BBC Documentary 2017 – Unsafe Sex In the City BBC Documentary Episode 3 4

BBC Documentary 2017 - Unsafe Sex In the City BBC Documentary Episode 3 4

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Britain is in the grip of an epidemic of sexually transmitted infections everyone shugged everyone behind every rash lump and itch men were coming with pus coming out everywhere and you said this image here on the back passages is a patient terrified they may have caught an STI what is gaming this series follows the staff as they treat patients at the Manchester Center for sexual health similar things day especially to see that herpes and Watson from what we're the Nasdaq I'm going to tell about and we work with the clinic to invite Manchester's young people to get checked out perfect actor upset said unperceptive 180 that has actually come back positive for gonorrhea before learning how the fallout from unprotected sex it's going up in increments me next you can have syphilis we all's in your cock affects them feel like it's really high oh hey I just want to get my results and their relationships I've got something pregnant not my mother I'm just something God's not you just stop this week ladies man John makes a shocking confession about comedy up three times an open relationship leaves Adele wide open to infection calling because I just got a message from the clinic and Dan reflects on the choices that led him to contract HIV it was a decision I was making and it ultimately where's the wrong one it's 8 a.m. at the Manchester Centre for sexual health and the floodgates are about to open hi this is Anne one of the nurses can help you whether they've been left with a nasty surprise by an ex or have a horrible holiday memento nearly a hundred patients a day come here seeking help oh yeah you got a point ma'am have you been here before no receptionist Claire is the friendly face in charge of the clinic's STI guest list Annette's life got is at ten past three once you've opened the doors and they form a queue it goes straight round and out the doors back onto the main bowl demand for the service room and just as lost filled young people is booming someone is by 10 o'clock all the slots are gone so every day is different it's always busy though through the clinic doors today of three mates from Manchester Geon woo and Ben it's been six months and a lot of unprotected sex since any of them got tested and even they can't decide who's most at risk why me because you've got been tested since you've been America that's about a year ago yeah I don't know if I've got someone who's giving me though I don't even know I'd have a list of that long as my arm does he'll just be sat there like oh never had any symptoms nothing of you yeah mother I've had burning sometimes I don't know when you said to me that you had green discharge coming at the end of yours I'll clean yourself more often if you're young free and single Manchester has a lot to offer and John Andy's mates try to take full advantage I don't necessarily say that I'm going out on the pole but stockings I get prophesy puff wonder by myself there's some sicko sexy dancing you can watch and learn but I'm not going to sit down a teacher for John's casual attitude to casual sex means he could easily have caught an STI but with many of them treatable it's only certain infections that seem to worry him just the ones you can't get rid of obviously hepatitis and AIDS and stuff are obviously pretty grim but I thought I've opened I've not got anything like I don't think a house I'd be devastated films with you guys horrible in it okay when you have sex be partners do give some oral sex yeah please I know it's really embarrassing I know we've only just met are you allergic to anything at all like not cats but no I don't have such a touchy no no that's fine I wasn't gonna let you know that was fine it isn't just the questions that are making Rou squirm for a man covered in tattoos he has a surprising phobia Needleman scared ma like I hate injections so I don't want to get my blood type over Kate really really stuff okay it's not honest a bit to take only the tip golden I'm a leaf what why keep still for me yeah just keep calm it's fine start scratch it's been over a year since Ben last got tested I don't really like doing things like this but I can't do it really onion and it's not the only thing he's been putting off LastPass sharing I'm smiling about eight nine o'clock how do we know who my god no right okay that's fine good great if you like camels yeah Ben should have no problem filling the sample pot he's been holding it in for nearly ten hours there's a shelf in there leave on the shelf and I'll grab it from in there when you're done I'll have how much yeah well we fill it you're gonna be overflowing on you okay you'll get them in at 11 o'clock in the morning this am peed all day that means since they went to bed the night before when you're thinking how can that be possible you blada must be out here and then listen the guys who try to get through your things you know they're desperate to we have you ever had sex another man no have you ever shared needles