DEBUNKED: 6 Criticisms Of 'The Game Changers' Documentary

DEBUNKED: 6 Criticisms Of 'The Game Changers' Documentary

Klaus from Plant Based News sat down with James Wilkes, producer of ‘The Game Changers’ film soon to be on netflix:

See part 1 of the interview here:

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what's going on YouTube Klaus if and Plan B see so in this video we go through six criticisms of the game changes which has just come out and had a fantastic reception but we'll see in this video that some of the sub ketone meat-based advocates don't like it and we're going to talk to James Wilks the producer of the documentary about some of the criticism starting with men's health who did a piece a couple of weeks ago I hope you enjoy the Men's Health article started off saying that the whole film was built around the study about the Roman gladiators which I came across and so therefore said that basically it was said they said it wasn't a study they said it wasn't peer reviewed there was no control group and it wasn't published in a peer-reviewed medical journal well first of all there was a control group it was a study and it was published the research was published in two peer-reviewed scientific medical journals and then second of all the whole film isn't based on the findings of the gladiators that was just really an inciting incident and we start looking into other research but the men's health arthur who goes on is extremely biased and if you look at the author of the article first of all he sells two books heavily promoting a meat-based diet then he interviews two experts you know one of which had pretty poor credentials the other one is funded by the meat industry it's actually paid as a paid spokesperson by the beef checkoff program so you've got to dig in and see what are the motives of the people also sells a book you know promoting a meat-based diet so you've got to go look at where the funding is coming from and who's influencing these articles since then dr. James Loomis the former team physician for the sin Louis Cardinals and st. Louis Rams who is featured in the film came out and wrote a rebuttal men's health sort of had to tuck their tail between their legs and make some edits to their article that he changed they have edited the article but not really you know they've made a couple of changes but it was pretty weak in it no more the second kind of criticism of the film from a few people's being that athlete some of the athletes in the film then actually build their muscle and their physiques from vegan food like one of that the quakes for somebody was on force nigga will never be mr. Olympia of potatoes lentils and tofu do you give any credibility to these kind of criticisms you know to me it feels like it makes sense when you think about it it really doesn't so all protein originates in plants and animals are just the middlemen so where did that protein come originally that's the macro notion that people are worried about all the animals that you're eating they got their protein from the plant so I just don't really don't see a good argument for it you know I you think you have to eat animal foods to get the protein but when you start reading this realizing this middleman concept and the fact that all that protein does originate and you want to get it from the source right because the animals are doing your disservice they're robbing the food of fiber and phytonutrients they're concentrating the toxic heavy metals and the pesticides and they're adding in inflammatory mediators which are not good at for aesthetic performance and they're not good for health the next criticism was misleading use of information I think you've covered some of this but it's one of the criticisms was there are no qualified and experienced registered dietitians in the film yeah I mean I guess you know that is a concern we've got to remember that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics which gives the qualification for the registered dietitian is funded by industry as well so if you look at the bottom of the handout in the educational materials for registered generation for registered dietitians during their degree you know when it says that should have three servings of dairy a day at the bottom of the handout it says this handout sponsored by the National Dairy Council so you've got to really look at you know where the funding is coming from again we're being misled and it's not just the general public it's also the registered dietitians as well but when you look at the people that we've got in the film I mean you can get one doctor or one dietician to say anything you want so we went to the world's leading nutrition researchers and anthropologists so you know we had dr. Walter Willett who was the chair of nutrition at Harvard at the time there was published nutrition rhesus in the world dr. Rick dr. Richard Wrangham who's the chair of anthropology at Harvard I see dr. Aaron Spitz who's the lead delegate of urology for the entire American Medical Association dr. Robert Vogel who's the co-chair of the cardiovascular committee for the NFL dr. Kim Williams who is the president of the American College of Cardiology so not only did we take the preponderance of evidence for the science or anything that we quoted in the science was based on the preponderance of evidence but we also interviewed the world's leading researchers so it's you know you can try and pick you know pick apart anything how did