Marching to Zion Are the Jews God's chosen people

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This movie directed by Paul Wittenberger and featuring Pastor Steven Anderson, will explain who God’s chosen people are.

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For over 1800 years, the Jews were scattered throughout all nations without a homeland. Then in 1948, the impossible happened. The State of Israel was founded, and the Jews once again possessed the promised land. Many Christians have proclaimed this to be a miracle and a blessing from God, but was this really the blessing of the Lord, or were darker forces at work? This film has the answer.

From the makers of After the Tribulation and New World Order Bible Versions, this groundbreaking documentary traces the history of the Jewish people from the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70 to the founding of the modern-day nation of Israel in 1948. Biblical evidence is examined as well as history, cutting-edge DNA science, mathematics, and testimony from pastors and rabbis to settle once and for all one of the most controversial questions of all time: Who are God’s chosen people?

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over 4,000 years ago God appeared to Abraham in Mesopotamia and said to him get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father's house unto a land that I will show thee and I will make of thee a great nation Abraham obeyed the Lord and came into the promised land of Canaan where he lived along with his son Isaac and his grandson Jacob he was later renamed Israel Israel and his twelve sons went down into Egypt because of a famine in the land of Canaan and there they multiplied into a mighty nation the Egyptians felt threatened by the powerful nation of Israel living among them so they enslaved them and made their lives bitter with hard bondage after 430 years in Egypt they were led out of bondage by Moses then crossed the Red Sea and went into Arabia where they received the law of God at Mount Sinai the generation of Israelites that left Egypt with Moses were not allowed to enter the promised land because of their lack of faith in the Lord they were forced to wander in the wilderness for forty years until a new generation grows up that trusted the Lord and entered the promised land with Joshua for about 400 years the twelve tribes of Israel were ruled by the judges according to the law of Moses when they desired to have a king like all the other nations God appointed Psalm to be the King who reigned over them for forty years followed by King David who reigned 40 years and David's son Solomon who reigned 40 years during the reign of Solomon the Kingdom of Israel was at its most glorious and the first temple was built but because Solomon's heart turned away from the Lord in his old age God told him that ten of the tribes would not be ruled by his son after the death of Solomon the Kingdom of Israel was divided and the northern ten tribes were ruled over by a series of wicked Kings who were not descended David and Solomon the Northern Kingdom retained the name of Israel and eventually and Samaria as its capital city the smaller southern kingdom became known as Judah at Jerusalem as its capital and was reigned over by the descendants of David starting in second Kings 16 the people of the southern kingdom became known as Jews after the name of the kingdom of Judah because of the wickedness of the Northern Kingdom of Israel they were overthrown and taken captive by the Assyrians the Israelites who remained became intermingled with the heathen nations who came in and occupied the land these people would become known as the Samaritans and the ten tribes of northern Israel would never be a nation again the southern kingdom of Judah would eventually be taken captive into Babylon as a punishment for serving other gods and the temple would be destroyed but after 70 years the Jews returned to Judah rebuilt the temple at Jerusalem and continued to be ruled by kings descended from David at the time of Christ the nation of Judah had become known as Judea and was under Roman rule Jesus Christ and his disciples preached the gospel throughout Judea seeking after the lost sheep of the house of Israel after three and a half years of ministry the Jews rejected Jesus as their Messiah and convinced the Roman governor to crucify him three days later he rose again from the dead and showed himself alive to his disciples before ascending up to the right hand of the Father in heaven shortly before Jesus was crucified he prophesied that as a punishment for rejecting him Jerusalem would be burned the temple would be destroyed and the Jews would be led away captive into all nations this prophecy was fulfilled in AD 70 when future Roman emperor Titus conquered Jerusalem for over 1,800 years the Jews remained scattered throughout all nations then in 1948 the impossible happened the State of Israel was founded and the Jews once again possessed the promised land many Christians have proclaimed this to be a miracle and a blessing from God but was this really the blessing of the Lord or were darker forces at work this film has the answer [Applause] so in order to understand the founding of the modern state of israel you have to understand the history of the jews from ad 70 until that time and you have to understand that their religion is no longer based on the bible whatsoever for example ever since the temple was destroyed they don't do any animal sacrifices as far as the animal sacrifices are concerned that's been discontinued finished what development judaism was the system of prayers this sort of became a substitute well i think that was the beginning of modernization I really believe that once that temple was destroyed Jews did not have a central location they were dispersed they literally changed the nature of Judaism in that portable form of Judaism led a transformation from priestly Judaism to rabbinic Judaism Judaism stopped being the religion of the Old Testament and began to be the religion of the rabbi's and their traditions or what they call the Oral Torah the Talmud is the holy book of the Jews it was the oral sayings of the rabbis it's known as the wisdom of the rabbis the Talmud is a compilation of all the great discussions that took place from the second century BC until the 5th century CE it's a kind of encyclopedia of Jewish knowledge the best way of calling it would be the Jewish Wikipedia of the ages yes because many people participated in right it's not written by one person several hundred colors ok hundreds of scholars hundreds of authors according to Judaism the oral law or what would later be known as the Talmud was given to the 70 elders that came to the base of Mount Sinai but we're not allowed to proceed any further the Pharisees believed that these 70 elders received a much more extensive and profound revelation than Moses which was not to be written down it was only to be passed down orally and these oral traditions took precedence over the written Torah or what we know as Genesis through Deuteronomy evidence of this is found in the Talmud itself area been 21 be my son be more careful in the observance of the words of the scribes than in the words of the Torah that's what differentiates the Orthodox from the non-orthodox the non-orthodox sees the Talmud as more man-made more man-made and developing and so on and so forth whereas you believe the Talmud is inspired by God is inspired by God yeah everything that has anything to do with Scripture it is considered the Word of God by a large segment of the including the town yes he said you don't believe in the religion of Moses you have for your religion until the Jews you have for your religion the traditions of the elders in mark seven seven jesus said of the Pharisees how be it in vain do they worship Me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men and the Talmud is the doctrines of men it's not possible for an ordinary person that's not trained to just read the Talmud and understand the oral law it's very complex you need a teacher it has a typical rabbi read it cover-to-cover I don't know it depends what they study have you read about it I wouldn't say I read all 36 volumes when I read several right you've read a lot of it obvious yes sure but I'm sure people that devote their energies to just study and have done that sure the Jews have always known throughout history that if Christians knew what was in the Talmud it would make Christians very angry and so the Jews were able to conceal a lot of their most blasphemous statements about the Lord Jesus Christ because people didn't speak Hebrew here's what they say about Jesus in the Talmud there's sections in there about Jesus in fact there's an entire book that's been written by the director of Judaic Studies in Princeton University dr. Schaefer a Jew he's written a book Jesus in the Talmud so if you want to know what Jesus has do the Talmud get his book Jesus in the Talmud by dr. Schaeffer Peter Schaffer is head of the Judaic Studies at Princeton University in his book Jesus and the Talmud he documents and analyzes every time Jesus is mentioned in the pages of the Talmud keep in mind that the Talmud was written hundreds of years after Christ lived and so it has references about Jesus in it and they are hateful blasphemous references according to the Talmud Jesus was the product of adultery the bastard son of Mary and a Roman soldier named Pantera he spent his early life in Egypt where he learned black magic idolatry and sorcery Jesus was born to a whore Mary was a whore she had sexual relations with many men the father was a Roman centurion the Talmud further blasphemes the Lord Jesus by calling him a fool and comparing him with Old Testament villains such as Balaam FFL doughy and gay haze I does the Talmud talk about the Jews killing Jesus early but Maimonides maid believes that the the Jews killed him that the Jews executed him because of certain of his doctrines and so forth do you believe that the Jews killed Jesus it's possible the Jews did kill Jesus right so let's say they did all right wait maybe he deserved to die Cohen maybe was a troublemaker let's assume we did so we killed somebody the Talmud actually gloats about Jesus dying young the passage reads hast thou heard how old Balaam was he replied bloody and deceitful man shall not live out half their days it follows that he was 33 or 34 years old and you say wait that passage says Balaam not Jesus but look at the footnote at the bottom of the page Balaam is frequently used in the Talmud as a type of Jesus not only that but in the Jewish encyclopedia volume 2 page 469 under Balaam it says Balaam given to Jesus in Sanhedrin 106 B and gettin 57a Peter Schafer States in his book Jesus in the Talmud that there can be no doubt that the narrative of the execution in the Talmud refers to Jesus in fact the book states there is no reason to feel ashamed because we rightfully executed a blasphemer and idolater Jesus deserved death and he got what he deserved elsewhere the book States he was a blasphemer and idolater and although the Romans probably could not care less we insisted that he get what he deserved we even convinced the Roman governor or more precisely forced him to accept that this heretic and impostor needed to be executed and we are proud of it Schafer said in an article that appeared in Publishers Weekly concerning his new book I certainly don't want to harm Jewish Christian dialogue but dialogue requires honesty and I'm trying to be honest there are Masonic Jews today who want to take the Talmud and make it Christian how can you take a a damnable book and make it Christian all of these lies about Jesus are right there no church fathers blame the Jews for the death of Jesus and that is Paul's doing it was Paul's doing in the Epistle to the Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 14 and 15 for ye brethren became followers of the Churches of God which in Judea are in Christ Jesus for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen even as they have of the Jews who both killed the Lord Jesus now what does that say this has poisoned the mind of generations of Christians unfortunately did you know that so first that's Lisa stone okay to this day 26% of all Americans believe that Jews were responsible in the death of Jesus when Mel Gibson came out with his the temptation of Christ oh he's an anti-semite what a horrible person he says the Jews you know killed Jesus well that's what the Bible says the film The Passion of the Christ when it was shown it went from 26% to 36% because people are so gullible it portrays the Jews as evil people okay which is nonsense the Jews call this the myth that the Jews killed Jesus let me explain some to you the fact that the Jews killed Jesus is not a myth it's Bible Christians believed it and they still do today they still do today it was ingrained in their mind they blamed all the Jews even though most of the Jews were not there look at Acts chapter 3 verse 13 it says the God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob the god of Our Fathers hath glorified His Son Jesus whom ye delivered up and denied in the presence of Pilate when he was determined to let him go so here he's preaching to thousands of Jews and he says and now brethren I wot that through ignorance ye did it as did also your rulers wait a minute I thought it was just the rulers no he said you did it as also did your rulers that means it wasn't just the rulers it was the people awesome because if we read the scriptural account the people are crying out a mass throng of thousands and thousands of the Jews are crying out crucify him and he says shall I crucify your king we have no king but Caesar I am free from the blood of this just person said the Roman Pilate his blood be on us and on our children that's what they said it states in there that Jesus corrupted Judaism and as punishment for his crimes he is now inhale burning and fiery excrement and he shall so be for ever and ever they hate Jesus Christ they hate the name so I think it's because they are children of the devil not children of God and therefore the devil look at the hatred he has for Christ so what do you think his children gonna have the average Jew believes that the Old Testament is a wonderful book of myths and stories that have good meaning but you can understand the Old Testament only by studying the Talmud and the Kabbalah did you stop believing in the Torah starting in Genesis chapter 1 I believe creation was a design that's unending evolution is part of the process and the beginning to me you know there are people who talk about the Big Bang Theory I have no quarrel with them so you don't take the beginning of Genesis with the Garden of Eden and the serpent you don't take that literally then no I am to me those are parables so when you look at the key teachings of the books of Moses Genesis through Deuteronomy the Jews don't really believe any of these circumcision I know is a big part of it it's a big part of Judaism I think am i right it is if a an adult comes to me for a conversion and is not circumcised then it's a very simple matter there's you take the pin and just pricked up so that a drop of blood comes out and that's enough that's that's more symbolic right just to represent the willingness to be able to be part of that covenant so they don't remove the full force can know okay they just do just a more of a symbolic exactly well in the Torah you know Abraham was 99 when he was circumcised and his son Ishmael was 13 right but nowadays they don't they don't now we as New Testament Christians don't practice circumcision but the Jews remember are saying that they still follow that old Mosaic law so if they were actually following it they would have to actually remove the foreskin and circumcise that adult convert that's what the Torah teaches I've heard it said so many times that oh the Jews they just believe the Old Testament they believe everything we do just without Jesus and that is alive they don't believe God they don't believe Jesus Christ they don't believe the Old Testament they don't believe the New Testament they don't believe any of it and how is it determined which is good and which is bad and that's called civilization people get together and determine you shouldn't steal so civilization says that's bad okay that's how you measure good if you come from society where stealing is good that's how that civilization determines good from bad if you don't steal you're bad if you do steal you're part of us they're an absolute right and wrong we're just stealing is always wrong because God said so there's no absolute in my opinion says in John 5 46 and 47 for if you had believed Moses you would have believed me for he wrote of me but if you believe not his writings how shall ye believe my words Jesus Christ is telling the Jews of his day that they did not believe Moses their whole claim was that they believe Moses and they don't believe him but he explains here that if you don't believe in him then you don't believe in Moses we practice differently we believe differently and maybe our approach is different but the destination is the same we're trying to reach God I mean that's the whole objective so you believe that all religions are going to the same destination just taking different routes exactly and different ways to get there and different understandings of how they get there if that doesn't make one better than the other there is no one path to God there is no one understanding of God to understand God we have to understand each other you have to stand ourselves there is no such thing as a salivation that transforms if you do what is right and you save yourself at every moment that is not in heaven if but someone starts telling me that his soul is in heaven what do they know about their soul the spiritual souls of people in heaven this is for children you have to tell them this way how come grandfather didn't come home today oh he's in heaven what about hell is is held something that there is part of Judaism or no at being like a place of fiery punishment for the worst I have been in hell what we call hell is the Valley of Hinnom toe fat also right there is a place right outside of Jerusalem that is called the valley of the sons of Hinnom it was a place where pagans used to offer human sacrifices and by extrapolation somehow if they imagined that there was a place like that in the universe somewhere where wicked people would be going so you you don't believe that the Old Testament teaches any kind of a literal hell no okay all right a lot of people will tell you the Bible says if you don't do something you'll have a bad life or you'll go to the netherworld hell yeah right well we don't subscribe to any way but you know that kind of my feeling is different if the Jews don't believe in the creation story of Genesis 1 they don't believe the story of Adam and Eve literally they don't believe in Noah they don't believe in the Tower of Babel they scoff at these stories they don't believe in circumcising adults they don't believe in the animal sacrifice what part of the Torah do they believe in this is supposedly their most exalted book yet when you look at all the particulars of what the Torah teaches they don't believe any of it today you have a lot of evangelical Christians in America that are very pro-israel very Christians are just really zealous in their support of Israel now has it always been that way throughout history is that a newer phenomenon yeah no it hasn't been that way through history traditionally Christianity was essentially anti-semitic the phenomenon of the Christian Zionists is relatively recent they maintain that the Jews are God's chosen people and will always be God's chosen people they use the term the apple of God's eye and that's a more recent phenomenon yeah I say if you want years as far as I know that does not go all the way back right replacement theology has played a very important role in Christianity what is replacement theology replacement theology is the root and branch of Christian anti-semitism it's like a virus in the church basically it's saying that the church now has superseded Israel and this theology that discards the place of the Jewish people and replaces it with the church the new and true spiritual Israel is very dangerous because I believe it's the primary root of anti-semitism many theologians all through the centuries have preached replacement the other can you name some that I dare preach that I have here everything about John Chrysostom's and he is the chief anti-semites of the church the synagogue is worse than a whorehouse it is the den of scoundrels and the repair of wild beasts the temple of demons devoted to idolatrous coats the refuge of debauchees and the cavern of devils it is a criminal assembly of Jews a place of meeting for the assassins of Christ a den of thieves a dwelling of iniquity the refuge of Devil's a gulf and in abyss of perdition I would say the same things about their souls they have demonized the Jews this is still present in the mind of many throughout history Christians have not looked at the Jews as God's chosen people they look to them as a people that rejected Christ and were therefore rejected by God for example the last book written by Martin Luther before he died was called the Jews and their lies and in this book he gives all kinds of scriptural arguments for why the Jews are not God's chosen people and he also exposes a lot of the blasphemous teachings of the Talmud his very last sermon he preached about the Jews and he said the Jews hate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and through their perfidious behavior and he says that they create all kind of stratagems and ruses to deceive us and he got so angry at him he actually said we should go and burn all the copies of their Talmud but he was infuriated about the Talmud of course today the Jews considered him a great anti-semite Santo Gerstein was no better he was also anti-semitic that's right okay he was very demeaning all this is pure hatred it doesn't matter whether you're listening to John Chrysostom st. Augustine Peter the venerable Martin Luther John Calvin you name the church father you name the Protestant leader throughout history they're all saying the same thing about the Jews that they're the synagogue of Satan that it's a false religion this doctrine that the Jews are still God's chosen people is a new doctrine you know back before the late 1800s everybody recognized what we're talking about now but something began to change first with dr. you know Cyrus Scofield CI Scofield was a divorced man he had trouble with alcohol he was a lawyer turned preacher he left his first wife leontyne Sierra in 1883 that's the year after he wrote his first book rightly dividing the word of truth so in 1882 he writes his first book rightly dividing the word of truth 1883 he leaves his first wife marries another lady and then becomes a pastor in Texas very famous very popular Scofield's dispensational premillennial Bible was edited with financial assistance from prominent businessmen some of which had questionable religious ties and he had Jewish retainers who made him a member of a club called the Lotus Club a sort of a secret society and suddenly had plenty of money this corrupt lawyer who had abandoned his wife and was found guilty of numerous offenses us as a corrupt attorney but Scofield was given money and the Oxford group out of England published his Bible why would they take a crooked lawyer and make him the editor of a Bible and then suddenly they had millions of dollars to promote it with that amount of money then the Bible took off and it it basically sealed the deal for the Jews the Scofield reference Bible is very pro-israel very Zionist and this book more than any other book changed the thinking of an entire generation of young preacher boys another belief that Christians have today that is an incorrect belief that it's not founded in Scripture is a belief that we should bless Israel you know they go back to the what they refer to as the Abrahamic covenant they go back to Genesis chapter 12 and they say oh we got a blessed Israel if we want God's blessing we have to bless them Genesis 12 verses one through three is the key scripture where God calls and blesses Abraham it reads now the Lord had said unto Abram get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father's house unto a land that I will show thee and I will make of thee a great nation and I will bless thee and make thy name great and thou shalt be a blessing and I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed now according to this scripture God is making a covenant with Abraham and he tells Abraham I will bless thee the word thee is singular he's speaking to Abraham well in Scofield's notes on Genesis 12 he applies this blessing unto the future nation of Israel that is not what the scripture teaches and many evangelical Christians today do not get their doctrine on Israel from anything that's written in the New Testament they're getting it from the notes of the Scofield reference Bible when you're reading these promises made to Abraham in the Old Testament you have to realize what the Bible teaches in Galatians 3:16 when it says now to Abraham and his seed where the promise is made now we stopped right there you know all the Christians of today or Zionists or whoever they could say see it was to Abraham and his seed but the worst goes on it says he saith not and to seeds with an S at the end making it plural he says he saith not and to seeds as of many but as of one and to thy seed which is Christ so according to the Bible the promises made to Abraham were made unto Abraham and unto Christ and the Bible says in verse 29 and if he be Christ's then are you Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise according to the Bible we as Christians whether we be Jew or Gentile are the heirs of the promises made to Abraham those today who are in the Middle East and the nation of Israel they're not in Christ 99% of them do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ therefore they are not the seed of Abraham therefore Genesis 12 1 through 3 does not apply unto them you know the people will say well we've got to support Israel if we want God's blessing on ourselves if we want God's blessing on our church if we want God's blessing on our nation we must support a physical Israel well if you just count back the last sixty-six sixty-seven years of American history do you find the blessing of God on our country did we have legalized abortion back in the 1940s no it's come since then what was our debt in the 1940s versus today what were we like then compared to what we are now you can't convince me that the blessings of God have fallen on this country because of a quote unquote promise to support a physical group of people somehow correlates to blessings from God not only that but if you look at the history of the Jews over the last two thousand years have they been blessed by God now they've been persecuted and hated in every country that they've ever been in this book right here has a list of all of the countries that the Jews have been thrown out of over the last 1000 years and when you look at this huge list you have to ask yourself why and they've been so hated and persecuted everywhere that they've lived and the answer is because of their blasphemy toward Christianity and because of their predatory lending practices in the late 1800s persecution of the Jews in Russia and elsewhere intensified and many Jews began to believe that their only hope for a prosperous future would be to possess a state of their own this belief became known as Zionism the Jewish state was the realization of the great project of Theodor Herzl Theodor Herzl he was the founder of Zionism but he came to the idea that the cause of anti-semitism is because the Jews do not have a state of their own and he wrote a little booklets the states of the truth he said there is only one way of protecting the Jewish people in the future for the Jews to leave Europe and to settle in their homeland and land of Israel and that book became like the Bible of Zionism Zionism was the formation of the hope for the rebirth it started with World War one the Balfour Declaration the Balfour Declaration was significant it wasn't just a letter to a friend I mean right no idea there's a major in terms of expressing British policy so the Balfour Declaration was a letter from Lord Balfour to the Lord in World War one Turkey was an ally of Germany who was the losing side so the Turkish Ottoman Empire was dismantled and so because the Turkish Empire was dismantled after World War one the British Lord Balfour wrote a declaration is saying that it should be a homeland for the Jews yes that was the beginning of the larger emigration tens of thousands of Jews from Eastern Europe mainly and went to settle in Israel the Balfour Declaration was a letter written to Lord Rothschild so in order to understand the Balfour Declaration we have to know who Rothschild was Mayer Amschel Bauer born in Frankfurt Germany in 1744 was a moneylender and a goldsmith on Jew Street whose shop had a sign out front with a red hexagram on it eventually he would change his name to Rothschild which is German for red sign Rothschild soon learned that loaning money to governments and Kings was more profitable than loaning money to private individuals not only were the loans bigger but they were secured by the nation's taxes Mayer Rothschild had five sons whom he trained in the skills of money creation and sent out to the major capitals of Europe to open branches of the family banking business I want you each to start a banking business one two go and open the house in Paris one into the Emer one in London choose the most important centers so that when money is to be sent from here to London it is same you won't have to risk life and go and chill here in Frankfurt we'll just send a letter to Nathan Amendment saying peace on self and that will be offset by loans from London to Frankfurt understand in your day there will be many Wars enjoy a nation that have managed transport will come rout of rust childs because it will be safe now fire banking on Thursdays may cover Europe but you will be one firm when Mayer Amschel Rothschild died in 1812 he left a will instructing his sons and how the House of Rothschild would be operated all key positions in the House of Rothschild were to be held by members of the family the family was to intermarry with their own first and second cousins thus preserving the vast fortune Rothschilds heirs were strictly forbidden to ever disclose the amount of their wealth the whole family was driven by an insatiable lust for the accumulation of wealth and power they secretly financed both sides in various European Wars dominated European banking and by the mid-1800s had become the richest family in the world Rothschild kept found Israel and Rothschild has always been the backer of Israel whatever Rothschild wants he gets it is believed that he is the richest man in the world and I have little doubt that although the Balfour Declaration was given to Lord Rothschild in 1917 it would not be until 1947 that the plan for a Jewish state would be implemented it would take the horrors of World War two to get public opinion behind creating a Jewish state in the land of Palestine in 1947 the United Nations declared that there would be two states in Palestine there would be a Jewish state and a Palestinian state the United States delegation supports the basic principles of the unanimous recommendations by the United Nations which provides for petition and emigration later Russia supported the United States on the partition recommendation while Arab states threatened reprisals as the Holy Land future hangs in the balance but Israel became the first state and they never allowed Palestine to become a state so they've made sure that the the United Nations provision has never been put into effect on may 14 1948 David ben-gurion the executive head of the Zionist Organization declared the establishment of the Jewish state in the Land of Israel in May of 1948 a new Jewish state Israel was born in a bath of blood Jewish troops routed Arab forces from the city of Haifa in the first of a series of battles that were to reverberate through the years the new government headed by David ben-gurion is installed in Tel Aviv thus for the first time since the Roman legion destroyed Jerusalem in the year 70 AD the Jewish people have a nation of their own today a lot of Christians think that like God brought the nation of Israel back you know and and God did this wonderful work but really was it really the will of God to bring these people back into Israel or was it the will of the United Nations the Bible tells us very clearly in Hebrews chapter 4 that when they first came to the promised land with Moses they could not enter in because of unbelief then 40 years later their children who believed the Lord were allowed to enter the promised land then later they worshiped other gods and what did God do he removed them from the promised land they went to Babylon for 70 years then after they repented and turned away from their false gods they were brought back to the promised land then when they rejected Jesus Christ they were removed from the promised land again and then in 1947 they all believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and God brought them back to the promised land is that what happened no did they believe in Christ I mean look Christian out there ask yourself that question was very viable going on in Israel were people accepting Jesus as their Messiah the answer is no so therefore that was not God bringing back Israel because they believed in him he said he would scatter them if they didn't keep his word and he did he said he'd bring them back when they turned unto Him they have not turned unto Him and so if it's not the Lord who brought them back then who did bring them back it was the spirit of Antichrist that brought them back to the promised land it was the United Nations who brought them back to the promised land US history was made as the Jewish state of Israel was born conceived in strife and weaned on violence Israel has flourished to become a constructive voice in world affairs where Frank became a symbol of hope in a troubled world the Star of David where does that symbol come from it's never written explicitly in the Bible itself is it in the Talmud perhaps is there a passage in the Bible about that or no no okay so you're not really sure exactly where that comes from no you got me is it nobody Helena I don't know I'm not yeah cuz I know it's called the Star of David yes have anything to do with David no I don't think so there must be somewhere I'm do not remember exactly what the association was okay I believe that what they call the Star of David is actually the star of remphan because when you study the Bible you'll see that when they worshiped other gods the Bible talks about them carrying the banner of the star of their god remphan you rejected the God of the Bible you took up for yourself the star that's the six pointed star of your god called rim fan or key UHN all these were names for Moloch the great Bale the great fire guy who was the devil tells of oh that's right Beelzebub and they were shocked about this now who is his star God if they only read the Old Testament they would know this and Amos God says you have taken up the star and you've made me furious by doing that and you've actually sacrificed your own children to the store guy through the fires they sacrificed their own children the Jews did to the star God when they worshiped a false God they had the star of remphan as an icon and as a symbol we never see a Star of David in Scripture but the star of the false god remphan and so we know today that they are not worshiping the true God because the Bible says he that deny it the son the same hath not the father but he that acknowledgeth the son hath the father also if the Jews do not believe on the son the Bible says they don't have the father so who do they have somebody else a false God therefore they're not worshiping the same God that we worship some people will say oh they worship God the Father they just don't acknowledge Jesus but the Bible teaches that it's possible to worship the father if you don't acknowledge the son but you get back to the Masonic fraternity of Freemasonry yeah they're great symbol is gee you look at the the star on the compass which is a stylized Star of David in fact they have the entire story of David and many Masonic temples why is that masonry is a study of Judaism and of the Kabbalah the Jewish Tribune newspaper on October 28 1927 stated Freemasonry is based on Judaism eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left Albert Pike said in his book morals and Dogma that the the Kabbalah is the very basis without the Kabbalah we would not have the 33 rituals of the Masonic Lodge but the God they worship the Great Architect is Moloch the star God if anyone tells me that the Jews were not placed under a great curse about Jesus himself it's there in John 8 37 it's interesting because Jesus said this he said I know that ye are Abraham's seed so he's acknowledging the fact that they are physical descendants of Abraham he said I know that ye are Abraham's seed but you seek to kill me because my word had no place in you I speak that which I've seen with my father and you do that which you have seen with your father they answered and said unto Him Abraham is our Father jesus saith unto them if ye were Abraham's children ye would do the works of Abraham so it's interesting because in verse 37 he acknowledged that they're Abraham's seed he acknowledged that their physical descendants of Abraham but then in verse 39 he's questioning he's saying you know if you Abraham's children ye would do the works of Abraham and he's basically saying you're not the children of Abraham because like we already talked about later in the passage he says you're of your father the devil so it's interesting that Jesus himself said that you can be a physical descendant of Abraham and be of the seed of Abraham and he doesn't consider you a child of Abraham there is another passage it's in the Gospel of John John chapter 8 verse 44 hmm where he says and the truths are the sons of the devil that's what he was preaching Wow Jesus himself taught ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own or he is a liar and the father of it so according to the Lord Jesus Christ he said ye are of your father the devil so Jesus believed that they weren't falling Abraham they weren't falling Moses they weren't following the prophets they weren't following God he says they're following their father the devil you know in Revelation two and three there's interesting verses which talk about them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan it's not hard to figure out who the synagogue of Satan is when you realize that there's only one religion in this world that uses synagogues Judaism it's not hard to figure out who they are when the Bible tells us that they say they're Jews and they're not not everyone in this world goes around saying I'm a Jew people who practice Judaism say that they're Jews you say well pastor Anderson they say they are Jews but they really are no because Romans 2:28 says for he is not a Jew which is one outwardly neither is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh but he is a Jew which is one inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart in the spirit and not in the letter whose praise is not of men but of God the Bible says we are the circumcision which worship God in the spirit and rejoice in Christ Jesus and have no confidence in the flesh so in God's eyes they're not Jews they're at the synagogue of Satan the Bible says in revelation 3:9 behold I will make them of the synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews and are not but do lie behold I will make them to come and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved thee now why would God have to make the synagogue of Satan to know that God loved the church at Philadelphia because the Jews think that God loves only them they don't think that God loves the Gentiles in Philadelphia and that's why God said I'm gonna make the synagogue of satan' to know that I've loved you God loves the children of the world red and yellow black and white they're precious in His sight in 1st John 2:22 the Bible gives the definition of what an antichrist is who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ he is Antichrist that denieth the father and the son now in order to believe that Jesus is not the Christ you have to believe that there is a Christ and that it's not Jesus John 4 tells us that the word Messiah means Christ the woman at the well she said I know that Messiah cometh which is called Christ so we know that the definition of the word Christ is Messiah so in 1st John 2:22 when it says who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ what it's saying is who is alive but he that denied that Jesus is the Messiah so you know what group of people believes that there is a messiah but does not believe that Jesus was that Messiah again those are the Jews let me just see if I can characterize this right then basically that the Jewish belief on Jesus is I mean you obviously doesn't don't believe he was the Messiah but you just kind of think he was just kind of just another in a long stream of false messiahs if yes if he even claimed to be their claim if the claim was made if the claim was made that he's a massage he the valta messiah jesus never said I am the Messiah the Jewish people would would have been interested in the Messiah right there waiting for Messiah they want massage yeah so if he had any of the real characteristics of a messiah they would have been interested in him they would have checked and so on and so forth but he had 12 disciples that's not a lot I mean you know you're talking about the nation of the Jews with all the scholars right they weren't won over today didn't believe in him not at all the Christians invented the idea of a failed Messiah even though he failed he's still the Messiah we reject that if if you fail then you're not the Messiah they're still looking for another Messiah to come and we know that that other Messiah that's coming is the Anti what does a Jewish Messiah look like a very powerful King not will establish peace and goodwill on earth you have to be able to establish peace world peace wells peace he says when the real Messiah makes his appearance in such a dramatic fashion that it can't be denied then everybody will acknowledge that he's the real Messiah and that worldwide worldwide even the non-jews because of because they were all looking forward to the Messiah when the Messiah comes you're saying the whole world's gonna believe on ya the entire world because his purpose will be to bring the entire world to the proper observance all the nations will stream towards Jerusalem to learn from him ok it will initiate a period of world peace the Messiah will be a tremendous charismatic figure with great great knowledge and communication skills he'll also be a great warrior he will be the defender of the Jews and he will defeat all their enemies in a permanent kind of a way if you listen to how the Jews described their Messiah they paint a perfect picture of what the Bible describes as the Antichrist he's gonna conquer the entire world he's gonna bring peace through war he's going to be believed on by all religions of the world he's gonna bring world peace he's going to unite us all so many Christians are precious and they don't know what they're doing yeah you know III was at a prophecy conference in Florida and a lady came up to me she was wearing the Star of David and I asked her why she was wearing that she is oh well this is so important that we show our support for Israel as how do you show your support for Israel well she I give money every month to the Temple Mount foundation well that's just this Jewish group and I said don't you know that second Thessalonians chapter 2 says the antichrist will go into that temple and declare himself God and above every other God she says well I