Easily Create Movies With Google Photos Movie Maker

Easily Create Movies With Google Photos Movie Maker

With Google Photos not only can you backup your photo library for FREE but you can create awesome movies with just a few clicks!

The Google Photos Movie Maker is super easy to use, has plenty of options and gets the job done! Tag me @techwithbrett on your favorite social network when when you post your video so I can see your awesome movie creations!

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30 thoughts on “Easily Create Movies With Google Photos Movie Maker”

  1. I don’t want all my pictures on Google Chrome. I want to delete them but it says it will be deleted from all my devices, which I didn’t want. Next is is there a limit of photos I can use in a movie clip. I have about 100 but it’s taking hours to complete. Can you advise. And thanks for your information ;);)

  2. hi, is it possible to modify the photos during the process, because often the photos are not centred … so, sometime the heads are cutted and things like that… Thanks for the video.

  3. I tried to do it on the desktop following your instructions but when I pressed + there were no options for video and everything else won't let me create my own video like yours. What do I need to do for desktop? Please

  4. Brett, Can we create animated photo shows similar to the ones that apple creates in the "For You" folder in iphotos? I mean, this is not just the photo, but they are animated. The move from one side of the screen, or they come from smaller to bigger, they are combined two photos on the same screen, etc. Can Google photos do this?

  5. Does anyone know how to make Google photos automatically create videos more often? It only does it every few weeks for me. I take lots of photos and videos and it would be great if it made videos for me more often. No probs if not!

  6. Thanks for a great video! Two questions. First, is it possible to add titles or text to a movie created in Google Photos? If so, how? Second, I have seen something on other Google Photo tutorials about "themes". My Google Photos dashboard does show a themes option. Did that go away? Thanks.

  7. say I have a mix of photos and videos and I want to keep the original audio in the videos and need music only for the photos, how do we do that? Previously there was an option to keep original audio, but I see that is missing now. Any pointers?

  8. Hi Brett. Is there a limitation on the file size in Movie Maker? I have some photos of my daughter's wedding in my Note 8. I can import them in Power Director but Movie Maker tells me it doesn't support the files. They also load into iMovie okay on my iPhone SE.

  9. Hi Brett. I need to make a highlight sports video of my son for college. Any suggestions on how to label or keep track of all the footage I already have on Google Photos to use to make the videos? He's the soccer goalie so he plays every minute of every game and I have a lot of video but it's not always what college coaches have time to watch.

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