he be back because you obviously wanted to make evidence-based factual and entertaining entertainment was a big part of it right if you want to draw people in and show people the amazing stories its how difficult was it to choose which doctors to put in when there's such a finite amount of time yeah it's tricky right because there's some really good doctors in the plant-based space you know like dr. Esselstyn dr. Campbell but those sort of people have been seen a lot and they're also very well known and therefore in the plant-based movement yeah so they're perceived as being entrenched in that kind of mindset right so the general public that are plant-based might go well well you have that bias because they're you know that's their point of view so we just thought we'd go to you know unbox you know not that they're biased at all anyway but people might think that so we just went to literally defined the world's best you know go to Harvard go to the chair of nutrition at Harvard go to the chair of anthropology Harvard and ask them their opinions you know and its consensus you know we're built to eat plants and it's better for us and you know dr. Walter Willett again the chair of nutrition at Harvard at the time when we filmed said you know when you look at dairy consumption and prostate cancer that there is a pretty clear causal link so to have someone one of the greatest nutrition researchers on the planet say there's not just a strong correlation but there's a causal link between those two is really incredible I mean he couldn't be saying those things if there wasn't sufficient data he'd be putting his job on the line I think what you said refutes the fourth point I've got which is a criticism which is to agenda like for example a quote from somebody online is there's fear mongering around fat and it's clear plant-based agenda well I don't know whether dick the point about the fear-mongering iske fat because we're certainly not anti fat I'm not anti fat it's not people focus too much on the macronutrient ratios high fat low fat high carb low carb high protein low protein but the reality is it's the quality of the protein that's more important so Harvard did a meta-analysis last year on low fat low carb diets and what they noticed is if you took carbohydrates and you replace those in the diet with fats from animal sources your increase of risk of death went up by 18 percent but if you took those carbohydrates out of your diet and replace them with protein and fat from plant-based sources your risk of death went down by 80 percent from baseline so it's not about high fat low fat high carb low carb it's about the quality of those nutrients so the fifth kind of main criticism from people that watch the film the naysayers and the the keto the meat based kind of people the shot jokes that want to eat in the film one of the things they've talked about it's kind of general conspiracy theories like to give it quite one person said it's full of mostly former athletes that probably just want a paycheck thus being plant-based or in the documentary that you've made result in them getting more money with these people paid like Arnold Schwarzenegger was he paid to be in it no I mean first of all none of the people that were in the film were paid to be in the film second of all you know James Cameron Arnold Schwarzenegger Jackie Chan Lewis Hamilton chris paul novak djokovic don't make a penny from being in the film even if a film made lots of money those executive producers are not making a dime they did it because they believed in the project and they believed in plant-based even sure I guess some of the people even funding it probably doing it because they would anything back but just because they believe in the mission very a fully social return not the financial return right and so the six main point of criticism was there's a lack of female representation which I think is a fair point I hope that you probably got a response to that yeah there's definitely a lot more males in the film there are females there are some really powerful females in the film dr. Bausch the a time USA national cycling champion and Olympic medalist Morgan Mitchell who's the 400-meter Australian champion and Olympian as well and there's also some really powerful females that we filmed that unfortunately didn't make the cut so like tier Blanco the two-time world surfing champion or Cara Lang the youngest person ever to score a goal in Olympic soccer for Canada so and there's others as well that we filmed just unfortunately didn't make the cut the reason that there was more man is because one of the underlying miss probably the underlying myth under all of this sure we've got that you know the myth that you need meat for protein and there's not enough protein and plants that myth but underlying that I think there's this real men eat meat myth and that's evident by the fact that eight out of ten vegetarians vegans plant-based eaters are female you know fast food menus are driven by young men young men eat twice as much meat as women so there's a lot of play here as to why there's a lot more male focus

25 thoughts on “DEBUNKED: 6 Criticisms Of 'The Game Changers' Documentary”

  1. Enjoyed the documentary and in true Tim Ferriss fashion, started on a vegan/plant based diet since watching the Game Changers a couple weeks ago. Recovery time after workouts has dropped SIGNIFICANTLY. Still building mass from workouts and am not tired during the day. So far, so good.

