BBC Documentary "Andrea Bocelli" pt.5

BBC Documentary "Andrea Bocelli" pt.5

Documentary about Andrea Bocelli, from childhood to international star….. This documentary gives you information from how he became blind to how he became a Doctor of Law and how he got the passion for music that he has. He is an international star known around the world by the sound of his magnificent voice that will forever be appreciated and loved by many generations to come.

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13 thoughts on “BBC Documentary "Andrea Bocelli" pt.5”

  1. The hard core opera nitwits who have a problem with his crossover success need to get a baseball bat across the bridge of their collective noses. This mans' brilliance, God given talent and humility have brought so much joy and pleasure to people of all walks of life around the world. Let the people who claim to enjoy Mahler sit through that misery and STFU.

  2. I love this video, but with the Twin Towers as the back drop, I can not watch it! My son was stationed on one of Naval hospital ships which responded, he still can not talk about it! I do love to hear the songs from the CD!raf

  3. i agree.. his vulnerability is something we all can relate too and unfortunately his new producer/promoter guy (dont know his name) takes that away from him… he enlighten's me as an emotional creature.. thank you andrea.. my sight for his voice

  4. ok… maybe he has not the best of techniques… but he is a real artist and his singing is real ­čÖé you just can tell and that's why people respond positively
    … Maria Callas too was heavily criticised for bringing so much realism to the opera scene… and yet her singing moves me more than that of "technically impeccable" singers

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