just think I'm helping to fulfill Bible prophecy how do you are you're helping the Antichrist to come and one who would want to do that when a man comes and he fights the Wars of Israel defeats the enemies builds a temple peace on earth the leader that did that we will all kneel before the king you know what I mean whoever that is so your vision of that you say it's a second coming okay we say it's a first coming look the Jews are ready to accept the Antichrist as their Messiah and yet Christians are being taught that in the end times all of the Jews are gonna believe on Jesus Christ well it doesn't take a genius to figure out what the devil is doing here when the Jews accept the Antichrist as their Messiah then all of the apostate Christians are gonna point to that and say look this is the second coming of Jesus Christ look all the Jews believe on him what is the devil's goal with the Antichrist to get people to believe that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ and like all other false doctrine it's based on taking one scripture completely out of context they'll take the end of Romans 11 completely ignore the beginning of Romans 11 and they'll just go straight to the end they'll go to verse 26 and so all Israel shall be saved and say see right there in the end times everybody in Israel is gonna get saved they're gonna believe in Jesus but they're forgetting that the Bible just finished telling us in Romans 9 that they're not all Israel which are of Israel the physical descendants are not the true Israel he said he is not a Jew which is one outwardly he's a Jew which is one inwardly it's those of us that believe in Jesus Christ that are Israel so how could you look at an unsaved person and say that they are Israel when the Bible says all Israel shall be saved that tells me that anybody who's not saved is not Israel and it's the Antichrist not Jesus Christ it's the Antichrist who is going to unite Jews with false with every other religion of the world in order for the Jewish Antichrist to unite all religions of the world the devil must convince mainstream Christianity to see the Jews as fellow believers in spite of their rejection and blasphemy of Jesus Christ tella evangelists such as John Hagee ignore the clear teachings of the New Testament and apply the promises made to Abraham in Genesis 12 verses 1 through 3 to modern-day Christ rejecting Israel anyone who holds a biblical view that the Jews are no longer God's chosen people is labeled by the media as an anti-semite Israel's fight is our fight we are one we are united we will not be discouraged we will not be defeated we will not be intimidated we will not sit down we will not be silent we are the worst nightmare of the anti-semites of the world the victory is going to be our then I will not stand with you thank you no we stand with the people of Israel I am asking you to join with me and every Christian and every Jew and every freedom-loving American to demand that this President and Congress do whatever is necessary to eradicate the evil of Isis and radical Islam from the face of the earth it is time to act now and I will bless them that bless you and curse him that curses you now you don't want to be an enemy as you shall all families of the earth be blessed yes amen you're either for or against her you're one of the two the man the church the nation that blesses the State of Israel the Jewish people will be blessed beyond measure blessing Israel is an just means oh well I bless you yeah you have to stand with them in their out of need mm-hmm of course the Bible says in 2nd John 9 through 11 that whosoever transgresseth and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ hath not God he that abideth in the doctrine of Christ he hath both the father and the son if there come any unto you and bring not this doctrine receive him not into your house neither bid him Godspeed for he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds and what are you doing when you bid someone Godspeed your blessing them so today's evangelical Christianity is saying that we must bless Israel if we want God to bless us yet second John teaches that if we bless those who deny the Son of God we are a partaker of their evil deeds evangelicals of course are a great segment of American Christianity the Southern Baptists the Pentecostals the Assembly of God all of these are very fervent groups and they've basically been very pro-israel Pro scientists many of them have actually closed the door to conversion by saying oh well you don't need Jesus you're a Jew in the Houston crime John Hagee was quoted as saying I'm not trying to convert the Jewish people to the Christian faith there is nothing in the night to honor Israel that does that in fact trying to convert Jews is a waste of time he said the Jewish person who has roots in Judaism is not going to convert to Christianity everyone else whether Buddhist or Baha'i needs to believe in Jesus he says but not Jews Jews already have a covenant with God that has never been replaced with Christianity and really that's the most anti-semitic thing you could possibly say don't evangelize the Jews because that's gonna send the Jews to hell the Bible says he that believeth on the son hath everlasting life but he that believeth not the son shall not see life but the wrath of God abideth on him yet John Hagee teaches that the Jews are already good to go we don't need to evangelize the Jews well John Hagee is totally wrong the Bible tells us that we are to win the lost and we are to preach the gospel to every creature now I mentioned earlier about CI Scofield being divorced and remarried isn't it interesting that John Hagee is the same story divorced his wife remarried another lady and leads a large Pentecostal church and emphasizes Israel to the point of idolatry he is free indeed from the 18,000 people who belonged to his church in San Antonio Texas John Hay to the 99 million homes he says tune in to his weekly radio and television broadcast John Hagee has built an empire sharing the gospel of Israel with evangelicals around the world and as the leader of Kufa his power extends from the pulpit to politics John Hagee is a blasphemous false teacher who teaches that Jesus Christ did not come to this earth to be the Messiah and defensive Ezra will shape Christian theology it scripturally proves that the Jewish people as a whole did not reject Jesus as Messiah it will also prove that Jesus did not come to earth to be the Messiah it will prove that there was a Calvary conspiracy between Rome the high priest and Herod to execute Jesus as an insurrectionist too dangerous to live since Jesus refused by word and deed to claim to be the Messiah how can the Jews be blamed for rejecting what was never offered raided and the shocking expose and defense of Israel this latest book by Pastor John Hagee is destined to generate lively discussions among Christians the world over John Hagee is not an Independent Baptist nor a King James Bible believer and so a lot of guys that watched this documentary will say well that's not our guys all right well how about Sam Gipp who just about a year ago preached in a church in Idaho and said and I and I can almost quote it word for word you know what I never called Jesus I never called him my Messiah you know what I'd never call Jesus Christ I never called him my Messiah you know why I do all these Messiah t eat rumor son unless you're Jew he's not he's not sure Messiah are you from Gentile stock all right we were never promised a messiah I'm sorry but Sam Gipp is wrong and he might be popular even among Independent Baptist but that's wrong whether it's Sam Gipp or Peter ruckman or whoever it is the Word of God is the word of God and we don't allow whether it's Scofield or John Hagee or our favorite preacher our favorite professor or teacher to influence what the word actually says Jesus Christ is the Messiah he is my Messiah he's everyone's Messiah Hagey goes on to say in the Houston Chronicle article many Christian theologians are anti-semitic because they say the covenant with Jews is gone that the Jews have been replaced by Christianity and that Israel does not deserve American military and financial support not only do Christian Zionists like Hagee teach that Christians must support Israel they also demand that the US government support Israel militarily and financially and because evangelical Christians make up a large part of the voting populous politicians dutifully make the trip to Israel to pray to the Jewish God at the Wailing Wall there's a lot of socially conservative evangelical Republican voters who care a lot about this issue and if they can see Ted Cruz coming out on Fox News and saying you know I am 100% behind Israel when they see that happening a lot of conservative voters are gonna say hey this Cruz guy is better than I thought in fact they just had the Christians United for Israel event which is which is an organization of evangelical Christians that are that are that are very very pro-israel this is an image I think we have this of Rand Paul praying with them this is their there he's praying with the quv folks let me say this those who hate Israel hate America and those who hate Jews hate Christians so opposition to Israel is opposition to God and I don't care what they believe and where they're at on the spiritual timeline because it's not my problem I have his back and it doesn't matter what he does or where he's at but as long as he calls upon the name of Yahweh the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob that's my brother there's gonna be I think a towards a more biblical Christianity a more a more Jewish Christianity and the lines between us there was like oh those are Christians those are Jews I'm like oh those are sort of like are those are our brothers Israel is grateful for the support of America's people and of America's presidents from Harry Truman to Barack Obama I am proud to say that no US administration has done more in support of Israel security than ours none don't let anybody else tell you otherwise it is a fact we recognize Israel's right to defend itself and that it is right for America to stand with you therefore it is time for America to embrace the words of senator joseph Lieberman and consider a military preemptive strike against Iran to prevent a nuclear holocaust in Israel and a new attack in America in second chronicles 19 a godly king by the name of Jehoshaphat was going to help Israel militarily here's what God told him in verse 2 and G who the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him and said to the King Jehoshaphat should as they help the ungodly and love them that hate the Lord therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord so we're told today that if we support the nation of Israel we're gonna be blessed by God because of Genesis 12 when in reality the Bible teaches that if we help an ungodly and wicked nation like Israel we'll have God's wrath upon us why should we as Bible believing Christians support the nation of Israel when the nation of Israel won't even allow a Christian to immigrate to their country if you want to immigrate to Israel you have to renounce the name of Jesus Christ so for someone to become an Orthodox Jew or have the right of return they have to renounce Christianity to do sample they do you can't be a Jew and a Christian it's one or the other so with regard to the modern State of Israel it requires the renunciation of one's former religious affiliation mmm it requires a number of rituals that are designed to cleanse one of their prior religious affiliation someone who's not a Jew doesn't just automatically have an invitation to immigrate to Israel not as a citizen not as a citizen correct so in order to be able to immigrate to Israel they would have to renounce Christianity in order to to become a citizen I'm a citizen and they'd have to be converted by an Orthodox rabbi I personally know men who have gone over to Israel believing that Israel is the promised land and that the Jews are God's chosen people and they go there with that in their heart and they go there to witness to them and tell them about Christ but it is illegal in Israel to pass out tracts the cops will come and harass them and even being under the threat of arrest or deportation the Bible is true when it tells us that they are the enemies of the gospel in Romans 11:28 as concerning the gospel they are enemies for your sakes but as touching the election they are beloved for the father's sakes it says it right there in the Word of God they are the enemy of the gospel in June of 2014 during Gay Pride Month the United States embassy flew the American flag and underneath the American flag they hoisted the gay pride flag and for the last few years now Tel Aviv has been voted the number one gay city in the world amongst the gay community themselves they have voted Tel Aviv as the number one place in the world not San Francisco not New York but Tel Aviv we were established for the establishment of Israel our markings are all over take out a dollar out of your pocket look at the Great Seal you'll notice in between the wingspan of the Eagle you will see the Star of David made out of 13 stars now why is the Star of David there around that star is the Shekinah glory cloud burst symbolizing the Shekinah glory that was over the tabernacle George Washington said I want that to be on the dollar so that people will recognize the contribution that the Jewish people have made to the United States of America not only are today's Christians being taught to be pro Jewish and pro-israel the strange doctrines of the Talmud and the Kabbalah are also creeping into churches and being taught as Christian doctrine for example many pastors will use the term Shekinah as if it was something from the Hebrew Old Testament when in reality the word is never found in the Bible one time so the sheeny refers to the divine presence and it's a feminine word by the way it's not masculine for example if Moses de Leon had come out and said I have an idea God is a woman that might not have gone over so well but now he was saying that the ancient rabbi Shimon was teaching us about shifting the feminine half of God and her romance with her divine partner the Holy One blessed be he so there is a belief that God could be both male and female the Shekinah is the indwelling presence of God in the universe it's what emanates from the being of God but for Jews Shekinah and God are one and the same and it is almost forbidden to separate okay God simply manifests himself or herself in the form of the inspiration on their chef inna Shekinah is something that's part of the Talmud something that's part of Judaism not Christianity and yet how many Baptist preachers have used that phrase a kind of glory in church and it's not even scriptural friends we need to grasp this that the Shekinah glory is in us this presence that we talked about this presence that came in this Upper Room that the disciples this Shekinah glory it's in us as believers the Bible is clear from Genesis to Revelation that God is a he not a she and to teach that God is both a he and a she you've got a different God the Christian Bible teaches that man was made in the image of God and in first Corinthians chapter 11 the Bible says that a man ought not to cover his head for as much as he is the image and glory of God but the woman is the glory of the man so according to 1st Corinthians 11 man is not to cover his head because man is in the image of God as opposed to woman that's why even in Genesis 1:27 it says so God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female created he them they were created male and female but he was created in the image of God what does it mean to be in the image of God to look like God because when Jesus walked on this earth he was a man and God the Father is masculine and so this is a blasphemous teaching of New Age mysticism of worshipping you know mother earth and the female spirit and the goddess and the Kabbalah and the New Age that's where all this stuff is coming from this is the shape of the letter Shin Hebrew alphabet Shin very interesting letter in the language it's the first letter in the word shot by the first letter in the word Shalom first letter in the word Shekinah which is the name of the feminine aspect of God live long and prosper image of serac father of all we now hold true it's great people don't realize their blessing each other with when Christians learn the information presented thus far in this film many are still hung up on the idea that the Jews are physically descended from Abraham Isaac and Jacob and that the rest of us are all Gentiles but is it really that simple the only way a person could really prove that they're a Jew would be with the genealogy in fact most of today's so-called Jews they don't know what tribe they're from do people know amongst the Jewish community hey I'm of converts or hey I'm actually of the tribe of Judah or the tribe of Benjamin or the tribe as far as the tribe is concerned we don't know I don't what tribe I belong to the only ones who do know I mentioned the Cohen the 1i they know because that's transferred from father to son father to son okay because there are still certain things that the Cohen / priest certain blessings that he says and so on and so forth so they've kept their lineage they know myself I have no idea what tribe my ancestors okay and you say probably most Jews don't know what tribe nobody yeah very it's just the that wasn't preserved it's not really important today it's not important at all no okay if it really made a difference who is descended from Israel and who is not then why would God tell us to avoid genealogies the Bible says in Titus 3:9 that we are to avoid genealogies the New Testament is very clear it doesn't matter where your physical ancestors came from in Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile the Bible says clearly there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek so why do we think today that there's a difference between the Jew and the Greek and we think that somehow if someone is descended from Abraham Isaac and Jacob that they somehow are just automatically God's chosen people whether or not they believe on Jesus Christ and they may be circumcised in the flesh but the Bible says it's the circumcision of the heart and the spirit that makes you a Jew in God's eyes in 1st Timothy chapter 1 it says in verse 4 neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies I want you to keep that phrase in your mind endless genealogies which Minister questions rather than godly edifying which is in faith so do now in Titus he just said avoid genealogies but here he says to avoid endless genealogies and I'm going to show you why genealogies are endless they truly are endless this is what a family tree looks like now at the bottom of this family tree we just have one person which is you now you descend from two people don't you your mother and your father so if we go back one generation you come from two people as a direct descendent right but if we go back another generation you don't just have two grandparents you have four grandparents and it keeps doubling doesn't it because you have two parents for grandparents eight great-grandparents sixteen great-great grandparents and you have thirty-two great-great-great grandparents that means if I were gonna do a family tree that went back five generations I would have to have a piece of paper wide enough to where at the top of that paper I'd be able to have thirty-two people's names wouldn't I because that's how many ancestors I'm gonna have directly in that fifth generation now if I went to the sixth generation my paper is gonna have to be twice as wide because now I'm gonna have 64 slots to put in names right well what happens though is that as we go back further this number gets really big now in order to understand how this chart works we have to understand how long a generation is how long is the average generation that well they say 20 to 25 years okay now a generation has nothing to do with lifespan for example my mother was 30 years old when she gave birth to me and women generally give birth between the ages of 20 and 40 so let's just take 30 as an average 30 is a nice round number and 30 is a very conservative number for this calculation so a generation is 30 years meaning somebody has a child when they're 30 and then they have a child when they're 30 they have a child when they're 30 nothing to do with lifespan so that means that if we go back 10 generations then that's 300 years right so let's just round off and say that if we went back in our family tree about 10 generations we're gonna be about the Year 1700 now because our family tree is getting wider if we wanted to do a complete family tree showing all of our ancestors back to the 10th generation we would have to have a piece of paper that was wide enough to have a thousand and 24 slots because ten generations ago there would be a thousand and 24 people that we would directly descend from now here's what I noticed when I did my family tree though when I went back 10 generations you know what I started noticing these are no longer unique people because there had been some intermarriage in that three hundred years that had unknowingly taken place let's go back 20 generations so now we're back around the Year 1400 well if I wanted to have a complete family tree I would have to have a piece of paper that could fit 1,048,576 names that's a pretty big piece of paper so in the Year 1400 if I'm gonna trace all of my aunt's assign I'm gonna tell you who all of my ancestors from the 1400s are I would have to show you a family tree that just at the top would have a million some people just in the top row let alone everything else coming downward right if I were to go back 30 generations now I'm only in the Year 1100 I'm not even close to the time of Christ yet am i no if I went back to the Year 1100 30 generations I would have 1,073,741,824 ancestors in that generation now listen they're not all unique when I did my genealogy I found this relative that she was my tenth great-grandmother on this side and my 11th great-grandmother over here because people marry their fifth and sixth cousin without knowing it obviously you know what I mean so there's a lot of repeating going on right you know what that show is that a lot of people are descending from the same people cannot help but intermarry it's impossible not to because of these numbers now but look the real number that we want to go back to is not 1180 let's go back to 70 AD because 70 AD is when all the Jews were scattered now when you say scattered all over the world do you mean that in the most literal sense I mean all nations yes in the most literal sense if we were to go back to 70 AD and we were to have a family tree that shows all of our ancestors in 70 AD and how they're connected that top line would have 18 quintillion 446 quadrillion 744 trillion names from 7080 now who thinks that there were 18 quintillion 446 quadrillion 744 trillion people living at the time of Christ or shortly thereafter no in fact the approximate population at that time was 200 million of that 200 million let's just call 7 or 8 million Jews you say I don't like that number well that number is not going to matter in a minute okay so let's just call it 7 7 8 million okay so if there are 200 million people on the earth at the time of the temple being destroyed and about 7 or 8 million of them are Jews that means if I have an ancestor from that era there's a 1 in 27 chance that they were of Israel so think about this what if I were buying a lottery ticket and the odds of that lottery ticket coming up a winner are 1 in 27 because that's the winning ticket that says you're Jewish you're of the chosen people you are of Israel you are an Israelite indeed I've got a 1 in 27 chance you say well pastor Anderson if you have a 1 in 27 chance you probably not gonna win that lottery because you got 26 chances of losing okay but what if I buy 18 quintillion lottery tickets you think I'm gonna win let me ask this how many times do I have to hit it to be descended from Abraham how many times do I have to hit it to be descended from Israel you say well you know I'm black I'm of Africa you know how can I be connected with Abraham well stop and think about it think about Israel's children you know what one of Israel's children Joseph guess where his wife was from Egypt Joseph's wife was of Egypt where is Egypt Africa Moses's wife was Ethiopian his second wife was Ethiopian so we already see even in Bible days intermingling with Africa intermingling with the sons of ham I mean you think about it the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh we're half of ham and half of Israel because Israel's son Joseph married an Egyptian woman who's a Pam so all of the ephraim it–some nsights are descended of ham and not only that but all throughout history you've had all kinds of merchants and missionaries and conquerors even you know you think of the Mongolian Empire that went all over the world and that conquered China that conquered Japan that conquered Korea all the ships that sailed and went here and there and everywhere you only have to have one ancestor out of your millions and millions of ancestors you only have to have a one that descends from Israel and you are a direct descendant of Israel today you sit there and say oh I'm just purely a white person oh I'm just purely Asian I'm just purely African no you're not no one is people have been marrying it intermarrying for thousands of years so you can't have any pure population you know what the Bible was right when it said we're all of one blood even populations that we think that has got to be a hundred percent they're not hundred percent now there's no 100 percent you can sit there and have your endless genealogy it won't even be accurate because you know what you can't tell from a genealogy somebody who committed adultery and lied to their husband and said oh yeah this is your son and he's not you know people do their genealogy and they kind of just take everything as gospel when in reality there could be as you euphemistically call them non-paternity events there's a non-paternity index which has been estimated at point zero five percent per generation so if you go back 20 generations you're likely to have a non-paternity event that's the soft way of saying it and if you consider that a generation is 20 20 to 25 years that means in 500 years you're due in that line to have a non-paternity of it every 500 years in in one line so on one line how many lines you write so really if somebody traces their genealogy they couldn't really say hey I know for a fact I know the whole story because I'm looking at this genealogy because the DNA test is gonna reveal more well DNA doesn't lie and on people lie DNA doesn't lie right people could say hey I'm doing so I'm not doing but the DNA right a DNA doesn't have an agenda people have an agenda people have reasons to lie and also they might just not know the truth you know which is possible so it's not even that they're lying it's is that their mistake they're just passing on mistaken information 1 out of 15 Americans is adopted or has a parent that was adopted mm-hmm you know that's that's a pretty hide substitute yeah isn't it I mean you can tell you all the people in your and your lineage that were adopted oh yeah my ancestors 300 years ago were adopted you're not gonna remember that so there are adoptions there's infidelity there's traveling there's conquest there's merchants there are missionaries different people have different things they wanted to hide right and so they only tell you what they want you to hear it doesn't matter where you're from folks God said you know why God said to avoid this because it hurts your mind to even think about I mean it I mean these numbers bend the mind he's just like so pointed honey just avoid endless you know you know what they Minister questions I mean does does this make you feel really sure about your nationality now no it raises a lot of questions so what do you think about somebody going down to the DNA lab getting their DNA tested and and it comes back and says though you know you have these Jewish ancestors I mean I have no quarrel with them would you accept that it's it absolutely okay because it's so possible cuz they were so scattered right yeah I would never argue with it the director of this film paul wittenberger and i are just a couple of white guys we've never been told that we're jewish or have any Jewish ancestors but we're gonna go down and get our DNA tested and just find out if we do we match your DNA profile against over 400 population groups worldwide and we present you with a top fifty and for ancestral DNA we don't have to get thumb prints I mean it's not a legal document right so that's all we need is the swab in the name so these will go out tonight mm-hmm we should get results back in about three or four weeks a few weeks later Paul and I got our results back and just like they said we were a mixture of a whole bunch of different nationalities we had everything from Arab to Brazilian Native American and there were a lot of things on there that were big surprise and sure enough when we looked at our deep ancestry which goes back further than the top 50 we both had markers for Jewish DNA so I figured I'd get my grandma's DNA tested see if Jewish made it into her top 50 we tested my grandma she's 94 years old uh-huh and we wanted to swab her you know while she's still with us oh yes that's very important we got it all right grandmas was altering all right let's see her top 50 first of all number one Ashkenazi Jew number one no way so that explains why it was in my deep ancestry because it's her number one of her 50 nationalities and her number one result was Hungarian Ashkenazi Jew so so her number one result was Ashkenazi Jewish Wow well with DNA consultants I mean you know we've done this for many many years I haven't seen that very often but you know and every report like I'm saying is unique people are like oh it's probably very general no everybody is very unique I don't know when I've seen number one Ashkenazi so that is really I mean maybe three or five is very rare so if grandma's DNA had number one Ashkenazi is there any doubt that she's an Ashkenazi Jew no and if she's my grandmother what does that make me if you're Jewish so I'm Jewish you don't have right but I mean ethnically speaking ethnically you are you know whether you is that really what it all boils down to I mean good night that's DNA are you kidding me well no what about Jesus what about faith in Christ how in the world can God's people be determined by DNA look it doesn't matter what our genealogy says it doesn't matter what our DNA results on none of that is even important the only thing that really matters is that we are a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ and I found so much proof that Israel there is not the Israel that God is talking about but we who have believed in God who have the faith of Abraham we're the children of God we're the seed of Abraham it says in Romans nine verse seven neither because they are the seed of Abraham are they all children but neither shall thy seed be called that is they which are the children of the flesh these are not the children of God but the children of the promise are counted for the seed so the Bible says that the children of the flesh the physical children of Abraham Isaac and Jacob these are dn't it specifically spells out and says they are not the children of God in fact in Galatians 3 it explains that we're the children of Abraham it says know ye therefore that they which are of faith the same are the children of Abraham it's amazing to me though how Christians overlook Galatians 3 now I'm almost 70 years old I'm an old man but I've never ever ever heard a sermon on Galatians 3 verse 29 there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female for a year all one in Christ Jesus and if he be Christ's then are ye Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise both of those are fantastic who is the heir to the promise whoever has Jesus fees in chapter 2 verse 11 reads wherefore remember that ye being in time past Gentiles in the flesh who are called uncircumcision by that which is called the circumcision in the flesh made by hands that at that time you were without Christ being aliens from the Commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise having no hope and without God in the world but now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ verse 19 now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners but fellow-citizens with the Saints and of the household of God according to this scripture we are fellow citizens of Israel because back in verse number 12 he said when you were without Christ you were aliens of Israel you were strangers and foreigners to Israel but in verse 19 he says now you are fellow citizens with the Saints so who is the true Israel is it some guy over in the Middle East who doesn't even believe in Jesus and is worshiping Shekinah or is it the true believer of the Lord Jesus Christ who's been grafted in and brought anion to Israel it's very simple jesus said in Matthew 21 verse 43 therefore I say unto you the kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof Wow they didn't bear fruits they refused Jesus they refused Redemption they refused to recognize the deliver of Zion the very Christ Jesus and Jesus said because of that the kingdom is taken from you and given to another nation well what is that nation is it Syria is in America is it England is it Germany no no no a spiritual nation but ye are a chosen generation a royal priesthood an holy nation a peculiar people that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light which in time past were not a people but are now the people of God which had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy the Bible is not a book about God blessing one nation that's why God told Abraham in thee shall all nations of the earth be blessed and that blessing is through Abraham seed the Lord Jesus Christ you know the Bible says in in Hebrews chapter 11 that Abraham wasn't looking for a physical land he looked for a city which hath foundations whose builder and maker is God we as Christians are looking for a New Jerusalem we're looking for a heavenly city as Hebrews 11 the faith chapter points out but now they desire a better country that is in heavenly wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God for he hath prepared for them a city God has prepared a city for us a city that we can't find physically on this earth because it's a heavenly city it's something that God has prepared for those that have faith in Him when we're looking for Zion and when we're looking for Jerusalem we're not looking for the one which now is we're not looking for the one that we can touch we're not looking for the one that spiritually Asada and spiritually Egypt when we're looking for the one that is heavenly the one that is to come the Bible says in Hebrews 12:22 but ye are come unto Mount Zion and under the city of the Living God the heavenly Jerusalem and to an innumerable company of angels so according to the New Testament Zion is the heavenly Jerusalem not the physical Jerusalem that now is but the heavenly Jerusalem will descend down from heaven that is our capital city that is our Zion and so I'm Israel those people over there are not Israel that's why Paul said they're not all Israel that are of maybe of Israel genealogically speaking but you're not Israel as God counts as what his original intent was eight people that are appraised in Agoura to know we as Christians are the chosen people of God we are the true Israel and we are marching to Zion well you know the name of this video is marching to Zion we know that as a great title of a gospel song – it means marching with Jesus at the very head of the formation yeah you know we sing songs like we're marching to Zion I love that song I just love it I mean we're marching to Zion beautiful beautiful Zion we're marching up or do Zion the beautiful city of God it's the City of God sits on the sides of the north that's God's home and one day he's gonna bring it down to earth this could be on the earth we're gonna inherit the earth because we are God's people we have believed in Christ are God's people we are Israel we're princes with God and we're gonna reign with him forever I would love to see the Quran thrown away destroyed put in a bonfire not because I hate the Muslims no I would love for them to become Christians I would love to see the the Talmud in all its 36 or 38 volumes well what a bonfire we could have with that as a Christian I say let these books exist let the Quran exist let the Talmud exist because if people read those and then they read the New Testament you must come to the conclusion that Jesus Christ is Lord [Applause] you Oh you you you you now the Bible is really clear on salvation it's not based on how good you are a lot of people think they're pretty good you know and yeah they're gonna get to heaven because they're pretty good but the Bible says for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God the Bible says that is written there is none righteous no not one I'm not righteous you're not righteous and if it were our goodness that would get us into heaven none of us would be going because the Bible even says in Revelation 21:8 it says but the fearful and unbelieving and the abominable and murderers and sorcerers and whoremongers and idolaters and listen to this and all Liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone which is the second death I've lied before everybody's lied before so we've all sinned and we've done stuff worse than lying let's face it we all deserve hell but the Bible says but God commanded his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us and so Jesus Christ because He loves us came to this earth the Bible says he was God manifest in the flesh God basically took on human form he lived a sinless life he did not commit any sin and of course they beat him and spit on him and nailed him to the cross the Bible says that when he was on that cross he himself bare our sins in his own body on the tree so every sin you've ever done every sin I've ever done it was as if Jesus had done it he was being punished for our sins and then of course they took his body when he died they took his body and buried it in the tomb and his soul went down to hell for three days and three nights acts 2:31 three days later he rose again from the dead he showed unto the disciples the holes in his hands and the Bible is really clear that Jesus did die for everybody it says that he died not for our sins only but also for the sins of the whole world but there's something that we must do to be saved the Bible says it has that question in acts 16 what must I do to be saved and they said believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved and thy house and that's it he didn't say join a church and you'll be saved get baptized and you'll be saved live a good life and you'll be saved repent of all your sins and you'll be saved no he said believe and even the most famous verse in the whole Bible that's written on the bottom I mean the the reference written on the bottom of the cup and in an out burger I mean it's so famous everybody's heard of it John 3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life and everlasting means everlasting means forever and Jesus said I give unto them eternal life and they shall never perish neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand the Bible says in John 6:47 verily verily I say unto you he that believeth on me hath everlasting life so if you believe on Jesus Christ the Bible says you have everlasting life you're gonna live forever you can't lose your salvation it's eternal it's everlasting once you're saved once you believe on Him you're saved forever and no matter what you can never lose your salvation even if I were to go out and commit some awful sin God will punish me for it on this earth if I went out and killed somebody today you know God's gonna make sure I get punished I'm going to prison or far worse or the death penalty whatever this earth punishes me and God's gonna make sure I get punished even more but I'm not going to help there's nothing I could do to go to hell because I'm saved and if I went to hell God lied because he promised that whoever believeth in him has everlasting life and he said whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die that's why there are a lot of examples of people in the Bible who did some really bad stuff yet they made it to heaven how because they were so good no it's because they believed on the Lord Jesus Christ their sins are forgiven other people who may have lived a better life in the world's eyes or maybe even really they lived a better life they don't believe in Christ they're gonna have to go to hell to be punished for their sins and let me just close on this one thought one thing that I wanted to be sure and bring up today is that there was a question that was asked to Jesus by one of his disciples and that question was this are there few that be saved that's a good question right I mean are most people saved or is it few that are saved now who here thinks that most people are going to heaven most people in this world are going to have yeah I guess what the answer was he said in Matthew 7 for example he said answer ye in at the strait gate he said because wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction and many there be which go in thereat because Strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it and then he went on to say this he said not everyone that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he that doeth the will of my father which is in heaven many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in thy name and in thy name have cast out devils and in thy name done many wonderful works and then will I profess unto them I never knew you depart from me ye that work iniquity and so you see there are people out there first of all the majority of this world doesn't even claim to believe in Jesus thankfully the majority of this classroom claims to believe in Jesus okay but the majority of the world does not claim to believe in Jesus but God warned that even amongst those who claim to believe in Jesus even amongst those that call him Lord many will be saying to him what oh we did all these wonderful works why are we saved he's gonna say depart from me I never knew that's why but that's because salvation is not by works and if you're trusting your own works to save you if you think you're going to heaven because you've been baptized or if you think you well I think you have to live a good life all I think you have to keep the commandments to be saved I think you have to go to church I think you got a you know turn from your sins you know if you're trusting in your works Jesus is gonna say to you one day depart from me I never knew you you have to have all your faith in what he did you have to put your faith in what Jesus did on the cross when he died for you he's buried and rose again that's your ticket into heaven if you're trusting all the things I'm going to have cuz I'm such a good Christian and I do all these wonderful thing he's gonna say depart me and notice what he said depart from me I never knew you not I used to know you because once he knows you remember I mentioned this earlier it's everlasting it's eternal once he knows you you're saved forever but he's gonna say depart from me I never knew you because if you go to hell it's cuz he never knew you because once he knows you he knows you it's just like my children will always be my children you know when you're born again when you're his child you'll always be his child you may be the black sheep of the family you know you may be somebody who gets disciplined by God heavily on this earth you can screw up your life down here but you can't screw that up you know you're saved it's a done deal and so that's the main thing that I wanted to present to you about the end times and we do have just a few minutes for questions about either salvation or about the end times you

