WORLD WAR 3: The documentary – Part 1: The introduction

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WORLD WAR 3: The documentary – Part 1: The introduction

Apart from the few official experts who always speak on TV and in the papers about the economy, military strategy, psychology and psychological warfare, etc. We have all the real experts (all the others outside the entertainment industry) who have been shouting for a very long time in unison that the countdown is coming to an end for the worst collapse on ALL fronts in your life, that be the economic collapse, wars, chaos, etc. – But as long as people like you are able to read this message, it means there is still hope, but only if you complete your new mission which, in the worst case, may prove itself to be lifelong.

The mission is in short to prevent over 90% of the earth’s total population from completely disappearing within a short time henceforth, because of a GLOBAL process that has been set into motion. You will need to act quickly and study the most basic things, and is the reason for the small “do it yourself” task at the end of this message, but first, here is YOUR BRIEFING:

Let me start by giving you the bad news first, because it IS very bad: The threat we face is GLOBAL, which humanity has already tried two times before in recent times, but overall look more bleak this third time, among other things because of all the electronic developments that have always been managed and controlled by the private and global military industry, with an almost unlimited funding of money and researchers. The only “good” news (if you can call it that) is that it is NOT an unstoppable comet from the outside, but a man-made population reduction to below 500,000,000 GLOBALLY in the very near future.

The ultimate goal is to establish once and for all a functional world government which will be controlled completely by the royal, private families. The most likely signs for “the beginning of the end” or “the point of no return” will most likely start with nuclear “suitcase-bombs” going off in major Western cities, so let’s work diligently to hopefully prevent this from happening in the first place. Here is the message you will have to read, and spread out to as many as you can to get the message of freedom and fraternity back on the agenda:

The entire world is being taken over by a hand full of royal, private banking families with military force:

1) First, open Google’s search engine and type in “Agenda 21” and then add the name of the city you live in before you press search, and start by checking out what you find.

2) Then make a new search in the same way, just with this text instead: “Agenda 21 youtube” and you will now find a myriad of well produced and documented films, mainstream news clips, endless presentations, lectures, educational materials, solutions and plans for how you can prepare yourself.

You have now been able to inform and educate yourself about the most basic elements of this news bulletin, which you need to get started quickly as possible, because this is something, you will have to study thoroughly BEFORE you go out and inform others

Hitler got the idea to create unions, which would be merged under a world dictatorship aka UN / NATO. Today will be mostly about the EU.

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WORLD WAR 3: The documentary – Part 1: The introduction:

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WORLD WAR 3: The documentary – Part 3: Scientific Genocide 2012:

Helicopter Warfare in the Vietnam War | US Army Documentary | 1969

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This 1969 U.S. Army film is a documentary short about helicopter warfare in the Vietnam War. It explains how the helicopter changed modern warfare and how the 1st Cavalry Division became an air assault division as the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), commonly referred to as the 1st Air Cavalry Division or simply the “First Team”. The film presents significant historical battles in Vietnam from a perspective of the 1st Air Cavalry Division, such as the Battle of Ia Drang Valley (1965) and the Battle of Khe Sanh (1968).


The 1st Cavalry Division (“First Team”) is a combined arms division and is one of the most decorated combat divisions of the United States Army. The history of the 1st Cavalry Division began in 1921 after the army established a permanent cavalry division. Before Vietnam, the First Team fought in World War 2 and the Korean War as a conventional infantry unit.

During the Vietnam War, the division had become an air assault division as the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), commonly referred to as the 1st Air Cavalry Division. The use of helicopters on such large scale as troop carriers, cargo lift ships, medevacs, and as aerial rocket artillery, was never before implemented, but by doing so it freed the infantry from the tyranny of terrain to attack the enemy at the time and place of its choosing. In 1965, colors and subordinate unit designations of the 1st Cavalry Division were transferred from Korea to Fort Benning, Georgia, where they were used to reflag the existing 11th Air Assault Division (Test) into 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). Concurrently, the colors and subordinate unit designations were transferred to Korea to reflag what had been the 1st Cavalry Division into the 2nd Infantry Division.

Shortly thereafter, the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) began deploying to Camp Radcliff, An Khe, Vietnam, in the Central Highlands and was equipped with the new M16 rifle, the UH-1 troop carrier helicopter (nicknamed “Huey”), UH-1-C gunships, the CH-47 Chinook cargo helicopter, and the massive CH-54 Skycrane cargo helicopter. All aircraft carried insignia to indicate their battalion and company.

The division’s first major operation was to help relieve the Siege of Plei Me near Pleiku and the pursuit of the withdrawing North Vietnamese Army which culminated in the Battle of Ia Drang (1965), described in the book We Were Soldiers Once…And Young, was also the basis of the film We Were Soldiers. Because of that battle the division earned the Presidential Unit Citation (US), the first unit to receive such in the war. In 1966, the division attempted to root the communist Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese army out of Binh Dinh province with Operation Masher, Operation Crazy Horse and Operation Thayer. 1967 was then spent conducting Operation Pershing, a large scale search and destroy operation of communist base areas in II Corps.

In the early morning hours of 31 January 1968, the largest battle of the Vietnam War, the Tet Offensive, was launched by 84,000 communist soldiers across South Vietnam. In the 1st Cavalry Division’s area of operation, the North Vietnamese Army and Vietcong forces seized most of the city of Hue. As the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, fought to cut off communist reinforcements pouring into Hue.

In March 1968 the 1st Cavalry Division shifted forces to LZ Stud, the staging area for Operation Pegasus to break the siege of the Marine combat base at Khe Sanh – the second largest battle of the war. All three brigades participated in this airmobile operation, along with a Marine armor thrust. As the enemy divisions depleted, the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) leapfrogged west, clearing Route 9, until at 0:800 hours 8 April, the 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry, linked-up with Marines at the combat base, ending the 77-day siege.

Helicopter Warfare in the Vietnam War | US Army Documentary | 1969



Saving Banksy – Official Trailer (Documentary)


Saving Banksy – Official Trailer #2 (Documentary)
The documentary feature film “Saving Banksy” is the true story of one misguided art collector’s attempt to save a Banksy from destruction and the auction block. The documentary was directed by Colin Day with narration by Paul Polycarpou, and interviews with the top street and graffiti artists from across the globe, including Ben Eine, Risk, Revok, Niels Mueman, Blek Le Rat, Anthony Lister, Doze Green, Hera and Glen E Friedman. “Saving Banksy – It’s not art unless you can sell it for lots of money”.

Produced by Brian Greif & Kevin Zinger
Marketing: Candy Factory, Faction Ent., Parade Deck

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The Origin of the Universe Documentary – The Formation of Stars and Galaxies

The Earth is a planet, orbiting the Sun. The Sun is a star – a giant ball of hot gas, emitting light and heat. The Sun is one of the few hundred billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy. And the Milky Way is one of the hundred billion or so galaxies in the Universe.

Astronomers have discovered that the Universe has not existed forever. It all started some 13.8 billion years ago in the big bang – a giant explosion of energy, matter, time and space. Shortly after the big bang, the expanding Universe was filled with a glowing hot gas of simple atoms. So where did all the galaxies, stars and planets come from?

Drunk Rick Method Acting | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

Rick and Morty Full Episodes:
Justin Roiland offer a rare glimpse of his craft and boozing skills.


About Rick and Morty:
Rick and Morty is Adult Swim’s most scientifically accurate animated comedy. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, it catalogues the bizarre misadventures of a bored scientific genius/drunkard and his socially awkward grandson, Morty. Their exploits tend to have unintended consequences for Morty’s dysfunctional family, especially his unfailingly mediocre father, Jerry. Watch Rick and Morty battle everything from interdimensional customs agents to Cronenberg monsters now, only at

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Drunk Rick Method Acting | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

the character of Rick is a very high-functioning alcoholic in episode 304 we need to see him get especially drunk so I encourage Justin – 2 method act first thing I told him was don't have tequila and then of course he had tequila and liquor just adds a whole new aspect to Justin I understand things got a little creative how many shots is the right amount of shots for drunk Rick this is my fourth shot I'm definitely probably gonna be in the pocket after this I'm gonna tell you where to stick it because you got it see that sounds too sober I don't believe it screaming demons is that just me my lips are chapped who's got chapstick here to explain is a little Bobo you Jesus Christ what happens when we die what happens when we all died you guys worry about that at night right forget it forget me I'm drunk I'm gonna need another shot to do this don't take it don't take wait oh you know I get extra boots get the out of here kid hopefully whoever we elect is the next present my ability to get a gun and kill my self let's let's I think let's get some wines I've got three things I have to do number one thing in my three list thing is oh my god I've been working on the shows in season 1 and this is by far the least productive and messiest record day we've ever had so uh thanks a lot Harmon oh can you hear it it's a tiny violin oh did you have to did you have to wrangle Justin for the performance of a lifetime

ULTRA – documentary film trailer – Moving Docs

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Five people from across Europe dedicate their lives to completing the Spartathlon Ultra Distance Race. We follow them through a whole year of preparation, as they confront extreme hardship and surpass the limits of their body and their mind.

Building the International Space Station 'ISS' (Documentary)

This film reveals the technological leaps forward that have enabled the world’s biggest space station – the International Space Station – to be built.

This NASA technology video documentary tour is a structured to show to a degree inside the International Space Station (ISS), a space station in low Earth orbit.

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This NASA video goes inside the International Space Station (ISS) which is a space station in low Earth orbit. First launched into orbit in 1998, and now its the .

Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Mimi Machado-Luces

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Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Mimi Machado-Luces
How to Make It In Film consists of a series of behind the scenes interviews with regional, national and international filmmakers, editors, directors, writers, cinematographers, producers and many others who work in the film industry. Each program includes questions taken from a live studio audience consisting of students in the film and film studies division at George Mason University. Covering all aspects of the filmmaking process, each program is designed to enlighten students and take them through all the steps to Make It in Film. From the roles of sound editors to assistant directors, scriptwriters to location managers, cinematographers to producers, webisode producers to film critics and documentary filmmakers to actors, they’ll discover the role of each position and what it takes to Make It in the business. MIMI MACHADO-LUCES, Emmy, Telly and ProMax award winning; Producer, Writer, Director of documentary films, television programs, health education films, commercial advertisements and television promotion spots. She won critical acclaim with La Vida in Black, a character portrait of Afro-Latinos living in the Americas.

welcome to George Mason University studio a my name is Rick Davis and today our guest is Emmy award-winning director producer writer Mimi Machado lusus what got you interested in this business in the first place um Barbara Walters I just remember her anchoring the news and saying wow she gets to interview people like Menachem Begin and presidents and Michael Jackson and Bob Marley and it was kind of fun and I said you know I want to interview people like that when I grow up and I want to do it in television how did you get into documentary filmmaking Wow BTW jazz I went I went back to work at bay to jazz after my son turned three and I begged my way into creative services at Beauty jazz and my manager director there was had been my manager director years before when I had worked for BT regular and at bt jazz it there was only two people watching so at the time it was called bet on jazz and we had not a lot of programming and I came up with some fun ideas to go out to wolf trap and interview artists to try and get some commercials have somebody like seal or Al Jarreau or somebody of that caliber saying hi I'm al jarreau and you're watching BTW jazz they turned into interviews and they turned into a show and so I started doing I created a show at bt jazz called profiles at wolf trap huh your Emmy is for fossils Latinos yes which is was that your next project um no in between there to toe pointed juniors attorney called me after seeing Cuban music crossing borders and asked me to do a tribute to Tito Puente with his son because he had seen my other show profiles show on the channel and I did that and somewhere in there Tito Puentes music was all about dancing and i am a cell suphan mm-hmm so I i used to i will i still do i have a cheers downtown in DC called havana village that i inhabit and love to go in there and dance every month or so once a month i have to take my havana village break and so i was in there and I said you know I asked the owner if I could come in and shoot and pazzos Latinos kind of came alive and I started looking for the best Latin dancers it like kind of do a history and I found cute the original Cuban Pete and he agreed to have me come to Florida and interview him and I went to Florida interviewed him and passos became this like just a I don't know it kind of blossomed into what I thought it was going to be originally was I was going to do some segments on different dancers that were world-class that were Latin dancers and it turned into just a bunch of stuff about Latin dance bashas Latinos are stocked and natural heritage


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明け決めるね チャイの ジャイによる チャイの ドキュメたり rar [音楽] naruho anai [音楽] ブーバー leno デーを得ている read on ryushare [音楽] bananas ni [音楽] me 日替車意味 リコ医者 me [音楽]

The History of Starship Super Heavy | Mini Documentary

SpaceX Starship Super Heavy Mini Documentary provides viewers with everything they need to know about Elon Musk’s Mars rocket. The film takes you through the design history, starting with the Mars Colonial Transporter and ending with the recent 2019 Starship presentation.


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Maria Pointer
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on September 28th of 2019 hundreds of thousands of people eagerly watched and listened as Elon Musk gave his fourth annual presentation on SpaceX's mission to colonize the planet Mars these events have encountered massive growth in support and popularity over the years as new rocket engineering milestones were achieved and transparently shared by this young the successfully ambitious company but this was to be expected since the inception of SpaceX in 2002 eelain's first main objective for his rocket company was to inspire the masses to become pioneers of other worlds well I just think about a future where humanity is a spacefaring civilization and out there exploring stars it was an incredibly exciting future to do that seemed simple enough all Ilan thought he had to do was put a greenhouse on Mars using a russian-made rocket but he wasn't taken seriously by those who wish to purchase a rocket from and so he taught himself rocket science and began to finding much smaller goals that would hopefully one day eventually lead to his ultimate dream of colonizing Mars and now almost two decades later SpaceX is at the forefront of space technology innovation with their own fleet of reusable rockets and capsules surpassing even those long-standing agencies that once assured in the genesis of space exploration but with each Mars presentation Elon gives a new kind of rocket grows in the years prior this rocket was just a concept only seen on computer renderings leaving the audience longing for an exciting feature that hadn't yet begun to take on a physical form however over the past several months SpaceX checked off another achievement when they built and successfully flew their first Mars rocket prototype and now that momentum has escalated SpaceX is just weeks away from launching its next test vehicle that will ultimately set the stage for the journey to Mars if there has only been one kind of consistency associated with Ilan's Mars rocket it is consistent and consistency since the very first mock-up of SpaceX is Mars transport vehicle unyielding changes have plagued the design process this is to give you a sense of size it's quite big but this is rocket science these powerful vehicles are known for pushing the boundaries between new technology and future technology and they also take a long time to build so it's a common issue for parts of a rocket to become outdated before the vehicle is even complete causing new and improved changes to be implemented into the design SpaceX's development of a Mars rocket began with the design of a new engine in 2012 the private companies started to work on an engine that when clustered with more of the same engines could be powerful enough to lift and accelerate an extremely large launch vehicle out of Earth's gravity well and toward the red planet they called this new breed of engine raptor a stage combustion methane filled rocket engine it would later become the first of its kind to take to the skies but in its earlier days SpaceX named their first large vehicle concept the MCT short for the Mars colonial transporter and then in 2016 must decided that the new designs to his Mars transporter allowed it to go even further than the Earth's neighboring planet so at the 67th International Astronautical Congress conference evylyn presented his first official design for a Mars rocket that at 12 meters in diameter was much larger than what he previously had in mind and he called it the interplanetary transport system the I TS was a carbon-fiber two-stage super heavy lift rocket as stood at 122 meters tall and could place 550 tons in a low Earth orbit it included a reusable booster that contained 42 sealevel raptor engines that together produced 128 mega newtons of thrust and a reusable second stage interplanetary spaceship for passengers or the I TS tanker for in orbit refueling each containing six vacuum and three c-level Raptor engines and the goal is at least 100 passengers per ship although I think ultimately will policy that number go to 200 or more this is what a launch of the I TS would look like the fully stacked rocket would use the 42 Raptors at the bottom of its booster to lift the second state's passenger or cargo vehicle into space when it would then stage separate and return back to its launch mounts a new second stage tanker full of fuel would be placed on top and launched into space as well again the booster would separate return to Earth while the tanker would accelerate to make Earth's orbit and then rendezvous with the passenger or cargo vehicle that was launched first the tanker would dock and refuel with the passenger ship before returning to Earth and the passenger ship would make its way to Mars once safely on Mars it would refuel using processed resources from the Martian surface and returned to Earth this strategy while slightly modified is still the projected method the ITES was expected to send cargo to Mars by 2022 and humans two years later but in 2017 at the 68th International Astronautical Congress conference Elon announced that SpaceX will not be building the 12 meter diameter rocket but instead will build a still large and still carbon-fiber but smaller launch vehicle first and although they hadn't yet found the right name for it the codename was b f are short for big Falcon rocket this new nine meter diameter launch vehicle stood at 118 meters tall four meters shorter than its predecessor and with 31 Raptor engines in its first stage it was capable of producing 48 mega newtons of thrust and placing 150 tonnes into low-earth orbit with the second stage now consisting of six Raptor engines in total as well as a new delta wing and so the delta wing at the back which will also which also includes a split flap for pitch and roll control allows us to control the pitch angle that despite having a wide range of payloads in the nose and a wide range of atmospheric densities at the outset of elon speech at the conference he informed the viewers of his confidence in the new design and how the rocket will one day become the all-encompassing future of the SpaceX rocket fleet we want to have one system one ship lunch one Bruce room ship that replaces Falcon nine Falcon Heavy and Dragon as a fully reusable rocket the bfr would be cheaper to launch even though it could place more mass into orbit this would render all other Rockets wasteful and therefore obsolete it's it's really crazy that we will be sophisticated rockets and then crash them every time we fly this is Matt he also announced a solution to what is arguably the biggest problem facing BFRs construction funding if we can build a system that makes our own products redundant then all of the resources which quite enormous that I used from Falcon 9 heavy and Dragon can be applied to one system spacex could pay for the development of bfr through their existing and future customer launch contracts to place satellites into orbit the revenue they receive from NASA to put cargo on the international space station future lunar surface mission contracts and of course selling tickets to Mars but there was one more money-making tactic musk had up his sleeve using VFR like a new and improved airline for point-to-point transportation around the globe an Elan finished up his 2017 presentation still confident in his 2022 and 2024 Mars timeline and he left the audience with his vision of a future Mars colony by early 2018 the initial development of the first VFR second stage was underway at a new SpaceX facility at the Port of Los Angeles more than 40 employees at the site were dedicated to the construction of the spaceship with up to 700 expected and in August of 2018 the US military for the first time recognized the potential for such a rocket to transport equipment around the globe in less time and money than a c5 aircraft just one month later eelain's next Mars presentation took place at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne California where it was shown that the designs for bfr had evolved past the DeltaWing and toward a tri fin approach the ship's new athens and ford canards behaved as control surfaces during final approach much like how a skydiver uses his arms and legs to orient his body and free fall then upon landing the three rear fins are used as legs the upper-stage ship now contains seven Raptor engines and the first stage booster had the same engine model as before with 31 Raptor engines the big announcement at the presentation was project dear moon the first planned private passenger circumnavigation around the moon in 2023 led by Japanese billionaire he's a COO Miyazawa who donated an unspecified amount to SpaceX to fund a large portion of their development cost for bfr MS our purchased all the seats for his first lunar trip so he could bring artists with him on the journey still Elon Musk aired another new method to further fund his Mars transport vehicle we've got the Starling global broadband system that we're developing which will also be a key source revenue although these Starling satellites were in production at the time only two early prototypes had been placed into orbit but being that the initial test was a success a handful of months later SpaceX deployed their first 60 satellites and a low-earth orbit in November of 2018 Elon Musk tweeted the new official name for his bfr rocket starship and super-heavy starship for the upper stage spaceship super-heavy for the booster and then one month later musk announced the most significant change to the Rockets design yet one that would rapidly speed up construction at an unprecedented rate in the months to come SpaceX had decided to ditch the carbon composite material it had been using to construct the rocket at the port of LA and instead switched over to using a stainless steel alloy and on December 23rd musk made his fan base aware of the starship prototype that was already quietly being built by a water tower company at their Boca Chica site in Texas this test vehicle was eventually given the name star hopper by the fan community and it was designed to be a flying testbed for near future Raptor engine in flight tests this would include one hop up to 20 meters and then again to 150 meters while performing controlled landings for both in March of 2019 the port of LA site was shut down in all future efforts to build starship and super-heavy were to take place at the Boca Chica Texas site as well as Cocoa Florida these two separate teams began a friendly competition to see who could build the next bigger and better starship prototype faster these orbital vehicles became known as mark 1 and mark 2 respectively a month later SpaceX completed starships first static fire tests with a single Raptor engine on July 25th Starhawk were successfully completed the 20 meter hop test and then in August it hopped to 150 meters with the completion of its final flight star hopper is being converted into a raptor engine test in around this same time SpaceX began constructing the pieces for the super heavy booster and on August 28th Elon tweeted that the future generations of starship and super-heavy could become twice the size in diameter at 18 meters then just this past weekend on Saturday September 28th 2019 Elon Musk gave his most recent starship presentation at SpaceX s Boca Chica shipyard with his freshly built starship standing behind him and alongside SpaceX his very first rocket the Falcon 1 Elon once again spoke to inspire the masses to rally behind his mission to Mars becoming a spacefaring civilization being out there among the stars this is one of the things that I know makes it makes me glad to be alive I think it makes many people glad to be alive it's one of the best things but for the first time there are only a couple subtle differences that separated his new starship model from the previous one the first noticeable difference was the move from 3 F fins to two F fins and larger forward fins but this won't change the skydiving re-entry and landing strategy that was already in place another difference was the removal of one Raptor engine on the starship vehicle and separate landing legs that now attach to the base of the rocket the heat shield on the windward side of starship is now made of reusable ceramic tiles instead of a methane transpiring surface the super-heavy booster went from 31 raptor engines in 2018 to 37 Raptors in the present although Elon did say that they could use less on an as-needed basis and unlike before super-heavy now has six legs that look like fins really aren't there were several reasons why SpaceX made the switch from carbon composite to 301 stainless steel in 2018 the first being cost it's one hundred thirty thousand dollars a ton for the carbon fiber and twenty five hundred dollars a ton for the steel so the steel is about two percent of the costs of the carbon fiber another reason was practicality steel is easier to work with and can be used for many things even on Mars and finally when exposed to cryogenic temps from super cold liquid fuel this type of stainless steel alloy doesn't get brittle it gets stronger starship and super heavy will be used in the future to build and maintain a moon base colonize Mars and even venture out into the cosmos the next small step toward the Stars is quickly approaching for spacex starship mark one will soon soar to 20 kilometers and back within the next month or two mark 3 will begin manufacturing in a month and will be completed in about three months the body will consist of one continuous cylindrical steel haul instead of several plated rings stacked on top of each other starships mark four and five will also be completed within six months and in 2020 the first starship super-heavy will make orbit over the past seven years SpaceX has been designing rocket parts so that one day humans may colonize Mars that day is quickly approaching like those who live through the space race of the 1960's the current generations are now experiencing a new period of innovation and enthusiasm for space exploration but this time we aim to go further than those who went before us through dedication and teamwork big dreams are becoming big realities and with each new achievement more eyes that once looked to the Stars for solace turn their gaze to starship

The Musical Genius (Autism Documentary) – Real Stories

There is a young blind man who can play the piano like Mozart but cannot count to five or do up his own shoelaces. Can anyone explain the mystery of savant musician Derek Paraviccini?

Derek, aged 25 at the time of this documentary, is autistic and totally blind with an IQ of a 4 year old, he sucks his thumb and lives in a home for the blind. But when he sits at a piano he is transformed into a musician that few could equal. His memory contains many thousands of tunes which he can play faultlessly and in any key, a skill which defies even the finest professional musicians. Nothing is beyond Derek’s musical range. Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, obscure Russian composers, modern Jazz, Pop and the Blues — they all seem to come naturally to Derek. Uncannily he can play something as he hears it for the very first time —with only a split second delay, so it appears he is playing along with a tune he knows well. Derek Paravicini was one of twins born at 25 weeks, in 1979. Back then, there was little that could be done for such early premature babies. The oxygen treatment given to Derek in the incubator unit was life-saving, but there was a major side-effect of the treatment – blindness. Derek’s blindness, called rentrolental fibroplasia, was caused when oxygen pushed on the blood vessels and caused them to grow too quickly and resulted in brain damage. So could Derek’s extraordinary musical talent be the result of brain damage caused during his resuscitation at birth or has he inherited his genius. This film explores his musical ability and that of other savant musicians to try and discover where their musical genius comes from.

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The thing I'd like to do most of all is to play the piano. To play

National geographic – Life of Panda – BBC wildlife animal documentary 2016 Full HD


these Cubs are the latest additions to the largest group of captive giant pandas in the world around seven months old they were bred in a desperate bid to save the species from extinction but there are still too few pandas as the mating season begins at least 15 more Cubs must be conceived this year alone if the species is to survive and time is not on their side China's conservation and research center was set up at Wolong in Sichuan province in the 1980s at a critical time for wild pandas the precious bamboo began to flower and became an edible parts onions or you body girl okay so you need to change to camp hua and 20 good – mommy sure 300 be any freaking talent you see that we she negative connotation well woman the end you can join a group with a twig hello the work seems straightforward the plan was to rescue starving wild pandas and then breed more pandas from them but this seemingly simple task took a long time to achieve and it wasn't until 20 years later that we long witness the fruits of successful breeding in 2006 a record-breaking 18 panda cubs were produced the following year another 14 panda cubs were born there are now more than 60 pandas at the center and another 80 live at zoos and research centers in China and abroad but even though were long is filled to capacity there still aren't enough captive pandas minion to loose the South s silly Santa Masuda 10 yeah that's a tall wall when I can't home woman QWERTY could have 20 aa woman don't on time how the T ago I kinda saw warned me about him Tigger about to take a giant wooden bat ie guard when didn't don't have one Monsieur Perrier gas and pizza description Allison bans Assamese mental important ago water washing woman cited only when the super shower sang-hyeok up an incident but father you got somewhere to the surgeon so the race goes on contrary to popular belief wild pandas breed as easily as any other beer but captive pandas have always been a problem even here at will on only about a quarter of pandas are able to go into Easter Astatula and only one in ten male pandas are able to mate naturally and they have precious little time to do so overseer this your mojo position take a significant one then you can also a son can have begin negotiation more color so something visual memory no Congress intends to show more students how India position more peace ossified ratio more the Inupiat are inefficient Machoke Western currency the ambitious Sophie's a prison Tim Tschida as this year's meeting season starts at were long the pressure mounts it's almost the end of March there are sixteen females already any stress merely three mating males only eight breathing pens available and just a few days to get the job done and those aren't the only problems pandas are just as particular about their partners as humans months ago the Americas was either one you saw solution is your March every time you end up you're a sheep and a visual mark hoppus you tell me why you don't want what a payment doesn't take about worship time and this is your mother she checks this is phone viola your social mission Nations Association is solution and saving a species can sometimes be thwarted by the simple fact that some pandas can't stand the sight of each other it's day one of wolong's annual breeding bonanza when the male team are three wild caught pandas will Gong Ling Ling and of course will own star stud Lulu they're wild genes are crucial to the breeding program as many of the females are captive bred the three males are expected to service all the females currently in East hrus but the limited number of breeding pens means there's only room for five females at any one time they constantly have to be moved into position in and out of different pens while the male's stay put one of the first females to show signs of readiness as 13 year old Fifi whose name means concubine she makes her feelings and heightened hormonal state as plain as her name oh sure it's generally a fuzzy tiny little girl time yeah because you know hole a little bit for my yaojin as in any proper relationship the couple have to be formally introduced before matters can be taken any further we're gong as the first potential suitor is kept indoors initially so that both parties can have a risk-free mutual assessment fear phase behavior makes it impossible for anyone to ignore except it seems whoo gun his mind is clearly focused on higher things such as his stomach see my daddy right I'll tell you tomorrow you see my anxiety there's no hmm but Fifi simply doesn't have the luxury of waiting for we're gong to finish his dinner her estrogen level is peaking and will soon dip again she will be it a most fair tile and must find a more reliable me it quickly so Faustian just delivered about three engagement to see he hasn't but the first problem is to get Lulu indoors before Fifi can safely enter his den a seemingly simple task but Lulu has other ideas in the wild the higher a male leaves his mark the stronger and more varieties considered and the more attractive he is to the ladies with lulu safely indoors it's time to introduce fifi at first sight it seems that Lulu late were gong isn't at all interested in Fifi but the keepers experience tells a different story you think that's that way hi-yah heh-heh it may be early for the adults but for the products of last year's meeting it's well past their bedtime not that many of the Cubs make a distinction between sleep and activity as evening draws on Fifi's hormone level Peaks and as it begins to fall the pressure is on for one of the meal pandas to perform despite his earlier lack of interest the keepers decide to give will gone another goal at first things seem to be going well but then we're gong seems to lose all sense of direction Fifi and ton loses patience with him and veins are frustration disappointed keepers take an even more disappointed Fifi back to her own pain it's time to bring Lulu in Agana to everyone's relief not least Fifi's tonight's meeting is a success copulation lasts a highly satisfactory six minutes and 29 seconds having been up most of the night Lulu is in need of a little rest and recuperation Wu gong however still has a healthy appetite but his lackluster performance the previous day has serious implications half of the centre's female pandas East region levels are now peaking they need to be meted soon or there won't be enough pandas next year they cannot rely solely on Lulu despite a successful track record because they must introduce more meals to the breeding group and widen the gene pool where Kali eats her boy action didn't yawn yawn was all right you guys should mop y'all got a tight ball tiger yeah peanut oil there's a little bit of salt either Tony then Sonia is on the show yeah I didn't call either she doesn't know movie a woman infanticide poor Ling Ling the third male on the team is introduced to south south but things don't quite work out he appears no more adept at meeting than we gone reinforcements are required they come in the shape of Chung Chung his name means strong he's actually a 21 year old male panda and the process of losing his teeth and here Chung Chung might not seem an ideal solution to the problem but he's not expected to perform in the same way as the other meals with the female pandas biological clocks ticking away Chung Chung has a more indirect but vital role to play his semen has just been collected in the hospital and while he recovers from the anesthetic his contribution to the breeding program will be put to good use as has happened many times before Chun Chun has been a vital if unwitting participant in the plan to save the planet's precious pandas fefe having been successfully mated with Lulu will now undergo artificial insemination many of the breeding females a true long are artificially inseminated as well as being meted naturally so Jabba you hold the date on paddling so Jim took it somewhat hand you know it's in Japanese isotope yeah twinners have played a crucial part in reaching will long's breeding target and making it a success story before Fifi can undergo artificial insemination she needs to be anesthetized she must be thoroughly checked over and most importantly weed to ensure that the right amount of anesthetic is administered it today chime I won sedated she's raised to the hospital so that the artificial insemination can be completed before she wakes up the calculations were apparently wrong but for safety the erred on the side of caution too little is better than too much the artificial insemination is completed and Fifi is put in a quiet enclosure away from the breeding pens they won't know for sure if it was successful until late summer when the birthing season begins many of the other females in the block are also stimulated by the comings and goings and the other pens she she starts chirping and mourning very loudly and is decided to try wukong to see if she is more his type than Fifi shishi is visibly irritated by wu gongs apparent incompetence she turns on him then we're gong suddenly reveals another side to his character perhaps he's not the apathetic passive panda he appears to be despite his outburst the keepers nor wu gongs true character and easily tempt him away from shi shi with his real interest in life lulu meanwhile is being reacquainted with his very first love yin yang light lulu she was a wild caught panda but it eight years older more mature and experienced but Lulu's lost that loving feeling and shows absolutely no interest disappointed they move her through to Wu gong but no joy aware that yang yang's hormone level has peaked and is dropping there's a sense of urgency but persisting with Lulu backfires horribly it may look frightening but the Clippers aren't worried the centre's director is also unperturbed by the violence and points to an even more logical explanation for the aggression doesn't bother me yeah Joey you hope how many were had time a years ago the knee like it's tomorrow but there's you won't happen without me you're bad though so I'm moving with anti so Tyler never told you having a job in your corner ha ha yo yo yo Xiang don't receive my factory as is painfully evident when Lulu is introduced to long Shen me or send innovation this is what she loved the new consort oh boy Peola so you get a la la da la ya give a shot at its to you that's a Toyota so junk is so Kyla so you throw your doesn't me also I'm a crazy perhaps best illustrated when Ling Ling is introduced to me Cheng and the situation becomes even more violent she raised his next door to try to get away from him once safely indoors me Ching is clearly terrified but only suffers minor cuts and scratches nothing serious well Monday yeah well if I stumble on you and me or fight English Joel P Y shall Moe get back those song that's a meal competing the behavior of captive pandas and their wild relatives is an important part of wolong's work the long-term plan is to release some of wolong's pandas into the wild one of the reasons that are only eight breeding pens available out of a possible 10 is because two of the Pens are currently being used by the release team as more and more females start to come into estrus the breeding team thinks they should have priority over the pens once they've successfully reached the target of 300 pandas for a sustainable captive population the hope is to use those pandas to help reach a sustainable wild population of 3,000 but the centre's director is skeptical wasn't we fashion world telling you sometimes multiply the viewing pimples all over a certain way a woman jillian Barberie offense at all sometimes you must have been fighting with public comments on agenda which ends at Sandia even make a passion with my family too much time she won't go meet possible sue keep my gonna hire you before Department say said something about fun when we put cutting saw me 22 schemata mats on the other hand so you tell you some passion what you soon I mean yeah twice latekka super klenda sorry so what's the answer woman's ankle pants is she watching Tweedledee my mind would take a giant passion my sushi pattern so you so nice to dissident men kangaroos mega years in diameter is to deny or taro sanctions Tetsuo machine haha the real problem for wild pandas remains the lack of protected habitat this is part of our precious protected habitat 850 kilometers northeast of we long six thousand feet up in the Qinling mountains on the site of an ancient Buddhist temple a team of scientists at the Ching Ling giant panda research base have been studying the behavior of wild pandas for more than a decade the damp climate may be good for bamboo and pandas but it's not so good for humans trying to study them when there is a break in the clouds observing the behavior of wild pandas is considered easier here than in Sichuan total vanilla a canyon Talmudic pnina and they go pina has a bigger koto chanto is Susan and Susan a Vanessa since our day y'all kinda it's a time of isn't under the Attorney Italica did you guys teach in prisons in time nearly sure what don't you envy to prison go the density may be higher than in Szechuan but there are still only around sixty to a hundred pandas living in an area of around 300 square kilometres and searching for these elusive wild pandas to study requires long tracks sometimes for several days and climbing thousands of feet as it will long it's the spring mating season and the chances of seeing pandas in the wild are increased because the pandas come down to the lower slopes to mate until a female is successfully mated a number of males will congregate wherever she leaves her scent marks the task of finding and filming giant pandas is still far from simple but after a long and exhausting climb the sound of loud bleating and chirping raises hopes of a chance to get close enough to study them not too close like any wild bear they're very dangerous especially at a time like this that's a fight ensues I assume oh yes which is a human then Susan as you miss him so much so jealous you must call me my last and it's a nigga we're not even high consumer this is a very rare sighting of one of FIFA's distant wild cousins from the growls it's obvious the meals will have no energy left for fighting as Lulu does with the females Andrew long since the last National Survey of Panda numbers in 2001 which calculated that there were around 1,600 wild pandas scientists here have completed another survey of a number of reserves and subsequently come up with a very surprising result so yeah come on in which in Cheng hua he isn't – Madame Jeunet Coenen your young hunters Arjun Singh the wild panda population might have already reached the magical figure of 3000 but doctor zhang jiazhen still doesn't consider this to be a sustainable population and believes that the giant panda remains an endangered species and even if the future looks a little brighter for pandas another ominous threat to the survival of the species is emerging hi in the Qinling mountains research scientist he's on ball has been observing the pandas food as closely as the pandas themselves here the eat around 20 kilos of bamboo every day mainly by Sharna bamboo and he's discovered something very worrying to partner models for kennefa possum module can I could have a telephone so I heard issue module to where he was sure that here first of all the essentially passionately sutra nadu fastener that means the tooling haha Virginians sure that Shannon did you get to the melon relevant here ancient folklore says that when bamboo flowers death and destruction follow and modern science agrees the bamboo will die within three to five years after flowering then the seeds will drop into the soil but we'll take another seven to ten years to germinate and become edible once more if panda numbers really have risen to 3,000 the rabbit of plummeting again much highlighted a woman Elega woman a young fellow I do her sure we'll miss our gate and eager to servitude energy ago ship on the tabatha young inclusive okay harder to the attorney the attorney could share what I had to the to the car she got dopamine Atwater you banjo sure sure sure lucid or even yeah – you go to see women do it here to the CEO I said that maybe the tweet that in live while he struggled to avoid the same fate that befell the pandas and we long ultimately scientists here are absolutely clear about what needs to be done to protect giant pandas whether there are 1600 or as many as 3,000 was Iranian government you go for – powerful Senior Day isn't a fashion faux pas for her activity seniority and so to achieve it in CCTV PN codes of wire use the candle me when I go for Mina Majesty she charged I dream and talking with her she helped answer make a charge how you can use and touch more funk we found in the Korean to easily go to the ramen to be going to countryside children decision the king hi Jenica Jenna documenting with tingling the fun without yucky bakit will long they're getting on with the first part of that task making more pandas it's now a chrome the peak of the breeding season and as more and more females come into East hrus the keepers are under increasing pressure whether they'll reach this year's target depends a great deal on Wu Gong who seems to have no sense of urgency despite his hopeless history the keepers are encouraged by wiggins burst of energy during his earlier encounter with shi shi they've decided to reintroduce him to yang Lin Wu gong however seems to have reverted to his old ways suffering from an apparent lack of coordination things seem to be going in ever decreasing circles as Wu Gong looks around as if he's desperate for encouragement or support disappointed keepers decide to cut the meeting short and tempt him away Wu gong obviously interprets the Apple as sustenance and hangs on well yang Ying is clearly unimpressed with the entire performance after yet another disappointment the last chance is the other meal in the group ling-ling but Ling Ling isn't being very cooperative the reason for Ling Ling's obstinate behavior is in the voluptuous shape of a new female in the pens she may which means happy and lucky girl she may send drives Ling Ling crazy and her appeal isn't limited to him she may appears to be a source of passion and delight to all the boy bears most of all Lulu she successfully meted with both Ling Ling and Lulu in 2006 and subsequently gave birth to twins but last year she may mysteriously came into East hrus six months late which was a source of concern for the keepers and Lulu awake and resulted in the latter banging against the side of his pen for weeks on end XI Mei has now returned to a normal cycle and it's having a big impact and all her neighbours there's something about this panda that drives wild pandas even Wilder surely even we're gone will faint her charms impossible to ignore alas not with Lu Lu gazing longingly at the love of his life things between Schumi and will Gong follow a familiar path at one point the rules are even reversed finally the moment arrives for lovesick lu lu to sha woo hyung haven't done but instead of leaping on shimi and his usual domineering way lulu romps about with her and they play like small Cubs both behave like meeting is just a big game it's hard to believe that Lulu is the same panda that was so aggressive with the other females she made or may not be the love of his life the coupling looks likely to succeed without any of the drama and violence that marred other meetings but whether their relationship will result in Cubs capable of being released into the wild it's impossible to know Wheelan will probably reach the target of 15 pandas this year in spite of Ling Ling and Wu gong slow start these are some of their offspring from last year the Cubs early ancestors lived around two million years ago the decline is due to us whether these pandas will become part of a sustainable population and survive for even a fraction of that time isn't the responsibility of lu lu Ling Ling or even whoo gun it's also down to us just rolling our own place what yeah

Why does Belarus Exist? (Short Animated Documentary)


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Why is Belarus a thing? By successive governments slowly giving in over time.