that's how you needles I don't know when you have sex with your partners to give them oral sex um sometimes huh how'd you receive any anal sex do I receipt yeah we ask everybody this question well how many partners we had in the last three months um come on uh four or five four to five your last three months geez condoms when you have sex you know no never occasional occasional are you John's admissions are a familiar story at the clinic it's one of the reasons over 6,000 sti's are diagnosed every week in the UK and obviously more partners you have the more at risk you are having an infection and that could be gonorrhea could be syphilis could be HIV I'm gonna do you know so so stop having sex but just you know think about if you think about your health I just look after yourself loved-up Adele has just got back from a two-week love in with her toy boy Eddie in Australia had a fantastic time was very teary when I had to leave and come home we met in Thailand at Christmas we sort of had discussions about the fact that we lived on the other side of the world and there's quite a bit of an age difference between us and at different stages in our lives so we decided just to keep an open relationship but at the same time I didn't really want him to be with anyone else and I did kind of worry about him being with other people and you can't help but get a bit jealous but right now jealousy is the least of our worries while I was away I got pain on urination and I started getting really itchy feeling down below and and I started to get a bloody discharge which hasn't cleared up so I wanted to get it checked out idelle adèle and her boyfriend have now decided to become exclusive but if Eddie has already passed on an STI it could put a prick in their love bubble how long have you had the other symptoms of the bloody discharge for about four days but the itchiness that's been going on for more than a week bender the last time you had sex about 48 hours ago her symptoms could be a sign of herpes gonorrhea or chlamydia so dr. Chitra wants to take a closer look I've got the speculum here you know only this bit goes in so now's when I want you to take deep breaths in and out now with my two fingers which are much smaller than that plastic instrument feel you the neck of your who that's great well done sir just gonna lower the best Chitra has some concerns with what she's seen when I examined her it was a bit of redness around the world web down below and also around the perianal region yet with like a couple of of mists cracks and skin which is very suggestive of thrush yeah on the other hand the discharge which there was a bit of there was no blood at all it didn't look typically like thrush so we're going to have a look under the microscope to see whether we can see anything but regardless of that I'm going to give you some treatment for thrush anyway right have a good day genital adele's test results won't be back for up to a fortnight she and her boyfriend faced an anxious wait to find out if he's infected her with an STI after months of unprotected sex John Annie's mates are finally getting tested and how many sexual partners have you had in the last three months about ten fifteen or thirty yeah with the partners these ten partners are you using condoms with these some some sometimes when you say some how many well a 3/4 movie so three then protected yeah and seven unprotected Oh Roo survived the needle but now he's worrying in case he needs a penile swab you got any questions how come you don't do like number other thing anymore we don't ever use an umbrella for me I fight one of them is leaked straight on I don't Cui's a little note like why don't you know them things blow bubbles live yes that's right we use a tackle nope not quite as big as something that you go bubbles wait what we only use those if you've got symptoms right fortunately for roe he has no symptoms so he won't need a swab umbrella sized or not the myth of the umbrella I mean what we swab with is may not you fly it is like a thing that you use for blowing bubbles obviously not quite as big all it is is a little loop so when we're testing man who got symptoms we just pop that any urethra take a swab and that's it it's not an umbrella it's not a massive great big thing that scrapes up the urethra it's not nothing basically swabs and needles should be the least of the lads worries while most SDI's can be easily treated they could still have a lasting impact on their lives have you ever had an infection before yeah chlamydia three times more times you have sexual infection the more risk you are having problems isn't that you need to think about and pee long-term health career like don't you want it just pop it in the tray that's you're tested on yep so we've tested you for gonorrhea chlamydia HIV syphilis hepatitis A and hepatitis B every day takes about two to three weeks for everything to come back as soon as we get your text test result feel the texture okay do you need any condoms um yeah go on please come on have some Cheers by Democrats an old bag and fifth try to ruin the fun which I'm not but I think sometimes they don't think about