Forged in Fire: Rough Rider Bowie Knife Tests (Season 6) | History

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The bladesmiths see which of their forged bowie knives will make the cut in this test from Season 6, “Washington’s Colichemarde”. #ForgedInFire
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“Forged in Fire” features world-class bladesmiths competing against each other to create some of history’s most iconic edged weapons.

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Bladesmiths, welcome
to the strength test. The moose antler chop– remember, this test is all
about what the antler does to your bowies and not
what the Rough Rider bowies do to these moose antlers. Dan, you're up first. You ready? Yes, sir. [pounding] Edge held up perfectly. There's no splinting,
rolling, chipping. One small issue–
there's a little piece of the handle that comes up
right here, and it's sharp. In general, really well done. Thank you. John, you're up. You ready? Yes, sir. [pounding] Your guard is quite loose. In the testing, your edge took
a roll that you can hear here. In all, I mean, it's one knife
instead of two, which is great. And it's got a great
look to it, so well done. Thanks, sir. Josh, you're up. You ready? Does it matter? No. [music playing] [pounding] [sighs] Good job, man. Thanks. There's some serious
gaps on both sides between the handle
material and the guard. Aside from those issues,
the blade held up perfectly. Well done. Thank you. Bladesmiths, welcome to the
sharpest test, the fish slice. To find out if there's any
edge left to your weapon, I want to take your
Rough Rider bowies and try to get some salmon
steaks out of this fish. Dan, you're up first. You ready? Yes, sir. Let's do this. [pounding] Well, we got four
steaks out of it– beautiful job. It is sharp. There was a spot
here in the guard. It could have been
smoothened out. But it did not affect
the use of your blade. The balance of
your blade is good. And most importantly,
it will cut. Good job, sir. Thank you. John, you ready? Yes, sir. [pounding] On the first cut, did
cut all the way through. I just ran out of blade. But under subsequent
cuts, it is sharp. And overall, sir, your blade– it will cut. Thanks, sir. All right, Josh.
Your turn. You ready?
– Go to it. Let's do it. [slicing] Good job. Thanks, man. All right, Josh, let's
talk about your blade here. First up is the handle. It feels like it should be held
this way because it's off-line. And in one of the
cuts, it did affect the way I was indexing my
hip with the guard and then into the blade. But this is a sharp
blade, and it will cut. That's awesome. That's all I wanted to hear. Bladesmiths, we asked you
to make Rough Rider bowies to honor President Theodore
Roosevelt. The judges' deliberation is complete. They've made a final decision. Only two of you can move
forward into the finale. One of you bladesmiths
has to leave the forge. And that bladesmith is John. Your blade didn't make the cut. David Baker's going
to tell you why. John, this decision came down
to the strength test in which your blade picked up a rolled
edge and a loose guard, making it the only blade
that took any damage. John, please
surrender your bowie. My only real regret is that
the handle just didn't hold up. The guard didn't hold up. I would have worked
better on the handle. I came here to prove
to myself that I am working down the right
path of my craftsmanship. And I believe I've
proved that to myself under these conditions.

Crocodile safari: hunting permits proposed in NT

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The NT Government and hunting operators are proposing selling 500 licenses to hunt the apex predators to protect local livestock, fund conversation and create opportunity for indigenous communities.



I hope you will enjoy this video because I certainly did! Made me want to tear up and open up about how I can relate to their story! Enjoy and I hope this video puts a smile on your face. Let me know in the comments down below.



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what is up guys welcome back to the Anthony jaha oh my gosh we reached 60,000 subscribers here on the Anthony's now I haven't uploaded I uploaded I believe two days ago but before that it's been a week but I am back and better than ever and just so excited because I got the opportunity give me a second I got the opportunity to react to the TNT boys documentary full episode number one to watch with my TNT boys subscribers of mine and yeah it's awesome you know I always think about the day where I met the TNT boys all the time it's just like all the time because there's the first official team the first official like famous individuals that I have met ever on the Anthony show so it's very exciting I recorded the whole thing and I just want to take thank Andre Ajala for the amazing opportunity and yeah without further ado guys I'm gonna be doing a 10 minute segment for 25 minutes so there's gonna be a video tonight the one you're watching now and then and every other day I'm gonna upload part two then the final part three about my thoughts about the documentary it's a 25 minute video so thank you for watching me the reactor of choice for the TNT boys none other than Anthony so without further ado let's get it if you need to my channel or if you know of any other Chanti boys fans who don't know who I am please spread the word share the video spread the love all that amazing stuff and yes stay tuned for more updates on TNT boys here on the Anthony show and on my social media all of it will be in the description down below so that further ado let's get it in three two one and Carla my throat that was way too much okay the following video is protected by copyright and Trademark oh my god it is unlawful to anyone Oh oh my gosh so official look at that smile this should be a Netflix documentary what the heck or there should be a YouTube red premium kind of thing man this is it I want that sounds familiar I want original documentary oh I remember that I want that sounds familiar I think they hosted something before as well journey to the world stage get your popcorn wait I don't know Keefer was older than Macky I don't know Francis was the youngest Wow so professionally shot I love it damn yep I remember that I oh there's an ad person oh are you kidding me in socks what cheese oh go oh my god can't believe it there was an ad men time it's show time I haven't been up to date with TNT keep the zone we talked to me please keep the zone please Vice Ganda making an appearance damn sick that's like the clothes you wear when you get married what that's what he looked like when he was 11 I don't want to cry come on wow this is a deep video I should have known they were gonna go through this I it's a documentary Anthony come on what were you expecting okay it's okay I'll take a candle on a cupcake that's a good one I like that bosses he was 11 he got 50 what I don't believe it he's 11 here there's no way to year their life like Wow lucky boys man lucky boys they're humble they're humble about it but they're amazing Oh keifa keep I don't know how he does the long hairy legs they look they could look different man 12 years old deaf power hey that looks nice that looks that looks good that looks good when I go to the Philippines and I yes I'm going to the Philippines just your weight interesting bosses bosses [Applause] Nilesh all what is up with the ads like why is there ads on this video jeez Louise go wait go I can't control it guys I can't what can you believe two years ago they were doing that the kids we recorded that name that's precious that's the shy had a towel my shins I didn't even react to their TNT performance the individual straight to the boys various regimes husband you could hear a lot of that voice in the music he does he does now look at his hair – you could just see the hair change you know I think my hair would look like that to have that kind of Filipino hair Oh Francie's that's it this is this one's gonna be he looks like me when I was a kid okay I have to finish this let me just finish their backgrounds okay I can't sleep without knowing it fifth of the nine singing in the street sixteen you just don't know man I'm will explain why I'm Francis well that's a nice house to me that's a nice house to me yep Panthers is very jumpy when I met him like little jumpy precious man I think everyone should record these moments of like their children themselves they got food I think Francis is a friend 13 okay okay there we go this is gonna be it we're cutting it here we are cutting it here to add the adds going on here not following them but there's just too many there's just too many ads too many but oh just seeing their childhood is something I didn't even know like this whole time I reacted to the TNT boys roughly maybe about a year now I would want to say you just don't know like if I never watch this documentary I would never know that they came from like the poor side of like the Philippines but not saying like poor as in like not happy like they were happy they're grateful they're humble now which makes sense to they're humble like they're humble characteristic when you meet them when you see them it's very very very very you need to live I feel like in the Philippines I hear about this a lot and I could highly relate because my mom my mom's mom so my grandma came from the Philippines to here with a lot of her siblings right there's like a lot of them you know in the Philippines I don't know I feel like there's like a trend going on I always noticed that there's a lot of kids going on with like especially in the last few years like you have like maybe like six to twelve kids I'm like what and then so my grandma had my grandma's mom had maybe about like 12 kids and then my grandma had three kids and then my mom had one kid okay so it's kind of like going down and then me and then it's just like yeah I didn't grow up through the process and the Philippines and why they're so humble and they're so grateful for everything when you come to the States what I'm trying to say here is living through those hard times is those experiences that makes you who you are today and why you do what you do what you do and your purpose you know how how close you are with your family that all comes into those beginnings and I feel like right now I was born in the States like luckily I was born here in the States but my family did live somewhat similar to that you know with um but yeah these kids are very just amazingly talented I'm glad they were that they were able to have their break because they needed it they deserved it they worked for it they got it okay period and I love it I love it and I can't wait to see what they have going on the future this is part 2 coming up and the next next day so subscribe convert I see you next like the video for more and share my memories about a run out so that's like a good the video but thank you guys for watching we watch it if you want and yeah peace out stay awesome and I'll see you on my next video

Human Reproduction Class 12 Biology | Female Reproductive System | iWiz Sarika

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This Biology video for Class 12 about Female Reproductive System from the chapter Human Reproduction is Part 2 and a continuation from the previous video of the same chapter.

The topics covered in this video are:
Female Reproductive System
– A pair of ovaries
– A pair of oviducts
– Uterus
– Cervix
– Vagina
– External genitalia
– Mammary glands

The topics are taught by Dr. Sarika, brought to you by IWIZ Education.

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History of Internet Documentary

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Learn origins and evolution of internet and how it has grown to become one of the foremost tools for almost everything that surround people. In short, a brief, interesting history of the internet, and its evolution.

Internet is perhaps one of the most
prestigious indispensable tools of modern times where people simply
cannot imagine a life without it, or even the world without it. It makes planet earth go round
and helps to move it forward. It is one of the primary essence
of technological evolution. Every era has had its own
indispensable tool – for us in these modern times, it is none other
than the world-wide web. Having such humble
beginnings in the university campuses of American
institutes in the 1960s, internet would soon become
a global phenomenon, a concept and a
medium on its own. Universities now teach the
origins of internet and how it has shaped mankind
in the last 60 years. It has its own nuances and the little
nuts and bolts that need to be known and be aware of if one aspires to
become a professional web designer. It is indeed a field of study and involves
continuous scrutiny and observation if one needs to understand how this
global phenomenon really became global in technical sense and how it governs
almost everything we see around us. A brief understanding of
the origins and evolution of internet will be
discussed and how it has grown to become one
of the foremost tools for almost everything
that surround people. In short, a brief, interesting history
of the internet, and its evolution. Internet, or in more technical words,
the world-wide-web (denoted as WWW in short), is a medium through which
the world connects and communicates. Yes, it is primarily just a mode
of connection and communication, similar (or in some sense, even
exactly the same) to mediums and inventions that have shaped our
world for the last five millennia. As the world became larger and
bigger, so did its communication needs and the mode through
which it communicated. No longer was it possible to simply
communicate everything on the telephone that once revolutionised the world in
the 19th and early 20th centuries. Now, the need of the hour was to develop
something even more revolutionary as letters became more complex and academia wanted
quick and efficient mode of communication. The revolutionary character of the internet
lies in its true nature and purpose. It is, as already said
above, just a mode of communication, but the
scale and the method through which it communicates
has what made it revolutionary, forever
changing human life. So much so, that the internet has
become an ideology in itself and governments across the globe decide
on the aspects they need to use on, whether it be finance or monetary
policies, law enforcement or even anti-terrorism
and general governance. Internet is a phenomenon
that even rulers depend on. Thus, in light of such
circumstances, it becomes important that people
understand what internet really is and how it has evolved
to become such a widely understood as well as a
misunderstood concept. As starters, we first describe
internet’s beginnings starting from the 1950s
when computing itself was a rarely heard concept and
most ‘computers’ existed only in laboratories and
government research. After becoming widely
popular in the academic and political circles,
internet started becoming popular in military affairs
and several western military organisations
started adopting it. Internet was never really
known as ‘internet’ as it's known now, but through
special denotations. Lastly, internet started becoming more
accessible to the general public as computing itself was made available for
the local masses and people in general. Starting from 1980s, a new
technology was being allowed to the public under certain
licenses and regulations. Although during this time, internet
was still out of reach for most because of its unimaginable price
tag, starting from the 1990s, the revolution in internet
technology an availability took place that left a
legacy we see now today. The Beginnings As simple and straightforward it may seem, internet actually has one of the most
complex launches with its history of evolution being filled with
technological advancements and inventions not easy for the layman to
comprehend too quickly. What started out as a draft
paper to connect several computers in a workplace
only got bigger and bigger, so much so that the whole world-wide-web can
now be imagined as a single workstation with millions and billions of computers
loosely connected to each other. In fact, we might as well
raise an uncanny analogy here when the internet
was just being invented. Many of you might actually
be aware of several animated cartoons that showed
futuristic infrastructure. Cartoons like The
Flintstones or even Richie Rich that originated
during the 1960s. Several episodes of these popular TV programs
showed people connecting to each other, talking and observing on a display screen
and chatting with another character. Might have seemed very out of
place but several technocrats and inventors of those times predicted
that there actually will come a time when people will connect
directly through electronic devices and do
lots of stuff with them. One of these individuals was
the late Dr J.C.R Licklider. The very first beginnings of our
modern internet can be traced back to the 1960s when he was the head of
computer research program at MIT. Several research papers by notable
scientists and technicians suggested new technologies in
computing and interconnectivity. These ideas were primarily based on existing
inventions like the telephone and the much earlier telegram services, which was the
‘electronic’ mail service of the 19th century. Since a lot of stuff was
going on in the world of science just after
the great war ended, the community that filled it
wanted innovative methods by which they could connect and communicate
instantly as and when required. In light of this, one of the first
known internet services was the DARPA, designed and implemented in 1962 upon
the recommendations suggested by J.C.R Licklider himself, in his paper
‘On-Line Man-Computer Communication’, published in the same year. Dr Licklider also published
several books on the same topic. Licklider was the first head
of the computer research program at DARPA that started
in the October of 1962. The innovative concept and the pace through
which DARPA functioned as one of the first known networks resulted in his program
receiving much acclamation and popularity and perhaps laid the foundation
stone for the next four decades where the internet would become
the latest wonder of technology. Dr Licklider had several
colleagues and fellow technicians and innovators
working alongside him. DARPA was primarily meant to connect
all its staff through a network but Licklider took one step
forward by developing it further. One of these individuals who filled up
the DARPA staff was Leonard Kleinrock of MIT and he published his first paper
on packet switching in July of 1961. This was another major step forward
for the evolution of the internet and perhaps one of the first known documents
to explain packet networking, which is still the primary mode
of internet transmission today. Kleinrock would also go on publishing books
on networking related topics, one of them becoming a popular read among researchers
and inventors and released in 1964. This packet switching
concept would soon become an applied reality in
the DARPA program. Packet connectivity was indeed a very
innovative addition to networking but it still needed time and
implementation to actually work. Kleinrock convinced Lawrence
Roberts, another member of the DARPA program to
think on switching to packet connectivity rather
than the traditional circuitry if long range
networking was to exist. Roberts agreed to the concept. Another need of the hour was the
requirement of ‘talking’ between two computers, borrowed from the
concept that made telephones work. For this, in 1965, Roberts
connected two computers, the TX-32 and the Q-32 in California
with a single telephone line and made history by developing the first ever
dial-up connected wide area network. The experiment became a success and Roberts
was able to ‘talk’ between these computers. However, the realization that
two computers could connect to each other and work in coordination
was in direct conflict with the circuit method owing
to circuits’ inability to process millions of data
in a matter of seconds. The traditional circuit method
was thus totally incapable of allowing two or more computers
to fully connect to each other and it also stood as a total
hindrance towards further development of networking
and DARPA in general. On the other hand, packets allowed for swift
movement of data and made it possible for computers to smoothly transmit
communication without much loss and noise. Packet switching was also more
desirable considering that circuits were more prone to
industrial hazards like overheating and high maintenance and needed
regular replacement of electronic components like cables and
boards for it function fully. Kleinrock’s suggestion to switch
to packets was really the need of the hour and the next
big step towards networking. DARPA and ARPANET After DARPA’s founder, Dr
Licklider, the next big member of the MIT program was
Lawrence Roberts himself. He would become the pioneer of the
ARPANET, the second stepping stone on the history of internet, and perhaps
one of the biggest stepping stones, given its wide implementation and
several technological advancements added to it starting from late
1960s till the middle of 1980s. In fact, the predecessor of our modern
day world-wide-web was ARPANET itself. In late 1966, Roberts went to develop
DARPA further by making it ‘wider’ and providing it more speed for the members
to connect with more swift and less lag. In 1967, he published his
paper describing the idea behind ARPANET and how
it would be implemented. DARPA was now becoming ARPANET. The latter would also incorporate for the
first time and for its full potential, the packet switching concept
that was the primary need of the hour for successful
and efficient networking. It also so happened that during
a conference that Roberts was attending, where
networking was the hot topic, several other researchers
from notable universities of UK also presented their
versions of networking. Donald Davies and Roger
Scantlebury of the NPL also presented their papers
on packet connectivity. That networking was solely being invented
by Americans was not true at all. One of the members of the NPL communicated
Roberts about the packet connectivity concept that was developed in 1964
independently by the British military. It appeared as a coincident,
but the work at MIT, at NPL and the
RAND group, which was a group headed by Paul
Baran and his colleagues pretty much coincided
in the same timeframe. Roberts was inspired by others too researching
on this ground-breaking concept and borrowed a few of their ideas that were
presented by them during the conference. He would go back and since
full fledged networking was being developed only at
select American universities, much of the credit during this
evolving timeline went to campuses of MIT and later on, the
University of California (UCLA). Roberts tested these
‘packets’ by increasing the speed of ARPANET from a
mere 2.4 kbps to 50 kbps. This small step was successful
prompting Roberts of the importance of packet connectivity
and further developing it (which would lead to such components like the
TCP/IP, first invented in 1980s and still the primary mode of identification through
which computers are assigned IP numbers). Since ARPANET was going through several
developments and refinements, new individuals and technicians started
replacing the existing and the old. Members like Bob Kahn, Frank
Heart and Newman would soon start developing ARPANET in
coordination with Roberts. At MIT, a new component of the
ARPANET was being designed and this was the Interface
Message Processor (IMP). The IMP was first coined by Frank
Heart and Newman and this was now being incorporated in the
overall structure of the ARPANET. Roberts was now working with a lot
of small groups and independent people on further developing
the technical core of ARPANET. Bob Kahn helped him with
designing ARPANET’s new architectural design and
economic efficiency while existing members like Kleinrock took
control over developing the measurement system that according to him would support
the packet concept he devised earlier. In 1969, Kleinrock’s
campus at UCLA was first selected as the Network
Measurement Centre, to be functioned as a node through
which Roberts would connect his computer at MIT and that
of Kleinrock’s system at UCLA. In September of 1969, the
finalisation of ARPANET came into play when
this node in the UCLA campus was made operational and a second node
at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Elizabeth Feinler and
team made it possible for the second node and
funded its establishment. The first ever host computer was
thus connected at the UCLA campus. Several other such institutes followed. A month later after connecting
SRI with Kleinrock’s system, the first host-to-host
message was transmitted. Several other such nodes were
added to the ARPANET network, the third being the campus of UC Santa
Barbara and University of Utah. Professors and researchers in these
last two campuses also added their own small contribution that would
matter big in the coming decades. Glen Culler and Burton Fried of the
UCSB researched methods on displaying mathematical functions by adding
display storages to their systems while Robert Taylor at the
Utah campus investigated methods of refreshing the
net on 3-D representations. At the start of 1970, there
were thus four major universities and their campuses
connected over the ARPANET. The groundwork was complete and the rocket
was now ready to launch from its site. With the four campuses successfully connected
without any errors, it was now fully possible for ARPANET’s founders to transmit
simple email messages and notifications. 1970 onwards, several systems
and computers outside these four campuses were added
in the ARPANET coverage. Work proceeded further
to make ARPANET a fully functional host-to-host
connecting system. In 1970, the Network Working
Group (NWG) working under the guidance of S. Crocker developed
the first ever protocol that would allow computers
to fully communicate and allow individuals to develop
software over ARPANET. This protocol was called the
Network Control Protocol (NCP) and could be considered as the first
complete host-to-host protocol. The project came into full play in 1972
when Lawrence Roberts held a major networking conference at the International
Computer Communication Conference (ICCC). There, he and his team would showcase the
first ever email message and was also the first ever public demonstration of the
networking concept and the potential it held. Roberts simply sent a simple message
through email that was received by one of his team member,
resulting in an instant applause. The first ever email application
included read, forward and send functions and
was an instant success. What would follow in the coming decades
starting from 1972, would be the first era when internet really evolved
from ARPANET to the prototype of the
world-wide-web we know it now. The Birth of Internet The next big player and pioneer of the
ARPANET technology was Bob Kahn himself. Lawrence Roberts and others
remained in the team for much of the 1970s but it was
Kahn who was now designing and developing further the
ARPANET technology that gave way to full fledged wide area
networks as we know them today. In 1972, after the successful
conference was held and for the first time, the
public saw how email worked, Kahn taking with him his knowledge and idea
for further developing the packet system, started to refurbish the whole
technology at its core with new protocols being designed
by him and for the first time, algorithms inserted in
the networking pipeline for ‘automatic
networking’ technology. Since ARPANET was primarily designed for
a select few individuals to connect, most of them belonging to the academia
of select universities of America, Kahn now decided to take this a level
further by reinforcing the existing technology that could allow more
individuals to connect at the same time without any error or
disturbance to the overall flow of packets
and thus the network. But ARPANET still had its
own limitations when it came to connecting
wide area networks. One of these limitations was the existence
of packet loss and uncontrolled noise that resulted in slow connectivity and even no
connectivity at all at some instances. So the next big job was to ask
the question on how to redesign or develop the existing protocols
and hardware technologies that would allow for a smoother
experience and connect people with more ease
and less complications. Kahn thus set himself to work again. Recall that Kahn was also the pioneer
of the packet switch system that forever replaced the circuit system
in the early days of the DARPA. Kahn was now again convinced that
it is only the packet receiving and transmitting mechanisms that
required some major overhauls for the internet to become
simpler and smoother and without the requirement for
major hardware requirements. One of these key areas was to develop what
is known as Open Architecture Networking. Recall that ARPANET and its
predecessor were designed with open contribution
and development in mind. Since these were experimental
developments, technicians and engineers designing his
technology required contribution not just from their teams but anyone who
could contribute his/her part in it. Open Architecture
Networking is still one of the core areas of 21st
century networking. If technicality were to be ignored,
it would be very sufficing to say that internet with its database of
millions and billions of websites, are designed in a customised manner
and there are no rules and set codes to define how things over the
internet need to be developed, except of course security
measures and standards that everybody has to
rely upon and maintain. Kahn in 1972 already had
open-architecture networking in mind and he was probably one of the first
to introduce it to the ARPANET. The key to this architecture
was maintaining an open end-to-end protocol and developing
a packet radio program. The packet radio program was in
existence during the final days of DARPA and Kahn only developed
and advocated it further. This system required new protocols that
could allow packets to transmit easily and smoothly between two computers and allow
users to have a smooth internet experience. Back then, this was
also initially called ‘internetting’ because
of the concept that the network was like a spider’s
net, with each node connected to a host
computer for transmission. As the radio program developed,
new protocols were designed as well that were to function with
the refurbished radio systems. The Network Control protocol
(NCP) which was earlier used by all the members and all
the four nodes of ARPANET, was incapable of smooth transmission
of these packets and had no algorithms to deal with the noise and disturbance
caused in its packet flow. After several tests and experiments,
it was concluded that the NCP needed to be designed further
to allow for more computers than just the ARPANET members for the
internet to actually start existing. Also recall that ARPANET
was not the internet as we know today, but only the
beginning of it, a part of it, since the evolution of internet after
ARPANET involves altogether new technologies and advancements
unrelated to the former technology. Since the purpose of networking
was itself evolving to include a vast community of
academia and technicians, the technology upon which
RPANET functioned was found to be incapable for
further ‘expansion’. Technically, ARPANET required
additions to the protocol system (through which it
communicated among its users), in addition to requiring
additional hardware and systems for the new protocols
to work efficiently. Why the NCP was unable to
transmit vast numbers of packets over wide areas and
long ranges was quite clear. The ARPANET was designed with
a single purpose in mind, and it was designed very robustly
to satisfy that purpose. However, as needs of it grew
and as networking’s purpose also evolved, so did ARPANET’s
demands for an overhaul. The NCP was never really designed to handle
a vast number of packet transmission. And since every node was connected,
the NCP’s job was clear and simple. However, as the concept of networking grew
outside the corridors of ARPANET, its protocols that controlled the transmission
and reception of digital packets started to see terminal
limitations that posed a hindrance to the overall
growth of ARPANET itself. Kahn observed that when a
computer tried connecting to ARPANET that was outside
the preregistered node, the NCP failed to provide
packet transmission and the whole system collapsed for
the connecting computer. In this manner, the ARPANET could
only be functioned for the registered members that were
running ARPANET’s protocol. This was too rigid for everyone to adopt
and thus required some major changes. NCP also lacked the
capability to handle packet errors, that is, anytime
during a minor packet loss, the NCP would collapse altogether
and immediately and the connection to the host computer
would come to a forever halt. The NCP thus had no end-to-end
error control mechanism. To sum up the requirements that were
needed to actually introduce the internet to the world, then could
be done so in the following manner: Redesigning the protocol system
that could handle a larger network of computers and allow for
packet control and efficiency. Devising new hardware and
algorithms that would allow these computers to connect
with the host computer. Making communication with the host computer
not only feasible but efficient and simple. New techniques for
host-to-host flow control and requirements for
network pipelines that would allow multiple
packets to transmit to and from the host
simultaneously and at the same time reducing any
chances of major packet flow errors in this
‘multiple lane’ pipeline. New technologies like gateways
and hardware that would allow to provide an identification
to a connecting computer. These would later become
things like the routers and IP addresses that
everyone uses by default. Introducing new protocols and
replacing existing ones that could govern these newly thought
about ideas and implement it in a manner that would allow the
least control over global networking while still keeping computers
connected at the very best possible. Last but the not the least, the capability
for networking with several other operating systems since at least
during the 1980s, several operating systems were
already coming up. Thus, Kahn was facing major challenges
for developing ARPANET further to include several other computers
used by scientists and innovators who wanted quick access to communication
with the academia community. Because of the nature of the
challenges as well, Kahn also accepted them as part of
developing networking further since ARPANET was definitely
not the end of the story of internet as some
might have once thought. Kahn thus proposed a totally
new protocol that was to be designed from scratch
and this he would call it the Transfer Control Protocol or
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) that would altogether change how internet services
communicated with each other and worked. However, Kahn had no immediate knowledge
in interfacing and protocol design. He was aware of how NCP worked but designing
a new protocol and incorporating it in ARPANET demanded an all new technique that
required additional knowledge and skill. Accepting this, Kahn set out to call
technicians from leading universities to design new protocols that would
allow for efficient communications regardless of the operating
system a user is operating in. That is, this certain protocol had to
be operating system efficient as well. In 1973, he thus teamed up
with Vint Cerf of Stanford to initiate and think on the newly
arrived topic of TCP/IP. Vint had immense knowledge
of interfacing in several operating systems and skills
to develop new protocols. This knowledge teamed up with
Kahn’s know-how on implementation and architectural design resulted
in a very productive solution. The TCP/IP was finally
at place and was ready to start functioning
with several computers. The initial protocol
allowed for some 256 connections and worked
at 32-bit transfer rate. The TCP/IP was unveiled at another
conference where Cerf was also invited. The International Network Working
Group (INWG) was set up at a conference a Sussex University
in 1973 and Cerf was invited to head this group with
his all new protocol that would power up
ARPANET further. Upon meeting up with several
key players and innovators in the field of networking
design and implementation, the following points emerged
as to how TCP/IP would work and replace the
existing NCP of the ARPANET: TCP/IP would allow for packet
control at the host computer through acknowledgements
and packet flow control. This internet protocol would function
through a series of long streams of bytes. TCP/IP would remain open when deciding
upon the parameters that would allow the protocol windowing, which was required
to control the flow of these packets. TCP/IP would function through a 32-bit
assigned IP address of which the first 8 bits designated the network
while the remaining 24 bits signified the host
computer’s network. These features had a major
motivation behind them. The creators and ARPANET and of
course TCP/IP wanted much more than just sharing small sized
emails and simple voice transfers. Kahn and Cerf intended to
design the new protocol for various new topics that
networking could handle. These included techniques to share files,
folders, accessing the time sharing resources on the ARPANET and further
in time, even bigger tasks like sharing
printers and devices. The very first release of
this new protocol was put to test and it did not include
the IP section to it. Thus, in its initial beginning,
it was only TCP that worked. Kahn and team put the TCP to test
and observed different behaviours and algorithms by which two connected
computers now shared packets. It should be noted however,
that this was only the initial release of TCP and it was tested
out through a virtual circuit. This initial release was good
for file transfers and sharing between two computers but certain
roadblocks still lay open. There was certain amount of packet loss
observed and was concluded that a certain amount of packet loss correction be
left out for the computer to deal with. This led the team to develop its
integrated section – the IP address. This address was to remain
as an ‘identification number’ for the computer to
be connected to the host. This led to a final
reorganisation of the TCP to include the IP address
and thus became TCP/IP. The protocol was innovative
and revolutionary in handling packets from the
host to the node computer. It also incorporated the IP
address now that the problem of certain packet loss by
TCP was now also solved. The problem of packet radio system
seemed to have finally rested. An alternative for those
machines that were either not compatible with TCP or did not
want to use the TCP was the UDP, designed and implemented by Kahn and
team and was not very different from the original TCP in that UDP was more
preferable for ‘physical’ packet check instead of checksums that were being
provided and implemented by TCP/IP. The introduction of the
new packet handling protocol totally changed
the game of networking. Several challenges that lay prior to
TCP/IP were now resolved and perhaps the only thing left for networking
was its efficient commercialisation and further designing and
modification that could suit the requirements of
not just 256 connections but probably thousands
or even more than that as conceived by the
developers of networking. As simple as it might have seemed,
this was no easy job either. The new protocol that
was introduced still functioned for ARPANET’s
registered members, and since those had increased
over the years since the network’s inception, TCP/IP
functioned robustly well. However, how were the designers
planning on introducing and finally releasing this
technology for general purpose? This was still a question that had
its answer only during the 1980s when several technological changes
further led the idea of networking to become an even more ‘loosely
connected’ array of computers, all sharing certain characters and the
contents stored in those computers. The main idea behind networking that
was proposed in the 1960s was now becoming a reality, after consistent
effort laid down by its founders. Finally, in late 1970s, the real
face of networking started to emerge as more and more users started
using it for sending emails, small attachments, files and folders,
send voice communication similar to memos and an idea borrowed from telephony
but implemented in digital format. Thus, the idea of open
architecture networking was now truly making itself emerged
to the rest of the world. However, the story never ended there again. The newly introduced TCP/IP
was operable for a number of operating systems and
machines of those times but how was it to cope up with
time and increasing number of computing machines both
at the workplace and home? With the start of the new
decade, a plethora of operating systems and
business enterprises emerged. Firms like Microsoft and Apple,
among others were now increasingly competing against themselves to
capture computer market share. Each one of those empires needed
networking as one of their core areas of operations and the designers of
ARPANET had to face a new challenge – to make TCP/IP even simpler
and more flexible for it to exist for the several
coming decades to come. Contracts were handed to Stanford,
BBN and UCL California. Headed by Cerf himself, their
task now was different from their purely technical
background and work experience. The task now was whether TCP/IP
required major changes to its design or was it satisfactory enough for
several machines to operate upon it. Several experimentations provided
the conclusion that the ‘final’ release of TCP/IP was still too complex
and big for domestic machines, other than the workstations for which
it was specifically designed for. Cerf and his team thus set out again
to simplify the infrastructure of TCP/IP for upcoming major machines
to become compatible with it. Changes were introduced and were tested out
on machines like the IBM PC and Xerox Alto. New changes were successful
and both computers were able to operate with
TCP/IP with 100% results. The only task left, and which
required much time was how will the new and universally flexible
TCP/IP test the passage of time. This was a question that
required patience and gradual developments to the
protocol’s implementation and algorithm as computing
itself was evolving rapidly. Transition to World Wide Web In its final years of ARPANET,
the designers, both old and new were very excited and proud
on how their simple inception of connecting just a handful of computers
was now becoming a global reality. As if the whole concept had
changed altogether and become an integrated part of human life in
just a matter of years and months. In its early years of transition
to a globalised network, the transition phase could
be divided into two stages – technical transition and implementation
by networking agencies, scientific forums and academic community side-by-side
domestic computers and finally, the full scale commercialisation
of internet that had to have rules and regulations for its proper
functioning and smooth experience. The technical side of TCP/IP’s prior bugs
and hindrances were now fully resolved. Computing itself was evolving on an
unimaginable scale and these machines were not just now limited to university
campuses and academia personnel. Computing in general was undergoing a total
change in its purpose of existence and its overall objective to serve the general
public without any global restriction. The 1980s saw the very first
computer giants emerged. Microsoft and Apple were one of
those and still exist today as the dominant computer hardware and
software catering enterprises. Microsoft, under the guidance
and leadership of Bill Gates were fast becoming a
commercial empire of its own, and with the failure of Apple to
capture subsequent market share owing to its failure of its
revolutionary Macintosh computer, was now also making decisions
to making networking a default, in-built operation
in all of its machines. The emergence of TCP/IP simply
changed the wave of networking. The newly designed protocol was so innovative
that federal agencies and organisations were recommending its implementation
in all of its machines and computers. The once secretive and limited
protocol that was used only by a select individuals
and academic professors had gained global popularity and
computer producers were consulting, holding meetings and conferences with
the original designers of ARPANET and its revolutionary protocol
on how to implement networking as the default option in all
of its operating systems. UNIX was now a very widely
used operating system now and its developers came
up with quick solutions. TCP/IP was now included as the default
networking protocol to connect to anywhere it wanted; the rest
of the world simply followed. Microsoft released its very
first GUI interface and later on, the Windows operating
system that included all aspects of networking
right from networking software preinstalled on
every Windows machines. Apple never lagged behind
and incorporated the default version of TCP/IP
to its Macintosh system. Thus, in a span of just
five years, starting from 1985 till early
1990s, networking became an inbuilt feature of all operating systems
and machines that were fully operating. Thanks to the efforts laid by
its founding fathers, TCP/IP, teamed up with the ever evolving
infrastructure of ARPANET, gave way to our modern day world wide web. Several commercialisation
activities and networking firms started to appear
during the mid 1990s, when the DOS and newly introduced Windows
operating system was the dominant norm. Firms like Cisco, Asus,
Intel and AMD were one of the first computer
hardware start-ups. These were setup to
cater to all of the professional and domestic
computer community and thus came forward with several
hardware innovations and inventions that were to include nearly every
feature in just one motherboard rather setting up several
chipsets to make one computer. Intel and AMD were the first
ones to set up their processor units, and these were to process
TCP/IP calls on a default basis. The rest of the evolution
of the internet was now more of like making
networking a universal truth. Till the late 1990s,
LANs had become a common thing and no longer did
‘small networks’ exist. Network was now undergoing
physical change rather than in its technical infrastructure
or design modification (although those are
things that continuously keep expanding and evolving,
even to this day). Several new technologies
like satellite transmission and fibre cables were defining
networks on new levels. Users for the first time
witnessed increase in speeds up to ten times with the
introduction of satellite imagery and communication with fibre cables
providing speeds into megabytes per second rather than the
traditional kilobytes per second. Dial-ups that used to be the norm
in the 1990s were fast getting replaced by satellite connections
and hi-speed fibre connections. At the start of the new millennium,
internet had become a necessity. The world revolved with
the help of the internet. What started as a small, rudimentary
network of a handful of computers at an American institute
now was a global phenomenon, a medium through which the whole
world connected and communicated. Anybody who would never use it would
simply get disconnected from it. Internet has thus been the
most innovative and ground breaking medium of communication
in the history of mankind. It replaced telephony and telegram that
were the primary modes of communication for most of the decades even during
the time when internet was nascent. It is thus one of the most important
inventions in the history of mankind. You must have understood the importance
of internet and the impact it has had on normal lives of normal human beings and how
it has grown to be the thing we see today. And this is not the end of the story. Internet still evolves
and will keep evolving just like technology
has been for the past five millennia when
humans first started designing handcrafted
machines and simple tools. Like the nut-cracking stone that
first required sharpening and which ultimately led to its evolved
variants in the coming millennia, internet evolved just like every other tool
has done for the past thousands of years. New technologies and techniques
are being added every day before our very eyes as internet becomes
even bigger and more organised. Techniques like HTML, CSS and
Flash are just some of the most commonly taught subjects at technical
institutes and software design. Internet is the result
of complex computing and the technological evolution
we’ve reached so far. It is unlike telephony or
telegram simply because those never required computing or
even a computer to operate. With that in mind, internet will
forever keep evolving and will never halt ceasing if computing
itself has to remain relevant. With every new addition to
the world of internet, new challenges are recognised and
new results are dug out. We now have technologies
that were once thought to be purely imaginary and even
plain philosophical by many. A lot of these ‘prophecies’ turned out
to be true in the following decades. In fact, modern day networking has resulted
in a whole new concept of nomadic computing where an individual simply
does not require a physical connection to a router to
connect to the internet; rather that happens with technologies
like Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. In the end however, as internet
still keep on evolving, the question will remain as to
how people will manage this gigantic invention that has
changed everything around them, rather than how it would evolve further.

