BicycleDreamsTrailer (Documentary)

BicycleDreamsTrailer (Documentary)

Bicycle Dreams is the true story of the Race Across America, a 3000-mile bike race that challenges riders to pedal across the country in just ten days. See and for more.
Winner of the following Film Festivals:
Best Documentary Grand Rapids Film Festival
Best Documentary Las Vegas Film Festival
Best Director Yosemite Film Festival
Best Documentary Red Rock Film Festival
Best Foreign Film Moscow Film Festival
Best Documentary Lake Arrowhead Film Festival
Best Sports Documentary Tiburon Film Festival
Best Documentary Breckenridge Film Festival
Best Documentary Los Angeles Sports Film Festival
Royal Reel Award – Canada International Film Festival
Best Documentary Solstice Film Festival (Minnesota)
Best Editing Solstice Film Festival (Minnesota)
Best Soundtrack Solstice Film Festival (Minnesota)
Audience Award Findlay Film Festival Ohio
Audience Award Breckenridge Film Festival (Colorado)

I think we have more people in society now that describe a feeling of missing something there's just something missing in my life and I don't know what's missing but yet they describe something very tangible very very close to them that they're missing and in desire true desire may very well be for for many people what is missing Lance Armstrong said that endurance athletes are running away from something inside of themselves and that's one of the reasons that they do what they do there is no way these people are normal they are the seekers of the new realm or plane we're heading up on 23 hours and Marco's been off the bike for eight minutes total guessing he's gonna go down at about 40 hours without sleep the biggest fear I have and I think most of the people have in this race is it not finish and yet half the people do independent desire is is something that's that that is tricky to tap into sometimes because it requires confidence if that desire starts to falter a little bit they'll crack this next 3040 miles or take you to 300 yeah for the day and that'll be 650 miles in two days you've got a damn good chance I cooked my penny miles and I'll be out because I can't sleep because my eyes are gone but how far the next time station while we go there no I did I don't want to continue this it's not a sporting event in the classic sense it's more of sending a gladiator into a pit with a lion people can say this is a bicycle race no this is nothing you can compare to anything is no bicycle race it's not a sport event this is nothing this is something completely out of this planet you

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  1. I have logged 3700 miles in the last 7 months, so I know what it is to ride more than 100 miles in a day, it's nuts to average 300. I salute these athletes in their quest!

  2. the greatest documentary i have ever seen. no single thing has had a more profound impact on my life. i plan on doing RAAM eventually – it truly is the pinnacle of a mind-body challenge

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