Björk – Nature is Ancient

Björk - Nature is Ancient

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From “Greatest Hits: Volumen” comes Bjork’s beautiful ‘Nature is Ancient’

‘Nature is Ancient’ was created in conjunction with directing trio Lynn Fox
and features intricate Adam and Eve creatures living in a fluid environment alive with microscopic life clinging on to stalks in the dark atmosphere. Both characters are made up of many translucent layers, skins and jelly-like membranes with the the internal organs still faintly visible inside. The promotion portrays the reproduction of life with the Adam character navigating the black abyss to impregnate Eve, culminating in the growth of a human foetus inside Eve. The whole scene is like looking through a microscope at life as it forms.

50 thoughts on “Björk – Nature is Ancient”

  1. I'll never forget that night. Driving in the dark around Christmas, listening to this song with lightning in the sky. It was out of this world. Even with all the other musicians I love intensely, she occupies a special place.

  2. @brunnhild23 I guess you have a point with Alicia Keys because she sucks now…but when she first came out she was somewhat unique compared to the other R&B artists out there.

  3. @kapplejacks22 There is meaning in her songs, she has a beautiful voice full of emotion and a lot of people CAN relate to her music and are inspired by her. Maybe you just don't get her, but, hey, don't watch it!

  4. @brianlilith I never said that she needed to be placed in a box…in fact I'm a singer and I don't like the concept of being "placed in a box." However I do think that as an artist u want people to understand and relate to u…Bjork's work is chaotic…it's as though she is making up anything without any sense of order and packaging it…and u guys are like "oh thats awesome." WHAT???? U can't just make up any stupid ole incoherent song and expect people to like it…lol…come on people.

  5. It's amazing to me how many people rate bjork as a sex object…. or negate her as a woman, because they feel she is a "weirdo". She comes from another culture and has different ways of expressing herself than pop culture Americana. She is an artist, not a singer of catchy pop tunes or jazz standards. Think! Listen to the lyrics, open your heart and your mind…and realise that she is an incredibly innovative and creative woman… totally unique and brilliant.

  6. Bjork has a class all her own.I listen to pretty much everything with few exclutions,but i have to say that her`s is one of the most unique,both beautiful and stunning,deep and primal….speaks to the very core of us all…..I love her music!!!!!!!!

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