6 WILD Animal Walk Movements

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Wild animal walk movements done in the wilderness. These movements are new animal walks we have been working on! Blog post with benefits and instructions ➞




0:50 ZEBRA

1:32 CRAB


2:40 CHIMP




Hi there, my name is Eero Westerberg and I am the head coach here at VAHVA Fitness. Our specialty lies in mixing the Western and Eastern knowledge of health and fitness together into a combination that actually works, is proven and produces real tangible results.

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Circlemakers pt18 of 18 (3Hour!) documentary

Circlemaking in the UK has been going on for many years. Hear from Circlemakers why they make circles and why some of them believe circles attract strange effects and stranger people.

Circles cropcircle UFO Conspiracy Paranormal Hoaxing Wiltshire Stones Megalith
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cloverfield roswell ufo paranormal

would anybody our team the kind of agenda that we have is not to make a formation have someone Russian and go all this downs as well it's genuine and stem for us to come out so I'll know his early evidence we took some photographs and here's some time-lapse of us making it we've never done that I mean now it's kind of an agenda for circle makers who kind of kind of predated us we just have a very separate agenda which is to as far as possible disassociate ourselves from the specific formations we've never actually specifically claimed a formation and we never will because the whole point and the whole power of our work is gained from the fact that they are author this as soon as you claim the formation you kill it you know we never personally made any money out of the formations but you know for us it's you know it's a hobby it's not it's it's it's not our profession it's unlike Colin Andrews you know he makes his living off of it and and good luck to him he's very good at what he does and in what he does he supports what we do he's basically acts as an agent for our work so fine you know he's getting payment for that for that job I think we crave publicity for our formations I don't think we personally create publicity sure we all have egos and sure it's quite nice to sit in front of a camera but now I create publicity for my formations not for me personally for us so it's kind of important I think to actually because we're artists to talk about that agenda and to try and kind of push forward to debate about crop circles and bring that kind of area into it and to a certain extent we kind of we have to do we have to go in front of cameras and talk about what we're doing or why we're doing it I said I certainly don't crave publicity no I was basically when I started circle making my intention was always to remain completely anonymous but to a certain extent I was outed by George Wingfield and once that happened you can't really put the ground back in the half and so we decided this to you know to kind of go with it and used to advantage basically we can talk as circlemakers but we don't have to play in specific formations so we don't take any power away from the phenomenon and maybe weaken this kind of like threw out some interesting arguments and pushing that just push it forward sure we all have a little snicker now and then no I enjoy reading I enjoy reading people talking about informations like when broadsheet journalists go into formations like I did this year for instance the frat or one at Silbury Hill and one of milk your second fractal and when they go in there and they say these things could not be made by people you know we get a kick out of that so if the kind of residual belief in the circles kind of drops away then the phenomenon dies and we all lose both sides lose like I said before that it's simply a symbiotic relationship you know we need them and they need us and although bizarrely never the twain shall meet we need each other and the truth is out there I mean you know we're sitting here I'm talking quite candidly about what I do but you'll believe what you believe you believe if you want to say that I work for the government you believe that if you believe I'm an artist to believe that whatever I don't have a problem with each their own I mean sure we worry about it but we're extremely careful it's not to say that it won't happen and I'm sure one day it will happen it has happened before outside of this country it happened in Hungary I think some skeptics were actually cool making information and I think know taken to court as well and I think ended up paying equivalent of twenty eight pounds for a damage the crop but it wasn't a particularly spectacular formation but yeah we worry about being cool we're very careful and we get cool it's a fair cop it's interesting at you over the past couple of years there's been a kind of bit of a sea change well I'll go back before yes we have had trouble we've had hang-up phone calls we've had threatening mail there have been attacks on physically on some circle makers of myself and on their property so yes you know there is the unit there is a certain risk in doing what we do I actually have if you want me to show you some of the threatening letters what you've actually received absolutely yes on several occasions I myself of had a series back in 1994 there was three occasions towards the end of the season where I myself the other circle makers were seeing flashes of light balls of light kind of double moving and crackling more recently this year we were out circle making in Wiltshire and saw an amazing kind of like bursts of light and then a column of light spectacular no sound completely silent we I haven't really seen like a 50-foot craft with like grey aliens hanging outside of it but but we've seen some pretty weird shape once a bit well while we're down there in the field yeah on several occasions there's been times when we've drawn diagrams and the formations have appeared in the field before we got there to make it certain weird synchronicity isn't and certain when themes appear every year in the actual formations and I guess there's a certain amount of the teens feeding off of each other but you know I think there's been a certain list has been a lot of 6-volt geometry this year and certainly a lot of the early formations that appeared we were not responsible for and they all had sex or geometry and they had very similar geometries of stuff I mean we've been working on over the winter so there is a certain amount of synchronicity it could have cosmic coincidence

Volcano BREAKTHROUGH! Scientists Test New Method to Predict Volcanic Eruptions!

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Volcano BREAKTHROUGH! Scientists Test New Method to Predict Volcanic Eruptions!
Links –
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this is a volcano breakthrough scientists now have a new method to predict when volcanic eruptions will occur they've been telling us for quite some time from USGS and other agencies that it's impossible to predict earthquakes even though they work with statistics and can predict just about when to expect a major earthquake now they have a new method of finding out how magma can be viewed can be assessed to see when another earthquake another volcanic eruption will be probable this is by tom fish from Express UK the volcanic eruptions could one day be predicted this is after cutting-edge research in one of Europe's most volatile volcanoes comes to light as we know one of the worst is the campi Flegrei it's a supervolcano in Italy and a lot of the Italy volcanoes are quite active right now Stromboli and Etna for example now a new method designed by a multinational research firm could potentially allow geologists to predict how a volcanic eruption will occur with great precision they say they combine physics and statistics and the new technique reportedly chases the magma to understand what path it will take from the depths of the Earth's core magma as we know frequently does not spew from the mound main mouth of volcano it can find other routes for example features or dykes and even fractures earth fractures now this example is what happens in iceland's bardarbunga eruption is what happened in August 2014 and also in Hawaii's Kilauea in August 2000 18 this is why volcanologists are faced with serious challenges to predict what will happen with the aim of minimizing the risks of volcanic eruptions to the populations in the areas while this research led by Italian scientist dr. Eleonora revolta she developed a new technique which can be invaluable for planning and exploitation of the soil in areas at risk dr. Eve Alta says when trying to predict how an eruption will occur in the main difficulty lies in the fact that magma is transported underground and because of this obviously it's not visible with the naked eye we can't see what's happening underneath researchers have only been able to employ precise monitoring tools in the last 20 years and this reveals dynamics by helping them with computer models dr. Eve Alta explains that the new volcano prediction combined two levels of analysis she says those methods are used up to now our base either only on statistics and now is analyzing the sites in which the previous eruptions occurred more frequently or only on physics that is calculating the paths that offer the least resistance to the magma in the first case the available data are not sufficient to drop a fairly accurate map well in the second case the forces involved are difficult to assess accurately as she goes to explain we have combined the two methods based on the physical method but calibrating it so that it is compatible with the eruptive now researchers demonstrated the validity of this new technique they tested it in the flagger Ian fields in the captive legree meaning the fields of fire in Europe your most dangerous supervolcano one of the areas with the highest volcanic risks on earth and it's a supervolcano as we know the area extends for more than six miles as 10 kilometers it has about 80 fractures in the ground that have erupted with regularity in the past 15,000 years so the researchers concluded quote the most difficult part was to make the method valid for every volcano the secret lies in quantifying well all the forces of the subsoil which will always be different and recalibrate the model every single time the flagrant feels her captive legree meaning to burn is a large supervolcano in the west of Naples Italy declared a Regional Park in 2003 the caldera consists of 24 craters and volcanic edifices most of them lie underwater though hydrothermal activity can be observed in the area of Luke Renault nano and the town of Port Wally there are also effusive gaseous manifestations at the solfatara crater sulfur sulfuric acid sulfuric cassis the mythological home of the Roman god of fire Vulcan this area is monitored by the Vesuvius observatory the area features Braddy seismic phenomena which are most evident in the mess elem of pozzuoli bands of four holes left by marine mollusks on marble columns show that the level of the site is in relation to the sea level has varied the flagrant period thought to have erupted in the volcano eruption of about thirty nine thousand hundred and eighty years ago erupted 200 cubic kilometers of 48 cubic miles of magma to produce the champion in Buda England eruption with a volcanic explosivity index of seven the second flagrant period was between thirty-five thousand ten and a half thousand years ago the third flagrant period between eight thousand years ago up to five hundred years ago material forms the majority of volcanoes in the fields and more recently the recent history the caldera now is essentially at ground level accessible on foot containing many fumaroles from which steam can be seen issuing over 150 fools in 1538 and eight-day eruption of the area deposited enough material to create a new hill Monta no ever and it has risen about seven feet from ground level since 1970 a 2009 Journal article stated that inflation of the caldera center near Pozzuoli might presage an eruptive event within decades of course we would expect that if you have something kind of an a rising of the ground of course it would mean an eruption in 2012 the International continental scientific drilling program plan to drill two and a half miles below the earth's surface near pompeii in order to monitor this massive molten rock chamber below and provide early warning of an eruption local scientists are worried that such trillion could itself initiate an eruption or an earthquake in 2010 the Naples City Council halted the drilling project program scientists of the drilling was no different from industrial drilling in the area the newly elected mayor allowed the project to go forward Reuters article emphasized that the area could produce a supervolcano that might kill millions now in August 2017 there was a magnitude 4 earthquake on the western edge of camp a flagrant area and we know that of course it's a very volatile very delicate place and we also know that we have a list of various listing of let's see the volcanoes in Italy there's quite a few and this is Wikipedia I'm reading from there's at least 40 40 the ones that have most recently erupted our rule cine 104 BC will canelo 1550 volcan volcano at 89 now Vesuvius erupted in 1944 Panta Pantelleria in 1891 in and also Ferdinand era in it's a submarine volcano 1831 campi Flegrei in the sea of Cecilia in 1911 again can't be Flegrei 1538 and there's many others here that were a lot older than that 10,000 years ago 5,000 BC and the like I'll leave links below for you for this if you'd like to join me on my patreon account you will hear content not covered by mainstream media these riveting stories will be based on my research and I will state my opinions and give my personal insight on diverse and controversial subjects and world events and that's not covered by mainstream media and not certainly on not supported by YouTube's guidelines so whatever I have on my patreon most of those will not be on my youtube channel please consider becoming a member today more of the the most significant and important videos will be on my betrayin channel your support helps me to continue my research and keeps this YouTube channel alive and we depend on your support your generous charity because we help economically challenged families here in Athens Greece in capita and we also help the young generation with university tuition and the community around our church thank you you

Bravest Cameras for Wildlife!

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Malala Yousafzai Story: The Pakistani Girl Shot in Taliban Attack | The New York Times

Class Dismissed: A 2009 documentary by Adam B. Ellick profiled Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl whose school was shut down by the Taliban. Ms. Yousafzai was shot by a gunman on Oct. 9, 2012.

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Malala Yousafzai has become an activist after the Taliban attack. For her work she became the youngest ever Nobel Laureate. She is best known for human rights advocacy and education of women.

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Malala Yousafzai Story: The Pakistani Girl Shot in Taliban Attack | The New York Times

7 Mysterious Creatures Created By Scientists #2

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From The Chicken without feathers to the Spider that was produced by cloning with a plant , Here are 7 Mysterious Creatures Created By Scientists

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92 Historical Photos of 19th Century Ending (Between 1896-1900)

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92 Historical Photos of 19th Century Ending (Between 1896-1900) | Support –
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Deep Sea Creatures [National Geographic Documentary 2017 HD]

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Deep Sea Creatures [National Geographic Documentary 2017 HD]

The Deep sea creature refers to organisms that live below the photic zone of the ocean. These creatures must survive in extremely harsh conditions, such as hundreds of bars of pressure, small amounts of oxygen, very little food, no sunlight, and constant, extreme cold. Most creatures have to depend on food floating down from above.
These creatures live in very demanding environments, such as the abyssal or hadal zones, which, being thousands of meters below the surface, are almost completely devoid of light. The water is between 3 and 10 degrees Celsius and has low oxygen levels. Due to the depth, the pressure is between 20 and 1,000 bars. Creatures that live hundreds or even thousands of meters deep in the ocean have adapted to the high pressure, lack of light, and other factors.

The depths of the ocean are festooned with the most nightmarish creatures imaginable. You might think you’re safe, because these critters live thousands of feet down in a cold dark abyss, but the vampire squid, which looks like a nightmare umbrella, and the frilled shark—a literal living fossil—will live on in the recesses of your mind long after you’ve clicked away. Enjoy these deep sea horrors and try to have a relaxing day afterward.

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Extreme A&E – Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg | Medical Documentary | Documental

On the final stop of his worldwide journey Dr. Kevin Fong heads to Johannesburg, South Africa to visit a trauma unit that has an extraordinary record at treating patients, using very limited resources. Whilst there, Kevin observes a trauma team who is trying to save a man’s life after he was involved in a barroom brawl. Plus, the doctors must act fast after a father is rushed into the hospital with a suspected broken neck.

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Welcome to Reel Truth the home of amazing documentaries! Here you will find full episode documentaries and documentary series, covering true crime, medical, science and more.

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Bitcoin Live : BTC Broke Critical Resistance! Episode 620 – Crypto Technical Analysis

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Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and RIpple (XRP) Analysis. Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis and Cryptocurrency News.

