Beautiful historical trail with many wild flowers, dogs had fun!

Beautiful historical trail with many wild flowers, dogs had fun!

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We found this amazing trail in a dutch place called Haarzuilens.For more than 2000 years people lived here, if you take a good look, you can still see a lot of historical marks.Our dogs just enjoyed running, playing and smelling all those beautiful

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40 thoughts on “Beautiful historical trail with many wild flowers, dogs had fun!”

  1. What an awesome place to be run around and play ! Too bad they couldn’t put flowers in their ear like the hula girls. 🌺 👍🏽🤙🏽

  2. So happy you hit 1000 Subs 🤗🤗 i love watching your channel! Your dogs are so beautiful and you take such care of them🥰🥰🐾 i always spell their names wrong😢

  3. Hello beautiful friends! This was so relaxing!!! I enjoyed the pups exploring and the sculptures were amazing in detail! You go to such wonderful places! The scenery was just breath taking! Kiyew looked liked a princess in the flowers! When both Kiyew and Faelan were looking at the bee hut, they looked so tall! Beautiful babies! The music was therapeutic paired with the exploring! Much love and Big Hugs!🐺🐶🌸🍒🌼🌻🥰

  4. Love watching them pounce when they find something they want and jump through the tall grass. So dang cute 🥰 Those sculptures are amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  5. looks like it hid in its hole lol poor pups lost their little play pal. Those are some cool metal statues. Out on another awesome walk, they've got some very well trained owners… I mean you've trained them well. 😉 Oh dang, I don't know how many bees Arya has eaten, she just keeps going after them and the vet keeps laughing every time.

  6. You make great videos. I have subscribed. Please visit my channel and also SUBSCRIBE it. I make delicious Korean, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani dishes on daily basis that would make your mouth water

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