Understanding Belarus: Belarusian Identity by Grigory Ioffe

Russification: Word and Practice 1863-1914 by Theodore R. Weeks

there are many questions which keep us up at night is there an afterlife why are we here and why is Belarus a thing so Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe sandwiched between Poland Russia Ukraine and the Baltics it's also an exceptionally young nation having only become a fully independent state in 1991 so the name Belarus comes from the term Belarus which means white Russia historically much of modern-day Belarus is lands were located within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania here the Belarusians were often referred to as Ruthenians but this term was often a broad one which applied to both them and the Ukrainians in fact the people who lived there were often refer to his evil it's veneer or poly gastric the first traces of a consistent Belarusian national identity don't spring up until the 19th century roughly when all of the other nationalist movements were picking up – during the 19th century Belarus was a part of the Russian Empire after the partition of Poland Lithuania and they saw many changes brought about firstly the ruling polish Catholic class were removed from power and replaced with the russian-speaking Orthodox one secondly intellectuals within the Russian Empire began to study the Belarusian people to determine just how differently were covertly that is because the imperial government outlawed the notion the Belarusians were distinct people from Russians in the latter half of the 19th century the Belarusians led by constantiy Kalinowski revolted against the Russians asserting their own identity but this revolt was soon crushed of course this doesn't invalidate the belarusian claims of the unique identity though it existed whether or not the saint-petersburg government wanted it to so as you'll know world war 1 kicked off in 1914 and this saw the status of belarus and its people changed massively in a very short period of time after pushing the russians back to here the germans created a puppet state the Belarusian People's Republic this was short-lived in the Russian Civil War in the following polish-soviet war soared the land divided like this with some of the Belarusian lands going to Poland and the rest going to the USSR the Belarusian lands here were known as the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic the B SSR was enlarged twice the first was an internal enlargement which reflected demographic lines the second came with the USSR's annexation of eastern Poland in the lead-up to World War two after the dust from that conflict had settled Belarus's modern borders were established and affirmed that said belarus wasn't independent in any way barring some politicking by stalin because as many of you will know belarus along with ukraine had their own seat in the UN whilst being a part of the USSR the reason West hourly managed to get these was that he refused to join the new UN unless he was granted extra seats since he was concerned that he would be consistently outvoted by non communist states this concession was granted in the be SSR held its own seat until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 when it's seat was transferred to modern Belarus so in conclusion the origins of Belarus are blurred and wrapped up in difficulties concerning names and which state its culture is rooted in was Belarus another successor to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania or was it a newcomer whose identity was forged in opposition to those around it be aware though that Belarus and its people shouldn't be seen as some offshoot of Russia and that their history is long and varied Belarus is in many respects a young country but its people and the many names have existed for much longer I hope you enjoyed this episode and thank you for watching with extra thanks to my patreon supporters which you can see on screen and with an extra special thanks to James Bissonnette David archaeologist Ozark a flash Party Boyko Rob Waterhouse Chris wicker Michael Reynolds Gustav Swann David Silverman spinning three plates Maggie packs Kowski Christian check' Anthony Beckett Ike Skye Chappell and Winston K word you

The Rothschild Family Power and Money Full Documentary

The Rothschild Family Power and Money Full Documentary

Rothschild dynasty — European dynasty of bankers and public figures of Jewish descent, founded in the late 18th century. Meyer Rothschild one of the most influential businessmen of all time. Forbes magazine also referred to him as a «founding father of international finance»

17 golden rules for Business Success by Mayer Rothschild

Korean War – Battle of Inchon 1950 – COLD WAR DOCUMENTARY

Play War Thunder for FREE! Support my channel and get a premium aircraft, tank or ship, and a three-day account upgrade as a BONUS: Also available for free on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

In the new episode of our animated historical documentary series on the Korean War, we will cover the counter-attack of the UN forces led by the USA in what was later called the Drive North. This video also features the battle of Inchon of 1950

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إنه سبتمبر عام 1950 قوات الأمم المتحدة
التي تقودها الولايات المتحدة تدافع عن جزء من شبه الجزيرة الكورية يسمى
محيط بوسان ضد القوات الكورية الشمالية. ومع ذلك ، فإن الحرب الكورية بدأت للتو و
الأميركيون يركزون قواتهم حولها شبه الجزيرة للرد. مرحبا بكم في الثانية
حلقة في سلسلة لدينا على الحرب الكورية! إذا أنت مهتم بتاريخ هذا
عصر ، لا تنسى للتحقق من الثانية لدينا قناة – الحرب الباردة – الرابط في
الزاوية اليسرى في الأعلى . الراعي لهذا الفيديو – War Thunder! اللعب على الانترنت مجانا لعبة القتال متاحة على أجهزة الكمبيوتر ، PS4 و Xbox ، وفي اللعب المتبادل بين المنصات
مع عدم وجود شراء ضروري – مجرد تحميل واللعب! حرب الرعد لديه ترسانة لا تضاهى
أكثر من 1200 دبابة دقيقة تاريخيا ، الطائرات والمروحيات والسفن من 1930s
إلى في التسعينيات ، يمكن لعبها عبر 80 ميدان معركة كبير
الحرب العالمية الثانية والحرب الباردة. عظيم الرسومات والموسيقى والمؤثرات الصوتية وواقعية
نماذج الفيزياء والأضرار تزج تماما أكثر من 20 مليون لاعب في جميع أنحاء العالم في
معارك ضخمة. ثلاثة أوضاع مختلفة تسمح الجميع لتحديد مستوى الواقعية المناسبة
بالنسبة لهم. المطورين نشطة للغاية و باستمرار تقديم تحديثات رئيسية مجانية ل
لعبة وإضافة ميزات جديدة ، والمركبات ، والخرائط! فما تنتظرون؟ العب حرب الرعد
مجاني على PS و Playstation 4 و Xbox One! ادعم قناتنا والحصول على طائرة متميزة ،
دبابة أو سفينة ، وحساب لمدة ثلاثة أيام ترقية باعتبارها BONUS عن طريق الضغط على الرابط في
الوصف! قوات الأمم المتحدة كانت قادرة على صد
هجوم القوات الكورية الشمالية على بوسان محيط بحلول سبتمبر 1950. هدف الجيش الشعبي الكوري
كان لإنهاء الحرب في أقرب وقت ممكن ، وكانت الخطة لمواصلة مهاجمة
دفاعات الأمم المتحدة في الباقي فقط الأراضي التي لا تسيطر عليها الجيش الشعبي الكوري – بوسان
محيط. من أجل تخفيف وضع المدافعين
محيط بوسان ، الجنرال ماك آرثر والقيادة العسكرية للأمم المتحدة تعتزم
مفاجأة الكوريين الشماليين بهبوط وراء خطوطهم. بصرف النظر عن تقليل
الضغط على محيط بوسان ، هذه الخطوة تهدف إلى خفض العرض والاتصالات
خطوط الجيش الشعبي الكوري ، تسبب الذعر بينهم ، إجبار قوات الجيش الشعبي الكوري على القتال على عدد
من الجبهات ، واستعادة عاصمة الجنوب كوريا في أقرب وقت ممكن.
نوقش عدد من مواقع الهبوط. في مرحلة ما كان ميناء كونسان يجري
ناقش كخيار أكثر تفضيلا ، ولكن يعتقد ماك آرثر أن بقعة الهبوط ينبغي
أن يكون غير متوقع من قبل الكوريين. في النهاية، تم اختيار ميناء إنتشون الخطير والصعب
كمكان هبوط. كان في إنتشون ممران بحريان فقط للدخول
الميناء الخاص به ، والذي كان من الممكن حمايته بسهولة عن طريق البحر الألغام. لكن ماك آرثر حسبت ذلك
لن يتوقع الكوريون الشماليون الهبوط في مثل هذا المكان الصعب. علاوة على ذلك ، كان سيول
قريبة جدا من إنتشون ، وهبوط ناجح سوف تسمح فرصة لتحرير سيول من قبل
قوات الجيش الشعبي الكوري تعافت من صدمة الهبوط. وبالتالي ، فإن عملية الكروميت كان
أطلقت. قبل الهبوط في إنتشون ، القوات الأمريكية
استخدمت أساليب الخداع لإرباك الشمال الكوريين. قصف الأمريكيون البعض الآخر
بقع الهبوط المحتملة ونجحت في تحويل انتباه الجيش الشعبي الكوري إلى حد ما.
في 13 سبتمبر ، الأمريكية و بدأت القوات البحرية البريطانية قصف الشمال
الدفاعات الكورية في إنتشون وولميدو. بعد يومين ، في 15 سبتمبر ، الأمم المتحدة
بدأت القوات تهبط على ما يسمى الأخضر ، الشواطئ الزرقاء والحمراء في وقرب إنتشون.
وكان الهبوط الأول على الشاطئ الأخضر – الجانب الشمالي من جزيرة Wolmido. ال
تتألف قوة الهبوط من الكتيبة الثالثة ، مشاة البحرية الخامسة ، بقيادة المقدم روبرت
Taplett وتسعة M26 بيرشينج الدبابات من USMC 1st دبابة الكتيبة. قوات الجيش الشعبي الكوري كانت
فاق عددهم بشكل كبير وخسر أكثر من 200 رجل مقابل 14 ضحية بين الأمم المتحدة
القوات. تم أخذ Wolmido بالكامل من قبلهم في غضون ساعات قليلة.
حتى بعد هزيمتهم في الشاطئ الأخضر ، القيادة الكورية الشمالية تعتقد ذلك
كان هذا الهجوم تسريبًا وهبوطًا رئيسيًا كان يجري في كونسان. قليل جدا
قوات الجيش الشعبي الكوري كانت تدافع عن انشيون، و كان الهبوط في الأمم المتحدة في الشواطئ الحمراء والزرقاء ناجحًا
دون الكثير من الضحايا. الجيش الشعبي الكوري في 22 فوج المشاة ، الذي أحضر في البداية
للدفاع عن إنتشون ، وكان أمر بالانسحاب إلى سيول.
كان الهدف التالي من قوات الأمم المتحدة هو مسيرة في سيول واستعادتها في أقرب وقت ممكن.
في اليوم التالي ، التقسيمات البحرية الأولى والخامسة بدأت مسيرة نحو سيول. 17 سبتمبر
كان حتى نجاحا أكبر لقوات الأمم المتحدة. كانوا قادرين على هزيمة قوة الجيش الشعبي الكوري مقاومة
مسيرتهم نحو سيول ، وتدمير ستة دبابات تي 34 وقتل 200 رجل.
بعد ذلك كانت الفرقة البحرية الخامسة قادرة للقبض على مطار كيمبو في غاية الأهمية.
سابقا كان سلاح الجو الأمريكي يطير من اليابان لمهامهم. القبض على كيمبو
سمح لهم المطار باستخدام مطار داخل كوريا. منذ الجيش الشعبي الكوري لم يكن قادرا على تدمير
مطار كيمبو في الوقت المناسب ، وكان المطار في الغالب اليسار في براعة وجاهزة للاستخدام للأمريكيين.
جميع محاولات الجيش الشعبي الكوري لاستعادة كيمبو تم صد المطار.
حقيقة أن الجيش الشعبي الكوري ركزت في الغالب على بوسان محيط جعل الدفاع ضد أمريكا
الهبوط وراء خطوطهم ضعيفة نسبيا غير مستعد. ما يقرب من 7K قوات من
78 فوج المشاة المستقل و 25 كان لواء المشاة يدافع عن سيول
المنطقة ضد حوالي 40 ألف من قوات الأمم المتحدة ، عدد الذي أصبح ممكنا بسبب استمرار
هبوط القوات الأمريكية ، مثل 7 فرقة مشاة.
في 19 سبتمبر ، في المساء فوج المشاة الحادي والثلاثون من الفرقة السابعة
الاشتباك مع قوات الجيش الشعبي الكوري في ضواحي سيول. في 25 سبتمبر القوات الأمريكية
دخلت سيول. كان محصنا بشدة. ال كان على الأميركيين الانخراط في فرض الضرائب من منزل إلى منزل
القتال ضد قوات الجيش الشعبي الكوري ، الذين كانوا يدافعون بعنف. ومع ذلك ، بحلول 28 سبتمبر
كانت قوات الأمم المتحدة قادرة على هزيمة أي أعشاش المقاومة في سيول وتولى السيطرة الكاملة
حول المدينة. تكبدت قوات الأمم المتحدة أكثر من 500 خسارة
بين الهبوط في إنتشون وأخذ سيول ، في حين أن خسائر الجيش الشعبي الكوري كانت الطريق
أكثر أهمية في 35K. هزائم وأعقب الجيش الشعبي الكوري وتقدم كوريا الجنوبية
من مجازر Namyangju و Goyang koyang Cave ، فيها مئات المدنيين يشتبه في
قتل التعاطف الشيوعي من قبل الشرطة الكورية الجنوبية والميليشيات المحلية.
في وقت واحد تقريبا إلى الهبوط في إنتشون ، بدأت قوات الأمم المتحدة عمليات الاختراق
من محيط بوسان ، الذي دافعوا عنه بشراسة ، وترتبط مع القوى التي
هبطت في إنتشون. عشية الهجوم ، الذي تم إطلاقه في 16 سبتمبر ، المخابرات الأمريكية
يقدر أن الجيش الشعبي الكوري لديه 13 فرقة مشاة على الخط بدعم من 1 فرقة مدرعة و
لواءان مدرعان ، مع سلاح الجيش الشعبي الكوري النصف الجنوبي من الجبهة بعد 6 مشاة
الانقسامات مع دعم المدرعة – قوة من 47417 رجل ، والثاني فيلق على الشمال
والنصف الشرقي من الجبهة بعد 7 مشاة الانقسامات مع دعم مدرعة – قوة
من 54000 رجل. هذا جعل ما مجموعه 101417 جنود العدو حول محيط.
وقدرت تشكيلات الجيش الشعبي الكوري في متوسط ​​قوة 75 في المئة في القوات و
معدات. كان لدى قوات الأمم المتحدة 140 ألف رجل. الأمم المتحدة كانت الاستراتيجية للجيش الأمريكي الثامن وجيوش جمهورية كوريا
لاختراق محيط بوسان ودمج مع الوحدات التي هبطت حديثا من
السلك العاشر. الهجوم سيكون بقيادة فرقة مشاة الولايات المتحدة ال 24 ، مع 1st
انقسام الفرسان في العمق ، في حين أن 25 و 2 فرقة مشاة سوف تقدم من
اليسار وجمهورية كوريا الأول والثاني من السلك من اليمين. في 16 سبتمبر ، بدأ الهجوم.
كانت قوات الجيش الشعبي الكوري لا تزال قادرة على ذلك تقديم مقاومة قوية لقوات الأمم المتحدة.
استغرق الأمر 3 أيام بالنسبة لهم لإجبار Naktong النهر وجعل الكوريين الشماليين الانسحاب وراء
ذلك. حتى 19 سبتمبر كان هناك شجاع KPA المقاومة في كل مكان وليس مؤشرا
الانسحاب الطوعي ؛ عموما تقدم الأمم المتحدة كانت طفيفة واشترى فقط على حساب
قتال عنيف وخسائر عديدة. ثم في ليلة 18-19 سبتمبر ،
بدأت الانقسامات السابعة والسادسة للجيش الشعبي الكوري في الانسحاب في الجزء الجنوبي من الخط ، حيث هم
كانت بعيدة عن كوريا الشمالية. الفرقة السادسة تركت وراءها تأخير منظم وفعال بشكل جيد
الأطراف لتغطية عمليات السحب. في ال 19 من سبتمبر ، سقطت Waegwan إلى 5 RCT الولايات المتحدة ،
والقسم الأول لجمهورية كوريا في الجبال اخترقت شمال تايجو إلى نقاط وراء
خطوط الشعب KPA 1 و 13th. هؤلاء الانقسامات ثم بدأت الانسحاب.
بحلول 23 سبتمبر ، كانت قوات الجيش الشعبي الكوري تماما على الانسحاب بالطبع. الاخير
القوات الكورية الشمالية في كوريا الجنوبية لا تزال تقاتل هزم عندما الجنرال والتون ووكر
اندلع الجيش الثامن من محيط بوسان ، الانضمام إلى الجيش فيلق X في تنسيق
الهجوم على قوات الجيش الشعبي الكوري. من بين 70 ألف جندي من الجيش الشعبي الكوري حول بوسان ، المزيد
أكثر من نصفهم قتلوا أو أسروا. ومع ذلك، لأن قوات الأمم المتحدة قد ركزت على اتخاذ
سيول بدلا من قطع انسحاب الجيش الشعبي الكوري الشمال ، ما تبقى من 30000 جندي كوري شمالي
هرب إلى الشمال عبر نهر يالو. لكن الكوريين الشماليين عانوا عددا كبيرا
من الخسائر وخسر غالبية من الدبابات والمدفعية.
في 29 سبتمبر ، كوريا الجنوبية تم استعادة الحكومة في سيول. قواتهم
واصل تقدمه وذهب الماضي 38 موازية. حذرت الصين أنه إذا كانت الولايات المتحدة
القوات عبرت 38 موازية أنها سوف تدخل. ومع ذلك في 7 أكتوبر ،
سمحت الأمم المتحدة للقوات الأمريكية بالعبور في كوريا الشمالية.
بحلول 19 أكتوبر ، عاصمة كوريا الشمالية تم القبض على بيونغ يانغ من قبل قوات الأمم المتحدة. على
في 26 أكتوبر ، قامت الولايات المتحدة بالهبوط في Riwon و Wonsan ، ولكن كلاهما كان
اتخذت بالفعل من قبل الجيش الكوري الجنوبي. بواسطة ثم عانى الجيش الشعبي الكوري حوالي 200،000 رجل
قتل أو جرح ، ليصبح المجموع 335000 خسائر منذ نهاية يونيو 1950 ، و
قد فقدت 313 دبابة. كان الزخم بشكل حاسم على جانب
قوات الامم المتحدة. عدم القدرة على اختراق محيط بوسان ، يعاني الكثير من الضحايا
في محاولة للقيام بذلك ، وناجحة الأمريكية هبطت الهبوط في إنتشون مسار
الحرب الأهلية الكورية. لقد أصبح واضحا هذا فقط في حالة التدخل الأجنبي
يمكن أن تقدم قوات الأمم المتحدة يمكن أن يكون المتوقفة. صرح ستالين بوضوح تردده
لنشر القوات السوفيتية ، لكنه طلب ذلك أرسل الصينيون 5-6 فرق إلى كوريا.
سيثبت التدخل الصيني القادم لتكون قوة قوية بما فيه الكفاية لتحقيق الجمود
في الحرب الأهلية الكورية. حرب الرعد لديها تكرسانة لا مثيل لها من أكثر
من 1200 دبابة دقيقة تاريخيا ، الطائرات ، طائرات الهليكوبتر والسفن من 1930s إلى
1990s ، للعب في 80 ساحات القتال الرئيسية من
الحرب العالمية الثانية والحرب الباردة. دعم لدينا قناة والحصول على طائرة متميزة ، دبابة أو
سفينة وترقية حساب لمدة ثلاثة أيام باعتبارها مكافأة
عن طريق الضغط على الرابط في الوصف! نحن نخطط للحديث أكثر عن الكورية
الحرب على قناة الملوك والجنرالات وقناتنا الثانية "الحرب الباردة"
الرابط الذي يمكنك أن تجد في الوصف أو في الزاوية اليسرى العليا ، لذلك تأكد من ذلك
مشترك في كليهما. نود أن نعبر امتناننا لمؤيدي باتريون و
أعضاء القناة ، الذين يجعلون إنشاء مقاطع الفيديو لدينا ممكن. الآن ، يمكنك أيضا دعم
لنا عن طريق شراء البضائع لدينا عبر الرابط

LOVE ANTOSHA Trailer (2019) Anton Yelchin Documentary

LOVE ANTOSHA Trailer (2019) Anton Yelchin Documentary

From a prolific career in film and television, Anton Yelchin left an indelible legacy as an actor. Through his journals and other writings, his photography, the original music he wrote, and interviews with his family, friends, and colleagues, this film looks not just at Anton’s impressive career, but at a broader portrait of the man. Born in the former Soviet Union to a family of artists, Anton and his parents came to the U.S. when he was six months old. He started acting at nine. He had a genuine curiosity and love for people, for art, and for family. And a willingness to explore, and be open with, the darker parts of himself. Love, Antosha explores his successes and his struggles, and let’s viewers get to know this extraordinary person the world was cheated from seeing grow old.

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the thrill of making movies and studying characters and getting to work with people that you respect and admire is so far superior to everything else a mark at least for me you know it's how I how I think about things the actor Anton Yelchin is with me and you are shooting yet again something yeah it was like the first thing I consciously said to my folks I want to do this I want to make movies really the last number of years you've done so much next tonight here to the stunning death in Hollywood police are saying it appears to be a freak accident that killed the 27 year old actor the random events that had to occur for this to happen we're just can't act reasonably unfair my parents came to this country not knowing a word of English and just started to work my mom I owe her everything for believing in me he had a curiosity that with most people degrades over time I was so kind of baffled by how good he was I wanted to be better smarter cooler but couldn't even hang with him who he was as an artist was so far beyond acting because he could like do everything he started doing these photo shoots in the valley on the side I mean he was the kind of guy that did everything inside certain images I can't get out of my life for Chris Pine to be freaked out about what and I did mean things out there there's always a courage to go into the darker parts of himself we always confident that you have good enough to make it in the industry he was always going further than the rest of us I don't think he gave himself much of a break he was so intent to find situations that would challenge him I want to make things and I want to express a particular point of view that I have when he was little every day he would read cards dear mommy I love you so very much levantese it's no gifts there are the DOS

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The Twins That Were Cut In Half | Living Differently

Teenagers Kendra & Maliyah were born as conjoined twins, sharing a liver and only one kidney between them. They had life-threatening surgery to separate them when they were four years old, so they now live with one leg each. Although they remain very close, the girls admit they have totally different personalities and would have found it very difficult to have lived a conjoined life. We see how they face tough day-to-day challenges, and how they have started to overcome these to become an inspiration to others.

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Code Blue – Directed by Choke No Joke Streaming Now on Vimeo. Feature Film

Code Blue (Featured Film) Streaming now on Vimeo on Demand.

“Code Blue” is a feature length film depicting the lives of four childhood friends. Exposed to the grim elements of an inner-city life, where survival is most important. They enter the realms of peddling, corruption, and murder.

Directed by Choke No Joke
Producer – Arthur D. Alston III
Bionic Films
Choke No Joke Productions
Editor – Choke No Joke
Executive Producer – A Lee Lee

Starring JD Williams, Vincent Pastore, Sal Rendino, Chuck Zito, Gano Grills, Jade Yorker, Rell, Dennis L. White, Sundy Carter, Antwan Brown, and Choke No Joke.

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True Sight : The International 2018 Finals

TRUE SIGHT is a documentary series that takes you behind the scenes of the journeys of professional Dota 2 teams. This episode follows PSG.LGD and OG through the grand finals at The International 2018.