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you tell who I feel like you take me you take me I feel like you take me you take me I feel like you take [Applause] the traders welcome to episode 620 of the show you could be doing anything but you're here and I really appreciate that sorry like kind of running around errands and stuff and my dad's over here we're trying to fix my something with my ring and stuff like that and it's got my new Wi-Fi so like everything's broken right now so anyway whatever but hey man the corn did it right the corns doing it it's doing things 10,000 420 is that a joke nine looking good man looking real good the trade set up from Sunday the 28th holding in there man getting closer and closer closer and freaking close remember the bullish divergence on both oscillators the remember the stats was the first four-hour RSI bullish divergence we had actually seen since February a dish of this year a long time really long time so there you go man don't take heed of that stat that have been throwing out whatever dudes anyway the wick if you can't see it because it's right here the wick went down to like 90 100 s at our stop below X as suggested by Casey Stubbs and the ultimate harmonic first probably taking level is at a second profit-taking level is at C for this bullish cipher so getting closer and closer to it Brad not bad man not bad at all so we're just continuing to climb we broke the critical resistance which was around ten thousand two hundred very good stuff on the daily if you ask me man all right hey what happened as discussed man we never hit the a day at six not yet did if you break ten thousand seven eight hundreds I mean cuz that's a square up up here we know that there's a square up up here but like we can break above that dudes you might not be getting your your 786 the whole market was coveting Ryan oh my god man we got to have it it might have stopped in his tracks on the potential double bottom but anyway looking left talked about this yesterday how good it was we were breaking this area we were around 10,000 yesterday and guess what continuing to climb no real overhead resistance chat historical overhead resistance until eleven thousand two hundred thirty just saying man so good good I guess we can go to good sandwich we've been looking at all right please understand that where we are looking left besides the stuff we manufactured recently there's nothing here there's absolutely nothing here I mean you might have a small resistance at ten eight ten thousand eight hundred but really the overhead resistance 11 – well that's not showing up man no the four-hour that's I got my scuffed Adam and Eve double bottom where's my good one dude did none of that save it all whatever dude I'll just do it right now we'll do a live F is f s– in the chat okay give me a set man so went live early you know price action a little bit of it a little bit of the cause but also because because I it will be a travel day for me tomorrow so I will not be able to be as attentive to content creation because of the again the travel which is cool man you know whatever but sorry man OCD on this stuff kind of sometimes so I do it privately but it just didn't save or something so potential Adam and Eve double bottom and it's not confirmed as a pattern as a real pattern until it breaks 11,000 137 and we know up there at those levels very critical overhead resistance look and left so dude getting up to those levels I'd be great profit taking levels if we can get up there and be really good profit taking levels because if we hit it we may fail miserably and sell off but as it stands now it's beautiful beautiful development and all we did was talk about it but if he didn't believe man whatever and it's not even like it was just an Adam and Eve double bottom developing it was like that bullish cypher that was there and like we didn't get stomped out because the and the thing is we had to have a pretty large rewards on that pattern because were stop-loss was because we were worried maybe I was worried about maybe something stupid like that happening and it not falling below it and it did and we just didn't it was good man it was all good so who's laughing now chat who's laughing now all the people call me crazy I guess I am crazy a little bit but whatever man we all are we are all a little crazy man you didn't know so that's it dude unfortunately with Bitcoin bringing the upside being up 3% today the other big boys they're all down there all in the red today like very little movements with this price action from Bitcoin get rekt okay speaking of interesting though right it does look pretty good how we're just holding the support man but where is the price action you were making you're not really making higher highs then your previous eyes at all – it's just like and you're still very much in the downtrend on a theory up you have not broken out anything jeez man trend is still down Kenya of course trend is down until you break looks like 12k more so alright so I don't think it's an actual real ascending triangle people could argue and say this is the same as that but that's not part of the reaction hi look this was part of the impulse down right when you bought them you want a rally create the so wall sell off and then rally again to the same spot and that's a reaction hi we'd sold again Brad Mitch what first cell level are you suggesting for BTC just a percent or all it was ten eight and then 11 one roughly 10 18 level one yeah that's for me though that that's for me around an intra around ninety four hundred okay so and that's it's really all justified with my reward to risk got a three point zero four roared risk on the first profit or on the first you know reward or risk and then my second one is three point six nine so they're pretty close together but again it's X and a it's of the patterns and that's like you can use Fibonacci but in this situation just felt like we're we were showing the divergence and the shortening of the thrust was really a big part of it to where it's like you sold off but barely and you just held and then you started kind of rounding a little bit whatever the eve Jill thank you for the twenty of it else helps and it's just 50/50 I mean like I don't know like because the thing is we know that it's not just a cypher right not just the bullish cypher now it's like at the time when a to the entry the double bottom had not it wasn't even real it there was no movement there was no action it was like it could have just kept selling off or could have bust the upside there but it went sideways and then a stupid little wick down kind of gave us the rounding action of the the eve bottom and so now it's making me think a little bit more like hey if we could ever break that 11:1 area we've got 11 – looking left so that's not gonna be easy especially you just go straight up to it you might pull back before then maybe we could see some consolidation at 11 1 where we sell-off flag descending broadening wedge pin it's something right give me indication ibly we might break out above the neckline of the potential Adam and Eve double bottom it'll again 11 1 I should be looking at it and you just again like show it right so right up here that's 2nd profit-taking level because that for me is the top of the pattern a cypher pattern but it's also the neckline it's also critical resistance all kinds of stuff up here not gonna be easy to break there's also a square up way up here – also square on the 60-minute yeah square up at major square up at like 10 9 10 9 5 0 alright that's the most Signet the next most significant to square up but now you got to think just remember there's now a square up down here right around 10,000 55 just like there was a square up down here at like 9 7 alright so if you ever do so off there you go man you're very robots on the 60 minute you're at 79 for our you're overbought – man barely though you just got it right like seventy two point six five so nice nice break out of the resistance right and why were we struggling right here well you can call that absorption Blanc was asking or talking about it right I gave the description of it right so what is absorption when you're rallying like this especially double bottom looking stuff you're confirming to the market that the bottom might be in for now at least temporarily your rally up then you hit this critical resistance area is that a joint mitzvah let me hear it man who let the dogs out which side right is it the stock market side or the Bitcoin side because stall market at a nice early you know an open that was nice and then it's the hold President Trump tariffs news came out or whatever and then bull market dumped and larlie brought up a good point there was a no a nice square up on the S&P 500 today so all those exchanges offloaded their position at a break-even price and then the dumpin in came after that shortly after that square Trump tweeted it shortly after the square piz what I mean all right so a self-fulfilling prophecy or was it something bigger it was it people scared with Trump stuff okay so my house about to say something sorry that threw me off crap train of thought we were in a discussion on something it happens sometimes man crab dude because when I get on one train of thought and then it shifts to another train of thought sometimes can be tough to get back to what I was talking about before so want to remind me or something I mean it was the Ilan contribution is that a joint so oh my god hey it's the first of the month best time to join the patreon if you enjoy the stream and you know want to learn more about what I'm doing we learn more about Adam Edo bottoms when we learn about harmonics and we learn about through and on Chi equities to channels and all that is that a joint Bitcoin but stop if I was nice dude shopped up 10% on earnings it gapped up um and then you know I mean dude for the amount of selling it happened on the SP five wonder it was oh yeah it together daily maybe yeah look at this for the amount of selling the market had I mean I guess it was up 10% at 3:53 yeah it's opt-out 350 68 and closed it looks like 340 181 Dane and pulled back that would make sense with the macro but the potential Adam and Eve double top looks like that's getting invalidate it right I mean it was like the same type of setup that big one had but on a daily timescale sorry man just gotta make it right the atom and then you had the eve the nice rounding action it was beautiful of a potential pattern but again you know Bukowski talks about he doesn't trade or wouldn't trade three weeks going into earnings right because stuff like this can happen he doesn't matter what the pattern looks like if your earnings coming up I can just completely destroy any type of pattern alright but yeah I think man a lot of volume came in and you pulled back with the macro look if it's gonna be a lot tougher for this asset to continue its rally if the macro wants to keep selling off macro being again S&P 500 I look at it real quick right now for some people that care you know what don't which is crazy but here you go big bearish engulfing candle right look how incredible was we were beginning to bullish ly engulf the first four hours of the day today $300 and then closed the last you know 60 minutes all the way down and look the rest of the day the last four hours of the daily session you bounce you hit 294 16 look left right previous all-time highs you're back testing and now a monkey-ass set up an alert oh my god chat looking weak hey man look at the four hour that mother of god this bearish divergence on a four-hour hold on a sec all right sorry uh my dad just got a bad transformer so for something or it's gonna get it fixed all right so whoops what's up doing man with the truck oh yeah yeah yeah trendline see all right look at that man like I was like every time you made a high a higher high higher high and a slightly higher high you're making lower levels of relative strength so that's a nasty nasty bearish divergence you know but extremely bullish conditions you know so even with this plan out all right you're getting closer and closer to oversold territory so but you still got some room to run the downside before our plenty rooms around on the daily though right yeah yeah that yeah if you can't hold this looking like your Nick support it's gonna be down to 86 there's a lookout man look out I think we had make this line that weakly I think we had some sort of like ascending broadening ledge we're just like an up slipping flag and I think we broke the support there not good man it's a to red days in a row decent amount of volume on that look at this man 43 on the RSI so marker participants they wanted to they'd have plenty of room to push this to lower prices all right similarly the 16 minutes it was a beautiful man look this is the square up right here the larlie was talking about man okay that was the square of right there hilarious man you opened rallied hit it and then dumped after the square up after the exchange I floated their position and a break-even price see you buy crazy man oh yeah I did want to get no one gets stuck on the stock market since uh crypto connect people got to have their crypto that's cool man I don't really know why you're that concerned I mean we look at a theory I'm nothing dude we're gonna look at litecoin nothing dude nothing yeah you broke out of the downtrend congratulations but very weak follow through you're not really doing anything this thing should be much higher with Bitcoin price action doing what it's doing man think about it if it's not going anywhere when big ones go in places higher when big one sells off this thing's just gonna go so off right could probably fall back into this channel or try or sorry the pattern but hey at least the divergence right here pull a bounce it played out man don't you sleep on bullish evidence on the 4:00 hour man yeah bearish divergence on the daily on the stock market as well yes I I completely agree with you sorry man didn't bring that up hey I don't even have to move my uh yeah there were certainly bearish divergence on them daily yes on both oscillators on the S&P absolutely in the short-term and like that more midterm – right pull it up real quick for you all right so you had that RSI bear separately that's high and just slightly higher high lower those real strengths but then you had not just there you also had think about it a high here and then a slightly higher high here and a much lower level of strength so in the more mid term a little bit more mid term and short term you had it and it has turned into you know five dollars down you know on a on the pretty much the sole the stock market that's pretty significant it's pretty crazy man alright yep so a little interjection right there for you alright litecoin so again it's like okay dude it's actually kind of showing a little bit of bearish divergence on how do you even do that man like how are you doing this come on that ik high slightly higher high and on your slightly higher high there is a lower level of relative strength on the four-hour give me a break man but if it ever did break out okay there's square up at 11779 square up but 131 and those are the major ones but you know I just don't playing a descending triangle or sorry descending broadening wedge this large you know these are targets man on swing trading very large patterns like this this is a man 100% retraced the top of the pattern and the 1 to 72 from the high to low hey bro can you show us what confirmation on a breakout looks like Brad Adrienne thanks for the 1099 euros sure man we have a break good what do we have a break could go on and we looked at it the other day I think it was a stock doe it's just gonna Bitcoin cash for the sake of alright confirmation on a breakout could be right here could be Bitcoin cash where you had price contraction there was a down sloping resistance you broke it look how the price action responded to this down slipping resistance you broke out of it step one what is also what you got you really want okay because it gives the whole market some more confirmation right everyone in the world seen the same thing you're seeing when they plot this you hit this support and you back tested it when it was once a resistance it became support very important all right now we didn't break couldn't go here which is a the strongest form of confirmation but we did rally we had a hammer at a bullish hammer rally but we're not making higher highs yet not yet man so what you want to do I wish I could like simulate like candles and stuff on here but I can probably have in my folder somewhere that breaking good let me see if I made something thanks again Adrian man be under patterns or to be under candlesticks Dayman oh nice okay here we go so this is what a break hook and go looks like okay this was Bitcoin by the way and this is Bitcoin on the way up I think this was like under 10k for sure alright so when you have a resistance and you break the resistance this was an ascending broadening wedge pattern we broke out of it then we back in the next candle we back tested the area that was once a resistance we had seen multiple times as the support and then after that the break the hook and then the go is the bullish engulfing candle so it can be a three candlestick pattern it can also be four five six however many right it just keeps back-testing until you eventually get that bullish and golden candle look it was like a break who can go but then it was like indecision back test three back tests and then another bullish engulfing candle and then see you bye we gone did Hadrian let me know if that helps at all man it's all about how you respond to breakouts are you gonna back test you're gonna fall right back in it because trend lines get broken all the time chat but it's all about their response after the breakout right it is the follow-through price action well gay men do you join us live stream and their like button that bill that sub thanks for the nearly 800 people here with the poor altcoins getting no love but maybe we're just uh maybe Bitcoin cash could be set over higher prices man I mean this is kind of the price action you get on breakouts before a bigger move up something to think about man you just think about uh you could do something just free-balling it man say we're back testing this you can have a pretty tight stop here because there's a decent amount of support horizontal line support all right you just keep it below that and then you could you would have oh my god like I'm Vic one cash them have the opportunity here even a failed man like you don't care about it if it breaks below 306 but this could very well if you can stay above this long enough you might have a shot dude 384 first target maybe the 415 the second target I mean it broke the downtrend it's showing a higher load double bottom bro sorry let me uh who was first I think it was mr. senton they show the trend more clear I don't know man like yeah they just someone else asked about it in the past maybe they share the trend clear but I don't know man it's if look you can study it and study and study and if it works for you that's great man I just stick with good old-fashioned Steve nice and Japanese candlesticks man all right it's just though it is but if you got some system that works for you dude there's so many different ways to trade to analyze assets fine will works for you and stick with it mr. Stinson okay all right let me uh well of course Oh Claudia man-bra thank you for the $8 96 cents of aetherium classic crypto contribution so it's happy you're here man keep on trucking sometimes you can get shown the lights and the strongest of places if you look at it right gangs gangs Andy Claudio man gangs D I think when we were on Sunday when we were like rounding out on that potential Eve bottom of the atom potential Adam and Eve dole bottom like really low numbers people not want like okay dude like now we got people watching cuz big ones moving up it's like well there was bullish divergence on both oscillators I don't know what you're doing you leave the market when there's good opportunity and then you come back to try to FOMO in it's like that's just not how it works man on how it works thank you should be like this man you got to have Bitcoin play ball man but again I just I just fear the way Bitcoin is rallying and these all coins are not they're all in the red today still like how how much how high does Bitcoin have to go for these assets to move with it and at what point does Bitcoin pull back some and then these alts are gonna pull back wait like just as hard as Bitcoin pulls back see that's the problem with these alts right now they're little action going on with them okay

[ REACTION ] Jim Henson vs Stan Lee Epic Rap Battles of History & ERB Behind The Scenes

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what's good Tim shieff and Michel boy L I'm back with another reaction video man how y'all feel welcome back to the channel and get right let me get right listen we back with another but bottles I'm pressed right listen we back man and we got Jim Henson versus Stan Lee we got the creator of the muffets versus the comic book creator probably one of the greatest comic book creators of all time man by the square off and go at each other in the rap battle man are y'all ready for this i'm hype for it so real quick before we get into this battle that I'm salivating over listen if you new city China please take the time and go ahead and hit the subscribe button man let's get the lights up give your boy a light man shoutouts to y'all for that give me the life all right you see the social media links up there in the corner please get your boy and follow alright with that being said let's get to the battle man I'm height ready bottles up s tray let's go word washer yeah see he had all the condoms behind them right yeah look all the comics and anything back there behind [Applause] with a secret identity of a super EXTREME super he's doing that with the muppet like I can't wait to yard and know we gonna get to be behind the scenes right after that so make sure y'all stay – but I want to see how he liked his voice how is he doing everything like that leg I already know this was pre-recorded – what I'm saying like his voice that he's using it is definitely dope and brings an extra you know what I'm saying – his verse so this is pretty blow he did his own thing and now you've made it clobberin time you taught children to count then smell then you tie your own kids out of your white doing a research man maybe doing the research to give blows down dead smell and you tie your own kids how to drop your white powder then you slap that ass then I'm telling you ensign you wouldn't like me when I'm angry mmm I love a body boomba turtleneck like a Doozer stick and put you out to pasture like mr. Hooper I'm sorry Jim sometimes I can't control my rage honestly there's a lot of things you can't control it my age ya just gotta let it flow or you get old I guess I don't know we got something to look forward to they say I miss you you were gone DUSU you were like watching a beautiful sunset between us we're two mine's the same time there is no man with what we left behind I shoulda known it was leading into somebody else the way they were saying it setting it up doing the building up in anything oh now you want to talk about somebody who has an empire he'll probably controls everything but you know Disney hands in everything bro let's not even talk about tell get back to work ah yeah I was probably leaning towards Jim Henson but uh Disney coming in right now I'm just taking over Mardis with only three holiday oh hey not only is he stunting on him I burned man a little ways they starting like my daddy he's stuntin like my daddy right now just that like Big Daddy like they daddy look he said with only three one circles I dominate the planet I mean can you argue with him you know he came in like Floyd Mayweather you know how flowy like the stunt he came in life Floyd how long do we got more with it oh no it's just another two minutes of bed but I like blowing sterno you know how flowy like money Mayweather like the skillet you know he came in just like that and told him to get back to work I'm ready to see behind the scenes how about y'all y'all ready to get to it let's do it man that was that was a dope battle [Applause] you recorded Jim Henson over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again Wow all those pieces are a different take and there's that set of takes and then this set of takes it happens because I'm not trying to sound like me and like get a performance I'm trying to sound like somebody else I get a performance out of them or sometimes you'll nail it rhythmically or musically but it's like that was some other dude snuck in there it doesn't even have to be the exact impression of the domain do I do i dude who isn't that performance bro so that had to take a lot you could go on a senior cruise oh yeah I'm gonna senior cruise like cruise right up to the ladies and be like let's pull this ship at a point you know [Applause] so puppets I had to learn how to at least fake my way through it I just don't think Jim ensign would show up to a battle without Kermit you know for a few weeks the studio was just full puppets I wanted to have that sort of thing around me while we were writing it and while I was trying to figure out how would you Manson rap so I just surrounded myself with puppets I figured that was a decent place to start he definitely had a lot of puppets one time when I was young man do what a door television salesman came to the house we buried him in the we thought it would be cool for Stanley to use Jim Henson's strength against him a little bit so we found a puppeteer in Los Angeles his name is Jess McKay and he made this awesome Stanley puppet it was also a little bit of a tip of the hat to Stanley because Stanley always makes cameos in his Marvel movies children to count and smell and you tie your own kids how to drop your wife hotter than you you just call me checking out epic Lloyd's new website which was designed using Squarespace and Squarespace helps millions of people build their own professional-looking websites including epiclloyd himself hello dude I thought you were gonna come onto the ship why would I come out of the shadows so we could tell people Squarespace which has intuitive and easy to use tools that let you design professional looking websites regardless of your skill level yeah but we already told them that in the last two video did we tell them that they have state of the art technology and make sure the website is secure yep did we tell them they're trusted by millions of people and some of the most respected brands in the world yeah we told them all that well did we tell them that they should go to the slash ARB and start a free trial today with no credit card required and receive 10% off the first purchase yep you should just go do that didn't treat the Muppets like they were living things when they weren't being used you know put them in boxes and stuff so in keeping with a house trying to treat this casually this Kermit puppet and I couldn't I get like Agron you sitting uncomfortably I'd be like oh it looks uncomfortable you go fix it but apparently is not it was not treated Jim Henson Jim Henson died in 1990 and I think I was in eighth grade and I remember really clearly that he was the first person from TV or movies or Hollywood or celebrity when he died that like really broke my heart we felt like that had to be touched upon in the song because I feel like a whole generation of kids felt the same way he'll be sadder than positive right on top of it getting a little teary at some of this most most yeah he nailed that part with Kermit on his butt yeah he nailed that where that ball was fired to be though the internet thought that you died 12 years ago so we wanted to make a shot to show just the vastness of all the things that Disney makes we spent a whole day just filming Mary in different wigs different costumes what we wanted to do is make it look like an old-timey you know wah Walt Disney was alive animation studio is this kind of a bird's-eye view of what all the layers of video are and this is the camera moving through it so you get this oh that goes on forever feeling and that's the basic idea so I just took a nap in the makeup chair and I woke up in my hair straight this is great no I want this all the time Wow oh this is where everything's been going wrong all the years by you four billion so you can play around right well history support by man they got a seems like a close-knit staff of people that they work with man that that makes everything probably flows so effortlessly man so they they got that whole setup man salute to them they continue to put out that great content that we know and love man this was fiery I could have me the conversation let me know what y'all think make sure you leave your boy a like man let's get the lights up and stick around and stay tuned until the next reaction video I'm out peace y'all stay solid hey what we do here just go back back back

Circlemakers pt6 of 18 (3hour!) documentary

Circlemaking in the UK has been going on for many years. Hear from Circlemakers why they make circles and why some of them believe circles attract strange effects and stranger people.

Circles cropcircle UFO Conspiracy Paranormal Hoaxing Wiltshire Stones Megalith
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anomaly appeared on Shirley after that time I started making circles and that very day when I went out and took that photograph was a kind of weird conversion for me because it was also the first day when I really twig that circles probably will made by people but at the same time I experienced something which was seemed genuinely and still seems genuinely anomalous and that's really set the tone for for my circle making activities since then and which was in 1991 since that time I've had probably half a dozen sightings some of them have been photographic mostly have not been mostly they've been whilst I've been constructing a circle and as a consequence of that have been witnessed by a numbers of people including on two occasions journalists and these are mainly flashes of like a board of light and a column of light as well recently that we were witnessed and they've inspired me to go on and other things as well so I've also made another series of artworks based on those experiences absolutely bizarre coincidences hand all of the time I can remember early my early circle making days in the early 90s when I made a formation and overnight another another circle was added to it which was actually on the diagram that I had with me but we decided not to put that circle on the formation I came back the next morning and the circle was there I didn't know what to make of that a time and I guess I still don't really well it's clearly not a new art form because dock bar has been making circles for 20 years and in my opinion actually he has done something absolutely remarkable and and kind of deserves the credit which I'm sure will never get for it unfortunately but in addition to that I think that there is a tradition in the paranormal of intervention creative intervention by individuals that probably stretches back for centuries I think you can see that in many many different forms from UFO photo us too perhaps going right back even to the Turin Shroud to seances and spiritualists in the 19th century there is a tradition of some form of sort of creative intervention which merges on deception sometimes and crop circles are just another manifestation of the same thing I think making a formation yeah can be very very exciting I suppose I mean certainly you do get you get a kind of adrenaline hit from it but the adrenaline haze is is I think due to being an extra it very very extreme situation which also is quite alien in many ways you're either pupils dilate massively so your whole experience visual experience and your senses your visual senses are a completely thrown it's so much like seeing in kind of infrared or negative or something it's impossible to judge distances shadows appear well it shouldn't be things move on the corner of your eyes what color your eyes play all kinds of tricks with you and then at the same time you've got this technical challenge of putting something in a field and an incredibly short amount of time that is really pushing what's humanly possible to do added to which you're trying your damnedest not not to be caught in any way so yeah it can be it can be pretty exciting pretty hairy I've no idea actually what crop circles are for I make them because I'm an artist and that I see them functioning as art pieces in a very public way I think other people think that they may be other things and for other things so beyond that already say well there's a number of things and designer of the circle that are interesting and I think characterized formations or the recent formations anyway over the last few years that they contain often we design them so they contain very specific geometric relationships which are usually related to the division of a circle by two three four five or six parts and as a result of that the geometric ratios they contain develop into geometric patterns from those basic divisions another thing as well about the des sciences but they often we often try and make them so that they somehow resonate with images that are found a nature or images that are found at least in notions about nature so I mean that would include things like spirals or other geometric shapes that you might find in a natural setting yeah i mean the sources for some of the designs for circles the nature itself many of the circles of the last few years nature on sometimes on a micro microscopic level both on a map on a macro level as well i provided the inspiration for the symbolism of the circles as well as various geometric relationships that are embodied in those natural symbols we started crop circles that's a mile upon and i pretty much when the season was drawing to a close and I remember being the milk Hill masterpiece a wonderful Frank to all I met Colin Andrews and staff had a chat and though it is absolutely knowing with certainty then they will do as a man-made phenomenon by and large but when I discovered with certainty it was a man-made phenomenon then the next step was to go and make them and it seemed the most appropriate thing to do I think we just had a big stick at the time just a big pole and we just put down also week when we just put down nice big circle I say it was big for a step but it's only about 80 for the class and the next night we came to the field and we just um put circles everywhere everyone filled all over the place will probably put a while so everywhere we probably for about 24 circles all in all in that field juice circles were rings and just little things in grapeshot and stuff like that and we came back and and that was our first experience really of making crop circles if you ask us what for what reason work did we go into the field to make crop circles and to be entirely honest I think an issue because it's a bit of a buzz right now people might think this this guy is a sad guy why would he go into feel late at night to make cross vehicle for a buzz but I think we wanted to see whether we could make them and where people would see them as the authentic article and and then we felt over time that quite possibly something else was involved and what that something else is we don't really know but whatever there's something there's there seems to be some kind of intelligent response to what we're doing in some intelligent interaction and that's what has really interested in and probably it is taking it to a point now that if we were to make crop circles again which we don't ever get the or not it would it would mean that we'll be doing it for one because you want to make better crop circles bigger crop circles more elaborate and to because we think there's something something else is happening and I think it's something so even the manmade formations they seem to carry something with them sometimes not always but sometimes there's something spiritual I think I'm happening there when i was 16 i remember very clearly very clearly it's indelibly printed on my mind we were staying at my aunt I'm olives in reading and I was there with my various cousins and and this was late at night we're in bed I remember very clearly we had this most incredible experiences side to a car and they were we had balls of light spheres of light orbs of light not beams of light from the tour but orbs of light very clearly orbs of light coming up to the bedroom window illuminating the whole bedroom and then appearing to go over the roof of the house now avatar marking molly was subset that she went outside to get her cat in because he was afraid for the safety of her cat and I remember one of my cousin's was really really excited he was jumping up and down making all this noise and going up and down the stairs and I got to a point where we just couldn't sleep and the kids were playing up and while he threatened mounting Molly threatened if he carried on I'd be hell to pay when his dad came back so I remember all that very clearly and also remember the next morning at breakfast Marty had phoned the Ministry of Defense to find out if anything peculiar been happening that night over that way so all these incidences when Della being printed on my mind yet when I asked my Molly my auntie about their

Women in History Documentary

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History can hardly be complete without talking about the role women played in forming the history of the world. They changed societies and beliefs, being the reason why empires toppled and rose to glory.

Cockatoo finding out he is going to the vet

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Max knows when he sees his carrier that it’s a visit to the vet and gets pretty vocal about it.
Max is saying his own words that only he understands for the most part. The only things I know he is saying is “I don’t wanna” and “What did I say”
He is actually a very happy and loving bird, but like any kid, he needs to express himself every now and then.

Björk – Nature is Ancient

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From “Greatest Hits: Volumen” comes Bjork’s beautiful ‘Nature is Ancient’

‘Nature is Ancient’ was created in conjunction with directing trio Lynn Fox
and features intricate Adam and Eve creatures living in a fluid environment alive with microscopic life clinging on to stalks in the dark atmosphere. Both characters are made up of many translucent layers, skins and jelly-like membranes with the the internal organs still faintly visible inside. The promotion portrays the reproduction of life with the Adam character navigating the black abyss to impregnate Eve, culminating in the growth of a human foetus inside Eve. The whole scene is like looking through a microscope at life as it forms.

Lion Cubs Play With Spy Cam | Serengeti: Behind The Scenes | BBC Earth

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How did the Serengeti crew manage to get so close to its animal protagonists? A boulder cam is the secret to these spectacular shots. Watch Serengeti:

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This pioneering series follows the interconnected stories of a cast of iconic savannah animals over one year. With unique access to a pristine and unspoilt corner of the Serengeti deep in the heart of Africa, this series captures the drama of the animals’ daily lives and the emotional moments they face. Join the lonely lioness, exiled from the pride, the passionate baboon desperately trying to win back his lost love and the cheeky, fun-loving mongoose family on the lookout for a free lunch. Packed full of humour, heartbreak and nail-biting tension, their captivating adventures will keep you hooked. Using groundbreaking filming techniques and an original music score to put you at the heart of the action, Serengeti brings this incredible world of real-life animal drama to the screen in intimate and breathtaking detail.

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oh it's amazing this is a version which is purely to be lion proof they've got no sharp corners they can't get all of it it's all rounded off underneath so they really cannot get that stuff you know if they try and pull it it won't go over the lens is set back purposefully quite a long way so that the Lions don't get in there neither because they've got a rather a big face so this is mr. lion version of Duncan it enables us to just trundle up very slowly to them and then just creep around and get really intimate with the Cubs we get it really close er lowdown angles when they first see it the mum will come first and she'll sniff it and the Cubs are watching and then the Cubs will come over and sniff around but they don't recognize it as skin or meat so they'll just then sort of walk away again and sometimes they'll lie down right in front of it and it's just a unique way of capturing intimate behavior relax is anything hmm well when they've got used to it it means we can be more playful with the machine we can actually move it closer and closer and track with it track along the side of the group and they they accept it very willingly and it's not any threat so of course it gives us a big advantage in getting a camera inches away from a lion and that's what these devices do

Top Gun: The Real Story Documentary

The real story of Dan Pederson and the pilots who started Top Gun, the Naval Fighter Weapons School. Written & Produced by Mike Sobola. Executive Producer & Co-Writer: Brian J. Kelly, Director & Editor: William J. Howard, Field Producer: Sue Morosoli. Through Henninger Media Development. Voiceover: Ron David. Originally aired in 1997.