the implications of what they do at the moment it's just all I've got coming – I can get it – it's not a problem but when when they have a lot to drink when they're out on the town you know and it's easy gone there just to join themselves to just throw the care swing and you just effects quick and don't think about the repercussions we go thank you little by the good is there and obviously the know you staying in their new to use them think about you girl the girls that you see their health I think about your own as well yeah okay and we'll be in touch with you results roaches all right that's good no yeah you don't look so well after yourself you touch okay see you now bye-bye I'm not too worried honest with you it's not quite worrying until you know is that so use these John Andy's mates will get their results back in a fortnight how come you got nothing as we asked them to week for a sex rival you know they face the prospects of being diagnosed with HIV syphilis gonorrhea or chlamydia again why was you so long though life doesn't like a bag of condoms could be too little too late the boys have left but it seems Fiona is having a wee problem with Ben's sample the urine is not in the toilet where he's asked it to know where the cleaners have taken the piss literally that's fine so he's not weed since five o'clock this morning then we get the weed that he's been hanging on to all day in the bed loved-up Adele doesn't yet know if her boyfriend room down under has infected her down below I kind of did have it the thought in the back of my mind perhaps it's an STI because I think my symptoms of chlamydia and gonorrhea can have you know burning sensation when you when you're peeing as well hi hi that's day going um okay I went to the big um clinic and got myself checked out it's just like you know I've got to get undressed behind a little screen and then sit with my legs up in the air and my bits revealed to them which isn't the nicest thing in the world the only thing that's slightly concerning me she said the discharge that I have wasn't sort of not like normal for thrush so I guess there could be something else but hopefully that's it's not okay you're okay aren't you yeah yeah I'm flying yeah that's good it's this yeah if I suppose something happened to you something negative came back and I probably come yeah yeah wait and see I've gotta go now honey love you lots bye bye it would be nice if he was here and he could have come to the clinic with me that would have been nicer but I guess it's just something I've got to do on my own it's a situation we've got myself in student been recently had a drunken one-night stand whilst on a break from his girlfriend good start to the day that lad how are you now they're back together she slapped him with a sex ban until he can prove he doesn't have an STI not that he's made Calvin has much sympathy tomorrow set out to get tested she always use a condom you see I'm pretty sure I did but I was quite drunk on 100 central that's better to be safe than sorry angel so you nervous not lately like some pressure everything should be okay but what you gonna do with Ain takes medication yeah I mean not that you can tell by looking but did she seem like she kept herself I do I love those drums Littleton should be yeah she didn't seem like she was currently dying yeah so she was like all over the place and just winking no gosh probably hasn't had a bath in like ten years no I'm not room hmm like the last November is doing some shots at the bar with my friend and I vaguely remember leaving the club and I assume she must have been there are you sure you didn't like just grab some random woman and just like have your way with her not a saying you're that sort of person I'm not some sort of barbarian invader just rather than sort of Viking warrior rampaging through the countries dealing with but you are from Leeds oh well yeah that's the same thing alright if you have to pick one no yeah of all of them which would it be if you have to have one I'm familiar I'm sure one my friends at it need to stop some antibiotics so I think you're like more of a syphilis man all thumbs right but what if she had AIDS um you could evade if he does have HIV or any other STI he'll need a very understanding girlfriend or he could find himself on a permanent break for some people coming to the clinic can be awkward or embarrassing for others it's simply impossible the clinic runs a weekly outreach program to provide sexual health care for patients currently detained at Her Majesty's pleasure is there any leaflets in here unnerve syphilis specialist nurse Lisa has been visiting the inmates of HMP Manchester for over two years and knows penile problems in the penal system are a real issue all the prisoners that we screened last week I need to get their results ready for this week and once come back as soon as a syphilis other ones come back as a chronic potatoes beef so I need to sort them out when I get there joining her for the first time today is clinic Support Worker Celia you go to the prison today Celia yes have you been before I am oh what's it like it's Gary I'm a women do we have a guard