit Coeptis” and “E Pluribus Unum.” Many numerologists believe the Founding Fathers included the number 13 so often by design. The number 13 has other associations, too. In many ancient religions and societies, 13 was the PREFERRED NUMBER OF MEMBERS. Along those same lines, many sacred meals throughout history had 13 participants. Perhaps the most famous example of this would be the Nazarene Last Supper."
    "Members of the Freemasons eventually played a pivotal role in the formation of the United States—13 of the 39 signatures on the U.S. Constitution belonged to Masons"
    See link below for good list of number 13 occurrances throughout history of the entire WORLD!

    "We next discover that there are 3 cities on earth that come under no national authority, they have separate laws, they pay no taxes, they have their own police force and even possess their own flag of ‘independence’. These 3 cities control the economy, military onslaughts and the spiritual beings of those in powers. The 3 cities are actually corporations and they are the City of London, District of Columbia and the Vatican. Together they control politicians, the courts, educational institutions, food supply, natural resources, foreign policies, economies, media, and the money flow of most nations as well as 80% of the world’s entire wealth. Their ultimate aim is to build a totalitarian rule on a global scale where people will be divided into rulers and the ruled after they have depopulated the world to numbers they wish to rule over. What we need to understand is that the world does not work according to what we have been led to believe. We are drowning in misinformation."

    This fight is of biblical proportion not one between America and Hawaii. God Almighty has already settled this dispute by sending Jesus. God's will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! I am writing this on Sept. 11th. another set of numbers which should not escape the wisest of men. Please research historical events of this day for complete listing. Here are just a couple, "On September 11, 1826 a gang of Masons showed up at Morgan’s house with an arrest warrant for petty larceny." Morgan was set to write a book exposing the freemasons. He was never seen again after his arrest.

    "On Sept. 11, 1941, groundbreaking took place for the Pentagon. In a speech that drew accusations of anti-Semitism, Charles A. Lindbergh told an America First rally in Des Moines, Iowa, that “the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt administration” were pushing the United States toward war."
    BE WISE AS SERPENTS AND GENTLE AS DOVES!!! God Bless the meek for they shall inherit the earth.


  6. God in heaven will punish them if they don't repent..it's a shame..Jesus we need you so much..the wicked taketh by force in this fallen world..I'm finding out the truth of the USA. And how corrupt the big corporations are..we as humans need to humble ourselves and to call out to God and repent for our sins then he will heal our land

  7. My mother was raised in the Hawaiian Village and learned to speak Hawaiian. She was an incredible dancer. She put "Hawaiian" on my birth certificate. She told me this story many times. Don't tear up the veterans graves at Punchbowl. My grandpa is an American Veteran and he's buried there.

  8. It boils down to big fish eat small fish…and our both country Hawaii and Philippines is strategically a perfect locations for tbeir military under takings…and the new generations..don t give a s.. dont know their 101 history…we have to be inform….be inform.

  9. All true. And the points on either side can be argued ad infinitum. But the truth of the matter is that US government will NEVER retract its position. Never. It does everyone a disservice to participate in what amount to futile theoretical exercises. What CAN be done is to determine what positive choices and actions can be undertaken to make the future the best of all possible outcomes – in a practical world.

  10. If sovereign states can become independent from London with the queen then why can’t Hawaii from America? If South Africa can than Hawaii can.Singapore did it and it’s constantly mentioned in Australia to go republic after all the royal family is just a tourist attraction as they don’t really rule anymore or have a say in running the country. I don’t see why Hawaii can’t declare independence

  11. 31:53 What it's called is 'Customary USA Tactics of Thuggery, Cunning and Theft' deployed in the "service" of forced confiscation of the rightful property of native peoples. A "practice" USA has employed the world over, many times.

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