Oh they're the best in the fleet the best in the country the best in the world but they were those at the height of the Vietnam War the US Navy was losing the battle in the sky from the ashes of defeat rose the greatest fighters school on earth and a new breed of pipe this is the real story of Top Gun April 9th 1965 a hundred years to the day after the end of the War Between the States America is about to plunge into another civil war halfway around the world on the gulf of tonkin in the South China Sea the USS Ranger launches six of the Navy's latest fighting machines the f4 phantom the mission to protect the carrier from enemy aircraft but today the Phantom's are flying in harm's way in 1965 few Americans can find Tonkin Gulf on a map but everyday they're learning more about a Southeast Asian nation called Vietnam in March 1965 the first GIS way to show most expect in one year their tour will be over and so will the water seven years from now the fighting will rage on but in the spring of 65 the US has never lost a war and the skies of Vietnam belong to America or so it seems on April 9th a surprise is waiting for the Navy fighters North Vietnamese beings the phantoms are built for long-range combat the MiG's close in for a dogfight the Phantom's tried to pull away the MiGs are more maneuver after a series of hard terms one of the Phantoms has lost precious airspeed it can't shake its pursuit America was losing the war in the air because one machine was being sent to do a job it wasn't built for I present to you the President of the United States these planes which help protect the security of the United States and the dozens of countries which are associated and allied with us all around the world which would not be free if it were not for the power and the determination of the United States the f4 phantom was introduced at the height of the Cold War amid high hopes it was so impressive that both the Navy and the Air Force boarded the plane the entire focus of both the name in the Air Force was in the late 50s and early 60s was against the Soviet bomber threat we thought that Soviets would come over and bomb Los Angeles and they built the f4 to counter that threat by 1960 for the first time I got to fly the Phantom and phantom and do things no other airplane I'd ever flown could do you know I had one up to Mach 2.38 which at that point in time everything that starts heating up and the warning lights come on you know if we get frictional heating or an airplane just she's reached her she's reached her heat limits the airplane would continue to go would it start coming apart I'd never flown anything that fast among the Navy's fighter jocks the Phantom quickly gained a reputation as a hot airplane with power to spare it could reach sixteen hundred miles per hour and soar to sixty-six thousand feet both unprecedented in a fighter there was only one thing the Navy's version lacked a gun historically and in eternal fight you need a gun the gun is fierce particularly the guns that were available that there were in the airforce Airport it had a Gatling gun 6,000 rounds a minute Gatling gun who put the fear of God and anybody you're shooting at with we never had them designed in the airport instead the Navy ordered the Phantom equipped with eight air-to-air missiles for long-range radar guided Sparrow's and for the new heat-seeking Sidewinders that honed in on the enemy's white-hot engines the weapons were so sophisticated the phantom required a second crewman to fire them called a radar intercept officer or our IO this was revolutionary a phantom pilot could hit a target he couldn't even see On June 17 1965 six f4 phantoms take off from the USS Midway to escort a wave of bombers over North Vietnam in the lead a loo page and is RI o JC Smith as the Bombers finished their run and head for home Smith spots mix on his radar I picked the contacts after about 38 miles the MiGs aren't close enough to find the Phantom's are Smith radios his wingman Jack Batson callsign Batman and I said call Judy which is lock up I said call Judy on the near target the near target we locked on to the far target there were two blips on my scope two blips and they were a mile apart I called our cordial and who's not I said shoot cute you may squeeze down and squeeze down I saw the sparrow fly right by our wingtip we get food two airplanes down that night the Navy celebrated its first kills of the Vietnam War the age of push-button warfare had arrived and the dogfight seemed a thing of the past after every major air war the engineers have moved in and said it's really silly way to fight a war airplane against airplane let's devise a weapon that obviate the necessity for one airplane to go find other plane and after the Korean War we got rid of that said you've got Sparrow missiles we've got new weapon systems will never dog try it again the day of the dog fight was over it's all going to be long range in on the sparrow missiles and and all that stuff and if I'm not mistaken that's one reason that a gun was never put in the Phantom because hey the day of the gun fights over it's all going to be standoff shoots noise to the prophets who foretold the death of the dogfight were about to be proven terribly wrong in the early days of the Vietnam War the battle in the air suddenly took a turn for the worse in the case of mistaken identity two Navy pilots were shot down by their own side in the wake of the tragedy the Pentagon ordered pilots to identify targets with the naked eye before shooting that changed everything along comes Vietnam and we're trying to fight make 17s instead of Soviet bombers and the f4 was thrown into a role that was never envisioned for it the f4 sparrow missile was designed to be fired from at least one mile but now it was being fired much closer in late 1967 phantoms launched 55 sparrows without a single hit worse the phantom smoky engines made it easy to spot the most powerful machine in the air had suddenly become fair game for the cheap agile little Mik the ladies kill ratio plummeted to a dismal two to one it was still shooting down twice as many planes as the enemy was but every time one phantom went down two crewmen were killed or captured in the history of American aviation never had so many sacrificed so much for so little 1967 I was out there own enterprise and to put a real perspective something I think everybody will understand is we lost 17 guys in 11 days the problem was devastatingly simple maybe pilots were forced to fight at close quarters but the Phantom was built for fighting at long range you had to get him close with him you have to identify him therefore you're interested naturally and you better be trained in her account Avenue the ability to dogfight the airplane just like everybody's done in every major engagement with airplane since World War one and we hadn't been trained to do that when World War 1 began both sides were using the biplane simply for spine enemy pilots would pass each other without exchanging more than a way but on October 5th 1940 that chain the French flyer the weaken our open fire on a German plane with a machine gun Konoe recorded history's first air-to-air kill by early 1915 the Germans began sending their planes out in packs of four to ambush lone Allied Pilots in response Britain's Royal Flying Corps issued a landmark or reconnaissance aircraft are at all times to be escorted by three combat aircraft flying in close formation you it was the dawn of the dogfight Amil hero appeared in the skies of Europe the ace in 1916 the German ace Oswald polka wrote the book on air combat the principles he outline still ring truth secure all possible advantage before attacking if you initiate an attack follow it through fire only at close range keep your eye on your opponent attack your opponent from behind if your opponent dives to attack you turn to medium always remember your line of retreat fight in groups of 4 to 6 and avoid several aircraft attacking the same target bucum at his feet after colliding with another german plane as they both go for the same target he died ignoring his own advice within a generation the fighter made a quantum leap forward time itself change in World War one two enemies who were two miles apart met in half a minute in World War two it was ten seconds at the outbreak of the war the Germans ruled the skies with their swift Messerschmitt I'm Telekom up against the English Spitfire the Japanese zero met its match in the American Peter as one side gained the upper hand with machines the other compensated with maneuvers like the barrel roll and the yo-yo the barrel roll was used against an anime that could turn more easily the attacker would simply turn the other way then roll toward his target the yo-yo kept an attacker from overshooting his time when the enemy turned the attackers simply pulled up rolled slightly and dough for the kill by the Vietnam War the lessons of dogfighting were 50 years old but no one was teaching I'd seen 11 months of that war and saw that what they were training us for it was not what was going on on the other side of the pond we were cast in a war that whether we liked it or not there was a lot of fighting and not much winning but America's losing streak was about to come to an end early in 1968 all hell broke loose in Vietnam the North Vietnamese launched the greatest attack of the war the Tet Offensive they struck a hundred cities throughout South Vietnam and fought in the very streets of Saigon by the end of the Tet Offensive most Americans wanted to end the war to help bring North Vietnam to the peace table the Pentagon ordered its pilots not to fire unless fired upon for the mating the order was a welcome reprieve its fighters were dropping like flies in May as Tet was winding down five Navy phantoms jumped to mig-21 the Phantom's launched three sparrows without a hit although outnumbered the MiGs managed to shoot down a phantom the Americans ejected to safety the next encounter wouldn't be so lucky the following month a phantom from the USS America was shot down one crewman was killed the other became a POWs it became apparent that the thing that we had considered to be the number one threat in Vietnam namely anti-aircraft fire was being supplanted by fighter kills captain Frank bolt skipper the carrier Coral Sea knew just how bad things were in two years his pilots had failed to shoot down a single MIG bolt also knew what was wrong I decided that what we needed was what I you for mystical II called a womb to tomb approach let's look at this system not just the weapon not just the airplane but the whole system the pilot they are playing the weapon womb to tomb from the day it's conceived it goes on the drawing board of the industry until finally we send it back for overhaul after firing off one memo after another alt was summoned by two Admirals to explain himself when I was called in and March of 68 I thought not knowing what was the purpose of the meeting that I was being called in to be given hell for rocking the boat and I was quick to bolster my case for all of my arguments and found I'd stepped right into the hole these guys had dug for me which was if you know so much about it why don't you go out there and solve the problem alt made 242 recommendations to solve the problem his findings became known as the alt report one of the worst problems was the treatment of the Phantoms missiles a highly technical 20th century weapon was being manhandled like a medieval cannonball what happened to it got the aircraft carrier was pretty horrifying for example the great American sailor figured that the wings of the missile were to knock the tail fins in place and we got ship loads and missiles which were damaged merely by physical hand they found out that that sparrows and Sidewinders were put on aircraft and they come in 225-250 landings at a time before they're taken off the airplane and even even taken down to the shop to analyze and two or three landings you know it's enough to bang a jar loose the electronics capability in the sparrows or the Sidewinders to negate its capability of firing even if the missiles weren't dunce pilots weren't always prepared to fire them we had pilots that were trying to fire missiles and their armament switches were not armed most of all pilots weren't trained for the kind of close quarters fighting they ran into and be about the solution lay in the most important recommendation in the alt report a new school for Navy pilots we had to happen I mean it's totally different deal it wasn't something that we built a whole board we're going to Train we're going to change something here boy put the big feather and hat that wasn't it we had to do it because too many people were dying we couldn't lose another friend we were dealing in human life this had a sense of urgency beyond anything I've ever done in my life when the OLT report was issued Dan Patterson was training rookie pilots at Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego the job of forming this new school fell into his lap fella named Sam Leeds who was a contemporary of mine in the squadron came to me and he said I got something to show you and he gave me the all report and I read it and he said how would you like to take charge and put together the graduate school that's defined in here Petterson had flown with some of the Navy's best pilots from them he hadn't picked his instructions one was the pilot who made the first MIG kill of the war JC Smith we sat down and looked at that report and he said let's develop some tactics or a school let's get it built where we can change this around and save lives pilots would go back to basics to relearn lessons from the heyday of dogfight but Patterson had no airplanes no budget no textbook he didn't even have a classroom but he had an ace-in-the-hole named Steve Smith come to a point I thought Steve go find a place for the school to set up offices in a ready room to teach out of and get us going he came back about an hour later he said the base is full there's nothing yeah Steve was the kind of guy it's a true story I said I know where there are some double-wide trailers not the modern ones but an old government double-wide trailer and I said I wanted over here he said his Saturday okay as it turned out it took me two cases of beer and a Saturday and by Monday morning a building was there and there was a guy painting it for us from an old trailer and a few gallons of paint a rose a new school of air come back Top Gun 1969 Top Gun was a Quonset hut Top Gun was half a dozen small tables and chairs Top Gun was was cruise coming into the school full of enthusiasm full of passion it was instructors of the same age or younger full of that same passion that same enthusiasm and one other element which was combat experience Patterson and his instructors were flying by the seat of their pants they had only three months to figure out what their pilots needed to know and how to teach it one of the toughest jobs was simply attracting students to a school that hadn't proven it's worth we had to go around talk to the squadron CEO and we said okay what we want though we want you to send your airplane we don't have an airplane we want you to send your maintenance crew to keep these airplanes turning and your best young pilots they frequently weren't thrilled about participating in that so I would have to have suggest that they would call their Air Wing Commander and he would explain to them why they really wanted to do what I was asking him to do welcome to the best five weeks your flying career when class began at Top Gun the first lesson was the oldest rule in the book know your enemy we went back and we reviewed all the encounters our intelligence officer reviewed all the encounters that had been made to date in in Vietnam and we looked at what the makes had done and we started flying that way when Top Gun got its hands on a catch it MIG 17 the instructors could not only tell their students how deadly it was they could show them it was a sobering sight to a man the people that came up and flew against the first hop everybody said I've never seen an airplane turn like that in my life better they should see that in the western United States than over Hanoi in the Nevada skies students and instructors alike made a startling discovery the mick had a blind spot it's pilot couldn't see what was under his own nose because the MiGs jet intake was so large it gave us a real appreciation for the reliability what we're up against the fact in real life when I could look over in an instant literally an instant say he can't see me and I knew melee said he can't see me Ron McKuen would remember this lesson from the Nevada desert one afternoon in the skies over the it Nam the first class to enroll in Top Gun learned a crucial lesson about their plane The Phantom wasn't being outgun it was being outmaneuvered your first line of defense is to is to put your airplane position where he can't shoot you your second line of defense is to put your airplane in position where you can't shoot him the trick with an f4 is you might be able to get behind somebody but you have to get far enough behind him so that you have range to use your missiles and if you're too far behind him he'll be able to turn so that you're not behind him anymore in the skies of Nevada Top Gun pilots learned the MiG could turn faster than the family but the Phantom could climb faster than the MiG and keep climbing until the pilots circled over and came up behind the myth Top Gun devised a tactic to exploit the phantom strength and the MiGs weakness it was as simple as the egg you're fighting ground is shaped like an egg you go up into the vertical you come back over you can get nose tail you just don't get slow with this make we knew we could out-climb e so take advantage of what you got to there new discovery about the mig top gun added an old lesson from the days of dogfighting fight in pairs loose dues formation as we call it two airplanes flying side by side you can maneuver out of that formation in place or you can cross turn a lot of things you can do we didn't develop them that had been done before if you were an adversary trying to attack this body you as you approached you had to rapidly pick one or the other well once you committed to one you became vulnerable to the other so now we begin to work in unison and one may actually be set himself up to be a target and as the adversary would attack him the other would roll in and take advantage of that situation it's like boxing is one of the fighters kept the pressure on him and kept in turn and horizontally down on the bottom of the egg while the other guys up in the vertical top of the egg watching the fight and we just take turns go in and make a pass on him try and shooting in April 1969 after five weeks of intense training nine pilots graduated from the first class of Top Gun the first test of our real success was the reaction of the the air crews that came through the first four teams that came through they were enthusiastic bottom line question is did you learn more what did you learn it wasn't good was it good enough just learn fly the airplane like this is good the rest of it will come over in Vietnam no one knew whether Top Gun had passed the test the Navy was keeping pilots on a short leash as the peace talks dragged on a year went by and dozens of top gun graduates waited to prove themselves there were no engagements and so there was no real litmus test of whether the graduates were doing doing well or not there on March 28 1970 the test came lieutenant Gerry Bertier and his wingman were on patrol over North Vietnam when Billy a suddenly spotted tube leaning dots in the Sun makes holy a swing man took off after one day Oh da dough for the other and began the Eggman ooh the MiG fire the shot went wild the MiG tried to shake will you but he kept circling in the egg now he was looking down the MiGs tailpipe the next shot finished the mega Gerry Bodi a was a graduate of the first class of Top Gun and the first message that came out when he got his MIG was right back to Top Gun and to the rest of the Navy giving fighter weapons school credit for his MIG he didn't even take credit for himself and I've never met a fighter pilot that gave anybody else credit for anything was Top Gun truly a good school with Jerry bully a simply a great pilot or was North Vietnam just having up that day the years dragged by and the war dragged on then in December 1971 the peace talks deadlocked to break the impasse America resumed the bombing April 15 1972 mucks McEwen takes off to protect a squadron of bombers in minutes his radar intercept officer picks up a report bad news we had no more crossed the coast and we got a vector for bandits at bullet flight this is Oswald vector 2 7 8 75 miles for bandits well bogeys has unidentified bandit as confirmed hostile so I said to my ro I said did he say bandits okay he said bandits ask him again Jack I don't think he said dammit and so Jack confirmed bandits he said I confirm bandits well this is it the moment of your lifetime the defining moment of a fighter pilot thing this is it and you're saying here is it 6 o'clock in the afternoon we're going west we're going to be looking into the Sun we're going into right down town close to Hanoi but it's better than no fight at all and you kept taking the vectors from the controller steering us toward the bandits and finally about ten or twelve miles away I finally started picking up a contact right there bug spots the makers mugs called out Tallyho on the nose six eight miles something like that and he saw the glint offered the wings and they came right down between us and we we damn near had a mid-air with one of the 17 s it just canopy the canopy Jack said oh my god it's raining and I looked up and there at four make Seventeen's ring house all of a sudden there was one that Jack said 4:30 and he's gun and do your pilot stuff and I looked up and sure enough there was a guy for 30 was shooting and I can see the tracers going by mugs turned very hard into the make to try to break his tracking solution and the mig-17 had a much better turning radius than the f4 and this guy just turned his nose up like this and just as we were turning he just kept turning inside of us like that the mick now made a fatal mistake as his nose turn the Phantom disappeared right into the blind spot Ron McKuen discovered at Top Gun I looked up and said he can't see me from there and over I know good and well McEwen hit the brakes and that was all it took I came out of burner and pushed forward stick and just flew by out in front of me in the shadow at that instant another MIG was hot on the tail of their wing mayor and so I maneuvered him around and came round chef getting off the six o'clock the battle still wasn't over yet another Mick was closing in on mugs and Jack this one back here at 8 o'clock has become a threat and I'm calling for him to do something do some of that pilot stuff up there because you know we've got a guy back here at our eight o'clock so he comes back looks like that and he agreed with my assessment of it that yes this guy was threat using the egg maneuver he learned the top gun Ron went into a steep climb and circled behind the MiG the MiG fled for home I'm sure he went back in the bar that night and said I don't know about you guys but I fought King Kong outnumbered three to one The Phantom scored two kills in one day after years of fair the Navy finally had caused to rejoice Top Gun at last had proof its lessons worked but even greater proof was yet to come early morning April 22nd 1972 waning days of the Vietnam War in the gulf of tonkin two war planes take off from the USS Hancock to protect bombers striking the Mekong Delta suddenly the Hancock's air traffic controller picks up enemy planes and vectors the Phantom's for an intercept in minutes lieutenant Gary Tucker spots a low-flying mig-17 in a flawless example of the egg maneuver Tucker pulls up into a steep climb and rolls in behind the MiG the mick is a sitting duck then the unprecedented happens the mig pilot ejects he rather lose his plane than lose his life the MiGs adversary was a graduate of top gun Franco the man who rocked the Navy's boat and gambled on Top Gun and won I had no trouble at all buying the idea that this was a way to go the greatest converts were the commanders who once fought sending their best pilots to an untested school I saw what they learned and what they could teach the rest of the people in the squadron I don't think a single one didn't come back and say thank you you did a heck of a job for us as encounters between MiG's and phantoms rose lady killed sword I think 32 aircraft were shot down and 30 of those were shot down by graduates of the school among these were killed by aces Randy Cunningham and Willie Driscoll both graduates of the first top gun class of their five kills three came on a single day one of the real values of Top Gun is is their ability to take the the air crew that they train and get them prepared in such a way that when they walk out the door they have this real sense in their heart that no matter what and we mean no matter what as I'm talking about life or death hanging in the balance they can do it after I went through Top Gun there I never thought that I was going to go up and lose that it gave you the confidence that no matter who you met that your training was going to carry you through the day Willie and I wouldn't be alive today if it hadn't been for Top Gun once we sent top 10 graduates back to Vietnam they did very very well and the ratio change from 2 to 1 to 13 to 1 we were able to show in combat where it really mattered not just studies in classrooms we were able to take the ultra poor turn it into instructors that put people out the front door that dramatically improved the kill ratios in air-to-air combat Vietnam if you say was it worth it did we do the job the kill ratio at the end of the war ended up 12 to 1 in the latter 14 months in the eight-year vietnam war but a kill ratio where Navy had a kill ratio over 21 to 1 that speaks for itself what began as a seat-of-the-pants crash course has developed into the world's best air combat school but lessons are always in danger of being forgotten it's been as long since Vietnam as it was between World War one and World War two we have aviators who have spent an entire career and never been shot it I'm not going to make a judgement but you know historically we'll relearn again things that we've forgotten it's going to take innovative for setting thinking and people continue reminding us that when it comes on to work sooner or later airplanes are going to look at airplanes in the air and they got to shoot each other down the greatest lesson Top Gun taught was that the machine could never replace the man today it's much more tracker to say we have and I got your record that says I got young guy blows up but we still have never dealt with developed that machine we don't have that type of doomsday machine I don't believe we ever will the same tactics that we learn from from the earlier error engagements of history we're still germane they will win again it is never the machine it's the minute you

Four Tet – Scientists

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Four Tet has released a new song called “Scientists” from his upcoming album “New Energy” coming out 29th September 2017!
Preorder it from here:

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Historical Warfare: The Mycenaean Warrior

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The Mycenaean warrior

The Mycenaeans were an Ancient Greek Civilizations during the time of the Bronze Age. Being made up of several kingdoms, the most prominent being Mycenae, the Mycenaeans invest heavily into warfare, and as a result would later inspire the military traditions of the Classical Era Ancient Greece, as well as the epic poems of Homer.

In terms of armour, the most notable example of Mycenaean armour would be the dendra panoply. This armour consisted of a cuirass made up of several layers of bronze. This armour was flexible enough to be comfortable when fighting on foot and provided good protection. Various other types of armour included shoulder guards and additional plates protecting the upper arms. Eventually, scale armour came into use in the later Mycenaean period.

The most common type of helmet worn by the Mycenaeans was a conical one reinforced with rows of boar tusks. This helmet was widely used and was present from the beginning to the collapse of the Mycenaean culture. The helmet was made up of a felt-lined leather cap, with several rows of boar tusks sewn onto it. Bronze helmets were also used, with some having large cheek guards. The cheek guards and the helmets lower edge often had padding to make the helmet both more comfortable and to also help absorb blows from enemy weapons.

An early Mycenaean warrior would utilize a tower shield, which was a large shield that covered almost the entire body. However, as bronze armour became introduced, this shield was less utilized, however, did not completely go out of use. The so-called “figure-of-eight” shields became the most common type of Mycenaean shields. These shields were made of several layers of bull hide and in some cases were reinforced with bronze plates. Later on, smaller, circular shields/almost circular with a cutout part from their low edge were adopted. These shields were again made up of several layers of leather, with a bronze boss and reinforcements, and occasionally were made entirely of bronze.

In terms of weaponry, Spears was the most used. These were initially long, more than 3m and possibly used with both hands. During later Mycenaean times, shorter versions were adopted to accompany the smaller types of shields. These short spears may have been used for both thrusting and throwing.

From the 16ths century BC, swords with rounded tips appeared, having a grip which was an extension of the blade. These swords were 130 cms long. Another type of sword was a single-edged sword made from a solid piece of bronze. This sword was shorter and was probably used for close-quarters combat. These swords were progressively modified with stronger grips and shorter blades.


Cartwright, M. and Cartwright, M. (2018). Trojan War. [online] Ancient History Encyclopedia. Available at: [Accessed 4 Nov. 2018]. (2018). Military of Mycenaean Greece. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Nov. 2018].

Encyclopedia Britannica. (2018). Ajax | Myth, Significance, & Trojan War. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Nov. 2018].

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the Mycenaean warrior Mycenaeans were an
ancient Greek civilization during the time of the Bronze Age being made up of
several kingdoms most prominent being Mycenae the Mycenaeans invested heavily
into warfare and as a result would go on to inspire the military traditions of
classical era ancient Greece as well as the epic poems of Homer in terms of
armor the most notable example Mycenaean armor
would be the Dendera panoply this armor consisted of a cuirass made up of
several layers of bronze this armour is also flexible enough to be comfortable
when fighting on foot and provided good protection various other types of armor
including shoulder guards and additional plate protecting the upper arms existed
eventually scale armor came into use in the later Mycenaean period the most
common type of helmet worn by the Mycenaeans was a conical one reinforced
by of rows of boar tusks this helmet was widely used and was present from the
beginning to the collapse of the Mycenaean culture the helmet was made up
of a felt lined lever cap with several rows of boar tusks sewn into it bronze
helmets were also used with some having large cheek guards the cheek guards and
helmets lower edges were often padded to make the helmet more comfortable and to
help absorb blows from enemy weapons an early Mycenaean warrior would utilize a
tower shield which was a large shield that covered almost the entire body
however as the bronze armor became introduced this shield was less utilized
however did not go completely out of use the so called figure-of-eight shields
became the most common type of Mycenaean shields these shields were made up a several
layers of bull hide and in some cases with reinforced bronze plates later on
smaller circular shields saw almost circular with a cut out part from the
lower were adopted in terms of weaponry spears
were the most used these were initially long more than three meters and probably
used with both hands during later Mycenaean times shorter that versions
were adopted to accompany the smaller types of shields these short Spears may
have been used for both thrusting and throwing from the 16th century BC
onwards sort of rounded tips appeared having a grip with an extension of the
blade these swords were 130 centimeters long another type of sword was a single
edged sword made from a solid piece of bronze this sword was shorter and was
probably used for close quarters combat these swords were progressively modified
with stronger grips and shorter blades thank you for watching and listening be
sure to comment down below what types of historical warfare you would like to see
next be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe
I've been ancient history guy and as always I'll b.cing you later you

Nelson Lakes – Winter Aerial Reel – David Attenborough Voiceover

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Sit back and enjoy some beautiful aerial footage of the Nelson Lakes area in New Zealand during its beautiful winter Season with the spectacular David Attenborough Voicing over.

Filmed and Edited:
Leroy Bull ( DJI Mavic 2 Pro)

David Attenborough Voice Over:
BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation)

human beings venture into the highest parts of our planet at their peril some might think that by climbing a great mountain they have somehow conquered it but we can only be visitors here this is a frozen alien south of the treeline the winters are shorter so trees grow faster and taller and forests begin to appear their variety and complexity is breathtaking each snowflake is water waiting to be released in spring for this reason snow is the lifeblood of these silent forests and all that live here depend on it in one way or another you

YiHi SXMini X Class Auto "Squonker" – Does It Really Work?