DESIGN IS ONE: LELLA & MASSIMO VIGNELLI — trailer for feature length documentary

“If you can’t find it, design it” is the motto of the Vignellis, whose renowned work ranges
”from the spoon to the city.” Kathy Brew & Roberto Guerra’s film brings us into the Vignellis’ world, capturing their intelligence and creativity, as well as their humanity, warmth, and humor.

inGREEDients trailer- Chemical Food Additive Documentary

The NEW inGREEDients trailer!!! (Contains images that may not be suitable for children or the faint of heart) The documentary film inGREEDients took the independent film festival circuit by storm this year winning several awards and was accepted at some of the top international festivals. The movie connects diet and health; teaches how to read a food label; and uncovers some scary truths about our food supply. “If you eat food then you have to see this movie.” For more information or to order the DVD go to

well people think about fat and the diet is something bad but actually it's an essential part of our diet we cannot live without fat in the diet certain kinds of fatty acids are absolutely essential for life so this idea that is bad is a bad idea that the FDA is is is inspecting virtually nothing when it comes into the United States market and they and they can they conduct virtually no foreign inspections you

A Plastic Wave – A documentary film on plastic pollution

A surf photographer, business owner and father of two is seeing more and more plastic wash ashore his beloved home beach. In a bid to discover the route of this problem he embarks on a journey of discovery to educate himself and understand more about the problem. Along the way, he discovers some alarming issues.

Plastic Pollution is a very real threat to the future of our planet, the animals that inhabit our oceans and ultimately the human race. The problem is far worse than it seems on the surface and we need to act now to ensure we protect the future for ourselves and our planet.

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I've seen a huge increase in the amount of plastic on a daily basis and I really want my kids to grow up having to beach clean every day we now get through 1 million of this type of bottle every minute in that circle is a micro plastic today India produces almost 5.6 million tons of plastic and you plastics take the stage at an international exhibit in Amsterdam the a genius alchemy of coal and oil provides the material ingenious machinery presses and stamps and moles the material into a wide variety of products articles for household use as well as tools for industry the horizons of plastic are lengthening and strengthening to in the world of tomorrow plastics will certainly call the two so my name is Dave Muir I'm a surf school owner surf shop owner a surfer and a father of two I'm here today at seven Cove which is my home where I work it's considered my garden my life and everything I do basically around the ocean here I get legs up so behind me is my home on the cliffs of Gwen ver unfortunately every day to go and surf down there I teach on this beach and the surfs go I've been wandering for 15 years here really really lucky to have the opportunity to kind of live in Cornwall and be passionate about where I am I've got two girls else you're not live the four and three I love that they are involved in the ocean as much as I am more recently but the kids have started to ask questions about the plastic on the beach and the litter we're finding now what's this card for Elsie we don't like the buoy more recently I'm finding plastic in the sea not just in the rocks and on the beach but actually in the water and that's what really worries me because for 15 years I don't think I've seen a single plastic bottle in the ocean now if I've seen it now what's the future going to be like so I'm on a journey of discovery to find out where this bus is coming from the impact on the environment what can be done and really is there a solution the but they cannot see something really excited and one lordy Davidson's hello senior research scientist at Greenpeace is based at the University of Exeter and I've brought some plastics along to find out if you can help me a bit about them tell me a bit more about the properties of the plastics and really more importantly the issue of plastic in the ocean worldwide we're now making somewhere in the region of 330 million tonnes of plastic every year and yet we still somehow see it as a disposable material and it's become a problem that we can only solve by dealing with that issue at source rather than trying to now clean up the environment as the solution so I think we use plastics the issue single-use plastics are a particular problem because we've assumed that they're disposable whereas in fact plastics aren't designed to break down very easily they're going to be around for hundreds of years if not longer so this morning before we came to see you I went down to my local beach and I collected within literally five minutes a handful of plastic I've got a cigarette lighter I've got some some rope I've got cotton bird okay so cigarette lighters sadly that's going to stick around for for hundreds of years and these have been found in the stomach's of of albatross chicks even thousands of miles offshore I mean almost wherever you go these days you'll see plastic pollution and it's a sad fact that whenever we're going to our beaches plastic have become part of that fabric so found a water bottle on the side of the river here how much is it of an issue is this yeah I mean again a big symptom of the plastics problem globally we now get through 1 million of this type of bottle every minute 1 million bottles a minute is a staggering figure for what's more worrying is that these plastics will break down into smaller pieces I'm heading to meet Sarah Nelms a specialist in ocean micro plastics to learn more about her latest work I've been looking through the digestive tracts of marine mammals so they're got basically this is the kind of plastic that most people think of and this was found in the in the stomach of a common dolphin this was actually a one-off I didn't find any other incidences like this but most of the plastic I was finding is not actually visible to the naked eye so in that circle is a micro plastic we're finding my classics in seal poo so that kind of implies that it is passing through that the digestive tract but we don't know what kind of impact it's having on the way through the animal's body and you can see that then you've got amazing eyesight these tiny bits of plastic weren't produced to be that size they have been broken down over time and they're fragmented into smaller and smaller pieces until they're microscopic we okay to have a look at this under their microscope maybe bit noisy okay so what are we looking at here so this is your micro plastic under a microscope so you can actually see it now and this is a particle that's called low-density polyethylene and it's the kind of plastic that we use widely in making carrier bags so this is so what was found in the steel P that we described earlier on it's like should have come from a carrier bag or so what what concerns me more is bigger things that I'll pick up on the beach are things I'm able to remove and they're probably not as in as dangerous is the kind of things you're collecting here so the smaller they are essentially the more impact they can have so the smaller they are the more bioavailable they are to a wider range of animals right from baleen whales right down to microscopic view plankton which are the face of the food chain so if they have an impact on those animals then it affects the whole food chain higher essentially the smaller animal the smaller the piece the more it affects into our food chain language to the predator it's clear that both fish and mammals are eating the plastic that we are introducing I don't yet know how much is entering our oceans and why I want to find out the scale of the issue so I'm heading to a country where plastic pollution has reached a critical level welcome to Mumbai the Gateway of India comes over 20 million people they do this when the most densely populated cities on the planet this is the first leg of my journey and I'm off to meet my first family the chamber family living on a drain right next to plastic the short drive through the bustling city of Mumbai and I'd already seen an incredible amount of plastic but nothing could have prepared if I was about to see Jesus Russ oh my god goodness me that is like in the back of my throat as you see the plastic literally is coming out of the drain the waters followed the plastic they heat the spell oh my god the smell is just like I've traveled I've seen some bits but this is mind-blowing this is the reason why he's come to India to see plastic from houses straight into the river the river flows south to the sea and it's plastic you can see it making its way south as plain as plain as day thinking it's horrible but it's just so heartbreaking little did I know I'm about to meet a family living just a stone's throw away from where I'm stood so we've got grandchildren children I've been smiled out from all angles over here my beautiful little faces and this to me where I live I have a notion that I can go and swim in wouldn't this be nice if this was a river that they could play in and they could kind of you know could swim in the water obviously that's not the case so in the world of the minute and in the UK where I live and plastic is becoming the biggest issue of our generation and we're trying our hardest to actually do something about it the problem with plastic is it survives for hundreds and hundreds of years do you know much about plastics then your plastic I Seneca Teddy said me discover some of the very tops it's a little EDD passing some living at the most about everyone which they generally named the plastic in the letter we can see here is this this plastic this come from your family it's really Annie has no place I picked the debunking Youth ready to put you through the plastic in the sea in the river and it's dealt with by mother nature exactly by ludwig oh there's a vulgar grammar we do dyslexia there's so much plastic entering our drains and rivers it's no wonder we have such a big problem on our hands so I am following this plastic downstream and meeting a local fisherman who remembers a simpler time before plastic it just arrives the fishing village smell is unreal with dried fish everywhere good morning it's just more of what we've seen everywhere else just so much plastic this is wonderful ladies busy drying out prawns but within feet from her is a mountain of plastic again and it's it's it's everywhere it's um it's almost kind of part of the of the floor hello my name's Dave my name is Dave what's your name what's your name oh yeah for sure pleased to meet you Portia so how long have you been fishing will allow me will tell you that with all this plastic is it always been like this but you know so when you were when you were a boy was this beach beautiful could you swim in the water with their children playing on the beach oh boy do you design a but it's awkward yeah I think I really better than we did 11 Galatea to Cueto Portia you seem to have seen so much you're amazing I just I just I wonder what you've envisage for the future of your community whether it's gonna get better or what do you see getting any worse but it is unload there I dare ya break up with the load testing bundle double signal abundance I let the best in one another lastly bundle Brazil I've got as the Sun sets I'm really starting to feel for this community I'm just glad that there's a ray of hope out there fighting for these people Tichina you've brought me here to data-page tell me a little bit about beach warriors beach warriors is my team which is walking for cleaning the other end proper daily Beach since last eight months so last Sunday we have completed 35 weeks of the other probably beach cleanup no one is bothered to look at this Beach because it was a garbage dumping ground so we thought why not make it as a tourist place we clean speech last week was it clean when you left yeah it was definitely clean and last week around 500 volunteers came here and cleaned the beach ten tons of garbage was picked up but it is all it is all given by acid itself we throw it in DC and sea throws back so if today you can see plastic the blame should be on us I mean we're doing sounds amazing but is it a solution is it making a change yes definitely we'll make a change I always say to my people that two hands can do wonders it is like two hands to us in a week is enough for your society so you have to come forward not only for the beach cleanup but you can make aware people about not littering because we are doing it not for the beach cleanup purpose we are doing it so that people will be aware they will be having a fire in them that we should stop littering otherwise we will die some day because of this thing well I'm here can I get involved come because I'm plastered yes yes definitely here the beach is all yours I mean this is so heartbreaking to see this much plastic on a beach like this is crazy and for you to be doing day-in day-out I mean you've obviously made this you know a job we've created you've created something here and I know you're doing out of the goodness of your own heart but it just seems like we're gonna be doing this together now we're a generation that that has to make a difference are you prepared for 50 years of cleaning the beach that is that is an absolutely great question we are not prepared but we are preparing the younger generation to clean their own beach to keep our own country or nation or world clean that is the only message we have to give each and every one we have similar issues you know I see my pension I see it seems clean but I'm picking up plastic all the time here it's an epidemic there is a plastic issue which is far greater than anything I've ever seen I mean when I came to India I expected to see plastic I expect to see litter I was not prepared for this honestly it's it's hard man it's really hard to see it like this and I've got children and and this plastic here is into entering this ocean and the understanding that this plastic could make it anywhere in the world you know I'm picking up plastic from India in England and you know we've got a whole challenge ahead of us and and it is our generation we have to prepare ourselves our children so I suppose the changes now we have to do it my time in India is almost over dr. Roshini is a leading expert in ocean plastics and is concerned about India's future the situation is grim today India produces almost 5.6 million tons of plastic annual World Economic Forum's study mentioned that India contributes almost 60% of all the plastic that reaches our oceans over 500 tonnes of waste reach our seas every single day I think India needs to wake up take responsibility and most certainly as an economic giant start cleaning up its act so if I see this problem I mean it seems like an enormous issue it is and it seems like it to someone looking at it it's almost too big to deal with how how can we how can we deal with it it's smaller bite-sized chunks most of our beaches in Mumbai are cleaned every morning but if you have a look within half a tide the ocean has just spewed everything right back because the volumes of waste and plastic that are in our oceans is enormous we need to just say no we need to say no to plastic we need to look for better alternatives life continued without plastic I know my grandparents and grandparents survived without plastic is there any good news ah yes I think we have to be hopeful why else would we be environmentalist the good news is that the world today is sitting up and recognising plastic to be a major contribution to climate change and global warming studies have shown that plastic does have irreversible impacts on the environment I think the larger question is are we doing too little too late I can't think of a better way or better place to finish my journey in India look around there are thousands of people all coming together the community here is incredible and I set out to make a film about plastic I didn't expect to find happy smiling face people live in side-by-sides with plastic it's an epidemic and it's something that they know about they don't quite understand it yet and I think that's an issue all I do know is that people are the answer they are the solution I was told that two hands can do wonders look how many hands are here today I'm sure there is hope in India I've really loved my time in India and I'm so sad to be leaving this place and it's beautiful people if I have learned anything it's working together is the answer I've been inspired to make a difference and it starts at home I've organized a beach clean at Senen with my friends and local community for me today is about community there are four our refuse reuse we fill recycle see here thanks for joining us on the beach today I'm coming to the end of a bit of a journey I've been filming this documentary I've done a bit of traveling now and I've learnt a lot on my own on my way my worry is what's next and what's been done to kind of correct everything I've been seeing it's a problem that needs global systems to change it's just like climate change really on carbon emissions we've got plastic emissions coming from everywhere so we need to work together and we mustn't outsource the problem just as we're doing with carbon you know we can't put our carbon emissions in China and then blame China all of those carbon emissions we can't export our dirty plastics and recite plates to other developing countries and say it's their problem we've got to work on this together we've got to help other countries build the right systems to control plastics with us and to trap them as I say in the economy and not in the environment this is an important resource comes from oil we're pumping out of the ground around the world in pristine environment so we've got to make sure we can serve it for the future for our children and for our grandchildren so I've come to the end of my journey and I've learned so much about plastic today we've had two hundred people on the beach picking up plastic and a huge difference has been made the community have come together and I'm so grateful for the amount of work that everyone's doing I will still be finding plastic on the beach every single day and it's not going to stop me and my plight to find plastic with my children in my family the truth floats up to the surface and it runs deeper than we care to believe we perfect so where the hell's a sense of urgency diamonds sapphires dancing in shrill so we can see that is easier some pre him meds and match them we can save miss Maelstrom add some wanna live – in green is not when there's still time to worse it is snots you late you turn the tides to make it change before the waves collide it becomes crystal clear where we bind together it's not a stone weak Jenna John easy but only we can't see this man you you

