Beretta Defense Technologies – Full Documentary – Full lengt

Beretta Defense Technologies - Full Documentary - Full lengt

Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta [ˈfabbrika ˈdarmi ˈpjɛtro beˈretta] (literally, “Pietro Beretta Arms Factory”) is a privately held Italian firearms manufacturing company operating in several countries. Its firearms are used worldwide for a variety of civilian, law enforcement, and military purposes. Sporting arms account for three-quarters of sales; Beretta is also known for marketing shooting clothes and accessories. Founded in the 16th century, Beretta is the oldest active manufacturer of firearm components in the world.[1] In 1526 its inaugural product was arquebus barrels; by all accounts Beretta-made barrels equipped the Venetian fleet at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.[2] In 1650 the company invented the breech-loading cannon, and Beretta has supplied weapons for every major European war since.[3]

Beretta’s sister company, Beretta USA Corp., located in the United States, has manufactured and delivered over 600,000 M9 pistols to the United States Armed Forces since 1985, and continues to supply M9 parts and additional pistols to the U.S. military.[4]
Val Trompia, a northern Italian river valley in the Province of Brescia, Lombardy, has been mined for iron ore since the time of the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, Val Trompia was known for its ironworks; after the Renaissance it came to be a center for the manufacture of weapons.[5] By the mid 16th century Val Trompia had forty ironworks, supplied by fifty mines and eight smelters. The birthplace of Beretta is in the village of Gardone located on the banks of the Mella river, in the middle of Val Trompia (i.e., between the upper valley and lower valley).[1]

The Beretta forge was in operation from about 1500,[6] although the first documented transaction is a contract dated October 3, 1526 for 185 arquebus barrels, for which the Republic of Venice was to pay 296 ducats to Maestro di Canne (master gun-barrel maker) Bartolomeo Beretta (Italian).[5] The original account document for the order of those barrels is now stored in the Archivio di Stato di Venezia (Italian) in Venice.[7] By the end of the 17th century, Beretta had become the second largest gun barrel maker in Gardone.[1]

Under the guild system, the knowledge of gun barrel fabrication that was bequeathed to Jacopo (1520/25 – …) from his father Bartolomeo (1490 – 1565/68)[8] was then passed on to his own son Giovannino (1550 – post 1577), and to his grandson Giovan Antonio (1577 – post 1649)[9] and so on until guilds were abolished by Napoleon after his conquest of Venetian Republic in 1797.[1]

Beretta has been owned by the same family for almost five hundred years[10] and is a founding member of Les Henokiens, an association of bicentenary companies that are family owned and operated.[11]

Baretta an Italian company born of the dream and capability of a Renaissance craftsman passed down through 15 generations it is the oldest privately owned business in the world tracing its roots to the Year 1526 almost 500 years of business has given this Titan of the firearms industry unparalleled experience and knowledge allowing it to develop superior technology in the field of precision mechanics including its greatest success story the adoption of its 92 series of pistols by the armed forces of the United States the inner workings of beretta has for centuries been a closely guarded secret until now this is the story of beretta defense technologies a strategic alliance of four companies owned by beretta Benelli unmatched in the field of semiautomatic shotguns steiner world leaders in precision binoculars scopes and electro-optics and Saco precision rifle and ammunition masters together what we do is we market our products to the professional users the military law enforcement of the world their mission create a completely new and integrated weapon system the likes of which have never been seen before exciting thing about BDT and also the difficult part is the possibility to create systems that do not exist while it is always number one in our business it's a matter of ethics because life depends on the quality of the product BDT tries to help the good guy working under tight deadlines and against the clock see how this world-class organization rolls up their sleeves and gets in the trenches to achieve the impossible you morning gentlemen hey Ronnie thank you for being here we have an exciting thing to do I'm just gonna tell you what it is my name is Jiri gavage I'm director of military platform development at beretta Italy we got a requirement from BDT the customer is currently requiring and improved accuracy on 762 rifles this customer specified the environment that the combat rifle has to engage in Afghanistan meaning distances up to 800 meters what we've been thinking is to work on the ammunition which is going to be the job of Seco right on the rifle which is going to be operating to the team and Steiner will work on an improved optic in order to achieve a reduction of the group size what you see here is almost three times the size of the group that we have to meet at the end of the project my first concern was to combine the extreme level of accuracy required by the customer and a semi-automatic rifle with only six months to complete the project the Beretta team will need to stirr'd immediately in order to deliver on time beretta started in 1526 we find the documents in the Venice archive that is a contract in between Bartolomeo beretta that is our ancestor and the Arsenal fellows in fact for the first two century of the company my ancestors were producing barrels the only institution that was able to make a full virus was a national it's very important to understand that the relationship between beretta and the armored forces and so the Arsenal has always been very