This is something interesting. The SXMini X Class is being called an auto squonker…but I don’t really know if I want to call it that. It certainly does auto feed from the bottom, but does that really mean that it’s a “squonker”? Let’s check it out…

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who we got a fancy what a day this is the SX mini ex class it's an auto feeder over to the vapor trail Channel I'm Tony today we're looking at the SX mini X class this is as I said a auto feeder I don't know if I really want to call it an auto squonk everybody's calling it an auto squonk well squawking to me is all about that little bottle it's about controlling your liquid you know how much depress the bottle you know when to press the bottle when you're gonna need it and all that kind of stuff into me that's what squawking is about in fact I think the name squawking came from the sound that makes when it goes or squawk you know that kind of thing so calling it in Auto squawker is kind of a misnomer however I got to say the technology I love to see the advancement in technology this is a nice mod and make no mistakes the SX minis are not inexpensive mods this is a pricing model it's 250 bucks at least I think that's what I saw an element vape calm but you're getting a lot for what you pay for and I kind of consider this out of the China mods you know kind of a high-end mod I also sent along this RDA which is the divine RDA we're just going to take a quick look at that the liquid that I'm using today comes from cloud in a can I cannot remember what show I picked this up from but it's called peanut butter nom noms and well the other day I was like ooh that sounds good I feel like some peanut butter so we put that in there dang it is good this one is made by cloud serum labs it's good stuff so the RDA that they sent I think this is the reason why they sent it is because it's there what do they call this on here what does it say ESS RDA that you see on there either way I know that they wanted me to use it with it so I have been it's a it's a decent RDA I mean he he's not known for making rdas but they you know they do pretty decent so there's a bottom airflow RDA pull this off of here the barrel piece is all one piece and we've got an 8/10 style drip tip which is kind of a little bit juicy right now so I can't pull it off of there there we go yeah with the o-ring on the inside so as SX mini on the side and you'll see in here that it's got little tabs to lock so that when you turn it for airflow adjustment it will lock it either end and it's got a good amount of doming to it there's your airflow down there and the airflow is directly underneath the coils and see something here I'm just gonna do this real quick see if you can actually see the juice it's pumping in there right now yeah you're not gonna be able to see it it's a simple RDA that is velocity style really easy to build because you know you're just putting your legs are gonna be like this anyways just stupid and then you tighten it from the sides it will twist your leads though as you can see right there it's kind of twisted I mean it is a tried and true style deck so I can see why they might have went with that the only thing is that once this is on here you can turn it to either side you got to really tighten it on to the mod in order to be able to adjust it and you just adjust it like that it stops it either side I like it all the way open myself thing is being bottom airflow like that if this thing over pumps when you're using it because it's not a squawk where you just take your finger off the bottle it's just going to keep pumping and if the pumps and gets over can you see the edge that's right below this coil right down there if it pumps over that and gets in there what you're gonna you know have liquid coming out your airflow that is to say you're gonna have to do a little bit of tweaking with this depending on what why did you're using and all that kind of stuff in order to get the pumping to be accurate this thing has a pump that's built into it the pumps out of that we're gonna look at that in just a minute so the box is nice and playing back here in the back it tells you what's inside of here it does have an app and it tells you if you want to check the authenticity you need to do it through their app color on this is carbon fiber magnetic little thing this comes open you got a USB cable here and this is a USB see it's a nice braided cable actually it's not some cheapo cable SX mini on there and there's your USB see now that's really good because if you're gonna do updates firmware updates you can't use the app to do over there updates so you are gonna have to use your computer and USB C does really good with data transfer also got a little envelope in there and inside of the envelope get your SX mini warranty card no their warranty is six months on the mod however the USB is only warrantied for three months I don't know why that is but I mean if it's part of the mod it should be warrantied for the same amount of time you will want to fill this out and you will want to register it because it is not an inexpensive mod ya see right here the warranty period for the device is six months in the USB port is three months from the date of purchasing by the end user then you've got a manual and I'm gonna tell you you're gonna want to read this manual because even though I've read the manual about ten times and I've used this device for at least a week off and on I'm constantly having to go back to it like how did I do again I can't remember yeah so I'm probably gonna miss a few features on this thing but you know there's a lot of stuff on here that I just will never use and probably most people won't but hey there's people who are gonna want to tinker with it there's all your specs I'm gonna leave this up here for a second in case you want to pause that and read through those please feel free to do that I mean the information is easy to understand and it's well-written all right before we take a look at this mod let me turn down the brightness on this screen one two three four five we're gonna go into the settings and we're gonna go let's see if I can remember here oops well look at all these later Oh brightness there is brightness sometimes here's the thing I can't it doesn't want it there let's see now just went back to that okay hold on one two three four five sometimes the touchscreen is not as responsive as I would hope it would be especially for something that is not inexpensive there we go so we're gonna just turn the brightness down so we can see it that's two I mean it goes all the way up to ten it's very bright now people that are puff counter fanatics I know some people are just like I gotta have that puff counter be accurate well it resets every time I take the batteries out of it so we'll just make that as a note right off the bat go over the rest of it I will take the batteries out of it now I'll show you that all right it's got a really sturdy latch on it their door is real solid now they all are gonna have this a little bit of wiggle it has to have that in order to be able to pull you know pull over and close like it's supposed to I think the battery is out of here battery cavity has a plus and a minus on there b1 and b2 battery want to be – I will say the quality of this does feel really good yeah these are some old batteries right here these are the only ones I had that were charged this morning so positive you're gonna put your positive up and you're gonna put your negative up on this one all right we're going to close it over you do want to make sure that you get the latch all the way pushed over and when it comes on it says SX mini powered by the SX 650 jess3 so it's not on yet you got to click it five times one two three four five and it's going to come on takes a second to do it it goes through that whole series of stuff again and now it's on did it turn the brightness back up one two three four five no it's still on – okay all right before we get to all the functionality let's go ahead and look at the rest of the this thing is just it's really solid looking it feels very solid I think this is carbon fiber it's like a carbon fiber sticker it does kind of have a grip enos to it though slightly rubberized which will be good because it helps you to hold on to the mod it's not a small mod I mean it's tall because I have to fit that pump in there and everything in the batteries and your 510 is centered so I think that probably adds a little bit to the height on it the let's pull this thing off of you a little bit of liquid out here so that's just from standard use of this thing here you can see how big that 510 is on here man you could put a 30 millimeter tank on here no problem and you still have a little bit of extra room and you see the quotes Quogue pin that's in there and of course there's one in the bottom of the divine so I'll put that back on here threads feel real good on this and I'd like to tighten it on there real good there we go like that you already saw the battery cavity for it so SX Mini X class it has its ID number on there and their certifications and right back here it says SX mini and there is where your well I'm just gonna I'm gonna call it a tank or a pod because it's more like a pot it's not a squat bottle at all there is no squawking to it it is definitely proprietary and I think you're gonna be able to buy extras it would probably come in a little bag just like that that's an extra one that they sent to me it has a nice big finger divot on there which is also a visual cue so you just pop it down like that and then you can pull it out just like that and that little thing right there is the actual draw where it pumps it up from that plugs into that little hole right there I think this holds about 6 mils of juice this was full this morning and I've been vaping on it for a little bit it's already down to there so it goes through juice pretty quickly actually so this right here well this could be a fill part see there's actually a hole in there if you have like a needle one of those kind of bottles it has an actual needle on it you could probably put it in there the thing is it sometimes backs up and it can come out that hole right there which is where it feeds into that pump thing so you just pull this little plug out and this plug is in there real good and tight there we go so you pull the plug out you fill it right there it's super easy to do I'm gonna go ahead and finish filling this one that was nice dropped it right there hate it when I drop things like that alright so we just dropped the bottle in and fill it up like that then once you're done filling it you just put your plug in like that oops oh you know when I plugged it in there some juice came out of that right there we'll just clean that up a little bit right there and I don't know if you can tell but this thing is not completely full so sometimes stuff does get pushed out of there you'll get a little bit of a mess on the top of this thing so there's a little bit of cleaning to go on with that so when you want to put it back in you just put it like that and then pop it like that and it's popped in let's clean that off real quick like that yeah you know listen if you're using things that are squonk sore bottom feeders at all you probably are used to having paper towel or tissue around sometimes when you're filling them or doing whatever maintenance on them USBC is right down there and yeah I mean the fit and finish on this thing is really really nice it's a little bit heavy because I think it's made with zinc alloy and aluminum and stuff so looking at the display you got the wattage right up here your puff counter and every time I put batteries in it or resets that your Bluetooth indicator is right there if you have it connected to the app with bluetooth that will actually light up so that your you know you can tell you're using it it's kind of grayed out right now your ohms right there your voltage right there it says that it's in standard mode that's your taste or flavor mode or really it's like your boost mode it says it's on ESS RDA there's a lock symbol right there and that little number right down there on the bottom that number basically is the speed at which it pumps the liquid up into your atomizer you do have to change that based on what your wattage is if you have high wattage you want it to be higher if you have lower wattage you want it to be lower let's just say you have that set at 60 and you're watching at 40 it may be pumping liquid faster than your atomizer is able to atomize the liquid and therefore it's going to flood or come out your air flows so you do have to finagle with it a little bit I want to say that the first time I saw this technology year and a half ago two years ago at an expo they had it set up so that the mod itself was detecting whether your coil was dryer your cotton was dry and that's when it would pump but with this you're responsible for figuring out the rate that you want it to pump in relation to your wattage so you've probably already noticed that there's a lack of buttons on here there's one button it's a nice big fire button it's very clicky it's got a good click to it but there are no other buttons on here if you want to lock everything including the touch screen one two three it doesn't fire and you can't use it the wallpaper that's on here is not a picture that I took oddly enough you know I live at the beach and I take a lot of pictures that's one of the wallpapers that was on there and you can change those one two three and it so if you wanted to lock that so you know that it's nothing's gonna happen drop it in your book bag or whatever that's how you do it three clicks so there are a few finger gestures that you can do on here if you swipe up then you'll see that little lock went away let me just I'll swipe up again and it locks you see the little lock that's right there depending on the wallpaper it's easier or harder to see stuff on here if the screen looks like it's pulsating is the refresh rate on the camera you know basically the rolling shutter rather it looks very stable when you look at it all right so we're gonna swipe up and now when you swipe up you can hit standard and choose whether you want standard powerful powerful plus and then all of their you know sxi settings and stuff for their special stuff eco soft standard and powerful I like the standard myself there we go so yeah a lot of those settings are dependent on whether you have one of their special atomizers or tanks or something so swipe up again and I can hit down here and that is where I can change the rate of pumping for this if I want to make it lower so it's not pumping as fast then I do it like that swipe up again and if I hit the wattage then I can adjust the wattage right there okay so now if you swipe down see sometimes it doesn't react I want it to swipe down there we go so when you swipe down you see this says manual so if I want to pump the liquid manual I'm like oh this thing is really dry let me just or if you put a new atomizer on there you know if you if you have new cotton you can pump it just by pushing the button and holding it you can hear it pumping or you can do that to draw it back down that's what I was saying though so if it overfill then you got to swipe down and you got to go here and you got to pump down so if it's overfilled and that's coming out the airflow that's what you'd have to do the other thing you can do is swipe again and now that's Auto so right now it's doing it Auto for 40 seconds because that's what I have it set on you can tap that 40 seconds and make it less or more all right tap it again whoops swipe down alright if you tap that number then you can change that number tap it again and then that's that so we're gonna swipe down you can go through your different memory presets swipe down you can change your wattage right there swipe down and this is where you can change different RTA's I have it set for ESS RDA because I'm going to assume that since they sent the divine with this that it is an ESS RDA but you can say ESS off so if you just want to turn that pump off because if you have it set on no matter what you do when you push that button it's going to be pumping or you can put any standard squonk or RDA on there there must be some devices they've got coming like ESS SX pure ESS RDA that's what I like right there for at least for how I have it set right now again we're gonna swipe down so that you got that that that and then you've got advanced or novice so if you don't want all the advanced features you can just go in here and say I want to go novice right there but we're gonna leave it on advanced so I can show you all this stuff and then this one right here you can actually adjust your ohms if you want to do that somehow I got this set on eco modes we're gonna do that we're gonna say I want standard yeah there we go I think I covered everything on the swipe up or swipe down menus and then if you click this five times 1 2 3 4 5 then you get into you can go in here and turn it off this is how see sometimes when I touch these it doesn't register you can see that it's hit and see how it's turning yellow when I hit it but it's not registering yeah ok 1 2 3 4 5 alright so system alright well if you are able to get it to register then you can turn it off right there operation tang alright well it doesn't want to do anything I'm telling it to do yeah it's working because I can slide it 1 2 3 4 5 so if you hit system you can turn it on and off operation you can go in there and change the different settings in that you can adjust the for temperature and the unit you can adjust your coil there TCR you can compensate for the actual temperature outside or the ambient temperature standby you got your bluetooth if you want to do that and wallpaper there are several wallpapers there we go so you know you can just scroll through your different wallpapers like that we got a bunch of them in here oh look at that that's a lot of wallpapers I think this is the one that is standard when you get it personally I was scrolling through here and I saw the beach one and said oh yeah it's a lot of different wallpapers when you hit that little error right there then it goes back this the scroll up here now sometimes when I hit these buttons it doesn't want to register so you look at that I don't know if I've got juice on my finger or try a different finger there we go maybe it's because I had some juice on my finger so it's pretty sensitive capacitive touch their language a device info and help and return or you can just hit the button yeah see sometimes that for whatever reason it's not registering my finger all right so I'm holding it on the side here and I've got liquid coming out so I my finger right there and right there I haven't had that happen yet so it's interesting let's pull this out and take a look yeah kind of a little bit messy in there well that is the first time I've had that happen and I did just fill it so that could be user error because I had liquid coming up out of there I'll chalk that one up to user error this time that is literally the first time I've had that happen but I will say that the bottle is completely separated from the rest of the device so if that does happen it's just gonna get on your hands and on your mod be nice if you could wash this thing right so yeah that's pretty much about it it does work as advertised it is a very solid feeling device and and it should feel solid because it is not an inexpensive mod like I said I don't know it's kind of a new product category right it's like an auto feeder it's not really a squonk because squawking is all about squawking that little bottle that's kind of the sound that it makes clunk right now that little bottle gives you tactile feel it you know feels like I control my liquid a little bit more with this you're relying on the pump I also thought because the I want to say when I first saw the technology for this stuff with at the eehee booth over a year ago maybe a year and a half two years ago I want to say that they had it set up so it would know when the coil was dry and that's when it would pump you know just to make sure that it was always wet as it appears to me you have to fiddle with it a little bit you have to figure out how what the rate of speed that you wanted to pump you want it to pump too much especially if you're using a bottom airflow RDA like this because if it over pumps and it's gonna overfill it and it's gonna come out those air flows so a little bit of work on your part but once it's working right and you have it dialed in it does really work well I love the innovation personally anything that moves that technology forward with vaping I'm all for I'm a little bit worried about the pump that's in here I don't know about worried might be a strong word I just don't know the efficacy of a pump like that like how long will this pump last then again if the pump stops working you just use it as a dripper or put a tank on it and with the top of this thing the way it is it's big enough for a very large tank so if you like the big tanks well there you go like I said I'd probably missed a couple of features on this thing it's there's so many complications typically I'll just put it in novice I left it in the advanced mode so that I could show you the other stuff on the screen and that's the other thing is touch screens I am NOT a huge fan of touch screens I don't mind if the touch screen is supplemental to a couple of buttons but sometimes I'm just not getting the responsiveness from it I'm like slight so I it's like so I dang it come on swipe swipe that kind of thing this one is pretty good as far as that goes but there's times where it's just not as responsive as I would hope it to be and if for some reason you just can't get that touch screen to work you're out of luck because there's no buttons or joystick or anything else it looks great it feels super solid I don't see any problems with the you know the manufacturer of it and that's sort of indicative of the SX mini series they're always really good quality as far as the app goes on it I have tested their app before basically it's just for changing settings on it so if you don't feel like doing bluetooth and downloading an app and all that stuff you could do everything on the mod you know it does work really well though I will say that and the atomizer you know I'm not really doing a review on this atomizer it's called the divine it has that velocity style deck it's you know those are known for being really easy to build it does seem to work really well with this device being bottom airflow though if you don't get that pumping just right if it's pumping too much the rate of pump you know cuz right now I've got it set at 60 and the wattage is set at 68 of course you're gonna vary that based on your wattage because if you have a pumping too fast and your wattage isn't high enough and it's not using up the juice that's inside the well it will pump too much and come out those air flows if you have a different Adi on here something that doesn't have those bottom air flows which you know they do give good flavor because they're right underneath the coil you might not have to worry about that as much now one thing that I do really like about this thing as opposed to the IPV v3 that one seems like it's constantly pumping is like the whole time that you're vaping on it this one just kind of ant and and it pumps it as you're doing I don't know if you let me see if you're gonna hear that see what I mean so it just kind of pumps it as it goes and I think that's kind of cool I got to tell you it it does give good flavor on this Devine and there's peanut butter nom noms it just tastes like peanut butter it's tasty it does have the USBC which I know a lot of people are like oh everybody should have the USBC well where it really does come into play is that because you can't do over-the-air updates using their app you do have to do updates on your computer so data transfer with the USBC is indeed faster than a mini or micro USB so that's a good thing yeah the overall quality on this thing is really good it does exactly as advertised as far as the pumping goes as a little bit worried when I first you know put this thing together and was like dude this thing doesn't seem to be pumping when you've got a brand new mod it takes a few minutes I guess for it to actually pump and get the juice into the feed tube you know enough so that it actually pumps once it started pumping it was pumping just fine I do like that you can manually pump or suck the juice back down however it seems like you've got to go through a little bit just to get to that you got to go down and then a few swipes and then you get to and then you can pump it down so if you over pumped it and you wanted to get that juice out of there it's a little bit more difficult to get to that they should make that a little easier to get to I think now this is powered by the EES x6 50 J tip and I can tell you that if you're somebody who just loves to get in there and tinker with your settings and do all kinds of presets and your if you want to use jewels and all that kind of stuff instead of wattage you know whatever this thing has a plethora of options for you so if you really like to tinker this would be a good one for you again the cost is $250 so this is not an inexpensive mod but when you're buying an SX mini mod you already know that they're going to be expensive so you go into it knowing it's exactly what you want what you get you know overall I'm gonna give it a thumbs up it's a really nice mod it's it's kind of heavy cuz it's big and the materials used to make it just make it a little bit heavy so it's not something that I'm gonna be sticking in my pocket and bring it out with me but if you're a truck driver or somebody who can sit at your desk and vape or something like that all day it'll be great I like the fact that they're bringing out something different and I know that they've been working on this for a while because I can't remember the convention was like a year and a half two years ago where I first saw the technology so I know they put some time and thought into what they've got in this mod as always I want to thank you so much for your support here in the channel likes comments shares subscriptions just for watching the video I really do appreciate it it's all very humbling to me so if you like what you see hit the thumbs up if you haven't subscribed yet there is a red subscribe button down there you can click that if you think you're subscribed just take a look at that button every once in a while if it's red you're not subscribed anymore and appreciate it if you click it again if it's gray you're fine there's also a notification bell if you click that you'll get notifications when I upload new videos can't put links down in the description directly to sites that sell vape stuff anymore so if you're interested in it just Google Essex mini x-class and you should be able to find plenty of information I do know that it's available at element vape calm it's a great website and Kenny does a great job I have links down there for Facebook Twitter Pinterest and Instagram if you have one of those I'd appreciate a follow and on my Facebook page for vapor trail channel the page that's where I do updates a lot on advocacy stuff so if you want to find out what's going on currently with advocacy and just whatever else is going on in the vape world you'll find it on there and of course I've got links down there for advocacy so please please check those out August 8th that org allows you to send letters directly to your legislator all you got to do is click the link put your zip code in there add a little bit of your personal story and let them know that vaping is keeping you off of cigarettes and you want it to be around as an option for people that are currently smoking cigarettes best thing you can do right now is educate yourselves so you can educate others well that's going to do it for this episode we'll catch you next time on the vapor trail Channel

Going Deep with David Rees – How to Pet a Dog | How To Show | Reel Truth. Science

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David Rees doesn’t love dogs but he is setting on a mission to learn how to pet a dog properly. During his journey he visits Yale University to find out everything he can about the genetic history, cognitive function and incredible senses of man’s best friend.

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Weszliśmy do Białoruskiej Strefy Wykluczenia cz.1 – Urbex History

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⭐️Pierwszy film z serii po Białoruskiej Strefie Wykluczenia, dopiero od 2019 roku można tam wjechać i eksplorować⭐️
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🎬 Powstało wiele filmów, publikacji i seriali o Czarnobylu. Sami zresztą pięć lat temu nagraliśmy serię materiałów ze strefy. Wszystko to co znamy i widzieliśmy znajduje się po ukraińskiej stronie Zony ale zapomina się o jednym ważnym szczególe. To na białoruską strefę spadło najwięcej radioaktywnego opadu, powodując skażenie ¼ terytorium kraju. Dlatego w tej serii pięciu filmów jako jedni z pierwszych w historii zajmiemy się białoruską strefą wykluczenia.

W zonie spędzimy 3 pełne dni, eksplorując opuszczone miasta, wioski, kołchozy, porzucone maszyny rolnicze i statki na terenie radiacyjnego rezerwatu. Przejdziemy prawie 400 kilometrów po skażonym terenie znajdując liczne ostrzeżenia przed radiacją i pokonamy niezliczoną ilość razy punkty kontroli dozymetrycznej. Swoją podróż zaczynamy w hotelu na granicy strefy w miejscowości Chojniki znajdującej się pod okresową kontrolą dozymetryczną.

26 kwietnia 1986 roku po awarii reaktora w czwartym bloku czarnobylskiej elektrowni atomowej zapada decyzja wydana przez władze radzieckie o wytyczeniu 30 kilometrowej ochronnej strefy zamkniętej wokół elektrowni atomowej. Dwa lata później w lipcu na mocy Komunistycznej Partii Białorusi oraz Rady Ministrów, na terenie 849 km2 skażonej strefy powstaje Poleski Państwowy Rezerwat Radiacyjno – Ekologiczny. Na podstawie późniejszych badań promieniowania, obszar rezerwatu zostaje powiększony do 2166 km2.

96 miejscowości zamieszkanych przez 22 tysiące osób zostaje wysiedlonych krótko po awarii a przez najbliższe 32 lata nikt oprócz pracowników nie ma wstępu na skażone terytorium. Jedynym wyjątkiem jest święto Radunicy, kiedy to wysiedleńcy mogą odwiedzić cmentarze. Sytuacja zmieniła się dopiero w ostatnim roku, kiedy to obecny prezydent Białorusi udostępnił strefę dla zwiedzających, oczywiście po uzyskaniu odpowiednich zezwoleń.

Powstanie Poleskiego Państwowego Rezerwatu Radiacyjno-Ekologiczne ma na celu obserwowanie jak przyroda radzi sobie ze skarżeniem a następnie prowadzenie licznych badań na tym unikalnym biotopie. Znaczną część terenu zapowiednika bo i tak określa się tę strefę pokrywają lasy.
Dzisiejszy odcinek był pierwszym z serii pięciu filmów z podróży po skażonej białoruskiej strefie wykluczenia. Jeżeli nie chcesz przegapić kolejnych odcinków zasubskrybuj nasz kanał i kliknij w dzwoneczek. Do zobaczenia na kolejnej wyprawie.🎬

Co to #Urbex i czym jest Urbex i UrbexHistory ? Jesteśmy grupą eksploratorów z pasją do #historia. Zwiedzamy i filmujemy #opuszczonemiejsca, często tajne lub niedostępne dla wszystkich. W każdym z naszych materiałów o Urbex jest motyw historyczny, co nas wyróżnia na tle innych ekip. Zwiedziliśmy już wiele miejsc w Polsce jak chociażby Tajne radzieckie miasto w Polsce – Pstrąże – , ale też i poza granicami naszego kraju np. Czarnobyl, Radioaktywną Zone i Prypeć. Udało się tez w styczniu 2019 roku wylecieć do Japonii i nagrać 10 odcinków z Fukushimy !

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A lot of films, publications and series have been made about Chernobyl five years ago, we also recorded a series of films about Chernobyl all the best known places are located in the Ukrainian Zone But everyone forgets about one, the most radioactive dust has fallen on the Belarusian zone causing contamination of 1/4 of the country that's why in this series of films, we will take care of Belarus's Exclusion zone as a primer in history we spent three full days in Zone We will explore abandoned farm machines, villages, cities and ships We will travel almost four hundred kilometers from the contaminated area, finding numerous warnings against radiation we will overcome the dosimetry checkpoint several times We start our journey on the border of the zone, in the town "Chojniki" this place is under periodic dosimetry control behind us is a hotel where we will sleep for the next three days, and we are in the village of "Chojniki" All this is on the border of the Belarusian Exclusion Zone to which we will go in a moment but let's go first for breakfast The Belarusian Exclusion Zone is divided into 5 zones we will discuss them later We are currently in the batch area of dosimetry control food and water are tested here you are probably interested about level of radiation At the moment, there is 0.15 microsievert, the same as in Warsaw in today's episode we will travel such a vehicle it is UAZ 452, commonly known as Puchanka the most important, however, is this sticker it is the emblem of the Poleski Park of Radiation and Ecology Roe deer, fish and stamp during our stay in the zone we will have a dosimeter turned on all the time at the very end we will check what dose of radiation we have actually taken we will sleep with him and eat but we calculate the total radiation dose We slowly set off towards the "Babczyn" checkpoint this is one of several entries to Zone but how was the reserve established on the contaminated area? April 26, 1986 after a failure at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Soviet authorities decide to set a thirty-kilometer long protection zone two years later, under the resolution of the Belarus Party and the Council of Ministers, the Poleski Radiation National Park is established in later years, the reserve area was increased to 2666 square kilometers 96 cities inhabited by 22 thousand people are displaced shortly after the accident For the next 32 years, no one but employees have access to contaminated territory the only exception is the "Radunica" festival during which the displaced people visit cemeteries The situation changed a year ago when the President of Belarus made the reserve available to visitors of course, after obtaining the appropriate permits, and we reach the checkpoint Checkpoint "Babczyn" there is a museum in this hut, but look here In 1986, 728 people lived here, and after the accident the entire village was displaced I can not read Cyrillic, I've read it on the internet before on the next array of radiation dose, measured daily lower radiation on the dosimeter, it results from the fact that it is the average of the entire zone and we are counting the counter-exact place where we are here a valuable remark, someone did not know that from his house they would make a checkpoint It looks like an ordinary Polish village, a gentleman rides a bike, someone drives a tractor – nothing terrible we are on the border, later it will be different what you see will be one of the first videos on this subject on Polish YouTube and we will discover things that no one has seen before it's hard to get ready for a place with very little information after checking permits and signing up for a checklist it turned out that we are one of the first 500 people who got permission to enter the zone This confirmed us in the belief that the Belarusian zone is virgin and right not recognized at all on the internet there are just a few information about the reservation it's hard to get ready for such a trip moving more and more deep into the zone and passing vehicles helping in the fight against fires we have reached the first point of our exploration, which is the animal feed factory this is the first point adequate to what we will do someone's dosimeter going crazy 0,47 microsievert -all normal On the Ukrainian part of the zone, the radiation is spot on in this part, elevated background radiation is normal Animal feed was produced on this farm and flour, if I associate it well with such devices, you can pour flour Nothing here I am surprised I do not know what to call it, but at the top there was grain or fodder here was probably the ramp to which the truck was approaching and collected all the feed there was a stalker here because a screw lies if there are fanatics of "Stalker" here, you should associate this place, and somewhere here was one of the artifacts I wonder why all this is so bad condition, since there are no looters here it can be said that this reserve is under protection at all times all the time patrols of militia appear here, who make sure there are no poachers or vandals here all machines remain which is a very good sign some of them were deported during the evacuation the question is whether it is destroyed by the passage of time or by human activity I do not know if it can be seen on the camera, but the rust has done its job this piece rusted and slipped so it's more a matter of time passing Look how tall this elevator is here is a truss that you can not see but you have to trust me I will start the lamp in the next place some engine I went around and it was enough to go this way after the accident in Chernobyl, 23% of the areas were contaminated 1/4 of Belarus was contaminated by this failure it is a country that suffered the most Unfortunately, not many people know about it and say it 0,42 microsievert in the air let's put dosimeter into the ground the result has not changed if any of you had the idea to eat such a mushroom or an apple nearby because the worst thing can be is the absorption of radioactive elements but the mere stay is ok, 0.46 microsievert and soon mutant mosquitoes will eat me since the entire region was agricultural, it's great to start with the place that affected it the reserve area has been divided into five zones, and we just cross the most famous thirty-kilometer even before the failure, the reserve area was filled mainly with collective farms and arable lands in some places cattle were bred, therefore the next point is the abandoned village "Kazuszki" our guides are in this zone for the third time our guide is here for the third time what we discover, you certainly have not seen it anywhere else let's break up, but let's keep in touch with the radio Konrad went in the middle Łukasz went that way and I'm going in that direction because there are supposedly farm machines Do not associate the Kolchoz with something terrible, they were organized farms they also dealt with cattle grazing, and my dosimeter stirred a little However, no next to me are old destroyed machines machines or crops collected by these machines were kept in this building this place is quite specific this place is undiscovered and is a completely different experience we are on the so-called wild east this place really is wild and has not been visited for many many years I have another association with the computer game, this time with Fallout earlier I told you about the stalker, but I will add one more thing in the Ukrainian part of the wife visiting her illegally is not popular, but people do it whereas nobody here does this because here you face very high punishments in addition to the legal approximation of 2000 euros in mandate as to the legal consequences it is difficult to give me specific examples the deplorable with the ban on admission to Belarus seems to be the mildest punishment I know that a different scale and completely different disasters but this place reminds me of something specifically, Ukedo in Fukushima, more or less the same hangars in a similar state of decay at least this one here here they had to keep their fodder or fertilizers, judging by the shape of the room let's get inside Look at the old eternit boards old military-like chests in a technical channel let's see what's on the other side remember that there are few people here so we can find such artifacts from the past looks like prehistoric Pepsi jars on the floor, leaking roof and silence.. here is the checkpoint, the reactor is below and we are somewhere here here is the intersection, the river prypte and the marked points I know you can not see much here the vials lie everywhere this one is even filled with something here is another one here are ampoules with different ingredients in the middle there is a lot of this here, I will check one thing out of curiosity note that the radiation level in the building is lower than outside 0.46 microsievert decreased to 0.19 Cattle are grazed here, pastures are next to you some old artifact here is so much dust that it certainly lies for 30 years I managed to find a notebook with old notes a small thing, and enjoys I suspect that these are prescriptions and veterinary records in a sense, we set the path for future tourists visiting this place going to the Ukrainian part of the zone we could see everything on google maps, as if we lived there at this point in the internet you will not find the place where we are from 2019, you can enter here typically tourist another dream fulfilled if you want to see the films from the Chernobyl, they are displayed at the top and in a moment films from Fukushima will be screened establishment of the Poleski State Radiological and Ecological Reserve aimed to observe how nature deals with contamination additionally, research is carried out on a unique biotope a large part of this area is covered by forests the largest enemy of the reserve is not radiation, but forest fires several towers with cameras at the top were erected to monitor the site they enable quick response to fires and tracking potential stalkers but there are also those that are devoid of cameras from which apparently you can see side number 4 and its new sarcophagus wood from KGB nice it's just great fun where is reactor? there it is it is and it can be seen very well -I do not see "Duga" -to the left of the reactor (picture from Adam Bojanowski) It's at ten o'clock just wonderfull view.. man enjoys such a moments… I did not expect that I would see a reactor in the Belarusian zone the whole zone is in four regions (someone noticed that we have other shirts?) We drove through the Chojnice area, we are currently in the Brachnicki area and we are going to school and the place is called Wygrybnaje Sloboda Look at the old gas masks here must have been a technical workshop Look at these sizes, these are masks for children in the end, we're at school -here are the absorbents, filters and these masks are quite a lot -I found a lot of absorbers yesterday they can lie in one of the chests there are changing rooms here "We were here, not them" it's from school times or modern times mathematic… physics sooner it is certainly physics -we checked the school and administrative building so we have to go… -we're going further into the city yeah we're going to the city 🙂 relaxed atmosphere, we go sightseeing the villages You can go anywhere, no one controls it we are visiting one of Belarusian single-family houses there were a lot of ampoules with medicines and jars At this point, I greet all who have threatened me before going to the Belarusian zone that mutants will kill me, radiation will get thyroid cancer and that too much radiation I'm in the middle of an abandoned house in the middle of the zone where the most radioactive dust fell after the reactor's failure Dosimeter shows 0.18 microsievert, which is exactly the same as in my home in Warsaw, during reading coments ad YouTube I raised the post card from the floor for the new year There are a lot of such letters here, and all are addressed to one person I took photos and translate them later newspaper from 1986 a memorable year May 26, 1986 It is a pity that this picture is so poorly legible a wash mark at the place where the decontamination was carried out on the bank of the pripyat (Russian) 26 may 1986 look at this washing up radioactive materials very nice find interesting.. such ships sailed along the Pripyat river you can still find one of them on the Baltic sea -dool without head -tell me about your nightmare hug meee and here your soul lands like this doll will get you through the night all the souls of bad people end up here (Konrad Try to speak russian) Greek mythology in total, you can disassemble the pictures The first day in the Belarusian exclusion zone came to an end but it was not the end of our journey yet every vehicle leaving the zone must undergo mandatory dosimetry control in order to have an overview of the results, we asked for additional control before entering only one number appeared on the display – 0 However, look at the indications at the exit I will try to break the record -0,8 -3.6 roentgen 😀 -0,9 microsievert -hands to wash? 🙂 -Łukasz and I had more -but I am right-handed one hand cleaner than the other (in Russian) -1,09 everything fine I have to wash my right hand only this dosimeter is always carried with him dosimeter constantly measures the dose that our guide consumed in the zone today's trip is best compared to other contaminated zones in which we were The Ukrainian part of the zone was drawn as if from the bottom of the bottle tourists are allowed in and dismantled the roof of the power plant under a new sarcophagus despite the fact that the state has plans to adapt the zone, they will rather never enter into force Fukushima, on the other hand, is focused on decontamination and an attempt to give people what was theirs With huge effort of work and finances, areas are cleared to reside in them again The Belarusian exclusion zone has become the only reserve of its kind in the world in the reserve, the influence of radiation on nature is examined, and I observe how nature receives what is its own after the evacuation of people, many species previously considered extinct returned to the reserve each zone is different, but they have one thing in common – radiation You are wondering what dose of radiation we have been taking We have absorbed 2 thousandths of millisiveria more than in our home the first episode was the first of a series of five films in the Belarusian exclusion zone if you do not want to miss more movies, subscribe to our channel and click on the bell See You on the next exploration! 🙂

History of Israel Documentary

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There are just so many of those things that #history is holding inside and whenever one tries to look over for the facts which are left behind, there is that amazing and astounded feeling of getting overwhelmed. So is the case with the history of #Israel which talks about so many of those things that happened with the existence of this country.

