Experience Alaska – Wildlife

Experience Alaska - Wildlife

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Alaska’s National Parks have wildlife to experience at any time of year, and at any part of the state. Natural behaviors in natural habitats make wildlife viewing incredible.

an encounter with Alaskan Wildlife can be a profound experience and a memorable one that's in two black bear the first day I arrived you know oh just to remember yes a Yukon is that don't don't forget we saw links we saw bears caribou box the red fox and brown squirrels all over yeah Alaska is home to wildlife both large and small and each creature serves as a reminder that Alaska's habitat is rich supportive making all this wildlife possible the animals are sort of completely oblivious to the fact that we're there and we really get to see them interacting and engaging with their natural environment it's just wonderful seeing wildlife so close this is really breathtaking it's amazing the power of these interactions with nature is undeniable the promise that they will continue lies with these mostly undisturbed environments Alaska's national parks provide a place where wildlife not only survives but thrives we are all stewards of this place if we quiet ourselves we pay attention we can let a land that's so vast and wild which forever change the way that we view the world moving life changing experience wildlife experience your Alaska you

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