tight 100 years ago peretta enter in the very important segment of a semi-automatic pistol when beretta won the nine-millimeter m9 pistol contract from the US Armed Forces in 1985 that was a big global story the idea that a so-called Italian company could get the standard sidearm contract for the US Armed Forces was amazing to me actually it wasn't that surprising we felt confident that that pistol was the best in the world – I'm Acharya Lydon and general manager of design psycho has almost 100 year history and it started in Helsing in 1921 while it is always number one and the mating is certified customers for example this last version of our trt concept is developed together with the customers world renowned for their rifle manufacturing sockos flagship weapon is the TRG m10 sniper rifle the m10 is a state-of-the-art bolt-action weapon system featuring a multi caliber capability it's modular design allows the operator to change configuration barrel or caliber without the use of special tools or equipment rifle and ammunition like the partners and they need to be working together than we can offer a very cool solution for the customer so dear friends we received a request from beretta to design a new cartridge I'm Solomon and I'm director of defense and law enforcement business unit at Saco timetable is really tight we have only two months time Samsa all Canora represent research and development team he's our specialist in the ammunition and what you think as a designer how long to design a new 175 brain open tube match bullet it will take one week for the design of the bullet itself my name is Reza Shah LaRhonda my main job is to design cartridges we must get it right at first time yeah to get it in that timeframe this Anacortes is quite complicated job short deadline it's a challenge of course but I trust my specialist so we can manage my name is your critic I'm the general manager of saina optics here in Germany our part in DBT is to bring in optics on the highest quality level to support firearm solutions in the group Steiner was founded in 1947 by optics pioneer Karl's diner he set up his company basically as a garage shop and grew it within a few years to more than 50 employees today more than 80 countries use our products in military and law enforcement EDD has been approached by a customer who seeks a new assault rifle sight that integrates laser range-finding ability with a ballistic compensation program so we can increase first hit probability we can improve time of engagement and in that way make the average soldier more effective on the battlefield please consider that this optic is design for a real battle field operation so how small and racket are we able to build it my name is Michael rust I'm the director of military and law enforcement division and Steiner Germany I think this is the biggest challenge to create a mechanical design optical design that is rugged enough to withstand 500 G's for many many thousand hours and still have to exactly correct laser alignment because of this fails the product fails my name is Matthias Hoffman and I'm director of R&D for steiner germany perhaps you can take a technology which is already in our group we have your normal crosshair then you push the button for a laser rangefinder and depending on the distance and opponent for sure a light will come and this light guides you the dot is the point of impact why not use this as a base and bring it to our meter II standard is it rugged enough to stay the hardest weather condition to rejoin you don't know you don't have the mechanical solution right now any solutions that we have to find out and do some testing Baretta already owns proprietary designs and hardware for ballistic calculation this could be a huge time-saver for the Steiner team Steiner is a comprehensive friend in optics that integrates aiming devices rifle scopes but also laser aiming devices a mark DiIorio and I'm the general manager for Steiner II optics Steiner II optics is part of beretta defense technologies we integrate conventional optics lenses along with electronics such as lasers we're trying to create improved abilities for people am their wins the products that we build our battle proof we have the distinct privilege or advantage of having products that have been used in the battlefield on a daily basis that are being used today well as its most important to give our people our soldiers our law enforcement officers advantage over the enemies and I would even say a unfired 100 because we want to protect our people all of our products are made at this location in Monterey California we don't have source we don't buy offshore we make our products right here in the USA meanwhile at Beretta work is underway on the new combat rifle dubbed the AR X 200 my name is Marco Basilio and R&D director for firearms and beretta we strongly believe that in order to have a reliable product a good design has to be followed by a good process to get visa we have to apply a design that has to be checkered with testing the first phase is the virtual testing we mean to test the gun using computers simulating what's happening to the gun when the shooter pulled the trigger and the visual mode provide us a lot of information but we cannot see we cannot measure on the real one so we built demonstrator to check the reality of a visual prototype and if the two forces were stresses the movement the dynamics is the same when we can believe in the field 12 model then we can play with this prototype we can change a dimension can change some materials visual prototyping activities is a question of well-trained people with a lot of knowledge in order to get information in which you can believe my name is Lucia porrica I am in charge of sales and marketing for commercial military and law enforcement sector we are an Italian company based in Italy we have only one plane and so 100 percent of our production comes from visa