16支队伍为争夺1120万美元大奖展开角逐 Dota是个高强度心理博弈的游戏 它会把你最好和最坏的一面都暴露出来 胜负有时仅在是片刻之差 结果永远扑朔迷离 你尽可能把一切看作棋子 并尽可能地去掌握大局 谁最后赢得了心理层面的较量 谁就确保了系列赛的胜利 这就是取胜之道 要赢比赛就必须如此 只要突破了对手的心理
一切就变得如此简单 不过 有些对手很难击败 (观众欢呼) – [Chobra] Syn 你觉得这场重赛 两边水平差不多吗? – 当你看胜者组这边 我觉得LGD发挥好时会更厉害 我认为他们是这次的大热门 – [Godz]观众给予他们很大的鼓舞 他们不停地为LGD加油打气
并高呼聊天轮盘里的用语 这是一支寻求冠军的队伍 – [Sheever] fy曾经如此的接近冠军 – [Black] TI4之后他一直是公认为 四号位的魔术师 这个人就是 天赋及努力汇集一身的代表 – TI的决赛日 选手都必须要有好的发挥 Somnus他能够破坏OG的各种套路 PSG.LGD每个位置的个人能力都非常出众 – [Kaci] 你对于两队再次遭遇 是否有些独到的见解? 这支队伍 他韧性要比任何一支都强 对劣势局的处理
我觉得要比任何一支队都好 – [Trent]我们先来看下OG这边吧 – [Redeye]坦白说 开始时我以为OG会直接掉到败者组出局 – [Tobiwan]他们原有的阵容 被EG弄的四分五裂 – [Fogged] n0tail也换了位置 并成为了队长 还有教练转成选手 – 他大概是史上最强的教练 帮助OG夺的五届Major冠军 现在又以选手身份帮助队伍打到这个阶段 他们手忙脚乱地在最后关头才找到人手 他们招募了ana 还有Topson 我相信很多人会质疑 Topson是否有能力胜任 毕竟这是他第一个赛事 他之前从未获胜过 – 当你进到这BO5的决赛时 你知道会有许多 机会去尝试一些战术 如果有准备一些疯狂的战术 或是一些奇葩的想法 – [n0tail]噢 今天又穿运动裤了 – [Ceb]是的我想要舒服点 – 说真的兄弟 你也该去买这裤子 基本上就是运动裤 大家以为是牛仔裤 但其实不是 – 而且开赛前我还能跳跳舞 – [n0tail] 对啊 这裤子弹性真好 基本上就是运动裤 – 这真的很棒 超赞的 我喜欢 你觉得卓尔游侠怎么样
他们第二手有卓尔游侠 对的我们要ban卓尔游侠 我们可以把复仇之魂的ban
换成卓尔游侠 这样挺好的
然后我们第二手拿瘟疫法师 对的 这样他们就完了 – 用点力
– 用捶的兄弟
– 好啊 可以 有点难受啊 好像 – 唉
– 哎呦兄弟把你的腹肌给释放出来了 唉 感觉有点轻 – 真的啊?
– 怕你没吃饱
– 我操 我好饱 吃得好多 大哥 有点重 有点疼 – 疼就对了
– 对 兄弟你先别听音乐了吧 今天的挑战比较多 有摄像机在拍我们啊 什么的 我保证你们30秒内就会忘了这件事情 然后就彻底从我们脑海中消失了 我要说的是 坦白说 今天我们将陷入苦战 很有可能打满五场
跟昨天第三场一样 无论胜败 我都做好准备了 我也做好被3-0击败的准备 只要他们一开始就很强势 我们一定要反击 我们必须竭尽全力 比如ana的幽鬼 还有Topias的齐天大圣 无论怎样
今天一定会是很棒的一天 我以这个团队为荣 跟你们站在这里我感到很自豪 我也很期待接下来的比赛 一起加油 (扫描声音) – [n0tail]麦克风 – [工作人员]转过来 – [解说] n0tail的确是有几次 在TI是夺冠大热门 – [旁白]最终两支队伍 追逐最终的不朽盾 (观众欢呼) PSG.LGD – [观众] LGD、LGD、LGD、LGD、LGD、LGD – [旁白]对阵OG
– [Ceb]大爹 上啊 上啊 上啊 (观众欢呼) – [Ppasarel]是哪个肩膀 兄弟?
– 什么
– 是这个吗? (笑声) – 坦白说我不记得了 我觉得是这边吧
应该是这个 噢! 就是这里 – 你们现在把他们屏蔽了没?
– 进去屏蔽啊 屏蔽用户 那要打GG是不是看不见啊 等 就等基地爆呗 前一阵子我还在看ABC 看一些儿童节目 我现在竟然在这里了 好好打 不要给自己太大压力 我们已经成功地证明我们自己了 所以我们就多享受享受比赛吧 绝不手软 干翻他们 好的 Ceb 他们大概率要拿魅惑魔女 – 我们ban小精灵
– 好 – 小精灵 卓尔游侠 小小
– 是的 – 哎呦全被ban了
– 没英雄了啊兄弟 – 等一会你点Lich吧 – 对面教练拿张纸 所以他们要拿魅惑魔女跟撼地者 因为他们打赢我们的那场 以及打赢EG那场都是如此 要么是撼地者 幽鬼 或是 帕格纳 幽鬼 撼地者 幽鬼 – 撼地者 幽鬼?
– 后期够打不? – 后期 后期应该不够打
– 我去打幽鬼啊? 让我的大树上上主舞台吧 Topias都拿到他的猴子了
你要公平一点啊 – 我一急起来就会这样 – [Ceb]我一急起来就会这样 – 大树有可能三
– 他三号位啊 他三号位大树 – 让他们去厕所啊 – 好想尿尿啊 – 兄弟们记住 比赛没真正结束前都别放弃 肯定的 – [Ppasarel]千万千万别忘记这点 – 带起耳机了
– 祝你们好运 (观众欢呼) – [ODPixel]先生们女士们 Dota 2018国际邀请赛总冠军之战 – [Fogged] OG选了个团战非常强势的阵容 你们觉得这手劣势路大树拿的怎么样? 他的大树让我 不知道要该怎么评价 – Ceb 大树 我们稳了 – 兄弟们 干起来 (观众欢呼) – [ODPixel] 先手之后 残影也是放下来了 LGD在找一血 他们会找到的 (观众欢呼) 这大树在干嘛 – [Fogged] LGD现在完全把OG压着打 他们四散出击 并在每一路都打开局面 逼迫OG只能很被动地来应对 这也导致ana在对现期处于劣势 并完全无法找到空间来追经济 – 我现在不拿中塔我不动了
– 他中路在修 你中路一直在修 有没有人帮中啊 – [Ceb] 我马上就有树甲了
– 能不能干掉他 – 我拿到了鬼影 – [ODPixel] 他们正在准备让撼地者走上去放大 他们爆发够吗 ana带来了幽鬼之刃
输出够吗? – 再见了 废物 我操 日你妈 – [ODPixel] 查理斯还在跑 xNova 减速给到了Ceb 并开始放大 他们成功拿到人头
xNova尝试TP 但OG成功地拿下这两个人头 – [Fogged] 这已经非常赚了 这个塔对他们来说非常重要 特别对于幽鬼体系的阵容 一直修 他们 好乱好乱全是傻逼 把下塔撸了吧 – 可以打盾吗? – [Ceb]我们可以勾引他们再去 – 我觉得我们就直接打就可以了 – [ODPixel]看起来PSG.LGD终于 终于可以拿下这个下路一塔不过OG – 在打盾 在打盾
– 放魂我可以抢 放魂吗 他不好打 我们要避吗 – 就打盾 然后看我的 – [JerAx]风暴之灵来的时候我会晕他 – 风暴之灵马上就要滚过来了 – 准备好 他会滚进来抢盾 我准备这么打 – [n0tail]挡住他了 – [ana]我拿到了 – 我陨星锤砸到了两个
– 太强了 – 太棒了 (观众欢呼) 干翻你们 我日 – [ODPixel]撼地者回音击 跳进来控住 JerAx直接盯上了Ame Ame开了BKB 不过为时已晚 – [Ceb]我来抓他们俩个 – ana 我过来帮你补血 – 对xNova动手 ana现在还活着 他们拿到了双杀 并且用极寒之拥 救下了ana 寒冬诅咒挡下了查理斯的攻击 并且对fy动手了 他也走不了 ana拿到三杀 他是否能活下来 他往高地跑 直到现在都还活着 Ceb也给他上甲了 – 风暴之灵 风暴之灵死了 死了 – 太好了
– 太好了 好大声 我的 我的耳朵 – [观众] OG加油(掌声) – 没了
– 打不过了 – 下把
– 下把 下把 – GG (观众欢呼) 我操你妈 幽鬼这么屌 (观众欢呼) – 打幽鬼还是团要打得过他
– 幽鬼要ban一下 不然他妈逼纯送我操 – [Ceb]这魅惑魔女竟然想拿下塔 – 这太棒了
– 我的天啊 – 同组 如果你要去尿尿 ana 如果你要尿尿就快去
然后我们就去外面 – 厕所走起 – 打对面 对面阵容好赖皮啊
– 是啊他就修塔 然后给他加树甲
然后就在那喷 – 对啊
– 你妈逼
– 很赖的啊他们这个 – 多打一把 多打一把
– 真是日他妈
– 太鸡巴苟了 幽鬼ban了ban了 就是防守对不对 而且他路子太多了 大树这种你根本不知道 他就是 他就是打防守 – 要么ban 要么抢幽鬼呗
-ban了 ban了 他们在那边站了四分多钟 我们塔的防守能力真强 – [Ceb]他们一手拿风暴之灵 这就代表我们成功影响到他们的心态了 – [Ppasarel]他妈的现在是在发生啥事啊 – [n0tail]下路太棒了 – [ana]对啊 太爽了 魅惑魔女中单到风暴之灵 你有看到他们尝试多少次吗 – 他们四人集合推下路一塔 对吧
– 是的 我一过去对兵线扔个陨星锤 然后我就想 他们对上路有想法 不可能他们四个人 一个血魔在野区线上来回跑 有四个人盯着我 我锤了三波兵线 我就觉得 他们明显推不动了 这个气氛当然是有点凝重 当时来讲 就说是先选或后选 我们挑 后选 如果我还要后选他可能会变
他可能是把东西ban了 他一手抢牛头 然后我要先选的话 就是我自己拿幽鬼或者牛头 – 我们上次一选幽鬼是被拍拍打的
– ban拍拍啊 跟他们就不玩幽鬼吧
我们核还是早点出吧 对吧 没问题啊 ban了 ♪ That's the way, uh
huh, uh huh, I like it ♪ – 我们等好久了啊 我们
我们 已经
已经 到了
到了 极限
极限 我们已经到了极限
我们已经到了极限 对的 (笑声) 我们已经到了极限 上来赢一把的都输了好吧 [工作人员]准备好了 选手们 准备好了 走吧 来了来了 (观众欢呼) 我们可还没有获胜 他们一定会奋战到底 不会给我们任何机会 他们豁出去了 这些家伙都打得非常狠 他们很强 我们也很强 今天我们也绝不让步 – [Black]他们让教练来拿阵容
– 是的 – 这样减少了选手的压力
– 是的 – [Chobra]是的 这样更加系统化 无论是BP 还是游戏内 – [BSJ]如果LGD能够解决自己 往后拖就打不过的状况 这样会迫使OG改变打法 – 我们刚才自己阵容搭配合理就赢了
– 对 先选打这个队的中单是真的烦 打这个队 打起来还是不能急 就搞 然后买活 然后打团 我觉得一选天涯墨客好了 终极龟缩战队 OG [BSJ]上来先ban幽鬼 [Trent]把他ban掉 – 这改变了一切
– 这改变了一切 他们可以ban直升机 不他们不能 – 他们不能
– 你说得对 – [Ceb]他们必须要ban 他们完了 – 你说得对
– 他们失误了 他们真的想太多了 我有点可怜他们 随便吧 我才不可怜他们 他们喜欢苟 我就把那些苟的搞了 噢 到我们牛魔王了 – [Fogged] fy撼地者 – [Synderen]fy拿这个英雄时 LGD的战绩是6:0 这手英雄他们拿得非常舒服 我觉得我们这把可以选祈求者 – [Ceb]是吗 打他们三个英雄都好打 – [Ceb]祈求者跟直升机配起来效果很好 超赞的 – [解说]祈求者 – [March]我都把他忘了 – [Black] Topson的祈求者
我们是怎么忘掉的 非常独特 他直接出卡尔 – 卡尔
– 中单想要出什么 打这两个核 昆卡 [ODPixel]感觉LGD这边的阵容 – 比较稳 这个阵容比较合理
-是的 – [Fogged]虽然我觉得昆卡选得非常好 我个人觉得对线期 对OG来说是个隐患 兄弟们这场比赛非常好 中路过来杀他 卡尔是头猪 兄弟们 兄弟来了 – [ODPixel]直接动手 fy漂亮地先手帮忙击杀了Topson (观众欢呼) ok 今天运气可以 好吧 这傻逼什么情况 这卡中路玩不了了 Topson不停地在跑了
不过一道道彩虹还是追着他 – 祈求者要完了
– 我的天 查理斯占了上风 隐身了 可能要打了
很有可能要打了 – 噢噢噢 查理斯
– 撒粉? – 粉粉粉
– 我撒粉了 (观众欢呼) 想找查理斯 fy开大 把Topson困在一旁 帮助Ame拿到双杀
并让Somnus清掉第三个 Ceb想要逃离 不过走不掉了
Ame拿到三杀 OG完全无法正面打团 – 牛逼 兄弟
– 妈了个逼敢跟我们打 – 天啊
– 不会又来了吧 – 身上有粉
– 他的粉已经准备好了 [ODPixel]吹风完全吹错方向 然后Somnus的二连放出来了 这傻逼手忙脚乱 Topson也走不了了 不断地被Somnus的昆卡击杀 LGD的优势持续扩大 飞机好像下去了 我能留飞机 我能留飞机 – [Merlini]船长有标记吗? – Somnus上了
– 标记到了 – [ODPixel]标记到了
他要被拉回来了 ana完全无法逃脱 Somnus七杀一死六助攻 持续扩大优势到一万三的经济 塔在中 鸡能控了 – 我 水水他
– 马上到 Topson想要接一套技能 – 不过标记
– 不过标记 Somnus的船长又来了 两个近战兵营都被拿下了 中路及下路的兵营 下路是彻底告破 PSG.LGD优势扩大到两万五 操 好吧 – 喊 GG
– 是的 – 看起来是这样了
– 是的 – GG
-下一把吧 – [Ceb]没事 我们准备下一场吧 – [Chobra] PSG.LGD和OG 分析席上有SVG MSS 苟不住了他们 苟不住了 妈了个逼让他苟 反正让他苟来了 – 苟不住了
– 苟不住了
– 有没有人要口香糖的 [n0tail]没事 – [Topson]感觉挺糟的 感觉挺糟的 什么 什么意思 其实我刚刚还可以的
只对线上都出问题了 边路也是 他们取得三路优势 所以刚刚真的很难打 – [Topson]真心难打 – [SVG]刚刚是Somnus、M的秀 主宰了中路
然后转移到其他线上 带领队伍打赢团战
船长成型很快 – [Nahaz] 他打乱了 OG所有布局 – 已经有两次
– 大哥呢 – 耍一个
– 需要一个
– 补两拳 妈了个逼啊大哥 – 谢谢你啊 大哥
– 没事没事 迟到了 不给他们这个了 怎么那么贱啊 对面 – [Chobra] LGD的fy状态也上线 你会如何比对这两人 fy提供了哪些优势 Ame表现非常好 并且很多职业选手都说过 Ame就是我们想找的选手 对吧 他可能是本届赛事最强的选手 刚刚第三场的数据也很惊人 (观众欢呼) 先选才是王道啊光头 真的吗 我们后选赢了先选输了 [Chobra]第三场 OG要试着找回自己的节奏 毕竟他们第二场遭受了PSG.LGD无情地摧残 – 他们再次ban了幽鬼
– 把幽鬼从比赛中移除 – [MSS] 他们完全不想面对这个英雄 完全能理解这个做法 – 对面ban牛头吧
– ban什么 我说对面如果聪明点会ban牛头 – 那选蚂蚁吧
– 蚂蚁吧 我蚂蚁不怕他打啊 啊 这是啥情况 拿陈和幻影长矛手 – 好啊
– 好啊 – [Ceb]陈和猴子 并且没有撼地者 干起来 ana的幻影长矛手 兄弟们 在主舞台上登场 他们完全蒙了
不知道要怎么选人了 他们不知道要拿什么了
他们完全没预料到我们会这样选 他们现在肯定很困惑 开启我的死亡凝视状态 上把是不是应该没死亡凝视了是吧 凝了一下 (敲桌子) 复仇之魂打幻影长矛手 没救了 当那个 战术本 本 本 这狗逼东西直接拿了本小本子在那边看 操你妈的 操你妈的 – 炼金术士 风暴之灵 拉席克
– 我们ban拉席克和风暴之灵 – 我也觉得
– 我们可以干炼金 因为我们最少有两手可以针对他 – 是的
– 完全正确 又来了 又来了 直接比了个手势 如果他们想打优势路蚂蚁
我现在就拿小强 – 然后就GG了
– 是的 直接比了个这个手势 我都看瞎了 妈了个逼 他们大爹笑得好开心 – 选什么
– 想一下 – 这把先出四吧
– 凤凰啊 (观众惊呼) – 凤凰
– 有点意思 [SVG] 要记得凤凰这个英雄 如果是四号位的话 他的蛋就没有那么重要 因为这个英雄的
其他技能也是超强的 他有个加金钱的天赋
一个高伤害兼治疗的技能 而且都是远距离释放的技能 这些技能操作空间很大 很多时候根本不需要靠大招来赢得团战 因为这英雄本身就能造成很高的伤害 (观众欢呼) – [ODPixel] Ame对Ceb施放了虫群 他不会往前扑 因为他知道JerAx的光击阵有CD 中路就如同我们一开始看到的 Topson延续着他的优势 他想要报上一把的一剑之仇 第二把是Somnus占优 这次则是轮到Topson掌控局面 我要去打野了 要不你去中 – 那我怎么说
– 你去中吧 我们绕后再动吧 他没眼 这个那个什么网怪去中了 网怪去中了要干你 中路n0tail要被烫死了 fy也过来了 – [Merlini]两个野怪也要被烫死了 他在中路拿到非常多的经验 – [ODPixel]现在JerAx 噢 他扑得有点深 把火女光击阵甩到Ame身上 不过凤凰的烈日炙烤烧直接带走了他 (观众欢呼) n0tail同时也被干掉了 在下路同时 这凤凰能救吗 fy凤凰化身超新星 他们打得很快
应该可以杀他 时间到了
他们打不掉 fy超新星成功地磐涅重生 他一个人在戏耍对方三人 JerAx尝试着TP回家
不过在家里被烫死了 fy先杀了JerAx然后紧接着又收掉了Ceb 天啊fy – 啥情况 这水人什么臭逼啊 跑不掉跑不掉 – [ODPixel]他转身晕了查理斯 不过查理斯吃了奶酪
Topson上高了 尝试着TP 不过烈日炙烤来了 Somnus 跳过去 拿到击杀 – 很棒 – [Merlini]我觉得这应该是 我看过最厉害的凤凰发挥了 他不断在整张图不停地制造混乱 上高了吧 我有A杖的 – 我有买活
我可以对他造成威胁 我们要动手吗 他们要上高了 – 凤凰在这里 我们可以杀他
– 他们散得很开 – 我觉得杀不死 我们需要找个办法跟他们打 – Topson
他们在中路又死了一个 fy直接中路开启了烈日炙烤 Topson还要100秒才能复活而且买活CD 然后Somnus 他冲过去强追 – 对面有点不好冲
– 回来回来 下来下来 其实 基地好吗? (观众吸气) 凤凰在对方基地施放超新星 他们想打掉这个蛋 来得及吗 来不及
他们打不掉 – [ODPixel]他们无法把太阳打下来 – 拆塔拆塔 兄弟们 别A人了
– 三杀三杀 他们推倒了王座 他们打赢了第三场 牛逼 – [观众] LGD、LGD、LGD、LGD、LGD、LGD – [Ceb]没事的兄弟们 – [ana]没事的 别介意 – 你说啥
– 不重要 – [n0tail]不不不 不重要 – [Ceb]此刻我们要稳住 – [n0tail]是的我们就一场一场来 (观众欢呼) – [粉丝]你们可以的 你们可以拿下接下来的两场 干死他们 你可以的 (警报声) – [n0tail]没事的 (警报声) 直接处刑 下一把后选 他们没幽鬼抢牛我们怕吗 – [Ppasarel]没事的兄弟们
就当这是BO3的第一场 – 我们已经没有退路了 我们知道会遇到考验 绝对是严峻的考验 现在这形势对我们来说有点严峻 不过我们会一起克服困难的 在这之前都太顺了 我们一开始就知道会是很困难的一场系列赛 我们都预料到比赛会很艰苦
系列赛会很胶着 欢迎来到这最困难的一步 我们都知道可能就剩一场比赛了
不过这都不重要 我们要享受接下来的比赛
并赢下这场比赛 然后再赢下一场
这就是接下来会发生的事 我们遇到了困境 学会接受并拥抱它 – 是 我们知道他们的套路 我们只需要把我们想做的做出来就好了 如果下把结束 上去了记得把衣服脱了 – 脱了
– 外面这件要脱 大哥 你妈逼说这种话要出事情的 – [Godz]这场较量的每位选手 都打出了超高水平 叫fy god是有原因的 他的凤凰能1v3然后拿到双杀 – 这会影响到他们吗?
– Ame拿到他的装备 – [Nahaz]然后凤凰的作用 在对线时就已经很疯狂了 团战也是令人叹为观止 完全秀了冰龙和火女 我认为很适合他们刚刚的阵容 – 走吧
– 好的 – [粉丝] Go OG
兄弟们 这场是属于我们的 这场是我们的 – [Chobra] OG现在已站在悬崖边上 仅剩一场就会输掉这次总决赛
PSG.LGD则仅需要一场 就可以举盾了 两队都非常渴望
没什么可以阻挡他们 成为这次TI的冠军 – 这有点奇怪 他们自己ban掉了撼地者 我有点看不懂
– 对啊 我猜他们是想要让比赛公平一点吧 毕竟我们现在落后一场 他们把机会给我们 拱手送给我们 – 我完全看不明白 – 拿下这场吧 – [Nahaz]不 他们要拿小精灵 (观众吸气) – 噢 一手针对 非常担心小精灵配飞机 – [Nahaz]这个队伍现在按着自己的节奏走 才会在第一阶段拿水人 – [JerAx]我们拿幻影长矛手 – 对的 幻影长矛手
拿幻影长矛手 – 他们在坑自己啊 拜托我们别这样输给他们 – [n0tail]确定再次拿幻影长矛手 – 幻影长矛手
– 干起来 – 我们不会输给这种东西
– 干起来吧 (观众吸气) – 还当我这个是沉默加牛头啊 – 他可能冰雷卡
– 又冰雷卡 又冰雷卡 – 想打什么就拿什么 – 我很想打祈求者
– 这把很适合 – 你说你很喜欢祈求者 – 对的 也喜欢磁暴 – 给这位仁兄拿祈求者吧 – [Godz]非常喜欢这手 给Topson 他的代表性英雄之一 让他玩他最擅长的英雄 – [Chobra]很高兴他们这么有自信 并没有让上一场击垮他们 他还敢选冰雷卡吗 我觉得不敢了吧 – 已经选出来了
– 啊 不是他这把可能是这么配的啊
他是正常保猴子然后精灵保人马 – 我想要半人马 打水人非常强 他完全无法应付半人马的眩晕 有点像斧王对吧 感觉不是很好打人马 – 他们ban了半人马 – 斧王这场应该蛮好的 对上魅惑魔女可以去断兵线 然后斧王打可以打水人 – 这主意不错 – 这场很适合拿斧王 – Ceb斧王
– 好的 – Ceb帕克 帕克Ceb?
– 你会看到的 你会被吓到的 – 这是什么英雄啊
– 我想一下噢 – 斧王
– 他妈逼当我海民 海民王的面 选了个斧王 – 什么意思是吧
– 不太懂我操 – 他们是否可以成功 拿下比赛夺得TI冠军 我们再次看到
OG又做出一些不同的尝试 我们看到了斧王 一个基本上没人玩的英雄 不过他们却选出来了 在可能是他们TI总决赛最后一场比赛拿出来了 – [Fogged]这个英雄真的现在不常见 因为他发育需要时间 – [Ceb]我一开始就要去断兵线 – 要不要考虑先学饥渴 不不不 – 我觉得你还是去断兵线吧 – 我去拿
如果他们输的话就炸了 相信我 – 我们都相信你的 – 是的
-简单 – [Ceb]这场比赛是属于我的 – [ODPixel]上路fy海民扔出碎片 把JerAx和n0tail困住了 – 中路!
的确是中路 Somnus冲塔强追Topson
他有急速冷却 (观众欢呼) – 我去 – 坚强点兄弟
– 我等下连你 – [Ceb]放心我会摧毁他的
我会摧毁他 操这逼斧王直接开始断兵 中路我来了 – [Fogged]我觉得Topson在这路已经呆不下了 如果他们能再次瞬秒祈求者 特别是在他刚复活传中路 – [ODPixel] Topson TP中路 酒仙元素分离已经准备好了 选择对塔下的Topson动手 Topson现在就需要有人来帮他 他是否能够成功逃脱 – 很棒 – 我的天啊 – Topias别放弃 坚强点 我们等下会来干的
你别担心 我等下会灭了他 – [Fogged] Topson估计现在只能去打野了 去野区追一下等级
他现在四级了 – [Fogged]我的天啊 – [ODPixel]这场压力都在Ceb身上了 他在下路发育得很好 等级也上来了 经济也排名第一 马上就要有跳刀了 而且还有个治疗指环 – 要封野吗我们
– 我已经封他大野了 妈逼啊这斧王 -没事吧
– 海民也来下把这个斧王杀了吧 – 还是要保 – 我直接T了 直接T了
– 小心点你们 TP来到了下路 Somnus想要尝试施放割裂 Ceb他正好在这里发育 这给了Somnus拉近距离的机会 他们要打下路 – [ODPixel]他还是很肉 – 刚TP来的
但他够肉吗? – 我没法治疗你
– 有天火吗? – [Topson]有 – 好的 就是现在天火 – [ODPixel]嘲讽接天火 Ceb这一斧子挥了出来 雪球来得太晚了而JerAx 斧王 他们要开始反打了 斧王这么厉害吗 祈求者有天火的 你们小心点 – 他们两个都被我减速了
– 天火 天火 – [ODPixel]他们紧追不舍 但是伤害够吗? 淘汰之刃正好完成击杀 他被秒了 Somnus杀了回来 但是Ceb 跳刀切入 狂战士之吼 – [Topson]有人一起吃圣坛吗 – [Ceb]他们藏在兵线后面 – 他们要围绕着下路符打 我们能接吗 – [Ceb]可以 你还有天火吗 – [Topson]没TP 但我有天火 – [ODPixel]这波是在勾引 狂战士之吼 嘲讽住两个 Ceb跳刀切入 天火砸下 人马的晕眩 都是操作 – 把他打趴下 – [ODPixel]他们现在有了74%的胜率 – [JerAx]我会带着你去下路 Ceb我带着你去下路
– 我想要推中塔 – 我想带你去下路 我们可以包抄他们 看好这波 – 有天火吗 – 有 – 天火好了
– 天火 天火 – [ODPixel]依旧是下路 Ceb 抓住了打开局面的机会 – 推中 推中 – [ODPixel]在野区里发现了目标 Ceb 7-0-4的斧王 – [Fogged] OG三四个人小规模抱团 而Topson已经完全把经济补上来了 – 加把劲伙计们 看看中路 来送人头了 – [Fogged]他们想要更进一步 没能吼到
– 我失误了 我的 唉 吼空了 我马上活 中路可以打这波 – 这波他们要接 注意看好了 先撤回来 他们想打 – [ODPixel] fy上勾拳把Topson打飞了起来 JerAx羁绊过来支援 但是Somnus的输出足够了 他们围攻JerAx
Somnus拿下三杀 说不定还能再多一个 ana现在孤身一人 他的神行百变还有一秒钟的冷却时间 但是血祭的时间能跟上吗 没有 他神行百变摆脱了危机 转攻查理斯 用灵魂之矛带走了他 ana还在奋战 用神行百变 挣脱了晕眩 ana试图用幻影冲锋逃出升天 但是Somnus紧追不舍 他身上的净魂之刃 fy的冰片 好的 我们就别打斧王啊 打中期 把后排切了 我们不被吼两个随便打好吧 被吼的话就海民能救 – [Fogged] LGD惊人的翻盘 – [ODPixel]两边都开了雾 LGD绕了一圈 – 你们得先上 我会看情况切入 – 这波团战他们如果要接下场会很惨 唉 斧王 斧王 斧王 他打不死我 – [ODPixel] OG在关键时刻插下了眼 这个视野帮助Ceb完成了切入 fy赶到战场用雪球救下了队友 队友都活了下来 现在他们冲向了Ceb – 干得好 – [ana]你们是认真的吗 – 我要死了 有人能帮一手吗 – [Topson]我不知道我还能做些什么 我没有买活 现在情况有点糟
– 真是 – 时机太差了 – [ODPixel] fy的救人带着队友挣脱了连招 – [Fogged]那个关键的雪球 在那之前OG的先手看起来是完美的 但是fy对他们说了声不 – 没事 总会有不走运的时候
冷静下来 – [JerAx]我准备好了 – 就让他们赢下那波团好了 没什么大不了的 我去装蠢 他们开雾了吧 – [ODPixel]中路 他们能够取得先手吗 ana先把自己露了出来 看我一下 海民 ana被集火了 Topson
从战场的侧面切入 漂亮的连招
但fy又一次的雪球 – 他快死了 血魔要死了 – [JerAx]买活 – 血魔买活了 我们要收一收吗 他们投入全部兵力了 他们想要死战 我们先撤 – 我走不了
– 我可以走 但是ana不行 – [ODPixel]他用神行百变 跳上了高地
但是Somnus 已经在那里准备好收割了 – [Fogged]他们两个死了而且没有买活 他们有80秒的复活时间 (观众欢呼) – [ODPixel]现在局势已经回到了五五开 PSG.LGD拿下这场比赛就能够夺冠 而他们在第四场比赛里已经占得了先机 打开了中路的缺口 并且拿下了中路兵营 – [Fogged]他们还要继续推进 – [ODPixel]上路的这些兵营也会倒下 近战兵营倒下了 猴子被我留到了 不管他 不管他 拆就行了 PSG.LGD现在打得很谨慎 他们20秒活了 回去打盾吧要不 打盾 打盾 打盾 走了 走了 走了 稳一点 稳一点 他们要来的好吧 这波我有买 他们都没买 – [Crowd] OG回家 OG回家 – 巨牙海民这波不在 我们可以接 – 我要先手了 我觉得这波是机会 – [Ceb]没错 我们应该接 当心斧王 当心斧王 斧王被我大了 斧王被我大了 – [ODPixel]打开了BKB去跨过冰墙 他们包围了Ceb
Ceb陷入了危机 他倒下了 – 我没买活 – 打死了 打死了
– 斧王死了 先杀小精灵 先杀小精灵 – [ODPixel] JerAx又回来了 这套连招 火球砸向查理斯
但是他很肉 激活了希瓦的守护 他们找到了JerAx ana也被包围了 他能够反击吗 – [Merlini]他在尝试逃脱 – [JerAx]我有买活 – 你必须买活 幻影长矛手没有买活 – 去圣坛集合
– 我们需要治疗幻影长矛手 – [ODPixel]来自JerAx的买活 他把ana的血抬起来了 这个买活让他们有了击杀xNova的机会 魅惑魔女中了急速冷却 他们找到了目标 Ame他的魔法值空了 他开始转力量 但是他被包围了 OG
他们能带走变体精灵吗 他们可以 – 处理兵线
– ana快来 – 我们需要处理兵线 – [ODPixel]Ame直接选择了买活 – [Fogged] OG需要做得事情太多了 他们要处理所有的兵线 你可以看到n0tail已经跑了出来 他根本不在乎 即便是付出了生命的代价 他需要让这些小兵远离基地 这样才能够保护塔防机制
他自己死了根本无所谓 有视野啊 我们可以过去打先手 随便打的 对面买了一万个 – 找猴子 找猴子
– 上路只有一个猴子 – 他们要上高了 他们现在有了一个大问题
幻影长矛手25级了 别急啊 我不在 先走 先走 先走 走吧 走吧 走吧 我需要你们挺住 在这里接住这波团战 – 没错 我们必须上 – [JerAx]我们有机会抓住他 – 没错 我想要主动进攻 – 他跟魅惑魔女聚在一起 – [ana]我会露头 你把握机会 – [ODPixel]飓风找到了她 Topson在她身上打了一套连招 但是人马断了一手 这波要反打
好在JerAx就在旁边 有羁绊和治疗 重击敲了出来 Ceb已经 提前把刃甲开了出来 他想要放出狂战士之吼
毁天灭地看起来也不够 – [Ceb]我可以买活 我买活了 – [ODPixel]fy被血棘沉默了 他们击杀了fy
但fy直接买活 ana又一次用神行百变贴近Somnus Ame正在集火Topson Topson就要 – [Ceb]我马上可以切入 我抓住他们了 – [ODPixel] Ame想要反打 但是狂战士之吼 Ceb他抓住了Ame Ame两分钟不能复活 羊刀 他们也击倒了Somnus OG!
– 漂亮 – [Ceb]直接推 他们没有买活 – [ODPixel] OG拿下了下路近战兵营 他们拿下了第二路的兵营 对LGD而言 痛苦的十五秒钟 – 我们现在撤退还是 – ana你说了算
– 上路 推上 – [ODPixel]另一座三塔倒下了 我准备大 我大了你踢他 ana被踢了进去 他跟队伍分开了
但他还可以神行百变 他被割裂了
他需要帮助 现在就要 JerAx羁绊连了上来 还有上帝之手的双重治疗 降临也跟上了 JerAx救下了他 – [n0tail]我要先解决这些 你们得守住家 – ana你想要降临回对面基地吗 你在开玩笑吗?
– 走开 – [JerAx]再见 他们少人 蹲人 可以蹲 蹲得住 唉 紧点紧点 – 卡尔
– 卡尔 卡尔 买活的 – [ODPixel]他们发现了Topson 但是Topson手速很快 吹风 磁暴 急速冷却 他释放了妖术 但是也不会再上前 (观众欢呼) – [Fogged] ana出现在了上路 他们在为上路拉扯 – 活下来
– 赶紧跑 – [ODPixel]他们拿下了超级兵 我们得买个雾莽过去啊 不然这样打肯定没了 不然控个盾 小精灵还能飞的 现在压力不是很大 我下路放个技能准备出去吧 去那边找他们吧 找他们 找他们 – 他们要防守超级兵
他们必须回撤 我们能拖住吗 – 这边有人 这边有人
– 就他 就他 他斧王不在 他很勉强 – 真假美猴王
– Ame还有ana 他们开始发起了进攻 Ame
想要抓住ana 查理斯开启了BKB
他把元素分离放了出来 n0tail直接被fy给带走了 再加上雪球 n0tail已经死透了 但是fy的雪球
救下队友 他们开始反击了 Somnus找到了小精灵 他们击倒了Topson – 斧王呢
– 斧王在下 – 发生了什么
– 只剩下了ana 他能幸存下来吗 ana他办得到吗 他只剩下半条命了 Ceb!
– Ceb跳吼 – [ODPixel]他完成了他这辈子最精彩的狂战士之吼 (观众欢呼) – 我的天 这个吼
这个吼太精彩了 – 别 我们直接打肉山
你可以直接去打 – ana你知道什么时候他割裂你了吗 这样如果你被动手的话 我就能降临带你离开了对吧 ana?
– 你说什么 – 你被割裂的时候要告诉我
然后我可以降临带你走 – 没问题 – [JerAx]这就是我
接下来我唯一关心的点 – 我的意思是
我已经不知道到底都发生了什么了 我都看不到我自己的英雄了 (笑声) 我这里拼死一搏赚吗 – [Ceb]我觉得可以
至少我们要逼出几个买活 然后我们再全身而退 – 当我们55对垒的时候 我们要拉长战线
-他们处理不了超级兵 – 我们只需要在他们的基地里
慢慢拉扯打团就可以了 – [ODPixel] ana觉得是时候了 – 杀了他们也行 – 听你的
– 听你的 – [Fogged]遗迹要倒下了 (观众欢呼) – 兄弟 我可太喜欢这个游戏了 – [JerAx]他们只需要一把蝴蝶 – [n0tail]哎呀呀 这都是什么 – [Topson] Ceb这场比赛你太Carry了 – [n0tail] Ceb 老兄 – 在危险的边缘试探
– 在边缘试探 (观众欢呼) – 好了 今天的最后一场比赛 (大笑) (观众欢呼) – [粉丝]你们能做到的 (大笑) – 发生了什么
– 我的天 (尖叫) 你说过 我们赢了 没错 我们赢了 现在只剩下第五场 现在我们要以团队获得胜利 能不能别这么选呀 不能这么选了 水人有啥用啊 这么选不是喝汤吗 你又不知道对面选什么 打得我头晕脑胀 – 我的天 – 缓一缓 享受一下 顺便一说 我们还有十五分钟 – 享受一下刚才的喜悦 – 15分钟?
– 没错 – 享受胜利 – 因为最后一场比赛 对我们至关重要 – 这是我们一生梦寐以求的比赛
要享受 第五局TI的决胜局 这就好像 所有的一切在下一场比赛里
都会融汇在一起 会是一场漂亮的比赛 破完两路你们那个盾团 在外面等 是不是有个人不在啊 啊 刚破完两路 刷盾了 然后你们没打盾 在那边等 是不是我们有个大哥不在啊 – 我想打
我想打Dota – 没错 – 鼓起劲 – 我们能做到的 我们可以 – 你无所不能 你已经证明了 你无所不能 – 我们一起做到 今天是我们的幸运日 我现在可以告诉你
他们的策略 如果我们在中路不选特别克制他们的英雄 然后没在4分钟里反补20个兵 他们10分钟就会把我们击溃 我们就没法打 他们就是这种策略 去他们的 他们不会如意的 首先 我们可以在BP的时候想办法 其次 他们想什么都不重要 刚才的比赛已经证明过了 我觉得他们真的很迷茫 他们只想去针对Topias 然后确保Maybe有一个发挥的舞台 让Topias很难发挥出来 因为他们觉得只能这样他们才能赢 我是这样看的 首先 他们不是只有这一个办法赢 然后 我们也不会让他们赢的 我们要进攻 进攻 再进攻 – [n0tail]你们注意到没有 这场决赛我的Dota打到1万5千小时了 – [Ceb]这样创纪录太强了 – [n0tail]1万5千小时 不管他们打了多久 我都打得更久 该登场了 – [Ceb]他们已经感到了压力 精神都还好吧 最后一盘 反正猴子 幽鬼都不给他 – 最后一程了
– 最后一程 – 搞定他们 (观众欢呼) – 好了 决战时刻 – [Ceb]他们已经开始害怕了 别想前面的了 我们正常跟他们打 他们应该不是我们对手 好吧 只要阵容正常点 BO1 – [Chobra]先生们女士们 我们现在 来到了TI8的最后一场比赛 最后一次BP 最后一次对决 然后将有新的冠军 新的战队 走向不朽之盾 在温哥华这里的现场将它捧起 (观众欢呼) – 不管结果如何
我都为我们自豪 这一路走来 这些都是我们应得的 我们靠自己走到总决赛最后一场 我们要享受比赛 要团结在一起 输在一起 赢在一起 一起抗敌 一起抗敌 一起抗敌 现在就上吧 来吧 – [JerAx]众志成城 – [OG] OG! 我ban了幽鬼 猴子 – 他们把幻影长矛手ban了
– 把幻影长矛手ban了 – 还有幽鬼 那我应该要把卓尔游侠给ban了 我可以ban小鹿 然后他ban精灵我拿牛头 – 他不ban精灵呢
– 他肯定不ban精灵啊 放牛头 就牛头呀 牛魔王来了 – [Trent]迄今为止7战全胜的撼地者 – [Synderen]这意味着比赛胜负已定了吗 – [Chobra]所以说是迄今为止 如果按数据来看 那么比赛已经结束了 因为这个撼地者还没败过 – 我想选先知
– 可以 – 那之后我们跟着选些什么呢 – 能够针对撼地者的英雄 – 拉比克是我能想到的最能针对他的英雄 – 我觉得你说的对 我不确定
-可以选 我觉得不错 – 谁说得清呢 已经是TI决赛了 – 选出来吧 如果你对拉比克有自信 我们就给你选这个拉比克 – 轻轻松松
– 好的 偷你的板 拉比克先知是吧 沉默保TB也能保啊 拉比克先知不厉害 沉默后面也能保的 TB了啊 他先知如果是3打TB没啥用的 – 就是他了
– 恐怖利刃 – 我们打过这种对局 我们轻松取胜 还记得吗 – 你觉得灰烬之灵现在还强势吗 – [Ceb]要看你怎么料理他们 – 斯拉克 嘿嘿 – 选灰烬之灵
– 还是灰烬之灵 – 就选灰烬之灵 我相信你的操作 火…火猫 又开始鳖起来了 Buff加无影拳呗 火猫 猛犸 – 就船长吧 怎么样
-船长 ban大圣 – 船长怎么样
-可以啊 – 那对线昆卡我们想选什么 – 我觉得莉娜或者宙斯吧 – [n0tail]哪一个 你现在最想选哪一个 – 我不知道 – 不管选什么 都要能用来击垮他们 – 我觉得我更偏向宙斯 – [n0tail]我们要选宙斯吗 伙计们 – 选什么都可以
– 我们可以做到的 – 我赞成 300%赞成
– 宙斯 宙…宙斯 我蝙蝠 coco 加油 – 我们准备好了 兄弟们 – 没错
– 准备好很久了 – [ODPixel]先生们女士们 男孩们女孩们 TI8总决赛第五场比赛
PSG.LGD对阵OG 一切都从这里开始 – [Merlini] LGD有很多可以反打的可能 枷锁 沟壑 回音击 尤其是全领域静默 中路我来了 使劲干宙斯吧 你直接板他就行了 两级板是吧 – [Fogged] Topson在中路站位稍微有些深了 – 我在往下走
– 撼地者在中路 – [Fogged]撼地者身上的鞋 – [ODPixel]他们可以用沟壑追上Topson 接上标记和洪流 我买三个眼啦 你可以尽量补这些地方 上符 上符 上符 – [Fogged] fy马上就可以 出到秘法鞋了 而JerAx现在 遇到了些麻烦 – 我有举 我可以举他 发生了什么 – [ODPixel] fy再跟上一记强化图腾 (观众欢呼) – 我来了 我来了
– 猛犸在后面 – 撼地者在往下走 – 我没问题
– 好的 – [Fogged] Ceb现在有了大问题 – [ODPixel]没错 对手已经 在树林里找他 fy早就就位了 等着他落网 – [Merlini]他完完全全锁死了对手 – [Fogged] fy无处不在 – [ODPixel] fy这一把跳刀 出得非常快 – [Fogged]加上秘法鞋 这是我见过的最快的跳刀出炉了 唉 这里有个拉比克 我来了 我来了 – [ODPixel] PSG.LGD准备拿下另一颗人头 他们在追猎JerAx和宙斯 与此同时上路 查理斯击垮了ana 这些击杀优势慢慢开始累计了起来 – [Merlini] fy刚才的走位 堪称完美 OG还需要更多时间 – [Fogged] LGD该发起进攻了 他们现在无比自信 对他们而言团战也是唾手可得 – [ODPixel]他们带着碾压的姿态 PSG.LGD把握了所有的时机 – [Ceb]没事 他们用过全领域静默了 我们还有跳刀和两极反转 能再打一波 – 我们要挺住
– 没错 – 谁在后期会更强势 – 我们 因为我们更强
-真的吗 – 没错 我们会把他们干下去的 别担心 现在还不是我们的强势期 你看看宙斯 宙斯 还有灰烬之灵的后期 加上猛犸的后期
– 你说得没错 – 我们能赢的
– 当然了 我们有跳刀 有漩涡 我觉得我们该主动出击 只要我们碰上他们
– 把他们打趴下 怎么说 我们就找火猫打 反正 这火猫在哪我去哪 下路 下路 下路 – 下路怎么说
– TB有变身的 – 我来了 我来了
– 我在后面了 – [ODPixel]找到恐怖利刃 TP支援已经来了
能在支援赶到之前击杀他吗 Ame果断魂断反打 他回到了满血而ana 被阿托斯之棍缠绕住了 他放出了无影拳 找到了锁定Ame的机会 他们能够抓住时机吗 Ame要倒下了 可ana也活不下来 他还有烈火罩 可以稍微喘口气 但他还是会倒下 Topson把自己吹在了半空 OG找到了两个击杀 但Topson被拉回Somnus的幽灵船上 他们要拿到第三个击杀 现在他们盯上了n0tail 面对面 牛逼 兄弟 – 没所谓 – 让我先手有点难 – [Ceb]这波团战还不错 这些击杀对我们非常有价值
我们还有两极反转 – [Fogged]但我觉得这就是 OG现在需要做的 他们必须要找机会发起进攻 – Topias的宙斯 ana的灰烬之灵 – 还有大爹的先知
– JerAx的拉比克 – 打起精神来
– 没错 集中注意力 我的眼在这里直接被反了 感觉是这里有眼 开雾 抓波人打盾啊 – 可以
– 走走走 沉默都有大 – [Ceb]我们得找到一些突破口 – 我们去下路吧 需要把下线带进去 ana他们马上要在下路开雾了 – 我想要打他们一个先手 – 如果你要上 我可以帮忙插真眼 没问题 他没法从发芽里逃脱 – [Ceb]好的 上 你上了ana 我有两极反转
我们的回合到了 好多人在下 好多人在下 他们宙斯也不在的 蝙蝠去打个跳 我们就抓火猫啊 不管其他人 什么意思 他们来送的 我阿托斯他 – [ODPixel]ana用残焰上前 – 幽灵船 我偷到幽灵船了 – [ODPixel]被偷到的幽灵船 两极反转 – 回音击 我还能应对 – [ODPixel]来自fy的回音击 想要扭转战局 但查理斯血量太低了 – 查理斯不行了
– 拿下他 伙计们 – [ODPixel] PSG.LGD已经损失了三员大将 fy想要TP离开 但他没能成功 – 漂亮!
– 漂亮! 干得漂亮 伙计们 – 我没事 – TP来得及吗 来得及吗 天啊 我的天
– 他幸存了下来 – 我的天 兄弟 – ana你真的太棒了 – 集中注意力 从现在起我们不会再给他们任何机会 – 没错 感觉我们要留TP了啊 他们偷了个船 他们就看见我们一边漏 然后就打另一边 然后我们都没TP 没事没事 互换一波命呗 有眼我们控盾吧 要不 有宙斯 我不知道 打 敢过来吗 – [JerAx]他们可能想要打盾 有眼吗 – [Ceb]他们之前用全领域静默了吗 – 没错 他们用了
– 他们所有的技能都交代了 – [ODPixel]看起来他们想要 尽可能利用魔化 直接进入了肉山山洞 – 他们的状态很差 – 别急 让我来勾引他们 看好了 – [Ceb]为了胜利而战 – [Merlini] OG好像想要接下这波团战 但是灰烬之灵身上已经没有残焰了 – [ODPixel]他们击杀了xNova但是fy 他用跳刀切入回音击 JerAx补上了一手隔空取物 但是n0tail还是被击倒了 – [Merlini] LGD需要回撤 但是肉山的血量太低了 – [ODPixel] Ceb的两极反转马上就要好了 等我20秒BKB吧 先别打 – 我没血了
– 退出来退出来 留个幻象在里面 fy他快要被肉山拍死了 用雾逃了出来 他们进去打了吗
用雾逃了出来 他们进去打了吗 没有 我们能打吗
他们进去打了吗 没有 我们能打吗 他打不了 他打不了 他打不了 他打不了 我们见面直接把技能甩出来 有没有 – [Ceb]我想要接这一波 – [JerAx]我们能打赢 他们没有回音击了 也没有全领域沉默 他们都是死人 拿出气魄来
– 注意撼地者还在 – [JerAx]但没有回音击 他什么也不是 – 我们上 我们上 – 拿出气魄
– 好 不要在乎输赢 我们只要打好比赛 – [ODPixel] OG冲进了肉山山洞 他们很自信 想好了后续的战局 Ame被发芽困住 查理斯想发动进攻 他没魂的 火猫 火猫死了 宙斯 宙斯 死了 火猫买了 火猫买了 – 杀宙斯 杀宙斯
– 猛犸被我D回来了 宙斯死了 宙斯死了 我可以大 我们可以打吗 – 我开大了 – 我死了 盾没血了 盾没血了 – [ODPixel]吹起了自己 而烈火罩把fy逼上了绝境 接着就是无影拳 (观众欢呼) 两极反转找到了Ame OG拿下了三杀 Somnus也要被突破了 ana的买活帮他们赢了这波团战 xNova成了唯一的幸存者 – 好的
– 我们上 – 我盯着灰烬之灵 没事 他们买活给他们一个盾 我想冲到他们面前 – Ceb我身上有眼
– 好的 我们要追猎他们 人来了 眼在这 他偷了我的板 偷了我板 他上钩了 – 我偷到了沟壑 这波团战他们还是要输 – [ODPixel]他们上了 先手到了fy ana携着残焰加入战场 无影拳 – [JerAx]好的 – 推中 推进中路
– 能追上他们吗 我被留了 – [ODPixel]ana跳了上去 吹风已经好了 他成功地抓住了沉默术士 到下路打啊 – 拉火猫吗
– 可以啊 烈焰枷锁直接先手 塔已经倒下了 他们把灰烬之灵推到了洪流上 但是在侧翼 Ame被找到了 OG拿下三杀并且开始推进 (观众欢呼) 塔要被推平了 fy没有买活 – 去中路推兵营 (观众欢呼) – [ODPixel]他们拿下了第二路的兵营 31分钟 2万的经济优势 这样不行啊 我们得出去啊 有点难杀他们人 马上有雾了 – 我们有兵线 知道他们在哪里
– 上吧 – 我们可以追他们吗 行吗
– 可以 – 他在雷云里面 – 上 上 上 上 – [ODPixel]他们全军出击 JerAx偷来的沟壑晕住了两人 Ame被发芽困住 – 看看这个兄弟 – 继续推 继续推 – [ODPixel]他有魂断 能用出来吗 不能 – 我给你们上清莲宝珠 你们可以冲 – 打 打 打 – ana冲 我给你清莲宝珠 – [ODPixel]遗迹的防御塔被OG拿下了 – 潮汐使者
– 伤害够吗 – [ODPixel]查理斯被击溃了 又缺一员 – 昆卡血量很低
– 他可能要交代在这里 – 能在他们后排做一个眼吗 – [ODPixel] Somnus只有半血了 他想要撤退 但是炎阳索 OG带走了Somnus 拿到了又一个击杀 – xNova倒下了
– 来自Ceb的震荡波 – 注意回音击 没事 我可以把他吹起来 – 注意站位 他还有回音击 他来放回音击 – 不要怕 真的无所谓 我们有买活 就在这里结束战斗 – [ODPixel]他们开始向遗迹进攻 OG! 你们的TI8冠军 (尖叫) – [Ceb]这是最精彩的比赛 – [ana]Ceb 醒醒 我们不是在做梦 (烟火声) (观众欢呼) – 我们赢了 我们赢了TI 太棒了 – [ana]这不是做梦 都是真的 (观众欢呼) 这一切都是真的 (观众欢呼) – [Ceb]我们做到了 (选手和观众呼喊) – [Ceb]把这个给我 给我 让我看看 (观众欢呼) – Dota! (观众欢呼) – [Chobra] ana、Topson、Ceb、JerAx、n0tail 他们五人获得了冠军 – [Machine]从海选赛到TI冠军 OG 不朽盾是属于你们的 走呗 走了走了 先回去了 (掌声) Maybe加油 明年赢回来 – 你的漂亮鞋子不见了 Johan我们赢了TI (笑声) 你现在情绪高涨了吗 我们赢了TI
– 我不敢相信 ana你终于在决赛里发挥出来了 我们做到了 真的做到了 – [ana]没错 兄弟 看看这家伙 – 我们的名字 会被刻在这里ana (喘气) – 我们就像在房间里看 – [观众] OG、OG、OG、OG、OG (观众欢呼) – 我一直相信 如果我有天早上醒来 要去打TI的总决赛 那我会打出我一生最好的Dota 对我而言这是最重要的事 只要我做到最好的自己 其余一切都不过浮云 此镜头摄于2016年马尼拉特锦赛

Beretta Defense Technologies – Full Documentary – Full lengt

Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta [ˈfabbrika ˈdarmi ˈpjɛtro beˈretta] (literally, “Pietro Beretta Arms Factory”) is a privately held Italian firearms manufacturing company operating in several countries. Its firearms are used worldwide for a variety of civilian, law enforcement, and military purposes. Sporting arms account for three-quarters of sales; Beretta is also known for marketing shooting clothes and accessories. Founded in the 16th century, Beretta is the oldest active manufacturer of firearm components in the world.[1] In 1526 its inaugural product was arquebus barrels; by all accounts Beretta-made barrels equipped the Venetian fleet at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.[2] In 1650 the company invented the breech-loading cannon, and Beretta has supplied weapons for every major European war since.[3]

Beretta’s sister company, Beretta USA Corp., located in the United States, has manufactured and delivered over 600,000 M9 pistols to the United States Armed Forces since 1985, and continues to supply M9 parts and additional pistols to the U.S. military.[4]
Val Trompia, a northern Italian river valley in the Province of Brescia, Lombardy, has been mined for iron ore since the time of the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, Val Trompia was known for its ironworks; after the Renaissance it came to be a center for the manufacture of weapons.[5] By the mid 16th century Val Trompia had forty ironworks, supplied by fifty mines and eight smelters. The birthplace of Beretta is in the village of Gardone located on the banks of the Mella river, in the middle of Val Trompia (i.e., between the upper valley and lower valley).[1]

The Beretta forge was in operation from about 1500,[6] although the first documented transaction is a contract dated October 3, 1526 for 185 arquebus barrels, for which the Republic of Venice was to pay 296 ducats to Maestro di Canne (master gun-barrel maker) Bartolomeo Beretta (Italian).[5] The original account document for the order of those barrels is now stored in the Archivio di Stato di Venezia (Italian) in Venice.[7] By the end of the 17th century, Beretta had become the second largest gun barrel maker in Gardone.[1]

Under the guild system, the knowledge of gun barrel fabrication that was bequeathed to Jacopo (1520/25 – …) from his father Bartolomeo (1490 – 1565/68)[8] was then passed on to his own son Giovannino (1550 – post 1577), and to his grandson Giovan Antonio (1577 – post 1649)[9] and so on until guilds were abolished by Napoleon after his conquest of Venetian Republic in 1797.[1]

Beretta has been owned by the same family for almost five hundred years[10] and is a founding member of Les Henokiens, an association of bicentenary companies that are family owned and operated.[11]

Baretta an Italian company born of the dream and capability of a Renaissance craftsman passed down through 15 generations it is the oldest privately owned business in the world tracing its roots to the Year 1526 almost 500 years of business has given this Titan of the firearms industry unparalleled experience and knowledge allowing it to develop superior technology in the field of precision mechanics including its greatest success story the adoption of its 92 series of pistols by the armed forces of the United States the inner workings of beretta has for centuries been a closely guarded secret until now this is the story of beretta defense technologies a strategic alliance of four companies owned by beretta Benelli unmatched in the field of semiautomatic shotguns steiner world leaders in precision binoculars scopes and electro-optics and Saco precision rifle and ammunition masters together what we do is we market our products to the professional users the military law enforcement of the world their mission create a completely new and integrated weapon system the likes of which have never been seen before exciting thing about BDT and also the difficult part is the possibility to create systems that do not exist while it is always number one in our business it's a matter of ethics because life depends on the quality of the product BDT tries to help the good guy working under tight deadlines and against the clock see how this world-class organization rolls up their sleeves and gets in the trenches to achieve the impossible you morning gentlemen hey Ronnie thank you for being here we have an exciting thing to do I'm just gonna tell you what it is my name is Jiri gavage I'm director of military platform development at beretta Italy we got a requirement from BDT the customer is currently requiring and improved accuracy on 762 rifles this customer specified the environment that the combat rifle has to engage in Afghanistan meaning distances up to 800 meters what we've been thinking is to work on the ammunition which is going to be the job of Seco right on the rifle which is going to be operating to the team and Steiner will work on an improved optic in order to achieve a reduction of the group size what you see here is almost three times the size of the group that we have to meet at the end of the project my first concern was to combine the extreme level of accuracy required by the customer and a semi-automatic rifle with only six months to complete the project the Beretta team will need to stirr'd immediately in order to deliver on time beretta started in 1526 we find the documents in the Venice archive that is a contract in between Bartolomeo beretta that is our ancestor and the Arsenal fellows in fact for the first two century of the company my ancestors were producing barrels the only institution that was able to make a full virus was a national it's very important to understand that the relationship between beretta and the armored forces and so the Arsenal has always been very tight 100 years ago peretta enter in the very important segment of a semi-automatic pistol when beretta won the nine-millimeter m9 pistol contract from the US Armed Forces in 1985 that was a big global story the idea that a so-called Italian company could get the standard sidearm contract for the US Armed Forces was amazing to me actually it wasn't that surprising we felt confident that that pistol was the best in the world – I'm Acharya Lydon and general manager of design psycho has almost 100 year history and it started in Helsing in 1921 while it is always number one and the mating is certified customers for example this last version of our trt concept is developed together with the customers world renowned for their rifle manufacturing sockos flagship weapon is the TRG m10 sniper rifle the m10 is a state-of-the-art bolt-action weapon system featuring a multi caliber capability it's modular design allows the operator to change configuration barrel or caliber without the use of special tools or equipment rifle and ammunition like the partners and they need to be working together than we can offer a very cool solution for the customer so dear friends we received a request from beretta to design a new cartridge I'm Solomon and I'm director of defense and law enforcement business unit at Saco timetable is really tight we have only two months time Samsa all Canora represent research and development team he's our specialist in the ammunition and what you think as a designer how long to design a new 175 brain open tube match bullet it will take one week for the design of the bullet itself my name is Reza Shah LaRhonda my main job is to design cartridges we must get it right at first time yeah to get it in that timeframe this Anacortes is quite complicated job short deadline it's a challenge of course but I trust my specialist so we can manage my name is your critic I'm the general manager of saina optics here in Germany our part in DBT is to bring in optics on the highest quality level to support firearm solutions in the group Steiner was founded in 1947 by optics pioneer Karl's diner he set up his company basically as a garage shop and grew it within a few years to more than 50 employees today more than 80 countries use our products in military and law enforcement EDD has been approached by a customer who seeks a new assault rifle sight that integrates laser range-finding ability with a ballistic compensation program so we can increase first hit probability we can improve time of engagement and in that way make the average soldier more effective on the battlefield please consider that this optic is design for a real battle field operation so how small and racket are we able to build it my name is Michael rust I'm the director of military and law enforcement division and Steiner Germany I think this is the biggest challenge to create a mechanical design optical design that is rugged enough to withstand 500 G's for many many thousand hours and still have to exactly correct laser alignment because of this fails the product fails my name is Matthias Hoffman and I'm director of R&D for steiner germany perhaps you can take a technology which is already in our group we have your normal crosshair then you push the button for a laser rangefinder and depending on the distance and opponent for sure a light will come and this light guides you the dot is the point of impact why not use this as a base and bring it to our meter II standard is it rugged enough to stay the hardest weather condition to rejoin you don't know you don't have the mechanical solution right now any solutions that we have to find out and do some testing Baretta already owns proprietary designs and hardware for ballistic calculation this could be a huge time-saver for the Steiner team Steiner is a comprehensive friend in optics that integrates aiming devices rifle scopes but also laser aiming devices a mark DiIorio and I'm the general manager for Steiner II optics Steiner II optics is part of beretta defense technologies we integrate conventional optics lenses along with electronics such as lasers we're trying to create improved abilities for people am their wins the products that we build our battle proof we have the distinct privilege or advantage of having products that have been used in the battlefield on a daily basis that are being used today well as its most important to give our people our soldiers our law enforcement officers advantage over the enemies and I would even say a unfired 100 because we want to protect our people all of our products are made at this location in Monterey California we don't have source we don't buy offshore we make our products right here in the USA meanwhile at Beretta work is underway on the new combat rifle dubbed the AR X 200 my name is Marco Basilio and R&D director for firearms and beretta we strongly believe that in order to have a reliable product a good design has to be followed by a good process to get visa we have to apply a design that has to be checkered with testing the first phase is the virtual testing we mean to test the gun using computers simulating what's happening to the gun when the shooter pulled the trigger and the visual mode provide us a lot of information but we cannot see we cannot measure on the real one so we built demonstrator to check the reality of a visual prototype and if the two forces were stresses the movement the dynamics is the same when we can believe in the field 12 model then we can play with this prototype we can change a dimension can change some materials visual prototyping activities is a question of well-trained people with a lot of knowledge in order to get information in which you can believe my name is Lucia porrica I am in charge of sales and marketing for commercial military and law enforcement sector we are an Italian company based in Italy we have only one plane and so 100 percent of our production comes from visa factory we are the leader in semi-automatic sector number one in all five continents because we are the most advanced and technological innovator in the sector we received a call from bility asking us to help fulfill a military client demand my name is Gabriel de plan oh I'm the vice president of BDT marketing and operations one other requirement that the customer is investigating is the possibility of adding a small shotgun module under the barrel of the assault rifle what that would do is would give that extra capability of being able to use either breaching rounds or less than lethal rounds with the primary rifle what can we do to add an underbar shotgun to this new weapon system we start to think how to fulfill this demand that under barrel shotgun need to be very short very compact and is usually used in a pump-action configuration i'm Markova neroli I'm in charge of technical and central direction using an individual shotgun to open a door is good if you are to main team if you're alone you're the perfect target doors start swinging open and you're in the middle of a transition drill and when you open the door you're standing in the light and you want to engage as quick as possible if you're a very small team and everybody has his own things to do in a house or I clear house myself I don't have the time to put the shotgun away and then go into the room the dual mode system we offer with the m3 is the best solution we can propose my name is Mara Delacroix stanza Sales Manager for defense and law enforcement division nobody else in the world can offer this kind of system m3 is a dual mode semi-auto and pump shotgun with this project we must shrink began as Benelli refines their plan the other companies of BDT face their own sets of challenges under pressure and with deadlines looming see if this group can rise to the occasion to create one of the most integrated small-arms platforms ever conceived here's the new one three six o TM bullet yeah nice martyr sling is very close to the maximum cartridge cases are defined by the CIP which regulates with our diamonds quite accurate both Dale has a 93 handle it's a fine combination of the components doesn't be watertight this being a military product one important feature is to make it last circumstances where it is used that means it can be stored or transported in a very humid environment it can be dropped in water or something like that this design is very close to the requirement so I think that this is the design that I'm going to show in our next meeting Matias please have a look I think I've found a solution for the problem mr. izs yes sure Annette in our team she is the expert for all optical to science oh great lady I spend a lot of time the last days and weeks worrying about it I took out the prisms and replaced by different lenses okay we would be able to reduce the range she discovered that instead of regular prism erecting system we had to use normal interacting system in order to reduce the weight so the differences that prisons have to be quite huge in size in order to create a large field of view and the lenses are still producible so when we go to the shed and model I have a look here and we can do it the only tricky point is this lens here in this radius see have a look on the image quality much better than before looks quite complicated yes and it works okay that's the only one so overall the optical system looked very good but one of the issues was that we had to use one special type of glass lens such as very hard to code you have to separate the infrared light that comes back from your target to the laser receiver so you have to create a very unique coding that has many many different layers in this case up to 70 in order to achieve this so more or less it's only the word lens that is hard to produce or could be expensive but the rest of the system is smaller less very cost efficient and easy to manufacture okay very good very happy that we found a solution but it was still concerned about ruggedness and over weight including the housing and the mount so Annette it should not be later than six weeks for this prototype because we have to show that the system works otherwise be modest Auto it's a late night at Saco for Risto as he works to stay ahead of schedule on bullet design we got the first prototypes made of the bullet my monocle hello here's the first brother hug off the bullet let's have a whole better rent of it okay as you see a little problem in radius oh yeah it's on the other way a little too white yeah there was a slight deviation in the shape of the bullet start 157 point pretty too area absolutely we have to do something okay I will discuss with the tooling guys what's agree with it we are going to make small change in the tooling to a fixed of deviation Anakin is exactly the shape where you want okay thanks this is not the news Risto it hoped for and threatens to put the entire project behind skeleton at beretta the first series of a rx 200 prototypes are under construction hello sometimes when the first prototype is produced some specs can be out for example a dimension is not that expected one and drawing the tolerance is not respected I need to verify this dimension this is one of the first challenge our whole activity to guarantee that the safety reliability and good functionality is achievable we have engineers that come from different countries therefore different cultures which is extremely interesting because this combination and this melting pot that would say generate something unique so we are able to put all these different competencies together in a very effective way because one thing is to run a test on the other thing is to understand every single detail that is happening during the testing we have moved to investigate by means of tomography all around the world we are the only foreign company with an instrument of this type very sophisticated but very powerful because it is able to give important information on structural properties of components in case of a rx 200 polymer is very important because a lot of components are made of technical polymer we can perform a very precise dimensional control without destroying component we can look on at only the external surface but also the internal one beautifully cutting our components and looking inside we can see directly where there is a positive deviation or a negative deviation BDT has been approached by a military customer looking for a next-generation rifle what they want to do is increase the hit probability of that soldier while decreasing his time of engagement the difficulty in acquiring a first-round hit is that the conditions on a range doesn't have any of the other atmospherics that you're going to experience in combat you may be tired hungry scared all those conditions factored in and if we can improve that probability through technology now you've given the advantage to be able to make that for travel it's been a long process but we finally have the first version of the ICS the innovative compensated the ICS is also combined with the mrs the micro reflect side that is put on top it's a reflex side that enables you to deliver a quick shot on a distance of 80 to 100 yards rapid prototyping is the technology we use in order to accelerate the development process you can use it for the sign prototypes just to see how the product will look but it's also very important to use for doing some handling tests is it possible to push the button or not does it fit perfectly to the assault rifle the new prototype of the ICS is finished and now I will bring it to andreas to test as soon as we have to recite it everything is ok we can proceed with the deadline for sockos bullet design right around the corner all the elements of design and manufacturing must come together precisely in order to meet the accuracy requirements I was the last test test was ok and we are getting closer and closer all the time and I hope today will be the final test day adieu today's fields where we operate is not only urban it's also rural and rural means in these environments specially longer ranges ranges above 400 yards 400 yards on a 556 can be done but it's difficult 556 caliber that's currently in use and has been traditionally used for many years now is a caliber that does not extend out typically beyond five or six hundred yards what we see in today's combat environment though is a need to reach out further than that and we want our soldiers to be able to reach further than the enemy can reach the 760 – by 51 caliber allows us to easily reach 800 yards and give that extra capability ready I would submit that the folks that I've listened to and spoken to one a 7.62 round it's all about a salary seems to be okay with suppressed rifle also anybody so if you can solve the accuracy issue and give an advantage with accuracy now what you want to have is the ability to be able to get the kill yes there is the up and down of the capacity of the magazines I'm going thirty to twenty rounds and 7.62 by fifty one but I have a much higher effectiveness especially on longer ranges testing goes late into the evening and Samsa fires many rounds of the new bullet through both hot and cold barrels to ensure the most precise measurement of accuracy the only testing left for the new round is with the ARX 200 which will be done at the Beretta facilities I think we have a winner here very well done very nice looting Samsa thank you I think the PDT clients will be happy with this it's the best round available at the moment at Benelli Marko and his design team begin the feasibility assessment of the underbarrel shotgun module so this will be a perfect door breaching shotgun the feasibility of this concept is still to be completed but we found the m3 duel mode semi-auto and pump shotgun as the best to fulfill this request most of the non-lethal door knockers do have the issue that they do not work on semi-automatic shotgun so you really need the manual shotgun to remove all come I think it's very good idea to start developing something like it now we can remove the agree the first action would be to shorten the barrel and maybe shorten the magazine to shorter shorter shorter okay cool to reduce even the stroke of the bank nature I open the door with the support of the under barrel shotgun and then clear the room with my five five six or seven 6251 rifle and a new spring will be needed to give the maximum reliability to the product while a shooting in semi-auto air show so will take maximum attention to the dynamics of the can so we have now a very compact neat under barrel shotgun in this way we get the target to have a very portable light and compact gun then we find a way to attach today as alright and it can be upgraded to a real shotgun in a different situation just adding the grip the stock and different parts ok so this is a very good configuration so we have two weeks to complete the preliminary design analysis so we can move on in the calculation simulation and cut the design drawing in Germany Michael and consultant Roland Schwimmer go to the range to test the new ICS prototype the beretta ARX 200 is still in developing protests so we will make all the tests today with the rx 160 Baretta's arx-160 is an assault rifle chambered in 5.56 it is currently in service with militaries around the globe the ICS is actually a very flexible and versatile product because you can program it to any caliber you want so the ICS is designed to engage targets on different distances at under very short time so we made a stress test let's go to 110 to 300 and then to 500 let's see how it works 100 go 500 I said 300 very good back to 500 very good 100 hey go take another one very nice it back to 300 nice it 100 300 500 pay on 500 very nice in a split second the ICS will range the range to the target determine the ballistic solution and we'll show you a red dot in the reticle that actually represents your point of impact okay let's go up to 100 500 I said 300 very good 100 take another one go 500 take another one very nice very good hit with the successful testing of the new bullet completed a limited run of sockos new 7.62 ammunition goes into production to be tested with the AR X 200 the ICS is a great product but the best optics in the world don't work we'll precise farm and even more precise ammunition so integrating Saco into our team was of great health because it is a product that absolutely complies with any kind of milspec regulations and it does the job better than anything else you want to take down that insurgent to that bad guy first time when you don't want to hit them with a round that may that be as lethal is another round 7.62 is going to give you the lethality that the Combat Infantryman desires this is Matthias Oakland speaking high Mattia this is Micah speaking how you doing I'm fine very good thank you so much very good very good listen I've got bad news for you my friend regarding the IDS because we need to change and we need to improve the performance in terms of recoil resistance therefore needs you to improve up to 750 GS oh this is a real tough task and challenge because everything is more or less already done so the problem of those changes they really have hard deadlines to achieve what I understand that the situation is gonna be very tough for you why is the Reza theory it's a lot of money yeah well in the future maybe we will need to chamber heavy caliber we do believe that the the market is there we want to make sure that the we get the best opportunities for the system I'm fairly convinced that the optical self will be fine because we use more or less exactly the same technology that we use with our rifle scopes so they are shockproof up to 900 cheese but the mount is something completely new for us psychosis esters windage and elevation adjustment on the outside we have to make a product that's absolutely aligned with the lasers so if the mount fails in this test we have to redesigned more or less the whole thing or at least two key components in order to make it strong enough I'm sure you would get it okay I have to check this and look if your call early next week Thank You Matias me at Beretta the first AR X 200 prototypes are ready for initial testing this prototype goes into a test plan that is of style enviromental condition mud sand hot and low temperature and of course endurance some tests are specified by NATO standards some other by specific customer requirements we have to overachieve a standard test because we have to think about statistics we are checking three guns five guns 40 guns but in production the number would be greater soon we have to have some merchant there is a soldier there is no enforcement agent that is going to take this product in their hands if they don't take the end-user in mind the product will not be accepted I remember a story many many years ago when I was a young lieutenant and the army wanted to come up with a mechanized infantry combat vehicle they called it the McVie and I got this requirement to go and put a squad into this Mikve person Ischl testing turns out we could get the 11 men in there but we couldn't get any of the gear you couldn't get the weapons in there you couldn't get the ammunition in there but it was a great little vehicle for 11 people who just want to go on a ride the mount is designed for 500 trees and now it has to pass 750g I Peter this is Matthias speaking I'm just looking at the fight that you sent me this morning regarding the improvements of the ICS components regarding the mount and recoil assistance okay so this finless now a completely new material some slight mechanical changes so more thickness there yeah okay and then you carry out the recoil tester up to this 750 cheese okay our testing machine is vertical and it drops a weight down to simulate g-forces to 2,000 G's if you want to break some stuff that machine will break it this is our new designed mount for the ICS after 10,000 tons 750 Chi it passed our tests and now we can move on after numerous design changes using virtual prototyping Benelli is able to report to their client that the underbarrel shotgun module is feasible should they request this as an option in the future this ability is one example of Bonelli's commitment to being the number one technological innovator in the field I have a long experience of delegations coming to our factory as soon as they come here they see a level of ultimate ization and robot ization that they would have never expected usually it's a good mix between automatisation and craftsmanship so you see many times a lot tables with people directly intervening on the parts on the components it's definitely not what you find here in our factory is the closest factory to the automotive sector top the weapon industry this is the reason why we say that we are really the state of the art in the modern weapon industry you dinery optics is being brought into VDT project to provide its battle proven d ball III along with the MK for battle light D ball first stands for dual beam aiming laser and it actually has three different ways to illuminate a target we do the visible side so you can see the green dot or the red dot we also do an infrared the benefit behind having the infrared is that you could be in a completely dark room you turn on the infrared illuminator wearing your night-vision goggles it is like you turned on a bright flashlight and you're seeing in daytime the bad guy is still in the dark and a battle light if I'm dropping it I'm not going to break the filament or the LED we can't have that happen in the field so from the protection of the light to the waterproofing it operates every single time Steiner tries to reduce the development time by virtual prototyping and testing but finally in order to really build a rocket and absolutely reliable product we have to carry out knife tests we can't start with the first one heat humidity cold temperatures first drop test is done no damage there no scoop doesn't measure yeah we want our products to perform in the most challenging conditions around the world it looks very good there's nothing inside no fork how long was it frozen 16 hours minus 25 degrees Celsius you must not be let down by your product while you are on a mission with the success of the ice block test spin and andreas decide to see if the ICS can survive the fall by itself already yep Wow very impressive tests when the optical sookay measurement is working yeah in the mount Montes are lurking – very impressive very good everybody may think that the people that design Diegans are gum experts as far as users is concerned we don't believe so what is very important is that is to make sure that these products are tested by best professional people that are able to take the product to the limit and make sure that what you have developed is exactly what the customer wants my name is Mike I have a 32-year background of French military most of it in Special Forces and special operation units instead of somebody in a white lab coat designing what they think is needed now you've got the warfighter actually setting the requirements he needs to be effective in combat Baretta has asked me to come out to run for the first time there a rx 200 and I really have to say it's a very slick and smooth weapon first of all it's very thin on the forehand so the ergonomics are really really nice I like that there is a retractable stock plus the cheek weld can be adjusted in the height if you run optics on it or if you just run Ironsides it gives you a perfect cheek weld it doesn't climb at all it just pulls back straight comparing this to the older systems and 7.62 by 51 I really have to say this is a huge advantage I mean it stays on target I mean it's not one round and you have to re a m– you can pull three rounds four rounds in a pretty quick sequence and they stay where they're supposed to be we've done mud tests we have done ice tests and it's still the same gun the gun be used from this whole event today we actually pulled several hundred rounds for the gun and I really have to say it's reliable it's there I didn't have any stoppages I didn't had any malfunction it's a very slick item to use the challenge today is that many of our systems that we use in the military are not fully integrated you take a weapon and then you put on a site from another vendor then you take a designator device and you put that from another vendor you get other accessory equipment that comes from another vendor and it doesn't always integrate as well as you would like this is I think one of the most significant advantages of BDT it's the ability to put out a system of components that have been fully integrated fully tested and absolutely reliable I have shot now several times the Steiner ICS and I really have to say it makes your life easier when you start shooting to longer distances and you do not know the distance where you shoot I mean the target is moving you don't have any time to measure so the only thing you do is you press a button and it's gonna be there it's there I mean I shot it and it's it's really there it in the beginning of just to be honest I said man another gimmick another toy but it is really daring it works if really the worst case happening the mr-s side is not working the ICS side is out of whatever there is still an iron back up side on a 45 degrees angle on the scope so it will not let you down we have been able to put together all the expertise of our group so what before was simply a rifle becomes a weapon system that is battle tested that provides the soldier the best advantage that they could possibly have in the battlefield beretta defense technologies has the mission of providing customers with complete solutions the objective here is not to sell a weapon the objective is to work with a customer to sell them a solution a capability one of the things that's unique about beretta defense technology is the first name in that entity its beretta it's a name that stands for over 500 years of excellence in order to be able to stay in business for only years but centuries one of the most important values on how we work with our customers is transparency this is not a publicly traded company that has to worry about what investors think on Wall Street this is a company who puts their family name on the product I think that's what sets BDT apart from many other companies out there integrity is a very important part of our business is of essence particularly in the military business because we are talking about professional use of our product here in beretta this is what took we think every day and how we act every day it's four who are not only a matter of quality or who in business or optimizing the company's results it's a matter of ethics in general you have to understand that we are manufacture and we deliver weapons weapons on which holders or officers rely on in order to save their lives and that's what BDT seeks to provide is that unparalleled level of excellence we highly respect what has been the past but we never stop in investing in the most modern and most advanced technology to follow what our president who's a liberator told us a few years ago this company exists to create a safer world and that's why we come to work every day you