with us a nice honky one all you'll have someone that escort you to the young health center but you don't have a guard with you in the room so you're alone with them prisoners yeah will you be with somebody else's – yeah that's it yeah you've got terrorists in a but rapists murderers pedophiles it's a proper Bigard prison depressing it tastes not scared was young no no not when I was in the clinic now he's just walking through the prison right so what do you miss me our prison do you see them ah yeah never see me it's not like Escape from Alcatraz it's excited I love quit slippity before I go won't get chance to have one for while I'm on Celia right and we can say this is that sealed sealed or sealed right okay inside HMP Manchester as some of the country's most dangerous criminals no sure that's it Celia we're in and inside them are some of the most dangerous STDs this is remain holding cell area here that's the Amane screen prisoners and we've also got another holding cell here which is for vulnerable kind of business before the patients are called up from the cells Lisa shows Celia the ropes now all during the urine samples now I do the urine over there that's absolutely fine and they said if you've disposed of it in their Mahr inch bags that's absolutely fine this is no there's no solution see Oh so just ruler we're eating the sink no no put them ceiling back in the back and they go indie and they just put in the bin we're doing car watch anyway with infection rates for prisoners significantly higher than the UK average Lisa knows the value of this outreach work it's just as important to offer these guys in and screening in here as it is how I'm on Cilla Street if you like they know that the communities are prison some of them so what they're do is to make sure they're a lot of things before they go into prison I mean a few of them have had no symptoms and they've got chlamydia you know got that kind of thing their first patient today is a prisoner serving time for a drugs offense it's good to know that you've had a check-up and then you know everything's okay and like I said I can get your results to you next week sound like a plan yeah now just go through some quick quick questions with years that's okay the last time this man faced questioning get led to a prison sentence he'll be hoping to get off lighter today and use protection with your partner or I'll log you been together far no other sexual partners if you ever injected drugs sex with anyone who's injected drugs okay and the last time you have sex with anybody is one six weeks so we checked your info chlamydia and gonorrhea and we can check your blood for HIV and simplest all right any questions just don't like needles can see it all on your face no holster cell phone rings football women will fit with one patient down Lisa and Celia still have many more left to see I've got one that I've got a follow-up has got a chronic hepatitis there's another one who's I need to check out whether he's been treated for syphilis and the others this was two of them have got Walt [Applause] I'll just need you to fill this paperwork in for me back at the clinic and student belly's hoping to persuade his girlfriend to lift the sex ban by proving he hasn't got an STI I broke up with my girlfriend a while ago and then we recently got that together but whilst we're apart got together with someone and she said yeah you need to go and get tested so I said okay fine does should be fine while they start I hope I am so um how is it Benjamin hiya come in have a seat how do you ever have sex with a man no no okay when you have sex with your partners to give them all wrong sex um okay and you received on the anal sex go ask everybody this is the question no okay how do you ever had sex with anyone from a different country um yes whereabouts for there from uh Spain once and the Mexican American ones and as far as you know you're not HIV positive but you've never tested never tested but I've never had any symptoms right okay and have you ever had a blood transfusion um I was in a car accident and glad to have yeah I love internal bleeding and stuff and then again um when I was seven inside have another surgeries I'm not sure if I need a blood transfusion for one well that would have been 93 93 so just need your example now y'all right there tricky cuffs aren't they yeah okay house fab got any questions you want no no that's okay thank you you're very welcome no problem oh I'm free all right but I'm pretty sure I'm okay I'm gonna say to you if we haven't contacted you in two weeks than you find we still sort of leave you spending two weeks thinking I'll god what if they text me oh you've got something then we'll cross his fingers his results come back negative if he has an STI his girlfriend sex bomb will be the least of his worries the clinic deal with thousands of patients like then every month getting their results to them and fast is a vital part of the clinic's day-to-day work oh my god just my results hello and I got a message from Sonic I'm Carl I'll find out soon I've got a text we just need to be positive and hope that our results the ride result is are