Kshitij 2016 Documentary

Kshitij 2016 was a resounding success, and had left an indelible impact on everyone who was a part of the extravaganza. With added zeal, team Kshitij continues to pursue its endeavour to make Kshitij 2017 bigger and better than the previous one. The stage is all set for the tech-enthusiasts, and those with a flair for business, to witness yet another edition of Asia’s largest techno-management fest. With this belief, we release the documentary of Kshitij 2016, a tribute to the everlasting memories we conceived in the 13th edition.

Addicted: America's Opioid Crisis | Full Documentary

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Producer – Sarah Svoboda
Director, Producer and Camera – Darren Conway
Executive Producer – Jacky Martens

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there is no other medication which within a week can condemn someone to a life of addiction it's possible that I was promoting a drug on the basis of fraudulent science but there was just too much money to be made when they first entered life the first breath of air came along with withdrawals if the pharmaceutical companies knew about the addiction possibilities then it's horrific that they would steal my son away from me there is no other medication that kills so many people as opioids my name is Jacob I'm 12 years old your addiction why did you turn my parents into something that they're not I don't know my own father because of you it's not really that cool to ruin people's lives I couldn't have a normal childhood or life because of you my name is Kiera and I'm 11 years old your addiction you tore apart my family why mine I've been lied to because of you I have cried because of you I have been bullied because of you signed an option that child I don't think like no one really understands how I feel I don't even know where my dad is and really she winds and also she's doing drugs and I don't know if he OD didn't died or he just keeps OD my dad would bring like needles into the house and then my friends when they come over they're like what's that and I would like be embarrassed to bring anymore friends over these are stories from a summer camp that no child should have to tell mom doesn't really say anything about my dad doing drugs once I asked her why is he doing drugs and sexy me but really she just like says he's always that person I just stop asking that question but all of these children have a secret that they need to share all right show of hands do you have a parent close friend or relative who has died from drug abuse so we got a hundred percent of hands does anybody want to talk about that yes I know people that overdosed and died you should have go to rest like that you should go to rest in a peaceful way not hurting and in pain and high and all that how about do you have a parent a close friend or relative who has overdosed so that's why we're doing this work right is because all of us have those very very very hard and tragic things in common we all know somebody who's overdose right at least once anybody afraid that something might set off them using again in elementary school and like on my clients dad first started leaving and I would get in trouble I would like a beg my mom not to tell my dad cuz I don't want him to find out and then him go start doing drugs again cuz then it will affect me even more sometimes what's going on in the house makes you want to not be there go ahead there's a lot of instances where I don't like being in the house because she's like bringing drunk people or over hi people over with their families and talking to them and it makes me kind of uncomfortable because I don't like I don't like it in the house you know my sister's name is Laura I just love her she's there for me she she's hugging me get in the middle school I try not to follow up this way Sarah um she's probably my best friend she doesn't deal very well with feelings I don't I think that's why she didn't participate very much today and she's going into 6th grade this year middle school and that is a very big emotional step when I was in middle school I could probably name 4 or 5 people that could definitely sell me drugs or my closest friends that could give me drugs if I really wanted to ask for them and I I don't think she's ready to experience all of that and I don't think she's ready to be able to process things like that it's a very very scary thing because the amount of people that do those types of things in my grade is very high most of I probably have like more friends that do the more friends that don't or know more people that do the more people that don't so it's very scary and in 2001 2002 and 2003 was for me when the oxycotin it was everywhere and and I was in high school at the time and everybody had access to it at least the kids that I ran with my opiate addiction got so bad that it brought me down to the inner-city out here where one night on Christmas Eve I had my son who was about maybe one one-and-a-half in the backseat behind me and my partner on the other in the passenger seat I was parked over here on the left and I had gotten out of the car left my son and his mom in the car walked over to here made a quick transaction with the guy and then got back in the car looped around to use the drugs and that's when I realized that it was fake so as crazy as I was back then it made sense for me too now I'm gonna turn around and this guy's gonna feel bad for me because he just ripped me off on Christmas Eve and actually tried to play that card with him and I just said you know you ripped me off and literally in seconds he just reached for the wheel well of this Jeep Cherokee that was parked there on the corner grabbed a pistol and without saying anything I kind of turned around at that point I got my son in the car and he basically just kind of walked me back to to my car no that was one of the it's one of the harshest memories that I have the things I used to do with my own son in the car and the danger that I would put them in almost every day of the week for you know almost two years that's where that one pill can take you essentially when I really look at it the big picture where it all started for a lot of people it's just taken so many lives and destroyed so many households and families and I I don't see a stop to it anytime soon I blame the pharmaceutical companies and I think and I think they should they need to pay for for the mistakes that they made or the problems that they put out there and they also need to help pay for the solution the original opioid epidemic was a prescription opioid epidemic that was caused by over prescribing for the treatment of pain we found very early on was that 75% of the people who were using heroin had started by using prescription opiates so it was an epidemic caused by the medical care system this is an epidemic that was caused by greed this is a man-made epidemic that has cost us maybe five hundred thousand lives since the beginning of this crisis it was Purdue Pharma with their painkiller oxycontin that revolutionized how opioids were marketed in the 1990s imagine a life with chronic pain persistent debilitating stabbing pain that goes on for weeks months even years Purdue farmer was very effective in promoting their products and in persuading us in those early days that their drug was different from the opioids we were used to using and that it was likely to be more effective and safer than the opioids that had been used before some end up shuttling from Doctor to doctor desperate for relief finding doctors who neither understand their pain nor know how to relieve it we were responding to a brilliant multifaceted campaign that was really a marketing campaign disguised as education although they may once have considered them dangerous and Mike numbing many doctors and policy makers now say that opioids are safe and effective medicines for treating chronic pain opioids are not safe these are probably the single most dangerous class of medications that there is some patients may be afraid of taking opioids because the perceived as too strong or addictive but that is far from actual fact less than 1% of patients taking opioids actually become addicted there is no other medication that kills so many people as opioids there's no other medication which within a week can condemn someone to a life of addiction they were able to take this old generic drug and turn it into a blockbuster product a product that would bring in more than 1 billion in sales a year other drug companies very quickly saw how profitable this was and began to do exactly the same from around 1996 up until around 2011 there was a nine hundred percent increase in opioid addiction measured by people seeking treatment and when you have a very large increase in the number of people with a disease over a short period of time that is how you would define an epidemic one of the things that we were working against was an army of salespeople who were going out and telling doctors that these medications were safe within four years of oxycontin being introduced Purdue doubled the size of its sales force so at the time when I joined the company and on into the first couple of years the three years that I was with the company I was very excited about what I thought was the good that we were doing for the patient however it wasn't until several years later after I left the company that I began to realize and it was brought to my attention that you know what I could have been doing not knowing at the time that I was doing it was it's possible that I was promoting a drug on the basis of fraudulent science you know one of the things that bothered me about a situation was they came out with a plan you know to help doctors document better you know and we would go and and and provide them with these tools to better document the treatment of pain but then what would happen when those same exact doctors we're getting would get in trouble for quote over prescribing using the documentation that they provided they wiped their hands no support for those doctors and there's doctors who lost license as doctors have committed suicide doctors who went to prison lost everything and they were doing exactly they were they were doing exactly what the company taught us to teach them to do looking back and knowing what I know now I have no doubt in my mind that who's to blame is Perdue themselves and the family that owns the medication that owns the company Purdue Pharma argues that they manufacture a government-approved medicine that represents a tiny portion of opioid prescriptions while providing life-changing relief for millions of pain patients who need it I don't think that we as a state as a country understood the depths and the extent to which the defendant members of the Sackler family and Purdue were engaged in this misconduct and how far-reaching it was but now we know this is an email conversation between then Purdue president Richard Sackler and an acquaintance around 2001 and the acquaintance rights abusers died well that is the choice that they made I'd add a single one didn't know of the risks and Richard Sackler writes back abusers aren't the victims they are the victimizers and I got to tell you every time I read this email it's it's hard to read it's hard to stomach that somebody would write that about people that are suffering people that are real distress and people that have died and it's that kind of thinking that I think powered this company during that period and led to you know a deceptive fraudulent misleading product development and marketing strategy that preyed on people and their misery and made money off of people's misery and I think that's what these emails show they didn't take any notice of the alarm bells they didn't take any notice of what we were saying they didn't take any notice of the studies that were coming in that were showing clearly that the high doses were harming people and showing clearly that there was an epidemic of abuse and deaths and if they didn't alter their marketing tactics which I see as much worse than what they did in the first place is that they didn't take any notice of all the warning signs until they were forced to do you believe produce marketing was overly aggressive do you believe produced marketing was appropriate I believe so I presume somewhere Richard Sackler in the dark of night knew what he was doing was wrong but there was just too much money to be made and I think for me you know we learned how for the banks they were too big to fail in 2008-2009 well some of these pharmaceutical companies it feels like they're just too big to care we're learning more about a former football star found dead in an apparent drug overdose last Friday in Scottsdale and tonight I'm angry that the world lost a really wonderful person and I'm angry that his daughter has to grow up without a father and I'm angry that I don't get to hug my son this is where Jill Hernandez came to watch her son Brock grow up every weekend the field brings back a lot of memories he just lived for being on the field that's Brock number 22 when he was 13 years old I mean he was just a gifted athlete basketball baseball football the football was his passion he was such a good player and he gave his heart every single game that there were injuries every year if not every season for whatever he was playing and sometimes that led to a broken bone a surgery you know screws being put in his foot and he almost always was prescribed some form of painkiller Brock died in 2017 he was 24 years old it's not just another story it's a live human being that once touched our lives was in our hearts that we all miss it's not just another number on the TV if the pharmaceutical companies knew about the addiction possibilities and it's looking from what I read that they did then it's horrific that they would steal my son away from me 48 states have filed lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for their role in the opioid crisis I have traveled across Ohio over the last several years I've seen the devastation that this epidemic is wrecking on our state it is a human tragedy of epic proportion ripping families apart tearing at the fabric of our communities and holding our state back New York is in the midst of a crisis a crisis that has ravaged our communities and Families crisis that is claiming lives young and old all across our state and our nation a crisis that we firmly believe was created and perpetuated by the manufacturers and distributors of opioid drugs today we're suing the giant the pharma lord who created oxycontin we believe the sackers wrongful acts have directly contributed to the wake of addiction death and devastation in Indiana and across this country our complaint alleges that Purdue Pharma knew as early as the 1990s that one of their drugs oxycontin was one of was among the most abused opioids in the country this lawsuit contains detailed allegations about the Sackler family and their attempts to hide the vast fortunes they collected at the expense of actual lives I am worried about my boys being subject to addiction and that whole lifestyle it scares me to death to think that they would do what I was doing at their age you know when when I was 10 11 years old I had gotten an injury playing football which my son plays football I think about if he gets an injury and has to get pain medicine what's gonna go through his mind is it gonna be the same thing that went through my mind is he gonna like that feeling of that being that pain being relieved so when Kaden was born I was kind of a mess I mean I was hanging by a thread I mean I'm pretty sure I was high when I was watching me in participating in the delivery of my son and then you know couldn't wait to to get out of there to go use more father and son come on we got a rescue and they're gonna die they're gonna dry out when he was first born they actually had to give him it was opium that they put it into his baby formula just to keep him from shaking and and that was kind of a scary thing they just said it was withdrawal symptoms but he was shaking so that's when things for me really got out of control because the guilt and shame really built up at that point when they first entered life their first breath of air came along with withdrawal symptoms you know so just thinking about that it always brings up a weird feeling within me but it also drives me to do more of what I do today and live the way that I do today and set more examples for them you know and just be their hero or whatever I can be so that's never becomes an issue you know in my eyes kind of breaking the chain so they don't have to be a part of me my brother and my uncle you know the family generations of you know active addiction I'm an interventionist here in Connecticut but then messaging back and forth with your son Derek he's been communicating for quite a bit now trying to get some help yes that's all he never had a long-term rehab he hasn't had a slice of treatment at all oh and he was always dead against going to long term rehab always I would beg him he just wouldn't he always had to try to do it his way and it never worked obviously he's too dependent on us I don't know I don't know how to get him to start taking care of himself hi Kevin Morris was confidential this is Doreen tricker ello our family liaison Mike okay so what brings you guys here today well we are running out of options with our son we feel like we've tried everything we possibly could we don't seem to be getting anywhere he keeps relapsing so it sounds like you guys have exhausted all resources and done whatever you can financially and we have this time we've gotten so desperate he he overdosed and by the grace of God I had found him and so from from you know coming out of his overdose he went spill right back and celebrate stop he didn't so what we're gonna try to do is you know show up tomorrow and and offer him to help and and kind of see where it goes he sees me you know begging him to please stop putting us through this I mean most of our life has been gone this there was supposed to be the time of our life you know I think we've prepared as much as we possibly can here you know tomorrow's the big day you know just remain hopeful and try to get some sleep and hit it first thing in the morning excited sup dude how you doing good mind if we talk to you for a few minutes feeling alright okay that's right don't worry budding you that look fine to me we've been talking and we put it put together a nice little situation for you it's long term there's really no time limit on it so there's not going to be a lot of pressure for you you know outside of whatever pressure you might put on yourself and you got a loving family that supports the heck out of you you know and I'll be by your side every step of the way so all's we need to know from you is how do you feel about that yeah like the idea you know I'm excited for you and I know this is confusing and probably a little difficult to comprehend I'm the good thing for you is everything is kind of taken care of you don't really have to do anything but put one foot in front of the other you know say you think it sounds like a good idea awesome awesome so Derek will let you get your bearings and then we'll get on the phone and screen get your screen for detox which is I think you've been down that road before you know they'll just ask you a bunch of yes-or-no questions and stuff like that so I'm proud of you may not hear ya nice fresh start for you it's a chance for my life it has been a gift it's a scholarship doing everything I can not to get emotional here then struggling for a while now ever since 2005 a long time what's your parents want to say something anything to them they've been here for the whole thing they've been around for everything Thank You Christine says your life derek has been struggling with addiction for 14 years it's hard to break free he's he's saying he's not getting on the plane like this he's saying he didn't get his methadone or take his methadone and and he did he did he's just he's freaking out he's getting scared now Derek's going through it right now he you know his mind right now is saying I want to go use you know and that's a really common thing you know I'm just trying to explain to him that he's gonna be okay well he's just trying to accomplish getting them you know getting high one last time he doesn't want to think about this he doesn't want to feel this right now and nobody does it's a scary scary situation we're gonna be all right dude promise you and your mom's out there shaking like a leaf right now thinking that oh man this is we did the wrong thing here and this is bad and she is counting on this it was scary for a moment didn't think it was gonna happen and I don't know whatever Kevin said what a blessing because he was me and he looks like he's ready let's start the rusty in his life spin up and do it yep we did it yeah [Applause] yeah the detox is even nicer she's been to awaken I have pictures of the detox I'll show you I'm really happy that it did happen the way it did you know at first I was struggling with it I didn't know how I would feel about it but you know in the end I'm just glad that it happened the way it did and you know I get to actually get a chance at you know at this recovery dereck flew to Florida for rehab two months later he's clean and doing well there are many lessons we need to learn and there's a lot of blame to go around and I don't really see that we're fixing these mistakes looking back knowing what I know now I don't put the blame on anyone except for the company themselves and probably the FDA that approved the product the FDA exists to protect the pharmaceutical industry primarily and it's funded by the pharmaceutical industry it so happens that the same FDA official who approved oxycontin would shortly after approving the drug take a position working for Purdue Pharma and we've seen that happen at FDA's analgesic division over and over again we have a fundamental problem when the profits of one small group are in direct conflict with the interests of most of society when some group has no legal reason not to maximize their profit even if doing so will result in killing people I am starting to get concerned that all of this attention paid on this one family is missing the role played by other pharmaceutical companies that did exactly what Purdue and the Sackler shhhh did and we're also missing some of the failures of our regulatory agencies federal agencies state agencies all the problems that need fixing if we if we blame this all on the sackler 's and their greed I'm worried we're not going to address many of these other failures Perdue farmer is not the only drug company to be blamed for this crisis others are also being called to account this is not going to go away it's going to go from one generation to the next I feel like like it just changes generation I believe he's just getting worse younger and younger people are using our younger now then I remember ever being and it's mostly because of all the pills that are popping on and that they're putting on people like these kids are actually getting pills for for pain for an accident or something like that in being pumped all these pills and then expect them not to be hooked on them when they actually stop giving it to them so they actually will look for that numbness with heroin which is the next step so unfortunately I don't see this as a stopping anytime soon when you look at the city right and you hardly know what's going on it looks so quiet but once you look down to actually the street so many things for now it's a there's a person in the corner selling drugs no more I worry I worry for my people because he's not gonna go away living on the street was horrible because you you kind of don't have purposes you don't know where to go every day was different everybody that you met wasn't there the next day having survived these back streets of addiction Billy now devotes his time helping others trapped by this epidemic how do you do whatever you need to do to to get higher you don't want to face reality you don't want to face the fact that you don't have a place to go you haven't taken a shower in days so you don't have any any place to stay you know you don't wanna you don't want to face it you haven't changed your underwear how long you know that's that's what George did Jessie what's up baby how you do you remember all that at that time that you were overdosing it almost every day I find you in the hospital couple of times like what the hell spiraling yeah and then was tired of the games I was tired of divided I was tired of the creeps of beat every other date late are you okay I wish I was like you up like that and I was like now I'm just kidding he went Wow I know like I want like to get you just I'm sorry baby that happy yeah yeah poor thing nobody should be hitting you nobody nobody should be touching you are you all right okay just one month later this 20 year old woman died on these streets from a fentanyl overdose at least fix oxes you'll find them anywhere in the street they they haven't been in every other corner or whatever leepu fentanyl and it makes him with any other pill and they crush him and they put him in the compress them into this right now I'm gonna test it for fentanyl and this cooker this is the fentanyl strip which we show us if he has fentanyl you just let us smoke him the water was choking automatically if he has two lines he doesn't have fentanyl and if he has one line it has fentanyl looking at this right now he has for internal he only has one line a person that doesn't have that tolerance of fentanyl we'll take that pillow go over those yes the fact that it's gonna be a shock to their body because they're not used to twelve years right back only self internal it does worried me a lot because it I mean it looks so good you would think that something fake will look different but it doesn't it looked very good I didn't think it was possible and it in right now right now I see that is totally totally Fanta and these are supposed to be prescribed so how can you get thousands of them you know so yeah most likely comes from across the border or something the fentanyl pills are coming across the Mexican border for the most part they're manufactured in Mexico and then they'll smuggle them across the border so this is a recent seizure now you're looking at enough fentanyl to kill tens of thousands of people in this one seizure we see an inner amount of young people get hit with these things because they think that they're taking mom and dad's oxycodone that they were stealing out of the medicine cabinet and that's not what this is we see it every place we see it in rich white people we see it in poor Hispanic people we see it in middle-class black people we see it men women no age disparity we see it every place we're gonna seize over a million of these this year and it's such an amazing thing to think about how much it's coming across when four years ago we had zero think about the idea that five years ago the United States had 5% of the world's population we were using about 80% of the world's oxycodone so we clearly had an over prescribing an overuse issue and I think that that led to this high addict population that we had as we realized what happened and we started clamping down on these prescriptions well we've got this gigantic addicted population of Americans out there that need an opiate so the next cartels are smart enough to realize will they manufacture an opiate that can meet that need Phoenix is one of the main hubs for drug smuggling the majority of what we're seeing is coming from the South coming from Mexico you know it was heroin and now we're seeing the fentanyl pills we're seeing the blue and 30 pills that's what's hitting our communities hard right now and they look like oxycodone but they're not they're laced with fentanyl and that's where people are dying from so my guys are set up right now on two houses that are selling heroin and the m30 fentanyl pills we have this residents around it with surveillance units and units that are going to make the stops hey this looks like a good stuff so we need to get around this vehicle surrounding time to get out of the truck you see yours and whites back there right yeah hey Sam yes I am relaxed tongs better calm down April hey you know we tell you to pull you over you get pulled over hand on your head you on the flop mine in itself could be like crisis isms is what you see make you worry about the future and makes me question myself on what we're doing out here we're bringing overwhelmed with this drug issue here this narcotics issue especially the opiates right now I don't see it stopping I don't see it slowing down that I'm trying to say it's used a 22 from their scale they like to like a quarter out we knew that house was very active and this is proving that point right now so it was a good night took a lot of methamphetamines off and some heroin tea I don't seem into this crisis are we winning the war on drugs right now no but we're trying and we're not gonna stop drugs were always aware ever since I was younger I tried my best to stay out of it but just not as easy as it seems I'm Ryan Keith bones two years ago when I turned 25 I was shot in the back of my lay and developed nerve damage and a broken femur it's about six months after that they stop prescribing the medications but the pain didn't stop so I started going about my own way to find my own medications where first it was just a pain um then it led to addiction I had to go like I said I had to go buy my own liens on I would find people that would prescribe them and buy him off of him I still money I was uh dealing with all the drugs to come about obtaining the drug I needed my daughter's name is Paris man Bowens she's three years old for July 20th mrs. mrs. so much just she's my world you know she's my driving force I got several pictures over I hanging up in the wall waiting up to it keeps me going daddy loves baby pharmaceutical companies will likely be fined billions of dollars for igniting this crisis but will these children ever be free of America's opioid epidemic my hope for Sarah are that she can grow up and have a family of her own and if she so chooses – she can separate herself from the addiction or recovery community and it won't come back to haunt her leader my message to men and women in active addiction that have children is just to realize your actions are bigger than you and that your actions could affect your kids or your kids friends or your grandkids [Laughter]