Culinary Wonders Of Corsica & Sardinia | Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes | Full Documentary

In the first episode of Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes, the chef travels to the beautiful islands to discover more of their mouth-watering recipes and traditions, a well as looking at how their cheese and sausages are made.

Episode 1 of Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escape
Inspired by ‘good food that stays in the memory for a long time, sometimes forever’, Rick Stein journeys across the Mediterranean, visiting islands and places which radiate a vibrant sense of individuality through their spirit, history and food. From spices and perfumes to the lavish use of wine and herbs, Mediterranean food is a large culinary mosaic full of colour, taste and smell created by the Arabs, Greeks, Italians, Spanish and Turks. Join Rick as he travels from Corsica to Crete, straight through the very cradle of cooking in the western world.

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[Applause] after 59 days traveling through leafy green tunnels on the canals of Southwest France I finally reached what I think is a magical sea the place which has long been considered the very center of our Western civilization at the end of the last series we were what we finished up in Marseille as you know but one of the last shots was going out to see how to the mouth of the road on the barge on the aunt charity and I was sort of thinking I want to carry on now we've done this trip I want to go somewhere and of course the obvious choice was across the sea to Corsica I did think about doing a trip around the Med in a sailing boat but it would have turned out like the old song I joined the Navy to see the world but what did I see I saw the sea so it was the trusty Land Rover and ferries you know in the 70s before package tours and air travel I used to take my old Land Rover across Europe to places like Marseilles or Genoa and Paris and take a ferry somewhere and it was hard work it really took it out of you most of the time he had no money so our sleepy on wooden benches and it was so interesting it was tough but there was a real payoff for that toughness because you've got to know people on the boats you've got a flavor of the food and you arrived somewhere in the morning almost part of the atmosphere and you don't get that on aeroplanes I just think that if you really like food then this is the best way to travel but in my journey round the meadow visit the well-known places where thousands of British people go and where surprisingly food is not really the number one thing on their minds well I didn't really come here for the cuisines chip cheese and gravy there's nothing wrong with brown sauce but there's really fabulous local dishes to be had lurking in the back streets in hillside villages and next to the hundreds of markets that a lot of holidaymakers miss altogether [Applause] I'm going pretty far afield from west to east with food at the forefront of my mind most of what I'll experience will be a first for me although some of the dishes will be serious old favorites that I've loved ever since I first came to the Med as a teenager I think the Mediterranean holds something dear to us all is clear sparkling sea which in some places is hopelessly not as clear and sparkling as it should be they say we kill the things we love and how true is that but this is my first port of call the island the French call ile de beauté a the beautiful island well that's it I rest my case ferry travel look at that over air travel I can't wait to get ashore I mean it's like an oil painting that can already smell the Maquis and I remember that Napoleon when he was imprisoned on Elba was always made very sad when the wind came from the west and he could smell the Maquis from his homeland to me this looks as if I'm arriving in Italy a port in Liguria perhaps but this was owned and run for five hundred years by the gin Owens and they sold it to France two hundred and fifty years ago so there's a lot of Italian influence here even the northern capital bastia comes from the Italian meaning stronghold or Citadel Napoleon Bonaparte might very well be corsica's favorite son not everyone will agree with that but judging by the freshness of the flowers under his statue I suspect the local council here like him very much indeed I don't think a great deal has changed since he popped his clogs he'd still be able to find his way around here they say that the Corsicans themselves tend to be a little Stern a little suspicious and they think very much of themselves as Corsicans first and French firmly second now this is the sort of little touch stones in a market I'm always looking for the special products from from the area now I suspect that some yes and for your place off we tog see ya the camp that's some mullet gray mullet roe that salted it's a real speciality of this part of the Mediterranean so that's interesting and this these are actually is also a lot most years we MLG we love the sealers of TI a la mama she says these are anchovies I love anchovies anyway but they're done in her much to her mother's recipe with some oil garlic and parsley tell me on for some sweet anchovies bread some Tomatoes a glass of wine perfection I'd like to try some ham so how come you speak English so well well I've been living in London for a few years when I was a student and I was working in a Greek restaurant so do you imagine a French girl in England working in a Greek restaurant interesting then I came back here on the steps worth yeah it's exquisite hum could I have a couple of slices could I buy a couple of sauces so what would you recommend and Corsican food to somebody that doesn't really know foreskin food the best yeah you found it in charcuterie yeah cheese of course goat goat cheese and sheep cheese is difficult to Kousaka like this that's perfect merci now sorry we don't make cat I didn't realize before this trip that the creator of nonsense first Edward Lear put Corsica on the British tourist map some 150 years ago well this is a very important spot because it's almost identical to an illustration that Edward Lear did of dustier in his book Journal of a landscape painter it's about a trip he made to Corsica in the 1860s Thalia opened up the interior of Corsica to tourism now I like to think that the Owl and the Pussycat which he wrote about the same time was about Corsica if you remember it goes they sailed away for a year in a day in a beautiful pea-green boat and it then goes on and there in a wood a piggy-wig stood with a ring at the end of his nose that that to me would refer to the excellent charcuterie that Leah would have found everywhere he traveled Lear was a sort of endearingly shy and whimsical man and rather embarrassed about his bouts of epilepsy so he was quite astonished by the warmth of his reception everywhere he went until he discovered that his Albanian servant was referring to him as the British finance minister if I'd come by sailing boat then I wouldn't even be halfway here having the Land Rover is really helpful because Corsica is the most mountainous rugged and wooded island in the whole of the Mediterranean when I saw that silky pink light on the budge I was thinking of pastel colored fishing boats palm trees and vineyards this is like driving through the Highlands of Scotland but here there are goats munching the maquis once you've tasted a leg of a roast kid then it's a food memory locked into that special place in your mind at home go to a kid is not an impossible to find I think that farmers markets would do well to consider the prospect of selling it terrible turning circle on these things anyway our meeting Vance on tabarani he's well but Delia Smith of Corsica and he runs a school which the local TV televised Saturday mornings and because the population here are so proud of anything to do with Corsica it's very popular he's cooking a lunch here made of roast kid lamb figs and roasted tomatoes say this is a writer of cookery books but there's no substitute for the real thing in other words being here I mean just to see this dish being prepared if I was going through am a recipe book for a confit of milk-fed lamb I might just afflict past it because it would have been boring but just to see Van Sant's evident enthusiasm for the raw materials and to be in this cookery school I'm it's a great advertisement for cookery schools I think because they're all really getting stuck in and it's very clear what's going on just watch the way he's cooking these and these little G goes of hid and the way that he he wrapped them in in caul fat and crépinette just to keep the nice and moist and the way it was roasted very delicately taken out and then a a nice gravy being made with all the bones and the bits and bobs with lots of wine it's just really good fun just being with him and picking up on what he's saying to them also how interested they are as well I love these cocoros oh yes the bit of onion and Roma ah I mean they're just that all the ingredients sort of go together so well a lot lucky B she didn't like Eugene coughs she in cuisine Dotel walk she lamontagne that's all said this basically it's extremely pastor all that the cooking of course occurred actually it's based on what Sheppard's would have cooked to the legs of kid or or milk fed lamb and these simple things are just a very obvious addition he also said that they came from Africa they're pulses years and years ago but they've been bought in to their local cuisine but he just said it's pastoral cooking and that's what I find really exciting because I just really like very simple basic food like this which which really relies on the specific taste of local ingredients that's what it's all about the concept of roasted kid and knuckles of lamb with wine cooked with wild herbs is a really good idea for lunch and actually the meat doesn't need anything added to it because it's so full of flavor from what the animals eat on the mountainside and then the roasted tomatoes and figs I've never had them cooked like this before Vance um wanted me to taste a little bit of the Isle of Corsica voila when I first came to Corsica some years ago I was looking for seafood and I must confess I was a little bit disappointed but the fact is I've learned today that the Corsicans are really involved in in food from the land and from the mountains but I just have to say this is perfect food to me I just like simple cooking I like food which reflects the region which which it comes from and there's this much subtlety in this sort of food in fact more than any of your michelin-starred restaurant and this is a sort of food that really speaks in the country it's fantastic of course yes I salute this is a center of Bastia and this is why it's called dustier a Bastian and whenever the town was threatened this is where the townspeople came for protection and it was where I met quite by chance a party of schoolchildren on a history tour and of course I couldn't resist asking them what their favorite course condition now I just wondered if you asked the same question of a group of English and British children very difficult thing to ask not trying to rub people's noses in it but all these kids know their dishes so well and they're all the sort of dishes that I would suspect they choose not burgers and chips most of the children said they really liked figure tele Corsican sausages and here in the village of Murat Oh famous for its charcuterie the best emerged from the Corsican black pig the flesh is gained eeeh the more suited to these strong flavored sausages Pascal flurry Farms his own because he says farming your own pigs is a start if you like of the whole business of making charcuterie to be proud of and this is it the famous nigga telling and it's maybe bloody awful notably the heart the liver the kidneys the cheek and all all those bits that don't tend to turn up on the butchers slab but what makes them really special is they add salt pepper red wine and then most importantly they smoke them over chestnut wood and you end up with I think the best tasting product on the island myself to pedasi de Ferran poured weed he says that for him the importance of making figure Tully is feeding a passion but it's also about improving the product all the time and making something that wins prizes on the island here charcuterie is as important as local politics to be making these charcuterie products because Corsican charcuterie is what Corsica is all about he said he started life as a professional footballer for bastia that football team in Bosnia but he wasn't strong enough to make the first team and he remembered that his aunt was a famous producer of charcuterie and he just copied and learned what she was doing and now as it happens he is possibly the best maker of charcuterie on the island that evening I went to the village of soryo de tender to a local festival where the figure tele were grilled over a wood far they've been cooked like this for centuries but they didn't have pride of place that went to this pearl ender chestnut flour heated up in water and stirred and stirred until it takes on the consistency of well fudge I suppose I've just been watching him it's quite hard work you have to do this for about half an hour and not only as you can see as he's stirring it but he's also twiddling me sit pull end I will pull end are you that's the actual button that he's using I suppose it's like poor people's food in the same way actually is the very similar sounding polenta is the poor people's food to the Italians but it's now more of a social thing let's say so when it's stirred enough its celebrated rather like the piping in of the highest but to me it's something well I wasn't in a tremendous rush to try it I was fascinated to see that once it had cooled down it was cut by a piece of string tied to this man's finger Corsica moves in mysterious ways I feel interesting I don't know what I liked it so much on its own it does taste very chestnut II but with a figure talu that's a single sausage it goes together very well a smoky taste and the chestnut toast just remind you of them Corsican forests well I won't be cooking that back home in Padstow but I do feel really strongly about this my little interpretation of Corsica of all the islands in the Mediterranean Corsica is about forests and mountains in the winter it gets really really cold so this really reflects it this dish I mean we've got game in the form of wild boar we've got wild mushrooms we got figure Telo of course can't get it in the in the UK for some reason it's so delicious so I've had to use Qi aretha instead now the other thing about this dish of course is chestnuts I'm gonna finish it off with a load of chestnuts just thrown in at the last minute and that their I suppose they would be the food symbol of the whole island of corsica well this is actually my dish but I wouldn't mind guessing that there's very similar dishes all over Corsica because as I said it's using all those very distinctive flavors but I came up with the idea at that village really because of where they were celebrating all those particular foods of the area and for me as a cook I think that's really quite important to sort of use the local ingredients come up with a dish and it's sort of it sort of sets a picture of the dish in the country in my mind having marinated it all in red wine for 24 hours I drain it off and then fry the wild boar to brown the meat I'm just putting the the pork in two batches otherwise that all that boil in its own juice rather than caramelize now if I was still in Bastyr I'd be putting in two figure telly but because I couldn't find it anywhere I'm using Teresa Corsica is watching this will be most indignant I'm sure now for a spoonful or two of tomato puree and flour to thicken the stew and that will help absorb some of the fat this is a new look Maino measured amounts of flour anything learnt from mothers and grandmothers all over Mediterranean just bung it all in next Burma it's got a really herby flavor and the residue of the Redwine marinade they're so important to really really see me when you're making us – I mean the Corsican snow that let's truce to everything I was reading somebody rather jokingly said you know it sort of strips jus their grandmother if you gave them a chance that was a sort of jokey implication of it but it's really lovely velvety now and I just know it's gonna end up tasting and the colour is so good when you really caramelized the meat I put in some dried porcini mushrooms for a woodland flavor and said homemade beef stock i season this well it's a rich dish comforting or tumble food I say perfect when the wind is whistling through the machi in the back end of October a cover now and gently simmer for an hour to an hour and a half then add some fresh ordinary mushrooms and chanterelle and then put in the essence of Corsica chestnuts these come from a tin and I'm very pleased they did too because it would take longer to peel of living things and cook this entire dish at chop parsley cut for a further ten minutes and serve with a good chunky pasta like penne afterall Corsica has many strong links with Italy and a deep local read like patrimonio would be a very welcome addition Bon Appetit France as we all know is famous for its food festivals every village it seems has one culinary item they celebrate each year this is the town of Vanek oh right in the middle of the island and today is cheese day a celebration of Corsican cheeses and with it all things these people hold dear to their hearts like danios deep-fried Donuts the Corsicans are crazy for beignets Balzac the French writer and serious gourmand thought that Corsica was the back of beyond but today really does reflect part of their character which is fiercely independent and totally tied to the landscape these people aren't so much farmers as someone said they're more like hunter-gatherers we're free-range animals live alongside free-range people the president of the cheese makers is John Samsa Metea in the rest of France of course Corsican cheese's hi and you know everybody said that to France either that cheese country the country with 200 cheese is very important but the coos can't was a country where the shepherds were the most important person people of their of the villagers because they had the capability to give everybody something to eat I was just told a couple of days ago by a shepherd here that 20 years ago being a shepherd was regarded as the lowest of the low previously they'd been the most important person in the village but they'd slipped in estimation but since then because it was a growth of a slow food movement and interesting food generally the idea of being an artisan crafts were making goats or sheep's milk cheese in Corsica has caught on with the sort of trendy set in Paris and people are literally selling up they're a part of mine Paris and coming here buying up a little small holding and making cheese the little town of llama is famous for its bread cheese that's a generic term for used milk cheese rather like chevre means made from goat's milk it's got a sweet and nutty flavor and I've never seen it in a British supermarket mind you I've never seen a really good cheddar in a French supermarket either so he won't go into that I've come here to meet up with a shepherd not one of those johnny-come-lately types from Paris he was born here and has kept on the farming tradition jean-francois summer chili he was far too busy to go to the cheese festival as he milks his sheep twice a day and he's got no one apart from his wife Anne to help him make a few dozen cheeses every morning what I was saying and I was just well he was talking to me noticing how quick the milking and and how little amount of milk comes from each sheep I mean it's really hard one this sheep's milk not like cows because I was brought up on a farmer watch milking all the time lots of milk in the cow but what it was saying I was just ask him about the importance of them of the Shepherd's in Corsica and he said shepherds really are the landscape of Corsica and he said he's carrying on the same tradition as his grandfather and his father he said it's a little bit easier now is that their mother milking equipment but otherwise it's essentially the same and I feel really privileged to be watching this because he's a true artisan I can't wait to taste his bread Ichi I mean jean-francois I was saying earlier on about the flavor of the milk about how it comes from the Mac either the wild herbs and bushes that the sheep graze on up here in the in the hills what I didn't realize is that it changes depending on where you are on the mountain well here we've got things like sisters Heather oak wild pear over there a myrtle further down the mountain we've got various wild mints rosemary and that's what makes the use milk so special and the finished flavor of that Bray B cheese so unique and makes the cheese she comes from a neighboring village and has bought her own particular expertise to llama after a month the cheese tastes mild and delicate but it's fully mature at four months when it's tangy and nutty and now the bitter I've been really waiting for had to get up before breakfast to attend the milking the Brady this is about two months old it's everything I would have expected utterly delicious very tangy got a unique flavor I can almost taste the Marquise in there and I mean this is perfect our toes aren't produce you know to my mind Corsican cheese's are some of the best in France well I must say that was a fantastic day with jean-francois renown but one thing he was saying a bit earlier which made me rather depressed was that there's a lot of people now buying milk from the mainland bringing it over in the ferry and tankers and making cheese over here and calling it Korsak and cheese when isn't that depressing it reminds me a few years ago I was talking to a large supermarket about Cornish dairy ice cream and they took a survey about 20 ice creams and only one of them had Cornish dairy produce in it I mean if so sorta tacky you know anyway long live Jean Francois Rohan and their beautiful cheese well I suppose my perception of Corsica was of a hot Mediterranean Ireland lovely sandy beaches seafood and all that sort of thing so it came as a bit of a surprise to discover that actually the seafood is quite quite rare it's quite hard to find good seafood and it's all about sort of mountain cookery I mean the really good food I've found here is the simple stuff high in the hills and the reason I think is summed up by this place this is the Citadel and this is where all the locals ambassador would come to for refuge when the sails were on the horizon and the Barbary pirates were coming to town but were still for the coast was malaria and in this island there were swamps all the way around so naturally people lived inland part pirate part malaria and the malaria was only cleared up in the second world war by the Americans so really it's a food about Swasey saw harms and chestnut flour all mountain stuff but I had to find some fish the weak cannot go by without fish or shellfish now one of the local people helping us to make this program suggested I come to the fishing village of Irbil Unga well it certainly had its fair share of rape and pillage judging by the battlements but I suspect it's fishing days along over and it's become a backdrop for wealthy tourists to eat seafood this fish is a dentist named because of its sharp teeth which it uses to crunch up shellfish from the rocks which goes an awful long way to give it its flavor I think it's one of the best fish in the Mediterranean it's got a lovely firm sweet flesh I reckon this would have been cooked for about 15 to 20 minutes with lemon and olive oil and it cost an arm and a leg no wonder the Corsicans don't eat much seafood let's see a little bit each mistake beautiful flavor the way to just said it's like sea bass only better I know that there's a very similar fish in Australia called a silver trevally which is also very good absolutely superb you can't get dentex back in the UK but you can get gilt-head bream another great Mediterranean fish and I think just as good still on the subject of fishing I really wanted to guard on a boat to see just how difficult it's become to get a living out of the Mediterranean other stories love this moment I've said this before that about the Mediterranean I'm really looking forward to things like so turbot monk that we get that having said that they've already caught one monkfish and they're hoping to catch some more they're also hoping to catch as a long goose that's the Mediterranean lobster so we will see this is like a millpond is not like the fishing back home where you can hardly stand and this is a great fish it's from the tuna family is called a bonito and they're really good grilled and then serve in the mustard sauce like mackerel they're best eaten sparkling fresh and the fisherman said that even a thunderstorm can change the flavor of these fish no that's better that's a little longest but they were also telling me but in the 60s and 70s these longest used to be really plentiful and could be caught 40 or 50 yards from the shore not anymore Jean de la pêche a bomb no battery in the battery Burris say yeah beaucoup de Fito pronto don't Philip a smile he's just saying that there's a lot of plankton in the Naboo Chicago way he said a lot of plankton is really I've seen it in the net it settles on the on the net and to the fish makes them the net look opaque so they can see it and they swim away from it so it's not good fishing I just it just makes me laugh because whenever you talk to a fisherman there's always some reason while they're not catching fish the world over was such a beautiful still life a more natural more as a French say of them Mediterranean fish so different trying it's so colorful they've been fishing for a couple of hours it's not a bad catch I mean the a lot of this fish fetches good money so they've done well this is a Jessie oh the capital of Corsica famous as being the birthplace of Napoleon there's a continual flow of tourists here who make a beeline for the house where he grew up his family were bourgeois originating from Italian nobility his father was a lawyer and represented Corsica at court in Paris Napoleon was the man who coined the adage an army marches on its stomach and it was he who put food in tins on a large scale because it was a convenient way to feed his troops on campaigns and this was his garden where he'd play with his tin soldiers no doubt and maybe consider conquering half of Europe with a bit of North Africa thrown in as you do I mentioned Edward Lear earlier and when he first sailed here to a jasio he thought he could see lots of pretty beach huts lining the shore only later to find out they were family tombs one of which now bears the name of course of his other favorite son the famous opera singer Tino Rossi Jean vero is a chef and restaurateur whose ultimate dream would have been to serve the Emperor and the opera singer his signature dish longest with pasta before he became a cook he ran a discotheque just as I did his restaurants are always full with customers coming back time and time again for long goosed which we call spiny lobsters and pasta served with a really rich sauce it's a bit like a strong fish soup with loads of tomatoes and chili and cinnamon and flame with brandy lots of brandy basically the spiny lobsters are harmed and left to cook in this sauce for about 15 minutes and it's just one man cooking it all I've got nine cooks at any given time in my restaurant food for thought I think John Farrow conveniently made the sauce before I arrived it was a bit cagey about giving the recipes away but it's his only dish and who can blame it the closeness to Italy in corsica's Histories I think reflected in this dish with its intense flavor of garlic and tomatoes except that I can't help but feel the Italians might just have been a bit more subtle and understated than this it's the sauce that wins the day here and not the lobster which I feel is the wrong way around but when in Rome hey and actually I loved it I met up with Rollie Lou karate who suggested we filmed here she wrote the very first Corsican cookery book in English incidentally this is not just for the two of us you know such a good idea they're just having one special dish than just cooking that and the world beats a path to your door I think the cooking the cooking is very very gutsy I totally noticed this is quite spicy there's nothing insipid about Corsicana food it's it's very Mediterranean it's very colorful and in the tastes as well it's very colourful which is what I love about it actually before when I came here first it was very difficult to find Corsican fusion restaurants they were almost ashamed of it they sold pizzas and steaks and chips and things and the only Corsican food was in the family and it was passed down from mother to daughter or in fact from father to daughter because the men cook here as well they're very passionate cooks really yes yes which is interesting so they don't regard it as being absolutely not maybe two something different in the Mediterranean that in Corsica the men do love cooking as well and I've heard him fashioned arguments in bars for men saying oh well I never put anchovy in my sauce but I'm saying yes I do so that everybody takes the interest in the food here so there was one man cooking and one waitress serving for at least 60 people that night now that is real profit and so to Bonifacio my departure point from Corsica to Sardinia on a really blustery day when I hope the ferry would be canceled and I could have my last lingering shot at this robust Corsican food but it wasn't to be these ferry men are made of tough stuff I'm fairly certain that in the Odyssey this is the spot where the giant for last stretch in Ian's were raining boulders down on Odysseus and his crew and in this rough weather I can imagine the feeling of having a load of large limestone boulders crashing down onto you to be pretty very scary the seller Haddad has written something about Italian cooking which i think is entirely appropriate in the relationship of its parts the pattern of a complete Italian meal is very like that of a civilized life no dish overwhelms another either in quantity or in flavor each leaves room for new appeals to the eye and palate each fresh sensation of taste color and texture interlaces with a lingering recollection of the last to make time to eat as the italian still do is to share in their inexhaustible gift for making art out of life I was so pleased that it was only ten miles or so between one country and another so it's goodbye Cathy au lait Napoleon Bonaparte and hello cappuccino and Garibaldi so a few thoughts on leaving Corsica where cheese and charcuterie were King's strong flavors and stews chestnuts and sausages to Sardinia which gave its name to the silvery little fish because sardines were found in abundance around its shores I was looking forward to Tomatoes pasta sheep cheese lovely wines how difference is this going to be though I thought but that's what I really like about a ferry journey it really stirs up your imagination that was a bit startling it's a tourist to remember you're not in Italy that's exactly a very wonderful welcome I suppose it's a bit like in Scotland you see English go home or in Monty Python's Life of Brian Romans go home there's two of them kidnap tourists here now you may think I'm odd but the main reason for going anywhere is to find some particular food or drink for example the main reason for going to Marseilles in the first place for me was to find the perfect brew of s and the main reason for me to come to Sardinia has been for many years to find the source of vermin t no I just think it's one of the best white wines of Italy famous all over Italy and the reason I think apart from a little bit of oak in the wine is that the what the vines really have to fight to gain nutrient out of this really harsh soil this granite soil that's what it's all about it's those vines finding their way down into the granite chippings that gives us it that it's precise and a minerally flavor which I find so well dare I say enchanting this area on the north of the island is one of the largest producers of cork for the wine industry forests of cork trees line the roads they remind me of clipped poodles where the bark has been stripped away but the March of the screw cap and plastic corks is getting stronger all the time even my friends in the food and drink business serious traditionalists are singing the praises of the screw cap over cork so where does that leave a small family business like that of Marco pasilla very important for us for my family for my factory for a journalist or international court to information is very very important because it's a my life or life over there in the town I can't help feeling that I'm watching something from an archive in ten years time this could well be a cork museum with old machines being run as a tourist attraction but I think for what it's worth that if you want to mature fine wine for any length of time no one has come up with anything better than cork because in the big blue wine Italian big one there is the deck Orton for 2025 year 50/50 year and off only over the corn this material I just find this so interesting because myself my colleagues and everybody I know is really into the whole idea of slow food and the whole sort of naturalness of food but when it comes to corks most people you talk to say no we don't want Corky wine we only want a perfect bottle every time but haven't we got double standards in this respect I mean with the for them in the same voice we say no we don't want to go to the supermarket and get uniform green and red peppers or apples at all rosy and round we want them all different and yet here's a guy that's producing providing us with exactly what we want as slow food lovers and we turn around and say give us a plastic core every time [Applause] I'm going to see one of my favorite Italian cheese is being made and the best is produced by shepherds in the Hills its pecorino that comes from pakora which means sheep when it comes to sharing these Shepherds help each other by going from farm to farm this is if I'm stepping back in time here but it's like that a lot in Sardinia not however on the coaster Esmeralda this is loose REO puji Oney he's heating up the sheep's milk putting in rennet and leaving it for a while before the next stage of separating away it doesn't take very long for the milk to set and form curds I was brought up on a farm but they gave up using these Clippers in about 1958 but I can remember one of the chaps on the farm called Charlie who my brother my oldest brother was big naughty and he pinched him and he pinched him so hard that he actually pinched through his shorts because his hands were so strong from work and the Clippers well just thinking this is a basic how to make cheese lesson I mean I've but I've been in enormous factories with wearing hair nets and white coats and I must say I know which cheese I would prefer to eat I just love this it stirred with her with a branch cuts up the curds absolutely perfectly I know I've said this before but I'm always uh turley mesmerised by people do it things with their hands with extreme expertise I just could watch him forever it's just so relaxing there's nothing new in cheese making is an age-old way of preserving milk which goes right back to over ten thousand years ago when sheep and goats were first domesticated and put in herds to graze there's even cave paintings of cheese making it's that old and if that's a bit social nah I'm about the people in my quest of what he was saying was that he just loves making cheese has been doing it all his life and he loves being in contact with his with his animals in Britain made most Chiefs making the way is probably fed to pace but here they make a second cheese ricotta the ricotta just means re cooked and he's bringing the temperature up again and he's just gonna gather what's left in the way to make the ricotta fresh ricotta you have to eat within 24 hours absolutely delicious of course just also noticing that he's so scrupulous and his cleanliness in making this cheese I mean no not only is he so expert but everything is kept perfectly clean he totally understands what he's doing of course after half an hour he thinks the ricotta is just about ready well this is a culinary first for me we've all had ricotta but I bet very few people have had the chance to have ricotta that's not 24 hours old but like 24 seconds of I don't know how to describe it it's like the sort of less rice pudding you've ever tasted you know it's just creamy and delicate and it doesn't taste like cheese it just tastes like a lovely lovely pudding really well that's how they do it it's the real thing and I'm really pleased to have been there now I want to cook with the pecorino back at home and I'm going to make a spaghetti carbonara and this really hard cheese is perfect for it the other thing of course is a good chunk of pancetta well pancetta is very light bacon of course that the subtle difference being that it's cured for longer that it's it's salted and hung up in drying sheds a bit like Parma ham for much longer than bacon therefore it has a more concentrated flavor and it's absolutely essential in a load of Italian dishes gives that a lovely sort of meaty salty flavor in the background just chop it into chunks or lardons or as I say an Italian cue Betty little cubes now one of the things I had picked up in Italy a little tip which gives me a great pleasure is how to open a packet of pasta don't mess around with the potato or get a knife just go like that macho stuff as loads of stories as to where carbonara comes from but one I like most is actually from the Second World War when though all of GIS were over in Rome and they had loads of bacon and eggs and so the Italians presumably acquired them in a legal or illegal way they came up with this dish bacon eggs and pasta so with a pancetta I put in about three cloves of chopped garlic a good Fistful of parsley and spaghetti which goes straight into the pan no a little tip pilot picked up in Italy they often use a little bit of the cooking water of the pasta just to make a bit of sauce perfect another strong contender for the origins of this dish goes way back in time to days of charcoal burners who worked outside the walls of Rome it's said they used to cook bacon eggs and cheese on their hot shovels hence charcoal carbon carbonara this is nearly as popular as spaghetti bolognaise but it's much more typical of Italian pasta dishes because it takes no time to make I met this Italian chef not so long ago and who said it came from Rome he said you never use parmesan in carbonara and never used cream I was a bit bearish because I was used to using both so I said what about pecorino then is it all right to use Sardinian pecorino oh yeah yeah he said but never clean next to pecorino an importance in Sardinian food is this hard-working people are making a thing called pan a carousel which literally means music paper bread and the reason it's called music paper bread is they first bake the bread like a big Peter and then that they separate it and bake it the second time tool it comes over crisp and crackling a bit like the music sheets used to be in the very old days when people play pianos and didn't watch TV but I just was trying to find out as one does that all is always a reason for food and what was the reason for this and apparently the point is it keeps forever by double baking it like this it completely dries out and the intent the idea was to the shepherds who were up in the high pastures for six eight weeks at a time it could take something which wouldn't go off which would be perfect from day one to day 71 it's really early in the morning and I'm starving this is made with freshly chopped tomatoes garlic olive oil and salt doesn't get a lot simpler than that perfect bruschetta if you ask me bread tomatoes and olive oil the most common combination in the Mediterranean Gino I'd be surprised if it ever tasted as good as that again just before I came away I was in the pub with a few people I know and one of them was saying um where I was going and I said Corsica and Sardinia they said well why both are they both the same it's a bit of a shame two weeks into the trip I said no way there's no way they're the same in corsica's almost one big mountain range and the food reflects that you got sausage wellbore chestnuts Sardinia it's much lighter it's much more fertile tomatoes olives wild fennel myrtle well then I was thinking about them and of course I hate to say this but they just go to those tourist hotels all the time so of course it seemed the same I mean Cancun would seem the same and I was passing through when I came out of the ferry port in Sardinia I saw this this sign the tunnel coming out who said tourists remember you are not in Italy yes I am in Italy one of the great success stories in Italy is agriturismo it's called firm auberge in France and it's geared to tourists really wanting to taste the real food of the countryside people are opening up their farms and small Holdings and inviting perfect strangers to lunch cooking stuff their grannies used to make I realize of course this business relies a bit on set decoration these cheeses catch a caballo do it beautifully I've just watched the way he's been roasting these suckling pigs it's just about attention to detail you know simple food is hard it really requires thought and it's just the way he's sort of gently turning them over and then put the myrtle branches on there and also basting them with that with a hot fat the hot lardo actually flaming lard and he says that just gives it that special flavor and I can't wait to try it to be honest remember you don't have any choice of menu this is typically what you get suckling pig which I love so I know some people would have trouble with these stuffed in testing but not me we're very hungry the smell is is just wonderful this is real sort of grown-up boys stuff this all this meat this is a typical Sardinian dish the pork bacon and chickpeas you've got to have a serious appetite here and this is lovely wild fennel ricotta and olive oil pecorino cheese of course and local wines and this which is mincemeat in a sort of Bolognese type sauce sukkah carne they call it and a poached egg delish and it's served on that music paper bread I mean this is right in the centre of Sardinia it's not a tourist area and it's May and the cuckoos are going cuckoo in the valleys I just feel sort of feeling it's almost like a time of innocence because that's the trouble with tourism you know that's the trouble with programs like this you come somewhere like this you have this beauty food cooked in the work being cooked for four centuries and you enthused about it infuse about it to such the extent the tourists come upon and it's not the same again because these people are cooking for themselves everywhere we've been in Sardinia they're cooking to please Sardinians and they're cooking with great love and affection and there's something about tourism that just ruins it you don't have to travel very far here to find a village festival this is luxury and events like this are really good to look for local food the people here don't need too much persuasion to dress up it's a statement of belonging I suppose it's a bit like pod stirs Mayday where all the real locals dress in white with red and blue neckerchiefs one very special day I'm intrigued by these actually Hortensia hydrangea leaves the thing is called to cook boy did go go Rico which is pumpkin so it's a mixture of pumpkin flour lard oh that's the sort of salt part mint and olive oil and seasoning I'm very very keen to try them never seen anything like it yeah ja I see you see that's okay good David the directors just asked me to join in the dancing my immediate reaction was no I can't do that that I was thinking no I can't do that without a couple of beers but nobody's drinking here they're all really really enjoying it and getting stuff into it I think that's very sort of testimony to the Italian temperament they're very extrovert they enjoy themselves without booze and I'm just watching some of the girls in there they're they're so showing off like this that it's just that lovely this song is about sailing off to America because of the hard times in the past but on a night like this you can see why so many are coming back home [Applause] it started late morning went on right through without a break till the early hours and nobody became tired and emotional nobody disgraced themselves and I'm willing to bet everybody had a wonderful time in the next program on the west coast of Sardinia they're netting mullet then it's off to Corleone en Sicily to see how the best posture is made

The Devil You Know Ep3 – Pazuzu Algarad – True Crime Documentary

Episode 3 of 5. This is the bizarre true story of a local Satanist, his house of horrors, and his reputation as a suspected cannibal murderer.⁣

The Devil You Know investigates the story of Pazuzu Algarad, a suspected cannibal murderer who used an Islamic Satanist persona to terrorise his local community and manipulate those closest to him.