not such adele's results have come through it's them this from the clinic she gets straight onto skype to break the news to Eddie face-to-face I I'm calling because I just got a message from the clinic saying that everything's negative so big relief yeah a good package for you yeah so I mean it's nice it's there in writing or all okay it's good yeah ah I believe there were no little skeletons hiding in the cupboard so that's really nice at the prison Lacey Lehrer banged up with the inmates from HMP Manchester you set yourself over here palmistry their next patient is serving a life sentence so the last time you had sex with anybody was one have you been in prison since 2010 okay the reason behind his incarceration is confidential but the reasons he's come to see the clinic staff are all too familiar your model is not available for a while robots hopeful for the small class size of a piece of media proximate listen there you know if he did catch something whilst on a break from his girlfriend then any STI will have been causing damage for nearly two years okay tomorrow all services accessible is it painful it's not clear bruising it was a time and usual fluid any discharge okay fasten your oh well what we can do is I can and I can do such a how screen on yet okay and we can test for things like comedy or gonorrhea that can cause if the left untreated it can cause more problems symptoms like you're you're saying around and just because I view the testicular symptoms and now you've also got all the symptoms I will get you in to see a doctor is alright and you will be available to you a week's time when we come back next week we made it we do a result slip put it in an envelope and it's then taken up to you LT week anymore indeed all right the prisoners problem may soon get treated but when he's girlfriend finds out what's happened he may be glad he's locked up there's just one patient left to deal with the prison visit is nearly over any result any test that we do today the results will be available next week I'll try and not send you bad news and when you do to be released you know how long do you think you might get what is person to look for years oh gosh yeah it's got nuit time you get out and don't come back again Thanks good yeah you do learn that lesson then yeah you're all done Felisa the four hours in Nick have flown by the prisoners are really nice like to chat with them you know you get a range of different conversations really sometimes when they say I've been I've been in prison and I never have been in before and anything why'd he come back bribery they're even Celia despite her initial fears has enjoyed herself I liked it I would come back again it was interesting and the prisoners were nice girls human beings like Austin it just locked up that's it she was brilliant she's like a doctor worse and she's absolutely great just cracks on and gets on with it she was absolutely fine she was brilliant she makes me laugh Celia so has got a light-hearted thing to say across town and Johnny's mates are very much young free and single you have you shaved your legs today they're gearing up for a big night out with their friends Abby and Danny Manchus incestuous as once fucking shot each other and it's exhausting horrible horrible everyone Shug well everyone how many girls have you been with that I would of and the other way around so make quite a lot at least six or seven who do you girls be slut with sure I don't know the hack – estimate the power girls were bombed really our number sixteen seventeen and it was about Twitter I'm 25 and up do you use protection I'm not being funny I don't know it's crude but I like to feel it on me I don't think about if they're gonna get pregnant I don't think about sti's do you ask her if she's on the pill III nah good to be fed know if we start doing anything and she doesn't say anything then that's it then it doesn't really matter to me yeah I don't feel her and to be fair is living proof I've got I've got a child in America good night why at the time you think I'm gonna get laid advise it I believe you hon I see is Michael Madea radical Madea three times oh really it's like the girls may be shocked by what they're hearing but for the boys it's almost a badge of honor John's just going for the shiny now in it just HIV to complete the set Oh what so email your fingers with chlamydia though it's just it's literally possibly like take four pills because you can cure that easily but not seriously who can seize well yeah use a car yeah tonight they might get their chance they're off out into Manchester on the pull for the staff at the clinic every day brings new delights you never know what you gonna get behind that kid yeah there's only ever one thing that shocked me was your lat Nick come in and he was worried he didn't know how to use a condom because he's gonna have him to dry sex his girlfriend so I asked him I said so what his try says he says well I leave my undies on when I'm having sex with my girlfriend so pop my head was taking Butler's there's posing on Daisy then if a man's gonna get through I thought I was just amazing how how can i Siddiq up your undies