  2. In response to the one suggestion that Arnold wouldn't have become a multi time Mr. O if he had been a vegetarian. I have no evidence of what is going on now in the Mr. O comps but I submit that Arnold, or any athlete who has won since Arnold's days would not have won without steroids. He admits to their use and many others have as well. So the point isn't meat vs. veg… it's drugs vs. no drugs. As one who has had primarily a plant based diet, I can say without hesitation, veg is definitely the way to feel better and rid your body of a host of diseases..

  3. It sounds like we need more non bias research. It seems like both sides like to discredit each other's findings based on who funded the research. They then assume that they cherry-picked the data and only published what was beneficial for their cause.
    I'm not going to exclude Harvard University form not having an agenda.

  4. Really want to see documentary soon… Of course there's negative feedback. People are getting healthy and living longer. This way of eating was supposed to be for the super rich elite so they can live as close to immortality as possible. They're PISSED about this being used by "us" (the poor slaves they've made their $ off the backs of) so of course they're gonna shut it down ANY way they can… Or try anyway… Super sick world we live in…

  5. By far the greatest joke is this "middleman" argument. Does anyone really believe this? Cows have a completely different metabolism, they have a different anatomy (guts). They eat tons of grass. And they are producing proteins with an amino acid profile that is much closer to the one we have.

  6. While recently on vacation, I read Michael Greger's "How not to diet" and then watched The Game Changers….I am fully willing to openly admit that I was straight-up TERRIFIED into becoming vegan (now on day 5 in fact). I think these people feel that the 'ends justifies the means' and the information is substantially misleading and little short of either scare tactics or just people trying to find their way, by controversy, into the spot light.

    In doing research, I've now met SEVERAL people who used to be vegan or vegetarian (ranging from 6 months to 7 years) and the long term results weren't favorable; there are plenty of vegans turned back to eating meat and it wasn't because they craved a good BBQ; they had trouble maintaining their physique, performance of had health-related issues.

    I think the honest take-away is that we need to eat LESS animals products and we need to eat these products from sustainable sources that are not fed grains or injected with hormones and antibiotics. More overly, we need to get the F away from refined carbs and refined fats (sugar, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, trans fat, etc). It's almost more important what we don't eat then what we do eat….but either way, the public does NOT appreciate over-hyped and inaccurate science-hyped scare tactics!

  7. I eat mostly veggie, with some beef. Have been looking a vegan for a while due to a cardiac issue. The one criticism I have heard which makes sense is the digestive tract. While comparing a true herbivore vs a true carnivore shows more than just the length of the intestines. Stomach(s), teeth and pH get into it as well. The case is made while we are not carnivores, we are omnivores. We have low pH stomachs and moderately long digestive tracts.

    How do The Games Changers respond to that criticism?

    My bias is we need to almost become vegans, but not give up meat totally. Another thread has pointed out the "vegan" Okanawian diet. In researching this they are "mostly" vegan, but still consume animal products. So while the research is there for almost any choice you need to do the "testing" yourself.

  8. Great interview! Being a vegetarian for a month now and loving it
    And on sports it really has helped a lot, more consistent and performing for a longer period of time without getting tired.

  9. Sorry… You didn’t debunk anything. Your criticism of the Men’s Health article was the same criticism he had of your so called…studies. Keep searching for answers, that’s great, I’m all for it. So before everybody gets offended, just chill. It’s ok.

  10. The Game Changers was an awesome documentary and was what started me on my own Vegan journey. That was two months ago. I have never felt better in my life. Also have not had this much joy in cooking for years. A heartfelt 'Thank You' to James Wilkes for this amazing documentary.

  11. I'm a meat eater but this film tells the truth. I admire those who have gotten away from eating meat. This is an excellent interview. I am trying to get away from meat but it is not easy so I understand why there are those fighting this. Wilkes – not just a great job but also an important film for all mankind – thx

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