factory we are the leader in semi-automatic sector number one in all five continents because we are the most advanced and technological innovator in the sector we received a call from bility asking us to help fulfill a military client demand my name is Gabriel de plan oh I'm the vice president of BDT marketing and operations one other requirement that the customer is investigating is the possibility of adding a small shotgun module under the barrel of the assault rifle what that would do is would give that extra capability of being able to use either breaching rounds or less than lethal rounds with the primary rifle what can we do to add an underbar shotgun to this new weapon system we start to think how to fulfill this demand that under barrel shotgun need to be very short very compact and is usually used in a pump-action configuration i'm Markova neroli I'm in charge of technical and central direction using an individual shotgun to open a door is good if you are to main team if you're alone you're the perfect target doors start swinging open and you're in the middle of a transition drill and when you open the door you're standing in the light and you want to engage as quick as possible if you're a very small team and everybody has his own things to do in a house or I clear house myself I don't have the time to put the shotgun away and then go into the room the dual mode system we offer with the m3 is the best solution we can propose my name is Mara Delacroix stanza Sales Manager for defense and law enforcement division nobody else in the world can offer this kind of system m3 is a dual mode semi-auto and pump shotgun with this project we must shrink began as Benelli refines their plan the other companies of BDT face their own sets of challenges under pressure and with deadlines looming see if this group can rise to the occasion to create one of the most integrated small-arms platforms ever conceived here's the new one three six o TM bullet yeah nice martyr sling is very close to the maximum cartridge cases are defined by the CIP which regulates with our diamonds quite accurate both Dale has a 93 handle it's a fine combination of the components doesn't be watertight this being a military product one important feature is to make it last circumstances where it is used that means it can be stored or transported in a very humid environment it can be dropped in water or something like that this design is very close to the requirement so I think that this is the design that I'm going to show in our next meeting Matias please have a look I think I've found a solution for the problem mr. izs yes sure Annette in our team she is the expert for all optical to science oh great lady I spend a lot of time the last days and weeks worrying about it I took out the prisms and replaced by different lenses okay we would be able to reduce the range she discovered that instead of regular prism erecting system we had to use normal interacting system in order to reduce the weight so the differences that prisons have to be quite huge in size in order to create a large field of view and the lenses are still producible so when we go to the shed and model I have a look here and we can do it the only tricky point is this lens here in this radius see have a look on the image quality much better than before looks quite complicated yes and it works okay that's the only one so overall the optical system looked very good but one of the issues was that we had to use one special type of glass lens such as very hard to code you have to separate the infrared light that comes back from your target to the laser receiver so you have to create a very unique coding that has many many different layers in this case up to 70 in order to achieve this so more or less it's only the word lens that is hard to produce or could be expensive but the rest of the system is smaller less very cost efficient and easy to manufacture okay very good very happy that we found a solution but it was still concerned about ruggedness and over weight including the housing and the mount so Annette it should not be later than six weeks for this prototype because we have to show that the system works otherwise be modest Auto it's a late night at Saco for Risto as he works to stay ahead of schedule on bullet design we got the first prototypes made of the bullet my monocle hello here's the first brother hug off the bullet let's have a whole better rent of it okay as you see a little problem in radius oh yeah it's on the other way a little too white yeah there was a slight deviation in the shape of the bullet start 157 point pretty too area absolutely we have to do something okay I will discuss with the tooling guys what's agree with it we are going to make small change in the tooling to a fixed of deviation Anakin is exactly the shape where you want okay thanks this is not the news Risto it hoped for and threatens to put the entire project behind skeleton at beretta the first series of a rx 200 prototypes are under construction hello sometimes when the first prototype is produced some specs can be out for example a dimension is not that expected one and drawing the tolerance is not respected I need to verify this dimension this is one of the first challenge our whole activity to guarantee that the safety reliability and good functionality is achievable we have engineers that come from different countries therefore different cultures which is extremely interesting because this combination and this melting pot that would say generate something unique so we are able to put all these different competencies together in a very effective way because one thing is to run a test on the other thing is to understand every single detail that is happening during the testing we have moved to investigate by means of tomography all around the world we are the only foreign company with an instrument of this type very sophisticated but very powerful