and mouth call dry hormone oh yeah I own Peter huh dan has HIV and is a regular face at the clinic because I am HIV positive having STDs in general having any diseases in general does concern me because of my weakened immune system unprotected sex with other hiv-positive men has infected down with a string of sti's I've had gonorrhea and chlamydia in the past I had a syphilis scare luckily that was all negative but Dan's high-risk behavior has led him to the clinic for the second time in just a few weeks teacher's day a bit of a discharge from the backside I was in about two months ago it's similar symptoms they said it was gonorrhea and I was treated so I'm not sure if they've come back getting to the bottom of things for Dan is Chitra consultant and HIV specialist hang up yes dinah my name is Chester Babu I think they have met Becky from Chicago how long have you been in these people of know about six years now good luck to you well enough that I stay it's it's I'm having fun in Europe's my playground and it a little bit more about the discharge I suppose coming coming out of the back passage it it's kind of colored in such a way well so it's kind of I don't want to say yellowish but sometimes it yellowy Brown how do you use condoms man for annular so correct I'm just couldn't take this off from the front okay just gonna put the skid mark yeah just have a quick look and take little swamp as he has symptoms down needs a penile swab this is just a little bit unpleasant and just a stinking thing for me are you doing some gel on it I'm going to feel a little bit caught his a malicious threats in an hour just going to introduce this okay mmm-hmm SC is thrive in warm moist places dance bottom is both of these things so Chitra will need a swab from there too in view of your symptoms while we're waiting for more sort of complimentary results especially for things like chlamydia I'm going to give you some treatment telling me okay now while you're taking these antibiotics the main advice would be no sex at all not even the condoms not even oral sex dams treatments is a precaution it'll be at least a week before he discovers if he does in fact have yet another dose of gonorrhea McDaniel he is a very intelligent person and you know I do remember having seen him before he's got all the information there but on the other hand we have treated him recently we have to make them aware because there are some things that you can we can easily treat but there are the things we can't despite being HIV positive and repeatedly contracting STDs Dan doesn't seem interested in changing his ways it's a fact of life it does turn out to be gonorrhea that feels like a regular checkup for me well I change my behavior in time I'm still still young I'm still enjoying life so sooner or later life will come down student then is waiting nervously for the results which could signal the end of his girlfriend sex ban and clear him of having HIV syphilis or any other STI that's but right I've got the text it was negative yeah those relief yeah at least I've got anything so I'm just gonna text my girlfriend and tell her everything was fine yeah so obviously the future are trying to get drunk and go home with London women were not sure what's happening I'll try and get my said well I mean but good my girlfriend so and do that now but if I did break up with her we'd Danielle Oswald it'll be sensible and not get to drop her she takes back oh no that means you have sex yeah oh that's good for me after the green light from his girlfriend then he's back on for an STI free sex life smooth talking John andis mates are off out on the pole come on ladies let's go Don let's go even his friend Abbi can't resist these unique charms I mean pee wee mugging me marry me right now oh maybe she can are you doing it well away yeah either way John's not bothered it's not long before he's tongue deep in Manchester's single girls love at first sight goes a little give me the week I was like come on let's go we're only being friendly I'm sucked a quick leg yeah don't lie I'm gonna say it like I was gonna play it's nice to Sheila I wasn't gonna put it as much as what you gonna put it but yeah with a few drinks inside him no girl is off-limits oh she likes bad cock in the never gonna go yeah you're doing it well but with John on the lads yet to receive their results it's possible these girls could get a nasty surprise if they were to go in for more than just a kiss and now they favor yeah we gonna fucking yes I hope so that's that dong fault day P Potts totally good working in sexual health is a real eye-opener even for experienced staff like Fiona and Pam I didn't realize everybody shave their pubic region that was complete revelation to me so maybe think Oh get the razor a new era of no hair yeah it is as well maintain women shade shaded we are a hairless society now I always think mark is a bit warmed they are embarrassed about getting their clothes off because they haven't shaved for a few and honestly they must be a millimeter yeah that's right and there anyway you think it's all right to me that's right Bish's are outlets Oh yesterday no definitely not