…The Planet… Documentary Part 2 of 9

Part two of the Swedish documentary ‘The Planet’ 2006 By Michael Stenberg, Johan Soderberg and Linus Torell. Presented by SBS television Australia.

get Moses our adult male chimp he's about 20 now we were traveling on a conga riverboat from Kinshasa to Kisangani and he came on board with a hunter and we bought him for five dollars from this hunter who came on board and not thinking too much about long-term consequences but they started pretty fast in a sense at the moment he had my wife to hold on to he wouldn't let go anymore he's part of the family so like when I go in this morning he will come up and play we roll around on the ground he bites me I bite him you know play biting or he will wrestle me and push me around and at the moment he's into magazines and he carries his magazines around all day he asks for them and you know he has very specific magazines very specific pictures he likes and then in evening we bring him in and he watches TV for a while and then the dinner arrives I go outside we bring to dinner and my tray there's his plate and there's my plate and you know then to some extent we share I mean if he likes something very much he asks me for more of mine and I might give him a few spoonfuls we believe he has the same emotions as most humans too and he has for the last 10 years being being a daily reminder almost why I'm still in this business in his Hempstead that if we cannot do anything for these creatures which have all the same emotions then what can we do for the butterflies or the pangolins or all these things down the line from from the gym so he has been a constant reminder for me and such a big motivator coolness at the reason I became a conservation activist really has to do around bushmeat meaning it was something which struck me as being very wrong something the world needed to know and that something I felt I had an obligation to document if we cannot protect a gorilla which we all feel strongly about which we know is our you know the chimp certainly is our closes animal relative if we cannot protect them what else what can we protect we are the poorest in Brazil in the last few years about 20 to 25 thousand square kilometers so the Amazon is becoming like a Swiss cheese with holes all over it's really very dramatic to think that perhaps less than a hundred years from now we might have twenty percent remaining forests and now and we have to say twenty percent of also of remaining animals not to mention that a very large fraction of those animals will vanish because the forest will also become very fragmented very enable unable to sustain large populations of many animals I don't think many people are aware of the seriousness what we could be making to the planet we are the only species in the whole history of the earth that has a power to drive even one species extinct and we may well end up driving maybe five million species extinct species of always gonna extend we no longer have the dinosaurs but the rate at which species are going extinct now is a thousand times greater than it would have been under natural circumstances what really lies behind all of this the things we're seeing in the environment the last exhibition there's the huge expansion of what we call the human Enterprise we have converted over half of the Earth's land surface into a new form from forest to croplands from grasslands to crop lands and so on even if the existing Reserve Network were expanded well beyond what anyone thinks is economically or politically feasible it's unlikely that we would protect more than maybe ten percent of the life-forms that we share the planet and maybe the whole universe with today you

The Five New York Mafia Families Crime Documentary +18

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Mafia Documentary | Five Families of New York Documentary John Gotti and the Taking Down of the American Mafia Ney York Versus the American Mafia.

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the Mafia wreaks havoc on New York City but the government allows to bring them down I think this is a perfect time to question undercover agents put their lives on the line you had to be very willing to take risks the evidence mounts and they discovered a secret inner circle of mafia bosses who control nearly all underworld activity who was electrified they were working together the questions and answers the story behind the mob on trial next New York City 1980 the largest metropolis in the United States is overrun by an illegal organization known as La Cosa Nostra Italian for our thing it's most commonly known as the Mafia the organization has influenced nationwide but five powerful crime families rule the city and the bosses of these families call the shots the suspected leaders Gambino boss big Paul Castellano Genovese boss Anthony Fat Tony Salerno Bonanno boss Phillip rusty rastelli Lucchese boss Anthony Tony ducks Corallo and Colombo boss carmine the snake Persico each boss sits at the top of a highly organized hierarchy of under bosses captains and low-level soldiers and associates more than 1,100 men in New York City alone the men on the bottom carry out the dirty work the soldiers were the ones who did the loan-sharking the robberies or frauds they brought the money in but unlike a lot of other institutions in the Mafia the money flowed upward everybody had to kick up some of that money comes from the mobs illegal influence over legitimate industries such as trucking gore meth sanitation and construction companies mob families have always tried to operate in pretty much the same way they move into whatever legitimate businesses they could as a way of giving themselves legitimate earnings as well as earning money by shakedowns of legitimate businesses the mobs operations cast a climate of fear over New York murder arson and car bombs are some of their favorite methods of persuading reluctant citizens to play by the Mafia's rules if you defy them you never know what's gonna happen to you they have no compunction about killer law enforcement targets the mobs rackets like gambling extortion and loan-sharking but bringing down mobsters has been a challenge organized crime investigation by the very nature are the most difficult because you're dealing with experienced criminals career criminals so there's some of our surveillance conscious they don't talk on the phone they don't put their names or signatures on paper for paper trails for all their hard work law enforcers only bring down the occasional boss and defense attorneys are able to negotiate short prison stays the mafiosi returned to the streets and the entire enterprise remains strong 1980 New York FBI office Special Agent James kossler takes over as coordinating supervisor for the FBI's organized crime squad he's determined to overhaul the way the bureau fights the mob his luck would have it it was at a time when organized crime was very important to the government Ronald Reagan became president and he made that one of his priorities 20 miles away in White Plains New York Ronald goldstock steps in as the new director for the state organized crime task force or Oct F for a decade the task force had been pursuing its own mob investigation but has never nailed a big case it was essentially a defunct organization and what we tried to do was think of how you could deal with the problem of organized crime not biind ighting and convicting individual persons but by taking out entire crews kossler and gold stock both come to the same realization about how they can take down the mafia by using a decade old federal law known as Rico or the racketeering and corrupt organization Act Rico allows law enforcement to go after groups of criminals the key is to prove the existence of an enterprise connected to illegal activity with Rico prosecutors don't need to focus on a single day or crime they can reach back to establish a pattern of offenses prosecutors can target top mobsters who are usually insulated from the crime those who give orders but rarely commit crimes themselves Rico is designed to work with a wiretapping law called title 3 which allows recorded intelligence into federal court the intent of Congress was to make the RICO statute able to use the history of organized crime and tie it together was title three and used those two tools in tandem this was not something we had been doing a lot if Rico is the ideal weapon Lyons law enforcement sat on it for ten years few authorities fully comprehend the act and no one wants to be the first to try it the man who wrote the law G Robert Blakey tells the final report the Department of Justice discouraged its use out of fear they might lose a high-profile case what they were not gonna do is treat any of their important cases as experiments with this new thing they want a precedent for it nobody wanted to be first but now someone is ready at the FBI James Koestler fights to reorganize the bureau's entire mob strategy we would normally just look at the crimes that a group of people who are committing try to prosecute them for committing the crimes and we never looked at the group as a whole cos Allah creates five separate organized crime squads and orders each to investigate a corresponding mob family their target the bosses by nabbing those on top they hope to dismantle each family's infrastructure we had a plan and we were sticking to the plan we're gonna go after the hierarchy of the family meanwhile at the state organized crime task force Ronald goldstock starts his own investigation focusing on the mobs hold over industries and labor unions he knows the mob has a history of controlling corrupt union officials who skim employee funds and threatened worker strikes in exchange for payoffs Rico was not only a theory of prosecution but a theory of investigation we thought about not so much families but industries and thought about how you could stop the mob from continuing to operate the agencies jump start their investigations hoping to bring down each family and boss individually April 1982 the New York Times runs a series detailing mob influence over the city's billion dollar a year construction industry because of the mob stranglehold on concrete suppliers costs are 70% higher in New York City than in much of the Northeast but the big bosses in the New York crime families decided to create a cartel in which they would get the major concrete contractors together and give them this ultimatum we're going to divvy up all the contract you won't have to compete anymore the mob then takes a 2% cut of every deal so contractors raise their rates to cover the extortion chosen contractors who split kickbacks with the Mafia bosses are known as the concrete Club refusing to join as serious repercussions you had no choice but to join the Association and abide by its rules and failure to do so would cause economic harm physical harm even death investigators see concrete as a way to make their case but they still need hard evidence they hope for surveillance and wiretapping campaign where mobsters might implicate themselves on tape is the key to bringing them down October 14 1982 President Ronald Reagan declares the Mafia's power is reeling out of control the existence of this nationwide criminal network and its willingness and too often its success in corrupting and gaining protection from those in high places is an affront to every law-abiding American to him the reasons for the mob success are clear vows of secrecy and loyalty insulation of its leaders from direct criminal involvement bribery and corruption of law enforcement and public officials he orders the FBI to forge closer ties with New York state authorities both agencies will launch an extensive surveillance campaign to infiltrate this secret world what we were doing was so important so excited that we wanted to accomplish this the secrets they hear will open the door to the mob underworld that along with more questions and answers when the final report continues 1982 New York City nearly all 7 million residents here indirectly paid tribute to the city's five ruling Mafia families the garment industry the waterfront the Fulton fish market garbage collection every aspect of construction there was no aspect of any big industry critical industries in New York at the mob didn't get a share they controlled you know all kinds of legitimate businesses that you know increase the cost of those businesses goods and services to John Q public FBI in state task force agents want to end the mob stranglehold they hope to gather evidence of a criminal enterprise through widespread wiretapping but breaking through to the tightly guarded mob underworld will be dangerous one of the greatest assets that the Mafia has and had and still has is that they'll kill you they'll break your leg to go after your family members agents start investigating mafia hangouts the best locations for capturing crucial information December 1982 Brooklyn New York FBI agents take out Casas toward a restaurant the suspected meeting place for the Colombo crime family family boss Carmine Persico sits in prison but agents suspect he still has some control in the rackets Carmine Persico was trying to maintain his connection with the crime family his underlings and run the crime family the way he saw fit Joe canta Meza supervises the FBI's technical operation squad his goal to learn the ins and outs of the restaurant before planting a critical wiretap a little bit in advance we have the opportunity to conduct the little surveillance physical surveillance of the subjects in the location he stakes out the area looking for ways to infiltrate the Colombo family hangout is there a window that I could leave unlock can I see where the keys are kept or anything that might help the actual certissue sentry go smoother or quicker while dining there canta Meza observes that the Colombo's use one table for official mob business you'll need to gain access to the crawlspace overhead to make the bug effective it's a dangerous mission if any Colombo members catch him in the act he could be murdered 3 a.m. on a December night Cantor Meza and other agents pick a lock on the restaurants metal gate to gain entry they access a cramped crawl space and plant a microphone but their work isn't done the agents realize they need to risk reentering the next night to attach the transmitter unless you get to look in the details in the nooks and crannies see the crawlspace sometimes you just can't do it all in one night they return to the restaurant and risk getting caught on the mobs home turf but after an hour the agents escape unnoticed the jobs a success agents become particularly interested when they overhear the conversations of a key mob soldier in graph scope oh they run a background check on scope oh and find that he's also president of the new york concrete district workers council this is a key fine infiltration of labor unions is the cornerstone of the mobs economic success along with being a Colombo soldier it gave him sway over contractors who were involved in major construction projects in Manhattan FBI agents realize they need more information and plant bugs in scope pose office and car they discover scope Oh uses his position to threaten worker strikes the concrete suppliers afraid of lost business and profits pay off the Colombo's to keep the Union off the picket lines those companies who work in both the public and private sectors make up the so-called concrete club investigators believe that exposing this extortion record could bring down the entire family including boss Carmine Persico scopa was the guy who made sure that each of the crime families got their cut there was one conversation where a Colombo soldier was talking to him about a big major construction project that he was looking to get involved in and scope Oh made sure to tell him that no no wait a minute it's ten million dollars the Commission has to get a piece of it this isn't the first time authorities have heard this term but they still wonder what is the Commission investigators believe it's the mobs ultimate ruling body over the years earlier wiretaps have vaguely mentioned the Commission but investigators know little to nothing about it though they believe the five New York bosses sit on the board agents believe that these men have the final word on mob policy and business but have no hard evidence confirming its existence further conversations confirm that scope au doesn't just work for the Colombo's he collects payoffs for all five families the boss is also the ingredient again with the other bosses in the scheme the bosses were all participated in equally these conversations are exactly what investigators were hoping for solid proof of a major criminal enterprise that involves every New York family if authorities can link the families together they'd have the chance to take them all down at once with the RICO Act a loose-lipped mobster will help them build their case along with more questions and answers when the final report continues March 1983 New York City federal and state authorities have launched a widespread wiretapping campaign against the New York Mafia while investigators pore over Colombo family conversations the state task force target suspected Lucchese boss Tony ducks Corallo investigators suspect Corallo controls garbage collection on Long Island and that he conducts his business from the backseat of his drivers black Jaguar xj6 we recognize that if we had a bug in the car we could overhear the conversations and we would not only have a better understanding of the industry but we'd have the evidence to do what we wanted to do the taskforce knows it will be a difficult job radio interference and limited transmission ranges have made previous car bugs useless this man tony angelo who still works undercover for the task force is determined to make this bugging successful we went to a car dealership provided the same car and we got to look at and find out how we were going to approach this angelo and other agents practice installing wiretaps and an exact copy of the jaguar Corallo uses once inside they determined they'll need five uninterrupted minutes to finish the job March 23rd as Karolos driver attends a dinner dance on Long Island his Jaguar sits empty in the parking lot sit down dinner so it was gonna be like at least three hours long so we feel that was our best shot three agents descend on the car their moves are quick and precise he had to take a portion of the car apart install the device and then put it back together without it looking like it was taken apart using strips of electrical tape they attach a microphone and a transmitter to the inside of the dashboard then they connect the two devices to the car's battery which will provide them with power the job takes less than 10 minutes and the agents dispersed there were a lot of challenges that we had to meet and we met him it was a big accomplishment but there's an immediate problem recording they're constantly moving wiretap to do it tailing agents use a receptor to receive signals from the Jag then transmit them to a recording van a mile away their hard work pays off Sal Avellino the inquisitive driver for Tony Corallo leads his boss into some incriminating conversations within days we had Corallo saying that he was the boss of the Lucchese crime family something that had not been done before Karolos admission that he's the boss implicates him in the organization and helps investigators prove their RICO case agents continue to trail Avellino they overhear a conversation with another soldier about Lucchese family plans to control city garbage collection by wiping out their competition the state task force pours over hours of tape it was exciting because every day he would expose more of what they were up to and you'd find out all kinds of details about how they thought but constantly trailing the men and not getting caught proves difficult you had a be in reasonable proximity to the vehicle to listen to it now the problem was that Corallo and Avellino were very cautious Corallo himself would adjust the rearview mirror so that he could watch behind them they were very conscious of tails the agents keep their distance and over here Sal Avellino talking about growing resentment against suspected Gambino boss Paul Castellano fellow mobsters believe Castellano has become too greedy and is taking a bigger cut of the profits than he deserves this implicates Castellano in a mob racket but authorities still need the Gambino's on tape the FBI is on the job staking out Castellanos stately Staten Island home March 1983 Staten Island New York big Paul nicknamed for his imposing six foot two inch frame took over his boss in the 1970s he projects the image of a sophisticated Wall Street banker but manages more than four hundred foot soldiers who carry out his dirty work that way Castellano doesn't have to commit the crimes himself but investigators hope he'll discuss his role in the rackets on tape the FBI turns once again to Joe canta Meza the agent who successfully bugged the Colombo hangout in Brooklyn intensive surveillance breaks into several pieces one of course is the location to see who comes and goes second is the subjects are those that have access to the location who has the keys who has alarm codes Castellanos home has many obstacles an extensive alarm and video surveillance system and a constant flow of associates coming and going there was rarely if ever an instance that the house was not occupied by someone canta Meza tells the final report he and another agent poses cable television repairman to access Castellanos home it's a dangerous operation blowing their cover could result in death it had to be very daring and very willing to take risks calculated risks the other agent keeps watch outside while canto Meza figures out where to install the bugs and transmission lines this transmitter will allow agents to eavesdrop from a listening post in a nearby apartment canta Meza knows from tipsters that Castellano conducts business at a large table near the kitchen and decides this is the perfect place for the bug the agent solicits the help of a Gambino soldier to make the job less suspicious when I'm with the subject they and they want to watch they get to help now that maybe hold the wire hold a flashlight can you hold a screwdriver he successfully plants the microphone and leaves the house undiscovered the microphone install went as planned and worked perfectly until the lightning thunderstorm that evening the storm halts transmissions to the listening post canto Meza will have to re-enter the home luckily Castellano and his bodyguards by the repair act a few hours later big Paul's voice comes booming across the transmissions from those conversations on that bug the FBI managed to prove that Paul Castellano was the head of the Gambino crime family and that there was some connection between all five families the connection that all five families are in on the construction racket the so-called concrete Club it was electrifying you came to realize very very quickly that these families were not distinct and apart they were working together now that investigators know the mob operates as one organization run by a commission of bosses they can do something they never thought possible use Rico to prosecute all the families together the significance hadn't really become clear until after the job was actually performed investigators also learned that there's a rift in the Gambino family and a captain named John Gotti isn't happy with Castellanos increasingly greedy ways John Gotti and his crew were key members of the you know blue-collar wing of the Gambino crime family and were known to be at odds with Paul Castellano authorities monitor both factions of the family and hope to destroy the Gambino infrastructure before members do it themselves may 1983 investigators monitor the Gambino's but still haven't connected all the dots about the commission they continue listening in on the taps when former boss Joseph Bonanno now retired in Arizona publishes his memoirs in a book called a man of honor as 78 years old the ailing Mafia Don wants the world to know mob kinship has been replaced with extreme greed he was no longer a big-shot but he was trying to do in a sense was suggested by his life why is bonanno's book significant for investigators Bonanno includes an entire chapter explaining the commission according to Bonanno the Commission was born in New York City in 1931 the Mafia realized a committee of men one from each major family would prevent unnecessary infighting the Commission settles any territory or financial disputes between rival mobsters and protects the bosses by establishing that no one can kill a boss without the Commission's approval here is Joe Bonanno one of the original heads of the five families writing a book which reveals the existence of the Commission and how it operated in one wiretap immediately go wild in response to bonanno's book the other bosses are furious Bonanno broke the mobs code of silence Paul Castellano was caught on tape saying they're gonna make this one big tremendous conspiracy how could he do this this idiot August 1983 Ronald goldstock head of the New York organized crime task force approaches US attorney Rudy Giuliani with a pitch bring the separate crime family investigations together into one Federal Court case prosecutors can use Rico to target the bosses even though the guys on top didn't commit the crimes they're the key to the organization I laid out the theory that we had developed about the Commission case and he was very receptive the key to bringing down the mob is proving to a jury that a criminal enterprise exists everything from the wiretap to bonanno's book can be used as evidence former prosecutor Gill Childers tells the final report Giuliani zeroes in on bonanno's memoir when he read that he said my god this guy is admitting to the entire structure of organized crime we've got to be able to do something with this but prosecutors face a major setback when one of their key defendants meets a violent end on the streets of New York that night I suddenly realized this is this is real that's next when the final report continues September 1983 FBI and state Task Force agents are in the midst of a widespread surveillance campaign against the New York mob they've already bugged some members of the Commission like the bosses of the Lucchese Gambino and Colombo families and are compiling some hard evidence such as this conversation of a Lucchesi capo and Driver four family head Tony ducks Corallo recounting a disagreement he had with the head of a local union [Applause] investigators work isn't done they have tape of bosses and under bosses admitting they run rackets and families but still need to crack another suspected member of the Commission Genovese boss Anthony Fat Tony Salerno despite his low-key profile salerno is one of the wealthiest mobsters based in Harlem he controls a ten million dollar a year loan sharking racket East Harlem New York December 1983 FBI agent Joe canto Meza checks out the Palmer boys social club salerno's favorite hangout he hopes to record meetings between salerno and his top henchmen without the taps prosecutors will have a difficult time linking the Genovese crew to the entire operation the agent immediately spots a challenge a huge metal grate that's blocking the entrance and guaranteed to make a lot of noise we had information from the surveillance activities that after this particular grate was unlocked it was one of the noisiest roll-ups the surveillance team had ever heard before to solve the problem canta Meza has a diesel powered garbage truck pull up outside the targeted location and we were ready to roll up the grate you couldn't hear yourself think patrons identify salerno's conference table they enter the cellar below and drill into the floorboards to hook up the transmission line can temesta finds himself crawling among rats to planked above it's not a comfortable way to be running wire and sticking your hands in places that you can't quite see just before dawn canta Meza completes the job later that day salerno's deep voice booms across the wires they had Fat Tony Salerno talking about the Commission on his tapes that were you know picked up on the bug in the Pomeroy social club agents now have bugs of every major crime family in New York but they're still looking for proof that commission members gather to discuss the rackets may 15 2014 at a residence on Staten Island most Commission meetings are so heavily guarded and in places authorities would never suspect that they have never been surveilled a soldier in each of the crime families would drive one of its leaders to a specific secure location essentially it's designed to be in a location at the FBI and law enforcement would not suspect agents take out the residence from a van a few blocks away hoping to get photographic evidence of the bosses together for the first time one by one the bosses file out of the house each caught by FBI cameras the cameras capture Paul Castellano Fat Tony Salerno Tony ducks Corallo and several other monsters we have photographs of all the different bosses and thereunder bosses or and/or their number-one capo or somebody that their aid going into the house the case against the bosses is so extensive wiretaps the detail rackets and photographs of the bosses together that the mobsters themselves suspect something is up including Karolos driver February 1985 with hard evidence in the form of photographs and wiretaps US attorney Rudy Giuliani is ready to reveal a massive indictment there was a tremendous amount of energy everyone understood that this was going to be a complete groundbreaking case but before the official announcement local news stations receive a tip about the plan one station calls FBI supervisor Jim Koestler for comment I said we've got a problem you know these guys will check themselves in the hospitals they'll get be on the run whatever it might be we got to do this now a band of federal agents and cops race across New York City to make arrests within an hour police arrests the biggest players Gambino boss big Paul Castellano Lucchese boss Tony ducks Corallo and Genovese boss Fat Tony Salerno carmine the snake Persico he's presently in federal custody on another charge naming him boss of the Colombo crime family Bonanno boss Phillip rusty rastelli is not indicted but is also already in jail on other charges retired boss Joe Bonanno claims medical incapacity and refuses a personal plea from Rudy Giuliani to cooperate February 26 1985 this is a very major blow against the mafia in New York and I think it helps throughout the United States because ooh Leone officially announces the 15-count indictment against the New York bosses and representatives from the five crime families prosecutors charged the nine men participated in a nationwide commission that controlled mob activities including drug trafficking loan sharking gambling and labor racketeering the indictment doesn't keep all the wealthy bosses off the street for long December 18th 1985 Gambino boss Paul Castellano is free on a 2 million dollar bond Giuliani and the FBI believe their strongest cases against Castellano he runs an extensive operation with more than 500 associates but investigators know from key wiretaps the many family members are deeply dissatisfied with Castellanos leadership we heard about some secret meetings and we knew something was up but we didn't have any specific information about it 5:45 p.m. rush hour traffic fills the streets of midtown Manhattan Castellanos black sedan pulls up outside sparks a steakhouse on 46th Street as Castellano opens his door men in trench coats descend upon the car three gunmen opened fire on the boss sending six bullets into his head and torso the assassins shoot his underboss Tommy Bilotti four times the gunman escaped into the thick crowd of pedestrians Castellanos head rests on the door jamb of the car his under boss's body lies in a pool of blood on the street both men are pronounced dead at the scene I was very much struck by the gravity of the case that night I suddenly realized this is this is real these guys are out there killing each other and terrorizing people it was very sobering within hours investigators target the man they believe has the most to gain from Castellanos death Gambino captain John Gotti agents hear from informants that Castellano wanted to disband Gotti and his crew after they were busted for drug trafficking Paul Castellano was furious at John Gotti and his crew he blamed his crew for the problems he was facing god ease power grab works insider's report that Gotti became head of the family soon after Castellanos murder what does Paul Castellanos death mean for the case against the Commission prosecutors have to throw out several bug conversations from his Staten Island home with big Paul gone those wiretaps can't be used in court the prosecution's lost hours of conversations that prove the Gambino's have a seat on the commission when suddenly that chair becomes empty from the jury's perspective it's a piece of the story that is now missing despite the major setback prosecutors elect to go ahead without the evidence on Castellano he was kind of a classic Hollywood image of what a mob boss is it took some of the sex appeal if you will out of the case but there was still an awful lot left while the prosecution is confident they still face a case unlike any tried in history you're going to hear an answer today like you've never heard before the trial is next on the final report September 8 1986 jury selection for the Mafia's Commission trial begins at the Federal District Courthouse in lower Manhattan US attorney Rudy Giuliani has appointed 32 year old Michael Chertoff as lead prosecutor the young lawyer must convince a jury that these mob bosses sit on a dangerous board of directors known as the commissioner and that they direct the criminal enterprise known as the mob you never sure what a jury is going to do but we were very confident that we had a powerful case in his opening statement Michael Chertoff argues the Commission is a corrupt Enterprise dominated by a single principle greed the audio recordings are his centerpiece like this tape of a Lucchese captain discussing his family's control over the garbage collection Union the key defendant is Columbo soldier Ralph's capo accused of accepting payoffs from concrete firms scope owned laid out the racket on the wiretap they had Ralph's culpa on tape talking about the fact that the Commission was controlling construction projects in New York City they really didn't need the testimony of the witnesses the recordings from the extensive four-year investigation feature several of the accused they're caught talking about the Commission and its crimes the most compelling evidence was the tapes because you hire their actual voices in some third party it isn't some ex-con who's testifying to get a reduced sentence it was there in all the prosecution puts 85 Witnesses on the stand and presents over 150 audio tapes September 18 1986 defense attorney Samuel Dawson who's representing the underboss of the Lucchese tells jurors something that has never been said in open court the Mafia and the Commission exists it was very surprising no defense lawyer had ever before conceded that there really was a such thing as the Cosa Nostra why does the defense admit the Mafia exists it's impossible to refute the hundreds of hours of taped evidence what they argue being a member of the mob doesn't make someone a criminal is riding around in that car and there wasn't one word that came out of his mouth criminal defense attorneys depict the Commission as an underground business circle it doesn't authorize murder but settles disputes to avoid conflict defense lawyers were stuck and trying to figure out a strategy trying to do something with these defendants November 19 1986 after five days of deliberation jurors deliver their verdict Fat Tony Salerno Tony ducks Corallo carmine the snake Persico and five of their associates guilty on all charges it was a complete victory and complete vindication of the whole theory that underlay lots of effort to prosecute and combat the Cosa Nostra the sentence that follows 100 years without parole the maximum in a RICO conviction Corallo Persico and Salerno are locked away for life that was a mind-blowing event that captured the attention of the community that hey there is a way to get these guys off the streets forever in the final report the Commission case sets a precedent for law enforcement to use Rico across the country the RICO statute becomes the preferred method for combating many types of organized crime like urban gangs while Rico affects New York's five families it does not stop them the FBI finds a new generation of bosses replaces the imprisoned leaders in 1988 authorities discover a major error in the Commission investigation informants reveal lead defendant Anthony Salerno is not the boss of the Genovese family been wrongfully identified the real boss Vincent the chin Gigante had been directing operations from behind bars if you find out now how ignorant the FBI law forcement was about the Mafia they really only had scraped the surface it's still insufficient grounds to overturn salerno's conviction Fat Tony dies in prison in 1992 the death of Lucchese boss Anthony carajo follows in 2000 of the three big commission case defendants only Colombo boss Carmine Persico remains alive he allegedly runs the Colombo family from Butner Federal Correctional Carolina mob rules allow him to maintain his rank while incarcerated the five families never completely relinquish their hold on New York's construction industry for its labor unions on September 11th 2001 the World Trade Center attack turns into a mafia money pit mobsters are linked to companies that rake in sixty three million dollars for debris cleanup while the mafia continues to operate in major US cities the FBI says only New York and Chicago maintain some semblance of their original framework though there are new bosses in place RICO convictions have all but crushed the Commission the once almighty ruling body is still rumored to exist but not likely to regain the same control they once had the overall clout of the Commission has certainly dissipated many of the crime families are in disarray the bosses of all crime families have been convicted time and time again I think what it says is that it's not night time but it's dusk the Sun hasn't set on the organized crime but it's but now someone is ready at the FBI James counselor fights to reorganize the bureau's entire mob strategy we would normally just look at the crimes that a group of people who are committing try to prosecute them for committing the crimes and we never looked at the group as a whole Khosla creates five separate organized crime squads and orders each to investigate a corresponding mob family their target the bosses by nabbing those on top they hope to dismantle each family's infrastructure we had a plan but we were sticking to the plan we're gonna go after the hierarchy of the family meanwhile at the state organized crime task force Ronald goldstock starts his own investigation focusing on the mobs holdover industries and labor unions he knows the mob has a history of controlling corrupt union officials who skim employee funds and threaten worker strikes in exchange for payoffs Rico was not only a theory of prosecution but a theory of investigation we thought about not so much families bought industries and thought about how you could stop the mob from continuing to operate the agencies jump start their investigations hoping to bring down each family and boss individually April 1982 the New York Times runs a series detailing mob influence over the city's billion dollar a year construction industry because of the mob stranglehold on concrete suppliers costs are 70% higher in New York City than in much of the Northeast the big bosses in the New York crime families decided to create a cartel in which they would get the major concrete contractors together and give them this ultimatum we're going to divvy up all the contract you won't have to compete anymore the mob then takes a 2% cut of every deal so contractors raise their rates to cover the extortion chosen contractors who split kickbacks with the Mafia bosses are known as the concrete Club refusing to join as serious repercussions you had no choice but to join the Association and abide by its rules and failure to do so would cause economic harm physical harm even death investigators see concrete as a way to make their case but they still need hard evidence they hope for surveillance and wiretapping campaign where mobsters might implicate themselves on tape is the key to bringing them down October 14 1982 President Ronald Reagan declares the Mafia's power is reeling out of control the existence of this nationwide criminal network and its willingness and too often its success in corrupting and gaining protection from those in high places is an affront to every law-abiding American to him the reasons for the mob her present most difficult because you're dealing with experienced criminals career criminals so there's some of our surveillance conscious they don't talk on the phone they don't put their names or signatures on paper for paper trails for all their hard work law enforcers only bring down the occasional boss and defense attorneys are able to negotiate short prison stays the mafiosi returned to the streets and the entire enterprise remains strong 1980 New York FBI office Special Agent James kossler takes over as coordinating supervisor for the FBI's organized crime squad he's determined to overall the way the bureau fights the mob his luck would have it it was at a time when organized crime was very important to the government Ronald Reagan became president and he made that one of his priorities 20 miles away in White Plains New York Ronald goldstock steps in as the new director for the state organized crime task force or Oct F for a decade the task force has been pursuing its own mob investigation but has never nailed a big case it was essentially a defunct organization and what we tried to do was think of how you could deal with the problem of organized crime not biind ighting and convicting individual persons but by taking out entire crews kossler and gold stock both come to the same realization about how they can take down the Mafia by using a decade-old federal law known as Rico or the racketeering and corrupt organization Act Rico allows law enforcement to go after groups of criminals the key is to prove the existence of an enterprise connected to illegal activity with Rico prosecutors don't need to focus on a single day or crime they can reach back to establish a pattern of offenses prosecutors can target top mobsters who are usually insulated from the crime those who give orders but rarely commit crimes themselves Rico is designed to work with a wiretapping law called title 3 which allows recorded intelligence into federal court the intent of Congress was to make the RICO statute able to use the history of organized crime and tie it together was title 3 and used those two tools in tandem this was not something we had been doing a lot if Rico is the ideal weapon why is law enforcement sat on it for 10 years few authorities fully comprehend the act and no one wants to be the first to try it the man who wrote the law G Robert Blake II tells the final report the Department of Justice discouraged its use out of fear they might lose a high-profile case what they were not gonna do is treat any of their important cases as experiments with this new thing it won't a precedent for nobody wanted to be first the Mafia wreaks havoc on new york city but the government vows to bring them down I think this is a perfect time to question undercover agents put their lives on the line you had to be very willing to take risks the evidence mounts and they discover the secret inner circle of mafia bosses will control nearly all underworld activity who was electrified they were working together the questions and answers the story behind the mob on trial next New York City 1980 the largest metropolis in the United States is overrun by an illegal organization known as La Cosa Nostra Italian for our thing it's most commonly known as the Mafia the organization has influenced nationwide but five powerful crime families rule the city and the bosses of these families call the shots the suspected leaders Gambino boss big Paul Castellano Genovese boss Anthony Fat Tony Salerno Bonanno boss Phillip rusty rastelli Lucchese boss Anthony Tony ducks Corallo and Colombo boss carmine the snake Persico each boss sits at the top of a highly organized hierarchy of under bosses captains and low-level soldiers and associates more than 1,100 men in New York City alone the men on the bottom carry out the dirty work the soldiers were the ones who did the loan sharking the robberies or frauds they brought the money in but unlike a lot of other institutions in the Mafia the money flowed upward everybody had to kick up some of that money comes from the mobs illegal influence over legitimate industries such as trucking garment sanitation and construction companies mob families have always tried to operate in pretty much the same way they move into whatever legitimate businesses they could as a way of giving themselves legitimate earnings as well as earning money by shake down south' legitimate businesses the mobs operations cast a climate of fear over New York murder arson and car bombs are some of their favorite methods of persuading reluctant citizens to play by the Mafia's rules if you defy them you never know what's gonna happen to you they have no compunction about killer law enforcement targets the mobs rackets like gambling extortion and loan-sharking but bringing down monsters has been a challenge organized crime investigation by the very nature success are clear vows of secrecy and loyalty insulation of its leaders from direct criminal involvement bribery and corruption of law enforcement and public officials he orders the FBI to forge closer ties with New York state authorities both agencies will launch an extensive surveillance campaign to infiltrate this secret world what we were doing was so important so exciting that we wanted it to accomplish this the secrets they hear will open the door to the mob underworld that along with more questions and answers when the final report continues 1982 New York City nearly all seven million residents here indirectly pay tribute to the city's five ruling Mafia families the garment industry the waterfront the Fulton fish market garbage collection every aspect of construction there was no aspect of any big industry critical industries in New York at the mob didn't get a share they controlled you know all kinds of legitimate businesses that you know increase the cost of those businesses goods and services to John Q public FBI in state task force agents want to end the mob stranglehold they hope to gather evidence of a criminal enterprise through widespread wiretapping but breaking through to the tightly guarded mob underworld will be dangerous one of the greatest assets that the Mafia has ahead and still has is that they'll kill you they'll break your leg to go after your family members agents start investigating mafia hangouts the best locations for capturing crucial information December 1982 Brooklyn New York FBI agents take out Casas toward a restaurant the suspected meeting place for the Colombo crime family family boss Carmine Persico sits in prison what agents suspect he still has some control in the rackets Carmine Persico was trying to maintain his connection with the crime family his underlings and run the crime family the way he saw fit Joe can't a Mensa supervises the FBI's technical operation squad his goal to learn the ins and outs of the restaurant before planting a critical wiretap a little bit in advance we have the opportunity to conduct the little surveillance physical surveillance of the subjects in the location he stakes out the area looking for ways to infiltrate the Colombo family hangout as there a window that I could leave unlock can I see where the keys are kept or anything that might help the actual surreptitious entry go smoother or quicker while dining there canta Meza observes that the Colombo's use one table for official mob business you'll need to gain access to the crawlspace overhead to make the bug effective it's a dangerous mission if any Colombo members catch him in the act he could be murdered 3:00 a.m. on a December night canta Meza and other agents pick a lock on the restaurants middle gate to gain entry they access a cramped crawlspace and plant a microphone but their worth isn't done the agents realize they need to risk reentering the next night to attach the transmitter unless you get to look in the details and the nooks and crannies see the crawlspace sometimes you just can't do it all in one night they return to the restaurant and risk getting caught on the mobs home turf but after an hour the agents escape unnoticed the jobs a success agents become particularly interested when they overhear the conversations of a key mob soldier in graph scope oh they run a background check on scope oh and find that he's also president of the new york concrete district workers council this is a key fine infiltration of labor unions is the cornerstone of the mobs economic success along with being a Colombo soldier it gave him sway over contractors who were involved in major construction projects in Manhattan FBI agents realize they need more information and plant bugs in scope OHS office and car they discover scope Oh uses his position to threaten worker strikes the concrete suppliers afraid of lost business and profits pay off the Colombo's to keep the Union off the picket lines those companies who work in both the public and private sectors make up the so-called concrete Club the investigators believe that exposing this extortion racket could bring down the entire family including boss Carmine Persico scopa was the guy who made sure that each of the crime families got their cut and it was one conversation where a Colombo soldier was talking to him about a big major construction project that he was looking to get involved in and scope Oh made sure to tell him that no no wait a minute it's ten million dollars the Commission has to get a piece of it this isn't the first time authorities have heard this term but they still wonder what is the Commission investigators believe it's the mobs ultimate ruling body over the years earlier wiretaps have vaguely mentioned the Commission but investigators know little to nothing about it though they believe the five New York bosses sit on the board agents believe that these men have the final word on mob policy in business

