Drunk Rick Method Acting | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

Drunk Rick Method Acting | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

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Justin Roiland offer a rare glimpse of his craft and boozing skills.


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Drunk Rick Method Acting | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

the character of Rick is a very high-functioning alcoholic in episode 304 we need to see him get especially drunk so I encourage Justin – 2 method act first thing I told him was don't have tequila and then of course he had tequila and liquor just adds a whole new aspect to Justin I understand things got a little creative how many shots is the right amount of shots for drunk Rick this is my fourth shot I'm definitely probably gonna be in the pocket after this I'm gonna tell you where to stick it because you got it see that sounds too sober I don't believe it screaming demons is that just me my lips are chapped who's got chapstick here to explain is a little Bobo you Jesus Christ what happens when we die what happens when we all died you guys worry about that at night right forget it forget me I'm drunk I'm gonna need another shot to do this don't take it don't take wait oh you know I get extra boots get the out of here kid hopefully whoever we elect is the next present my ability to get a gun and kill my self let's let's I think let's get some wines I've got three things I have to do number one thing in my three list thing is oh my god I've been working on the shows in season 1 and this is by far the least productive and messiest record day we've ever had so uh thanks a lot Harmon oh can you hear it it's a tiny violin oh did you have to did you have to wrangle Justin for the performance of a lifetime

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