Circlemakers pt6 of 18 (3hour!) documentary

Circlemakers pt6 of 18 (3hour!)  documentary

Circlemaking in the UK has been going on for many years. Hear from Circlemakers why they make circles and why some of them believe circles attract strange effects and stranger people.

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anomaly appeared on Shirley after that time I started making circles and that very day when I went out and took that photograph was a kind of weird conversion for me because it was also the first day when I really twig that circles probably will made by people but at the same time I experienced something which was seemed genuinely and still seems genuinely anomalous and that's really set the tone for for my circle making activities since then and which was in 1991 since that time I've had probably half a dozen sightings some of them have been photographic mostly have not been mostly they've been whilst I've been constructing a circle and as a consequence of that have been witnessed by a numbers of people including on two occasions journalists and these are mainly flashes of like a board of light and a column of light as well recently that we were witnessed and they've inspired me to go on and other things as well so I've also made another series of artworks based on those experiences absolutely bizarre coincidences hand all of the time I can remember early my early circle making days in the early 90s when I made a formation and overnight another another circle was added to it which was actually on the diagram that I had with me but we decided not to put that circle on the formation I came back the next morning and the circle was there I didn't know what to make of that a time and I guess I still don't really well it's clearly not a new art form because dock bar has been making circles for 20 years and in my opinion actually he has done something absolutely remarkable and and kind of deserves the credit which I'm sure will never get for it unfortunately but in addition to that I think that there is a tradition in the paranormal of intervention creative intervention by individuals that probably stretches back for centuries I think you can see that in many many different forms from UFO photo us too perhaps going right back even to the Turin Shroud to seances and spiritualists in the 19th century there is a tradition of some form of sort of creative intervention which merges on deception sometimes and crop circles are just another manifestation of the same thing I think making a formation yeah can be very very exciting I suppose I mean certainly you do get you get a kind of adrenaline hit from it but the adrenaline haze is is I think due to being an extra it very very extreme situation which also is quite alien in many ways you're either pupils dilate massively so your whole experience visual experience and your senses your visual senses are a completely thrown it's so much like seeing in kind of infrared or negative or something it's impossible to judge distances shadows appear well it shouldn't be things move on the corner of your eyes what color your eyes play all kinds of tricks with you and then at the same time you've got this technical challenge of putting something in a field and an incredibly short amount of time that is really pushing what's humanly possible to do added to which you're trying your damnedest not not to be caught in any way so yeah it can be it can be pretty exciting pretty hairy I've no idea actually what crop circles are for I make them because I'm an artist and that I see them functioning as art pieces in a very public way I think other people think that they may be other things and for other things so beyond that already say well there's a number of things and designer of the circle that are interesting and I think characterized formations or the recent formations anyway over the last few years that they contain often we design them so they contain very specific geometric relationships which are usually related to the division of a circle by two three four five or six parts and as a result of that the geometric ratios they contain develop into geometric patterns from those basic divisions another thing as well about the des sciences but they often we often try and make them so that they somehow resonate with images that are found a nature or images that are found at least in notions about nature so I mean that would include things like spirals or other geometric shapes that you might find in a natural setting yeah i mean the sources for some of the designs for circles the nature itself many of the circles of the last few years nature on sometimes on a micro microscopic level both on a map on a macro level as well i provided the inspiration for the symbolism of the circles as well as various geometric relationships that are embodied in those natural symbols we started crop circles that's a mile upon and i pretty much when the season was drawing to a close and I remember being the milk Hill masterpiece a wonderful Frank to all I met Colin Andrews and staff had a chat and though it is absolutely knowing with certainty then they will do as a man-made phenomenon by and large but when I discovered with certainty it was a man-made phenomenon then the next step was to go and make them and it seemed the most appropriate thing to do I think we just had a big stick at the time just a big pole and we just put down also week when we just put down nice big circle I say it was big for a step but it's only about 80 for the class and the next night we came to the field and we just um put circles everywhere everyone filled all over the place will probably put a while so everywhere we probably for about 24 circles all in all in that field juice circles were rings and just little things in grapeshot and stuff like that and we came back and and that was our first experience really of making crop circles if you ask us what for what reason work did we go into the field to make crop circles and to be entirely honest I think an issue because it's a bit of a buzz right now people might think this this guy is a sad guy why would he go into feel late at night to make cross vehicle for a buzz but I think we wanted to see whether we could make them and where people would see them as the authentic article and and then we felt over time that quite possibly something else was involved and what that something else is we don't really know but whatever there's something there's there seems to be some kind of intelligent response to what we're doing in some intelligent interaction and that's what has really interested in and probably it is taking it to a point now that if we were to make crop circles again which we don't ever get the or not it would it would mean that we'll be doing it for one because you want to make better crop circles bigger crop circles more elaborate and to because we think there's something something else is happening and I think it's something so even the manmade formations they seem to carry something with them sometimes not always but sometimes there's something spiritual I think I'm happening there when i was 16 i remember very clearly very clearly it's indelibly printed on my mind we were staying at my aunt I'm olives in reading and I was there with my various cousins and and this was late at night we're in bed I remember very clearly we had this most incredible experiences side to a car and they were we had balls of light spheres of light orbs of light not beams of light from the tour but orbs of light very clearly orbs of light coming up to the bedroom window illuminating the whole bedroom and then appearing to go over the roof of the house now avatar marking molly was subset that she went outside to get her cat in because he was afraid for the safety of her cat and I remember one of my cousin's was really really excited he was jumping up and down making all this noise and going up and down the stairs and I got to a point where we just couldn't sleep and the kids were playing up and while he threatened mounting Molly threatened if he carried on I'd be hell to pay when his dad came back so I remember all that very clearly and also remember the next morning at breakfast Marty had phoned the Ministry of Defense to find out if anything peculiar been happening that night over that way so all these incidences when Della being printed on my mind yet when I asked my Molly my auntie about their

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  1. Circles are usually designed with humans who will view them in mind. Teams such as mine want to interact with the playful spiritual forces will play with ideas that speak to whatever is out there or up there. We dont know if we are talking in the right language, we just feel that what comes naturally even the mistakesthat are made are probably there for a reason and the changes you make to hide mistakes may be important to the finished design.

  2. i know a little about math, but subconciously we can all know more than we think we know. Read about the story of the cleaning lady who cleaned lecture rooms of a university and whilst after class talk was going on by language professors to students she cleaned. Next thing you know she found she could speak another language fluently but she didnt know how she got that knowledge. Subconcious is a perful thing. Plant changes = bullshit. Electromagnetics = people who dont know how equipment works.

  3. I've never known any artist who was so proficient in the understanding of Euclidean geometry and advanced mathematical theorems. With all his testimony about how visibility is compromised, and how you lose your place and you can't see anything, how do these achieve some of the really huge complicated formations? Also, how do humans change the actually plant structures found in authentic circles along with the electromagnetic anomalies.

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