Hotel Brothers (2021) Documentary Trailer HD

In 2008, two brothers, Lucas & Travis Boychuk, at the age of 19 & 21, moved to Nicaragua to build the world’s first action sports resort. Amidst every possible challenge brought to them including police corruption and almost being killed at gun point, the two brothers successfully completed and opened the first resort. The documentary follows them from day 1 until the opening day of the first resort, and now throughout the whole process of building the 2nd Surf Ranch resort which expands over 25 acres and will be one of Nicaragua’s largest resorts. &

willing to sleep in a tent in the jungle to build an action sports resort and that's what they do it's like being on another planet this is the biggest challenge of our lives and it sounded like a rad idea but they had a ton of work now as a world man you know maybe this could work looking forward yeah second one should be insane you

The Dark Side of Tulum (Documentary)

An independent documentary exploring both the beauty and betrayal of Tulum, Mexico – and what can be done to change it.

Monthly online art exhibitions @gentlewarnings
Disclaimer: Awareness may arise.

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Businesses, organizations, and people seen or mentioned in the film:

Red Tulum Sostenible

Woolis Green Industries

Farm to Table Tulum

No Mas Plastik

Tulum Recycles


Radio Tulum

Oceanic Global

Habitas Tulum

Alejandro Duran

has quickly become one of the destinations in the world [Applause] Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula here in this tropical climate the elevation is low and the land is flat there are no surface rivers or streams however just below the ground lies a vast system of the world's largest underground river a combination of geological events led to the development of this unique ecosystem over 65 million years ago the Yucatan Peninsula was a giant reef covered by several feet of ocean during the last major ice age sea levels dropped and exposed the ancient reef the coral and it's dependent Maureen life would not survive jungle eventually grew over the limestone platform that was left behind after centuries of erosion a massive cave system was born slightly acidic rainfall dissolved the alkaline limestone and made its way through the ground carving a vast network of caverns and tunnels inside the caves otherworldly formations can be found millions of stalactites stalagmites and columns decorate these mysterious places some the size of a pencil and others larger than trees growing at a rate of just a few centimeters per year as the ice age came to an end glaciers melted sea levels rose and the caves flooded the volume of water in these rivers is so great that it cannot exist above the surface it filters its way through the soft porous limestone and settles underground it is the only source of freshwater throughout the entire Yucatan Peninsula and like almost all rivers on earth it eventually flows to the sea history has been found here carbon dating of artifacts and skeletons preserved perfectly by the crystal-clear water reveal that humans have been visiting these caves for over thirteen thousand years many of these caverns eventually collapsed creating what we know today cenotes the subterranean rivers and their natural sinkholes which serve as an entrance to this spectacular world the mayans referred to these sacred sinkholes as the notes which they believed was an entrance to the underworld were their gods and spirits reside the ancient Mayans were king astronomers measuring time and interpreting cycles of the stars many of their most important buildings were aligned to correspond with them the Mayans were philosophers mathematicians artists architects and warriors it was they who first understood the concept of zero and they who first cultivated cacao papaya and corn they developed complex and accurate calendars and perfect pyramids of immense size all while much of Western Europe remained in the dark ages the Mayans have always known that Tulum is special but it is magical in fact Tulum is the largest of just three coastal Mayan cities where high priests were once trained and for reasons unknown this great civilization left this sacred land some say it was warfare others believe that the Mayans may have exhausted the environment around we'll tulum meet a similar fate as it seems we may not have learned from our past we can all remember a time when we were pushed just beyond our comfort zone a time when we experience the thrill of something new something exhilarating a moments when the complete unknown when from scary to wonderful creating a sudden shift that forever divided our lives into the floor and after this is exactly what happens for many of us when first discovering Tulum it's as if a wave of clarity washes over you and you ask yourself why have I not been living here my entire life in recent years Tulum has become a diverse community of artists chefs musicians healers entrepreneurs and explorers thousands of people from all over the world now call this place home and who could blame them Tulum truly provides everything that you could ever need here you will find clear turquoise water compliments of the Caribbean Sea the world's largest underground river for cave divers and thrill-seekers the second largest Barrier Reef system for marine lovers and coral experts throughout the area there are 92 known Mayan ruins and even more waiting to be unearthed and just south of the city the incredible seeing calm biosphere a protected unesco world heritage site extending for nearly 600,000 Hector's each year there are more than 300 days of clear skies for those who worship the Sun there are thousands of mammals birds and reptiles and endless jungle for the Wild Ones in tulum the food is fresh the music is alive and the atmosphere is captivating what more Cantera dice possibly have to offer every day you're seeing new areas of the jungle being torn down it's really devastating a lot of these projects kind of have like an eco eco name about them but when you really dig deep and you look at everything that's going on there's absolutely nothing ecological about them Heather Froemming has been living in this area since 1998 back then it was home to less than 4,000 people now just twenty years later there are nearly 40,000 people living here plus an astonishing 2 million tourists per year you're seeing things grow really fast and unfortunately there is no master plan there is no infrastructure in place to deal with that kind of growth the city itself is only designed to support roughly 10,000 people two looms population has grown far faster than development of urban facilities could keep up and despite claims of environmental support by most business owners – looms natural environment is that serious risk I think that there needs to be a lot more community involvement on the part of business owners who are coming here and really not giving back to the community into the environment and in fact destroying it for profit really that needs to stop especially if you're gonna be selling it as this natural paradise well you have to protect natural paradise you have to keep the mangroves you can't be filling them in to make another parking lot or to make more rooms the mangrove is so unbelievably important to the natural environment here and every single day more mangrove is getting filled in this is illegal and it needs to stop immediately the mangrove is our filtration system it's our septic system or natural way of cleaning the water and all the water that goes through the mangrove systems and out into the ocean is filtered and clean so that you have a nice clear Caribbean ocean so that you can have coral reefs without the mangroves you do not have those conditions so the entire reason that people come here for the beautiful you know turquoise water and the white sand beaches and the coral reefs is due to the mangroves and the saddest thing ever is to watch people coming here making money and making a lot of money off of the resources off of the beauty of this place and filling in the mangroves that's a tragedy it's it's ridiculous and that's something that has to stop now and it is no surprise that two looms reef is already feeling the effects sadly this coral has died it is very important to understand that all of Earth's ecosystems are connected if one is vulnerable the whole is compromised tulum needs all of its individual ecosystems to function properly in order for the collective to thrive and much like the human body one malfunctioning organ will disrupt the entire system as we know the reefs are in danger the reefs are are really disappearing there is no secret about that the reefs are under constant threat so we cannot just ignore that everything is connected and we are adding problems to the width we have problems in the reef because of the global warming acidity of the water acidity of the atmosphere and we are adding more so we shouldn't be surprised that everything is dying and everything is getting deteriorated we are being part of the problem and we need definitely to be part and to be responsible to lumes environment is especially delicate and complex due to the enormous underground river that flows beneath our feet think of this system as the veins of the earth and when they become damaged the entire area is affected unfortunately these freshwater veins are being heavily polluted from a multitude of there is a massive landfill right in the middle of the jungle just a few kilometers from town it has not been categorized or measured which is standard practice for waste management and hazardous pollutants are currently leaking into the supply of freshwater fecal matter is constantly being poured directly into the aquifer as a result of faulty sewage systems and irresponsible development throughout the urban area in Toulon like 20% it's sending their wastewater to the treatment plant so it means that is 80% the city that we don't know where the wastewater goes or well we do know it's going into the underground this video was taken in 2006 directly beneath the streets of Tulum and yes this is human fecal matter it's difficult to watch and even more difficult to imagine what it would look like today while many places do have individual on-site wastewater treatment facilities most are poorly maintained and often leak or worse the systems are inadequate intended for just 5 to 10 people while serving an establishment of over 100 I think it's it's it's amazing that we are in the 21st century and we know better the surface of the Moon than there are underground systems and we are in the largest and biggest underground rivers of the world and we need to tell the world it's comparable to the Amazon and to the average but because it's hidden underground is not so obvious and maybe we flush the toilet and it's coming straight into the underground water system so my advice to people that want to come and buy land and and do development it's like oh you cannot do development on the cost of the beauty of this place and for those who deny that to lumes environment is at risk let's take a look at Playa del Carmen a city just 60 kilometers north of Tulum also facing environmental devastation in 1998 Playa had roughly 20,000 inhabitants today the population is well over 200,000 and is expected to reach 2 million by year 2025 what once was a pristine coastline and jungle has been replaced by concrete I really think that we're not prepared for the amount of growth that's happening now and that's going to happen because if you compare it directly to what happened in Playa there's so many correlations and basically the situation is almost identical and this exponential growth does not have the infrastructure in place in order to take this into consideration to make the bad news worse beaches at popular travel destinations around the world have already started to close due to contamination and if we're not careful this can happen in Tulum in a place where the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio spends his holiday and Yogi's from around the world come for holistic retreats how have things become so bad well for one part real estate developers have not been very helpful heavily advocating for new projects and pushing sales another reason is serious corruption and negligence from the government and business owners some establishments have even been shut down by profepa Mexico's Environmental Protection Agency but somehow they remain open for business we have been experiencing not very convenient development and it has to do a lot with some corruption and some things that shouldn't be authorized and without arise in the past and even in the present but we just cannot put a finger and blame the authorities and blame the politicians because in corruption we have two sides we have the side that gets the money and we have the side that keeps the money as well so why punishing just one side just by putting your finger on one side we have two sides as well there are countries like Rwanda in Africa where law gives punishment to both sides and then corruption vanishes and there is certainly no shortage of money in tulum as the world's elite continued to arrive this is evident from the area's extremely high prices and also evident from the amount of money spent on just fuel alone a majority of the beach hotels for an entirely undies all generators they collectively spend over eight point five million dollars a year to power their so called ecological establishments consuming roughly nine million litres of fuel which is enough to drive around the earth nearly six thousand times as prices in the area have skyrocketed wages have not some people making as little as $4 per day when the classified is so obvious the poor community often has no choice but to pollute and sometimes they even resort to stealing crime is also on the rise and intensely this is a big problem that if you don't get a hold of it early on can get really out of control I think and so as a smaller community I think those are some of the things that we have to look at before we can keep growing – looms ecosystem has been perfectly engineered to create an environment unlike anything else on earth will we destroy the land that has already given us so much or will our community pull together and finally change things tulum is just a small representation of a much larger issue happening across the globe the collapse of our natural world it is time now to collectively move away from that narrative towards a more honest and sustainable society the sepal claims of environmental practice are happening everywhere and now more than ever we must be aware of the dangers of this false information for instance while plastic pollution is a major issue recycling is not the answer nor is bioplastic these are merely band-aids only 9% of all paths that can actually be recycled and as we've seen in tulum most of our plastic is not separated and sits in landfills no plant-based plastic will ever biodegrade in these conditions does that mean you shouldn't continue to recycle of course not any effort is better than no effort and tulum recycles is trying their best to create a cleaner community please do what you can to support them another example of falsification is that solar panels are the answer for clean energy sure power from the Sun is great in theory but what many people don't know is the high cost at which it comes it may seem like an appealing alternative yet solar panels often contain harmful materials such as lead and cadmium these rare earth metals which are highly toxic when mined and processed take a heavy environmental toll on soil and water and those who work and live near the mines tend to suffer so what happens to these panels after they no longer work well just as plastic they are not so easy to recycle and are considered hazardous when no longer in use and don't forget similar metals are found in our smartphones and computers so when it comes to environmental devastation we are truly all to blame now let's be clear the intentions of these alternative solutions are inspiring but why not direct that momentum towards something that is sustainable on all counts one technology that actually imitates Earth's natural geological process is creating clean sustainable renewable fuels from waste this means that no new carbon is being released into the atmosphere which is the leading cause of ocean acidification and global warming and the reason that fossil fuels have such a bad reputation this innovative process uses water heat and pressure just as the earth does to turn our waste into energy it has even received high validation from the US Environmental Protection Agency supplying clean renewable fuels from trash while using existing infrastructure means we can address two problems quickly waste and energy it is not just a compelling alternative to fossil fuels but one that goes against the current trend it makes plastic waste highly valuable technology such as this are promising and will soon be available but there are many things we can do right now to create change in tulum money must be used for development of necessary infrastructure such as connecting more urban areas to the wastewater treatment plant and creating better practices for waste management there are density laws and building regulations that must be followed this means you should not be building multiple units on a piece of land that is permitted for just one nature is our most valuable commodity so please don't risk the environment simply for a cheap condo and a so-called better return on investment thank you to those of you who are doing things right and for leading by example and to the ones who are doing things wrong we are tired of your mess please invest in proper infrastructure and stop taking shortcuts otherwise as the land of Tulum begins to crumble so will your profits remember the reason you make so much money is because of this businesses must without exception have adequate wastewater treatment facilities if you are not already aware sargasso's seaweed is not a result of ocean plastic it is caused from excess nutrients in the water more commonly known as fecal matter so by pumping your sewage into the ground you are directly contributing to the mass production of the same algae that is driving your clients away also please be aware of your energy consumption water conservation and waste management don't yield a lot of economic benefit but energy conservation does if you decrease your energy consumption your savings can then be used for protecting and restoring the damaged environment as we see here for the average hotel in tulum a shocking 60 percent of energy is consumed from just air-conditioning alone although you may be new to this place please be aware of your surroundings so if the Wi-Fi is out or the shower pressure is low or the a/c is broken understand that you are in the jungle and such luxuries should not be expected nor demanded please do not use sunscreen as it is killing our coral but if you must make certain that it is reef safe and verify every single ingredient to avoid false advertising please do not visit this place and then leave your waste behind bring a refillable water bottle stay at hotels that want more than just profit and eat at places where the food is locally sourced and most importantly ask questions as a paying customer you have a right to know what they do with your waste thank you to those of you who have been doing your part the locals are the heart of this place you know the ins and outs of Tulum you know who is doing things right and who is doing things wrong join red Tulum so Sandy Bay an organization that is already empowering the community and pushing for proper legal framework get involved support honest businesses and don't give your money to those who are not this will create pressure forcing them to finally do things differently the Mayans believed that obsidian was the reflective mirror of truth that it was the consciousness of duality between right and wrong between light and dark acknowledging that one cannot exist without the other and that's what the dark side of Tulum is a mirror for all of us to reflect upon and decide whether we want to remain part of the problem or be part of the solution it's your choice which one will you choose you you I took on this project for quite a few reasons but I think the main reason that I took it on is because I really do love to loom and it makes me really really heartbroken that it is being destroyed and then it's not being taken care of we just keep taking and taking and taking and we're not giving it the respect that it deserves tulum has given me so much to be thankful for and I want to give back to Tulum and the best way that I can and this project is that way for me I really had no idea what I was getting myself into there's been days where I've wanted to give up but there's also been days that I've been really inspired and really hopeful and I want to be able to look back and say to whom was amazing but look how amazing it is now you know I don't want to look back in 10 years and say wasn't it great when we used to go to Tulum I want to still be going there and at the rate that it's going now I don't know if that will be true but if we see the change that most of us are hoping for and if we keep pushing and we all keep playing our part we will see change and we're gonna look back and say you know we did it we did it you you you

