'BUGGED' Asian Longhorned Beetle Documentary Official Trailer

'BUGGED' Asian Longhorned Beetle Documentary Official Trailer

www.buggeddocumentary.com. Alien invaders live hidden among us. The Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) is one of the most destructive forest predators. For the first time, the ALB infests a city on the edge of a natural forested area. Bugged follows scientists, government officials and private citizens on the front lines in the ALB eradication war. A documentary by Emily V. Driscoll. Music licensed for youtube from Shockwave-Sound. Director of Photography: Stavros Basis. Photographs in public domain by James Appleby, USFWS, Michael T. Smith, USDA, Thomas B. Denholm, New Jersey Department of Agriculture, and nationalatlas.gov.

invasive species pose a big problem for all of us in this country vases come in they explode log rhythmically and just those repercussions we don't have a full understanding or grasp on the magnitude of that that is a very scary notion for me the role is to eradicate this extremely dangerous environmentally dangerous invasive insect pests Asian longhorn beetle unfortunately since this program started in New York who also had locations found in Chicago New Jersey and now up in Worcester Massachusetts this is the Arbour jet viper tree injection unit it's basically designed golf of paintball you can eradicate what you don't all these confirmed infested host trees will be taken down my fear is that this won't be the last place to find a strong widow but I think we'll find it elsewhere Wow are you serious you could have the most important information we've gotten by far this has been our fear

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  1. This all said by native Americans….No, not really: by people, humans, that have lead to thousands extinctions but are pointing their finger to species that are very benign compared to them….

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