Diversity's Jordan and Perri Praise Jesy Nelson's Documentary and Discuss Online Trolls | Lorraine

Diversity's Jordan and Perri Praise Jesy Nelson's Documentary and Discuss Online Trolls | Lorraine

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Diversity are off on tour celebrating 10 years since they found fame on the Britain’s Got Talent stage, saying that as the years go on, the more dangerous and adventurous their performances have become. When asked about his ex Jesy Nelson’s new documentary on the vicious online abuse she’s received since appearing on The X Factor, Jordan praises her for being so open, having also experienced similar online attacks.
Broadcast on 12/09/2019

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Jordan empiric from diversity joining me now that was that your life flashing before you very energetic what's the ten years so you're sure that we're going to see obviously of course is going to be about dance that there's a lot so that's what it's spectacle isn't it yeah I mean I think when you say something like a tenure in the bursary tour people automatically their head go straight top greatest hits with bucks fees or something like that not quite not yet for us I feel like with this toy it was kind of a case of of course we want you to give a nod to everything that we've done and we've been lucky enough to can't have like all fans and stuff corner sounds so cliche but like 13 or 16 come in jump through fire while hold in the end people at the same time yeah yes it's quite daunting you know baby how you have grown I'm just that short of a bucket of sand because you're here is very much parent of you and we don't want anything to happen no exactly look Bob it's in the bun but you're still loving it both out he's the really enjoy what you do yeah often that's the best thing what every single day will if not dream with the people we love most and it's just it's crazy it's still be here it's really nice from the heart and of course know your dad's of course it's the two that once you've got a little doggie you dog is your child yes let's be honest let's be honest nd did they come along if they gotta think about the burger do they want to dance did because I can imagine children would adore watching this well the thing is cassia so my oldest one he's only one he's got this really come to watch our sir shark and he tries to copy everything we do so if I put my arms that he puts his arms out and he's got this new finger where the boys work you got a dance straightaway he drops on the floor it's not kind of breakdance and then the problem now is it's all good for them so they think is cute and funny when it's 4:00 in the morning I'm trying to get into sleep easy these grow bags still go in that's enough now that's obviously of course he's going to be in Tracy the nice it's all around them gymnastics today no person that's that's college so many people say okay they make no hit the hates that you have but just for young people because we're always saying you know they need something to do they need something to channel that energy into into think of it and and they do that you know they go and do dancing like the way you do I don't know I wouldn't say like to take credit for going all loads of people dance now but I'd like to think we've been part of you know opening the floodgates a little be especially street that's bringing it a bit more mainstream you know after-school clubs now you there seems to be more shows about it seems to be more of a platform for it and have you been a partner no it's been cast again it's tough and we may be talking all week and per Taylor because Jesse I knew you know you need you guys used to go over each other and she's done this documentary Jesse from Little Mix about how hard it is you know in the public eye it's hard for someone in Jesse's situation because where she's been so successful she's done so much people's initial reaction is to go what if you want to do that then you know you have to expect it and it's like that's not quite right it's not and people you know they get a phone and I get on a keyboard and it just imagine if you could just walk up to anyone in the street and say things that you say online like it's just weird is what it's made this disconnect and people said a that one if you get any of you like 100% I feel like I was really young when we won luckily we're a big group of friends and we've all got each other's backs yeah I feel like being on your own out there or you know not being as many of you can be really hard and to be honest you know we bust boys there's like you know there's ten of us in the group and if you read a comment that's not nice and you try and all bandar it off and below it's funny but like course it's not nicest even things become an outsider specially since becoming a dad I get worse than ever which is really weird like comments about oh you're not doing this for her you're not doing that more and this and that it's like me he's a kid those socks are the wrong material at least in love other day off it really is but it's great that you've got you have got each other and of course Jesse's got the girls from little me he's really really helped her but what I think is good if people like you know that you spatially talk about this and make people realize how damaging it can be absolutely all stock 46 because it's so mean but in a much happier note 10 long years and much much more to come much more to come and they same time I see where were you bring your little talk yesterday Oh 100% you

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