Pazuzu Algarve and a woman who calls herself his wife Amber are both now charged with murder doctor actually diagnosed and was kissed the type of personality disorder guys clinically psychotic at some point he had used something to sharpen his teeth I just wanted to get away from the drugs and get away from the Zuzu right when I got back from my deployment I went to the police heroine really was always an escape but it quickly becomes a requirement it's all-encompassing pair of bodies were found buried in a backyard of a Clemens home a lot of questions were created from that rather than answered bullets the story from right here in the Piedmont that's actually making headlines around the world tonight at 10 o'clock channel 9 just obtained this video shot inside the home of an accused devil worshiper charged with the murder of a father with ties to Salisbury investigators say Pazuzu al garage killed Joshua wetzler and then buried him in his backyard for years neighbors say Pazuzu algorri transformed a nice home on Nob Hill Drive and Clements into a domain for the devil the pure evil Pazuzu al garage took part in satanic rituals all garage tongue was split like a snake moving in different directions licking his own face he picked up two prostitutes at two separate locations before he killed and ate them and you can tell when his demons you needed something from him because they took over Antichrist seyton cells was along for the rumor mill to cut the charge cuz there's a tongue is split in two his teeth are filed down two points he ate the beating hearts of the rabbits he sacrificed but no one was really bothered to find a fee this stuff was true this is if that didn't really matter I don't usually you can and then lose yeah commit commit feeling there we go it's about the same size as that kids penises sent you to picture it's a whole lot easier to look at pezoo Xue and his jacked-up face and all his stuff and his sharpened teeth and go wow that's not me that's not my kid it's a whole lot harder to look in the mirror and then look over at your kid and go ahead could Mike it go that way what am i doing to my kid that could possibly create another John Lawson we started writing eight six seven thousand word piece and was a profile it's trying to get personal background manners and every second of John Lawson's life led up to the moment that the police find bodies in his backyard there's not really too much there we know yet cuz I mean a lot of the people close to pursue so afraid to talk here's what we do now he's born in California to young parents these young parents don't really get along all that great they're bouncing back between California North Carolina and finally mom and dad split then when John's about five he ends up the Clements with his mom Cynthia who takes on the job of raising him on her own he was very very sad he was a buddy sock kid Cynthia she was my best friend and my son become very best friend Johnny he come Friday Sunday and something he stay at the house six o'clock in the morning there he is in the morning you know I love that little boy because to me he was very nice he was a good kid the city you know the thing that he does that he wants to be a vampire you know he was a vampire in his mind he was now I met Johnny he was weird you were this big cape like a with his teeth he was so leader and so tiny you know he was very skinny and he loves the movies you know like he watches Jason Freddy Krueger the vampire movie he was all those people sometimes he don't sing sorry what kind of out of place when Johnny was probably eight years old Johnny was very abusive you know her behavior and stuff like that so she put in a mental hospital I me and her went to see Johnny on my heart broke because I say you know that little boy he didn't need to be there the one that needs to be there is some woman the mama she drinks a lot for once and she go with all these guys I mean she lived joining me and she does she go Johnny see all that stuff and you know the little kid you know get in his mind you know like my mama do that nobody knows but the little boy went through when you get this Bulldog that their main what the reason they're mean because you just hit him hit him the dog so they had to be mean to his Oh Nina Antoine lived together three times so I was kinda just going back to start early we both see our ups and downs at different points you know in the end these guys are more family to me than we're sort of an actual family really i'm anton hardy brother of met flowers almost married his sister have a kid with her and he and I go back like car seats I feel like people take advantage of Matt and his his idea of wanting to be a protector I've really honestly did like I said I've seen people call him up for you know shit they've gotten themselves into and one of him to have their back and you know put himself into a situation where he can get in trouble zhuzi being one of them Pazuzu always talked about like building a legion and like habits like army of like people were like he like tried to push me a manipulate me into like do it some cities like him I'm happy he's in prison the things he did is unforgivable the further I got were searching his kids background the more I realize how skilled he was bringing other kids into whatever he was up to he made everyone an accomplice Pazuzu really liked that idea of a family killing people I think he felt powerful in bringing in other parties and I think he felt a certain sense of power by stripping that last shred of innocence by involving them in something that sinister I find it very odd that yeah I do kind of I do kind of miss him didn't they tell you about how he paid for all the floors I had really good credit for my mom paying off my student loan so I took out a load line so I could buy hardware and go pawn it for cash to get drugs and azusa and amber came to me one day saying we want to start cleaning up the house so I was like well shit I'll buy you guys some some floor and we'll rip out the carpet we'll put it in helped him install it and everything and then a few weeks later that was when I first heard the rumors about the murders and I was like I just no but I I don't I think I just brought the flooring over I think I came back later after they had ripped the carpet out I don't think I was actually there to pull out the carpet yeah yeah every day Frank at school people call them turd boy you know good boy he dropped out of school there's a mail which our self-proclaimed mail which is I'm writing about the zoo doing all of this research into his past I'm coming up against a lot of dead ends this is the South things move at their own pace but even so this story's proven particularly difficult the police aren't talking the families not talking and I mean I'm drowning at rumors but I'm still trying to get to the actual facts of the matter West Forsyth yearbook 93 to 95 well we can go what are the odds of us actually finding that I don't know if they're probably not very good the deal was trying to ferret when this boy was in school because he kept failing from what I understand he was not exactly your models oh yeah ah class here's Mike here he is like I reckon you put all the tattoos on his face that's the same Joker all right so now it's set up for a quick scan and we just click and watch what happens I love that little sound like and hey boy is John Lawson any cute now this is another year but he's he's kind of in the same class he's still a freshman this year not a lotta I need people who were in sixth grade for three years not like or moving on that career John Lawson year two same grade looks like somebody between I was a ball-peen hammer right before they took he looks stoned yeah I guess he's this is year two freshman year yes what people have glommed on to his the simplistic story this is a guy who is dealing with the dark arts he was dealing in the dark his depth of you know and then any murder people and now we understand it because we can get her head around it and what you missed with the people in the human beings he was a nice kid every once in a while I'd give him a ride home from school my name is Stephanie Seidel I actually live three houses down across the street from Pazuzu people called him turd boy and they would you know turn boy I could see it in his face how upsetting it was I don't know why but he smelled like human excrement he was an eighteen year old freshman every day Frank at school the teachers just turned a blind eye my name is Aaron I was a classmate at John Pazuzu whatever you want to call him I showed him some things a few guitar lessons he dropped out of school when he realized the reemerged as a male witch or self-proclaimed male witch I think that would ever hurt someone is what he wanted to be they wanted to be the bad guy this is the suburbs it is fundamentalist and they're serious about it but I think at some point John Lawson realized living in the suburbs of Forsyth County he was never gonna quite be the top guy so he decided if I'm will be bad bad as I could be he even talked about his father didn't want him and that being a factor in why and he wanted to kill himself oh he had a hundred ways he wanted to do it you know shotgun my Kurt Cobain or you know he talked about well you know when you slit your wrists in the bathtub you just get real dizzy and then you die yeah is this Johnny James yes sir my name is Chad Nance I'm the owner and one of the journalists at the camel State dispatch what I'm calling you about is the Pazuzu or garag case and if now I do understand but part of the reason I want to talk to you was let you kind of clear some stuff up because we got your name on the deed of the house I'm a I'm a stepdads I mean I know what it's like you know he did did you think he hated you because you take him mom away from him her it was he just hateful hello that's a bummer man Johnny James we're going to record with me and I understand I can't really blame you whoo let's talk about all this awful stuff all the time but at the same time you know if we don't look at the uncomfortable truths we may never really get beyond it I heard him scream if'n hate you I want you to just get out of my life I wish you weren't here this is him screaming to his stepdad according to the rumors that I've heard when pazoozas in his early 20s he demands his mom Cynthia in her relationship with stepdad Johnny James choosing her son over her husband Cynthia convinced Johnny to move out of house I mean he sort of did whatever he wanted to do he was not ever bound by any authority figure just like a logically John she scared little boy so I had a really hard time seeing him putting a gun to somebody's head and pulling the trigger major findings at autopsy included gunshot wounds of the head and torso so that's eight gunshot wounds it's easy to sit back and wonder how how the neighbors didn't know something was going on it's been six months since officials discovered human remains buried behind a house in Clements and it will be at least another six months before any trial can begin a judge rescheduled Pazuzu algorithm's case to October 29th Matlock in Birch cases are expected to be postponed as well this is a rite of passage around here Lobo feature the beach phone everyone call it a zoo zoo always talked about people up hurting people and doing all this crazy shit he was like a really good actor he would be one guy around me and then a completely different person around other people he was cool to hang out with but like he really was schizophrenic been like 2 years since I've been out here Society live in ten watch your step right there I think I kept in a straight line people been painting down here since like the 90s like we did like jackass shit is the dumb shit we spray-painted but while I'm spray-painting like anarchy here but I was doing I was kid Pazuzu spraying like inverted pentagrams and 666 and he's like yelling like where is your god no and I'm like oh I guess you're having fun like kind of stupid said that but I think he took that shit too seriously you know reverb in here is awesome look at this but some drums right here at the end actually Pazuzu in our back when he was like kind of cool we had like a little bonfire or spray paint and we took the spray paint cans and put it on the bonfire we like ran that way oh like the gas flames I can just hear like oh I can't leave no one came down here for that one mmm jelly jelly Avenger armor doesn't think about it you know it's like I feel like if I didn't leave them like leave for the military that they've never would happen never would happen so the first time Pazuzu al garage mother was in front of our camera cynthia james met with county officials over the fate of her house a Nob Hill Drive County originally told the homeowner al guards mother that she had until Christmas day to decide tear it down or fix it up ms James had nothing to say during the hearing or to us Pazuzu smother would have been the first person I picked up there are legitimate questions like how could you allow this to go on were you intimidated and scared of your son to the point that you know dude or did you just love your son and we're you know catering to him to the point where these things are allowed to happen Cynthia James she's somewhat of a cipher I graduated from high school in 1996 the house was beautiful his mom took care of it they had cream-colored carpet when he walked in you took your shoes off I moved down here in 2010 and it was a completely different scene the house was an absolute disaster you know kazoos he's living off his mom turned her like shit she was paying all the bills buying him a case of beer every day buying him you know bags are rolling tobacco every day it's not doing anything good for anybody you know as a parent what do you do in your situation spirals out of control when a kid drops out of school when he starts abusing drugs when we start sacrificing animals Pazuzu used to sacrifice a rabbit split and rabbits throats and dump in their blood and rubbing blood all over his face he felt like it would give him higher power there was a cat hanging in his tree I thought I know that it was a cat hanging from his tree at some point you know you just figured he felt he had to take his animal sacrifice to the next level to human sacrifice these are the autopsy reports for Josh this is the first time I've seen this and you know we just never heard anything back from the DA or from the detectives the cause of death for this 37 year old Caucasian male Joshua Frederick wetzlar is multiple gunshot wounds major findings at autopsy included gunshot wounds of the head and torso with recovery of multiple bullet and bullet fragments three gunshot wounds involved the head for possibly four and possibly five gunshots both torso so that's eight gunshot wounds and so you know it just it seems like that somebody would have heard that it's easy to sit back and wonder how the neighbors didn't know something was going on the neighbor to the left I mean you could be on their back deck and see into Pazuzu sawed yard fine you know I'm just glad I wasn't as neighbor his name was John Lawson I knew a guy that was just locked up with him recently he said that they had locked down the whole jail because he had his teeth filed he did into an artery in his arm and I guess they locked down the whole jail because of that thing night came around with Jenna not that long ago and we just clicked so he started hanging out and basically since we are you that kind of like a little like everybody that Oh God says that he feels so bad oh I'm wearing guys to Marty's dick everyday my seth has a much harder habit than you do and he still gets up and goes to work I know I'm safe I know darling just notice I know I want to quit altogether as soon as I get my financial aid disbursement I can get my – we thought about going to clinic you don't the rehabs around here are so shitty I don't have insurance and nice ones like then like people in Hollywood go to or like sixty thousand dollars a day I mean I don't know who can afford that but I damn sure can elgar odd was transported to central prison on a safe keeping order I sent Sheriff Department like three emails I got nothing I've left voicemail there got nothing there's the East such warrants from 2014 and then we found out that the search warrants were sealed there's something in those search warrants that law enforcement didn't one out Elgar on was transported to Central Prison in a safe keeping order as part of a joint request by both his defense counsel and the district attorney's office meaning I sent Sheriff Department I said at this point I'm sending like three emails I got nothing I've left voicemail there have nothing we got no details on anything oh my guys what is room or injection where people said we got all those comments that people leave and that's all I know do you think he's good actually tell us don't say anything don't talk you got this we end up having to do dirtbag research because none of the authorities are talking the people who probably actually know the real story are going to be people that were his teachers or counselors at school or gonna be a psychiatrist or someone like that they cannot talk about this stuff they're not gonna go tell us stuff that's that they cannot release we gotta get something I mean because they're only gonna find out about these searches is used to talk to miss Cynthia talk to somebody that was in the house when these searches took place I mean we don't have enough so we've hit a wall let's just get on with I just don't see how we can do it without access to the courthouse we can't get access to court have a lawyer it's incredibly frustrating because how do you tell a whole story without all the facts and I know that there are people out there who need some real answers there today is Mother's Day and I'm moving I had lost my job I was a contract employee so I wasn't paid any kind of unemployment I'd worked really hard there but I never made any money when Josh was found jared was able to start receiving Social Security payments but the date that he started receiving money was based on the date that they found Josh which is the official date on his death certificate so for those five years that Josh was missing Jared did not receive any Social Security money we had no financial support at all Jared receives about seven hundred dollars a month over a five year period we're talking about $35,000 with that amount of money we could have made a down payment on a house unfortunately Michael Hewitt found me on Facebook and took an interest in the case he's told me a whole lot more than the DA or the Sheriff's Department I'm Michael Hewlett I'm the legal affairs reporter at The Winston Salem Journal there was a Facebook page dedicated to Josh wetzler and Stacy was the administrator for that that site what I find is that a lot of victims they don't understand how these criminal cases go they think oh you know it's like Law & Order oh the investigation and then oh there's your trial all of a sudden before the hour is over and that's not how it happens in real life then in real life at how you know particularly for a murder case you're talking about a two three year process unfortunately journalists our job is to port there's relevant information to a particular case that people should know about we need to fight to get that information out when the remains were found I immediately went to the courthouse to see whether or not there were search warrants search warrants can provide a lot more information than law enforcement are willing to say publicly I was looking for the search warrants in the average case we were told yes there's the e search warrants from 2014 then we found out that the search warrants were sealed there is something in those social norms that law enforcement did them one out on behalf of this whole street I just want to apologize to anybody involved we let to and be missing for five years it's actually somewhat of a mixed bag of emotions right now sit properties company known as 2749 Nob Hill Drive in Clements North Carolina have a bit of 123,000 798 39 cents going once twice that's with the whole neighborhood wants we just want the house young will it return the neighborhood to the way it was yeah I think so I think so it's just that you know everybody's been upset for the last six months it just needs to be gone good afternoon thanks for joining us crews started tearing down the former home of Pazuzu al garage around 8:45 this morning it's actually somewhat of a mixed bag of emotions right now we're celebrating this is party we are very excited we're have we at the picnic spread already ready the neighborhood is having somewhat of a neighborly gathering here celebration they're trying to keep it positive see some of that dust coming out of the house neighbors were saying was almost as though that dust represented all the evil spirits and the bad memories which this house was holding and just releasing them in a way I'm relieved we'll get back to our nice quiet very wonderful neighborhood hopefully this provides some closure for them as well guys they condemn the house they take bulldozers out there they push it all into the basement tear up the swimming pool cover the thing up fill it all full of dirt and wipe it clean from the face of the earth all this happened in a matter of a few months they wiped it from the face of the earth they don't want to talk about this anymore they want to move on move on meaning not examine what caused this don't look into my own heart and see how I might be responsible let's just move on and pretend it never happened when people think that you can put somebody in jail you can take down a house that that somehow clears it they have no idea didn't make anything better for my child it didn't make anything better for me or Tommy's family it did not fix anything you can't bring somebody's daddy back on behalf of this whole street I just want to apologize to anybody involved because I wish I wish that we could have done something and I'm so so sorry that we let you down we let two men be missing for five years I think Josh his death was totally preventable but nobody took responsibility when Pazuzu was young there were people that were well aware that there was a problem how did he fall through the cracks as a society we are fed and I mean the answers our needs to become by one thing I do know is that when you see someone totally self-destructing or destroy themselves or others you got to face it head-on Jenna's parents let us move in with down and since we don't have to pay bills or rent or anything right now it gives us a lot more money to take it hi well I just got enough work last night wanted to go get some drugs so I was on 485 about 15 minutes out from here and wake up and I'm drifting over onto the left side of the I guess I was in a fast lane and I'm shocked back over and so of course I fly across the road and straight into the grass on the other side and there's like steep-ass ditch that goes straight down it I was freaking out I'm not gonna lie I'm crying man I just got a bunch of work done on a car my mom spent $1,200 on the car yesterday and you know I was freaking out because I was afraid someone was gonna pull over and see me on the side of the road and call the cops and you know I got drugs in my system I mean I probably should have just park the car and slept somewhere but I had a bag for Jenna and I wanted to bring it to her Hey nothing I just got up I totaled the car last night no I I just had Jenna pick me up i I mean no I was just I mean that's still technically a DWI isn't it if you fall asleep at the wheel okay yeah like as soon as the Pazuzu finally got busted everyone came out the woodwork I knew him we were we had the spit mask on I mean it was straight up like this but feigned you know the thing like the thing that you never believe is real like in movies like it was real it was real then the mainstream media in this case went the sensational sangil chemistry dispatch did what we do at heart we are humanists and we took the humanists angle because for us it boils down to human beings and how they behave towards one another and how they are affected by the behavior of others by all accounts John Alexander Lawson began life uneventful II on August 12 to 1978 over the next 20 years Lawson done everything he could have to make himself seem evil powerful and frightening this kid from West Forsyth looked in the mirror one day and decided to what he saw wasn't good enough what he wanted to see was the boogeyman by all accounts he succeeded in spades Pazuzu murdered people he destroyed lives can't explain that away with Satan evil do anybody any good in a first position search warrant seal didn't say keep it over sealed and again you know I get the feeling that it's just like we don't wanna look at this we don't want to talk about it we really don't want to face our collective responsibility for what happened here Pazuzu saw me as his brother literally literally as a brother I really miss my friend man I mean I remember sitting there talking to him sometimes like what you talk to me about life and we were friends dude and like all this shit happened stupid shit hit me man hit me [Laughter] he wasn't Pazuzu to me I was in for first and second-degree kidnapping and under a bunch of faulty charges you know what I mean but I lost my shit when I first went in so they sent me to the hole you know and so was in there and this month just like in between crying and shouting and yelling and reciting like whoever the lyrics he was out of his time you know what I mean we all were like looking out and like he's like this tall he's shorter than him he ain't nothing you know what it means whatever I mean he was restrained you know like here and it did it looked like they were bringing Hannibal Lecter and the jail you know what I mean and we were all watching he had the spit mask on I mean like it was straight up like the the thing you know the thing that like the thing that you never believe is real like in movies like it was real it was real Vince it like as soon as the consumes you finally got busted everyone came out of the woodwork I knew him we were most things ever heard people say about Pazuzu never really forget some cool shit over here word up hmm gotta get this one too yeah I get this one that one it's like the best artist wants to say this is a good buddy Mon I feel really sad that I've lost someone that I cared about but this time not just lost that he did this but lost completely to me that he did do this you know I mean like his life's over I know this I know his life's over he's suffering but at least he's not dead because of me she was charged with murder in connection with the deaths of two people now Pazuzu al garage is dead early this morning he was found unresponsive at the Central Prison in Raleigh found with a wound on his arm the State Department of Public Safety confirmed calling it an apparent suicide we had heard from corrections officers off the record and from other inmates that the Pazuzu had been trying to bite through his arm there was something about all the investigation they just didn't want us to know about very disturbing that his mother saw it happen and proceeded to get ready for work the government used me the government me I wanted to be the one to kill Pazuzu Zuzu's death doesn't leave a lot of unanswered questions and the people he left behind are now just left to pick up the pieces it's like I don't feel shit I PTSD I drank my sleep I hate being a junkie I have to do shit that I really don't want to do this is a prepaid collect call from

Contemporary Documentary Films, Filmmakers, and the Full Frame Film Festival – Spring 2016

Course No. AMI 205 / DOCST 270 / POLSCI 276 / VMS 264 / PUBPOL 374
Curriculum Codes: ALP, CCI, STS
Instructor: Tom Rankin
Tuesday, 1:40-5:00

Contemporary Documentary Films introduces students to documentary film history, theory, and criticism as well as with the richness of offerings at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in April. Featuring films from the 1960s to the present, the course draws much of the content from films that have been featured at Full Frame over the past decade and a half. Visiting documentary filmmakers will attend class, screen their work, discuss their motivations and methods, and engage with students around both the content and the form of their work. With a goal of exploring the art form, style, and technology of contemporary documentary films and issues of autonomy and power, politics, and public policies, the course advances a very interdisciplinary approach to documentary. A central premium of the course is student attendance to select screenings at Full Frame in downtown Durham with support for tickets through the Signature Course designation. Throughout the semester we will analyze the form, technique, and impact of documentary filmmaking.

it as Duke University I'm Tom Rankin and I'm teaching a course at Duke University contemporary documentary film film makers in the full-frame film festival I've been at Duke 18 years 15 of that is director of the center for documentary studies and now direct the Master of Fine Arts in experimental and documentary arts I'm a filmmaker and photographer and write about film and photography and like to think about it in in the context of contemporary life it's a course that looks at the arc of documentary film from about 1960 to the present and does that by looking at whole entire films comparing the themes the techniques the methods the politics the size of the crew the sense of audience and the intended audience and what we write about films we have for visiting filmmakers come into class and then in April the class attends at least two films two screenings at the full-frame documentary film festival in downtown Durham that film festival one of the premiere film festivals in the country gives an idea gives students an idea gives all of us an idea of the kind of life of the documentary film films that have just come out as well as those screened at that Film Festival that looked back across the tradition when I use the word contemporary it's really to talk about our focus on the last 20 years but to do that we we begin in about 1960 the late 50s early 60s and the advent of direct cinema the sort of power of direct cinema and that allows us to to begin to think about film as a as a construction so many people think of documentary is something that that's rooted in objectivity and and this class really tries to interrogate that idea and look at it as storytelling as storytelling with a lot of power with a lot of presence and with a lot of contemporary issues I think one of the great features of it is the visiting filmmakers being able to talk to people about why they made what they made what they plan to do with it how they get it out in the world what the intended audience is and what they want to do with their careers as filmmakers it's a class that that it really does can open your eyes to to the power of this medium you

The Real Sopranos Documentary

Rick Borgia portrays Vinny Ocean
*Vincent “Vinnie Ocean” Palermo, a former New Jersey mob boss turned FBI informant.
**NOTICE: Fair Use Copyright Law This video may contain copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, scientific, and social justice issues etc. We know that our use of any such copyrighted material constitutes a ‘fair use’ as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this video is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

fuckin things to play like these are actual FBI recordings of four men talking about a mob TV show they love they're discussing whether the Sopranos is based on them the men belong to a real New Jersey crime family called the DeKalb County family these recordings were later used in court to convict them of murder racketeering extortion illegal gambling bribery organized crime they would rather break your arm off and beat you to death with your own arm rather to make love to a woman you stopped the guy in the eye with a fork full violence and intimidation is why they survived this is a true story of extreme violence brutality and fear these guys aren't just like The Sopranos these are the real Sopranos and this is the intimate tale of their rise and fall in the TV show The Sopranos Tony Soprano is the head of a modern mob family violence brutal and ruthless but there's something that's different about his family until the Sopranos came along the mob had always been a New York thing a show established the idea of the small-town mobster living in the epitome of suburbia New Jersey but there was a real New Jersey crime family before The Sopranos the de Cavalcanti family were based on the wrong side of the Hudson River they were the smallest and oldest mob family in America they called themselves the Jersey mob the world now knows them as the real Sopranos whether the scriptwriters have listened or read the tapes of actual conversations by mafiosi and they know that every other word is laced with profanity no fucking way so in the mob vernacular you profanity serves both as a noun a verb fuck all of them an adjective and adverb it's every part of grammar the similarities between the Sopranos and the real New Jersey mob don't stop at the way they speak both families hung out at a pork store and the fictional Santana's is less than 200 yards from sockos where the real mob could be found most mornings you can walk around the corner you can walk go to the real gangster pork store and then walk down the street and go to the TV pork store Tony Soprano reveals his caring side when underboss Jackie Aprilia dies of stomach cancer in 1992 realtor Cavalcanti underboss Jake Amari died of stomach cancer but in the real New Jersey crime family there was one man who could claim the most unbelievable parallels with the fictional New Jersey crime family Vinny Palermo known as Vinny Ocean has the strongest claim to be the real Tony Soprano Tony Soprano owns a strip club the badda-bing vini ocean and Wiggles a strip club in Queens Tony and Vinnie are both Capo's both their crews are murderous and often incompetent Tony Soprano lives in a mini mansion vinnie Ocean lived in this mini mansion both Tony and Vinnie take over their family without officially becoming boss and both of them have trouble spelled with a capital F be the world of the real Tony Soprano Vinnie Palermo was just as brutal and sometimes funnier than fiction at the mob isn't a career you retire from for both men there's only three ways it can end you either die you go away or you cooperate there's really no other way out of it the rise and fall of many ocean began in 1989 the decouple countries were what they had always been the poor relations of the New York Mafia if you listen to Bruce Springsteen he'll tell you everything you need to know about New Jersey New Jersey is the place you want to get out of and you aspire to come to New York it's the place next to the power it's the place next to money it's the place next to celebrity no one took them seriously if you asked anybody who was in the five families in New York I don't think they want to be a member of the Jersey mob I actually know of some cases where you know guys couldn't get made in New York and as a last resort take Jersey the New York families look at the New Jersey family as a pathetic stepchild the New York families call them farmers and they really hate that they were a branch office of the american mafia and they didn't like it but this was the family Vinny Paloma was trying to get into he started at the bottom he got his nickname because he at one point was involved in selling fish at the Fulton fish market so they came up with the brilliant nickname of any ocean Vinny wasn't just working the fish market he was hustling and he'd married into the mob the daughter of the underboss of the real soprano family I think he was street smart and willing to do things that other people were not willing to do he was also able to kind of see other people's weaknesses his very corporate guy basically you know he would have been a great CEO it was that willingness that got Vinny Ocean his big chance it was time for him to make his bonus in 1989 John Gotti the biggest boss in the New York Mafia wanted the Jersey mob to do him a favor this is very important for our family it'll give us some credence make us look good with the other five families John Gotti always kind of looked at the Calvin Candie family as a jersey mall or something and so gaudi reached out to the de Cavalcanti family the farmers and asked them to do a little piece of work that's the phrase they use but to basically shoot this guy who is a real estate developer in Staten Island the developers name was Fred Weiss it was a Sunday morning 1989 four cars drove in convoy over the bridge to Staten Island Vinnie was one of a crew of 12 men staking out fred wises house comes walking out of his house September morning September 11 1989 he comes walking out his door and two guys walk up and shoot him in the face Vincent Palermo at James Gallo jumped back in the car James said go go go so I pulled away not too fast not too slow that was a big deal because that was doing a favor for John Gotti therefore finis Palermo could do no wrong in the de Cavalcanti family from then on a few days later Vinny ocean became a made man in the de Cavalcanti family when you remember that the Calvin Candie family you had no choice about being second second banana or second place of New York families but that was about to change for Vinnie Ocean and the real Sopranos the 1990s would be a time of murder extortion and fast quantities of cash in The Sopranos Tony lives the high life always flush with cash provided in brown envelopes by the men in his crew Marty this is lifted directly from the real-life mob Vinnie Ocean the real Tony Soprano became a made man in the Jersey mob after the Staten Island hit now he too was part of that money-making machine getting into the family was as hard as getting into the most exclusive Country Club in America it was an honor that easily was stolen organized crime he is organized Vinnie was joining a carefully structured business you have a boss you have an underboss you have a consul year and I would be called the administration of the family two three highs people the family the boss was the only one who could appoint that captains the kappa's were people captains who control the real work includes their units each capo had at least 10 people who are known as soldiers people who were formerly and underwent the blood induction into the family then he was now a soldier a made man he had taken an oath never to reveal the family secrets on pain of death he moved up a rung from being an associate you start off as an associate and if you're a great earner or if you're somebody that they can depend on to do dirty work that they need you know it's gonna push your chances up to become a member in the modern mob it's all about cash flows associates have to keep money up two soldiers soldiers two Capo's and kapos to the administration vini was given his own scams to run his to make as much cash as he could from as long as he kicked some of it upstairs these were the classic mob schemes money lending and illegal betting as long as it's gambling and loan sharking mafia will be alive and well Frank Santa solar spent 20 years as a cop infiltrating organized crime he knows better than anyone else how mob scams work because he's done them himself this is the Park Hill section in Yonkers South Yonkers it used to be a club here right here I used to turn in work this was a certain guys club now I don't know if it's still in operation but I also used to buy homemade wine in the basement Frank was working as a numbers runner the bottom of the mob hierarchy most of Vinny ocean's crew ran some sort of gambling operation it's changed you know it's not it's not what it used to be the numbers was the unofficial mob lottery people would bet on what three numbers would come up as the total gambled at the Brooklyn racecourse different outfits have different payouts like the outfit I work for they were paying 550 to one people love to gamble now you didn't have to twist their arms everybody Gamble's anyone who knows anything about gambling in America would prefer to wager with the mob they give you the best odds there's no taxes a lot of guys who gamble end up borrowing money and if they can't go to the bank and say I want to gamble $450,000 so what you do is you go to Vinny and they say yeah no problem I'll give you this money ok no problem and then you gamble it and what happens you lose just like Tony Soprano Vinnie Ocean put money out on the street that jaw clenching ly high rates of interest good cocksucker with my fucking money I'm saying bark $500 so you know it's like if I guard five I'd have to pay eight back so can you imagine if I borrowed five and I could not pay the principal back and I have to come up with 300 bucks a week to give you every week the sopranos betrays a world where violence is the simple solution to every problem that's just as true of the real mob for most of the 20th century the mob was an invisible government and presence in the New York metropolitan area including New Jersey and Connecticut and Long Island and they were into everything but the Catholic auntie's controlled one of the important laborers unions in the construction industry they were involved in drug dealing they extorted stores auto crimes medical fraud insurance fraud Bank burglaries murder salts you name it day if there was money in it they they found a way to turn it into something the alleged members of the Colombo crime family were indicted for loan-sharking labor corruption extortion the 90s was a good time for the Jersey mob the FBI hit the New York family's hard taking them down one by one in a series of huge cases but the real Sopranos continued to fly under the radar they live basically two lives they have their little suburban scene going on with wives and kids and then they also have their social club thing going on where everybody's hanging out and paying no attention to their family and scheming and making money and gambling and having a good time with their girlfriends and of all the members of the dekappa country family Vinnie Ocean was having the best time of all he was living upper middle-class Long Island existence with a wife two kids who go to private school and they would go to Disney World once a year Vinnie had a unique money-making Enterprise a main supply of clean cash Wiggles yes just like Toni the real Sopranos owned a strip club his old nude cloth we're not serving alcohol and girls dancing around stage Thursday Friday decided it was a big proudest and girls danced mute on stage so that's the best thing you can see Wiggles was his wonderful source of what he calls legitimate money it was a perfect place it was a cash business widows was meant to be Vinny's source of legitimate cash but all it brought in was problems with the law the new mayor of New York also an italian-american wanted to clean up the city and he wanted to start right here like Queens Boulevard be Giuliani it decided that it was really bad idea to have strip clubs in neighborhoods so they come up with a law that would essentially eliminate any strip club that was within 500 feet of schools and churches he had a lot of problems because they were trying to close down the nude bars he was just incensed about it didn't have better things to do with their time the strip clubs claimed they were just enjoying their constitutional rights to freedom of speech the city came up with a rule called 60/40 6040 is a strange rule if more than 60% of your business is a strip club then you're a strip club and you can't exist within 500 feet of a church but if just a little bit more a little less than 40% is a strip club you're all set you're not really a strip club the 60% of the club is empty right now the 60/40 trick enabled wiggles to stay open but it was still the constant subject of police attention it's funny how that's an assignment that a lot of the officers really seem to covet but they they they send in undercover officers to see if it's really a strip club which is a really tough assignment and they would kind of see what was offered in the VIP room some people talk to the girls some people sniffing them here for 50 minutes and some people enjoying the dance you know watching girls dancing in front of them and a little lap dance Wiggles is still open today under new management but there was one thing even more important than cash respect on TV Tony Soprano is prepared to kill his oldest friend over a matter of respect it was even more true for the real Sopranos a mob family with a collective inferiority complex terrified that New York didn't give them the respect they deserved they cultivate an image of cool guys that that's how they recruit it's not you know I mean can you can you imagine that you'd be able to walk around a neighborhood in Brooklyn and say hey let's let's all become heroin dealers that doesn't really work even though they're heroin dealers the Jersey mobs inferiority complex at a body count and that gave Vinny his chance to step up to the very top those guys were sociopaths but they would rather break your arm off and beat you to death with your own arm rather than make love to a woman I notice and you know I'm used to concern me because I used to drink with the meet with them you know party with them weddings wakes funerals the Jersey mob were prepared to murder their own acting boss John D'Amato to protect the family honor tomato his girlfriend let something slip to another member of the family Anthony couple she told me John D'Amato and her were going to sex clubs in the city and swapping partners that John was engaged in homosexual activities his chakra I knew John for a long time he was the boss of an organized crime family couldn't be acting that way Anthony helped he just had to tell other people about this because supposedly the Mafia has rule says you can't be gay in being the Mafia I've met Anthony capo once he came down from his house in a bathrobe and looked like he was snoring his brains out all night that's very impression I got of him is just a coked-up guy he is sort of the psycho you go to when you need to get money from somebody the guy owes your money have the Anthony go talk to the guy with a baseball bat he called a meeting of the Capo's and it was decided that for the sake of the family honor D'Amato had to die nobody's gonna respect us if we have a gay homosexual boss sitting down and discussing Cosa Nostra business with other families I don't think any family would be too pleased to hit and that boss was actually found in a gay bar I don't think they'll go over too well at all a car was waiting outside de Matos house D'Amato came out and got in car boat turned and shot him twice in the face they shot him in the back of a car and drove him to a garage and rolled him up in a rug and set him upstate word gets back in two seconds you know you guy like that gets killed you know you're gonna find out about it real quick and the rumors are gonna fly and who you think that it as with most mob hits they gotta wait it most of them are pretty clean job you probably know exactly who did it but in order to prove a murder case you know you need evidence corroboration with D'Amato dead the family decided not to appoint a new boss instead they appointed three Capo's to run the family one of these men was Vinnie Ocean Vinnie had reached the top of the mob he was a rich man but the icing on the cake for the real Sopranos was yet to come it was 1998 and a new TV show hit the screens the story of a New Jersey crime family The Sopranos perfect thank you it was the biggest audience and critical hit of the year above all when the Sopranos hit the screen it put the New Jersey mob on the map The Sopranos made that account the county's famous nobody knew about them before so The Sopranos in effect were terrific public relations boost for the the Calvo counties and gave them some kind of aura of pride something they never had before actually real Jersey mob would take a break from extorting construction sites to watch The Sopranos do the same thing and they loved it it kind of gave them this almost romantic aura their TV stars that's the way they act about the thing they talk about it as if of course they make a TV show about us a lot of these guys are barely making a living and when they see something like this on TV they feel much better about themselves I think that they were thoroughly entertained by it it's like anything else they they they felt the thrill of being not imitated but portrayed Tony Soprano and the badda-bing might look like they were based on Vinnie ocean and Wiggles but the creators of the TV show insisted they hadn't copied the real Jersey mob in fact they did a PR job on The Sopranos made the real mob seem more successful than they were The Sopranos is good entertainment but it's terrible history it's lousy facts anyone in the mob who lived the lifestyle of Tony Soprano wouldn't last one day he begins his day by walking out of his mini mansion in his bathrobe he walks down to pick up his newspaper he's totally exposed if anyone wanted a hey the more welcome they could all the mobsters that I've met in my lifetime I've never met anybody that was a good guy all they're interested in is their own self survival making money and if necessary murdering everybody in their path soprano is not your typical mobster and in a bizarre mingling of fact and fiction The Sopranos would play a role in the downfall of the real Jersey mob on TV it's a source of dramatic tension the FBI are watching The Sopranos in the real world FBI surveillance tapes showed the de Carroll counties comparing themselves to soprano characters and this word damn them when they eventually came to trial so what you have is a kind of art imitates life imitates art and and you have gangsters sitting around watching in The Sopranos and learning from them and imitating them one of the arguments was you know the government can't prove that they're a crime family and I said what are you kidding they've compared themselves to a you know a make-believe crime family vini ocean and the Jersey mob thought they were Untouchables but the show they loved would make him famous in all the wrong ways the real Sopranos were about to find themselves top of everybody's on TV the FBI are always on Tony Soprano's case their dream scenario is to flip one of his men big pussy is a central figure in Tony's tightly knit crew but with a drugs charge hanging over him there's nothing else he can do he agrees to wear a wire with the fictional New Jersey mob making their headlines the FBI were forced to do something about the real Sopranos their number one target was acting boss Vinnie Ocean at the end of the day you need a break you need somebody who's gonna do more than just offer you confidential information you need somebody who's willing to make tapes Maria got her break and Vinnie met his nemesis in the unlikely shape of a land called Ralphie Guarino he was a short guy medium build salt-and-pepper hair Pekka bleed rest you know a little bit of an olive complexion you know had to talk Ralphie was gambler he is basically not a tough guy he's not gonna go around killing people but what he's going to do is he's gonna have his schemes and he had this guy's like lives to scape he schemes the way I dream Ralphie's big scam was a delivery of cash coming to the World Trade Center on the 13th of January 1998 a security van with the money arrived in the underground car park at 11 a.m. two guards but bags of money on a trolley and took the lift to the 11th floor where pull some guns out grab these bags that were being transported by bank employees and take the elevator down and get out of the building with bags of cash they walked out of the building with three million dollars in bags as nonchalant as you like and as the elevator doors opened on the 11th floor but the heist didn't go exactly as planned as Ralphie later put it and the three guys he chose for the job turned out to be morons they forgot that there were cameras all over the place and in one particularly beautiful moment they still hooked right up into the camera which ended up on the front page of just about every newspaper the next morning I don't know within days they had all of them they got off the lift at the wrong floor even worse they'd taken foreign currency useless to Ralphie it was very amusing to the general New York population because here they were they hate war all these ski masks and they covered themselves up and then they went out in the hallway took everything off and Shh the robbery was linked back to Ralphie almost immediately a senior FBI agent turned up at his house and offered him one chance to stay out of jail he was able to talk him through and basically laid the cards on the table and said here your options and you're doing yourself a lot of good and everybody else a lot of good if you you know join Team America and he did he persuaded them so what we did was rather than make a big publicity we just recovered the money and we kept it quiet Ralphie was now a rat his job was to wear a wire and get close to Vinnie ocean if somebody suspects you and they do realize that you're taping them you know you're gonna you're gonna get killed there'd be some occasions where I wear Ralphie was shown how to tape his friends Frank Santa Sola is one of only a handful of cops who have ever infiltrated the mob I tape it to my chest between my in the breast area by the solar plexus because it indented there and you know these guys are pretty smart they're always bumping into you for a reason to find out if you're if you're Wyatt so there was a few few ways of doing it you know as you're doing this for me going through my mind is my mission I knew that I had an hour and a half of recording time so whatever ever information I had to get it within that hour and a half and that's plenty of time hit the record button you see the red light go on so now you know it's recording and then I always would say to myself you know I saw the red light because you know what emotions come into it and you sometimes your mind plays tricks on you did I put it on didn't I put it on now I know it's on now I'm alive I'm ready to go nobody's gonna look naturally just like Frank even once he got on the inside Ralphie would never be sure he was safe I remember walking into the social club there was no movement and everybody's somber so I walk up to the bar nice tie Frank goes hey Cheech we know you're a cop now we want you to take this money and get the fuck out of here you know you gotta sort of like think pretty quick so let the grab the money as I'm grabbing I'm saying well I know you know I know you think I'm a cop I ain't but I'm taking your money and the guy puts his hand on mine and says well Cheech we just have to you know we just got to make sure we just got to make sure this was the bar right here when did they flip you tell me don't lie what Ralphie had plenty to fear the way The Sopranos dealt with their rat was realistic enough no one saw the FBI visit Ralphie at home as far as the family was concerned he was a guy who had just pulled off a massive heist and that made him welcome in the Jersey mob Ralphie Karina became the newest member of Vinny oceans crew Ralphie comes into the family because he's making money it's always about money forget the rest of the stuff forget about honorable guys at all us it's about money it's a business Ralphie was put with Vinnie's driver Joey mesilla novenas Joey Oh Joey was really poor schmuck he was an errand boy collecting large amounts of money for Vinny Parma most guys in the modern mob were more like Joey than Vinny scratching a living from disorganized crime they managed to combine extreme violence with comical incompetence a guy like Ralphie looked to Vinny like a godsend how could they not have known that Ralphie would possibly become an informant after his genius scheme exploded onto the front page of every newspaper in New York it's hard to know except I would point out that Ralphie kept bringing the money in and as long as that money's coming in the incentive to just put you know whack Somebody it's just not there Joey on the other hand had debts up to his eyeballs problems with his wife problems with his ex-wife problems with his girlfriend he was one screw-up away from some serious trouble he was trying to run his own gambling business and he had terrible luck always I mean running an illegal gambling business is very very stressful you got to pay off your pabts and if you don't have money and if you haven't calculated correctly you're always owning money and it's a huge problem he is always desperate for cash and constantly try to come up with ways to make life Joey had been waiting half a lifetime to become a made man finally Vinny gave him his chance Vinny wanted his rival big ears Charlie Maggiore Dead Missouri lived with his mother in this house in Linden New Jersey at the point that you're asked to do it you basically have two options do it or you better turn yourself in somewhere because it's not as if you have any other choice spent hours parked in front of this guy's house trying to figure out how they could get him when he's coming out killing big ears would get Joey back in the families favor instead he achieved nothing the guys he was with didn't really seem to have much of a plan it was pretty much go up to the door if he answers that will shoot him sort of thing the cops gonna come they spent hours till they realized that there was a state trooper like park-like next door who happen to live next door I figured that probably might not be a good place to do that finally they just like all gave up and drove off and that was the end of that and and Joey miss Ella flew down to Florida and he just just said I'm not doing this this is just you've got to set it up better than this and that was Joey's big chance to be a made guy but you have to ask yourself this question have you ever shot anybody what's it like how do you do it how do you do it right go to schools learn how to do that Joey went back to his version of everyday life this is the business end of organized crime two guys in a car driving round trying to think of ways to make money Ralphy had to keep Joey thinking he was another guy looking out for a scam the FBI would create scenarios for him blonde jewelry or other valuables for him to pretend to steal you pretend you have stolen property what you do is when when you do make recoveries of stolen property you use it to set it up and you offer to sell it all the time Ralphy was pumping Joey for information what he and his handlers were getting was a picture of criminal incompetence one of the things that happens with a lot of FBI tapes is they're supposed to turn a tape recorder off when people start talking about personal stuff they don't they leave it on all the time most of the talking is really boring because it's mostly how are we gonna make money who's making money well how can we get a piece of that so far no one suspected Ralphy wasn't what he seemed at least of all his boss Vinnie Ocean it was Joey he was getting himself into deeper and deeper trouble the Jersey mob could come over like the Keystone Cops that these clowns packed real guns I can't imagine what it would be like to get up every single morning thinking that some psychotic guy I owe $450,000 to could be parked outside my door he old lots of money to people and he owed money to people that were in other families and whenever there's an issue about that then the person that they're gonna go to with their beef is your boss then he had had enough he told Joey he should have him killed it's probably not the best idea to kill somebody who owes you money because probably if you don't kill him they'll pay you something so you'll at least have some money coming in in his case it just I think he became kind of an embarrassment it was October the 10th 1998 Joey got a call from a bookmaker who owed him money to say he'd got $10,000 for him he was called to a golf course way out in Brooklyn they lured him out to a parking place and somebody just pulled up and blew him away and that was the end of Joey oh they were all trying to kill each other because everybody thought everybody else was becoming an informant of course there was an informant the FBI were listening all along but they weren't getting what they needed they didn't have evidence linking Vinnie Ocean to the crimes his crew was committing you can't go to victims no victim wants to come in and they'd rather pay the loan sharking debt they used a tactic that had worked this was pretty sure any plan on money and so our cooperator offered him a cell phone set I've got this connection and take it in as many minutes as you want and that was the cell phone we had both after Joey was killed Ralphie was put with tennis glove Fani a gangster of the old-school Joe ten-year squaw funny so named because he's deaf in one ear it was former Marine who is a tough guy he's the guy that pulls the trigger tanea might have been more frightening than Joey owes but he was just as incompetent he wanted Ralphie's help with a hit he was another I mean we always got stuck with people who who were not very productive financially he was always looking for for things to do and so one don't you know one of the things that we investigated was that scoffing he had agreed to take the hit and he was trying to to get at him and school Fani he was obsessed with trying to kill the guy in a motorcycle but he didn't know how to drive a motorcycle and I was just like these endless conversations about getting a motorcycle and how he and our cooperator going to ride on it and what they were gonna do other members of the crew was starting to suspect that Ralphie might be the rat after all these were guys with a stack of bodies between them they ordered a hit on him we began to worry that they were suspicious of him we were worried about the safety of our cooperating witness we were worried about whether or not Vinnie Palermo would flee the FBI was closing in on Vinnie Ocean Ralphie's grave had already been dug but the real Sopranos case was about to take a turn unprecedented in the history of the mob in The Sopranos Tony is always waiting for that unwelcome knock at the door Calva candy crime family is one of the oldest and most entrenched crime families in Villa Costa reference on the 2nd of December 1999 the police and the FBI arrested 40 members of the de Carroll County crime family in the biggest ever swoop on the mob the press called it the real Sopranos case Vinnie Ocean the real Tony Soprano first thought about flight on the day of the arrest Vinnie Palermo was found under circumstances that would indicate he was leaving home data was supposed to take down the first case I think six or seven of the top defendants warrant home he had a bag with him and money with him and he was you know he clearly was ready to take off but Vinnie didn't get away like the rest of the family he found himself in jail the FBI had come for the de Cobo counties just like the five families in New York they tried to emulate they effectively brought the whole family down and they arrested almost everybody which is kind of unprecedented then he was facing serious jail time they included murder murder conspiracies loan sharking extortion fraud the interstate transportation of stolen property all manner of charges it was a very strong case and there were very strong charges and when you're facing that the stronger the charges the more difficult it is to to roll the dice Vinnie Ocean was on the ruling committee of a mob family it was meant to be a man of honor to go down and do his time but Vinnie Ocean wasn't entirely happy with that option for somebody like Vinnie Palermo who who led a nice life and who had a business that he enjoyed and like the legitimacy of being a business guy and do you know it's a very hard thing to then settle in to prison for life then his lawyer did a deal with the prosecutors Vincent Vinnie ocean Palermo agreed to cooperate he flipped and once Vinnie had flipped the floodgates were open you couldn't put the number of informants that came out of that case on a school bus you couldn't fit him there were so many of them they were they were rushing to get in there everybody's trying to get you know get their deal as fast as possible a few old-timers like Tania's Kafani shows to do that time but something fundamental had changed in the mob don't forget years ago guys went into that life because they really had nothing else if they went to jail sometimes it was almost an improvement today a lot of these kids who become made guys are driving if fathers brand new car at 15 years old grow up in a million-dollar house of course when you throw them in a Cell they're gonna cooperate they'd never been tested and they've really been pampered most of the life it was the end of the line for the de Cavalcanti family the Jersey mob thought they were the real Sopranos they aspired to be on the same level as the New York families and they blew it listen you look at a guy like John Gotti whatever he was whatever he was and you got to give the guy a little bit of credit because he was really treated like the lowest form of dirt in prison and he never broke if you admire that kind of quality in somebody because he backed up what he said the endgame would play out very differently for Vinnie Ocean well Vinnie Palermo ends up in WITSEC the witness protection program moves he'll move in next to you he who become your neighbor you have no idea who he is yes a new name his name's not have any Palermo is that I'm sure he doesn't you know go by the name Vinnie ocean when he moves into some suburb and in Phoenix the best days of the mob were well and truly over Tony Soprano is always thinking about the good old days when he thought that mafiosi were more Spartan they were more loyal they obeyed the oaths of omertà how to conduct themselves as men of honor but the so-called men of honor broke even their own way in real life they noted to be much getting it pictures taken they got to watch their phones aren't apt I got to watch that the club that they hang in it isn't bug they got to be afraid now if the guy that talking to her and a wire on them they're absolutely paranoid but you have to be there is no way there is powerful today as they was saying 3040 20 years ago today they'd been lucky they can get a reservation at a restaurant now really literally the mob looks finished as a viable career option but as one opportunity ends another one begins tony sirico the actor on the left is convincing his Paulie walnuts for a reason before he became an actor Sarika was arrested 28 times and jailed for 7 years let's whack this cocksucker will be doubled in noise because he was shot the kind of guys who used to join the mob now play mobsters on The Sopranos while the real Jersey mob do that time or hideaway in witness protection there's one Mafia family that's alive and well and living in New Jersey for now the subproblems [Applause] you

Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates | Official Trailer | Netflix

This three-part documentary tells Bill Gates’ life story, in-depth and unfiltered, as he pursues unique solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems. From Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth, He Named Me Malala).

