Disease comes to chimpanzees as nature conservation arrives in the jungle – BBC wildlife

Disease comes to chimpanzees as nature conservation arrives in the jungle - BBC wildlife

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In this extremely sad wild animal clip, some of the chimps have started to be ravaged by mange. Nature can mean trouble for monkeys, apes, gorillas and other primates in the jungle. From the BBC.

Fifi has her days but Fred he's now lost all his hair seems too weak even to eat the decision to intervene with wild animals is not straightforward but this is a particularly virulent form of mange and in a small isolated population such as Gumby its effects could be devastating we feel dread are really looking very very bad now some very sweet daughter grandson Fanny and fudge seem to be spending a lot of time with her and glad to see they don't show any signs yet of getting the disease at all another of 50 sons is also ill but right now he must look after himself Fifi needs all her strength to carry Fred he's now so weak that for much of the time he needs to be supported when she comes out into a clearing something very unusual happens a troop of baboons completely surround Fifi they clearly astonished at the sight of little Fred his appearance must be as alien to them as it is to us time passes slowly and gummy perhaps it's my imagination but there seems to be an air of despondency amongst the chimps we were keeping a close eye on Fred's progress he's just getting steady worse and sadly he's now died it's really hard to lose any of the chimps I think there's such a lot of visual characters when you really get to know them as friends we do you have to accept that infinite mortality is is very high in society fefe lays the body out for the other chance to see it's as if they're paying their respects it's difficult to imagine how chimpanzees view death but the mood is suddenly Samba for Fifi it must be especially hard she's still very ill but for the sake of our other infants she must pull through

46 thoughts on “Disease comes to chimpanzees as nature conservation arrives in the jungle – BBC wildlife”

  1. This lady seem happy when talking about suffering and death. She smiles and seems to enjoy the camera a lot. She discusses but seems to miss all the grief and feeling.

  2. Chimps are psychopaths. Plain ans simple. All thesw tree hugging morons that think so highly of them wouldn't go into the cage with them or go near wild ones because deep sown they know thesw beasts are natural born psychopathic killers.

  3. Regarding Fred the infant who died. These chimps are expected to lose children. They breed all the time. It's no loss that they feel. See if Fred was a pet he would be alive today. I support chimp ownership.

  4. This animals are really ugly and nasty, but with this skin illness they are even worse. That's what happen, the extintion is reaching them, in 15 years there won't be any more wild chimps, that's what Jane G. said.

  5. yea chimps are such good mothers, I'll bet if their more than 10 ft from their kid and there is a gun shot in the air they will run and leave their kid on it's own, even ones too young to run after mom. what about the mother daughter team stealing and eating infants from their own group, a good mother would fight to the death but didn't. they "feel bad for a week or so then just have another one. mothers who steal their daughter's babies and keep them until they starve to death.

  6. you all come at everyone else in the world..'OH SAVE THE CHIMPS" save the monkeys, send money, we can't help them live if you don't send money..Send people down to donate their time t help save them………and it goes on and on..SO NOW we know THE MONEY GOES INTO Everyone's pockets, and YOU SIT THERE AND LET THEM DIE!!! I hope people who are visiting this page DO NOT EVER donate anything to you or any other administration who have anything to do with wild animals. We now know what happens to it!! You heartless POOR EXCUSE for a human being! 

  7. They're watching them die. They could have treat them. Let nature takes its course is a bunch of bull but yet they're making money off of this video. Save the chimps by watching them die? For-shame…

  8. @touchingcloth heard of karma? What goes around comes around, you will suffer from retribution. The fact that u have these thoughts are sickening, for ur own good, find a psychiatrist.

  9. @ThePivotFighter That's only because of how humans have treated them and their environment for so many years! All great apes and other animals can say the same thing about humans destroying their homes and hunting them for pure sport. It's in their nature to stay "aggressive" just so that they can defend themselves.

  10. ''disease is a measure that nature takes to maintain the jungle ecosystem. We cannot interfere.''

    You're speaking of ''nature'' as it was some sort of god with a will. It's not and nature in the sense you're speaking about doesn't exist.

    We're just as much a part of it as the disease. Whatever we choose to do, it's nature, not an ''interfere'' with it.

  11. to brojulien and stubbleking: the missions of Save the Chimps and the naturalists taking part in this video are different. Save the Chimps seeks to save the lives of chimpanzees from research laboratories and the pet trade. This clip seeks to tell a story of another species in its natural state with minimal human interference. Through the chimpanzees, we see a face of human life. As the title implies, disease is a measure that nature takes to maintain the jungle ecosystem. We cannot interfere.

  12. they are there to study them. not to interfere with nature. if they start interfere with chimps lives it's causing them more harm at the end. u do understand this right?

  13. No it doesn't. The chimps don't have the same immune system as humans. Most likely that whole group will die off, and since chimps don't naturally travel very far, they probably won't spread it to other groups of chimps.
    Secondly, why would chimps need to fight off more disease? They've been doing nicely on their own for the past 200,000 years.

  14. In the early 1980's there was a National Geographic special on primate researchers who spent 3 years literaly living with orangutans in Borneo. 10 years later they went back and found the orangutans suffering from the following diseases: yaws, leprosy, tuberculosis, dermititis, alopecia, and a textbook's worth of other illnesses.

    Where did they get them from?


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