at all no boss when it comes to sti's the group at least risk of infection apart from nuns are lesbians and oh okay used to be number one just for general test yeah but low risk isn't no risk and having just got together with a new partner nineteen year old Alex can't stop worrying I needed to get tested like I wanted to just put my mind at ease really I worry about warts and because they're disgusted and they would scare me so much if I got them I think what's and crabs as well they will be they are the to like my most feared STI unfortunately for Alex warts is one of the most common STI is for lesbians and if she does have crabs or pubic lice as they're also known she'll be hoping they're nothing like one of the clinic's most infamous cases his name is Bob don't row they are there's its head my life is massive I know if you see it under the microscope eating well and perhaps I came in running around oh it's scary come on through Alex will be praying Bob and his ilk make no appearance during her appointment with specialist nurse Fiona have you ever had a socially transmitted infection before have you ever had sex with an HIV positive man or a bisexual man oh well with your partners do you have oral sex yeah and any anal sex well so you only have female partners as I yeah do you use sex toys at all with your partners though and when you have sex your female partners do you use any other protection tools no you don't use anything there's only like one protection for last video that's right that's sheet thing yeah I've never used that right okay you are aware that there is nothing if need be I mean that they do say that you can make your own dental dam so there's a psycho cling film basically insert that into your vagina you need to put it about there give it a swirl while it's just in there the rector ones slightly harder and I have known somebody come out the bathroom with the cotton a little bit missing as going whereas the end and they're going don't know so I was like thank you very much No thank you you take care bye I her risk as a lesbian women is very low and especially she has no penetrative sex she's not it's just not using sex toys so her risk of infection is low but there's obviously still a risk there Alex will find out if her worries were without foundation in the next two weeks in the meantime there is one method she could try out to protect herself from even the smallest risk the dental dams the notion behind them is to stop the risk of infection through oral sex obviously but people don't use them it's not something that people like then came to the clinic seeking treatment for an anal discharge he's waiting for test results which will tell him if he's contracted gonorrhea for the second time in as many months oh I do have a chat you find a guy you start chatting and perhaps you hook up hoping for the old clay down he's already cruising a gay hookup side he's just replied he's a barman and an author of sorts all these conversations follow the same format sometimes I just find it really mundane and you just want to cut to the chase I'm fairly versatile and up for various things we're working in the city centre I get some people that want me to come round on lunchtime and I think that's a bit too much tempted a few times but I've yet to I have yet to do that since he's appointment life's been tough for Dan yeah well they said to withhold sex so it's just frustration with abstaining but have nothing that long but long enough luckily Dan is Saved by the Bell I've just gotten a results text and it looks negative so it looks all good negative right there in words so whew across town its results day for the likely lads who says I forgot a texture your most recent test results are from MSC hit on negative C so that's why isn't this year Johnny's facing the prospect of his fourth bounce of Chlamydia but he could have contracted a far more serious STI through his high risks exploits I need to stop I know I need to stop now at all way to get to the point where I think oh well I should have stopped just started using protection and end up with somewhat like HIV I smell a lot so no it's in Manchester so read leaflets on it so I'm so need to stop now alright support from under household people don't see them worried but just get worried and by my up by myself the long wait for results has also been causing Alex to do more worrying when I was talking to my friends about it it was it was scaring me a bit I was like I might have a symptom but I've just not picked up on it because I thought I was ill or something like that my my sister- so I don't have anything that's good whoo that was like a weight off my shoulders I feel like texting Maxine thanks but I probably won't work she can't wait to share the news with her girlfriend I'm just putting unfree from Essie eyes I'm so happy that I haven't actually got any STI I feel like I owe myself a pint definitely Alex it sound for some celebration drinks and she's invested in a special safe sex treat for her and a girlfriend to enjoy I order some it's balloons is balloon simple how do you have a damn person we're just about to try the dental thumbs now