As you go for the deep
research on something, it is important to know
about the basics on same so that which can help in better
understanding of whole of the concept and same is the case
here is going to be repeated. Before going over to study the
history of Israel it is important that you get to know about
this country, Israel itself. So, starting over with
this Israel, which is also popularly known by the
name of State of Israel, is a country situated in Middle
East which can be found over on those southeastern and
northern shores of Mediterranean and Red Sea respectively touching
those borders of Lebanon by the north, Syria by
northeast, Jordan by east, Egypt by southwest and
also to the Palestinian territories and GazaStrip
by east and the west. Capital of this state is Jerusalem, the
one which is declared by the government though there is not any kind of authority
recognized from the state yet, along with that is the financial
capital which can also be called as the technology center
and is named as Tel Aviv. Moving forward, if we
talk about the population in here, according to
Israel Central bureau of statistics in 2016
the total number of people in Israel is been
counted as 8,541,000. This country is been considered as the one
having Jewish people in majority counting 6,388,800 or one can say 74.8% of total
population there is being designated as Jewish. Next to that, the second
group of people in majority is those of Arabs
counting 1,775,400 people which include Druze and those
of east Jerusalem Arabs among which most of those Israeli Arabs
are actually Sunni Muslims also including those semi-settled
Negev Bedouins and the remaining ones are been counted
as Christians and Druze. Also there are many of those other minorities
which includes Samaritans, Armenians, Arameans, Assyrians, Circassians, Maronites,
Dom people and also the Vietnamese. This doesn’t really end here as there
are more of the people which Israel is holding such as those who are
seeking asylums from Africa and Asia or the one who works in foreign country
but do not have any citizenship which also includes illegitimate refugees from
Eritrea, Sudan or Sub Saharan Africans. According to those rudimentary
laws, government of Israel call themselves as that Jewish and democratic
state which is highly developed and also a member of OECD with that
35th largest economy in the world. In addition to that this country
has that highly skilled workforce which is always there to get them
benefitted in different fields. Talking about education,
this country is also been counted as one of
those highly educated countries having maximum of those people
holding tertiary education degree in hands. Well, when it is about Israel one should
definitely know that there is nothing less in success and development they
are going to learn about this country. So, moving over to the
next this country is the one which in Middle
east is been counted as that highest ranking having best standard
of living and third highest in Asia. There are those larger number
of expectancies from this part of the world and reason
is no far a secret by no. Or is it? Well, there are so many of those
secrets that this country is holding within and obviously
an interest to read about which at major tells people about
how this country actually cameinto existence and what are those
many of the different happenings that it is been following
since 1948 (year of independence) over to reach
this peak of success today. No doubt, this is not easy
to be counted among those highest ones when it is about
education and lifestyle. What is the History related to Israel? Now, this is the thing which
holds over that concept of Jewish and modern history
in the state of Israel. Modern Israel and west bank
are said to be situated at the site of ancient
kingdoms of Israel and Judah, also it is considered as that place which
gave birth to Hebrew language and Abrahamic religions including the sites linked to
Christianity, Islam, Judaism and many others. Israel was ruled by many of
those different territories and also has been home to
varieties of community groups, which made whole of this
community go primarily Jewish until that 3rd
century, moving forward which changed to become mostly
Christian and then Muslim in 7th century which
lasted till the 20th era. In the year of 1096 and 1291 this area
was concluded as a focal point where there was a frequent conflict between
Christian and Muslim community, at the end of which it became
the part of Syrian authority. There was one national movement
named as Zionism which at first came into existence
in late 19th century. As soon as the British took over
theOttoman Empire there were those more of the happenings
which took place in continuity including the Balfour
declaration in World War I and also the increment in formation
of Mandate of Palestine which in other words can
be said as the Jewish action of coming to the
land of Israel permanently, which as a result lead to the
increase in many of those problems between Arab and Jewish causing
collision in there national movements. In 1948 as Israel finally got their
independence, there were those huge number of Jews who migrated
from many of the countries like Europe and Muslim countries and
also there were huge migrations of Arab people from Israel which also
lead to the conflicts between them. So, all in all one can
say that there are total of world’s 43% Jews
who resides in Israel today making it one of
those, no actually the top and largest Jewish
community in the world. Moving forward to more of the details
on same, in 1970, United States for Israel became the supporter in
military and many other purposes. And then in the year of 1979 an agreement
on Egypt-Israel peace treaty based on Camp David Accords was signed so as to
maintain peace between the two nations. Similar to which there were so many
of those other agreements that were signed between Israel and
different nations such as in 1993, Oslo I Accord was signed with Palestine
Liberation organization, which then led to the discovery and establishment
of Palestinian National authority and then in following year
of 1994, an agreement named Israel-Jordan peace
treaty was signed. Though, there were agreements
signed between Israel and different nations so as to
maintain that peace within but there were those so many conflicts
that can be seen between Israel and national and international countries
related to politics or economy. History from Ancient Times Now, as you know the
highlighted points from the history of Israel, this
is the time when you should look up for the
happenings from ancient times about what all
took place in there. It is about 2.6 and 0.9 million
years ago when there were many of those happenings about people
shifting from Africa to Levant, everyone having those
different cultures within, flint artifacts of whom
were found in the territory of Israel and also following
those many of those oldest stone tools which
were found at Yiron. In addition to this there are many
of those other groups that were found around 1.4 billion years
old such as Acheulean Industry, the Bizat Ruhama group
and Gesher Bnot Yaakav. Also, following this in carmel
mountain range there were those early human remains found with the
skeleton of Neanderthmal female, also known as Tabun I that
is regarded as one of the most important human
fossils in the world. This process of digging the
earth up in el-tabun produced that longest record in the
field of Stratigraphy coming up with the report of
having 600,000 or more hears if human activity in that region
from those Lower Paleolithic to the present day
activity, indicating that millions of years of human
evolution in that area. Now, talking over the times when this
name Israel came into existence is in Merneptah stele founded for Ruler of
Egypt “Merneptah, son of Ramses II”. According to William G. Dever, Israel is
nothing more than a cultural and political entity in central highlands which can
also be said as that ethnic group at most and not some kind of state with
proper organization and maintenance. People who belong to Israel included
Semites to Canaan and Sea peoples too, on which McNutt says that it would be good
here to assume that during Iron age, most of the population began themselves
to get identified as the one in Israel departing oneself from Canaanites through
those marks of prohibiting intermarriages and focusing over the family history
and also the religions which they belong to so as to go for the
same and doesn’t get out of track. The very first use of grapheme
based writing came into existence by the area having Canaanite
people resided in Egypt; one can call this writing as that base
to many of those modern writing styles. Evidence of this writing which is
also known as Classical Hebrew is known from about those 1000 BCE,
written using Paleo – Hebrew alphabet. Villages at that time were having
that population of 300 to 400 people which used to have their
own source of making living including farming and herding,
making them self-sufficient with no chance of having
economy related problems. So, one can say that writing at that
time was just used for the recording purpose no matter if it is been used in
some large sites or the smaller ones, indicating that any
kind of archaeological evidence can be assumed
as some kind of society having small villages with not so many
numbers of those resources and population. Among these old times of
Iron Age there were also some of the links between
Israel and Judah kingdoms. By theperiod of 10th century there was
that special importance given to kingdom of Israel indicating about how important
role it was playing in everyone’s life there and this was all
before falling of this power into the hands of Neo-Assyrian
Empire in late 722 BCE. And in mid of all this was the
kingdom of Judah, neighbor of Israel from south which came into existence
in 8th or 9th century BCE and enjoyed their success as a
client state, at first with Assyria and moving forward
which got good with Babylon and all of this got good before
that war against Neo-Babylonian empire that completely
devastated it in 586 BCE. And this destruction of
Babylon to Persian made many of those people basically
Judeans return to Jerusalem, initiating the formative
period in the growth of a unique Judahite identity in
the Persian domain of Yehud. Now, Yehud was the one which
was already overtaken by Hellenistic Kingdoms following
the downfalls of Alexander but all of this continued till
that 2nd Century BCE when the judaeans finally fought against
Seleucid empire of Hellenist and thus succeeded in creating
that Hasmonenan Kingdom on their own which was considered as that
last independent Judean kingdom. This kingdom finally came to end
at 63 BCE with its breakdown by Pompey of Rome, there were
those huge number of disturbances caused at the kingdom of Israel as
a result of installing of client kingdoms in Herodian dynasty
including destruction of temple, first war between Jewish and
roman people, and also the appearance of Rabbinic Judaism
and early Christianity. There were those many of ages that
this Israel and Judah territory has been through which includes
Iron Age I ranging from 1200-1000, Iron Age II ranging from 1000-586, Neo
Babylonian ranging from 586-539, Persian period from 539 to 332 and also the
Hellenistic period from 332 to 53. Iron Age I – According to McNutt, as already
discussed above, it was during this age only when most of the population began
identifying themselves as Israel people, in other words which is also known as
‘Israelite’ differentiating themselves from those another people in terms of their
religion or many other decision making ideas. Also, along with that it is believed
that at the end of Iron age I there was that huge increment in number of
villages and also the population there which was at the time of late bronze age
was just 25 villages and at the end of iron age was 300, also the population
doubled in numbers from 20,000 to 40,000. More of those villagers were on the
northern side who left none of their remains to be traced as whether
they were Israelites or not. As this iron age approached
to the end there was more of the Israel being
spreaded all over the area. Iron Age II – For two long centuries
of Iron Age II there were those not so much favorable climatic conditions which
lead to the growth in population, settlements and trade all over
the area that resulted into the alliance in this territory with
city of Samaria as its capital and all of this happened by the mid of 10th
century when a legend of Egyptian pharaoh Shishak is believed to
be recording a number of campaigns that were
focused to the area. Then moving over to the period of 9th
century BCE, this was the time when Israel got appeared with proper clarity and
also this very time Shalmaneser III, the Assyrian king named through his
enemies at the battle of Qarqar. Also this time , Israel got engaged
in many of those competitions including one with Damascus and Tyre
for the control of Jezreel valley, second with Galilee in north
direction and also the third one with Moab, Amman and damasus so
as to get control over Gilead. Moving along in the 7th century there
were those people of Jerusalem who grew up to really big with
great number of population in comparison to what it
was earlier making that clear authorityamong its
neighbor countries. And all this happened at the time
when Assyria was destroying over the Israel so as to have that
control over whole of that place and get Judah established on there, already
controlling the valuable olive industry. Within some time there was that Judah
already working out as an Assyrian state but it doesn’t settled there for so
much long as in the mid of 7th century Assyrian at sudden
collapsed and the conflict between Egyptian and
neo-Babylonian empire for getting the control over land
made Judah get destroyed at whole between the
period of 597 and 582. Babylonian period – This was the period
during which there was that huge failure in terms of both of economy and population in
comparison to those other previous periods which also made them loose the
negev, the shephelah, and also the part of Judean hill
country including hebron. Also during this period there was that
huge effect on Jerusalem that made it much smaller that it was in previous time which
made the town of Mizpah in Benjamin to become the capital of new
Babylonian authority, Yehud. Also while all this was going on
there was that strong expectation that the temple of bethel in Benjamin
substituted the one in Jerusalem so as to upsurge those number of bethel’s
priests in comparison to that of Jerusalem. This ruling of Babylon not only destroyed
the Jerusalem and its temple but also the whole organization which made
Judah to remain there for centuries. Following all this there was also
that strong belief, known as ‘Zeon Theology’, according to which Jerusalem
had been chosen by the God of Israel and also that Davidic dynasty would
rule this place like forever. And now as the Babylon was
taking over whole of the kingdom and making city fall with no
further kingship from Davidic, all of the exile community
including king, priests and prophets started looking forward
to the new concept community, faith and politics which would be all
according to the new ruling power which make them get belief in Hebrew bible
along with all of the exile community. One can say that exiles in
Babylon were all responsible for making people learn their
individual responsibility and also the concept of
universalism according to which it is believed that
god controls the world. Persian period – Now, as the Babylon
fell to Cyrus in 539 BCE, it made Judah become that executive
partition within the Persian empire. Cyrus was the one who succeeded in getting
that leadership of Cambyses who at first added Egypt to their authoritywhich transformed
Yehud to that important boundary plain. Moving forward to his death in 522
after which the empire was followed by turmoil after which in 521 finally Darius
detained all of the powers and throne and introduced a modification in those
arrangements in administrationof the empire which also comprised the collection,
organization and management of local law codes. And then after 404, Persia at sudden
lost their control over Egypt which made Egypt become their main competition
at the outer borders of Europe and then this caused them
to stiffen up their control over other authorities
including Yehud and others. Though, all of these made Egypt get
conquered but the after that Persia lost its control over every other authority
as it got a huge fell to Alexander. Now yehud’s population
in this entire period or Persian was not more than
30,000 and following that of Jerusalem it was no more than 1500
which were connected by the means of temple. It is also believed that cyrus, the Persian
conqueror of babylonmade Jewish people return to Jerusalem and also get their temple
built again, which was completed by 515. After all of this in mid of next century
Jerusalem finally got that chance to become the capital of Judah, during all
of this it is also believed that Persian even experimented their ruling with Yehud
but by the middle of 5th century BCE, Yehud become the theocracy which was ruled and
controlled by hereditary high priests. According to the history it is
believed that Ezra and Nehemiah made a visit in Jerusalem, somewhere
in the mid of 5th century BCE o as to restore those walls
of Jerusalem getting through the Persian king and
the status of governor. There were those lots of tensions
between the people already residing in Yehud and those who returned over
from those other places to their own, and this is all because the returnees
had that demand to rebuild their temple which can make them feel like they actually
returned to their own native place. In 5th century , ezra and Nehemia made a try
to make this place from rivalry to the one with unity and purity which was inspired by
the theories of Ezekiel and his followers. So, basically all in all during this
Persian era or one can say that during the period of 538 and 400 BCE
there was that huge number of changes such as foundation for Judaic religion
and also the beginning of biblicalnorm. Along with that there was those
another changes such as Hebrew was considered as that everyday language
for the Judah people and many others. Hellenistic period – After the death
of Alexander in 322 BCE, its generals decided over to divide whole of the
empire among themselves and Ptolemy I who was ruling the Egypt
seized for Yehud Medinata, but it was already losen up by the
succesors in 198 to Syria. Though at first the relation between
Seleucids of Syria and Jews but later on there was that huge conflict between
them as a result of which Seleucids lost and there was that independent
kingdom of Jewish people, which is also been considered as a civil war
by many of those modern critics. Now, the hasomonean kings were trying hard
to make the Judah as it was described in the bible, such as which included the
ruling of Jewish monarchy from Jerusalem and also which included
all of the territories that were once ruled
by David and Solomon. And so to make this project work, there
was that huge conversion of Moabites, Edomites and Ammonites to the Judaism and
also that kingdom of Israel which was lost. Then moving over in 63 BCE, Jeruslaem was
finally fought over by the major general of Roman, named as Pompey and thus which made
this Jewish kingdom a client state of Rome. Rule of Romans As by now you are already
been knowing about many if the concepts related to the
history of Israel and jews and now here you are going to get read
about its history by the roman rule where interaction of romans and Jews during the
time of roman empire has been traced. Though, there was also that huge
correspondence between their different cultures but all this was carried
out before the Christian period. People who belonged to jewish
migreated to the rome and roman Europe from land of Israel,
Babylon, Alexandria and Asia minor as there were those huge number
of conflicts going on between Ptolemaic and Seleucid territories
in the land of Israel itself. Now, as they moved over there in Rome were
those best of the privileges that jewish people enjoyed and thus which made them become
the part of community in proper manner. There was that roman authority of Syria
established in 64 BC by the major general of Roman, known by the name of Pompey
who also defeated Jerusalem in 63 BC. Moving forward in 45 BC, pompey was
defeated by Julius Caesar who at first conquered Alexander in 47 BC, now as
the whole empire was under Julius there were those many of the
changes and alterations that were brought up
during this period such as Judaism was now a legal
religion in there as followed by the very first roman
ruler named as Augustus. Similar to this there are many of those
happenings in following eras such as in 40 BC Herod was considered as
the king of Jews by roman people, in 30 BC Roman authority for Egypt
was developed, in 6 AD Samaria and ldumea were converted into
roman authority of Ldumea. There were also many of those
tensions between jewish and roman people which lead to many of those
wars between them, under 6-135 AD there was that huge loss
occurred for Jerusalem which also destroyed
that second temple, not ending here institution of Jewish tax and
roman colony (named as Aelia Capitolina) which was attempted to be made by
Hadrian was completely destroyed. Around this whole of the time period,
Christianity seemed to enter and spread around all over the region
making other religions get neglected. It in about 313 when Constantine and Licinus
allotted the order about proclamation of Milan giving that official credit
to the Christianity being accepted as that legal religion among all
of the people living there. Now, following this the roman capital was
also moved from rome to Constantinople, and all this is done by Constantine
and then all this finally lead to the Christianity church
in roman empire and also the rights that
were being introduced by the roman emperors so as to make every
other person their respect the religion. Now, this was the brief knowledge
about whole of the period when roman empire actually came into existence,
walking over those deep discussions, according to the encyclopedia
of jewish people it is believed that jews
people lived in Rome for around 2000 years which is obviously very
much longer than any other European city. Also it is being said that these people
went there direct from Alexandria and this is all been done by the dynamicviable
interaction between these two cities. Two of the civil wars are properly been
explained in the jewish encyclopedia connecting bith of them with each other
where the one of them took place in Judea between Hasmonean brothers including
Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II and the other one took place in Roman republic
between Pompey and Julius Caesar and in mid of all this was getting
over the evolution of Jewish people in Rome, it actually grew very
rapidly as many of the jewish people who were taken to the rome as
prisoners were set free by them and thus which made whole of the
population get incremented. Along with all this, rome also got
involved in eastern Mediterranean, with the end of Third Mithridatic War when
Syria was made that head by Rome. After that when Mithridate got
defeated, there was this Pompey the great who had a control in its hands
to all of the area over there which also included that
visit to the temple which was built up in
there in Jerusalem. Moving forward, during the first
century the kingdom named as Herodian was discovered as roman
client kingdom and then in 6 AD, these remains became the domain of roman,
also known by the name of laudea province. Julius Caesar formed over a
policy by which jews people were permitted to follow their religious
and spiritual practices, which was at first maintained by the first
emperor of rome that is augustus and thus maintained by the people having
the control after that to the region. Now, this policy by Caesar
made Judaism the unique status by which they
have now that permitted religion throughout the
empire which was obviously more than enough to have
proper status in that city. Talking over the problem between rome
and jews, this thing actually first came in light when there were those
financial crisis occurred under Caligula. Now, the first war between these two
was caused in 66 AD, though which was been kept down by two of the roman
emperors named as Vespasian and Titus. Following which in 70 AD there was again a
conflict in which romans ruined much of the temple in Jerusalem
among which many of the artifacts such as Menoroh
were highly destroyed. As all of this was
happening, jews people just continue to live in their
lands, though there were many of those other wars
taking place too such as the kitos war which took
place from 115 to 117. This was the war which destroyed many of the
villages, actually 985 in number and also most of the population from Judaea was
killed or forced to get out of that place. Now as people were vanishing out
of the Jerusalem which was renamed as Aelia Capitolina, people were
now gathering into Galilee. As the wars between Jewish and roman
people continued for like long long years from 66 to 135, after this the
name of Laudea province and Jerulaem was changed to Syria
Palaestina and Aelia Capitolinarespectively by
Hadrian and all this was done to remove any of the
historical connections of Jewish people from
that particular region. Also the more of the jews and jewish
people were now only been taught to practice their religion and then they were
banded out from the Jerusalem region. While all of this ended, the
Roman Empire now brought over the Christianity as their state
religion on 27 February 380. As many of the judaean people were
sent into the slavery there were those many of the people who joined the
citizenship of many other roman empires, data of which can be looked over in
the scripts of acts in new testament. Though, they were happy
on being relocated to the safe place but there was
also that negative affect which was making them feel
like homelessness and also about getting away
from their own religion. Also the policy which was passed
over to make jewish people get into the part of accepting those
religion practices of Judaism was now not so much in
action and seem to get ended up with the end
of wars against Roman. Now, there were many of those
Jews people who even after the failure of Bar Kokhba revolt
stayed there in the land of Israel and went through many of
the different experiences which obviously
include many of those conflicts against people
and territories who visited there to have that
control over the area. At this time there were
many of those Jewish texts that were composed in
these Israeli cities such as Jerusalem Talmud,
completion of Mishnah are the examples clearly
indicating the same. Tannaim and Amoraim are considered as one
of those most active rabbis also known as Jewish scholars who were well known for
organizing and debating the law of Jerusalem. One can look for Tannaim decisions
in many of those compilations such as of Mishnah, Beraita,
Tosefta and many other are there, among which Mishnah was the one that completed
shortly after 200 AD by Judan Hanasi and following this, the
commentaries under Amoraim was completed around 400
AD in Jerusalem Talmud. After this in the year of 351,
most of the jewish population in Sepphoris started a conflict against
the ruling of Constantius Gallus, that was the brother-in-law of Constatius
II, the emperor and that too is performed under the leadership of Patricius which was
later restrained by the general of Gallus. There was that tradition followed
according to which in 359 a Hebrew calendar was created which was
actually the lunisolar calendar and was based on math and calculations
rather than any kind of observations. Before this discovery, there was that
huge dependency of the jewish community which was outside the land of Israel
only on the observational calendar that was authorized by Sanhedrin, as
obviously it is necessary to have a calendar for noticing up those dates which can
make one know about the holy days. There was that huge danger
for those who any how tried to communicate or share their
thoughts with each other, as all of this continued, Hillel finally
determined to provide that authorized calendar which was not at all dependent on
any kind of observation from Jerusalem. Now, as most of the people were
made convinced to get towards the Christianity there was that
one emperor named as Julian who rejected the offer to become
Christian and also made many of the Jews community to get back
to their Jerusalem community so as to live with their own
religion, also who made people to get that temple
rebuilt for third time though. Julian also worked over the
campaign against Sassanid Empire which experienced a failure
later on and nothing else and also which made Julian get
killed in the battle on 26 June 363, which as a result lead to the failure
of any rebuilding of temple. Due to the great revolt in 1st century
and also the Bob kokhba revolt in 2nd century, there was that huge
amount of destruction in Judea which lead to that huge influence upon the
jewish people throughout the world and that is because the center of worship got
altered from temple to that rabbinic power. Among those so many jews,
there were some sent as slaves while some of them got
transported as prisoners, some of them linked with the current
dispersion and also there were some who continued to live there in Judea itself
and started working for Jerusalem Talmud. Though, the jews who joined the current
diaspora got that chance to get into the Roman empire which was later restricted
because of the rise in Christianity. Later on there were those
many of the jews which were taken out of the
Judea and then sent to those many of the roman countries such
as in middle east, Europe and north Africa. War for Independence (1948-present) There were those may of the
declarations been noticed by the superpower leaders such as Harry S.
Truman and Joseph Stalin so as to have that confirmation
of having new state settled up and also get all
of the conflicts get aside. But the league members of Arab
including Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq declined
on this partition plan by UN and announced for the right of
self-determination which can allow them to have that own planning of how
they are going to make it happen. And this declaration made Arab
states march a force against Israel which gave a start out
that first Arab-Israeli war, adding to the fact that there
were those huge number of military equipment already
available to the Arab states which basically means that
they were on that top of their offense making the competitor
fall over the knees. Moving over on 29th of May,
1948 British people finally introduced United Nations
security council resolution according to which many of those
equipment were sent across to the jewish state so that which can match the needs
to which the Arab is already having. During this war of independence,
haganah became that Israel defense of forces which was being
joined by many of those states who wanted to have independence
from all of those difficulties and battles over the religion and
region, Palmach, Etzel and Lehi were also three of such states which were
fighting over for their independence. As the battle was on the stake, etzel
decided over to bring on the private equipments by the way of water through
ship which was named as “Atalena”. But as the ship approached over tha area
the government decided to not to fulfill their demand and thus Ben Gurion gave
an order to let the ship get sunk. There were many of those etzel
members which were killed in the battle, after which
many of those Jewish members among which most of them was World
war II migrants began coming back to the new state of Israel
and thus joining over the IDF so as to fight the battle
against those who are looking over to have control over
the land and the area. Now, as the people of Jewish suffered
that huge amount of loss in their territory and also their occupation
was destroyed by the Arab people, there was a time when condition actually
turned in the favour of Jewish people and thus gave them a chance to push
arable people out of their territory and have control over the land which
was at first under arab people.