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Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates | Official Trailer | Netflix

Bill Gates. -Your favorite animal?
-Dog. -Your favorite food?
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-Nothing. What is your worst fear? I don't want my brain
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to capture more of the market. Our mother wanted him
to focus on community and family. I gave my mom a hard time
not following what she wanted. You don't raise a family hyper-focused in your head. Each one of us has to start out with developing his or her
own definition of success. I had the wrong way
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it's not what you get… it's what you become.

Diversity's Jordan and Perri Praise Jesy Nelson's Documentary and Discuss Online Trolls | Lorraine

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Diversity are off on tour celebrating 10 years since they found fame on the Britain’s Got Talent stage, saying that as the years go on, the more dangerous and adventurous their performances have become. When asked about his ex Jesy Nelson’s new documentary on the vicious online abuse she’s received since appearing on The X Factor, Jordan praises her for being so open, having also experienced similar online attacks.
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Jordan empiric from diversity joining me now that was that your life flashing before you very energetic what's the ten years so you're sure that we're going to see obviously of course is going to be about dance that there's a lot so that's what it's spectacle isn't it yeah I mean I think when you say something like a tenure in the bursary tour people automatically their head go straight top greatest hits with bucks fees or something like that not quite not yet for us I feel like with this toy it was kind of a case of of course we want you to give a nod to everything that we've done and we've been lucky enough to can't have like all fans and stuff corner sounds so cliche but like 13 or 16 come in jump through fire while hold in the end people at the same time yeah yes it's quite daunting you know baby how you have grown I'm just that short of a bucket of sand because you're here is very much parent of you and we don't want anything to happen no exactly look Bob it's in the bun but you're still loving it both out he's the really enjoy what you do yeah often that's the best thing what every single day will if not dream with the people we love most and it's just it's crazy it's still be here it's really nice from the heart and of course know your dad's of course it's the two that once you've got a little doggie you dog is your child yes let's be honest let's be honest nd did they come along if they gotta think about the burger do they want to dance did because I can imagine children would adore watching this well the thing is cassia so my oldest one he's only one he's got this really come to watch our sir shark and he tries to copy everything we do so if I put my arms that he puts his arms out and he's got this new finger where the boys work you got a dance straightaway he drops on the floor it's not kind of breakdance and then the problem now is it's all good for them so they think is cute and funny when it's 4:00 in the morning I'm trying to get into sleep easy these grow bags still go in that's enough now that's obviously of course he's going to be in Tracy the nice it's all around them gymnastics today no person that's that's college so many people say okay they make no hit the hates that you have but just for young people because we're always saying you know they need something to do they need something to channel that energy into into think of it and and they do that you know they go and do dancing like the way you do I don't know I wouldn't say like to take credit for going all loads of people dance now but I'd like to think we've been part of you know opening the floodgates a little be especially street that's bringing it a bit more mainstream you know after-school clubs now you there seems to be more shows about it seems to be more of a platform for it and have you been a partner no it's been cast again it's tough and we may be talking all week and per Taylor because Jesse I knew you know you need you guys used to go over each other and she's done this documentary Jesse from Little Mix about how hard it is you know in the public eye it's hard for someone in Jesse's situation because where she's been so successful she's done so much people's initial reaction is to go what if you want to do that then you know you have to expect it and it's like that's not quite right it's not and people you know they get a phone and I get on a keyboard and it just imagine if you could just walk up to anyone in the street and say things that you say online like it's just weird is what it's made this disconnect and people said a that one if you get any of you like 100% I feel like I was really young when we won luckily we're a big group of friends and we've all got each other's backs yeah I feel like being on your own out there or you know not being as many of you can be really hard and to be honest you know we bust boys there's like you know there's ten of us in the group and if you read a comment that's not nice and you try and all bandar it off and below it's funny but like course it's not nicest even things become an outsider specially since becoming a dad I get worse than ever which is really weird like comments about oh you're not doing this for her you're not doing that more and this and that it's like me he's a kid those socks are the wrong material at least in love other day off it really is but it's great that you've got you have got each other and of course Jesse's got the girls from little me he's really really helped her but what I think is good if people like you know that you spatially talk about this and make people realize how damaging it can be absolutely all stock 46 because it's so mean but in a much happier note 10 long years and much much more to come much more to come and they same time I see where were you bring your little talk yesterday Oh 100% you

The House That Was Erased / True Crime Horror Documentary

if you have any information regarding what happened here please contact us privately. this paranormal true crim documentary has taken us down a rabbit hole of twists and turns and its still not over. this is our story

of all the things that I have accidentally stumbled upon in my life I believe that this is probably one of the most impactful in the last 48 hours me and Olivia have delved into a rabbit hole deeper than we could have ever imagined and still not even over yet I think sometimes we turn a blind eye to the reality of our lives that evil does walk amongst us and that sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction I guess the best way for me to tell this story would be to start it where the story began for us it's crazy honestly like seeing all this and knowing what we know now that this was all of their stuff just left here I mean I honestly cannot believe that this happens okay so I was literally just discussing with Olivia about about looking through some of this stuff just to see if we can find any clues and literally the first thing I see is this horrible blood-stained shirt I don't have gloves but I'll pick it up pick it up with this oh my god that is it's a kid it's a kid's garment though do you think she picked up her daughter or something or do you think what do you think happened you guys just look at that you can see how certain parts are thicker red then others like as if stab wounds would have been there obviously this is a kids garment I mean I could imagine a mother holding the child close to them or something like that but that literally was in this pile of clothes I've been left here what's up everybody it's a boy Andrew proving demons ain't a girl Olivia from India she's having a bit of a lie from now I hope you enjoyed that son now I'ma just wait for some people to pop in started off like any live stream you're in high spirits Olivia was cracking up that a silly thumbnail I had made for the livestream it's just Ross pointing behind him saying get a load of this cracker you know we were just having fun and we were on our way to a mansion I was tipped off to that we knew nothing about all we knew is it was abandoned and it was worth about two and a half million pounds walking into the house that had a very eccentric style it was it was fun to explore but we wouldn't know if it was haunted until we started the ghost hunt the atmosphere did start to turn dark though when we found a scribbled note stuck to the wall and one of the abandoned rooms down in the girl's best friend yes all fashion if you tell anyone I'll kill myself what kind of Dark Dimension nose and you tell that it was it had something over it if you tell anyone I'll kill myself so to start the still hunt I decided we would open with a spirit box now I know a lot of people aren't used to the idea of using a manual tuned radio as a spirit box as opposed to an automatically sweeping spirit box so I'm gonna let myself from that live stream at night explain to you why I choose to use a radio get a proper spirit okay welcome guys how are you doing I love you to death and thank you for watching our videos I'm gonna explain something to you guys first of all I'll tell you I do have a proper spirit that was me I do him a proper spirit box on our channel we do things a little bit differently now I'm going to give a very very quick sort of explanation is why I choose to use a radio right before spear box were invented right this is how spear box was done I want you to understand a spirit box like this again there's nothing more than a radio that I can flip through channels just like on this right but on a spirit box when you hold down the button it flips through the stations for you okay same difference except I choose to do it manually okay and I seem to always get better responses with my radio that's why I prefer to do a manual tune spear box or a radio session literally the same thing I personally get better results like this some people might get better results of the spirit box there's a weird voice coming through [Laughter] just had the Harvard RIT we received several spirit box responses all using these words as well as including knife I mean the string goes on for quite a while but this was just a start this is where we started realizing that there was something really bad that happened in this house so we started doing some research I guess this brings us into Chapter two right now is that the place for it I don't know if this is the place where this is known as the murder mansion and where we are someone killed the wife in the hearse and it's been empty ever since okay so all right we're just solving it we found an ad about the house run after knife killing a knife killing oh wow let's say guys we're here honestly I have done no research on this place whatsoever but it's right there in the Daily Mail hold on let's see if I can focus for sale Victorian mansion blinded by horror two million pound property empty seven years after a knife killing that and that is without us doing any research that is solely spirit box well now we know what the problem is here now I feel this says a lot about paranormal investigating for detective purposes if you were in our livestream and if you haven't seen any of our live streams I would say definitely check it out subscribe and hit the notification bell because uh crazy things happen all the time but I think this says a whole lot when the audience the viewers were picking up on these words as well and then doing our research after the fact to find out this revelation the precise numbers of blows Kristopher Lumsden knifed is 53 year old wife Allison around 30 times after she announced she was leaving him for a family friend he slashed her face and neck so many times that the pathologist could not count the precise number of blows yeah well now we have a name and now we know where we are everybody welcome to the murder mansion now from this point on the story gets quite deep it kind of goes down a rabbit hole but I'm telling the story in the order that have happened for us just stick around and see how strange things start to get you told the jury how myself getting out of bed with the word burning in my brain and grabbing the knife out the drawer next to the bed I walk around the foot of the bed up behind her she saw me and started to stand in the turn I brought the knife and went blank that is the story of this house figured half that story out just through spirit box alone we have the spirit of Alison here with us who was again last time I'll say it you guys figured that out just by listening just by listening to my radio you guys heard all that and told us what you heard and you know what turns out you were right so there you go is your name Alison can you say the name Alison if that's your name so they put new windows and things like that that's why it looks new they were try selling it for 1.4 million million willing walker there's a shout out right let's do it then I'd like to know what room it happened in but well I wanted in the bedroom in her bedroom so I assumed the master bedroom yeah this is true the Christopher and Alison lumsden house was purchased for 1.4 million after being derelict for several years by company called Green link they started renovations on the on the house and they went bust before they could finish that went completely broke so the house continues to remain derelict we'll talk about what happened to the house after this grisly murder in just a bit because that rabbit hole goes quite deep but for now knowing that this murder took place in the bedroom we decided to head there and see if we could find any evidence of this brutality that took place and I think be honest or something about that before I missed it though so beyond we put that back in there but it's I don't know what is blue Santa's luminol so what's luminol luminol for it's used to highlight I'm assuming luminol that meters or illuminate so is it to illuminate stains it detects blood used to highlight flood under black light I don't want a black light on me but there's definitely blue stains on the hardwood it's right here that I'm gonna need to see but I can't really I can't rip up the carpet you're not allowed to do that she looks like the one bit I think it looks like somebody's already attempted to turn this to see us on the plane but they didn't get all the way through somebody's already cut the floor sweet they're I'm not breaking anything but the carpet is not exactly attached to the florist someone says it is only seen under a blue light so it wouldn't be seen like normally well look here stains stains yeah the stain goes through the carpet there but good again new carpets so oh oh my god look look at that guys I'm not even joking this is not a joke I just pulled the carpet up this is not a freaking joke I just pulled the carpet up and this is what's under it all the carpets in we just we discovered through spirit box that a stabbing took place here we then looked at the address online and found out it's true they said it happened in the master bedroom it said that they have placed new carpet down is said they placed nucleon I have chills I actually have chills it's fine it's just dried blood it is fine it comes one more time do you guys want to see it a better look at it they put new carpets down but we pulled up the card or the carpet wasn't even attached and we just saw that yes all right this is no joke I pulled up the carpet it's all here there's splattered around but it's all there right in front of the drawer cover it up right this is not a joke I can't make this stuff up and the way you get sick and tired of people saying we're fake they could shut their freakin mouths right there you go this is absolutely crazy I wasn't expecting this tonight oh my goodness I just wanted your soul to rest in pieces home amen you okay you're having a moment you weren't expecting the side that were you it's gonna be okay it's gonna be all right right Olivia it definitely brings to life how real this is are you being affected or is this all you it's just you I I'm just stunned that night after we ended the stream and we went home we just did research all night we were just so fascinated by this turns out christopher Lumsden basically got away with murder he was only sentenced to five years for manslaughter though he did stab his wife over 30 times on top of that he only served two years out of a five-year sentence and on top of that in Alison's will she left him two million pounds and the house we decided we had to go back in the morning it was too surreal that night we had to make sure that we really discovered what we thought we discovered all right so it's the morning after we've come back to the house after we made the discovery last night I think part of us part of the reason why we've come back is just to I don't know see it a day time to make sure that it really happened like we weren't dreaming it's really surreal the other thing I've been thinking about is the fact that he's the the husband he is out of prison in his will I believe that this house and a million pounds was left to him meaning technically he could come back at any time and I think me and Olivia were kind of discussing this morning like what what would we do if we were in there and he just like showed up I mean I figured my initial thought was I'd interview him I tried to interview I definitely want to interview him inside the house I'm a little concerned about his mental state and well-being but I think we're gonna go in and we're just gonna get some shots and get a clear view on camera for you guys something clearer than with the live stream could provide of the bloodstains and everything all right so it's still wide open this morning Olivia are you coming said are you coming I can't believe I forgot a torch still wide open this morning like I said I feel a little more uneasy now about being in here knowing what we know now but we'll just make this a really quick trip upstairs and just make sure that we're not crazy that that is indeed the blood in the master bedroom by the board waar I know I know we're not crazy but like I said it all just feels so surreal I can't believe we were here just last night and we discovered this all right here we go all right I love you hold this while we're not crazy as you can see that is 1,000,000% blood it is brownish dark red stained into the floor it needs the boudoir exactly where it happened see what it's been smeared a bit you see splatter it's all here it does Olivia now now knowing all this how how do you feel just knowing that this is his house I know justice was not served a million percent I mean he what he walked away with only two years in prison and a million pounds and the house this is still his house and we're in it and he is free he is not in prison right now he got out and yet the stains will always remain the other part is quite daunting is the fact that we spoke to her spirit last night what was that there was a noise come on we gotta look there was a noise just now I want to make sure that we are the only ones here I just want to get out I honestly the fear that he could come back at any time where the noise we just heard was literally we're just jumpy is all did you imagine if he just walked in here right now what would we say what would you come on let's just get out of here this has been surreal enough for a lifetime there's no way that could be the same house I mean it if it didn't happen here whose what was that so we're getting really confused here we're doing there's another house nearby like not even two minutes away that's the murder house at least that's the house that all the news reports are pointing to meaning what is this house there's no record of this house even existing and the supposedly Murder House has no address online it's big cover-up alright guys so we have done so much research over the last 48 hours obviously it was literally last night that we made this discovery and that we're filming this it happened last night we have done so much research and we have been trying so hard to figure out where is the Oakley house the the house named Oakley that doesn't appear on any Maps and why is the house that we found slightly different but still most of the features match up but there's absolutely nothing online the only thing we can do when we're back up north in a week let's continue the search and do everything we can completely pound the pavement and try and find if this is the house and if not we need to find the house by the way everyone real quick if you are fascinated by these documentaries click on that right there it'll take you to another awesome awesome documentary of ours all paranormal and in the same sense and as always do you believe yet you

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The Fergie Story: Paradise Lost? (British Royal Family Documentary) | Timeline

With her informal style and sense of fun Sarah Ferguson seemed like a breath of fresh air sweeping through a somewhat outdated institution. “The Fergie Story” provides a unique glimpse into the life of the woman who could have been one of the most influential members of the Royal Family.

Content licensed from Kew Media. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected]

Sarah Duchess of York never quite fitted the Royal mold even the nickname Fergie persisted reflecting her determination to remain herself the flying lessons the frequent skiing holidays her appearance and the design of the new home given to her by the Queen all excited comment and controversy it had all started so well a strong character she was one of the most influential women to become Duchess of York but as an adventurous contemporary woman with an independent outlook her attitude and ideas didn't sit easily with the rigid protocol of royal life her clothes reflected a lack of judgment her over familiarity with the press raised eyebrows she seemed extravagant with money and managed her own affairs badly as a member of the royal family the artificial constraints and strict scheduling of public life went against her own preference for spontaneity enthusiasm and easy laughter for a while Fergie was a breath of fresh air but when the story broke that her marriage was on the rocks it was amidst reports that she and Andrew were often heard shouting at each other behind the stuffy walls of Buckingham Palace it was soon obvious that their relationship had moved beyond repair Fergie had been crushed between a hostile press and a roll system that had failed to give support her need for company while her husband was away at sea had damaged her own reputation and reflected badly on the royal family but what does royalty do when the wife wants out is the British monarchy itself under threat in this Democratic age royalty has had to widen the circle of potential marriage partners to include commoners but the Duke and Duchess are yet another example of an experiment that's failed so where does a royal family go from here Sarah Ferguson had seemed the perfect raw material for a royal consort someone who embraced her new status with determination and enthusiasm but somehow she fell foul of the media and the royal system where did it all go wrong the British royal family is a tightly knit group with its own unique lifestyle its members of very wary of outsiders but like the previous Duchess of York now the Queen Mother Sarah Ferguson's entry into the ranks was welcomed for them Prince Andrew couldn't have chosen a better wife they admired her sensible attitude and strong personality the Queen immediately began referring to her as my daughter and the Queen Mother summed her up by saying she's so English so free of all those airs and graces we can't stand with an ancestry rooted in the land and services her family background was also impeccable the Queen had known the Ferguson's for three decades and had watched this high-spirited redhead grow up Sarah's enduring interest in horses polo and other country pursuits particularly endeared her to the Queen and from the beginning they were often seen at equestrian events together horsemanship of any kind is a central interest for all the royal family but when the press gets in the way the Queen is not amused the relationship between these two women was always very relaxed they they're both outdoor horsey doggy sort of women and the Queen's also likes people with personality and she finds Sarah and amusing companion they get on very well far better in fact the Queen gets on with Diana who she finds more difficult and more restrained when she's with her Fergie quickly became known as the action princess her mother had taught her to ride almost as soon as she could walk and at a special fun day at Ascot she gave an impressive public display of her own equestrian skills but she was perhaps best known as the flying Duchess determined to learn all she could about her husband's work as a naval helicopter pilot chatterbox won as she was dubbed by a traffic controller was the first royal lady to get a pilot's license and then took less time than a husband to win her wings helicopters as she herself explained I now know exactly what he's talking about when he comes home from a day's flying but her most controversial activity was skiing she was first put on skis when she was four years old and it remained an obsession but the Prince and Princess of Wales were also keen skiers she rivals Charles in skill and speed and both enjoyed competing on the slopes for Fergie skiing was a vital outlet for her energy and love of speed she's certainly outclassed Diana despite these joint holidays fergie skiing exploits were singled out and the sports image as the elite pastime of the Jet Set soon added fuel to the media's growing criticisms of her leisure pursuits she was portrayed as a parasite shirking her public responsibilities in favour of personal indulgence because they are sort of so-called glamour sports women she once said to me if only I was it if any it was tennis no one would mind but because I want to go skiing people feel that it's it's a glamorous thing and perhaps not something a duchess should be doing all the time but when other members of the royal family do it and don't get criticized it seems that everything she does is open to criticism but her commitment to public duties seemed real enough as a naval wife she could have got away with only the occasional public appearance but she took on a heavy schedule and launched into crowds with a bustling enthusiasm eager to make contact her early career in public relations stood her in good stead unlike Diana she needed little coaching before being confident enough to go it alone but this maturity created problems in itself the Duchess of York who arrived in the royal family when she was quite matured 2526 had been around the world you know she didn't hitchhike but she traveled widely the way lots of young and women do and to suddenly step inside this great institution this machine that swallows people up and and decides what they will do must have been very very difficult to adjust to especially as instead of having a sort of gentle introduction to it she was dropped straight into and she began doing a lot of official jobs almost immediately after the honeymoon at 26 she wanted to bring her own ideas to the job as one departure from the norm she chose to support Tracy Edwards and her all woman crew for the Whitbread round-the-world race in 1989 with their yacht maiden she admired their courage and determination and such a challenge appeal to her own sense of adventure but one of the most unexpected and frustrating aspects of her new royal status was the sudden lack of personal money supply she'd been used to earning her own living and spending her own cash if you want to go out for lunch with your girlfriends you need 50 pounds or something where is it going to come from well the men in the Windsor family don't understand that because they don't go out for lunch like that I mean the Prince of Wales never goes out to restaurant that I know of for meals at all Prince Andrew lives on a navy base most of the time works on in navy establishments he doesn't pop out very often occasionally he takes his wife out for dinner somewhere in a nice restaurant but that would be the bill would maybe will be sent or a policeman will pay with an American Express card or something it's it's they just don't deal with money so they can't understand why a woman would want to have some readies the irony wants that despite this behind-the-scenes cash flow problem turkey was gaining a reputation for extravagance again it was her skiing that gave rise to these accusations of being spendthrift it's pretty not very wise with her money but she doesn't have a great deal of it to be wise with I mean she's made money out of her writing which is she's perfectly entitled to do it in indeed when she came into the family when she first got engaged to Andrew Prince Phillip as she said it's nice to have someone in this family that makes their own living and then it seemed to be everything she did that was good to start with seemed to go against her before fergie became part of the royal family she'd had a four-year love affair with a millionaire entrepreneur from the Formula One racing world Patti McNally was still an enduring influence paddy McNally was a sort of father figure to her and he was sort of man he'd always tease her his tease her about putting on weight he'd tease her about eating chocolate he'd tease her about her hair he'd tease her about everything and she'd loved him very much actually and I'm sure marriage would not have worked between them I mean he was 20 years older than her but he was a sort of a rock for her although he undermined her confidence tremendously by always having an eye for the you know someone else somebody younger and prettier so he knocked confidence but he was there for her and is still there for her as as a friend and I respect the way he's never ever said a word to anyone about his relationship with her say there's got to be some good in him there Fergie's mother Susan filed for divorce in order to marry Argentinean polo player Hector BER antes four years later Ronnie Ferguson also married again and started a new much younger family Fergie was fond of both her step parents and although newcomers to the royal family usually found their own relations pushed into the background she was determined that none of hers would be left out it helped that her father Maj Ferguson was already Prince Charles's polo manager and the increased press exposure soon made him into an internationally known media personality such notoriety had its flipside though in September 1988 stepmother Susan and Fergie were at Smith's lawn to give public support at major Ferguson's controversial departure it was a brave show of solidarity for a crowing press a ceremonial stick marked the end of his many years as deputy chairman of the guards Polo Club after tabloid newspapers revealed details of his visits to a massage parlor in London's West End it was an emotional farewell under a cloud of scandal the club committee had voted him out and the message was clear for the 57 year old father of the royal Duchess it was a humiliating rejection despite Thresh's to distance herself Fergie was there to give her support for both of them it was a case of putting on a stiff upper lip [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Fergie felt very responsible for what had happened and stuck by him throughout the ordeal I think that's one of the qualities I admire about her her loyalty to her father and her sister when they have had unpleasant publicity and I think she feels that if it weren't for me they wouldn't be the focus of all this attention who would be going around checking up on her father or her sister if they weren't related to the Duchess of York and so she feels that it's in a way her fault they've had these these problems and she would like to help them as much as she can and so she stays very very loyal and devoted to both of them but it was her relationship with Andrew that most interested the press the Prince had first been attracted by her lack of reverence towards him and enjoyed her no-nonsense attitude to life to begin with they seemed perfectly matched as Fergie once said he's my main right arm he's the one who gets me through their arrival in clusters for the wedding of friend and Swiss ski guide Bruno sprecher brought the world's press to a private celebration on a less happy occasion this same man had saved Prince Charles's life during the Avalanche that killed major hue Lin Zi but the York's were still behaving like newlyweds themselves and their own marriages physical warmth was there for all to see how much in love they both were I mean to be with them sometimes is almost embarrassing they were so you know tactile and and they just couldn't leave each other alone and it was something it made you feel quite warm and happy just to look at it them and I don't think that sort of thing goes away in a hurry this personal happiness also showed in their public duties to begin with they carried out a lot of official engagements together businesslike but with their own brand of informality they made a good team Fergie seemed determined to make a go of her new life and that included creating a new home sunning Hill Park five miles down the road from Windsor Castle is rumoured to have cost almost five million pounds it was the Queen's wedding present and took four years to complete incorporating staff quarters and nursery wing Plus running pool tennis court and stables the 50-room mansion looks more like a Texas ranch than a traditional English stately home and was nicknamed Palace Dallas and South York by the press Sarah's first pregnancy was a difficult one she expanded from a size 12 to a size 16 and felt continually sick with Andrew away at sea she also had no husband by her side to comfort her and had to cope alone but with the arrival of the Queen's fifth grandchild Beatrice Elizabeth Mary the discomfort and long wait seemed worthwhile born at 8:18 on the eighth day of the eighth month of the 88 year of the century the new princesses timing according to Chinese astrology heralded great good fortune my daughter's gorgeous but I'm biased was the proud father's verdict while her mother immediately nicknamed this new redhead baby beetroot even the press celebrated this latest royal edition but Fergie as a mother was soon under attack andrew had to leave on a six-month naval tour of duty to Australia immediately after the christening Fergie soon flew out to join him leaving behind her six week old baby I think she was really dropped right in it and she was floundering that for a while you know especially after she had Beatrice and she went to Australia and left the baby for six weeks people thought that was appalling now the truth behind that story is that is what the Duke of York asked her to do and she felt as a good wife and the fact that he'd been away from from home for most of that year she felt she Oded to him to give him a total undivided attention you know tender loving care etc he'd been home a very very short time that year and so she thought the baby wouldn't miss me but basically she was putting good face and I'm sure she didn't really want to lead the baby but he wanted her to that's the main thing and so that's what she did back home her public duties continued her visits distinguished from those of other roles by a relaxed chat even in the most formal surroundings she'd mastered the fine art of small talk to total strangers determined to be professional she hid a basic shyness behind a supremely confident manner often disregarding protocol she relied heavily on her instincts to guide her always trying to cover as many people as she could her transparent eagerness was frequently off-putting to those who expected a more reserved royal family but she refused to become more aloof as she said herself I'm not going to change why should i but she seemed easily distracted if things bored her even during a long and tedious speech a ladybird by her feet should have been ignored but she couldn't seem to leave it alone and keep her attention on the job in hand it was a telling episode if there was a Charm School for moulding royal duchesses this was one pupil who'd failed to conform to the straightjacket of royal fortune Fergie's girlish exuberance persisted it was a straightforwardness at odds with the carefully structured and often monotonous nature of royal duties such non-royal behavior had been excusable in the beginning but her learning curves seemed to have taken away would turn when it came to patience and standing still on parade but when a bit of action was required she was in her element audience participation was what she was good at and if some balloons needed to be cut loose she would wrestle with the wind and wield the scissors with enthusiasm to get them airborne the press were becoming more and more critical of her excitable behavior and her lack of decorum generated an air of disrespect at ground level to one awkward situation occurred when she was taken past Worman scrubs prison and had to acknowledge the wry bald comments of inmates before embarking on an official visit to a hospital being royal certainly does involve submitting to a bizarre range of public appearances sometimes it really is just like a children's party crowds of overexcited on lookers sports personalities clowns cartoon characters the role demands considerable versatility as well as polished performance skills when on Form Fergie seemed more than equal to the challenge but more often she never quite seemed to find the right tone the right level of involvement at times her enthusiasm led her into picking the wrong event inviting ridicule and even contempt far more popular abroad where her feisty independent manner was admired at home she was considered over the top the press had now definitely singled her out as the Royal to put the knife in Andrew wasn't around to help so we're worthy advisers to assist a commoner through this public relations minefield there is no job description for people coming into the royal family there's no job description for a for a princess there was no job description for Mark Phillips when he came into the royal family or Antony armstrong-jones when he came in and we all know what happened to those marriages and I think with the Duchess of York she if somebody had said to her well don't you think you might do this you might do that you might curtail things and the I believe the one person who could have done it would have been the Princess Royal because she was born royal she'd never been anything other than royal and she knows exactly how to behave at all times but sometimes she did manage to turn her enthusiasm to good effect all the bad publicity her love of skiing had received ignored her valuable support for the combined services Winter Sports Association and her particular interest in their disabled skiing program she was a major factor in this charities fundraising and despite being pregnant with Eugenie and unable to ski herself she made the trip up the mountain to watch the races but first an unscheduled stop to sign a plaster cast such frequent acts of impulse created havoc with the carefully timed official schedules causing irritation and resentment amongst royal staff used to a more ordered way of doing things but despite all her gaffes and upsets such spontaneity revealed a warm heart the Association organizes many events and here at Meserve in the French Alps there were the full range of races including the slalom for disabled skiers at the final prize-giving Fergie's role as president became more formal including much to her amusement the provision of an exotic li coloured throne as usual her relaxed manner and humor cut through the stage e setup of the presentation ceremony never at a loss for words she would always rise to the occasion when an off-the-cuff speech was called for I just sound so pleased to be here today I mean a fantastic but her main charity interest was far from the glamorous environment of the ski slopes motor neurone disease was little publicized before Fergie took up the cause as yet incurable the disease leads to total incapacity and is often fatal on a visit to a group of people with the disease in Australia her sincerity and determination to be their voice was very obvious nice to see you go to keep strong so I'll just keep just got to keep on fighting that's what we've got to do and as I said to raise you know we're gonna we're gonna knock it on the head one day but I think I think people are beginning to realize little bit when I know when I get up and make the speech that I normally mention it beginning to connect the two they are beginning to start you know because I found this I find that when I start talking about it they say what is imaginary when you're feeling isolated and alone I haven't forgotten you and I'm at there fighting for you so we're gonna get there we've just got to keep going but such work got little press coverage this was due both to media bias and also the unfettered genic nature of the causes involved I feel she hasn't had a lot of the credit she deserves for charity work because unlike the Princess of Wales she's not involved with cute little babies who look gorgeous and snuggly and cuddly they may be dying of AIDS but it doesn't look like it when you see them in the pictures the Duchess is involved with people paralysed people suffering from motor neurone disease I mean that the motor neurone disease association is probably her main charity and these people don't make pretty pictures but yet she does some magnificent work with them I remember in Australia we went to visit a clinic where there are a lot of people in wheelchairs and one of the men there was at such an advanced stage he could no longer speak and he felt so frustrated and not being able to talk to her when she came around to sit with him then he began to cry and she held his hand and she said don't worry I'll be your voice and I'll make the world listen to us I'll keep on shouting and telling them until you know they listen to us and we find a cure and it was magnificent stuff and there was a television crew there practically in tears that there also moved everybody in the room were so moved and a lot of newspaper photographers and I said oh we can't use that that's too upsetting for the breakfast tables of Britain they wouldn't use the pictures they said oh no if the man doesn't look very good and you know it's not nice and so she has that problem repeatedly the press always seemed far more interested in making unfair comparisons between Fergie and the Princess of Wales's appearance she was portrayed as a laughable contrast to the tall elegant Diana a dumpy figure of fun who light flashy colors and over-the-top outfits that seemed totally unsuitable she just didn't conformed of a stereotyped dress code of a royal family judged for its shows of restraint and good taste in her previous life clothes had never been a priority and high fashion had always bored her such an individual mode of dressing could have worked just as the Queen Mother's unique star became part of her public success but Fergie's vibrancy berated she just seemed too theatrical and as ever she was facing a hostile press her whole appearance became a constant target for ridicule she was also up against some stiff competition in Diana but the image-conscious Princess of Wales had known exactly where to go for good advice I mean Princess Diana did have the people at Vogue to help her and just as I was saying I would there are no royal lessons and perhaps somebody should have drafted probably not the same people but some other people as well versed in fashion to help the Duchess of York it's not that she doesn't have a good eye or a sense of style it's just that different things photograph differently different things are suitable for different things there are problems when you get out of a car and the world's press is waiting just waiting to take the photograph there are problems when you've got to look sort of elegant for hours at a time so then shouldn't crease thing was like putting sort of la at the back of a hat was probably meant to be very sweet to the people of LA but of course was immediately pounced on by the sort of style experts here as being very declasse I think that the Duchess of York's very lively and buoyant and thinks that life should have her funny and witty and amusing side and I think that the establishment and the fashion establishment once fashion taken terribly seriously and perhaps didn't agree with her ideas the popular press didn't seem to agree with any of her ideas they swarmed around her ready to catch any unguarded moment no matter what she did or how she looked the story was always a negative one in some ways the press perhaps have been rather difficult when it came to Sarah because I think the the Duchess of York came along she was so different from the Princess of Wales I think the press was so terribly sizes to know so that every time she at the house she must have felt I look the wrong size no they criticize her fashion sense they criticize everything about I think that it's very difficult to have an image when you're not sure perhaps what your own image is and perhaps you're not obsessed by it as some people in the limelight her pregnancy proved particularly difficult a time when choosing clothes for public view became even more of a nightmare and often looked as much both time she expanded to alarming proportions with a huge accompanying weight gain even afterwards she found this extra weight difficult to shift and the tabloids pilloried her unmercifully such unrelenting personal comment was difficult for anyone to cope with and she took it badly she had figure problems figure faults that got publicized heavily and that kind of thing makes any woman terribly embarrassed and upset and I think nobody realizes how upset she used to get and how she's to sit at home and cry about the cruel things are written in newspapers and people thought she was a figure of fun and because she she wasn't so close to the throne they thought that they could more or less say whatever they liked about her in the press I mean you wouldn't say such things about Diana not only because she's slim and gorgeous but but because she is right up there you know the next Queen of England and a bit of a sacred cow I needed his tread very warily around Diana but Fergie well she's you know she's never going to be queen she's she's way down the young pecking order and so I think they decided that once they could get away with it they kept doing it and she didn't have the clout or the influence to get it stopped it's very difficult to stop things on it so all this freebie Fergie you know fun-loving Fergie all the the other ones you know the Duchess of pork etc all these names became gospel Andrew of course wasn't around much to offer advice or support against this press onslaught his naval commitments frequently took him away leaving his wife to face the music alone but would this freewheeling self-centered prince have really understood her problems anyway what kind of a man is he spoiled difficult but charming very naive and very immature compared to the other men that Sarah's known in her life but I think you know he has got some guts in him and I just think if you just sat down and you know considered there are there other people in the world besides him you know his life is gonna be a lot happier I think he has to stand up to his father which is difficult and he has to communicate with his mother I mean life hasn't been a bowl of roses for him it's been very protected and that hasn't really prepared him for the rigors of everyday life I'm not talking about his life in the Navy I talking about emotionally he's immature I think most people when they meet Prince Andrew for the first time they think he's a very physical person which he is he appears to to rush at you if you go into a room you're being presented to him you know you normally give a neck but when you remember the royal family he holds his hand out and he's aggressive almost like an American Americans are quite aggressive when you first meet them they appear to be as if they're trying to dominate you and he does this he also shouts he appears to bark quite a lot as his father does whereas Charles and Edward are extremely quietly spoken and a little bit retiring quite reticent I suppose they're very reserved he is not in the least bit reserved he's very exuberant very high-spirited andrew has also been called arrogant too aware of his own position he often lacks patience particularly when people get in his line of view marriage did seem to broaden his outlook but as one friend said imagine what it's like being married to a man who's never eaten a Big Mac been into a pub or been shopping in a supermarket the Windsor boys are are not generous with their money because they haven't had to live like you or I have they haven't had to go out into a pub or a supermarket buy a round of drinks they don't know the price of food or they certainly don't know the price of clothes so you don't know the price of women's clothes although I'm sure Prince Charles got quite a good idea by now because he must have seen enough bills but they are not renowned for their generosity and I don't think that's really an inherent Scottish meanness I think it's really that they just have no idea what things cost as wife to a prince Sara suddenly had to look the part now in the public eye it was expected that she maintained a smart well-groomed appearance for every occasion something that inevitably costs a considerable amount of money Diana could draw on her allowance from the Duchy of Cornwall Fergie hadn't no such fund by the end of the marriage her overdraft was well into six figures in the early days the two sisters in noir grew to be close friends both were commoners and both had married men who were the products of the same very unusual childhood I think there's a variant to support the theory that these boys will never ever be able to have what is regarded as a normal relationship with with their wives not what most people regard as a normal relationship with their might because of their relationship they were brought up by nannies they have the nanny mentality and they're always looking for another nanny because they didn't have a mother in the real sense of the word this is this is not to blame the Queen in any way it's mainly because she's had to be the head of state enacted screen and head of the Commonwealth throughout the the lives of her children and I think it has affected the relationship that the boys have had with her with the rest of the family and with relationships that they've established outside the Queen herself feels very responsible for any new additions to the family when she was first married Prince Philip had also been away at sea for periods and she sympathized with her daughter-in-laws difficulties in trying to build a home life with an absent husband it was a big send-off at Portsmouth docks the Queen was taking her 1 year old granddaughter for her first cruise on the Royal Yacht Britannia Andrew for once was on leave from his own ship so it was a chance for them to be together as a family the Queen admired Fergie for maturing her most wayward son the Queen was very devoted to Sarah but first she was fond of her because she had taken that playboy Prince Andrew we've forgotten now that he was he was Randy Andy once upon a time now he looks like a very boring sober family man you know in the suburbs and she changed him Sarah Ferguson changed him from being a problem Prince into a nice settled family man so the Queen would love her for that she liked her for what she is which is a very charming person but I mean I hear all the time that the Queen goes over to stunning Hill Park for afternoon tea and to play with the children and she adores to begin with they seemed the perfect couple besotted with each other and unashamedly tactile in public their family life appeared relaxed and open despite the constant attentions of the press Beatrice soon had to face the spotlight too but she'd obviously inherited her mother's sociable disposition and was a natural for any photo call on Mothering Sunday 1990 Andrew became father to a second daughter and the first visitor at London's exclusive Portland Hospital was Beatrice come to see her new seven pound one ounce sister Eugenie another early visit who was Diana the sisters-in-law had now managed to produce the perfect balance of boys and girls royal cousins for a dynasty that seemed to be going from strength to strength Fergie soon emerged as a radiant mum with a new baby the York's happiness seemed complete for both of them marriage had provided a strength and stability for Fergie this was something she'd craved ever since her own parents have split up when she was still a school girl the future seemed very rosy but history was about to repeat itself not many months later cracks began to appear in the fairy tale facade Andras duties were still taking him away for long periods for a naval flying officer family matters have to take a backseat left at home the loneliness of being a naval wife was beginning to take its toll a situation only exacerbated by her growing isolation within the royal family she was struggling with the mounting problems of trying to build a successful public role while rumors were rife that she was finding support and even romance elsewhere she needed help and there was none around there's no Charm School for princesses or duchesses there's no one that sort of stands up and a guru that advises them I mean Fergie didn't have anyone like that desperately needed someone I think she had the advice of her father which sometimes wasn't the best advice and her mother was away and she had the advice of her friends who didn't really know there was no one really to help her no one that she respected enough to listen to and I think this is probably one of the problems of people marrying into this family there's no one to tell them what to do and what they can and can't do because you can't your former life just doesn't come into play when you marry into that family you just cannot do any of the things that you did before perhaps that had been her first mistake her refusal to forsake her skiing holidays ruffled feathers both inside and outside the palace horse riding was another interest she persisted in but at least this pursuit fitted more easily with the Royal Family's own obsession with horses but she can hardly be accused of not taking an interest in her husband's activities she took on the challenge of learning how to fly specifically to bring herself closer to him as she said herself flying is his life and I want to be a part of his life not many wise would have carried their devotion to such lengths chameleon-like she was willing to take on another's interests for the sake of a more understanding relationship the effort was all there and yet the marriage failed perhaps it was because she wasn't a typical windsor woman the fact that she can go on places like abroad and do speeches in French in German which the other winds of women can't do she is she is so different in a million different ways more like an ordinary woman career woman of today and they are really like women of a hundred years ago and I think that sums up basically the problem there's no way that that Fergie felt she would be beaten by the system but I think in the end it did beat her and I think you can't marry into that family and retain very much individuality which is very sad because that's what we all like the pressures of an unhappy marriage were clearly beginning to show for such an exuberant personality she seemed uncharacteristically withdrawn and depressed I think she needed time on her own to think also she was so stressed out I mean even the last time I saw her which was last year at the end of last year she was so stressed I couldn't believe it she was really thin and pale and she she just didn't know what was happening and then she had this terrible turmoil and the announcement and the separation and then the absolutely horrific press intrusion and she just had to get away us I think she would have burst when rumors of problems within the marriage began to leak out the newshounds scented blood and went in for the kill as ever personal problems were suddenly considered public property there was nowhere to hide it's just the media basically I think you know that has really destroyed Sara's happiness in a way and when she's getting attacked from the outside by the press the palace began to see that you know that she was very unpopular then she began perhaps to be getting attacked on the inside from the family or the palace and that was the end for her she couldn't cope with being attacked on all sides and she just wanted to go away but the show must always go on for generations the ceremony and mystique of royalty has been carefully maintained the myth is perpetuated that the roars are a world apart something removed and unreachable all the pomp and circumstance is just a part of representing stability and continuity of giving the public what they want a cleverly orchestrated management system creates this facade most of what the world is allowed to know about roiled goings-on is channeled through an extremely reticent press office in keeping with modern trends isn't it time that the presentation of royal family matters is made more open your dangers then that the the members of the royal family will be seen to be media fodder a rental royal if you like and the the public the press office will be seen as a public relations office which they're very anxious to avoid they don't to be seen as being in the public relations business so at the moment they have to handle essentially what is their main function which is looking after the public duties of members of the royal family but more and more of course in the last couple of years they are being asked to handle all surly the private family affairs the the state of marriage of three of the Queen's children I mean because as you know there's a constant spotlight and there is constant speculation about the state of the marriage of the Prince of Wales and the Princess of Wales prying eyes into her family's personal lives is a phenomenon the Queen finds difficult to understand like many of her subjects the British monarch is typically restrained when it comes to inquiring about other people's difficulties keeping up appearances no matter what happens is a vital part of the royal family firm as a mother the Queen finds it difficult to face up to family problems okay we'll go to almost any lengths to avoid confrontation she simply doesn't like confrontation with family business at all she leaves most of that sort of thing to Prince Philip anyway who doesn't avoid it he doesn't mind confrontation at all but the Queen will avoid it and she is very likely if somebody went up to her and said look don't you think it's time you had a word with Diana or with Sara about the state of their marriage she would be just as likely to say I think it's time the Kogi's had a walk in the garden and she would walk away and she'd walk away and leave it hope and believe that it would have disappeared when she came back she did she simply would not involve herself in any of the private squabbles relationships of her family at all but with the York's breakup coming so soon after Princess Anne's the Queen now faces a possible threat to the future of the monarchy itself The Prince and Princess of Wales are still together but what if royalty ultimately proves to be a role you have to be born and bred for the difficulty is that in previous generations they've they would have married they would have had arranged marriages they would have married somebody from the european royal houses and their Brides would have known what to expect they would have known the form and had there been any private disagreements between them these would have been kept strictly private and certainly wouldn't have been aired in public they couldn't have dreamed of making announcements to the press or going to the media in general and I think this is the difficulty that now they are having to look wider for their partners they're marrying commoners and it doesn't seem to work by the year 2000 fergie together with the Princess of Wales could have been one of the main influences to take the royal family into the 21st century fergie seemed to have all the right attributes but as it turned out she possessed a stubbornly independent spirit that was just too much for the Windsors and the royal system they don't particularly want women like that in the family they are too independent and and free wills for the powers the palace wants somebody who's willing to be content with just will charity work can be very rewarding very satisfying but where is the the talent that she's got being expressed if you just do charity work you know she she wants to find her own avenues to express herself I don't think perhaps perhaps that the Sarah Ferguson was the right type of woman although it appeared to us she was because she was too independent to vibrant too lively I mean if she'd been more subservient and sort of the little woman at home it wouldn't have been so many problems because she wouldn't have expected so much from the marriage I think but then obviously these boys are not attracted to this little women at home so here it's a dilemma there yes they don't really meet enough of the right sort of woman but then what is the right sort of woman it's very difficult I think for to be a prince of the royal blood and and find the right woman it all began with great expectations outside this charm circle is new territory what will happen to the first female ex-royal what does the future hold for Fergie everything she does is going to be wanted by the flesh it's always going to be an object of ridicule and if she gets close to anyone I think it's going to be very difficult for her to form another relationship she is the mother of the Queen's friend children so I think it's gonna be very hard

INSIDE BILL'S BRAIN: Decoding Bill Gates Trailer | Netflix Original Documentary

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates | Official Trailer | Netflix
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This three-part documentary tells Bill Gates’ life story, in-depth and unfiltered, as he pursues unique solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems.

