Change your state in 60 seconds – Holotropic Breathing Style – Wim Hof Breathing Technique Inspired

Change your state in 60 seconds - Holotropic Breathing Style - Wim Hof Breathing Technique Inspired

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About this video:

This video is designed to help you change your state with less than 60 seconds of breathing.

This is a taste of Holotropic breathing at a pace and rhythm that’s designed to alter how you feel and oxygenize your body.

A powerful, cleansing breathing technique, perfect if you want to feel more energy. Also, a great practice if you feel grumpy or angry.

Make sure you are sitting or lying down before you begin!

Safety Information:
– Don’t take the method and techniques too lightly, they go deep and the effects can have a huge impact.
– Don’t do the breathing exercises in a swimming pool, before going underwater, beneath the shower or piloting any vehicle, without proper supervision. Always practice in a safe environment.
– Keep in mind to do the exercises without forcing them, gradually build up and don’t exceed your limits.
– Do not practice the method during pregnancy, or if you are epileptic.
– Consult a registered doctor (GP) before starting any new health regimes such as this.

welcome to take deep breath today's exercise is designed to create a massive change in your physiology in just 60 seconds this is an incredibly powerful breathing exercise to make sure that you are lying or sitting somewhere safe and comfortable make sure that you are deep breathing into the belly for this exercise at the end you're likely to feel some tingling or some lightheadedness that's perfectly normal just make sure that you stay lying down for at least three to five minutes afterwards and just relax okay let's begin deeply letting go okay that's it you're finished so just relax now thank you for watching take a deep breath make sure to hit that subscribe button how did you feel after this exercise did it create some tingling has it changed your state let us know in the comments below and also let us know what other sorts of videos you'd like to see in the future from take deep breath okay guys have a great day take care bye

46 thoughts on “Change your state in 60 seconds – Holotropic Breathing Style – Wim Hof Breathing Technique Inspired”

  1. Thanks dude! This is perfect, ive seen other videos explaining, demonstrating, but this is ace… Breathing through it without any other stimuli works great…. Subbed.

  2. That was incredible! I’m a busy mom and I usually don’t have a decent amount of quiet time alone to practice the full Wim Hof method. This helped so much! Thank you!


  4. I do like your videos because you go straight to the point with no annoying and unnecessary chatter like 99% of Youtube videos. This is how it should be so please keep doing it that way. Thanks for your hard work.

  5. Brother I love the video that made myself feel I don't know the words I'm literally lost if I may make any suggestion I myself prefer vocal guidance instead of having to read it

  6. I would love if you would make the Same video repeated with about 90 seconds of holding the breath and repeat it for at least 3-4 rounds, instead of me having to pause it and repeat it 3-4 times. Keep on keeping on!

  7. Proud of my dear Wim Hof,
    I was not able to find the pattern in which you did through this breathing.
    You did this.

    I was trying hard, … since 09July 2019.
    I lost 10 kg of weight.
    From 80 kg to 70 kg.
    Around 23 June 2019 I measured my weight somewhere 80 kg now today around 70 kg.

  8. You should cover the segmented breathing techniques for Kundalini, very good for walking and sitting. e.g 4;4 breath with 4 equal inbreaths to fill lungs, and 4 equal out breathes to empty lungs through the nose.

  9. Yoo…you just update my inner-being ☺️✌️
    The way you present Wim-Hof method with your brilliant selection of music is really awesome: Thanks man
    I want you to know that I have been following Wim-Hof breathing for more than a year
    Please make a super Advance Level (with 5-7 Round ) along with a epic background music (something like : Ocean, or Thunderstorm : I think that would be awesome)
    Have a Nice Day : Man
    Much love respect from India Keep it up ❤️✌️

  10. I like the ones that get me high. I've developed a tolerance to the other videos , so this was great .
    I'd like to learn more about nose breathing . Sometimes my nasal passages are just too constricted and it can be uncomfortable.
    I'd also like a video that is both intense and about 20mins long .

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