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we have an unidentified flying object good evening my fellow Americans the sighting over Washington yesterday has alarmed many of you however please do not reclose 2001 was a real space odyssey for me instead of flying on a spaceship to the moon Jupiter or beyond the solar system I met Dan Aykroyd for the first time to talk about UFOs that's when I knew I had to sit him down in front of a camera and just want him talk about the truth because if I didn't no one would believe we had this amazing conversation and one time I had this long conversation with Dan Aykroyd about UFOs and I thought it was like Einstein was hiding inside of a comic genius just so that if he told us the real truth he wouldn't have to believe it if Einstein had told us UFOs were real what do we have believed him he never spoke about it but Dan Aykroyd speaks about UFOs as if he were a full professor on the subject so Dan how did you you know how did you get started and UFOs what what sparked your interest what was the first thing that you can remember that happened to you that made you you know ponder the question well I was born in July 1952 and I guess about maybe when I was eight years old I found a magazine a Life magazine with a picture of the UFOs from that sighting on the cover with a big inquiry you know what what are these UFOs and so that kind of started it as a kid and I asked my parents about it and you know they actually you know couldn't tell me what they were because they didn't know they knew there was some mystery there then I saw the Day the Earth Stood Still as a kid and I mean that was a film that directly related to maybe some of the motives for visitations from other planets and it certainly seems accurate today if you look at the way mankind in the last hundred years has basically started to turn this planet into a cinder three four holes in the ozone layer because of industrial production around the world nuclear testing Wars I'm just sure did it just in theory if there were another species in the universe monitoring us or near us they would be very interested in what we were doing to this planet to this planet's atmosphere and to possibly neighboring bodies so there would be a concern there and I think that in terms of the extra-terrestrial machines that are coming and going that may be maybe a part of interpretation we've just had a rash of sightings all over the planet and we've got around in Turkey and Mexico I mean it seems like we're being invaded by UFOs and let's talk first just about what's actually happening out there well recently the most dynamic sighting that we we've seen because it's corroborated by an actual government is the sighting that took place over Mexico recently where drug surveillance twin-engine turboprop plane was at altitude taking pictures of possible smuggling routes and they photographed with their infrared cameras 11 unidentified objects some of the men were in pairs and threes and of course you know these were objects that couldn't be seen by the naked eye but we're visible on the infrared cameras well the United States Air Force after the the news appeared in in American it was covered on CNN on Fox the footage was shown on Fox it was shown on CNN and in the Valley Daily News on the front page had a big headline UFOs with a question mark and it had pictures from that sighting and of course the United States Air Force had to respond and they said it was swamp gas so I don't know whether swamp gas is not visible to the naked eye invisible of infrared whether it comes in multiple balls whether swamp gas is capable of doing a complete circuit around an aircraft and then taking off at high speed and right angles into the sky if it is then maybe it was swamp gas but somehow this is seems to be a legitimate one because the Mexican government decided we want to release this to the world and this follows on the heels of the the Belgian general who revealed some f15 footage years ago of his Air Force planes chasing objects that were exceeding them in speed by walk by twice again what what his planes were going at the French government over the last couple of years has released comprehensive study on the UFO the Soviets have been since the 1950s engaged in numerous studies about landings abductions and and and the sightings so we do have legitimate government inquiry going on and in fact as anyone in the field knows the United States government for years has been covering this issue because they were compelled to cover it because of Kent Arnold sighting because of the sighting over Washington in July 52 just after I was born with a famous shot of the the v-shaped lights over the Capitol and over the coast start Guard Station so the government initiated originally I believe it was well was there a project sign project grudge the Condon report project Bluebook and then they engaged a J Alan Hynek so you know the French Belgian Mexican Iranian and Turkish governments are not the only ones who addressed this issue our good old USA government has in fact seen the necessity to put people's fears or concerns at rest and as any of it in the field knows these studies went on and these studies revealed that you know most of the sightings could be explained through conventional means as either hoaxes or whether climactic things climatic things but many of the sightings were were unexplained and so therein is where where lies where lies the mystery in all of this again what do you think is the significance of UFO technology I mean obviously these guys the extraterrestrials can come from one star system to another and visit earth I mean recent headlines on CNN are talking about in BBC that we're gonna run out of oil in 2026 we've got to get on to a better technology I mean to be able to go from another star system to earth obviously they have the answer well the the presence of these obviously intelligently controlled machines tells us that we are dealing with beings who have anywhere from a thousand to a million to ten million to a billion years advancement in technology on us so you've got to figure that look look what happened in the last hundred years we have the Wright brothers and at the turn of the century taking off and basically a fabric and wood aircraft guy 1969 we have lunar expeditions in the year 2004 we have massive airplane it's being built out of alloys and graphite and he's this big ship that air Airbus is building the new Boeing plane so in a hundred years from fabric and wood we've come to you know advanced metallurgy fuel use and propulsion in just a hundred years imagine what a culture could accomplish in a thousand years or ten thousand years or a million years or billion years it's not inconceivable that you have intelligently manufactured and controlled machines that can not only traverse great distances in space by mastering gravity and the time-space continuum but also the dimensional the interdimensional travel that might be possible many theories now purport that there were not only four dimensions at the creation of the entire multiverse fourteen billion years ago at the time of the Big Bang there were eleven maybe as many as 21 dimensions so some of these beings may be coming from from an extra dimensional place I mean and you know what it says is that these technologies have been harnessed and that it's possible to use other fuels that don't rely just on Sun symbol combustion and you know there are many theories I mean some theories are that the military already knows about these these forms of propulsion and and lighter than air vehicles or metals that can be vibrated to a certain point where they they become they become light waves photons but they're not telling us they're not going to reveal that obviously to us and we just have to keep keep the search going so III think that you know it's incumbent on us as a race in this planet to begin to find alternatives to the to the fossil fuels but we're just not doing it fast enough the Avro Arrow story again I mean you appeared in a movie about the ever eros story Canada broke the sound barrier diefenbaker just Mantle's the whole aerospace program in Canada and all the engineers are hired by NASA and Boeing down here and we finally break the sound barrier but in Canada today we have another scientist Canadian scientist John Hutchison is in using wave induction using vandegraaff and Tesla coils and radio on a 75-pound cannonball we can see this huge cannonball webbot ating in the air I mean Boeing NASA Lockheed all these defense contractors are going up into his lab in Canada and trying to understand how this thing works because the next person or the next country that figures out true anti-gravity propulsion systems is going to be is going to be king of aerospace on this planet the Hutchison effect incorporates radio frequencies Tesla frequencies and the high electrostatic energy to create a type of levitation effect where it can move 75 pound cannon ball or steel or brass bushings water wood and other objects into the air are we doing enough in our universities in our in our research labs are we putting enough money into this kind of a research and what risks are we willing to take if universities in Beijing in China and and Russia they're actually going into the universe of the UFO phenomenon or universities but here in America mainstream science mainstream physicists laugh at the UFO phenomenon I mean what do you think about that budgets are tight all around the world and as far as putting money into the study of alternative technologies funding research by people like Hutchinson the money is just not there I mean if you look at NASA NASA is getting chopped back because the funds that are flowing through government now are focused on the war in Iraq and and other things so we don't even have the money to keep up conventional space exploration development of metallurgy fuels ion drive systems so I don't see any government in the next you know 10 20 30 40 50 years really putting the money into the kind of research that's that's needed to develop these alternative systems and to perhaps study what is driving these intelligent machines from from somewhere else now of course that that's on the on the visible side of things even we're hearing a lot about these special access programs where congressional money is approved by a very narrow slice of the membership in the legislature and given to the military to do basically carte blanche what they want with so there could be a black military program that is producing what what people are referring to now as the the big black deltas which are these huge black triangles that are being seen all around the world the big black rectangles which are also being seen all around the world so maybe maybe they look a little like this the f-117 they look a little like to be the b-2 bomber maybe these are special access programs that have been applied to alternative technology and energy and are really practically at work today but I don't see them revealing you know these the sources of these programs and nor their applications right now okay I worked in the u.s. space program for 36 years I was a contractor employee first working for McDonnell Douglas and then ending up working for Boeing after McDonnell Douglas was purchased my boy I started at the end of the mercury program and then worked the whole Gemini program and during Gemini I was responsible for the design of the equipment for the life support system and so I had a distinct interest in keeping astronauts alive and having successful equipment during the program when we were flying the Gemini spacecraft my interest in UFOs became very real and became real because first of all Gemini 2 which was unmanned that was rumored and talked about among our researchers that to UFOs had followed Gemini – and then Gemini – of course recovered later and I didn't think too much about that except yeah that's kind of funny very interesting stuff and then when Gemini 4 flew and its four-day mission 66 orbits with James McDivitt and Ed white about halfway through the mission McDivitt said he has something up here with them astronaut Gordon Cooper is an American Hero with a log of over two hundred and twenty-two hours of manned space flight he had a long and illustrious career service to his country with over 11,000 hours of flight he was a fighter pilot you two test pilot in the Air Force and is one of the first men to ever fly in space he orbited the earth 22 times at faith 7 the last of the mercury missions on May 15th and 16th of 1963 on August 21st of 1965 he orbited the earth again on Gemini 5 and remained a backup for Apollo 10 occasions to know some of the people who were involved in Roswell one stage another I think there's been an awful lot of untruths put out on Rockville and an awful lot of conjecture I think there have been some truths and I think definitely there was something other than a weather blame there very likely I'd like to think they reversed in there and it did something with it you know did some benefit area 51 Dan I mean we hear stories from Bob Lazar we hear stories about alternative space program theories you know we're building UFOs and reverse engineering UFO technology since the saucers crashed at Roswell and the plains of st. Augustine and we have reverse engineered that technology today that's the theory and NASA is just a smokescreen program if we really have true anti-gravity technology today why aren't we using it in our military why isn't it evident in the war in Iraq why don't we use it to demonstrate superiority on the planet and if not if all this is just conspiracy there and we really don't have this technology again are we willing to take the risk of losing air superiority on this planet by letting the Russians or the Chinese and our some other country even the Middle East I'm actually engineered this kind of UFO technology and conquer the world are we willing to take that chance well I think again I as far as military applications may be there maybe they are being used already maybe we don't you know we don't know maybe they are being used in a surveillance capacity as far as you know weapons that could be associated with with such vehicles one would have to think that if the propulsion system is as sophisticated as that it would need to be to have these vehicles just hover stop a noiselessly takeoff at right angles do three to five to six to 20,000 miles an hour one would think that the military application would then take the form of rather than rockets and and projectiles that probably a particle beam would would be you some kind of a laser some kind of a disabling beam to disable equipment to cause disorientation among men and troops and of course we have seen though no evidence of this I'm not sure that the US military would want to play that card right now because after all the war in Iraq really is a conventional war we have air superiority there already there is no Araki air force there was no iraqi air force we in the United States we have air superiority basically over the rest of the world I'm sure there's some pretty hot shot MIG pilots in in China and Russia but I think if you put our Air Force up against any air force in this planet we would prevail without the use of of advanced technology of the type type we're speaking of so I think that the US if they have these things they would probably save them for a more drastic confrontation perhaps a confrontation with beings that have the potential to be superior over us in terms of the applications of of aviation today so maybe these triangles of big black Delta's the rectangles are the next wave of the u.s. military's defense against what some like perceive as an extra terrestrial or extraterrestrial threat maybe these weapons are these flight systems now are being prepared to confront a race of superior beings that that could have designs on the planet that are malevolent you know III believe I think it was Lord he'll Norton or one of the British Air Force defense ministry staff who was assigned to study UFOs in the 50s after he retired he said that in his estimation there were 23 different species of being visited visiting the planet and in you know numerous types of vessels we know from the NASA UFO studies that that you've done when I think that that theory you know there's there's nothing wrong with that that theory that I that I can see but doesn't point to what what you postulate and that is that there are benevolent beings that are trying to heal the planet hence the the the size of these ships that were seen in the STS cameras and the fact that the ozone has holes in it the fact that water could be a healing element there what are these these lifesavers shaped little drop a stone shaped ships conveying to our planet well you know we see them coming into the atmosphere and on the SDS tapes and other camp forms of exposure they're not releasing personnel they're not releasing projectiles and no harm has come to the planet you know through their intervention so one can assume perhaps it may be there are benevolent beings out there and malevolent beings out there and maybe the United States government is preparing weapon systems to deal with the malevolent beings ronald reagan said in a speech he said what if there were a species from another planet that was threatening us we would all find a way to work together and one can only think about the Star Wars system and the fact that there we had satellite mounted cannon well they'd be good for shooting down rockets they also might be good for shooting down other invasive vehicles that are coming into our atmosphere Ronald Reagan himself spoke about a UFO sighting that he had when he was governor of California in the beach king air that they used to use they were coming from Sacramento his wife was with him Sacramento – to Los Angeles and a saucer clocked the the plane for a good 45 minutes and Reagan spoke of it too – a lot of people and I think maybe you know part of his motivation and getting the the Star Wars weapons system up might have been that to prepare ourselves for the day when other beings might might come to this planet with designs of who knows taking minerals without authorization taking people you know we will we're probably just gonna have to wait to see I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world turnip or something severe that the Reagan administration Strategic Defense Initiative appropriately double star versus was primarily designed for use against the intimate Reuters his contemporary successor the anti-missile missile defense system is also being designed with that and the incident question as at least from my perspective almost ignited a nuclear war and that was five unidentified objects were picked up on radar coming in over the Pacific Northwest Northern California southern Washington Oregon area as these objects approached the coast Strategic Air Command went on a alert we were in a defense condition or what is referred to as a DEFCON done defense condition 3 which means that the nuclear forces were ready but they weren't on already stated alert now we elevated that to defense condition for defense condition 5 is launched when we went on our alert the Russians were also monitoring our nuclear armed forces as we were theirs and so they knew that our bombers had gone to failsafe they knew that the launch codes had been given they also knew that the hatches on the ICBM missiles had been removed and that we were getting ready to do a launch I know that Nixon President Richard Milhous Nixon picked up the phone and called the Kremlin the White House notified the Kremlin that these objects were not and I repeat not a pre-emptive launch by us that they – the Russians had been tracking these objects as they came in over the Bering Sea plate moved a hundred miles in a matter of a second when we look at alien abduction I mean the idea of a human being being taken and having an implant inserted into their body I often think of how biologists how we tagged whales you know we put a chip on a whale and we can track them via satellite and also how you know we go into a frog spawn and we pull out the Frog and spread it out of the table remember a biology class we used to do this and you know stick the little needles in his legs and cut them open I mean that's how we look at an another life-form in another world so is it really a sign of violence and negativity that an extraterrestrial civilization is coming to earth and doing the same to us putting computer chip implant centers to track as normal we are study our species do a little bit of biological experimentation and I know for us it's horrific and it's absolutely a violent thing for us as humans but from their perspective do you really think that they're being violently well again I I have to go back to some of them might be here for good purposes genuinely interested and perhaps helping me mankind and some are here for selfish purposes maybe these abductions even though they're done in a you know objective but you know biological way like we dissect frogs maybe maybe they're they're doing it you know just for fun and for sport I mean III don't know I I think probably that that the fear could be could be justified in some senses and ruffle has written this book about how to prevent being abducted and we you really think even even if benevolent species coming to this planet and taking a man and a woman and taking over out of a woman and sperm out of a man that's tremendously invasive and very traumatic for the human beings so and even if the motives are good you know these these these actions are are as violent as as anyone we're capable of on the planet I think that a certain amount of fear is is justified if you look at Devi Earth Stood Still you know the first thing that that happens is the army is assembled and you know guns are shot at the at these these beings and at the ship I addressed the question to do Cheney because I say the most important question to put to any high-ranking official is not what you think by UFOs or have you seen one that could be marked most important question is have you ever been briefed on the subject it's someone walk in your office and tell you what's going on because if someone walks into the president's office or some high-ranking official and briefs him on the subject of UFOs it is for real it's not imaginary as the government has been saying for 60 years so I asked mr. Cheney this is three months after he became a vice president I asked him on the air and this is still on Dianna greens archives mr. Cheney and all your jobs in government have you ever been briefed on the subject of UFOs and if so when was it and what were you told and mr. Cheney said if I have been briefed on that subject it probably would have been classified and I wouldn't be talking about it January 22nd 1997 I noticed three amber orbs down at a distance far west on the horizon and I'm thinking wait a minute even though they're in a line formation they were amber they were in a formation they were hovering for minutes as I'm pointing like this they reappear in the same spot and I thought I have to get a picture of this and I ran upstairs I grabbed my 35 millimeter get out onto the balcony as I'm ready to shoot the three bottom orbs suddenly six amber orbs in a row total equidistant from each other massive span across pop up on March 13 1997 over ten thousand Arizona residents witnessed the single most spectacular UFO sighting in the 20th century headlines surged the nation and Arizona residents demanded answers from military and state officials a mile-wide UFO was seen from as far north as Flagstaff Arizona and then the giant triangular UFO hovered above the great City of Phoenix Arizona where dr. Lynn Keita shot this amazing videotape when we go out into space and we're exploring the cosmos out there and we're looking for signs of extraterrestrial life what kind of a communication are we going to send out I mean if dan Aykroyd was the ambassador if you were the ambassador for Earth what message would you teletype to et if I were to speak for mankind to these beings that were coming here I guess what I would say is you know let's go to some neutral place let's have a meeting with scientists from all around the world world leaders let's sit down and and basically have a sort of a forum with with you the the extraterrestrial or extra dimensional beings let's let's sit down and kind of get to know each other and you know human instinct is pretty good and I think you know it's it would almost like be a sort of a g8 style kind of summit with world leaders scientific leaders and these these beings and you sit down with them and you know after about a week or even a couple of days or maybe a few hours you would really sort of get a sense of what of what they're up to but of course you know childhoods end arthur c clarke great story it looked like these beings were benevolent even though they had a malevolent appearance and in the end we find out that they they meant no good for our planet so I you know I mean I think it's important that some branches of the military and police be briefed on these in a very real sense and be told you know they are real people are being abducted there is mind control and play here and that we do have to be vigilant now if we knew that there was a purely benevolent race like if something happened in Iraq where all of the electronics went out in the American military and all of the insurgents rifles jammed or we saw all of the polluted waters in North Carolina from the pig farming completely healed overnight and different signs like this then we would know we're dealing with a benevolent species and then we could really be open and welcome but then again we would have to be cautious because beings with that much power could give the impression that they're here to help when really they're not so the verdict is out on all this we we just don't know which ones are benevolent which are ones are malevolent and the degree to which they're going to continue interacting with our planet but what would really help is if the United States military and police and government open it up to their staffs and say look this is something we really do have to consider because you know maybe the defense the survival of our species could could well be at stake if you look at the history to know from say Kent Arnold's first sighting in 47 going back to the Bible Ezekiel's we all going back to the medieval manifestations of little saucers and and and UFO is that painting of the Madonna that's very famous in which it appears up to now there has been no there have been no mass murders by these these beings there's been no mass destruction of cities but hundreds of thousands of people have been taken out of their lives subjected to surgical experimentation released back into the population and are suffering trauma today for it that is is not good the idea I mean like in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind the meeting on the Dark Side of the Moon in Devils Tower Wyoming I mean it seems like the logical thing to do I mean we we we have a communication a teletype message we have a place a location at a time and we isolate it from the public until we know it's safe I mean we we check each other out I mean this seems like the most logical thing to do you know even rather than meeting on the White House lawn I mean this is the way we would like it to happen but that doesn't seem to be the way it's really happening mean these extraterrestrials don't seem to be so interested in doing things politically the way we do things on earth they're picking certain individuals to contact they are zeroing in on those individuals but now I mean there are so many sightings going on all over the planet I mean it's just amazing I mean Iran Turkey Mexico's Venice California Sonora California Texas Death Valley I mean the reports are coming in every other day now it seems like we're heading towards an Omega point I mean what is about to happen I mean is this is this all just a coincidence that more and more people have video cameras or do you really think you know there's a major unprecedented communication that is about to happen between our extraterrestrial visitors and humanity or again is it the video camera question more more chem course there are definitely more video cameras up there and definitely more sightings and definitely more credible witnesses you know the biggest thing in ufology in the 60s was herb Shermer the Nebraska highway patrolman who was at the Ashland oil tank farm out there and in Nebraska and he writes in his diary you know saw flying saucer and then under hypnosis turned out that he was taken aboard and informed of their intentions Barney and Betty Hill I mean these were these were the key cases Shermer Bob Betty and Barney and Betty Hill the Pascagoula incident Travis Walton now there are hundreds of cases like this and I think that because it's in the consciousness because we have you know a poll saying basically half of the world believes in half dozen we we are we're reaching a point where as Steven Bassett talks about his his time clock it's like the nuclear time clock that we had in the fifties before we blew the world you know before we blew the world up the theory that once the hands got to midnight that's when all the nuclear weapons in the world would be discharged well we've stopped that nuclear clock thanked thankfully but as far as the UFO clock he says we're we're one minute to midnight now meaning that in in a minute to midnight something really really spectacular is gonna happen now whether that's a mass appearance whether that is you know it come over to the Yankee Stadium during a game I think the next possibly the next maybe even in the next five years we're going to have occasions like the one I experienced an upstate New York in the mid-80s when I was I woke up in the middle of the night and I said to my wife they're calling me they're calling me I want to go outside they want me to come outside and see you've been whoo-hoo-hoo something outside wants me to come out and say oh just go back to bed I went back to bed but in the next day in the media in newspapers in radio all over upstate New York and Ontario Quebec in Vermont people spoke about this urge they had to go out of their houses at 3:00 in the morning and look up into the sky and 12,000 people shared this urge and they went out and it was a big big news story and of course the air force said that a Chinese rocket had exploded over New York State and what people saw was a massive miles high pink spiral in the sky above the Great Lakes in quebec canada a few years afterwards there was a story of several hundred people almost a thousand people in this community Gatineau north of hull quebec canada in the in the Quebec province sharing this urge to come outside and look up into the sky and they also saw an apparition so they're going to be more of these these mass sightings and you know the day that a million people in Idaho at a rock concert or or something see it that is when you're going to really get the conventional military and police sitting down to say well it's time to throw the Brookings Institution and report out and and lay it open to people and let the people decide you know what must be done in conference with with with our state leaders looks like you got a hybrid you look out there ten o'clock eleven o'clock throw it away don't worry about it there have been so many celebrities I'm you know why people like David Bowie and John Denver many people who have been interested in UFOs but also in the idea of going into space would you train and go on the Space Shuttle yourself and and conduct investigations into UFOs and if you did that and you took an oath that stated that if you did discover something out there that you would not share it with the American public and if you knew you had captured on videotape actual UFOs from the Space Shuttle would you break that oath and share the truth with the American public um well I you know first of all I'm claustrophobic so I doubt I'll go up into space but if I were to go up into space I would have to say look you know what we see up there and what we find you know we're just gonna we're just gonna have to throw out that that law there's a law according to NASA's Space Act signed on July 29th 1958 section 102 paragraph C subparagraph a we read information obtained or developed by the administrator in the performance of his functions under this act shall be available for public inspection accept information authorized or required by federal statute to be withheld and information classified to protect the national security would NASA consider contact with an extraterrestrial civilization a threat to national security and if they did would they classify it to protect the national security so I would have to say no I couldn't agree to non disclosure I really couldn't if I saw something or photograph something but I can see where other people you know wanting to do the best for their country wanting to serve their country in a legitimate way would would say yes I will not disclose and this is based on the Brookings Institution report from the late 50s which you know could Congress Commission which said that if the existence of UFOs were really revealed to the American populace the American populace would not be able to happen they would defy church authority police authority military authority governmental authority ah they wouldn't go to work they would sort of cast aside the mayors and governors and presidents and go we want to talk directly to these these beings we feel that these beings should you know have their case put to us directly by by them themselves I think the American populace today is ready to handle the concept that what we live in the four dimensions of Heights length width in time is not all there is there are more dimensional realities there are advanced beings with machines that can skip from dimension to dimension from galaxy to galaxy using the einstein-rosen bridges the wormholes and I think the American people I think half of them know and I think the other half with the proper evidence would be ready would be ready to accept it it's going to take a mass sighting for the US government – to finally say look we're gonna come on side with France Belgium Mexico Turkey Iran and we're going to tell the truth and we're gonna we're going to reveal what happened to Tom Mantell when he went up in his p-51 what happened in the Great Lakes when I believe it was an F F 104 I believe was scrambled over the Great Lakes and the in the 60s what happened to him you know I think that that if you have that type of sighting and there there'll be no choice interdimensional travel I mean not just traveling through our dimension but going into alternate dimension dimensions Dan them would you and if you could a spaceship arrives in your yard and you know you've got you've got the barbecue out and there's the steak on the grill and they want you right now to come with them and go into another dimension and to move forward and backwards on the timeline to go forward in time and backward in time if you could move forward and backward in time are there any events in human history that you would interfere with that you would change to alter the destiny in the course of humanity well I wouldn't want to go back in time and change anything because that would be a temp ring that I I wouldn't serve mankind well although there are many horrors of course wouldn't you have loved to caught Hitler as a 15 year old and have him drown in a river or you know because then we could have solved the Holocaust problem and then World War two may not have well look there were two guys there was Otto dinkle you ever heard of him well he was an orator hired by the German army just like Hitler was to speak if Hitler died maybe Otto dinkle would have been the guy that would have gone on with this rabid anti-semitism and wiped out nine million people of course one thinks of those things but you don't want to go back in time and play with events because you know where we've come to today and the improvements we made in in in in human rights and in regarding ourselves as sacred they've come because of the bad things that have happened now if I went into the future I would want to see where this planet is 300 years from now did we make it did we make it that's what I would I would like to know I need that for my knowledge of the world that I be around I think that it is much more likely that the reports of flying saucers are the result of the know the irrational characteristics of terrestrial intelligence I'm interdimensional tea again if you could move forward and backward in time and meet any personality any public figure celebrity or politician or mystical figure is there anybody that you would like to sit down with if you could have lunch with them or or just sit down and talk to them and have a discussion forward and backward in time all I'd love to spend an afternoon with Richard Fineman would love to sit down with Heisenberg and of course you know Einstein Niels Bohr Max Planck you know I'd love to sit with the you know the particulate you know the quantum physics guys because there really is is the route of understanding how and why the world is the way it is and the the just the the the joy of these studies in antimatter that are occurring everyone you picked is a physicist a scientist and I often think about how spirituality and science are merging how they're kind of coming together I mean what ancient civilizations thought of as a universe was really the earth and the Sun and a few planets and now with the advent of the Hubble telescope we can see that the universe is far bigger than the ancients had ever imagined so well science and religion are merging on some ideas and other areas are just far off but to make matters even more complicated the idea of parallel dimensions or parallel universes I mean it's just getting so vast out there how do you map a multiverse you know I've talked to some guys they say that that that fifth dimension six dimension could be right here by my ear and could be a millimeter wide in a millimeter across you don't you know because you're talking about you know dimensions that defy any kind of dimensional understanding and you know there was a I forget his name he died recently last two years but his he proposed that that there there are parallel realities just because of the way we go through time like here we are in this interview right now well what I said and what you said and what we all did two minutes ago still exists somewhere because if we just did it it's there it's like a wake we've left and and if you had a time vehicle you could go back to two minutes before and and stop and and see what we're doing two minutes before you go back to your high school days you go back to your days as an infant and those realities are still existing alongside what what we're progressing through you know it's it's all a beautiful beautiful mystery I am here because I am a writer a performer I find it entertaining I'm not a scientist I you know and I'm not a philosopher or philosopher and I you know I am just here because it is a norm enormous ly entertaining and mysteries like this are challenging and it's really really fun to contemplate that you know there there may be beings out there who are concerned about our planet and who may give us the opportunity to advance ourselves it's it's really fun to contemplate [Applause] all the physics that we know on this planet quantum physics and in conventional physics and metallurgy and and you know you know all of it it can it can really encompass a theory of how these ships move them you've you've done it yourself David proposing you know that when if you can convert you know a mass to a state of you know a photonic energy then there is no there is no mass anymore and you're looking at pure light you're looking at Adi gravity you're looking at something that can be you know harnessed in waves well what is the fuel well people you know bob lazar talked about you know this element one one five that was put into these generators to boil mercury and to be used as gravity tractors maybe maybe that's it I don't know I mean they must be using a fuel that's unavailable to us is it rigid is it doesn't give off radioactive waste what is the cost to them for instance the Venice UFO that you recently showed me and and I love I covet that tape that's amazing because you see the metallic quality of the object you see the force field around you see it's spinning it was May 2nd 2004 approximately 11:30 a.m. and I was walking from my apartment with my girlfriend down this alley right here and we were just sort of walking this way and I looked up over at those phone lines and we saw something that we really couldn't make sense of it was a very shiny you know metallic disc so we turned the corner here and this is basically where we're just looking at it and we're pretty much like ok that's not a balloon or anything we're familiar with so we sort of kept walking to the corner and just stared at it for a while and until me you know that this was really something it was a man also looking at it sort of a bystander and he said wow do you guys see that and that's when I realized all three of us were looking at something extraordinary what is the environmental cost of running these machines are they clean or are they not is there some wherever you know they came from is there some place they have to go back to after their journeys are finished to dump whatever they've used up in terms of fuel like we wouldn't a bad fuel rod and a reactor that that is a is a question I'd like to know I'd like to ask is you know is you are you a clean burning vessel or is there some cost that that you pay like we paid for atomic energy when we consider that it may be possible to take mass and reduce it down to zero make it as light as a photon we can start to approach this whole light speed phenomena from a whole new direction I mean we're gonna be able to do this this is this is the only logical answer there are no physical nuclear materials in the universe as we know it to produce the kind of energies in a steady stream that you need to get mass up to that speed there are no physical nuclear fuels that can produce one trillion electron volts all day long and with Sun wormholes wormholes are even more exotic the idea of bending and folding to speak spaces of space-time together and creating a shortcut wormhole to vector in between those two points according to Kip Thorne who wrote black holes and time warps that the energy required for a wormhole is a hundred million Suns the energy the negative energy they put out for an entire year there are a hundred million Suns in our galaxy alone that means all of the negative solar energy coming from our Suns in this whole galaxy the total energy for a whole year is required to create a wormhole where is-where has any extraterrestrial civilization or our civilizations going to get access to levels of energy that high it's never gonna happen that's why I've reversed the tables where I said you know you have to ultimately get frustrated with the idea of increasing energy on maps you you have to just it's like banging your head against the wall I'm trying to cram it through the wall you will never be able to do it this way so the new way is I propose doesn't make this all possible when you consider UFOs coming in stopping on a dime and then accelerating and turning out into space any Air Force pilot can tell you that stopping on a dime the g-forces are gonna throw you right through the walls yeah you'll be crushed and then sudden acceleration is gonna do the same thing it's going to destroy even the body of the pilot so this this new approach and this new idea I mean if this is just the inception it's just the beginning but I think this is really the only Avenue that we can look down right now and the only way we can see solving this problem while Gordon Cooper was an Air Force pilot stationed in Munich Germany in 1951 in the 86 fighter bomber group where he flew f-84 s and f-86s Cooper testifies to having chased disc-shaped UFOs that outmaneuvered the most advanced fighter jets of our time we're flying in Germany and we were flying f80 sexes and they would come over and do the same maneuvers that we make except they're ones while one I'm gonna go sit and you just can't do that in a fighter conventional fighter they're just typical saucer shape double integral shape metallic-looking well yeah they weren't just random they were flying they were flying fighter formations very definitely under positive control I'm here to announce that the second annual Exopolitics Expo X conference 2005 was concluded on Sunday April 24th this event was produced by Paragon research group 26 speakers and panelists presented to 450 attendees over three days it was a unique event which focuses on the political governmental and social implications of extraterrestrial related phenomena it is produced by PRG as part of the emerging activist movement seeking to end a government imposed truth embargo regarding extraterrestrial related and phenomena do you believe and and describe you know do you believe that your show was shut down for national security reasons and and tell us tell us a little bit about what happened with the show out there well what happened well we we sold the show to decipher channel and it was called out there and I basically interviewed all of the people that I admired in various fields of study like Colin Andrews from the crop circle movement Linda Moulton Howe the expert on cattle mutilations John Mac and let me just put a pin in things right there because John Mac has taken the study of abductions UFOs right out through the other other sightings going yes we know they're here we know they're coming we know people have been taken we know there's experimentation going on we know people have been told about agendas what we now have to do is use that as a key and as a motivation to socially transform this planet to a more peaceful more loving more tolerant state so his movement the the movement for social change has just accepts as a fact abductions ufos interplanetary of intervention and what he's doing is taking it out through the positive side of it and saying now we must use it to socially transform and I think his message is great but I talked to him I talked to the allagash guys who were taken in the canoe and that trip in Pennsylvania I mean and I the last show the last show we did I had both Bassets who has the the UFO time clock and then Grier both Bassett and Greer were there they were my two guests for the day well the show was cancelled that afternoon and I was outside in before I knew was cancelled in between the interviews and I was outside and Britney Spears called me because she wanted to meet up you appear on Saturday Night Live with her and so I picked I was outside having a cigarette the phone rang I Britney how you doing oh sure of course they were like turned away like this I turned back and there was a black Ford across the road a black Ford sedan and I was trying to look at the plate and the plate seemed kind of like fuzzy and I was you know definitely a police car and two guys were there and a big big tall guy got out of the backseat and he stood in the street on on 42nd Street it was we were at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue and he looked right at me and literally I mean I was on the phone hell sure of course I'd like for the show saw the Ford went back like this turned back like a half second later and it was gone and that car did not go past me it did not make a u-turn because I would have seen 42nd Street I would have seen that thing take a u-turn and go away that car vanished that car was a cloaked vehicle of some type and whether this was like a warning to me because the guy got out of the backseat give me a real dirty look that car vanished I know what I saw and you know III was it was just this fast it was oh hi Britney sure oh of course I'd love to do God gives me dirty look oh well sure car gone that's what happened and then two hours later we were told we were not to continue taping and the show was cancelled and none of them would air I don't know I mean III don't know was that was that an MIB experience you know black helicopters you know military abductions that happen sometimes people are taken and they talk about then being visited by you know military personnel and Reedy briefed about their abduction was it you know was it technology associated with some of these beings that are visiting that wanted to warn me off or they wanted to give me verification that I was on the right track I don't know but I do know I I did I did turn back a second later and I you know it takes so long for a automobile accelerating from zero to forty miles an hour to reach the corner of eighth Avenue and 42nd Street going past me and then pulling a u-turn and going out towards Times Square I would have seen that car and I looked around and I was looking for that then it was gone so I don't know the tapes exist I have them we're going to try to repackage them we might put them out on DVD I was having some the cameraman film the installation of a precision landing facility we were putting in right on the edge of the dry lake and they saw her flee right over them and put down three low a year and landed out on the dry lake bed and they went out the picked up their cameras and moved on out partying filming and he left it off but the year backing around timed out a very high rate of speed disappeared and so while I was going through all the regulation books and finding out the number to call and Washington to report it I had him going developed and found the time they got back with and developed film I was on the higher and higher and higher level officer talked to me anyway the colonel telling me do you know when the film arrived at my desk to put it in the carrier pouch there would be occurred there at my office by that time already and they'd arrange for him to fly in our base airplane back to Washington with these films and do not run prints etc etcetera etcetera we didn't have a chance to run it I had a chance to hold it up to the window and look at it there's certainly good family involved in the research and development and doing very classified programs myself you know at the test center so I need that we didn't have any vehicles of that kind and I was 99.9 percent sure that the Russians didn't have any of that either so it certainly there were certainly was at that point in time there was no doubt in my mind that this vehicle was made at some other place than here on earth yeah well Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon coming through dude I got it that plate moved a hundred miles in a matter of a second or two in July of nineteen d'lai excuse me in 2002 right here in the Washington DC area there was yet again a airspace check chase by two f-16 jet interceptors charged which were chasing a bluish object right outside DC in fact we have one of the kiai witnesses here in this room today this has received some play in the Washington Post in a little bit of mainstream media then of course fell into the black hole of the media never be discussed again what would these objects that were able to outperform at 16 interceptors in a post-911 America what is going on there certainly are constellations by shadowing her plans the army shot fourteen hundred and thirty rounds of anti-aircraft fire at the UFO between 312 and 4:15 a.m. Army Chief of Staff General George C Marshall wrote a top-secret memo to President Franklin D Roosevelt that the u.s. navy recovered an unidentified craft off the coast of California the retrieved craft was in fact not earthly in all probability of interplanetary origin I mean to me what this is all about is not just you know looking up in the sky and saying you know wow there's another UFO yet another sighting I mean it's about exploring the phenomena we have to get past denial I mean everyone is stuck at denial of it mainstream sciences the phenomena is not happening and they don't take it seriously and they try to sweep with them half the world but over fifty percent of the American population according to polls believe in the UFO phenomena and the government just buries it well there's some media that are that are guilty of trying to suppress and and and there are some media that are just throwing the story out there now this Mexican sighting we had coverage on Fox we had coverage on CNN and in the Daily News in the valley here we had a front-page article you know with a with the with the pictures and UFO big question mark and I mean they were treating it I think increasingly now the media has to take into account that this is a reality and I think again to look go along with the theory and the feeling that John Mac has we you know let's get past the debate whether they're here or not let's start to analyze who they are how many of them are there what kind of systems they're using what their intentions are to us here on their planet and can we utilize this knowledge to better ourselves as a species with the advent of the Hubble telescope I mean when you see how big it really is out there and the idea that we're stuck on this myopic little ball we're just glued to it we can't get our eyes off of it it's more it's more of a mystery now than it ever has been why were it we're stuck here and there's got to be a way to decode the matrix and finding out how these crafts work you know how we can can get out into the universe ourselves I mean I think that's what this is really all about it's not about trying to prove it whether it's right or wrong it's trying to it's like when the first time man saw a bird fly well yeah the last UFO symposium conducted by MUFON they sent me the book of the speakers there were many many scientific people in there many astrophysicists celestial mechanics experts metallurgist you know people have been consulted on these cases over the years know I mean when you have john callahan and FX faa supervisor saying yep they're real when you have John Schuessler who was a Boeing engineer now running MUFON and saying yep you know they're real when you have you know pilots and and and and personnel in the police and military coming forward in the Rockefeller report and in the disclosure report saying they're real we have a Belgian general on television showing you a tape from a fighter which is filming an object escaping at high speed when you have this Mexican case you know I think we can pretty well put it to bed and say yep they're here they're doing things to us with us interacting with us whether we've had you know official military contact again that goes into the black box area but there should be no debate anymore the UFOs exist they are intelligent intelligently manufactured and guided technology from somewhere else not not this planet while human beings can only see from red to violet wavelengths of white the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums are invisible to humans I quickly learned that nASA uses special video cameras that are capable of seeing into the invisible spectra after the 12 mile long tether snaps several days later on an orbital pass the cameras find something that should not be there in the NASA STS 75 tether incident March 1996 we find NASA using ultraviolet light sensitive video cameras this is where some of the largest UFOs ever caught on videotape have been captured huge dish shape luminous UFOs warm the tether we know the tether is 77 to 100 miles away from the cameras on the shuttle the UFOs past behind the 12 mile long tether so we can therefore use the 12 mile length of the tether to measure their minimum diameters some measure between one and three miles wide making them literally motherships in project Bluebook miles and UFOs with these same features have been reported several times as shiny metallic discs with dark centers specifically in the invisible infrared Trevor James constable a retired World War two radar operator from New Zealand has photographed many UFOs with the same features translucent discs of white with dark centers so how do people respond to Dan Aykroyd when he talks to them on a personal level about UFOs you know what it's it's it's intimate when I talk to people well first of all people ask me about it and they they come to me and they say oh you know we saw an interview we heard an interview they heard the thing on art bell that we did they come to me and ask me about it so it's not like I have to go up there and crusade and and say hey did you hear about the latest Mexican case they they've seen CNN they've seen Fox they've seen The Daily News they come to me and ask me about it and I basically lay out you know my thoughts on it I'd say half the people that I speak to about this have either seen themselves heard about it from a critical credible witness or are willing to to accept the other half totally not Harold Ramis my good friend and collaborator does not believe will not accept until you know proof hard proof is presented to him in the form of you know something tangible and so what I've been able to do is just open people's minds a little bit and and let them think about it and of course the greatest proofer are the kinds of tapes that now exist the kind of videos that exist and usually when I when I show some tape of some different things that have been exposed to me well that it's pretty convincing and then at that point people have to go in and accept that you know that these things are a part of our reality well what I'd like to you know what I'd love what we'd all like to effect is is some positive change in the world and try to help the tipping point where we're good tips to overflow evil in the world I mean you know we know there's good and bad out there Union black white and you know it's it's there are you know tremendous this tremendous divisive miss and the planet and you know perhaps this study and this this understanding of things that are greater than we have accomplished technologically will lead us to a spiritual awakening one that helps us respect other beings out there in the universe and other dimensions and also in our own four dimensions in here in the physical world that we live in the sacredness of human life of the willingness to get along a little better to relinquish materialism and territoriality in favor of a more comprehensive worldview which in which we unite and we all feel the energy within us as as part of a part of a universal light God got a thank you Dan so much for this interview I'm very grateful I really believe you're one of the greatest minds in our world at this time thank you so much [Applause] the sightings could be explained through conventional means but many the sightings were were unexplained from Dan Aykroyd a recognized authority on UFOs people spoke about this urge they had to go out the three in the morning I look up into the sky three amber orbs down at a distance far western horizon Strategic Air Command went on alert DEFCON 3 which means that a nuclear forces were ready I think half of the American people with the proper evidence would be ready would be ready to accept 2,100 miles and matter of a second it was metallic disc and that's when I realized all three of us were looking at something extraordinary five unidentified objects were picked up on radar coming in over the Pacific Northwest 12,000 people share these mass sightings I think I got a a big Craig money mark if you look out there there should be no debate anymore UFOs exist challenging the misconceptions they photograph the Leatherman unidentified objects discovering the realities they were hovering four minutes of what may be mass miles life the most important question the incident almost ignited particular war facing human civilization today authority into the UFO phenomenon we are dealing with beings who have advanced technology on us deployed dan aykroyd unplugged on UFOs you