A documentary that tells Bill Gates’ life story as he pursues solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems.

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Bill Gates. -Your favorite animal?
-Dog. -Your favorite food?
-Hamburger. -Eat breakfast?
-Nothing. What is your worst fear? I don't want my brain
to stop working. Bill is a multiprocessor. He'll be reading
something else but then processing
at the same time. It's chaos! He thrives on complexity. He makes a framework
in his mind and then he starts
slotting in the information. If something doesn't line up,
he gets really frustrated. It's scary. But when Bill stills himself, he can pull ideas together
that other people can't see. At Microsoft,
I worked night and day. That was how I made sure
Microsoft stayed ahead. I could be so extreme. You never understood
the first thing about this! Microsoft hit a new
record high on Wall Street. Rivals paint a dark picture. He'll do whatever he can
to capture more of the market. Our mother wanted him
to focus on community and family. I gave my mom a hard time
not following what she wanted. You don't raise a family hyper-focused in your head. Each one of us has to start out with developing his or her
own definition of success. I had the wrong way
of looking at things. In life, you have to decide,
what's important in the world? I will look at energy,
climate change, and disease eradication. It's important that we start
deploying solutions unnaturally fast. We are running out 
of time here. He tends to look at problems
from unusual angles. There hasn't been innovation
in nuclear energy for 25 years. What are the odds
of getting the job done? If you want to make
a dent in this, you better think
in wholesale magnitudes. He's at his best when the deck is stacked
against him. There's many challenges. This is harder than I expected. Ultimately,
it's not what you get… it's what you become.

Making "Lost Cause" pt.2 • Full documentary movie (French w. English Subtitles)

Watch how a wacky band of Canadian indy film-makers made a feature-length film with just 15,000$!

Watch the French version without subtitles right here:
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0:00 Production: A Retarded Plan
5:18 Production: Just Shoot Me!
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Beginning: The Origins of Lost Cause
Pre-Production: Let’s Get to the Beezness
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Production: Cine-Cucina (The Kitchen Studio)
Production: The Good, The Bad, and the Spaghetti
Production: That Kung-Fu Ninja Shit!
Part 4:
Post-Production: That’s Art, Man!
The End: Future of a Lost Cause
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les making of du test or une bonne fin et forêts

Wendy Williams Is Producing Her Own Biopic and Documentary

Wendy Williams talks about her Ritz Harper book series and her plans to produce a documentary and biopic about her life.
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Wendy Williams Is Producing Her Own Biopic and Documentary- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

-What I like about your show
is it's very honest. It's this kind of thing.
You don't lie to your audience. And they know that.
-I was talking to Eric Holder behind the scenes back there.
-Yeah. -He's coming out a little later.
-Yeah. -So, he was like, "Oh, my gosh. You're like you are
on your show." I was like,
"Well, what do you want?" -Yeah.
-Nobody has time to act. -Yeah. Also, this —
I would — It would be very — I feel like you can only be you.
Is that accurate? -Seth.
-Yes. -Believe me.
-Yeah. -I can only be me.
-Yeah. And I'm so glad. What is this? Season 11?
-11. -Amazing.
Congratulations on that. -I never thought
it would last, honestly. -Yeah, 11 is a big deal.
-It is. Well, it's not — I mean, 10 is a good number.
11 is kind of a weird number. -Well, don't make me feel bad
about saying 11 is a big deal. -But 11. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. -You also — I don't think
people fully appreciate how multitalented you are. You've written a series of books
before you had your show. -Yes.
-Ritz Harper was the character. And I feel like Ritz Harper
was maybe slightly based, inspired by Wendy Williams?
-Certainly. -There was "Ritz Harper
Goes to Hollywood." -Well, that's me posing as Ritz.
-Yeah. -Mm-hmm. [ Laughs ] -This is another
Ritz Harper book. "Drama is Her Middle Name." -That was the first one
of the Ritz. That's correct. -I got to say,
this made me laugh so hard. -Okay.
-I haven't stopped laughing. -That is me with
ketchup sprayed around me. -And the title of
this Ritz Harper book is "Is the Bitch Dead or What?" [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] I mean —
-The thing about Ritz — Ritz is a fabulous New York City
disc jockey who happens to get a talk show. -Oh, wow.
So it's really close to home. -But — And so I have this —
I'm in bed with Lifetime. Not in bed, nut, you know.
-Yeah, yeah. -With Lifetime right now. And I would like to see Ritz
either as a series or a movie. But my first project is
going to be my own life story. -Oh, you're going to do a
Lifetime movie about yourself, your life story?
-Oh, believe me you. -Are you gonna — Is it
gonna be a documentary or is it gonna be a narrative? -Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay. They're doing two hours
for the movie and then two hours
for the documentary. -Oh, my God. So who's going to
play you in the movie? -Four hours of me.
-Yeah. -On Lifetime. -Are they — How can they cast
Wendy Williams? Are you going to play yourself?
-No, no. No. I'm producing.
-Yeah. -I got no time to act.
-Yeah, of course. Hands off. -Yeah, yeah.
But here's the thing. No. I want to hire actors
that no one knows. Because, really, you know,
there's a message in it. I mean, we can laugh
and joke all day, Seth. -We can, yes.
-But in actuality, I've been doing this — I've had
a microphone for over 30 years. -Uh-huh.
-You know what I mean? And I've done the best I can
with what I had. And what I have is, you know, my parents don't come
from, you know, nepotism, you know, like, making a phone
call, getting Wendy in the door. I've fought for everything.
And I've never been MeToo'd. You know, I —
Respect to all the girls who, you know,
are going through that. I've never done that.
I don't even know what that is. You know,
I fight, punch, hustle. Even right now, you know,
going through a public divorce while I'm still a big mouth
doing hot topics. I'm talking about people
when I'm being talked about. It's me against the world. -Well, I feel as though the
world is getting a beating. You've been doing great. Congratulations
on all your success. And let me tell you,
it is always such a pleasure to have you here. -You're kicking me out?
-I'm kicking you out. Wendy Williams, everybody.

From rainforest to charcoal | DW Documentary

Huge areas of tropical rainforest are being destroyed to make charcoal for barbecues. The global deforestation is leading to growing problems. Nigeria and the DRC Congo – two of Europe’s main charcoal suppliers – are also affected.

Every year, Europeans use approximately 800,000 tons of charcoal for barbecuing. Seventy percent of the charcoal comes from outside the EU, and the bags often contain remnants of tropical woods. Officially, tropical woods are subject to strict import conditions. But when it comes to wood charcoal, these do not apply.
Worldwide, 2.7 billion people cook and heat with wood or charcoal. The related emission of greenhouse gases is enormous. 55 percent of global wood is used as fuel per year, and much of it is cut illegally in Africa’s bush and tropical forests. Nigeria produces most of its charcoal for export. Especially during dry periods, local Nigerian farmers use coal production as a lifeline to make money and feed their families. At the same time, charcoal mills travel the countryside in family groups, charring all the trees they can cut down. The consequences are hair-raising. Nigeria lost 36 percent of its forests between 1990 and 2005. At present, twelve percent of the country is still covered with forest – but charcoal production continues to rise, eating up 350,000 hectares of fertile land here every year. According to the UN, charcoal production is one of the main causes of deforestation in Africa, which in turn is closely linked to massive deterioration in soil quality and a growing risk of crop failure. But African legislation has been slow to respond to the problem. The coal business is highly lucrative business, and rakes in some 7.4 billion US Dollars a year. According to recent estimates, the current illegal trade in charcoal is worth almost three times as much as the trade in illegal drugs.


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put this on South Korea hardly anyone knows how non-transparent this market really is for that one ton of charcoal requires five to ten tons of wood this has an enormous impact on the environment done the way the wood comes from there's often terrible human rights abuses there's poverty this deforestation is desertification in places of Africa alas no go it's completely unacceptable that tropical rainforests are being destroyed just to produce cheap charcoal this shouldn't be happening it's madness Nigeria with 186 million inhabitants it's the most populated country in Africa this is where most of the charcoal imported to the EU comes from it's a huge business not only in Nigeria Paraguay in South America is another big global player according to the UN over half the trees cut down worldwide are burned to produce charcoal with severe effects to the climate Nigerian merchants praised the high quality of charcoal derived from tropical wood it's particularly durable and its embers last much longer but these traders don't have to certify where they get their charcoal the wood could be from one of the few sustainable plantations for tropical timber in Africa or it could have been illegally logged in the rainforests Kingsley a canoe specializes in export ready to be filled with choco merchants who want to import tropical timber to the EU have to certify its origins the process is strictly regulated but those guidelines don't apply to charcoal 88% of the charcoal used in Germany is imported Nigeria alone supplies 31,000 tonnes a year but most consumers have no idea what they are using to grill their sausages these goes to Germany in part on packs the Germany when it'll be forming into yeah yeah aggressive Jeremy hey fill up one container all these feel about 40 feet container charcoal from Nigeria made in Germany made possible because there are no restrictions on importing charcoal made from tropical timber to the EU the spoke Agard and trade fair in Cologne this is where the outdoor grilling industry comes together many distributors can't see any problem with charcoal from the tropics the trade association however would rather not comment yeah Olivier what's her from France has been fighting against imported tropical charcoal for years he works for the NGO the forest trust or TFT they want charcoal to be processed only from sustainably cultivated forests and for consumers to easily see if they're buying charcoal from native or illegally logged tropical wood there is no transparency to tell what is the real prediction because some importers pretend to be producing but we are producing are not there we can create a European working group on that part because if we don't do that it will not be clear so for the crystal it is actor Bob Dora Mae MC the detector for a cast there are distributors who keep importing but the market will force their hand the moment we changed the market everyone who wants to carry on as usual will be left in other choice in France TFT has already managed to change the market most buyers for large retail chains have come to reject charcoal from tropical forests Peola VA is meeting a belgian who imports african charcoal the man is convinced of his products quality and even has a seal to prove it's been produced responsibly he can't understand the concern about tropically sourced charcoal you have to realize that there are also sustainably managed tropical forests I don't see why these products should be banned you can't forget that the charcoal market is helping feed thousands of people in Africa we'd be making things too easy on ourselves if we suddenly decided to just ban everything sourced from Nigeria we need to actively deal with the problem in Nigeria it's true that many people depend on the charcoal business in places where qualified jobs are hard to come by there they often live in the humblest conditions people like Kobi he and his family make charcoal for a living they travel across the country as nomads and log trees wherever they can in the wild not unsustainable estates the process is simple enough the wood is stacked covered with dirt and then lit these so-called kilns seal off most oxygen allowing the wood to burn down slowly in about 11 days it's reduced to charcoal 500 cuts that are strong it can produce about 200 dogs within a month we don't enjoy the work to BCCI we don't enjoy the work is a hard job it's a hard labor most times when you come back you're retired and that's why most of us use drugs after coming back from the work you know that to regain your strength for one ton of charcoal the workers need up to 10 tons of wood most of the energy escapes as excess heat exhaust leaks from the piles and the surrounding soil is contaminated with toxins deforestation is a huge problem in Nigeria a study by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization found that four hundred and ten thousand hectares of forest were cut down each year not only does that have a major impact on the climate it also leads to erosion and the forming of new deserts but the forests aren't being destroyed just to make charcoal they're also being cleared for farmland and yet 87% of all trees logged in Nigeria are used for firewood or charcoal Harry Hoffman is a scientist for years he's been concerned about the charcoal production in Africa to some it's the only way they can make a living during the dry season or towards the end of the dry season before they return to their fields there's nothing left to pay for school so they go to the forest and cut down trees to make charcoal they can sell on the street corner even if it is illegal when they do they risk their fields drawing up back to Germany Johannes sannen is a wood specialist at the World Wildlife Fund today he's brought bags of charcoal to the TuneIn Institute in Hamburg he too wants trade restrictions for charcoal and he's backing up his arguments with facts if it were up to him importing illegal timber into the EU would be banned as with the charcoal produced from it so gay I'd call and his colleagues want to see just how much wood from tropical forests these bags contain there's a lot of pressure from consumers not just for these products coal in particular is almost a cultural asset for Germans finding a legal wood in their charcoal would leave a bad taste in their mouths businesses can't afford that a few months or years ago this product wouldn't have gained such broad attention some consolation forum to date importers don't need to show that the wood for their charcoal was legally sourced and any product information on the bag doesn't show the country of origin either for kaha is one of Germany's leading specialists in determining wood he can't say where the charcoal is from but he can discern which type of wood it was made from even if it isn't printed on the bag he instantly recognizes some native tree species before before I put it under the microscope I do a pre examination sometimes I use a magnifying glass to determine what type we're dealing with the Scottish moss I've already dug a bit out from the bottom of the bag and as you can see what makes charcoal so special is that unlike wood it's brittle when I break it up it creates these clean edges I can look at those with my magnifying glass here for example we have an ash tree this bag doesn't contain any tropical timber but other bags do women in the tungsten encircles kulikov do you swing by the nearest gas station to pick up a bag of charcoal of course you have no idea how far it has traveled already and what ecological footprint it has left behind the entire forests are being cut down in countries like Nigeria or in Eastern Europe sometimes even protected forests are being plundered when that has an immense impact on the ecosystem or biodiversity and on the climate overall we need to act here we have briquettes here we have a product that we're looking at yes WWF this is pure charcoal here we have a different product with the slogan for the sake of the environment that's the co2 neutral Foca hog inspects 20 bags of charcoal that johannes sanan had bought in various hardware and grocery stores in many cases it's evident the wood isn't native before I've had a look at the man to the microscope I can't say for sure these samples are definitely of tropical origin it's not that simple but I can say that the ones I've looked at are definitely not from regular wood so we know for certain that it isn't oak ash Elm birch or Beach compressed briquettes are especially hard to examine they consist mostly of coal dust and starch but even here the expert is able to find traces of wood amid totem identifying wood species is called wood Anatomy we identify types of word based on their anatomical structure people have been examining plant structures for two or three hundred years what's important is to have reference material the island that's why the TuneIn Institute of wood Research stores thousands of samples of various trees but instructor mahes illness structural features we can see here we can definitely say this wood is not from a temperate or even boreal region that a boy we are in swinish dumps that means this charcoal was definitely tropically sourced eight of the 20 bags they examined did contain wood from rainforests that amounts to 40% of their samples five bags even contained red list species of endangered or restricted wood the findings are upsetting for Johannes Sonnen of the World Wildlife Fund not the omission Sophie this has been a topic for so many years us to find such catastrophic results here in Germany with shopkins it can't go on like this many distributors won't take responsibility for their products origin sustainable cultivation Environmental Protection labor laws none of it matters production costs are much much lower than operating a Congaree here in Germany so that makes it attractive transporting it over the ocean from Nigeria to Germany or Europe is a fairly small portion of the total cost most Germans have no idea that their charcoal is sometimes produced with people's bare hands and Kobe would never have guessed that his charcoal was used to grilled German sausages many industry make use of charcoal apart from hookahs there are some industry to them make use of it like those people that have a poultry farm they also make use of charcoal also people take it from different industry but I don't know what they use it for but we just produce it for them and they take it to town Kobe and his workers get $3 for each bag of charcoal even in Nigeria that's not a lot of money but the supply chain in Africa is long transporters sorters distributors everyone wants to turn a profit the jobs are highly sought after most jobs provided are at the urban level at a city sentence what charcoal the Chuckle does is one of the few jobs and actually brings jobs down to the rural areas to the local women through people who order otherwise they have no education I have nothing to fall back to they have nothing for them here is a lifesaver there's really no major industry here they cry they call me the same boss bring bring charcoal let us walk we need to work because there's no other thing and this sector is growing one study estimates the market could be worth up to 12 billion dollars by 2030 with 12 million people working in it that's a shadow market most of the money made in that sector will stay with the powerful distributors the money isn't made in Nigeria it's made in Europe over here we have the products we're ready to ship to places like Poland this is ready whenever the container comes in we ship it out in 2015 alone exports from Nigeria to Poland grew by 51% and buyers from Africa most times they repackage and then sell to other European countries here supalen is a very big hope they buy a lot of Nigerian markets the charcoal is shipped to Europe in containers the TFT organisation has seen to it that less Nigerian charcoal is imported to France but exports to Poland are on the rise here conservationists say charcoal from tropical wood is simply repackaged and distributed throughout Europe peer only ba what turn continues his search in Poland we're here to see if this factory really does produce charcoal we want to know if all the wood was locally sourced and processed on our previous visits to Poland we learned that some only pretend to be producers actually import charcoal repackage it and then sell it and then they claim it was produced here in their factory today prae and his colleagues are visiting europe's largest charcoal producer the company greece gand has three factories that produce fifteen percent of all the charcoal consumed eu-wide the managing director is guiding a tour through the facilities the conservationists want to find out if all the charcoal is truly produced here in Poland or if it's mixed with charcoal from tropical woods for kog the most important clue is a look in the business books he's interested in the amounts of charcoal and wood coming and going so far he's been acting on behalf of French chains that have committed themselves to offer only sustainable charcoal the forest trust checks that no tropical wood finds its way into the bags their biggest difficulty is figuring out how many tons of wood the company needs to produce one ton of charcoal based on the method employed the amounts can vary greatly now it's ple B's job to estimate how efficiently the plant works and compare the wood purchases with the charcoal sales competition in this sector is fierce as is the temptation to cheat with illegal African charcoal its countries keep production costs down and companies managed to buy raw material from dubious sources who presume they can earn higher profit margins on import and trade important hunter if a demon while importers pay very little for their raw material European producers must dig deep into their pockets for the wood producers traders everyone looks to cut corners to make sure that they can meet those price reductions that are forced onto them by the market by consumers in fact and unfortunately that often leads to the cheapest wood the illegal wood getting into the system the largest producer in Europe states that its wood is purchased from native forests that's a big cost factor there's lots of wood what's important is that the wood is actually from this region cultivated sustainably and it's so that it can be labeled as responsibly produced charcoal shovel boss boss native wood from responsible forestry that means the amount of wood that can be logged is limited to how much can regrow european foresters have known this principle for centuries that's how they responded to the massive clearing of forests in the early 18th century they call it sustainability to make sure the charcoal is as sustainable as the managing director said it was their next appointment is with the Forester again ple bhx the production the books and the woods origins he makes sure the forests are large enough to supply the amount of wood the manufacturer needs he takes careful note of the numbers of hectares the age of the trees and the amount of wood extracted cut down from the forest the plant or he hasn't found a bug in the system yet but he keeps asking the manufacturers Quality Manager and the Forester both take all his questions unlike in Africa the amount of woodland in the EU is growing in Poland it went from eight point eight million hectares in 1990 to nine point four million hectares in 2015 that only works with truly sustainable methods PL on TV what time is very pleased with what he's seen here so I'm prone to stone for it's just for these don't count they have a forest cultivation plan set up for ten years with a registry for each logging so that way they know exactly how much wood they're allowed to take from each plot this means traceability right back to where it was felled and we know they've been cultivating sustainably for years this wood here for example is 60 years old biomes acidity working space on top would four guilt-free charcoal thanks to traditional forestry guidelines modern technology and careful documentation this forest will continue supplying as much wood as it does today for centuries to come this naturalness Fidelma there's plenty of wood right here in Poland you don't need to buy it in Africa that add there's enough deciduous trees to cover the demand for charcoal Pia Olivier hopes to someday find charcoal in supermarkets that is only produced from sustainable wood but in Europe there aren't many sustainable manufacturers like this one in Poland and companies that produce charcoal and electricity are the exception to the rule and so he sets off for France one of the most modern charcoal factories in the world is here in the Champagne region the region is also home to vast deciduous forests and yet France still imports most of its charcoal this manufacturer wants to prove that producing charcoal in France can in fact be profitable what it lacks in size the business makes up for in innovation the French government supports it with subsidies the managing directors were even invited to the world climate conference in Bonn in 2017 to talk about eco-friendly charcoal production at home and in developing countries here comes from the forest buggies so son thanks to modern technology they only need 2 and a half tons of wood for each ton of charcoal they produce that means they can preserve 40% of the wood in comparison the earth mounds in Africa only have an efficiency rate of about 10% meaning their kilns require four times the amount of wood the charcoal is dried in huge baskets with the excess heat given off during production here is proof that we're able to make renewable charcoal all it takes is sustainable forestry and today's technology using this method we can produce charcoal electricity and heat three products at once from one single resource that's what makes this product competitive and profitable in Europe this site provides 10,000 homes with steady electricity the tropical charcoal producers can only dream of having such a modern plant worldwide we're experiencing the deforestation of several million hectares each year that is so much in so relevant that it makes up about 15% of manmade carbon emissions consumed by Tate satellite images reveal that 30 percent of Africa's oldest national park has already been destroyed the national park is very old and has been particularly affected by people illegally extracting wood to produce charcoal the Virunga National Park lies in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo the charcoal produced here isn't exported 97% of the people in the region use it for cooking and heating the areas surrounding the National Park have already been cleared according to the World Wildlife Fund ninety percent of the trees felled here are used to produce charcoal four years ago this whole area was full of trees now four years later all the trees have been cut down and not only that even the roots have been pulled out of the ground the World Wildlife Fund foresters are shocked the demand for charcoal is so high in this region that even digging up and charring tree roots is worth the effort nearly three billion people on the planet cook with wood and it's not just cooking they use wood for heating – it's essential to them and there's no way of replacing it producing wood sustainably requires space space they don't have the population in Africa will quadruple by the end of the century capacity limits are often exceeded now one big problem is the lack of infrastructure only three percent of the people living in the huge city of Goma and its surrounding villages have access to electricity cooking with gas would be easier healthier and more eco-friendly but charcoal is often the only source of energy they have people need to be certain that they'll have gas when they need it otherwise they can't cook it's a crucial source of energy for many people and it will be for a long time to come the last 10 years have seen huge forest areas vanish the WWF workers are certain the ongoing political conflicts in the region are contributing to the deforestation here this all used to be forests monkeys lived here now there aren't any left to save the national park the WWF workers want to turn around their charcoal market and are reaching out to all parties involved even the transporters they ride their bikes 30 kilometers to the next city here they say it costs $20 and in Goma it costs $23 we asked them if they produced the charcoal themselves but they just buy it to resell it in Goma it's legit boo alle vongole mo the destruction of the V Rangga National Park is immense the region is one of the most densely populated in all of Africa the conflict in neighboring Rwanda have only made matters worse countless refugees are seeking shelter and using charcoal for cooking the World Wildlife Fund in Goma is very engaged in the topic of charcoal chili Lesage and his team hoped for lasting peace in order to save the national park since 1996 this region has gone through a lot of unrest before that there were the looting wars from 1992 onwards and then came the first liberation war in 1996 that forced many to flee all that had an impact on the environment in Goma the number of residents has nearly doubled in the last seven years especially due to the many refugees who have come only eleven kilometers separate the city from the national park so it's no wonder that 80% of the charcoal used here is illegally sourced from Virunga like in most places in Africa the charcoal business here is also a shadow market the dealers by their charcoal in villages and then sell it here the price range depends on how old the tree was that's used to make the charcoal charcoal from young trees costs 20 US dollars the older the tree the more energy it supplies and the higher the price nike lawyer can I be retailers prefer cheaper softer charcoal because they can sell it in small portions some households buy the higher quality tougher charcoal and I personally delivered to the wholesale dealers just as in Europe here too it makes a difference where the wood for charcoal is from but it's also just as important to reduce the charcoal consumption the men and women of Goma stove are contributing to just that with direction from the WWF they conducted several tests and studies that helped them develop a particularly energy-efficient oven it only uses half as much charcoal as a traditional oven under the metal plating is a clay core that is baked the first time the oven is used a la première the first juste should be for something that needs to be cooked for a long time that's the case for most things cooked regularly here such as beans zombie or corn fufu that long first use bakes the clay core the demand for efficient cooking is huge Goma stove has produced and sold more than 80 thousand ovens since 2009 they've even delivered their product to the capital Kinshasa we produce a lot we used to make seven ceramic inserts today now it's 30 35 even hundred fifty this customer just bought her second Goma stove the savings have made a noticeable difference in her household budget the oven manufacturers smart marketing water over straightaway Muscovy demonize some households were uncertain about how they would cut their coal consumption in half zowie ask them how much they used with their traditional stove they'd answer two bags so we told them to go and buy two bags and when they do we give them our stove as a credit and tell them to use it and pay us at the end of the month to use then by the end of the month they realize they still have one bag of charcoal left bread em what you know Gloria stuck it in my color one bag lasts a month each family can save one and a half tons of charcoal over the two-year life expectancy of the stove and it's affordable the cost can easily be paid off in a month at the end of the month families are left with more money with efficient cookers it's possible to drastically reduce per capita charcoal consumption sustainable charcoal production on the other hand is more difficult outside of the national park hardly any trees are left and inside armed rebel groups from Rwanda have a tight grip on charcoal production they wouldn't dream of giving up this critical source of income papow Houston lives in a small village on the edge of ruin ganash '''l park he still clearly remembers when the Rwandan rebels came into his village and turned everything upside down they invaded the park and cut down all the trees since then the environment has been out of balance we don't have any rivers or streams and then the dry periods have become longer well that's when we decided we need to plant trees and we started looking for partners who would help us Felicia she taught a part in a 2v2 stem as a companion a separation bosie palooka became their trusted world wildlife fund partner he's a forester and knows what it takes to create a plantation you need to keep a close eye on the seedlings LaPlante so they reproduce at the right time tree must be planted at the beginning of the rainy season if you miss your window even by just a few days your plantation might not survive the WWF support plantations across the region with their eco makalah project Busey knows the people here well and understands that close contact with local chieftains and mayor's is just as important as a tree nursery FASTA is also an advocate on the hills this will help us fight erosion water there flows down the slopes and destroys our fields it even tears houses down the advantages are already visible after just a few years the WWF was successful now 100 tree nurseries 13 thousand hectares of plantations and nine thousand farmers have joined the project Jeff village chief is also convinced of the advantages ever since the project began he's been working to persuade the six thousand seven hundred families in his tribe to plant trees in order to secure the villages future at the eco makalah plantations they taught us a different way to cut down trees and build kilns that way we can produce higher quality charcoal that we can sell in Goma for a higher price so we have charcoal we can cook with ourselves we can sound chunko and that will pay for our children's education and the medical treatment and also for food today he's showing others how to plant trees to protect the fertile soil from erosion and landslides in five years these little saplings have become fully grown trees perfect for producing charcoal when they're ready for harvesting they provide a clean legal alternative to trees from the National Park lafon so this we can save the Virunga National Park if we plant more trees and at the same time we reduce our consumption our use of charcoal do you it like oh so much improve methods for coal making have doubled the amount of charcoal we can produce combine that with our improved stoves and we're saving on both ends on the one hand we're improving charcoal yields while on the other we're using less charcoal so basically we're raising supply and lowering demand demand the charcoal makers have learned that drawing the wood for two months before charring it is more effective this dense pile will be covered with dirt later and set on fire ventilation shafts to light the pile and a chimney made of old barrels will double the amount of charcoal this kiln can produce in addition the quality will be much higher fifteen percent of the charcoal used in Goma is sourced from the WWF's eco Makana project the long-term goal is to raise that to 30 percent the farmers have already begun to notice positive effects on the environment the proposed ever since the project started we've noticed an upward trend for example the times for planting used to be messed up as we risked losing our crops thanks to the plantations we planted with the Eco McCullough project we've seen the ecosystem restoring we can now go back to planting based on the old calendar a donkey lucuma saw respectfully calendar paratha but 30% is all this plantation can cover anymore wouldn't leave enough room for farming the project has helped slow down the destruction of the National Park but it can't stop it altogether further solutions still need to be developed and new energy sources tapped into back to France the charcoal pioneers are working on making their method more attractive for developing countries lower wood requirements reliable electricity and quality charcoal together these three things might be able to save the Virunga National Park the charcoal visionaries and Pia LED owatta are convinced that all it would take is enough political will to reach a sustainable solution for africa's charcoal problem without the correct circumstances however they don't want to introduce their method no Graham Duplantis plantation programs are a necessary condition for setting up the factory like ours in Africa Mayor Victor for growing schedules supported by the government or local groups would make that absolutely possible one particular advantage is that they'd not only have charcoal but electricity – too many people in Africa charcoal is a necessary energy source in Europe it's central to the grill culture efficient production and sustainable forestry can make charcoal a renewable resource only the combined efforts of governments businesses and consumers can stop the destruction of our tropical forests you

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Hawaii's Hidden Darkness (Conspiracy Documentary) | Real Stories

Hawaii was an independent nation until January 17, 1893. That day, the archipelago and its monarchical government were overthrown illegally by the United States. Since then, the USA has taken over Hawaii illegitimately, turning the island into a military base that threatens world peace, while sovereignty groups organize to rescue its legitimacy.