so wishes look cool the following morning and it seems the dental dams charms have been lost on the girls it's definitely not a solution of how to protect yourself I'd rather not ask that to someone then use up on someone I didn't like it so I wouldn't use it game by gallic said if if I was that worried about someone having an STI shouldn't have sex with him dala nice makes us celebrating him getting the all-clear on his latest gonorrhea test yeah so just yeah went to the clinic for a checkup I go every month the first time I got gonorrhea was very a wake-up call kind of and how many times you've had them I'm actually quite lucky I've only ever had thrush once so he may be clear of gonorrhea but Dan is still hiv-positive I can come we're back and whilst that's no longer the death sentence it once was it still means a life time on medication and often prejudice from those around you if I was to ever think that I was positive or have it I don't know how how I would cope I don't think I would tell anybody I think I would really gun an it whistle but if you had a support network of close friends would you tell them I don't know because my idea of people the way they react um I wouldn't want anyone to think that of us I caught it because it was it was it was horny to not use condoms yeah and I wouldn't say I actively sought it out but I was just being stupid I've regretted it every day since because because it is such a life changer all right do you take break sorry yeah Dan's friend Hunter visibly shocked leaves the room okay although Dan didn't know it it turns out Hunter was completely unaware of Dan's HIV status until now I didn't know that Dan was positive and just it's not not the only words and I was still done to me is I'm still going to love him just as much I changed my own life and it was kind of a stupid decision you're playing the dice game that your numbers will come up and you'll win eventually your numbers aren't going to come in and you'll catch it I suppose that's the tipping point where you go from a happy Dan – what the hell happened and you start relying on your friends because it's it may seem like it's the end his friends reaction makes down reflect on just how serious his condition is yeah I didn't really expect that thought everybody knew everything his reaction to the news that I was positive was very real I try not to feel sad for myself I made that decision I did that I did it to myself two years ago it was a decision I was making and it ultimately was the wrong one John and his mates are meeting up for the first time since receiving their results so subject on the morrow so did you get tax yeah I do Donna now go last me yeah I was really disappointed Ron I know please – like it was all mine I just hope computer I knew I said that before I was like me I just I would just forgot the holster on you mate but I did think though like you'd be the most likely person to hover have something why because you fucking that you're horrible and you shag anything oh look I'd like to know if I've got some up I got inside rather than absolutely investor inside my body for two years it's great news with John and a chance to change his complacent attitude towards unsafe sex definitely relieved so now I have to be sensible I've still gotta think give me a perfect it's a bit of a corner summit where these we're gonna go to a text in a couple of weeks so you know you I've got similar what surprised the boys maybe all clear but back at the clinic the staff faced yet another fun-packed day treating all manner of sti's on this one we have a gentleman who's come in with a discharge warts genital warts burning sensation when wing stomach pains and painful sex need to we more often and this is a lady that's come in she's got a sore throat so she's obviously thinking that's probably a sign that she might have some infection in her throat with the battle against STI is ongoing the clinic still believe it can be one everybody's out there enjoying themselves past quite rightly but let's do it safely so maybe one day next time on on safe sex in the city I made my choice ah now I'm paying for you don't want to be known as the girl who has chlamydia my view on it is you're not a real man unless you're about chlamydia so in the last three months how many sexual partners have you had a lot I'm I'm internal she's gonna fall pregnant for details of organizations which offer advice and support go online to BBC co uk be be t action line to hear recorded information on 8006 801 three three lines open 24 hours a day and a free from a landline mobile operators will charge

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  1. Why don't they test for HPV( Venereal Warts), and Herpes that are permanently contagious; and can spread it at anytime with your partner or partners??

    I think these guys are real horn dogs!

    Abstain or use protection period!!
    Common sense, and have some morals.

    Edit: Oh Budda! Dan doesn't care about anyone butt himself. He's right, he'll stop the behavior " in time", when he's dead! He's full of hate, and sickly lust!!

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