Cleopatra's Lost Tomb – Full History Documentary (Ancient Egypt)

Cleopatra's Lost Tomb - Full History Documentary (Ancient Egypt)

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Amateur archaeological sleuth Kathleen Martinez’s quest to find Cleopatra’s tomb took her to a temple complex known as Taposiris Magna, which is located 25 miles west of Alexandria, Egypt. Could it be the site of Cleopatra’s lost tomb?

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27 thoughts on “Cleopatra's Lost Tomb – Full History Documentary (Ancient Egypt)”

  1. Great documentary, and possibly the first of a most historical discovery of our time. Very well done keeping the human side in view with Kathleen as the focal point. I hope they don't try to cut her out of being given the credit for this discovery, because she is not an accredited archaeologist. Thank you for posting and sharing it ! Peace !

  2. anyone can find amazing things like this if you go past your limits no one can stop you
    we need more people like her to find the hidden truth that the modern world does not want us to know do to hidden propaganda in there up side down religions and force feed bullshit in our schools

  3. Great video, but I have to make a correction. Cleopatra used both bronze AND silver coins, since she minted plenty of tetradrachms, including even ones with Mark Antony in a dual Hellenistic Greek and Latin Roman fashion. However, she didn't mint any gold coins like her distant ancestors because the Ptolemaic economy wasn't as strong as it used to be. There were financial troubles even during her father's reign, Ptolemy XII Auletes, so she debased the currency.

  4. Couldn't the Romans have taken her body back to Rome? They always had the parades of triumph, and she killed herself to avoid being displayed in chains, but couldn't they have taken her body? Did they take Marc Antony back? Or would they have burned them? I wonder if she even had a tomb…

  5. I liked this video….however, if Cleopatra committed suicide, and Egypt was under Octavian's control, who is to say that Cleopatra was even put inside a tomb…??  I mean, Octavian wanted to display Cleopatra thru the streets of Rome right?  Well, then he could have been mad enough to do something else with her body.  Just a thought.  Who is to say really where Marc Antony and Cleopatra are buried.  Maybe thrown into the ocean…or in the Nile….why would he let her have a grand tomb?

  6. People should know that Cleopatra wasn't good looking woman in reality,because she was actually ugly woman…If someone is saying "beautiful" Cleopatra,then this is just myth from movies and books…This info is from one of really good documentary where archeologists were studying her portrait from many coins from that time.
    You could see by yourself at 45:26

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