because it is able to give important information on structural properties of components in case of a rx 200 polymer is very important because a lot of components are made of technical polymer we can perform a very precise dimensional control without destroying component we can look on at only the external surface but also the internal one beautifully cutting our components and looking inside we can see directly where there is a positive deviation or a negative deviation BDT has been approached by a military customer looking for a next-generation rifle what they want to do is increase the hit probability of that soldier while decreasing his time of engagement the difficulty in acquiring a first-round hit is that the conditions on a range doesn't have any of the other atmospherics that you're going to experience in combat you may be tired hungry scared all those conditions factored in and if we can improve that probability through technology now you've given the advantage to be able to make that for travel it's been a long process but we finally have the first version of the ICS the innovative compensated the ICS is also combined with the mrs the micro reflect side that is put on top it's a reflex side that enables you to deliver a quick shot on a distance of 80 to 100 yards rapid prototyping is the technology we use in order to accelerate the development process you can use it for the sign prototypes just to see how the product will look but it's also very important to use for doing some handling tests is it possible to push the button or not does it fit perfectly to the assault rifle the new prototype of the ICS is finished and now I will bring it to andreas to test as soon as we have to recite it everything is ok we can proceed with the deadline for sockos bullet design right around the corner all the elements of design and manufacturing must come together precisely in order to meet the accuracy requirements I was the last test test was ok and we are getting closer and closer all the time and I hope today will be the final test day adieu today's fields where we operate is not only urban it's also rural and rural means in these environments specially longer ranges ranges above 400 yards 400 yards on a 556 can be done but it's difficult 556 caliber that's currently in use and has been traditionally used for many years now is a caliber that does not extend out typically beyond five or six hundred yards what we see in today's combat environment though is a need to reach out further than that and we want our soldiers to be able to reach further than the enemy can reach the 760 – by 51 caliber allows us to easily reach 800 yards and give that extra capability ready I would submit that the folks that I've listened to and spoken to one a 7.62 round it's all about a salary seems to be okay with suppressed rifle also anybody so if you can solve the accuracy issue and give an advantage with accuracy now what you want to have is the ability to be able to get the kill yes there is the up and down of the capacity of the magazines I'm going thirty to twenty rounds and 7.62 by fifty one but I have a much higher effectiveness especially on longer ranges testing goes late into the evening and Samsa fires many rounds of the new bullet through both hot and cold barrels to ensure the most precise measurement of accuracy the only testing left for the new round is with the ARX 200 which will be done at the Beretta facilities I think we have a winner here very well done very nice looting Samsa thank you I think the PDT clients will be happy with this it's the best round available at the moment at Benelli Marko and his design team begin the feasibility assessment of the underbarrel shotgun module so this will be a perfect door breaching shotgun the feasibility of this concept is still to be completed but we found the m3 duel mode semi-auto and pump shotgun as the best to fulfill this request most of the non-lethal door knockers do have the issue that they do not work on semi-automatic shotgun so you really need the manual shotgun to remove all come I think it's very good idea to start developing something like it now we can remove the agree the first action would be to shorten the barrel and maybe shorten the magazine to shorter shorter shorter okay cool to reduce even the stroke of the bank nature I open the door with the support of the under barrel shotgun and then clear the room with my five five six or seven 6251 rifle and a new spring will be needed to give the maximum reliability to the product while a shooting in semi-auto air show so will take maximum attention to the dynamics of the can so we have now a very compact neat under barrel shotgun in this way we get the target to have a very portable light and compact gun then we find a way to attach today as alright and it can be upgraded to a real shotgun in a different situation just adding the grip the stock and different parts ok so this is a very good configuration so we have two weeks to complete the preliminary design analysis so we can move on in the calculation simulation and cut the design drawing in Germany Michael and consultant Roland Schwimmer go to the range to test the new ICS prototype the beretta ARX 200 is still in developing protests so we will make all the tests today with the rx 160 Baretta's arx-160 is an assault rifle chambered in 5.56 it is currently in service with militaries around the globe the ICS is actually a very flexible and versatile product because you can program it to any caliber you want so the ICS is designed to engage targets on different distances at under very short time so we made a stress test let's go to 110 to 300 and then to 500 let's see how it works 100 go 500 I said 300 very good back to 500 very good 100 hey go take another one very nice it back to 300 nice it 100 300 500 pay on 500 very nice in a split second the ICS will range the range to the target determine the ballistic