SSC MTS Maths 【5th august, All shifts】 | MTS Tier-1 Exam Analysis & Asked Questions | SSC MTS MATHS

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SSC MTS Maths 【5th august, All shifts】 | MTS Tier-1 Exam Analysis & Asked Questions | SSC MTS MATHS

IN this video we have discusssed all questions asked in SSC MTS exam today.
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Dogo Onsen | Ancient Bath House Secrets Revealed ★ ONLY in JAPAN

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Don’t be frightened! In Japan, bath houses are everywhere, but none are as mystical as Dogo Onsen. Sure, it’s a place where you get naked with a bunch of strangers to clean yourself and relax in therapeutic waters, but what makes this public onsen special is that it’s also open to everyone including those with tattoos, a rarity in Japan. You can’t stay the night here, but you can take in the magical environment that places you in what seems like a totally different world.

Dogo Onsen is famous for not only being Japan’s oldest onsen (3,000 years) but for it’s special rejuvenating waters that heal the body and make you young again.
The myth of the onsen’s origins comes from a white heron or egret who was injured. It bathed in the waters at this spot every day until healthy enough to fly away.
You’ll find a lot of people in the 80s, 90s and even 100 years old bathing to stay healthy and fix health problems. After 15 minutes in the waters, you may feel the power too!

The main building called the HONKAN was built in the 19th century. It also houses a special bathing area for the Imperial family on the east side called the YUSHINDEN. The Emperor hasn’t visited since 1950, but when he does come again, the staff said they’ll be ready just like they’re ready for every person who wants a bath in all of their luxurious tubs.

Dogo Onsen’s Baths:
Lower Floor
The woman’s Kami no Yu is quite large with a fountain in the middle. The men’s has two smaller baths of equal size.
2nd Floor
A VIP bath the used to be for the imperial family and their attendants. Requires a special ticket. Less crowded and quieter.

Dogo Onsen Hours:
6:00AM to 10:00PM

★ 410 Yen / General “Kami No Yu” Bath Only
★ 820 Yen / General Bath + Tatami Floor lounge, Yukata and snack
★ 1250 Yen / SPECIAL “Tama No Yu” BATH + Tatami Floor lounge, Yukata and snack
★ 1550 Yen / SPECIAL BATH + 3rd Floor Tatami Room, Special Yukata and Snack
* Maximum Stay is 1 hour

Mikan Beer:
Matcha & Tart Set:
Dogo Brewery Restaurant:

Google Map to Dogo Onsen:

This show has been created and produced by John Daub ジョン・ドーブ. He’s been living and working in Japan for over 18 years and regularly reports on TV for Japan’s International Channel.

We Need to Talk About Physics – with Helen Czerski

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Helen Czerski explores the everyday oddities that shed light on some of the most important science of our time.
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When we hear about physics, we often hear about the weirdness of the tiny quantum world or the bewildering vastness of the cosmos. But there’s a lot in the middle, and it’s time someone starting talking about it. Helen Czerski will take us through some of the little everyday oddities that shed light on some of the most important science and technology of our time. Once the patterns are visible, a new perspective on the world beckons.

Helen Czerski is a Lecturer in the department of Mechanical Engineering at UCL. She is the author of “Storm in a Teacup”, a new popular science book exploring the physics of everyday life.

This lecture was recorded at the Royal Institution on 15 February 2017.

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"Beyond The Trail" T.I. Documentary Directors Cut (Full Movie)

BI, the Camera Guy, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the life of rapper T.I. and what it’s really like on tour. The dedication, the hard work and the FANdemonium surrounding a superstar from his point of view.

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Chemical Kinetics | IIT JEE Main & Advanced | Physical Chemistry by Prince (PS) Sir

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The History of Sweden

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This is the history of Sweden please enjoy.

All material should be licensed under Creative Commons or as fair use.

Images: Pixabay and Wikimedia

Clair De Lune (Orchestral Arr.) & Clair De Lune (Wurly, Drum Machine and Bucket Arr.) by Podington Bear

Seeing the Future by Dexter Britain

Sweden home to beautiful cityscape frozen wastelands flat-pack furniture and rose most famous meme generator this is the history of Sweden when the ice covering scan may be retracted the first migrators moved in they lived off hunting gathering and fishing and use simple stone tools during the early Iron Age the population of Sweden settled and agriculture set the foundation for economy and society between year 550 and 800 Sweden entered the Vandal period they established trade to the east laying the foundation for the extensive trade Sweden saw during their next period the working age this was a period of significant increase in Scandinavian activity for Sweden it was also a period of both economic and political flourish Sweden's main focus was towards the east using the long ships that both plundered and traded along the Baltic coasts they also sail up rivers deep into modern day Russia where there established colonies they travel as far as the black and the Caspian Sea and establish trade with both Arab kingdoms and a Byzantine Empire in the latter the Varangian guard was an elite unit for several Swedish Vikings served on Skaar arriving from the Frankish Empire was the first to introduce Sweden to Christianity but it would take several decades for the country to be converted in the late working age Eric's a gazelle might have been the first King to rule over both the so they are and us thought tribes with his son who loved working continuing the process in that sense they are relieved to set the foundations for a unified Sweden there's following the waiking age show that the unification of Sweden would be a long process and a long lasting conflict between the eric and Sewer clans ensued the conflict eventually got resolved by creating a new dynasty the hives of Bilbo beginning in a 1200 s b'dar and his successor consolidated the unification of Sweden and acquired fiddlin through several Crusades bTW all is also credited for owning Stockholm the modern-day capital Swede the city became an important trade hub for distribution of the minerals mined in Sweden's inland in the late 1200 s the nobility got their first privileges and society could organized into feudal model but it was somewhat different compared to the rest of Europe the farmers being to a large extent free in the early 1300s Sweden and Norway were joining a union under king Magnus Eriksson in the beginning of his rule Denmark was in a state of distress he used his opportunity to buy scania from the Danes however Denmark with only decades later take the area back as well as the island of Gotland the lusts of these rich areas made Sweden weaker the Black Death reached Sweden in 1350 and led to economic and population decline but all things considered Sweden quickly arose again late thirteen hundreds so internal conflict as the nobility was dissatisfied with Magnus and wanted Albert of Mecklenburg on the throne Albert eventually succeeded after eight years of civil war however he gradually lost much of his support and with the help of the Danish ruler Margaret he was dethroned and Sweden joined the cavalry union Margaret was a brilliant diplomat but the rulers following her could not pose to be equal thus following Margaret's death the union soon ran into problems Masha dutour dissatisfied nobility the first major conflict was the anger breath rebellion which set a precedent for Sweden's claim to serenity the latest are essentially Sweden's Parliament was also founded during this time the discontent toward Danish rule climaxed when 80 Swedish nobles were executed by the order of the Danish King in an event known as the Stockholm bloodbath Gustav Vasa who had lost his father in a bloodbath rose to lead a rebellion against Denmark he was successful in a 1523 he became king over now free Sweden wall so I introduced a Protestant Reformation confiscating all estates belonging to the church he focused on strengthening the economy the army the fleet and Unruh gaining control of the trade which was dominated by the hamsa for many Vasa is considered the father of the modern Swedish state following us as rule Sweden's foreign meddling became more active with a focus on gaining dominion over a Baltic Sea the Swedes expanded into the Baltics through several successful Wars and the following years would see Sweden in an almost constant state of war with Sweden becoming more and more powerful in the early 1600 Gustavus Adolphus became King and he knew that if Sweden to become a major power he had to restructure and modernize the army so he did just that he also bettered the in taxation system drastically improving in the state finances auto fuse was also a brilliant military strategist based by many considered the father of modern warfare the 30 Years War was a devastating religious conflict that started in the Holy Roman Empire bottled in Germany but soon spread to the other European powers Auto first perhaps saw this as an opportunity to further strengthen Sweden so he joined the game playing on a Protestant side he won a significant battle against the Emperor's army but in a later battle all of us was killed this did not stop Sweden which now had several brilliant generals under a wing leading Sweden to victory in the 30 Years War as you can see here this result in history and gaining land in the Baltics in northern Germany as well as gaining back Coughlin from the dance Sweden was also rhetoric in a second northern war very much new land including scorner at Trondheim flem this made Sweden stronger than our a longtime Danish rival as Sweden was know one of the great powers of Europe Sweden even founded a short-lived colony in what is no Delaware in North America however the years following Otto first who soon proved to be a challenge for Sweden through several more or less successful Wars Sweden consolidated their power in the Baltics but starting in a year 1700 Sweden found itself in war against most of their neighbors in a conflict known as the great northern war this war so Sweden pitted against a large coalition with Russia as the main threat Sweden experienced initial success but King call the 12th leading Sweden into some of history's most impressive victories hello there I am Charles but why Scott Kings win McGuffin wins glam Vince Penman to Cassini estonia livonia and kalla-nohra English cucumber in Verdun and millennia trees a vegan know the reason of the compile time by the right to cover Apple area account of cyber cable for a Duke of Jewish play and echo the villains from high hums like a lot of cops time but you can call me Carl but when he attempted to march on to Moscow his army was severely weakened and the war shifted in favor of Russia when Karl returned to Sweden after his losses in Russia he raised a new army to conquer Norway this campaign failed when Carl was shot and killed during the siege of Frederick Stan fortress the northern war ended was feeding defeated and they lost much of the baltic lands in the years following Carl's thethe the Swedish parliament was strong enough to introduce a new constitution that abolished royal absolutism the following years would see more wars with more loss of land as well as economic decline on the bright side it was also a period of scientific advancement which squeezed such as column Linehan under celsius reaching fame across europe the following year so little military success but when Sweden found itself forced to join the Napoleonic Wars they joined England side as very important for Sweden siren trade during the wars a French marshal Karl Johan selected as future king of Sweden he soon realized that it would be impossible to conquer back Finland from Russia instead he saw an opportunity to acquire Norway he signed a treaty with Great Britain promising to join in the coalition against Napoleon in trade of Norway the Swedish army marched to victory in Denmark and Sweden acquired norway in 1814 in a Treaty of Kiel the time after Napoleonic Wars saw a shift in politics with several liberal reforms being implemented throughout the 1800s Sweden move towards industrialism and Parliament tourism direct democracy was introduced but amount of workers was very limited industrialization of Sweden was slow and in a late 19th century 90% of the people still earn their livelihood from agriculture even though the 19th century saw a dramatic increase in population in addition more than a million Swedes emigrated to America Sweden's perhaps most famous person also lived during this period Alfred Nobel inventor of dynamite and much more with his will laying the foundation for the Nobel prizes in science and peace in the early 1900's industrialization gained serious traction and in just a few decades Sweden became one of Europe's leading industrial nations 1905 the UNAM in Norway came to an end in the following years all men gained the right to vote and Social Democratic Party experienced growth Sweden declares of neutral during first world war during the interwar period screen tried to acquire the oil and Islands through diplomacy but he was rejected in the League of Nations plans for a well first aid for drone up during the 1930s after the Social Democrats rose to power and were put into effect after World War two where Sweden again was neutral unlike most of Europe Sweden was not ravished by the war and they experienced an ever-expanding industry and economy with a doubling of rigid EP from 1950 to 1970 Sweden's welfare system went through several improvements perhaps being the best in the world however like several other countries the 1973 oil crisis had a big impact in Sweden and many became unemployed with other Scandinavian countries join NATO after the Second World War Sweden maintained the path of neutrality relying on a strong defensive force in 1976 a coalition put an end to the Social Democratic hegemony but the following year some political turmoil must due to a heated discussion concerning nuclear power in 1982 the Social Democrats once again won the election but a few years later in prime minister rule of palma was murdered openly in the streets they never caught the killer and the murder had a great impact all across Scandinavia some asking if Sweden now had lost its innocence the early 90s saw a financial crisis in Sweden in part caused by a real-estate bubble to get out of the crisis Sweden had to reduce developer benefits and private Desai's parts of the public sector in 1994 the worst accident in modern Swedish history occurred as the car ferry MS Estonia sank in a Baltic Sea claiming 852 lives a year later Sweden joined the EU but they refrained from using the Euro in the year 2000 the older soon British Open combining Sweden with down work today Sweden still maintained their path of neutrality and is one of the world's richest and most developed countries from humble beginnings to worse on Nordic empire amassing too many rivals to a path of neutrality and once again prosperity that was the history of Sweden thank you so much for watching and as always carry on or as a Swedish person a guy called Bowie sin you

Relaxing Music & Bird Sounds – Calm Piano Music, Sleep Music, Peaceful Music

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Relaxing music and bird sounds from Soothing Relaxation. Calm piano music that can be used as sleep music, meditation music, background music or study music, composed by Peder B. Helland. Listen to more peaceful music:

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💿 Track information:
Title: Calm
Composer: Peder B. Helland
Released: 2019
Album: Not yet released
SR index: ★180
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Music composed by Peder B. Helland.
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📜 Message from the composer and creator of Soothing Relaxation:
“I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit whenever you want to sit down and relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.

Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Every single day I am completely astonished by all your warm support and it really inspires me to work even harder on my music. If you enjoy my work, I would be very happy if you decided to subscribe and join our community. Have a wonderful day or evening!”

– Peder B. Helland, composer for Soothing Relaxation

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