Griselda Records Debut Album on Shady Records Documentary Intro – November 29 2019

Griselda Records Debut Album on Shady Records Documentary Intro - November 29 2019

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The highly touted Buffalo New York underground rap champions Griselda have announced their long-awaited Shady Records debut LP WWCD for this Friday, November 29th.

The album will feature Eminem, 50 Cent, Raekwon The Chef and more…

Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher, the core of Griselda, have been three of the most prolific artists of the ladder half of the past decade with a rap acumen and grind that brought them from the streets of Buffalo; to cosigns and deals with two of the biggest and most important rappers of all time; a Shady Records label deal and now involvement with Roc Nation Management.

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42 thoughts on “Griselda Records Debut Album on Shady Records Documentary Intro – November 29 2019”

  1. from buffalo. they nice ah n got respect but need to do a couple songs that fuck wit the current culture too. niggas really had a whole album of slow eery shit. need at least a one or couple songs that sound like nipsey or g herbo or dababy or kodak not comparing yall but u get the message. just try it see what happens

  2. They're from Upstatd N.Y. not Nyc. Upstate is 7 hours drive from NYC. Its closer to Canada than East Coast. New Jersey, Philly, D.C., Boston & B- More are closer to NYC. Why filming in Manhattan, No.

  3. More slow ass shit that put you to sleep music ! Lol ! All that shit sound the same ! Album gone flop just like slaughter house ! Nothing for the masses only underground ! They'll a be off da label next year due to lack of sales ! They 1 dimensional rappers ! Ctfu niggas in New York still tryna bring da 90s back lol they cant adapt to the change of music ! Going gold aint even in the convo ! They can rap though

  4. "We did like five joints yesterday and I didn't write a word, I just rolled a blunt and by the time I was done, I was ready to go lock in" This shit gets me so fucking hype, Griselda been the hardest in the game for a minute and this album is gonna cement that! 🦂⚖️

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