solution and we'll show you a red dot in the reticle that actually represents your point of impact okay let's go up to 100 500 I said 300 very good 100 take another one go 500 take another one very nice very good hit with the successful testing of the new bullet completed a limited run of sockos new 7.62 ammunition goes into production to be tested with the AR X 200 the ICS is a great product but the best optics in the world don't work we'll precise farm and even more precise ammunition so integrating Saco into our team was of great health because it is a product that absolutely complies with any kind of milspec regulations and it does the job better than anything else you want to take down that insurgent to that bad guy first time when you don't want to hit them with a round that may that be as lethal is another round 7.62 is going to give you the lethality that the Combat Infantryman desires this is Matthias Oakland speaking high Mattia this is Micah speaking how you doing I'm fine very good thank you so much very good very good listen I've got bad news for you my friend regarding the IDS because we need to change and we need to improve the performance in terms of recoil resistance therefore needs you to improve up to 750 GS oh this is a real tough task and challenge because everything is more or less already done so the problem of those changes they really have hard deadlines to achieve what I understand that the situation is gonna be very tough for you why is the Reza theory it's a lot of money yeah well in the future maybe we will need to chamber heavy caliber we do believe that the the market is there we want to make sure that the we get the best opportunities for the system I'm fairly convinced that the optical self will be fine because we use more or less exactly the same technology that we use with our rifle scopes so they are shockproof up to 900 cheese but the mount is something completely new for us psychosis esters windage and elevation adjustment on the outside we have to make a product that's absolutely aligned with the lasers so if the mount fails in this test we have to redesigned more or less the whole thing or at least two key components in order to make it strong enough I'm sure you would get it okay I have to check this and look if your call early next week Thank You Matias me at Beretta the first AR X 200 prototypes are ready for initial testing this prototype goes into a test plan that is of style enviromental condition mud sand hot and low temperature and of course endurance some tests are specified by NATO standards some other by specific customer requirements we have to overachieve a standard test because we have to think about statistics we are checking three guns five guns 40 guns but in production the number would be greater soon we have to have some merchant there is a soldier there is no enforcement agent that is going to take this product in their hands if they don't take the end-user in mind the product will not be accepted I remember a story many many years ago when I was a young lieutenant and the army wanted to come up with a mechanized infantry combat vehicle they called it the McVie and I got this requirement to go and put a squad into this Mikve person Ischl testing turns out we could get the 11 men in there but we couldn't get any of the gear you couldn't get the weapons in there you couldn't get the ammunition in there but it was a great little vehicle for 11 people who just want to go on a ride the mount is designed for 500 trees and now it has to pass 750g I Peter this is Matthias speaking I'm just looking at the fight that you sent me this morning regarding the improvements of the ICS components regarding the mount and recoil assistance okay so this finless now a completely new material some slight mechanical changes so more thickness there yeah okay and then you carry out the recoil tester up to this 750 cheese okay our testing machine is vertical and it drops a weight down to simulate g-forces to 2,000 G's if you want to break some stuff that machine will break it this is our new designed mount for the ICS after 10,000 tons 750 Chi it passed our tests and now we can move on after numerous design changes using virtual prototyping Benelli is able to report to their client that the underbarrel shotgun module is feasible should they request this as an option in the future this ability is one example of Bonelli's commitment to being the number one technological innovator in the field I have a long experience of delegations coming to our factory as soon as they come here they see a level of ultimate ization and robot ization that they would have never expected usually it's a good mix between automatisation and craftsmanship so you see many times a lot tables with people directly intervening on the parts on the components it's definitely not what you find here in our factory is the closest factory to the automotive sector top the weapon industry this is the reason why we say that we are really the state of the art in the modern weapon industry you dinery optics is being brought into VDT project to provide its battle proven d ball III along with the MK for battle light D ball first stands for dual beam aiming laser and it actually has three different ways to illuminate a target we do the visible side so you can see the green dot or the red dot we also do an infrared the benefit behind having the infrared is that you could be in a completely dark room you turn on the infrared illuminator wearing your night-vision goggles it is like you turned on a bright flashlight and you're seeing in daytime the bad guy is still in the dark and a battle light if I'm dropping it I'm not going to break the filament or the LED we can't have that happen in the field so from the protection of the light to the waterproofing it operates every single time Steiner tries to reduce the development time by virtual prototyping and testing but finally