Restoration Man: Derelict Windmill (Before and After) | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

Former childhood sweethearts, Chris Kelly and Sue Hindle, fall in love with a tiny field house and plan to convert it into their first home together.

Each episode features a home owner who is restoring an unusual building by converting it into a residential dwelling. Architect George Clarke tours the British Isles and on his way discovers some of the finest examples of windmills, follies, gate houses, ice houses, towers, and churches. The series focuses heavily on the architectural and historical significance of each of these interesting and mysterious finds.

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BBC Documentary "Andrea Bocelli" pt.5

Documentary about Andrea Bocelli, from childhood to international star….. This documentary gives you information from how he became blind to how he became a Doctor of Law and how he got the passion for music that he has. He is an international star known around the world by the sound of his magnificent voice that will forever be appreciated and loved by many generations to come.

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Us, Naked: Trixie & Monkey (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Trixie and Monkey dream of bringing their unpredictable and peculiarly glamorous act to a world wide audience. They relocate to a New England circus school to study acrobatics and trapeze. On the weekends they relentlessly test-drive their act on the stages of Baltimore rock clubs, Vegas casinos, and New York City theaters, all-the-while annihilating anything conformist in their path. But financial uncertainty, physical exhaustion, and romantic tension leave them questioning if they will make it as artists and what success even means.

Random Media

The Princeton Learning Cooperative Documentary

The Princeton Learning Cooperative is a center that
helps teenagers live & learn without school by
supporting teens to create personalized educations
based on their interests, abilities and goals.

Princeton Learning cooperative supports teenagers to leave traditional public private schools and create a life and education for themselves based around what they're interested in what their abilities are and where they see themselves going in life one of the things that a lot of people don't sort of know about the u.s. educational system is that you don't need a high school diploma you don't need to attend traditional public and private middle school in high school in order to move on and have a successful life and including going to college including to do anything that you want to do in life and so if that's the case if you don't have to go to high school you know what can you do with your time you know if you're not sitting in school for seven hours a day there's just an unbelievable amount of resources and opportunities to create the kind of life that you want once you step outside of that traditional system and so kids at the Princeton learning cooperative have done you know almost anything you can manage and starting a business you know building computers you know learning pottery taking classes at the local community college writing their own novels I mean the really when you start to look at it just the possibilities are endless so PLC supports teenagers and their families to use this style of learning a number of ways the first thing is just help planning right if you're not going to be in school for seven hours a day what is it that you want to spend your time on and then we also have a lot of academic support so we have a full calendar of classes we have you know help kids set up one-on-one tutorials and various topics all of our full-time members have a staff mentor that they meet with individually each week where they plan and track progress we help our kids with college admissions down the road if that's where they're planning on going we help them find internship and volunteer and work opportunities in the community we also provide a safe and comfortable community where kids can come and work and socialize the social aspect of PLC is kind of the foundation for all of the work that we do here because it shows how we come together as people and not with any prescribed relationships ahead of time in terms of mentoring or teaching or working together on projects we just come together as ourselves to play games to hang out to chat about things and we're a group of people who just gets together on a regular basis to live life together we get to build trusting fun authentic relationships without any ulterior motive so that whenever we do get involved in a project or our class or a mentoring relationship we're building on top of something and that whenever we're doing any of those other things were doing them as whole people who choose to do those things together we found out about PLC at a farmers market I can't remember where the farmers market exactly was but uh Paul was there actually and when and we just stopped and asked and we found out there was an open house going on and so a few weeks later we went to the open house and so when we got there I met you and Allison and I think I saw Paul again and then we just learned all about you know seeing how it worked and I actually joined like a few days after I really didn't like the school environment like the public school environment from moving to from Princeton or moving to Princeton it was very difficult to find a school and so when we found this it I really like the idea of just getting to decide what you want to and study what you want to set up having to be stuck on a certain guideline one of the first things I was getting into some programming some history and some math and my mom really wanted me into English and writing so that was one of the early things I did in the beginning of the year math was it wasn't a strong suit of mine and and by the end of the first year that I was at PLC math was became one of my favorite classes to take during the week and we were able to get tutors to come in or college students actually who would come in and teach the classes to the students um I didn't really like the system of how they were forcing the math down your throat a little bit where you felt if you didn't do well enough you were gonna be made fun of or you were dumb or something like that I like that I was just able to kind of freely go through even though I'm in an advanced math now I still feel like if I do poorly in front of other people I feel like there's something wrong or you know it's bad but I I'm Matthew Stoll and I learned I mean even with English I just happened to start to like English writing and all that Monday's is a special day for PLC we tend to do outdoor activities or at least experiential activities such as we could go rock climbing we've done that quite a few times we could go down and do fossil hunting we can do rock scrambling or hiking we could also go to museums he even just visit a shopping center I have been to New York to the museum the mobile museum we're hoping to plan another New York trip it should just walk around New York and explore a little bit without actually visiting a museum basically the idea is that we should try and encourage students to learn while they're enjoying themselves apparently the brain is more receptive to new a new material new events when it's in a happy state so experiential learning is a big a big deal for PLC we're trying to work on that a lot rather than sitting in front of a blackboard and just trying to absorb information well high school I went to was an elementary school and everyone there didn't really understand the aspects of teaching correctly extra school was not the best not the teachers weren't that friendly people didn't really get along people weren't happy to go there that kind of stuff the basic of school stuff the experience at PLC it's uh it's interesting every day there's a lot of people everyone's nice no one's mean I wouldn't come if they were so the calendar of classes that we develop at PLC is really kind of unique and it's totally based on what our current members are interested in learning so we have very you know traditional kind of subjects in classes on like algebra 1 or biology but we also have really sort of eclectic classes as well they're just based on people's interests so for instance we have a class called into the woods where they go out and just learn survival techniques and fishing and these kind of things and also things you know like earth science and and some of these more you know everyday environmentalism some of these these classes are just based around our volunteers who come into works passions or kids interests the difficulties Cameron had with school impacted the whole family she first of all she was miserable a second she was ill she didn't feel well most of the time she was cranky she she didn't want to be with anyone she wanted she served just isolated herself and didn't really want to interact with with us with her friends she just you know it threw everything into a turmoil because our entire our entire family life was concerned with well what about Cameron how's Cameron gonna you know if we have to go here if we have this family event for the day is Cameron gonna go if she is not well enough to go can she stay home by herself we've seen Cameron grow so much since she's come to PLC she has really kind of taken control of her life I would say that I you know I I never recognized or see myself as much of a control freak but when Cameron the the more trouble she had in school the more I felt they need to step in and take control to the point where I was I felt like I was telling her what to do and and that probably contributed to her not taking control and not not feeling you know her the anxiety that she felt I think since coming to PLC she has recognized that she's in charge of her own life and she can make her own choices and she's demonstrated that by the things that she's that she's done since she's been at PLC she's you know she's taken advantage of an internship she's gotten a couple of part-time jobs she's taking classes at County College she's she's really sort of started to show an interest in sort of divergent areas where I don't think in high school she would have had you know that it would have that it would have been that obvious that she has these these different interests okay so I teach into the woods it's a wilderness survival class indigenous music class any kind of just anything in the woods I try and teach kids about what run a survival shelter building fishing any kind of primitive survival techniques any kind of just sustainable living anything that they can just eventually support themselves with if they wanted to just the skills and the craft of how to take what's provided for you already in nature's bounty and just I guess just sort of use it to your best advantage is the great learning experience for me to be at PLC I'm learning a lot more than I thought I would I've learned a lot about how to teach kids better how to relate to kids in different age groups from teaching the kids at PLC I wanted to join PLC because I wanted to be working with young people to help them do the things that they wanted to do I had a lot of success and a lot of fun working with young people in math classrooms sharing math with them helping them make projects and all kinds of cool stuff but it was always sort of constrained by the things that we were supposed to be doing and I was really interested in seeing what kinds of things I could help young people do whenever there weren't any constraints at all whenever we could just come up with great ideas and follow our passions and that's what I've been able to do so far here at the LC which is super exciting PLC is great and I feel really welcome here because it's less stressful and everybody's really willing to go the extra mile to really step out and give me a hand and what I need to learn for life I like PLC because it's fun and you know we're not forced to do classes that we don't want to you know take we can take what we want to take so way back in I think 2007 I managed to find on TED talks this great speaker called Sir Ken Robinson and it's still the most popular talk on TED Talks you know when you go to see what the most popular there is still the same talk from that he gave gave a long time ago about creativity as opposed to just remember I think the education system is broken basically throughout the world and he's wanting to spend more time on creating people who were creative rather than otherwise so eventually we met yeah I had read a book called the teenage deliberation handbook but Gracie Ellen which talks about kids you know leaving school and you know creating a life for themselves and through that book we found a organization of Massachusetts called North Star who are doing these you know great new things kids and so I sort of thought that's what it is I want to do and so Paul and I met through a mutual friend of ours it snipes farm and introduced us and so we met and we're like well let's let's do something you know let's create something new that's kind of just kind of work for those kids at the traditional school system didn't work for I guess we gathered together a whole bunch of friends and teachers and people who were interested in this kind of thing and started meeting I think once a month or so at my house and we just talked about what you think education is about and why do we need to do what we're doing and could we do something different and get the same results okay the results we want and out of that we developed a little group of I think five of us maybe and I became the the initial board I suppose of what was going to become Princeton learning cooperative ever since I came to PLC it's been a lot less stressful at home because I used to have a lot of homework and my mom and I would always fight about me doing it so now I don't have homework and I don't have to do it anymore we're not fighting at all anymore and I'm a lot more happy at home the mentoring program here at PLC is we offer all of the full-time PLC members a mentor a staff member who would serve as their mentor and that person would meet with them once a week and and other times if necessary and help them figure out their path through homeschooling through high school so what choices they want to make what's their long term goal and have that influences or impacts the kinds of things that they want to do right now so that they could also be enjoying life right now but also be leading in a direction that they're hoping to achieve later on we we work on both what classes the the teen is taking and how those classes are going and whether that sort of study works for them or if they'd like to try another method of study of a particular topic we also talk about work and internships what with what kinds of experiences what they like to be having right now and is there anything we could get set up there we talked about sort of being organized for applying to college later either a two-year Community College or a four-year college or what it is that they would like to do after after they're done they're sort of high school years of study on Wednesdays a lot of the members go out into the community and some of them will take classes at their community college some of them have jobs on Wednesdays internships and some of them also volunteer so with my time on Wednesdays what I usually do is I have worked in the morning which is a job that I got through PLC and then I also had an internship last year I volunteer at the animal shelter in Princeton near us I also added a class at Princeton University and I take a class at Mercer County Community College so PLC can be a life changing option for teenagers and their families and there's a lot of benefits that come from being involved at PLC one of them is just that the stress level for kids and their families comes way down when there's when there's not battles over sort of mandatory homework you know some kids come to us having three or four hours of homework at night at their school and then when that's not an issue anymore a lot of times relationships and families improve a lot a number of kids who were pretty shut down in school just because they did not know that system of learning didn't work for them being told what to do on a daily basis when they started to have more control over what they were learning and how they're learning and when you know when they're learning it just that their their whole attitude towards life and you know the excitement that they have around learning just comes back you know for more like when they were a little kid

Russian Royal Jewels (Documentary)

The Russian emperor surpasses everything in power and splendor.
The jewels are the biggest, the rarest and the most unmatched ones you know. Zar Nicholas II’s aunt, Grand Duchess Vladimir, is the absolute leader in jewelry throughout Europe.
During the revolution, her jewels are smuggled out of Russia by a good friend and it is only because of him that Queen Elizabeth II today can wear the famous Vladimir diadem.

No copyright intended.

Global Warming / Climate Change Documentary

Hi, this video was put together and narrated by me way back as a ninth grade school project. I hope it gives you insight and more knowledge about global warming. Please only post constructive criticism.

Go to for part 2 of this video.

BTW: This documentary took over 100 hours to put together, edit videos, record videos, make narration documents, list bibliography, etc, etc, etc

This is Draft 5 you are watching

Please enjoy

And just a side note ; I got a 99% and was chosen as the best documentary in the school haha.

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Food, Inc. – Documentary Film Trailer | POV on PBS

Food Inc. A Documentary Film by Robert Kenner. The film airs on POV on April 21st.

How much do we know about the food we buy at our local supermarkets and serve to our families? Though our food appears the same as ever — a tomato still looks like a tomato — it has been radically transformed. In Food Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner and investigative authors Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma) lift the veil on our U.S. food industry, revealing surprising facts about what we eat, how it’s produced, who we have become as a nation and where we may go from here.

MIKLO ("Blood In Blood Out" Documentary, Full Doc, English) *full docs for free*

Full Doc, Full Documentary, A Personal Documentary by Damian Chapa star of Blood in Blood out.

Director: Damian Chapa
Writer: Damian Chapa
Star: Damian Chapa

COPYRIGHT: All of the films published by us are legally licensed. We have acquired the rights (at least for specific territories) from the rightholders by contract. If you have questions please send an email to: [email protected]

