17 thoughts on “BBC Radio Documentary: Chinnichap”

  1. Suzie c is a big head I was a American so they liked me bout it wouldn't work if a English women did it yes it would why wouldn't it u big head Suzie and I like noody holder bout he said boys fanced Suzie I don't know why boys fanced Suzie c she was plane and ugly not butiful and sexy like English women singers Sam com and Kim wilde

  2. Mike’s accent is almost entirely Americanified except when he says ‘I’ . Think he’s trying to say ‘Oi’ and then when he’s talking about Nickie and says ‘later’ he sounds English.

  3. These blokes are pure genius ….. uncomplicated pop/rock tunes [ mostly E-A-B ] …..brilliant escapism in the lyrics……great exiting fun records for adolescent kids like myself in the early seventies ,they were tough times and christ knows we needed to escape a bit …… thanks for all those 7 inch vynil classics !!!!!

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