7 thoughts on “Brink Documentary: Catholic Phone Data”

  1. Verge would have you believe they are a new organization or somewhat independent (like Vox). Follow the money. These are lame stream (mainstream) operations pretending to be millennial or genz or whatever. Just more drones and retards from the marxist education system.

  2. Bannon is not a white nationalist, and he's not even someone I like that much. He is way too high on Trump even after getting kicked out. Ironically he and Trump have huge ties with Israel, but these guys are anti-Semitic. Because of course the worst thing in the world is criticizing Jews. If Jews do something bad you better not point it out or you're antisemetic. If it's common knowledge, they are magically no longer Jewish. They are now white. Like Epstein and Acosta. Retard world we live in. BTW I am mixed raced šŸ™‚

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