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[Applause] [Applause] Hawaii and we think of Hawaii we think of paradise coral sand beaches coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze waterfalls rainbows Hawaii is all these things and many more in fact Hawaii has a deep dark little secret a secret the US government wouldn't like you to know about the American agenda tonight a most significant presidential apology at the White House yesterday President Clinton signed a formal letter of apology to the people of Hawaii he was apologizing on behalf of the US government for the government's involvement a hundred years ago in removing the independent Hawaiian monarchy by force and on the agenda tonight Hawaiian identity Native Hawaiians who say give us back our country in touristic Hawaii hundreds of people demonstrate and a president apologizes the reason the United States government that considers Hawaii the 50th state of the union has in fact had mitad that a century ago it committed an abuse in 1993 the US government passed a law this was approved by the Congress the Senate and ultimately signed into law by President Clinton and this was a confession flatout public law 103 150 was a confession and in that confession the United States admitted to all sorts of crimes and it further admitted that the Hawaiian nation never relinquished its rights but if Hawaii is the 50th state of the Union since 1959 why is it that in 1993 President Bill Clinton apologized for the user patient the original inhabitants of the archipelago were victims of to understand the situation let's do some history Hawaii is an archipelago formed by eight islands situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean they were probably populated by immigrants from faraway lands they created a socially and politically advanced society Native Hawaiians are Polynesians they come from a land they call keshiki which is the home land and many believe that to be Tahiti or the Marquesas and perhaps we're here as early as 100 BC perhaps a little bit later than that 2 way voyage incants enture II Hawaiians were living here pretty much on their own and developing a much more stratified society and that led to the development of different island kingdoms here amongst the chains we had an IR rather a kingdom of kawaii a kingdom of Oahu kingdom of Maui and of Hawaii Island its founding King Kamehameha the great unified the societies of the archipelago their soil began to yield food for the inhabitants of Hawaii however the Hawaiian Kingdom would not be alone for long by the same sea from where the original inhabitants of why came from visitors from other lands would arrive contact with foreigners of European or American descent comes in 1778 with the arrival of Captain Cook it is speculated that there may have been other encounters prior to that but it's not documented Captain James Cook a British explorer and sailor established contact with the inhabitants of Hawaii in 1794 the British explorer George Vancouver gave the court of King Kamehameha a Union Jack as a token of friendship from King George the third the Hawaiian Kingdom added the Union Jack to its own flag as an act of recognition for the gesture of British friendship in spite of the foreign presence in Hawaii mainly Britain at the time as well as other ethnic groups king kamehameha gave his kingdom its own identity he gained international recognition 1843 the Kingdom of Hawaii was indeed recognized as an independent nation state as a member of the family of nations through treaties with the United States Great Britain and France and I believe about 20 other nations of Europe and this was meant to secure the sovereignty of the nation through those treaty agreements that would been made and so from that point on 1843 the kingdom of Hawaii is indeed recognized as an independent nation state as the monarch consolidated the archipelago as a sovereign state the Kingdom of Hawaii also created a society of citizens with its own identity an independent state in the 19th century the term Hawaiian was an indicator of citizenship or membership to the Hawaiian Kingdom which throughout the 19th century was an independent country independent state beginning in 1843 the Hawaiian Kingdom was actually the first non-european territory in the world to become an independent and recognized as a sign of recognition of Hawaii's independence several members of the Hawaiian royal family travel all over the world on official visits they were welcomed by kingdoms and Republic's as the true representatives of a sovereign Kingdom in the mean time Western immigrants continued to arrive in Hawaii by the start of the 19th century a few American settlers were already living in the archipelago so as the the American settler population continued to grow there began and their interest in business continued to grow they oftentimes were pressuring the Monarchs pressuring the government to develop things for the government to develop and the economy to a develop in a way that these settlers would find most comfortable a group of settlers mainly American formed an organization of landowners they controlled the production of sugarcane their economic power ensured that their influence in the affairs of the kingdom increased so when we get to 1893 by that time these foreign settlers many of them who were invested in the plantation economy were were very strong in their opinions about how the government should continue and when litleo Oh Kalani he was the queen of Hawaii in 1893 when she proposed to bring forward a new constitution a group of 13 businessmen calling themselves the annexation club and the Committee of Safety they took it upon themselves to overthrow the Queen or to remove her from the government and they did this in conjunction with the approval it would seem of the u.s. minister to the Hawaiian Kingdom Minister Stevens and so he was totally misrepresenting his position by essentially conspiring with this group to take over the Queen's government in the Constitution Queen Liliuokalani only gave the right to vote to those citizens who were considered natives of Hawaii the settlers feared that they may lose their political and economic power on the 17th of January 1893 US troops landed in Hawaii arguing that they were there to protect the rights of the settlers Queen Liliuokalani was arrested and taken to the Royal Palace of lolani she was forced to abdicate because of the military superiority of the invaders the conspirators took advantage of the end of the monarchy to take control of the archipelago they created the so-called Republic of Hawaii however the inhabitants of the islands did not accept such a position and took action this is when the people of Hawaii gather together in a couple of huis or groups that protest against annexations with a petition asking that the United States recognize that the people of Hawaii who have signed this petition do not want to be a part of the United States do not wish to be annexed and we believe that some 38,000 people in total signed these petitions out of a Native Hawaiian population that was close to 40,000 the petition did not succeed on the 12th of August 1898 in a ceremony that took place in front of the lolani palace the old residence of the Hawaiian monarchs the flag of the kingdom was taken down an American flag was raised the annexation of Hawaii brought a process of Americanization in the local society this process included the imposition of an educational system that marginalized the values of the local population the local language was replaced by that of the settlers in 1896 under the authority of the Republic of Hawaii a law was passed that stated that all public school instruction must take place in English so they didn't outright ban Hawaiian but in effect they did because they said to everyone you must learn English you must use English and only English in your schools and so parents became much more reluctant to use Hawaiian language in their homes and certainly in the schools many children were reprimanded for using Hawaiian language when they were expected to be using English is with a us to go by our education there it when they took our language they took our land it took our identity and nearly succeeded in taking our will to live at the same time the United States passed a law which determined who was and who was not a Hawaiian around 1920 you start to see this legislation being passed in US Congress that kind of begins to define legally through US law what is considered a native Hawaiian in that bill the u.s. congressional law you have for the first time this understanding and blood-quantum that Native Hawaiians are legally defined as those that possess half native blood or 50% native blood so you can really start to see American racial logic being institutionalized with him within Hawaii and that that lasts for a very long time even till the even till this day right these terms Native Hawaiian or Hawaiian are now defined through US law within the context of blood quantum 1/32 of broth is still Hawaiian but they say all according to the law you have to have 50% boom taking ever loss we don't need them coming over here and telling us what to do and what not to do so my company concerned I'd see they committing genocide big time Big Time this process of Americanization and the imposition of rules that were alien to the local culture led to the violation of native sacred land the place they call a Walmart on chemical Street and makalah Street it just happened that my family had ownership papers to eight and a half acres and that's where they put their their store on they found 66 sets of bones they were buried on that on that property grounds and it took seven years to get through all the mitigations and war whatever for us to put the bones back in the ground and all we try to do is respect our own ancestors you know what do we be really interesting if some of us went up to punch bowl where the American veterans are buried and go up there and tear out some of those graves and put up a fancy building the United States did not settle for the annexation of Hawaii the suppression of the local language and the desecration of hallowed lands they wanted statehood they wanted to turn away into a new State of the Union on the 12th of March 1959 the US Congress overwhelmingly voted in favor of statehood Hawaii became the 50th state becomes the state of the United States in 1959 of course if if annexation were or was illegal and overthrow was illegal then many believe statehood is also an illegal event so you do you certainly continue to have debate here in Hawaii as to whether or not Hawaii is a state but officially according to United States in 1959 it is not surprising then that President Bill Clinton sanctioned a law whereby his government apologized for the dispossession the local population had been victims of the law recognized that the people of Hawaii had not voluntarily relinquished their rights nor had they accepted the abolition of their kingdom you don't need to be a lawyer really to understand if the criminal admits to committing a crime against you and further admits that you never relinquished your rights ie your property was stolen and you never relinquished your rights to the property you don't need to be a lawyer to understand that according to that that the Hawaiians have one of the best claims if not the best claim for independence once again so that bill really should have apologized to the national population but that wordage of seeing national population would would kind of throw off right the political intent of that bill it's a kind of sidestep or kind of erase that history that history that it was a kingdom why did the Americans do it that was the first question I asked when I heard about the apology bill it was an intent to defraud the Hawaiian nation Hawaiian people even further the apology bill was followed by several resolutions proposed by a senator for hawaii daniel Akaka to be implemented by the year 2000 his intention was to pass a law that would give Native Hawaiians federal recognition the same strategy was used for the Native Americans in 2009 Congress passed the so-called Native Hawaiian government reorganization Act also known as the Akaka law according to this law the descendants of the original habitants of the archipelago could form a government but within the US federal structure they could not reclaim the rights they had lost before the overthrow of the monarchy in 1893 or their status of sovereign nation and I believe the people that were involved in the Akaka bill this trying to continue to deprive us were absolutely on the track of imposter rating our claims and and and at the end of it all first of all naming us Native Hawaiians which were not needed we Nationals okay so imposter ation started not knowing this then the imposter issue for Native Hawaiians were coming and then the next step would be that the imposter Asian was that they now becoming the Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Asian foundation and and most of all people who notice yet we're on a different boat here a lot of people like to compare us with American Indian per se well in our in our situation we're fortunate enough to have a government that actually had the treaties with the US that actually have never been dissolved so you know um if anything it'll show America's true colors if they want to be a good big brother or not but both in a century the United States has been working to establish the image of Hawaii as a tourist destination behind a facade of paradise hides a history of usurpation and dispossession this history has given rise to several pro sovereignty movements which have demanded their right to be an independent nation Captain America don't need a sweater but you imagine me remember I was stolen last this Orion Superman it's warning it back give back the like I build America give back to like I better never go cappen by your policies are we one in sovereignty it's so hard to theory pro sovereignty movement activists have started a process to recover their language and art at the same time universities are researching the history of Hawaii by dusting up old newspapers from the 19th century all written in the local language the apology bills strengthen the prose sovereignty movements they started to explore the possibility to recover their own government the one that was in place before the annexation to the US in 1893 the lawful Hawaiian government is part of that process my name is Henry norm okay I'm the elected prime minister for the reinstated lawful Hawaiian government the lawful Hawaiian government was formed March 13 1999 and it actually reinstated the former government offices that was in existence prior to January 17 1893 the day that we got overthrown our government was overthrown so what has happened since that day till now is that basically there was actions taken by the by the conspirators who are the United States government to try to justify or even validate their actual existence here and their authority that they exercised here in Hawaii the lawful Hawaiian government which has been in place for more than a decade is not legally recognized by the United States however it is not simply a symbolic gesture of sovereignty but it has its own structure it legislates and governs on the basis of strict rules we have a House of nobles also representatives and an executive branch which includes Prime Minister Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Interior and a Minister of the Treasury are currently we are engaging in land Reclamation's we realize that we would have to be able to get our people yeah to unite under this government so we've done a lot of educational programs to get these to get our own people to understand listen the government still exists and it's been in a band since it's been absent all these years all we needed to do was put it back bring back the government which is what we are able to accomplish the second thing that we educate our people to is now we need to put power to the government and the only way that can happen is if we as a people participate in that government and begin to do to build the government the functional bodies of that government the executive the legislative the judicial branches all of the departments that come to functional government has to be real has to be reset of which we have actually accomplished those things in its annual convention known in the local languages Manukau can Hawaii the lawful Hawaiian government and delegates from all the islands got together to discuss issues related to land evolution the structure of his government and to appoint new authorities across entire island chains get together of a won't Ivanov alone and we initiated a process to reinstate the former offices of that it's been a long process so for my understanding the Hawaiian government has actually the reinstated lawful government has progressed to a point where now things are gonna start to become would come to exist on that individual spot to fix an injustice to understand who you are and you have the perfect right to step forward and try to we've been talking about how we're gonna do things but now we're applying ideas that we've been bringing up at the table at the monocle kind of wise for the last 30 conventions and it's gonna pan out pretty good I think it's been a long time coming to get to this point where we're at today where we can actually reclaim land and issue Awards we did a lot of preparations to get to this point and now that we're actually here it's it's little overwhelming exciting we have built a case that it's hard to argue with you know so if we know we're dealing with the de facto government backed by the United States and so we're up against some heavy hitters we know that so our case has to be solid Oh it has never been inside that I know in our history that we not have we have not worked to regain what is rightfully ours say this all those that have dedicated their time Mahama because you cannot get attention if you don't put the work into it whereas we're at that stage where tomorrow I believe and this weekend woman takes on the store two steps we have legislated resolutions in our constitution we brought our constitution to modernity from 1893 and brought it forward to modernize it that was our kick a lot of the language was archaic we had to modernize it first of all so we did as little as possible it's another thing that happened was that the legislators who were elected were charged with creating a constitutional convention in the year 2001 to modernize the Constitution and to really to really decide what style of government to implement [Applause] the lawful Hawaiian government's legislative branch is divided into seven districts each one as a representative and a noble according to the ancient traditions of the archipelago in this branch young and old take part without distinction look at it is being ahead of the curve in a sense you know there are a few other members of the government itself that may be my age or younger however I guess what it comes down to is well having been called old for my age for some time I guess I know there's a lot of folks my age who have a basic understanding of the issue I mean I guess I guess in a sense I'm by myself ahead of the curve in comprehending the moral obligation that in companies you know the historic facts now you're gonna see more of our generation getting involved with a little Hawaii and moving our culture and getting involved with the politics just in different pathways I think and then on the flip side I think outside of the Native Hawaiians within our education and how they view us it has become more of a sport I think and how anxious it is a cool place to come and work for two years and get their get their thrills and then they why I'm doing what I'm doing here today this is the most this is the day we waited for a long long time and we've always said it only on the god stop where we we do this well today is God's time where are we gonna put the people back on our land is this very spot 13 years ago uncle Robert and I sit in his car and we ask God to help us and the rest our prime minister at that time was the organizer of our our Hui everybody was waiting for us to bring one Kanata to that bTW this is when we was gonna put the government together and we asked God right here at the very spot where we sit help us help you know why am i so elated today so in Hawaiian we say the word fall being elated it Holly Holly Nui happy very very happy because we're getting to put our people back on the land that the US had come through the Sheep know whatever you call it took our people and drove us to be the destitute and a problem that we're having is that they're not fulfilling their obligation they're continuing to ignore deny us and that's one of the most difficult things when we're the victims of this hypocrisy but the people on the payroll continue denying us access to our lands that they say they gave us all back which we never received yet to the monies that they say they given us we don't even receive and this has been going off 120 years Hawaiian nationals know that there is a process that were were conducting or were providing to reclaim lands national lands during the lawful Hawaiian government's convention Prime Minister Henry Noah gave land titles to groups of ten people for them that simple ceremony means the beginning of a new chapter in their lives because such land is situated in an area affected by volcanic activity in fact it does not belong to anyone it is barren land where ten settlers and their families will build up their future now we have Allen so instead of going for up the hill miles away from home we can just walk here oh it's a house war on your Tod time well this this one lab this is for a community center where a community can meet you know you can come and have the kupuna or the elders do crafts have the younger ones learn etiquette you know Hawaiian etiquette learn how to make medicines learn how to how to do medical techniques learn language skills and you know every anything that the community needs any kind of education as a whole they can come to this hot spot and then of course tourists who are walking through they can always visit anybody who like wants to know they're welcome to come [Applause] one of the activities of the lawful Hawaiian government is poverty relief Hawaii's image of prosperity with its luxurious shops and expensive cars in the most expensive state of the United States exists in stark contrast with the poverty in which hundreds of people live the 2010 census found that 33% of families was children under five years of age live in a state of poverty the postcard image of Hawaii contradicts the everyday reality of the inhabitants of the archipelago what you see here around me is a homeless village there was established in 2009 this is adjacent to Waianae a pokai Bay boat harbor the boat harbor is right here this campsite is right here what these people have been able to do is stay out of the public parks which their presence in occupying public parks seems to interfere with the tourists and the government does not like interference with cash flow in any sort so this area here is called pokai Bay and we're going into the forest adjacent sort of to the harbor on this I heard that this is where a majority of the homeless people that got out stayed from the beaches have relocated to this area here we've had a history of these homeless people been in there has been increasing large numbers I came here in 2010 in 2009 is actually when we became houseless I will not say homeless because we're not homeless we how is our home this ayah is our home we became house this in 2009 was a greenhorn at it only knew how to go camping and that's what I took and from there kind of we hit recession back in 2009 seven incomes five loss couldn't continue our home gave up our home back then we began living amongst the hostess people and we learned a lot and from there we got swept in at all Ahava back in March 2010 most of these people that's here started from here from this camp going that way have been here for a while where this tree is right here this very tree is there's a no pile or in there but they're cleaning up they're trying to clean up and stuff yeah a lot of us are we understand that we are gonna get swept so a lot of us are doing spring cleaning right now sort of people who come down and do the sweep and sweep everybody out of here is it as a police department or the Sheriff's Department basically what about basically what happens is okay this from what we understand and what was told to me was it the state is not in the business to do sweeps but the state will go ahead because of the least they have to go ahead and do a lot of the what is required by law which is to clean all the land before they lease it right now I've deal with the sweepers nobody has nowhere to go the next we're moko to the mountains but the denial of their rights the poverty and the marginalization under which they live are not the only problems faced by Hawaiians there is a threat that hangs above their heads that puts in jeopardy their very existence war for the United States Hawaii is not only been an archipelago with commercial and economic interests these islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are part of a strategic military structure on August 16th 1898 four days after Hawaii became a part of our nation the United States Army became an important part of the island community since then under the impact of two world wars in the Korean Conflict the Army in Hawaii has expanded enormously today the Hawaiian Islands represent a multi-million dollar base of operations for American defense forces in the Pacific Ocean area in fact the United States discovered the strategic and military importance of Hawaii long before its settlers managed to get at annexed in 1893 Major General John Schofield arrived on Oahu in 1872 his mission was to find a military use for the island seaports general Schofield found the seaports were perfect for the growing United States Navy and that the land between the Waianae and Kola mountain ranges was ideal for ground forces the American Spanish war for the control of Puerto Rico Guam and the Philippines sped up the annexation for the Americans Hawaii was a crucial stronghold for his military campaign Pearl Harbor built in 1900 became the main United States naval base in the Pacific during the Second World War on the morning of the 7th of December 1941 the Japanese air force exposed the vulnerability of Hawaii I was nine years old when the troll avos happened when Japan came by and bombed Pearl Harbor that was a very memorable day for me particularly I didn't find out the instructions after everything was said and done where when I went home to my grandparents home I seen all the holes in the roof where the planes came over and straight the united states military presence in hawaii constitutes a constant danger for the very existence of the archipelago Hawaii is a military outpost it's got every branch of the US military Army Navy Air Force Marines and there are unknown amounts of nuclear weapons you've got nuclear submarines you've got nuclear aircraft carriers you've got nuclear silos with intercontinental ballistic missiles those missiles are directed at targets all around the world there are literally billions of people under threat from the missiles that are based here in Hawaii literally right here is Pacific Command which is one of the Keystone's one of the one of the major bulwarks of the American Empire the Pacific Command in its own mind has jurisdiction over half of the world this includes China Russia Asia most all of the Pacific South America Central America this is a huge section of the human population that has nuclear missiles and nuclear weapons that are directed at them from Hawaii if we were to enter into a third world war and if nuclear weapons are launched there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Hawaii will be majorly targeted targeted by America's enemies specifically China and Russia directed at Hawaii because of American presence but it's a significant number and rest assured there's no question that if there is a nuclear war and missiles are sent here there will be so many missiles that there will be nothing left of Hawaii the importance of the American war machinery in Hawaii is not only strategic in reality the economy of Hawaii depends a great deal on the United States military structure according to the Rand Institute of Defense studies the military economy of Hawaii constitutes at least 18 percent of its gross domestic product more than 12 billion dollars a year military industrial complex is the number-one economy here in Hawaii entity entity of our economy everybody thinks tourism is number one but I believe that the military industrial complex is actually at the top it's not the two tied together there so that's what drives our economy so it's very difficult to even have a discussion about withdrawing some of that military presence because our economy is so dependent upon it for so many people the United States takes advantage of valleys mountains and seas to use them as a training camp for its truth at the same time the United States offices hawaiians Enclave for the training of foreign troops the American military presence in Hawaii has caused serious damage to the environment of the islands according to the Pacific health dialogue there are 768 contaminated sites in Hawaii this contamination is caused mainly by the deterioration of ammunition the presence of mercury led napalm radioactive rubbish and radioactive fuels in 2008 Colonel Howard Killian admitted that there was enriched uranium in Hawaii but he argued that it was no danger for the population of the archipelago is my name Hawaiian's are against the US military presence because it goes against the desire to remain neutral they demand independence and also the withdrawal of the military from the islands the military abs absolutely needs to go I mean for one thing it compromises our neutrality you know we made it a point to stay out of the rest of the world's conflicts because I mean who has a problem with them what with the Hawaiians for one thing I mean from my personal perspective ideally what I think it should be is that a hoist should be a neutral buffer zone between the Chinese power and the American power military buildup here is certainly something that's discussed a lot by many people it's almost become so normal though that I think some people don't realize how prominent the military is in Hawaii poverty high living cost cultural alienation and military threat are the direct result of the presence of the United States in Hawaii despite all of that those Hawaiians who have decided to reclaim what was taken from their ancestors more than a century ago are not prepared to surrender my efforts for being involved with this process of reinstatement is I'm trying to get back to being a lawful person to the law that you see here today is a charade it's a it's a big old Hollywood production that's what is going on and Hollywood does real well in fabricating identities and whatever else they do I guess what it comes down to is all for me personally having been aware of all the wrongs that were perpetrated Hauer like oh well over a century ago part of it has to do it for me making sure that you know that the torch stays lit I think you're gonna get mixed feelings for sure but it's hard I think that as this movement grows there's going to there's going to be that shift and I hope instill some sort of hope of I can participate in something that is a gift to my generations to come and it can be it can be not in that space of anger I think we got the body in place we're going to demonstrate that we're real here in Hawaii and now we're gonna take this realness to the world and let them know this is why we executing to reclaim what is rightfully ours which is sovereign Authority and reclaiming our land putting substance to our sovereignty process oh I see a free independent Hawaii once again will be a reality because we're gonna make that possible true law and the military the US military can leave and just go back to North America follow their rules exert their rules or Nayland you may remember I was strolling it back governed by your policies are we one in sovereignty it's so hard to be rain this is boba aunty sleeping under palm trees it's a shame – lions are moving away the ocean for promotions and wages I think it's safe to say that a Wagga unique is doing better in their battle Las Vegas Captain America told me this matchup but you mention that remember all the stolen last be so why did Superman you you

"ICO Starting Point" – EPISODE 1 – ICO Documentary | DocuSeries – Kimera | Artificial Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will rewrite what it means to live on planet earth, and Kimera wants to see that within our lifetimes. To achieve this, we are traveling the world to share our vision and bring people together.


Kimera Systems is an advanced artificial intelligence company that has developed the world’s first Artificial General Intelligence. AGI is different from other artificial intelligence, because it can think and reason the way humans do. During Kimera’s travel around the world, we will promote our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to help bring this technology to the world.

To learn more visit

An ICO Documentary | DocuSeries

think it's that actually not an easy question because you don't know where is that artificial general intelligence is going to rewrite what it means to live on planet Earth and we won't experience that within our lifetime to achieve this goal we have set up an ICO and are traveling the globe to share our vision and bring people together ever since I was a kid I always really dreamt about how life could be for everything with super intelligence the fact was after 60 years of AI research we were nowhere close to general intelligence technologies just a tool to change stuff the question was why are you changing my gut feeling says it was economics has to change then I realized ok it's not companies that change their world is people people talking to each other people meeting and that was the beginning of me starting to think about well maybe this big idea as possible the claim that cámaras built a working AGI is a very bold claim we have the algorithm we have the data that proves it's working we just need more of that and to be able to tell it in a way that can really bring the most skeptical person on board I was fortunate enough to meet Monier and Nick Gilman about six years ago while I was working at Intel and even in a company with the deep pockets that Intel has it's amazing how much budgets and resources control the amount of work you do or don't do it started with Bob decoding asking me weren't we doing ICL and this was about when the file coin I finished air ICL a week later James Whitley texted me and goes why aren't you doing an IC L so I just replied back we don't have the technical expertise to do it reality was I had a bad gut feeling about the ICS I didn't know enough about him then in November I flew back to Norway my was at the end of his life losing against cancer and Steph them emailed me and said when he come back to the u.s. I need to talk to you once I came back I had a chat with him he said that he's been working on a lot of blockchain in the RC 20 contracts and he was very comfortable with the whole blockchain and setting up tokens and all that kind of stuff he was wondering why aren't we doing an IC L that actually got me talking through experts talking to people in the IC o—- world and then I brought a few of those expert to our board meeting everyone on the board agreed that this is the route to take Nick we're talking on the phone he says funny there was kind of a garbled message and I thought he said do you know what and I don't know is and I was like what I thought it was a drink or something menator dice is IC o—- I figured out fairly soon that you know was this cryptocurrency funding model and that Camaro was pursuing it and that was a real game-changer started looking at how much money to have to raise to kind of start this IC not the presale stuff but just put the foundation in place and we realized we needed about a couple hundred thousand dollars within 24 hours we had commitments for half of that by that point I feel really good Viraj was the first investor to sign us after agreements that was a interesting little trip so it's 1:45 p.m. we're trying to close our first investor to fund this ico process he's leaning on vacation tomorrow so we have to close him today now the paperwork from the attorneys in it I was supposed to have this morning has not arrived yet and we're meeting him in 30 minutes they're on our way right now to me enough I'm nervous if he leaves without signing those papers he's not gonna be back for two or three weeks and that's not good for us yeah so we're at the Starbucks next to the AT&T store right Oh wrong one will we'll head over to that Starbucks we we wait at the Starbucks hoping that doctors Wolfram and Psyche just Colorado but nothing well that didn't work out paperwork from the lawyers I have to get going to our board meeting the investor was nice enough to meet up late tonight not a good day I'm still an optimist but man I wish I wish women and that paperwork was in my inbox you know I'm literally just sitting waiting for these these documents to come in and I'm sweating because still nothing less than five minutes before the board meeting was over it finally came in so that we're meeting is over and I just got the email from our attorneys the three other guys who are as part of the first hundred thousand all around they could sign anytime but I needed Rogers signature before he left at Friday morning if we had closed less than hundred thousand dollars she will just be sitting in the bank collecting dust because no it wasn't enough money to do anything with the ICO the initial investors now realize there was a very novel form of funding that would actually help leverage their initial investment got to keep the lawyers happy right absolutely so we flew down to Palo Alto first met with a couple of guys in the ico world before the investment bank and they were telling us about how certain law firms down there literally helped I SEOs word their white papers in such a way that they could avoid security compliance and based on everything that's going on today with with SCC and not only going after icos but also after tourneys for helping ICL's avoid security I'm really glad we were working with iMix because I think they did a phenomenal job of creating a strategy that doesn't break any security law many times we'll be in the middle of a meeting phone rings he picks it up and he just bolts out of the room and he does a lot of pacing I kind of just try not to think about is that going good is that going badly I just try to focus back in the work and when Moe comes walking back in the room and when he's got a smile on his face like oh I just talked to ROG the money's coming in I think okay all these ideas all these videos all this infrastructure all these roadmaps all this product planning I'm doing guess what the odds of it coming to life just went up it's just like go cámaras what I feel I had a meeting with Kartik Otto his specialty is AI and FinTech and he teaches about the subject at Stanford University and I told him about how we believe that in the future if machines started automating jobs there has to be a new or a different kind of economic model that we live by his response was he's written a book about it he argued for the same thing and when I realized that I was like we need you in Portland artificial general intelligence is to rewrite what it means to live on planet earth and we won't experience that within our lifetime to achieve this goal we have set up an ICO and are traveling the globe to share our vision and bring people together

Journey Inside Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone | Short Film Showcase

Christiaan and Kseniya Welzel ventured into Chernobyl’s exclusion zone on the 27th anniversary of the plant’s nuclear disaster and documented their experience. “Beautiful Ghost: A Filmmaker’s Look at Chernobyl” attempts to capture the location’s eerie beauty and convey the feelings the Welzels felt there. “Yes it’s scary, it’s a little eerie, but at the same time it was very peaceful,” Kseniya says.
30 Years After Chernobyl, Nature Is Thriving:
Footage available exclusively at Dissolve:

Read Christiaan and Kseniya’s behind-the-scenes account:

Footage shot by Christiaan Welzel:

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About Short Film Showcase:
A curated collection of the most captivating documentary shorts from filmmakers around the world. See more from National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase at

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About National Geographic:
National Geographic is the world’s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what’s possible.

Journey Inside Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone | Short Film Showcase

National Geographic

when we first walked into that room the first thing that we picked up was the sound of dripping water you can see it first dripping from the ceiling large puddles accumulated on the floor and there's a sense of fear that comes from that because they tell you that if there's anything you should stay away from do not touch the water there is nothing that is more irritated than the water itself what was some going through my mind is is how did this mask get to those rooms it was really shocked and just to see so many of them because he walked into the room and we didn't know what to expect and you kind of you know he turn around and see of these masks and it was terrifying I think that you'd expect when you create footage like this that you want people to feel somewhat depressed or you want people to feel like that there's a place that time forgot or you even want them to feel sorrow for the people in a subject matter that happened in general and that's not what I'm aiming for I'm actually aiming for the opposite so I want them to find the beauty in the apocalypse I want them to find the beauty in the dilapidated and the derelict I thought the place would feel really sad to me it would feel really eerie I didn't want to have expectations I just wanted to see for myself and have the feelings once I get to the place and once I got there yes it's scary it's a little eerie but at the same time it was very peaceful it was very nature is starting to take back the buildings and I didn't feel that I needed to be sad think bad things have happened but if anything it just seemed very quiet and very peaceful and just yeah nature taken everything back you

Young Jeezy – A Hustlerz Ambition (Documentary)

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Young Jeezy ­ TM 103 Hustlerz Ambition (Explicit Deluxe Album)

More From Jeezy:

Music video by Young Jeezy performing A Hustlerz Ambition (Documentary). ©: The Island Def Jam Music Group

Max Miller – 40 minutes BBC Documentary

Max Miller – 40 minutes BBC Documentary 1989 – I Like the Girls Who Do – written and presented by Gerald Scarfe Thomas Henry Sargent (21 November 1894 — 7 May 1963), best known by his stage.

Here’s the brilliant Heroes of Comedy documentary about the great comedian Max Miller circa 1995. Long-running documentary series looking at some of the . Max Miller – 40 minutes BBC.

Documentaries on the documentary makers + The Documentaries themselves.

Part two is at Most comedians from the Music Hall days sound as funny as a station announcement by today’s standards – but a precious few come up.

Sudan’s Secret Hit Squads Used to Attack Protests – BBC Africa Eye documentary

These are images Sudan’s government does not want you to see: teams of masked, plainclothes agents chasing down protesters, beating them, and dragging them off to secret detention centres in Khartoum.

Who are these hit squads? Where are these detention centres? And what happens inside their walls?

BBC Africa Eye has analysed dozens of dramatic videos filmed during the recent uprising, and spoken with witnesses who have survived torture at the hands of the Bashir regime. Some of these protesters tell us about a secret and widely feared holding facility – The Fridge – where the cold is used an instrument of torture.

Investigation led by:
Benjamin Strick
Abdulmoniem Suleiman
Klaas Van Dijken
Aliaume Leroy

Produced and Edited by:
Suzanne Vanhooymissen
Tom Flannery
Daniel Adamson


These are images the Sudanese government does
not want you to see… …teams of soldiers and secret agents chasing
down protestors in the streets of the capital, Khartoum… bagging them over the head… beating them… …and dragging them off to secret detention
centres where they are held without charge, and in some cases, tortured. Sudanese activists fear these hit squads. In this film, we’ll show you who they are… …how they operate… …and what happens inside the walls of buildings
like this. Sudan’s uprising began in December 2018. At first, people were protesting a hike in
fuel and food prices. But the demonstrations quickly turned into
a revolt against President Omar al Bashir. Crowds chanted slogans from the Arab Spring
revolutions of 2011 The government has responded with violence. Security forces have used live ammunition. According to human rights groups, they have
killed more than 50 of their own citizens. But they’re not just dispersing protests. Sudanese activists have recorded dozens of
videos that show the abduction of individual dissidents. We have now analysed more than 200 videos
from the uprising. In order to protect the people who filmed
them, we cannot share the exact locations at which they were recorded. But we can use them to show you the hit squads
in action. This is what they look like: teams of around
six men in white Toyota pickup trucks… …sometimes with the number plates removed
or covered up. Some are in military uniform. Others in plain clothes. Many are wearing masks and carrying weapons: from automatic rifles to crude lengths of plastic pipes used to beat protestors. So who are these masked, plainclothes agents? Sudanese activists describe them as low-ranking thugs in the pay of the National Security and Intelligence Services, or NISS. This video doesn’t look like much, but it’s
important because it corroborates that view. We see soldiers in military fatigues, policemen
in blue uniforms, and plainclothes agents all working together. The clip also captures six of the white pickup
trucks, and a building that is easily identified: the al-Kalakla police station in the south
of Khartoum. This evidence, in combination with the footage
of these men in action and the testimony of Sudanese activists, points towards the obvious
conclusion: the plainclothes agents are part of the government’s security forces. These squads have been deployed since December
to clear demonstrators from the streets. Here’s an example of one crew in action… …filmed by a group of demonstrators who kept their phone recording even as they came
under fire. The agents are working around this block,
clearing away protestors . Notice the plainclothes agent at the front… … and the man in red in the back. Around the same time, just around the corner,
someone else captured the same team in action. Here’s the man in red… and here’s what looks like the same lead agent, firing at protestors. But this is not just crowd control. These crews target one person… on the streets… or at home. The victims are beaten…. …dragged into the car… …and disappear. We do not know where all these people end up. But some of them, at least, are brought to
a secret holding facility here, just south of Asia hospital. How do we know this? On January 11, this photo was posted to social media. The post claims that the street contains a
detention centre run by state security. Since the 1990s, local activists have called
these places "Ghost Houses" because people disappear behind their walls and because when detainees are tortured, you can hear the screams. We confirmed that the photo was taken here. A second activist told us about a detention
centre in the same neighbourhood. When we asked him to show us the exact location,
he sent us this screenshot, which also places the Ghost House just south of Asia Hospital. The same source took these photos, which can
be located precisely. We have since spoken with eight different
witnesses who said they were detained in a building close to Asia Hospital. Five of these witnesses said that protestors
were beaten so badly that they could no longer walk. Some told us that people’s hands were broken
as they attempted to fend off the blows, and that the floor was covered in blood. But the Asia hospital Ghost House is not their
final destination. Two sources told us that this is just a holding
facility where detainees are interrogated and sorted. Many activists deemed to be a threat to the
regime are transferred to a larger detention centre here, just north of Khartoum’s Shandi bus terminal. We have no photos of this place. One witness told us that you cannot get anywhere
near this block with a phone or a camera. But we spoke to seven former detainees and asked them if they knew
exactly where they’d been taken. Using their phones, they marked up screenshots, identifying a row of four buildings as a torture centre
run by Sudanese security. One of our sources added a crucial detail
– an arrow pointing to The Fridge. Activist said that The Fridge is a series
of chilled holding cells in which the cold is used as an instrument of torture – an instrument
that leaves no marks on the body. We also spoke with a second person who had
been detained here. The Fridge is not new. We spoke with one dissident who was held in
a cold cell as far back as 2009. Activists who have been detained here also
describe being beaten, sleep deprived, and held in stress positions. We put these allegation to the Sudanese authorities. A government spokesperson denied the existence
of secret detention centres, and told us that nobody in the security services had ever heard
about The Fridge. He said that Sudanese law prohibits the beating
or torture of detainees, and that police are forbidden from pursuing protesters into narrow
streets or into their homes. He said the protests had not been approved,
and were therefore illegal. He also claimed the protesters were not peaceful,
that some had used firearms, and that the police had to defend themselves. On January 29th, Sudan’s security chief, Mr Salah
Ghosh, ordered the release of all detainees held during the recent protests. Some detainees – including people we are in
touch with – have been released since then. But many remain in detention. And other demonstrators are still being targeted. A week after Ghosh’s announcement, protesters
were back on the streets of Khartoum, calling for freedom. This man raised the Sudanese flag. He was still holding it ….even as he was
hauled away.

Permaculture The Documentary: How it started

This short film is part of a bigger film being produced Permaculture The Documentary, produced by Dogs Go Woof Productions.

This is a first reveal of the footage that has been shot with David Holmgren as he recounts how a chance meeting with Bill Mollison sprouted the idea of Permaculture; where it all started.

The next chapter is to shoot Bill’s story in Tasmania, where Permaculture began and discover how this simple idea evolved into the most sustainable design system that reconnects human culture with nature in an evolving world.

For information on donating or the film please visit:

I'm David holmgren and I'm best known as the Co-originator of the Permaculture concept in the 1970s with Bill Mollison. Sometimes there's two stories that are
told about how the idea of permaculture really came about. One story is that
Mollison was my supervising academic and I was just some technical assistant
who worked with him. And then there's the opposite of that which is; I was the
brilliant student and he was the academic who stole my work.
Which neither of those are true. I mean for a start, he was my mentor while I was working on
that Permaculture manuscript. But, if it had been left to me the Permaculture
manuscript would have just moulded away in a draw. It was Bill who was like, no
we're going to take this to the world. The core of the idea of permaculture
really came about when I was coming towards the end of
my first year in Environmental Design And my interests were gravitating around
ecology, agriculture and landscape design. And I could see how to of it is connected,
but I couldn't see anywhere Where the three crossed over and intersected,
so I wanted to look at that. At a seminar about
how land is owned and controlled there was a bloke there who
said some really interesting things. He pointed out that the rabbit problem in Australia could have been solved by
rabbit trappers, but they had no incentive to do so,
because they didn't benefit from the land being in better condition from
there being less rabbits. So what did they do? They farmed the rabbits on the
farmers land. So, he was pointing out that the
ownership of the land Had this really adverse effect
on the sustainability of the land. I thought,
"Gosh, this guy thinks just completely different to
the academic ecologists I'd met." And that was Bill Mollison. I got chatting with him afterwards and I
said well I'm interested in this intersection between ecology, agriculture
and landscape design And how systems could influence that. And, he said,
"How about this for an idea then…" If most places on the planet, nature
creates a forest why doesn't our agriculture if not look like a forest,
function something like a forest? Why is our agriculture all composed of
only annual plants That grow and die in one year? Where as in nature; there's a diversity. And that's exactly in that intersection. By understanding how nature designs things We can create permanent agriculture and
permanent culture in everything we do. And, that became Permaculture. it comes from two Latin words "permanens" to persist through time and "culture"
an activity that supports human existence. so put those together:
it's a persistent system that supports human existence. So, Bill was my mentor, we were
developing the first Permaculture garden on the fringes of Hobart and persuaded
me that we should publish it But, I didn't have a lot of the experience in
all the different fields that underpinned Permaculture and so, my passion was about
doing those things and building Melliodora here. Whereas Bill was ready for a
larger stage and taking permaculture to the world was his next agenda. and he developed the beginning
of the Permaculture Design Course. and that mechanism
was really how permaculture spread
not just in Australia But, around the world. So although I was Co-originator of the
Permaculture concept Bill was the father of
the Permaculture movement. Hey guys, thanks for watching the video hope you enjoyed it. That's just a small taste of what I've been shooting with
David holmgren So, that's about a third of the film now a shot and done. And, it's all thanks
to your donations and the support for the film. So, everyone who has
donated, thank you so much. You guys have made that possible. So, the next chapter
now is to go over to Tasmania. And that's where bill and David basically came up
with Permaculture And also tell Bill's side of the story. So we need to raise
some funds to go over to Tasmania and start shooting that part of it. So, if you'd like to support
the film Share this video and also donate at our website. So thanks for watching
and don't forget to donate.

06 – Circlemakers: Interview to Rob Irving (a documentary by Matthew Williams)

This interview is part of a documentary by Matthew Williams:

The whole documentary (3 hours) has been transcribed into english and translated into italian by Francesco Grassi and other collaborators.
You can listen to the interview switching on the english or italian subtitles.

Francesco Grassi is the author of a new book about crop circles.
Here you can see the booktrailer and other details:

To buy the book, please email Francesco Grassi:
[email protected]

The song of the booktrailer “Painting circles in the corn” has been written by Jim Chorley. Jim is the son of Dave Chorley who started making circles with Doug Bower around 1978 so creating the crop circle phenomenon. This song is dedicated to his father Dave who left us in 1996. The album is “All in good time”:

Italian notes
Per acquistare il libro scrivete un’email a Francesco Grassi:
[email protected]

Il portale dell’autore è:

Titolo del libro:
Cerchi nel grano: Tracce d’intelligenza
UFO, Alieni e Incontri Ravvicinati del 2° Tipo

Dal retro di copertina:
I cerchi nel grano sono sicuramente un fenomeno incredibile. Chi lo segue in maniera superficiale oppure non è molto addentro non può riuscire a comprenderne le mille sfaccettature e i paradossi logici che esso continua a proporci fin dalle prime formazioni documentate intorno al 1980.
Arte o burle, believer o circlemaker: c’è veramente un confine fra gli elementi in gioco? E se sì, qual è? In un perverso gioco circolare, ciò che può essere chiaro se osservato di notte, col chiarore del giorno invece diventa molto oscuro. Ma allora è possibile dipanare in qualche modo questa matassa di corda così ingarbugliata?
Forse, ma farlo non dipende da altri perché lo strumento principale è nelle vostre mani, in questo momento.
Tutto ha inizio con un UFO, l’anno è il 1966.

Descrizione del libro:
Formato 15×21, interamente a colori per un totale di 530 pagine con più di 170 fotografie, immagini e disegni. Nel libro l’autore spiega fra le altre cose, l’arte e i trucchi del circlemaking (come si fanno i cerchi nel grano) raccontando inoltre come creare opere ritenute impossibili. Ad esempio la famosissima formazione di Milk Hill del 2001.
Il libro contiene tutta la corretta ricostruzione e visione storica del fenomeno con fotografie e documenti inediti, fonti storiche, indagini scientifiche, 3 ore di interviste a circlemaker trascritte (le interviste video con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano saranno disponibili gratuitamente sul canale YouTube dell’autore), esercizi per aspiranti circlemaker nonché il capitolo finale in cui viene raccontato nei minimi dettagli l’intervento dell’autore al Convegno di Volterra del CICAP dal 5 al 7 ottobre 2012.

Edizioni STES

Collana Red Pills of Mystery


La canzone del booktrailer “Painting circles in the corn” è scritta e interpretata da Jim Chorley. Jim è figlio di Dave Chorley, il mitico Dave che insieme a Doug Bower dette vita alla storia dei cerchi. La canzone è dedicata al padre Dave venuto a mancare nel 1996. L’album da cui la canzone è tratta si chiama “All in good time”:

Le splendide tavole presenti nel booktrailer e nel libro sono state appositamente disegnate da Paolo Vallerga e Giacomo Rinaldi:

Video editing di Marco Morocutti:

well the word hoaxes is is a bit of a misnomer hoax implies somebody wanting to go out and deceive to other people deceive other people and I don't think that it's I think it's misused in that context the thing is we we have we've set up this black and white thing where where you see the hoax tour it's genuine and if it's genuine that implies it's some sort of unknown force aliens or or some some aspects of the invisible world and if it's not that then it's hoaxed and i think that's a completely wrong language to use so I don't think I've ever really hoaxed I've made I've made crops but I've never really hoaxed originally my interest was in finding out who was making circles I I decided that it was most probably people so in the process of finding out who it was involved hanging around in a lot of wheat fields and it it it seemed sensible at the time to try it oneself hmm so I once once that stage had been gotten over it became quite compulsive but it became more more to do with the creative compulsion well they require trouble they the the the size and designs you you choose to make require trouble they take a lot of effort and that's the effort that needs to be put into it I in a very arbitrary so very arbitrary way I tend to regard the the products of people who don't go to the same trouble as as hoaxes I tend to be dismissive of that word but the people who do go to that a button and take that trouble to me they're there they're the the product they come up with is a genuine product in the same way as a painting would be if you if somebody had gone to a lot of trouble creating a painting there would be no question of its authenticity or that he would have some respect for it and as the language we're using is genuine or fake or hoax then to me that's that's genuine and there's no question of it it's it's a better answer would be well conscientiousness that's why we go to all that trouble because it requires trouble because it inspires people it because it's the nature of creativity it requires to be done in the same way as anybody anybody creating anything is required to be done and some people are prepared to do it and some people perhaps aren't well ask me it again I insist because it's required to be done of course I think the world would be a better place if the circle makers made a bit – – but but there again they do and you know it doesn't know doesn't anger me at all well the thing is there's no joke being played it's it's as far as we're concerned we're creating new new aspects of the same thing yes it in the same way as you I mean somebody somebody said once the that an artist paints the same painting over and over again writes the same book over and over again and sure you're you're making circles over and over again but you're not really making the same designs yeah it just it just needs to be done every year well well I guess it doesn't really but but but some might think it does because it's it's good that it does it's it's it's beneficial that it does to admirers of the landscape that's me why the sky is blue grant because it's required it's required that it's blue am i perpetuating a myth yes but it's not my myth it's other people's myth so so to me I'm perpetuating something else you know I mean you might ask if it is it important that there's a mystery that would be a very interesting question to ask and yes it is important because because of the the values and the meanings people place on these things they decide that it's rubbish if it's man-made and it's brilliant if it's genuine so mystery does play a fairly crucial element in how it's valued the I hate to live in a world where there was no mystery I would suggest that there was some somewhere if someone said there wasn't phantom hitchhiking you know people who are seen on the side of roads and later reported Hispanic MIB visitations I mean I you know I've been described as that you know purely from existing somewhere you know how your scene I've been sitting at home watching telly in London and have been seen in wheelchair as this somehow paranormal phenomenon so so there is this tendency of people to contribute to other people's expectations which which is a side of the paranormal which needs to be looked at do I do I write and have credits for my writing yes what I mean and do I insist upon a credit for my photographs of course but do I crave publicity no I don't think I would say no I circlemakers tend to shy away from publicity being a retired circle maker I feel immune from any such questions I mean I have no control over whether people pull the wool over their eyes or not I certainly wouldn't I don't relate to the question right I'm used to seeing them do it no I don't enjoy I find it kind of boring a lot of the time I don't really I can't say that I enjoy it I mean we live in a world where you know internet access and everything and I I'm on the internet and I read about this and that and not sometimes it involves me and and I don't go away thinking oh I've enjoyed that I kind of think the word sheesh a lot an internet thinking God you know so no I don't enjoy it I tend to sort of get quite disgusted by it because it's not the phenomenon isn't owned by anybody so I can't control what other people what meanings and values other people place on it so so so just because people say that it's made by aliens it's not my fault they think it's made by aliens you know so I'm not controlling it and all I'm doing is giving people the opportunity to see I guess to think what they like you know I was the risk of being prosecuted and being caught for trespass worth it wasn't it was never really a risk to be frank I mean there was never really a risk of being caught I mean there were a lot of threats made but but there was never any risk I mean obviously if played percentages you didn't you didn't put yourself in a risk situation if you saw somebody walking into a field you'd make off the other way I mean there was no risk about this you can't you can't keep pressing home the same point I mean that lasts maybe a month or two months and you realize that people aren't going to actually that the key to all this is that people aren't actually looking for answers they're not interested in answers and once you realize that they're interested in a sort of a social habit you know if there was an answer then they wouldn't be able to come – it would be no reason to come to the barge every year you know so once you've got the gist of that then then it becomes something else and you wallow around for a little while and then it becomes art you think ah Charles SAR cheese into this stuff yes that's that's a good way of looking at it it's art and III wholeheartedly believe now that it is art it fits the complete criteria of of art in the sense that artists is supposed to fill people with experience and people are supposed to get an experience of what their their observing or looking at or or being in and yes it fits that criteria perfectly so yes one becomes an artist and it's brilliant I have absolutely no right or I'll give you another answer I have every right in the world I'm decided which one year besides of threatening mail the physical threats the abuse no not no no no not much trouble be that the damage to cars the the hassle you know they all seem to phone up when I'm watching a good football match apart from that no trouble at all the the the most common which I've also experienced a bright bright flashes of light in the in the direct vicinity of your activities the other ones have been mental more mental I thought I've made a circle and I've made an avenue and then I'm down at the bottom of the Avenue and and as I'm making my way up back up the Avenue I think what if there's a devil sitting in the circle you know and I'll start doing my head in a little bit and I'll get there and there isn't one so so I realized well maybe that's why sit people see Devils you know oh oh well that's something interesting to think about over par from that no occasional meteor odd meteorological anomalies I would say bright flashes or a bit of a mystery there talked about amongst circle makers in pubs over beer let's make a circle a couple of people large pictogram 400 footer one and a half hours and do you feel you can do this in complete darkness full moon makes it very very difficult you'd call something off it's too bright so yeah people would say yeah sure yeah because people eyes are just to the line everyone everyone who lives in the country knows this so a lot of people say possibly do this five hours of dark Nursing well a lot of people say a lot of things but they you know I mean the objects of this exercise with me initially was to try it and once I've tried it you found that a lot of the these statements are not true to people following order I would say lately in the last year or so you've had more than two people working on and I would say often it goes wrong yeah I mean there was a very large formation in this vicinity last year very large probably the largest one you can think of which went wrong and if you look at it from a purely aesthetic point of view didn't go wrong if you look at the photograph if you look at it from the position of being there you can see how it kind of did go wrong most of these jobs are done by 2:00 in the morning and people are at memory service station by 3:00 there's a obvious sense of denial somewhere and I get accused of having a strong sense of denial and that's that explains skepticism the skepticism is denial because these things are true and from my point of view the denial is on the other side I mean evidence has been put forward bla bla bla this that and the other and still seven years later you get people saying well people couldn't do this because and to me that's a sense of denial to me it's all about it's this weird twisted kind of wrangled thing about human potential yeah how how I say yes people can do this people can go out and they can create this thing and there's a bit ok there's they go off in secret and it's dark and there's a big mystery about it and that is to me as humor potential but there's this other side which says that's denial saying that human potential is about communicating with these things and and believing in this kind of invisible world that that no one can kind of quite put their finger on and and there's the there's the line you know who's right I think this is it's very interesting the the line I like looking at the line well I I come here and apparently I do walk it to me I'm just coming in for a drink and Here I am do you feel like being part of the phenomenon is actually helped perpetrated yeah yeah I kept it going for a few years during a sticky period but I mean 91 between 91-94 we're kind of myself and a few others kept it going when it was like there was a feeling during 92 93 that the thing needed to be kept going after the debacle of Doug and Dave and it was a good phenomenon it needed it needed to be continued and then was that a bit of that feeling and looking back I think that's probably true if you do feel like some parts of it are I think they come from somewhere you can't explain I think that if if you assume for a moment that they're all doesn't matter how they get there if they're all say they're all man-made all of them experiencing things and being healed and feeling good that that to me is very very interesting and needs needs investigation science doesn't look at that so even at its basest level if you strip the form if you strip the phenomenon down to nothing you know to complete numbness you know no kind of paranormal reasons that things are appearing the fact that people are interacting with them in a way that they do is I think very interesting very important and and there's a lot to be learned and I would say that that that as it stands is you know sufficiently paranormal so I mean you can you can kind of have me or not have me you know my you know and it's still paranormal I think that's interesting the effect people don't people have got to complete the wrong idea of art I think they think it's something they viewing in terms of objects but it should be viewed in terms of experience if you look at a painting it's not the painting that's got any value it's the experience you get from it which is which is the art it's the value and the meaning mother died because they have this completely false way of placing value on stuff and it's all coming out isn't it about what's fake and why you know it's ridiculous it art is about the experience you get from something so therefore art could be anything in theory anything that you get an experience from and there's nothing greater than a massive formation that even as a bonus symbolism attached to it you know it's in the shape of something but even just a simple circle you know larger the better much as you can manage in a night it's gonna create it's gonna be like this temporary sacred site and you're gonna get more bars than you understand I mean I'm not complete kind of Philistine when it comes to understanding that because they seem to say that they a lot of people will say what what what suits and because I I am I am I embody a threat to them because they're trying to place their own meaning in their own value on something and they are all trying to be important you know you'll notice a lot of people in this industry a lot of the people in this part we're all trying to be it's all about how important they are you know but I'm just proving each other here in disproven arguing rubbish well you're asking you're asking some sort of leading questions I mean there is well I'm interested in questions because because the way you ask them mean something when you say to me why is it that you felt the need I mean you're assuming that I did feel the me well that's not true I didn't I didn't but it's not true because I didn't feel it interesting question yes but but my my publicness isn't down to me it's down to what other people have imposed upon me to me whether they publish I don't write and send anything people ask me to write things yes I mean I mean somebody somebody's just asked me to write the potted history of crop circles for the for a well-known newsstand magazine now you ask me why they ask me I don't know why do they ask me the best story let me think well it was a great one about I don't know the the shootout at the ok wagon and horses I mean that was when there was all this sort of photography about other people I think I think the best one was when the police came around to my house demanding to know information about circle making and and and Jim and I were about to publish a story in the independent magazine about circle makers and we kind of felt that we knew who was this was years and years ago we felt that we we knew who was kind of doing these jobs and that let's slip and the police came around and I had to explain to the police that it was really a it really needs to be sorted out journalistically rather than legally you know it was a police problem it was a journalistic it required some understanding of how some young people were desperately trying to communicate with aliens and there was not really anything not only kind of rule of law about that and there's nothing that they should be troubled with that was a good one and I found up Pusey police station and they said I don't want to get into a philosophical argument about this mr. earthy so that was