Circlemakers pt2 of 18 (3 hour) documentary

Circlemakers pt2 of  18 (3 hour)  documentary

Circlemaking in the UK has been going on for many years. Hear from Circlemakers why they make circles and why some of them believe circles attract strange effects and stranger people.

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it's a marks on them when they're photographing crop circles they tried to consume to marry the two together so quite honestly I think it's all all imagination and it's just to make things that it sound a little bit more important than they are there was one stranger happening one night when we were doing a pictogram on top of telegraph hill and dave was over one side of the pattern doing his little bit and I was doing mine and suddenly I was knocked unconscious and only for a short time of course something hit me on the head and I immediately thought that the farmer or the farm workers were approaching us and they thrown a stone at me or something but anyway the next thing I knew David was kneeling over me and he's saying what's the matter you know what what's the trouble and i said i don't really know i said something hit me on the head he said well there's nobody about but then i started feeling what I thought was blood running all down the back of my neck and all my hair was full of blood but of course we didn't know that it was blood because we had no torch we couldn't use torches of course otherwise we'd be seen and dave says I think we better get back to the cars and no we must finish the patterns we can't leave in half finished but anyway I came to quite well after a bit and we had about three quarters of a mile journey back to the car and I said well we can't see what it is I said until we get back to the car park and switch the headlights on and anyway when we got back to the car and switch the lights on my god he says what a mess your heads in I was covered in green like green slime and plenty of other things that intermixed with it and I said well we'll get off home now but of course when I reached home I open the door and I had to call him a wife and I said don't be alarmed when when you see me I said but I've got some nasty stuff I said all over my head and anyway she had to look at it and my god it was really terrible but what what had happened it was a chunk of ice it's fallen from an aircraft that was going over and how on earth the millions of chances to one of her hitting me on the head I don't know but as it was a warm evening by the time it hit me it was just a soft piece of sludge but it was just enough to knock me out for for a minute or two and and of course the air people from Heathrow completely deny any anything falling from aircraft but as you know that there's plenty of reports since of lumps of ice falling through people's roofs and into their living rooms but thank God it was only just a small soft piece that hit me that night and it was of course the chemical toilet way yes it was yes yes well although I'm an artist myself it's a totally different art to what we created in the fields as I say the fact that it was circular to start with and and UFOs were circular that was the whole idea behind it and it's which what's come of it as the years have gone by but the recognition that we've had I suppose we left their mark and sadly my friend dave chorley has passed away now he's creating circles up in the sky we should talk to each other when we're doing was it but all it is is flattened corn if you walk in you flattened it the only difference was the shapes we love the shapes because of its artistic value but I mean what these people have made of it was there a business I mean it's just become a big big laugh as the years go by but I'm still here I'm not creating circles any anymore unretired now haha and you can believe that or not but as an artist I create watercolors and oil paintings and also in the fields it's the largest canvas that we've ever we've ever had and as I say it pleases me to think that it's given pleasure to a lot of people well I was hoping to be knighted one day by by the Queen but I can't really see that happening because I suppose the National Farmers Union will create a bit of a fuss then but never mind sir Doug he'll carry on as long as he can and taking an interest in what other people are doing well time and time again I've told people how these lots of people say how on earth could these two men create circles all around the world well the answer to that is very simple because I've said it no end of times but no one seems to take any notice of what I say not that they want to anyway but let's take for instance if we did a Sorak all up on dirty head new Winchester of an evening we will go up the next evening to have a look at their handiwork and there will be anything up to fifty to a hundred people up there viewing it which pleased us no end and of course we would then rub shoulders with them and they would be from all different parts of the world on holiday there would be people from Canada America Germany France and we used to get into conversation with these people and they used to say to us when we get home from holiday we're going to do a circle or two and there you are they've gone back to America they gone back to Canada Germany likewise Japan and they're they're turning around just the same as we did and there you have the circles in all parts of the world not from Doug and Dave but from the people that came over here on holiday viewing the circles that we made and then they're having a go themselves you're still doing it today only yes when we used to go out to view what we've done the night before as I say the only people that we we knew were researching this was battleguard Oh Colin Andrews busty Taylor who was flying over and Richard Andrews and we used to get into conversation with these and I mean they they must know even to this day that we were frequenting up there and talking to them all the time and I always remember one one of wednesday afternoon at longstock I took my wife up to longstock to have a look at the circle that we made previous and I met Colin Andrews up there and he said there was some connection between a bit of a rubbish dump there in the circle that was Aidan field and he gave me his business card and he said if you hear of any circles round about he said perhaps you could let me know I said yes I will because I travel around quite a bit because I'm a a wildlife sound recordist and of course Dave and I used to do a circle one evening and then ring him up the next morning and said I'll Colin there's a circle at such and such and use of cell thanks very much thanks for the information which which made it all the fun well this is a little bit of a mystery attached to this although we've had a lot of fun out of making the circles over the years when when we started reading reports that some of our designs and patterns that we were creating had a connection with the Hopis Indians in America Mongolia aborigine tribes cave paintings etc and what mystifies me most of all is where is the connection of this why is it that I could sit down and in half an hour create a pattern on a piece of paper it was just as if my hand was being forced round with the pen to do this pattern I don't know where it came from but then then you read afterwards in just newspapers and magazines that it seems that there's a connection between what I drew their evening and what we were going to create in the fields that the with them with the Hopis Indians and Aborigine people and it seems to me that it could be a connection between languages but that mystifies me very much because it makes me feel as if that there is something unknown to us that we know with no knowledge of at all we're looking back at it all now after all these years I come to the conclusion that it'll never

