Circlemakers pt12 of 18 (3Hour!) documentary

Circlemakers pt12 of  18 (3Hour!) documentary

Circlemaking in the UK has been going on for many years. Hear from Circlemakers why they make circles and why some of them believe circles attract strange effects and stranger people.

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good sign and you're going to get more bars than you will from visiting Teddy cuz it it's kind of understand that people built them industry is kind of impolite the unisys I mean I'm not complete kind of Philistine when it comes to understanding crops a lot of people say you're a negative person but if you're making something that turns out to be positive how is that yeah people say that because they suits them to say that a lot of people will say what what what suits that you know and because I I I am I am i embody a threat to them because they're trying to place their own meaning and their own value on something and it will try to be important you know you'll note it's a lot of people in this industry a lot that people in this part we're all trying to be talked about how important they are you know but I'm just proving each other yeah and esprit arguing mostly certain rubbish no I mean it's still going to get a sense of it well you're asking you're asking some sort of leading questions I mean there is who you are I'm just interested I don't need to be one way or the other I'm interested in questions because because the way you ask them mean something when you say to me why is it that you felt the need I mean you're assuming that I did feel the need well that's not true I didn't I didn't what it was not true white white one but it's not true because I didn't feel it what it may be you have a bailey interesting question yeah a fairly public voice yes but look 30 minutes but my my publicness isn't down to me it's down to what other people have imposed upon me because I don't have any electrical insulator I don't know many are two thousand fourteen times I don't have you asked that well I am I have an article in one of those publications your opinions are why do you feel the need to publish those and it's not to me whether they published someone I never write blowing up I don't write and send a me thing people ask me to write things they did yes restate territory okay I mean I mean somebody somebody's just asked me to write the potted history of crop circles blah blah blah for the for a well-known newsstand magazine now you ask me why they ask me I don't know why do they ask me the best story let me think well it was a great one about I don't know the the shootout at the ok wagon and horses I mean it was when it was all this sort of photography about other people I think I think the best one was when the police came round to my house demanding to know information about circle making and Jim and I were about to publish a story in The Independent magazine about circle makers and we kind of felt that we knew who was this is years and years ago we felt that we we knew who was kind of doing these jobs and that lets slip and the police came round and I had to explain to the police that it was really a it really needs to be sorted out journalistically rather than legally you know no police problem it was a journalistic it required some understanding of how some young people were desperately trying to communicate with aliens and that there was not really anything or any kind of rule of law about that and there's nothing that they should be troubled with that was it that was a good one and I found up pusey police station and they said I don't want to get into a philosophical argument about this mr. Irving so that was that my own first experience of you know going into crop circles will purely round the time the BBC were filming in west be on the west be white horse doing the study on some of the crop circles and it just so happened that night but I was leaving my house to go into the back garden and hang some washing-up and as I did I saw what I can only explain as triangular craft in the sky with free lights on each tip and so more sort of deep red light in the middle and I was quite shocked was started by this and run back in to grab my mum Pharaoh to have a witness of it and women came out but she didn't catch it was too late fer de su and I found myself some lion 21 them and saying I need to fill up my car with fuel for work tomorrow knowing that the only 24-hour Garage was about sort of 89 miles away towards West beware to BBC were filming and towards the same direction this craft was going so I am some left to more or less pursue why I'd seen and ended up going up on top of the white horse and poaching so the area where the BBC were and it was then i made some acquaintances with a lot of people from some of the crop circle background Colin Andrews Pat Delgado and some of my good friends today and sort of happened the next day down in the field so about half a mile away to the left was this large circle with three circles around it very similar fashion to the look of the craft and beside to this craft an end of night that the actual circle appeared for only BBC cameras didn't catch it apparent was very sort of strange night because we all seem to be knocked out we all seem to want to just all go to sleep at that point of the night we'll just felt compelled to sleep and await them that's more and find the circle there and I just find it very strange because we all kind of questioned each other the next day you know when did we go to sleep and it's almost like we can all remember when we went to sleep and usually you know at least one person will double recollection Fe night oh yeah we decided to go sleep at this time or something I love about me yeah so it all came about when me in the navab crop circle infuse yes we were looking out that the crop circles appearing at the time decided upon making an effort to make a circle firstly to see the difference between what we were seeing out there in the fields what we thought was to be genuine and what a human could do and what sort of damage it would cause to the crop compared to some of the ones we'd seen and also federal reasons to do with some supernatural events whether there was an assault form of contact of anything that was there or whether any energy would you know sort of assimilate around us as we were doing the circle so we wanted really as test purposes to go out and see our own personal reasons whatever that would make it and so we sort of set about looking at some designs what sort of designed to make it was unless complicated in our mind we don't want to go too complex I will make two bigger circle because we were purely just on the basis of Rhys seen the difference between the two the first circles words are McGrath sort of circle over near warminster and it was partly just to provoke interest through the military because it was right next to military base and to just watch over it for a while and see whether day were taking an interest because to us if they took and in a chest and there must be something going on within a military group that was taken it seriously there seem to be quite buzzed around it especially as it was just in plain sort of long grass which was of what they would feed the cattle on really they would just come and mow it down so you know on that account you would expect there to be much of a fuss as in towards damage because you know it could easily all still be collected and used for that same purpose and so we did see sort of military coming down taking a look taken a few photographs so that was quite interested in that respect and then we moved on to some a rape seed oil field no but the crop was very brittle and that one was more on the purpose of similar any energies would serve a human

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