Faces of Asian Americans at William and Mary Documentary

Faces of Asian Americans at William and Mary Documentary

As part of the creative component requirement of THEA 340 — Acting Asian American and in celebration of APAHM (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month), this documentary was made.

This video is the culmination of a month’s work of interviewing 25 Asian Americans at the College of William and Mary. Everyday, with my cohort Priscilla Lin, we interviewed and transcribed what each person had said and pulled a quote and posted it along with a picture on the Asian American Student Initiative facebook page. The purpose of “Faces of Asian Americans at William and Mary” was to showcase the different faces of Asian Americans that the campus has to offer. We really wanted to see how Asian Americans really see themselves and how their identity impacts them as well as their thoughts of the overall Asian American community on campus.

It was a wonderful yet tiring experience and I am definitely satisfied with what was made in the end.

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