18 thoughts on “Circlemakers pt2 of 18 (3 hour) documentary”

  1. Why is this 3 hours and these guys are from the 90s. Why are there no other circlemakers other than these two centenarian townie drunks. I would love for someone, not of feeble age, to debunk the last 10 years of cropcircles. Oh, that's right a bunch of kids from MIT tried they came fairly close but it was still a shitty circle. I imagine a steadfast belief system that is questioned and falters becomes flimsy. Flimsy enough to grasp at any old straws even questionable old ones from the 90s.

  2. I hate these people from the bottom of my heart. All those hoaxers, pretenders and illusionists.
    There will be a day, when a man comes riding backwards on a donkey. His body will be stocky and strong. His right eye will be blind, looking like a protruding grape. On his forehead will be a mark showing arabic letters, which form a word that can only be read by the believers, it says "kafir" (disbeliever).

  3. He then will claim to be God. As the people don't believe him, he cuts a man's body into half with a sword, but brings him back to live (by permission of Allah/God). He will be killed by Jesus (son of Mary), who will descend in Damascus, kill the pig and break the cross (guess you know why).
    I probably went to far, but still those circlemakers might be the neighbours of Ad-Dajjal (the one I was talking about) in hell for "making believe" in falsehood.

  4. The man said that he was hit by an iceberg, that felt from an aircraft carrier, which melted and turned to green slime. Sounds suspect to me. Not sure what the story has to do with the entire story. Also, he states that crop circle admirers who see what he's created go back to their own country and create. That's how he explains all others? Im not convinced. This documentary is not pulling me in. 3 hrs long?

  5. So say you, and who are you? What do you know. The code encoded into the Alien Face was ASCII computer code and I was programming computers and getting my progs published in magazines at age 13. Self taught. So what do I know about maths and code… hmmm, perhaps a lot more than you. Don't underestimate what circlemakers know, they are not retards, like some of the people who keep on ribbing here with their pointless comments like "no proof". If I gave you proof you would still say the same!

  6. Righto mate that proves 100% youve never tried it then. Do you know how to fly aircraft without any lessons too? My point is that your speaking to a circlemaker here, I have done this so many times and your comment reeks of ignorance of what you can indeed do and get away with. Dogs do bark sometimes off in the distance. Most of these fields are VERY remote, no farms next to them.Many such as bitmap and 3d styles have been demo'd for TV and newspapers etc.

  7. Hmmm, well maybe you need to see the circle created in similar style to that with the face of the CEO of Orange mobile phone… and the faces of "Ann and Nick" daytime TV presenters also done in this same style. The artists actually appeared on tv being shown making those circles. Now I wonder, hmmm, I just wonder if those two circles were made by the same people who made the Alien Face. Naaaaah, as you say, no HUMANS could ever ever ever make the alien face! Hahaha. Yeah like, later! Doh.

  8. Really, nice one scumbag. Thats why we make circles because of ignorant idiots like you. You dont own the land. Shoot us, see what retards your family are branded as and go to jail for 10 years. Yeah real smart.

  9. he is an old fart,does he sound like someone who can make technically intricate designs? that story of the ice hitting him on the head,lol! he said he was lucky it was small and it was soft! soft ice! ha ha,it dropped from 20,000 feet and just cut his head!

  10. It's about time that croppies acknowledged their debt to the likes of Doug and Dave. It's they, and not 'Devas' Angels, Aliens or Gaia, who created the 'transcendental art' that's created such a cult following. What a lesson for the half arsed mystics of the New Age. Look within, there is no God but man…

  11. Yes they were goaded by newspaper to say "all"… he agrees they werent doing them all. But newspapers do coaxz you to say things like that. I wouldnt exaggerate and lost newspaper deals because of it. However hes the real deal.

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