in order to really build a rocket and absolutely reliable product we have to carry out knife tests we can't start with the first one heat humidity cold temperatures first drop test is done no damage there no scoop doesn't measure yeah we want our products to perform in the most challenging conditions around the world it looks very good there's nothing inside no fork how long was it frozen 16 hours minus 25 degrees Celsius you must not be let down by your product while you are on a mission with the success of the ice block test spin and andreas decide to see if the ICS can survive the fall by itself already yep Wow very impressive tests when the optical sookay measurement is working yeah in the mount Montes are lurking – very impressive very good everybody may think that the people that design Diegans are gum experts as far as users is concerned we don't believe so what is very important is that is to make sure that these products are tested by best professional people that are able to take the product to the limit and make sure that what you have developed is exactly what the customer wants my name is Mike I have a 32-year background of French military most of it in Special Forces and special operation units instead of somebody in a white lab coat designing what they think is needed now you've got the warfighter actually setting the requirements he needs to be effective in combat Baretta has asked me to come out to run for the first time there a rx 200 and I really have to say it's a very slick and smooth weapon first of all it's very thin on the forehand so the ergonomics are really really nice I like that there is a retractable stock plus the cheek weld can be adjusted in the height if you run optics on it or if you just run Ironsides it gives you a perfect cheek weld it doesn't climb at all it just pulls back straight comparing this to the older systems and 7.62 by 51 I really have to say this is a huge advantage I mean it stays on target I mean it's not one round and you have to re a m– you can pull three rounds four rounds in a pretty quick sequence and they stay where they're supposed to be we've done mud tests we have done ice tests and it's still the same gun the gun be used from this whole event today we actually pulled several hundred rounds for the gun and I really have to say it's reliable it's there I didn't have any stoppages I didn't had any malfunction it's a very slick item to use the challenge today is that many of our systems that we use in the military are not fully integrated you take a weapon and then you put on a site from another vendor then you take a designator device and you put that from another vendor you get other accessory equipment that comes from another vendor and it doesn't always integrate as well as you would like this is I think one of the most significant advantages of BDT it's the ability to put out a system of components that have been fully integrated fully tested and absolutely reliable I have shot now several times the Steiner ICS and I really have to say it makes your life easier when you start shooting to longer distances and you do not know the distance where you shoot I mean the target is moving you don't have any time to measure so the only thing you do is you press a button and it's gonna be there it's there I mean I shot it and it's it's really there it in the beginning of just to be honest I said man another gimmick another toy but it is really daring it works if really the worst case happening the mr-s side is not working the ICS side is out of whatever there is still an iron back up side on a 45 degrees angle on the scope so it will not let you down we have been able to put together all the expertise of our group so what before was simply a rifle becomes a weapon system that is battle tested that provides the soldier the best advantage that they could possibly have in the battlefield beretta defense technologies has the mission of providing customers with complete solutions the objective here is not to sell a weapon the objective is to work with a customer to sell them a solution a capability one of the things that's unique about beretta defense technology is the first name in that entity its beretta it's a name that stands for over 500 years of excellence in order to be able to stay in business for only years but centuries one of the most important values on how we work with our customers is transparency this is not a publicly traded company that has to worry about what investors think on Wall Street this is a company who puts their family name on the product I think that's what sets BDT apart from many other companies out there integrity is a very important part of our business is of essence particularly in the military business because we are talking about professional use of our product here in beretta this is what took we think every day and how we act every day it's four who are not only a matter of quality or who in business or optimizing the company's results it's a matter of ethics in general you have to understand that we are manufacture and we deliver weapons weapons on which holders or officers rely on in order to save their lives and that's what BDT seeks to provide is that unparalleled level of excellence we highly respect what has been the past but we never stop in investing in the most modern and most advanced technology to follow what our president who's a liberator told us a few years ago this company exists to create a safer world and that's why we come to work every day you

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  1. This video/documentary is amazing. Learning about your companies history inspired me 10 fold. It has also changed my view on the glock handgun. In which I'm going to trade mine in today for 1 of your Berreta's. Lastly, I cant wait to have enough money saved up to purchase your ICS Optic for my .308 AR-10.
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