hello my name is Damien choppa I've been making films for over 35 years I started films such as under siege with Steven Seagal Street Fighter with Van Daan and help adrenal with Faye Dunaway I've also started films with Tommy Lee Jones passed out a letter Maria Conchita Alonso and many more stars in Hollywood I've been very blessed I have such a wonderful career I even had the chance to work with Chris Tucker one of the most brilliant comedians of our time I even won the New York International Film & Video Festival Best Drama and best film award for Brandel unauthorized I was the only person in the world who ever to direct a film and play Roman Polanski I won best production and indie fest for this film however throughout my career no other film has ever touched or brought so much emotion to me as blood in blood out sanguine horse underneath blood into blood Allen has become a cult status film it has been released throughout the world international countries such as Japan in 1 the Tokyo Film Festival for the director terror actor many other countries are very very well in its presence such as Sweden in Germany France where it's called Princeton deleted which means Prince of the city many countries kept its name sänger it for Simon or blood in blood out of course in Latin America and of course Latino USA it's become a real household name and I've been very blessed to be a part of that many people know my character name as meat loaf or a level or milkweed this film has lived on and many people's hearts and minds what did what out changed my life it really as an actor it started my career but myself as a human being damien choppa it also led me on a journey to discover my Chicano culture I've done so many movies and been on so many sets and been all over the world but no film has been like the experience that happened over 20 years ago to me as a filmmaker as an actor it's been a great experience because that film was the foundation of my very existence as an actor I was born in Ohio and later on moved to New York City however I experienced many different people many different cultures however my father was Chicano and he was from Roth's town Texas and I was a little boy my father he sent me down to see Maya weather and mio ella was named Juanita Chaplin one of the greatest figures in my life I spent time in Ohio and then New York but when I finally went down to robstown aerobic or the roughs town the Cotton Pickers as people know it down there I began to experience something that really changed me as a person I began to understand more about my Chicano roots and I held on to my wonderful beautiful Indian face grandmother and I looked up at her and I wondered what was this mystery what was she about how was I a part of this my Spanish was not really that good when I went down to see my grandmother to experience my Chicano culture for the first time as a youth I did have some experience with my uncles all who spoke Spanish but I mainly wasn't around them as a young boy but when I was around them I started to feel and see the difference between my parents my mother being white and my father being jacana there were many differences in the culture and I began to understand a little Spanish so by the time I went to Rob's town aerobic I began to open up myself to this beautiful language and this beautiful culture my grandmother only spoke Spanish to me and it was a journey and an interesting way of learning Spanish because I was sort of forced into it because I didn't know much week after week I began to America me a letter and to learn things about my culture she would take me down the street of Main Street in Rob's town and show me all the different stores that had been there for decades and decades one of the stores my grandfather owned his name was Tesla's Jetta both my grandparents were immigrants from Mexico my grandmother happened to be American Indian and adopted by a wonderful Mexican couple who brought her up as a mexican-american of course the indigenous are mixed with the Spanish which is what makes Mexican I was very proud of this fact that my grandmother was a very high percentage of American Indian actually the tribe was Caren Cowan so many Mexicans mixed with Karen Collins and many Spanish mixed with Indians and indigenous tribes and created this multicultural aspect of the Mexican American experience I was blessed to have many sides by culturally and in this experience learning more about myself as a Chicano it opened me up or something that later on in my life I would never understand how perfect the synchronicity would be that I would play me clove Elka I noticed something when I was in the Mexican American culture I noticed a warmth and a love that I hadn't experienced as a child with my other cousins my cousins on the other side Hood spout off racial comments like taco boy wetback or what happened these things hurt as a child I also was able to experience the mexican-american when I went to Michigan with my wonderful Tia Norma idea my Enderman she would make me wonderful Mexican meals and accept me with loving arms also along with my three moles Jesse Turkey Rolando all my family I really really loved them very much they gave me such a warm inviting and something different than I had on the white side not to say that I didn't experience wonderful things on that side I did but there was something about the way the Mexican community embraced their weather it was really nice feeling to be accepted that way like I said Texas was a great place but I've experienced this feeling throughout the Latino world this acceptance and wonderful love for a level so basically what happened was I went in to read for the Academy Award director Taylor Hackford I was very nervous and it was the biggest part I never read for it was the ultimate film $35,000,000 Disney film one of the lead roles and a role that I felt did I deserve because I grew up like this I knew that I was right for the part but I did not have the experience that many of the other actors had they were up for the part and there were many famous actors up for the Parkers Miklos and many other much more experienced people in me so when I went in Taylor loosened me up a lot he taught me a lot about my experience as a young Chicano growing up I told him about my grandmother I told him about my grandfather I told him about the immigrants from Mexico my wonderful Diaz and deals were a part of this culture and my father who tried to send me to my grandmother's to make me understand who what I was I told them about these experiences and he seemed very enamored with this I think for him it would probably looking back be a great experience to see somebody who actually had the same elements as meatloaf not only superficial things like the light hair at the time and blue eyes and lighter complexion but growing up in this fight of trying to figure out where you fit in and I experienced many of those things I expressed that to the director so he made me feel very warm and welcoming and tried to get the best out of me which really helped so I read for him and I put everything into it but I was so nervous I think I remember jittery men in my hands were shaking throughout the breathing so I don't know if I did such a great reading but there were times and moments there was real that I felt it and I think he saw that so he looked at me and he said listen we don't have a lot of time at that point they were just about ready to cast the part and there were three or four people they had in mind already for me close so he looked at me said I'm gonna screen test you those other people I'm not saying you have the part but I'm gonna screen test you I thank them very much I've left the office I went home I studied the lines over and over and over and over again there were about four scenes one of which was the scene inside the prison where I talked to Montana and I tell him I'm white on the outside but I'm brown on the inside to the ballers and that scene was one of the scenes that I read and used as the screen test so I went in and I looked around at the scene it was the first time I'd ever been in a studio to do a screen test I was so nervous and here I had seen all these famous people that were up for my same role and I just felt a bit insecure and I didn't know if I could pull it off but something deep within me say you've got to try got to try hard and then something wonderful happened during the screen test I met Benjamin Bratt who was playing tako they were already cast him and Jesse Laredo and what happened was Jesse pareto came up to me told me some things about Texas and maybe relax and I looked and I saw something still familiar Jesse I saw a text mix and somebody there was so warm and loving and fighting and a real poet I mean Jesse have been a very famous guy when I was growing up already I mean I'm Jesse right away from Fame it was amazing that he came up to me and was so warm and inviting me told me relax take it easy it's gonna be all right you know he really gave me something that really if it wasn't for Jesse I don't think I would have got through the screen test and I think from then on throughout the performance Jesse and I bonded in that way the next thing that happened was very interesting I got through the screen test I went home big lobe came off my shoulders that I finished the original screenplay the original screen test the original competition I went home and three or four days passed by and I didn't hear anything from anybody and I began to get a little depressed because I knew and I felt the emotions that day in the prison in the screen-test prison I knew that it was there I knew that Michael had arrived but I didn't hear anything from the director about five days later I got a call with some Taylor Hackford I have to tell you something Damien we have a big problem and I thought to myself oh no there goes that part he said no wait I want to tell you you did a great job you did a great screen test like 85% of the footage from the screen test has been mistakenly destroyed a part of me was destroyed at that moment because I put all this effort all these years all these emotions everything into the screen test to play meat glue and blood in blood out and here was the director calling me to tell me that my screen test was destroyed I couldn't do anything but ask him what are we gonna do about and he told me he said we need to screen test again so out of all the other actors I was the only one who had the screen testing yet because for some reason my footage was destroyed maybe it was an accident could well bend I went back in I did my role I was very nervous my brother had passed nearly after that it was dying of cancer I was really going through a lot back then my brother Rico whom I loved and dedicate all this – well it it was a very difficult time because I got to the tough time in the first competition but my brother was failing them so when I went in I I was a bit disheveled and I did not do nearly as good as I did in the first reading or a screen test I didn't do as good and on the second screen test as I did the first one for many reasons but Taylor called me up and he said hey we'll get back to all the actors in a weekend we'll let you know good job you did better on the first one when he said hey we found a way to save the footage that was inside the prison the greatest screen test I did was inside the prison I was so relieved so they were going to intercut the new screen test with the original footage decide that it was great test for myself and my family where I asked them to be a part of that one day and that screen test was the most important for me because I remember feeling the emotions a week later I got a call Taylor Hackford said we go can you come meet me and I said Nico he's calling me Mitra I said of course so he said come meet me he gave me an address to a very famous restaurant in Hollywood I'm no rules at the time I had not met Jimmy vodka but I walked in and I saw a very very intense brilliant man named Jimmy buck is sitting there and Jimmy was very very similar to the role he played above him that I very controlled very emotional very brilliant and very very understanding that very intuitive man i sat down in front of Jimmy began to question me about my childhood questioning me about my Chicano rules questioned me about the experience I had with certain members of my family that had been in organized crime and so on and so on at least that's what the papers say but the thing is when I shared my expenses with Jimmy we bonded very much so and I saw the tailor who many people have to understand Taylor it's not a Chicano Taylor has no Latino in them at all Taylor isn't about it as white as they get and a very brilliant man and I think it was interesting because here was a director who's doing a film on the Chicano experience who had no idea what it was like to be a Chicano he might have had friends he might have had experiences but he could not feel the same that we did and even me being a whether because we all understand what it feels like the little idiosyncrasies but Taylor had a great understanding a great instinct and intuitive there's for this story and I think it's probably better than it was told by him as he could get an outside perspective of our community and I've seen many many films that are done by that they know filmmakers that were wonderful but I think in this experience it was very nice the outside view the outside perspective of the director to take the Chicano experience and express it and as an artist he did a great job with it but Jimmy and I bonded we came together on it and we all three knew that night the reality the next step was methodical directing Taylor Hackford took Jesse for Abel Benjamin Bratt who played popcorn Jesse played Cruz and myself who played meatloaf Damon Chopra he took all three of us and put us in East Los Angeles and actually made us live inside right beside the eye of the storm and at the time there were many shootings everywhere I mean I don't think there was a two nights that went by that I didn't hear a shot go off where I was living he put us in Boyle Heights and he put us in a wonderful family we lived with them the first thing I saw was a guy and I was one of the only guys inside them with this particular small group that had any real street experience so I understood it a bit more but I think Jessie and Ben were very courageous to go there and to live for three months with me to experience the street life to understand this part of the Chicano culture and many other parts of the Chicano community which were wonderful and had nothing to do with with this gangster experience there's so many hard-working wonderful law-abiding citizens in Latino in the Latino community I mean many many much more than ten gangsters so however it's like any group of people who come and try to immerse themselves into a society like the Irish did the Irish did it when they came to America and they had gains and you know they emerged and became great citizens the Italians didn't think many games became great citizens for the most part it happens to many many groups of people to come in and try to fit it into a society that's not theirs so it's nothing unusual that this happened in the mexican-american community so we went into this community and we started living and one thing led to another and Jesse became the artist he became clues of course Jessica's a real artist in his own right but he you could see day after day he was becoming clues every element then reward every walked every touch every dance Jesse became Cruz and would shine in his clues in every element and I wasn't a method actor but the part of the method that I was in this case was becoming part of the community for a role that was extremely gigantic I mean you're talking about a thirty five million dollar film a hundred and eighty page script originally you know die along after dialogue understanding the community in all of it we all came together we lived together we had dangerous times over there's a time when jesting bad and I think there was bend and went down to a picnic and there was a kid that was shot right here and he came back and he was emotionalism you know it was not a very easy thing to deal with these are real people and real guns him really really people were you know it was it was the real thing and but you know we you know we had courage we encouraged and we walked through it and we really lived it I think I had a more of experience of living him because what happened was all of us got together I became me glow I lived me globe Jesse lived as Cruz and Ben lived as Papa why me we by the time we started filming this I think Taylor Hackford knew that we were ready to experience these roles not to play them but to experience them and that's what I did I experienced this young me Clos growing up trying to fit in doing what everything to do and that great scene on top of the hilltop where spider gets shot and all these emotions is probably one of the my favorite scenes in the movie I think Taylor Negron did it such a genius jargon and letting us experience what it was like to be a team that Chicano team fighting ourselves and going up against ourselves and different gangs within the city and here I was I was trying to be good and trying to do the straight thing but I wanted to be with my cousin's so I found myself in a position where here I was next thing you know I got a gun and I got to shoot somebody because he's shooting my cousin's so the machismo test was there the test of courage was put in front of me close and it changed his life for me the journey wasn't over in East LA for my character and for me as an accurate I had to continue on we shot many many weeks in East LA and many emotions and scenes and wonderful times together all of us the crew all the actors but then it came a time for us to say goodbye temporarily and for me to pack up and get ready to go to some fancy school to send Clinton this place is a very very unique place a lot of hopelessness people doing 5 10 20 50 life in prison this was a very very very dark place in Clinton but yet as an actor and as a person I learned so much inside these prison walls these prison walls were filled with people who had character who had unique each one of them individual even though they were in a prison they still had a life it was a life inside of a light inside of a life inside of a prison wall the prison life is so different than the outside life it's its own community in its own right its own world and in that world you had to learn what those rules and regulations of that world were or you could get killed this was not a serious thing for some people as most of the people had to come in go out a day later but I was there every day living amongst these people so I had to become a part of this prison I'd become a part of its terms a part of understanding who and what it was like to become a lifelong prisoner in st. Quentin and I found it very interesting and very realistic that Taylor Hackford chose for us to really shoot inside the prison with real prisoners and I think that this is what made the movie so authentic many of us had experienced I had experienced prison most of the people had an experience that were after some did but the people that were in this prison were so helpful and so delighted to be a part of it because here they were in a life that was very mundane and here all this big Hollywood crook to make a movie about their culture in about their life so they were so helpful and so alive and and I think we gave some color to their lives and I think that made me very happy to be a part of that to not only be a part of one of the best movies I think that's been made in Hollywood and so fortunate to be in partners not because of me because of such a wonderful director and other wonderful actors and I think that yes I was a part of that I was blessed to be a part of it but without each and every intricate part of this movie it would never have been what it is and this is why there are people that and this is why there are people that throughout the world that understand me close character understand what I'm without I remember getting off a train in Bulgaria one time and some Bulgarian came they didn't speak a word English but he understood the English words from blood in blood out and he started spooling them off one by one must have said about 20 lives to me from blood and without of course about those locals forever it was one of them so you know this world had the world that has an understanding of what does film is I mean this isn't a Chicano this is the Chicano experience that has been experienced by so many people outside of America I mean there are Swedish people that come up with me Germans Italian French Japanese it was a big film in Japan and it's kind of a film that is more of an experience than it is a movie it's an experience it's almost like when you put those virtual goggles on if you watch a virtual experience I think that's what Taylor after did he gave us almost a virtual experience of being in Chicago prison life the emotions of the Latino Chicano community I think did they only make he almost made it virtual one of the things I found fascinating about blood and without and one of the most understated things in publicity afterwards was the brilliant genius work of Adam Hernandez he was the person who painted the mural at the end of the movie who did all of Jesse for those paintings I think that this man's work is so amazing and such a part of blood in blood out I mean there are times when you could look at one mural at a diner – painted and you can relive and experience the entire Chicano experience the entire blood and blood I've experienced and one of these paintings it's fascinating how this man enriches his art his paintings with such colors the colors of our community the blues and the greens and the yellows and and you know the the colors that we are so enriched with in the Chicano community I think that an honor nada is really really was one of the souls and there were many major souls in this that created this amazing film that was such a great life's experience of course chippy Baca was his vocabulary in the dialogue and the prison of dialogue on the streets without Jimmy Baca this film could never been what it is and without Don Hernandez this would never been the experience that we all experienced from going in without when I look at at Don's paintings I see and feel sundar personally blood in blood out as I said is a worldwide experience I'm so as I say over and over again blessed to be a part of this historical film you know this film was originally five hours long I'll never forget the first cut of it Taylor Hackford brought me and he wanted me to screen it with him I was very flattered that you'd want and after that come and see it and a few of us went to go see it and it was five hours of something long and I tell you I saw the greatness to his working but he took me afterwards after we watched the fire couldn't took we know families a lot of doors it's what do you think and I was of course flattered that he wanted to know my feelings I was just a young actor although there were many times he embraced my emotions and thoughts and artistic endeavor and during certain scenes that I thought looking back on it being a director now how smart that was to listen to your actors and to gain from your actors and your artists which is what he did he was smart enough to do that and I told him pretty blank it's too long and I had to be regal I had to tell him you have to stay more in the prison because that prison was originally like a subpart of movie Nico was a subpart I was the fourth lead in the movie I was for sure not the lead character in the original screenplay I was happy to have the fourth lead but what happened is it generated into this more of the prison feeling of the movie because the five hour version a lot of it was on the streets and with some of the other characters and what I think he did is he intertwined everything that didn't stayed in the prison war which I think was fascinating and probably why the film was sold worldwide went out he cut it down to three hours and 20 minutes long and what I think was most brilliant editing jobs and directing jobs my lifetime as a filmmaker and active it I've seen I think he did such a fascinating job there I did this personal documentary of what it was like to play meatloaf because I've had such a long career but never ends anything stuck with me like about to the locals forever or the fans we blend without the fans from blood and without for the greatest fans that any actor could ever wish for his dreams I mean we've even heard things like were up there with with films like Scarface and and boys in the hood all these other wonderful films and I thought were great and when you hear things like this from fans you say to yourself we must have been really part of something that gave some color to people's lives cases understanding in people's lives and like I said place about Germany Italy and France and Sweden places like Japan you know China even and people come up to you and they want to know what it was like to play meatloaf you know you did something there were a part of something that is really wonderful I mean I was just a small part in such a big part of a major event that happened in blood but I now soon blessed to be a part of it I think that what happened was in this film is it became a household name of the Chicano community of course but it spread its wings and crossed over to all cultures because of one thing it was about family there was about a media and every culture understands familia every culture understands pain suffering loss and this was the genius that Jaime Bachman incorporated into the script this was the brilliance that Taylor Hackford brought together into one big film about the Chicano experience that the whole world I hear that they even played blended without in some schools to give people an understanding of it these fell they experienced there are some gang members that are being told to watch this within the community social communities to teach them what it's going to be like if you go this life and that is such a problem filling on my part to be part of a movie that people can learn from I mean if you do one movie like that in your lifetime you can consider yourself a very lucky person I think it's time now for me to give what I originally wanted to give my fans in this personal documentary meet below what it was like to play me flowing blood ends it out and hand it over to my fans and ask them certain questions that they want to know about blooded without and to give them some deeper insight into it so here we have some questions so the first question is Jimmy Martinez Jimmy wants to know do they still call you milkweed or meatloaf and the answer to that question is for sure yes I don't think there's a week or a day that goes by that when I'm in a Hispanic community that I don't get someone coming up to me and saying Milly Nick Lowe I don't think I get called my real name as an actor many times in this community it's always meet low or wetter or milkweed so yes the answer is yes why Garcia asks what did you take in from the movies opinion and I answer her this I told it so much in from this movie as I said before it was the Chicano experience for me also you know I had subtle parts of that growing up like I said but this was such an amazing part a big dose of the culture that I embraced and loved so much I was able to live in this movie the music the dancing of fool the good times the bad times the darkness the light of the Chicano community I was able to experience and I took in so much and so thankful for Eduardo Gonzalez asked to taco and Cruz and meat glue do they still hang out well I of course have seen both of these wonderful actors after the wonderful blood and without experience not as much as I play but I don't think there would ever be a time in our lives that Jesse well Ben and I are many of the other cast would come up to each other and see each other and not relive that experience we lived over 20 years ago because it's such a vast and such an intense experience we lived together that there's no way that I could see Jesse without growing up and giving him in Brussels and say hey man you okay you know it was it was a great feeling for all of us we were young artists young Chicano artists some of us not Chicano some of us like Ben's Peruvian but all that Tino artists and we all grew up together like this and were able to express the Chicano spirit ease together as artists I don't think there's ever a time in my life I will ever have an experience like this and I must say that one of the greatest actors in the movie was in the Vickie Castillo Castillo one of my favorite actors he played Montana without his wonderful theater experience emotions I could have never been able to express myself in this endeavor of London without playing Vito he gave me so much so much emotion as a man as a friend as a person as an actor that without Montana's character I don't think this ever could have been with it and now Burt though or thing I asked why don't we do blood and without – that's a very good question on their toll I must say to you this that I am NOT controlled I'm not in control of any of the elements of the film I was merely an accurate back then it's such a long ago journey for me however Disney and Taylor Hackford are the ones that had the rights to do the film I think it'd be a great experience to do a follow up of London but I want Michael gets out of jail what experience he would have what experience Ben would have pop-goes character you just see all these other wonderful characters in the movie I think that it's a matter of politics and a matter of finance that's the only thing I can think of I mean you must understand this movie came out during the riots let him get out came out of during a time when people were testing the waters Disney was testing the waters with these types of films and they didn't get a very good reaction a lot of groups were saying no to Disney why are you doing this why you doing this gangster movie they're supposed to be Disney and you know they kind of pulled back the reins so when the movie came out it was a great success in the theaters on til the riots happen right during the movie release and there's a bunch of fighting in the theaters different gangs and this and that so they pulled the plug on it which caused it to be a financial doom I think in the early years of course later on two years later it was a very sad thing for us during those two years but because none of us got a chance to you know get our careers off the money because nobody saw the film they pulled it but then back then they had VHS and they on VHS and the next thing you know it became this cult film so it gave me the new life it became what it is today which is a film uh that people know all over the world and it became what it should be but to do another when it's the right time it's the right time to see the maturity of the characters and where they go and I'd be the first one to say it's time to get out of prison eat low sandy Trevino asks how much of myself I brought to the character well like I said you know I grew up with gangsters I understood them well I knew the language and of the feeling I knew the post the posture the the way the movement the dialogue so I understood it early I read a lot of that to the character and was able to express what I had seen growing up through me Randal Philly would like to know what it was like from going to this good kid to the leader of the Mexican Mafia in the movie what it was like to experience that well as an actor I don't think you could dream of writing a role so wonderful for an actor's expression you start out as a young lion and I glow and then he goes and starts trying to become part of the prison a part of that journey and then gets out and becomes more mature and more strong and more dark as a character I mean there's a point in time in the movie but meet little rolls over in the prison and you know you can see a look in his eyes that he's lost everything there is nothing else to live for except one of them I think that was the thing I was able to bring to and I think that's such a great transition mold as a man as an actor to play this young lead role in this getting more mature meet little tuber stomach old rolando GS what it was like to work inside of San Quentin prisoners well like I said before it was a great experience because I get a chance as an actor to fulfill this role in the real way in a realistic way and there were many many moments that I remember to this day in the prison I remember there's a time there was a I won't mention his name where there was a murderer he'd been in for 20 years and he was just a young guy but he had shot some people when he was quite young and he was in his mid-30s till her maybe 40s but still a relatively young guy and we were shooting and all the crew was there and security guards everything and next thing you know people started trickling out to go to lunch and one thing led to another and I was laying in the real prison cots to get some rest sometimes because I was on the set so much I don't want to go out to my camper can you imagine running out to your high-end Hollywood camper and all these prisoners looking at you I mean yeah it take Ella for it and I did so I said hey I'm gonna stay in here and I'm gonna become like them while I'm doing this part to honor them and to honor my role so I would spend a lot of time inside the prison next thing you know I found myself alone in the car and I came out and there was nobody there no guards because you know they had rifles and guns protecting us from real prisoners next thing another was just me and I won't mention his name but a very very intense Chicana and a real thing I looked up at him he looked at me we were all alone it was amazing and I know he was in for murder and I looked at in the only thing I think it was want to take a picture why need to L ask did you feel very much Eastman playing the role of meepo well that's an interesting question because I think the whole machismo feeling from all the machismo emotions that came through to me glue and many of the other characters I mean back then there was not such a politically correct world like we live in today I mean I was able to express me club as this very much she's small guy which he was you know and I as a man who was able to express my chief small as it can only be seen in the Latino community is this fire his emotions and not all Latinos are like that but it's a prevalent part of our tribal community as part of our survival this machismo that isn't part of our community and anybody doesn't think it's there and anybody doesn't want it there means they want to take away something that's existed for eternity in our community and cannot be taken away and I and many actors were allowed to express this machismo in these characters and as men young men with virile composition and able to do it through characters like meat loaf taco and Cruz you know of course Cruz was more of an artist but you know still we were all real men growing and trying to survive in this community as characters and as young artists in this community we're all fighting for survival in one way or another so yes it was very much useful and I'm not afraid to say that I really embraced that part of it I embraced that part of week load that machismo part of me clothes as much as I embraced it in myself today is a whole different world you know being the machismo was almost like a no-no and politically correct you know a political correct person would think we were dinosaurs you know I don't think it's true you know I mean today I mean today being mighty small is a very politically incorrect thing to do but it's still part of the Chicano community you know they're trying to take it out you know take away things that are within our community in a Latino Hispanic community you know and even people within the Hispanic community are trying to take away things that have been with us for centuries and millennia whether it be from some sport or whatever machismo element that's a part of our society and I think it's a horrible thing to try to do I mean we don't try to go take away certain elements of other people's culture it should not be taken away from my culture my Chiefs know is a part of our culture it's a part of the tribal community the indigenous community that we all are a part of in our blood whether we be a weather like myself was only half Mexican or a full-blooded Mexican but we all have indigenous blood in us so we have a tribal community that resonates to this much useful and the survival of it Hector GS what was it like to experience and music imploded without well if you remember the movie Rocky little Conte the Academy Award winner for that movie did the music for blood without and I think that music was such a great aspect of sounded for summer and let him put out I think without those emotions that he bought with the flutes and indigenous roots and all the strings I mean really would have an amazing John I think Taylor Hackford did a great job of choosing him for this part and of course he produced all the music for this and Taylor did a great job of the music I mean without the music it would have been a great movie but not nearly as emotional as it was I just love the music was about as many others do the music the dance the food that tastes the sounds the feelings of the Chicano community that I was able to experience during this film bloody but I have never left me and never will they're part of me they're part of me though they're part of Damian Chaplin they're part of all of us who can experience this wonderful moving blood and without and I am so proud I was a part of it that I got to play meet though I'm so glad that I'm able to give a little bit if I did of in-depth understanding of what it was like to play meet globe and what it was like to get the part ones like to express the part I hope I was able to do that in this very personal documentary and I must say that the words will live on from blood and without the characters will live on the music will live on the art of a download on this will live on forever in this movie and the only way I could say goodbye to you is to tell you this but those locals forever you

Shooting The War: Episode 2 (WW2 Documentary) | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

Series looking at how the Second World War was documented by German and British home movie makers.

This programme is about the experience of children during the war, seen through the films of them shot by parents, friends and teachers. The films, and the recollections of the children in them, capture the initial novelty of war, but also the later reality of death and loss.

In Britain, filmmakers were on hand to witness the first event of war, evacuation. Eric Powell, a young cine enthusiast from Wiltshire, filmed the arrival of Marion, a girl from London, as she became part of his family. The recollections bring the reality of the transformation of children’s lives to the viewer.

Film shot by the head of Elworth School in Cheshire is recalled by teacher Veronica Kirk and pupil John Owen. The film shows the way the school adapted to war – the school garden turned over to vegetables, children conducting first aid, air raid shelter practice and reality of air attack.

It was much the same in Germany and those looking back on their childhood recall the impact of Hitler on them, the changes at school and at home, the terror of the Jewish school child and the sorrow of the children at the end of the war, living in destitution as their parents were forced to sell toys for bread.

Rainer and Wolfgang Fritz grew up in Stuttgart and remember how their father filmed the building of the community air raid shelter. He filmed his family through the war and was on hand, with the camera, when the family house was destroyed by bombing in 1944.

Life for Jewish child Inge Deutschkron was even worse. She grew up in Berlin and attended the Jewish school in the city. Most of her classmates died in concentration camps, but she stayed in Berlin, in hiding, and survived.

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A film by Massimiliano Davoli, Dario Jurilli, Giorgio Galli
currently in post production – coming soon

[Applause] no one could describe with what Burning Man is because it's something different for everyone it's kind of like arriving about another planets right there's not anywhere on the planet anything this big I want you know what if you dream well you're looking for where's your perfect world this yeah we're trying to explain to someone what this is about to be returned to it you can't Fanning them ya know the heavies think Oh gift economy even bring about it with you everyone excuse me for a lot of people it's the one week when they can really be who they want to be captain just big yeah you look great is this you in real life the person that you are right now the one of the better parties ABC's the best [Applause] a fusion of psychedelics countercultural with the emergence of new technologies and abacus tribalism this here's do whatever you want here I mean shopping then maybe the perfect world I felt that many times and had some of the most profound influence I've ever had it's an inspiration that I feel affects the world in a positive way you come here and you leave very effective confident to take that view into your everyday life

Documentary on the communities that harvest red hash in Lebanon | Heart Of Sky | 4:3 Short Film

Playing in the minimal spaces between documentary and fiction, Heart of Sky is a moving portrait of the farming communities that cultivate and harvest Lebanese Red hashish in the Bekaa valley, between the mountains of eastern Lebanon.

Soundtracked by Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, the film is a blend of raw intimacy and cinematic transcendence paints a profound and elevated picture of the beating hearts and tender hands that work the fields of the illegal industry. The film points a lens that is at the same time acute and spectral, revealing glimpses of the realities behind the curtain of smoke.

Despite difficult working conditions and an existence that seems suspended between the valley and the sky, the people of the village live, love and labour with humble gratitude for the gifts of the earth, and with faith in God and in each other.

► Director Jessy Moussallem was given free rein to work with the music of Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, using sounds and samples. The film features numerous tracks from their new album ‘Heart of Sky’.

► Watch more 4:3 –

El General Trailer . Documentary Film – POV on PBS

A documentary film by Natalia Almada.

Airing on July 20, 2010 at 10pm, POV on PBS (Check your local listings).

Watch online: July 21 through September 4, 2010.
Past and present collide as award-winning filmmaker Natalia Almada (Al Otro Lado, POV 2006) brings to life audio recordings she inherited from her grandmother, daughter of Plutarco Elias Calles, a revolutionary general who became Mexicos president in 1924. In his time, Calles was called El Jefe Maximo (Foremost Chief). Today he is remembered as El Quema-Curas (Priest Burner) and as a dictator who ruled through puppet presidents until his exile in 1936. Airing during the centennial of the Mexican Revolution, El General moves between a daughters memories of her father as she grapples with historys portrayal of him and the weight of that same mans legacy on Mexico today. Winner of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival U.S. Directing Award: Documentary. A co-production of ITVS in association with Latino Public Broadcasting.

Joe David: Spirit of the Mask (Full Documentary) © 1982

Working within the Native-American tradition of the Canadian Northwest, Joe David has become one of the strong contemporary links in the preservation and reinvention of the art of the northwestern Pacific coast’s indigenous population. This program follows David’s creative process, from carving and finishing a magnificent wolf headdress from a block of cedar to its ultimate use as a ceremonial mask worn by the artist himself in a haunting dance that concludes the videotape.

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there was a time when some people thought that the culture and art of the Northwest Coast was dead but a few people practiced it and kept it alive and never died for some of us this isn't a tribute to the past but a tribute to a living culture it is impossible to separate the objects from the environment in which they were created the great forests the abundant life of the streams to see the magic and stillness of the Northwest Coast the people of this coast proudly erected totem poles for all to see for the generations to come they were monuments to their lineage to the great supernatural worlds of Raven Thunderbirds and killer whales their languages and songs were rich and complex their masks and dances were treasured as an artist working in the traditional forms of the northwest coast I spent a lot of time in museums looking at the old pieces wondering about them and learning from them I have this fascination with things haven't survived hundreds of years having survived time I'm as closely connected with the thousands of years in the past as I am to my living present I was closely conscious and connected and dedicated to the past as I am to the future my people were known as Nootka among us were many singers dancers carvers weavers and storytellers I believe that the spirit of these people is alive in me the same blood that ran through them hundreds of years ago is running through me right now I try to get the general shape as soon as possible so that I can so I can follow most of it often to be lighter not layer in the handle can turn around right now it's pretty pretty heavy moisture I was born in clack with sound I was born in a village called hoop it's it the closest translation to a pitch at his resting place of the moon I was one of the younger of a large family that was raised in a house built by my father my older brothers and sisters would take care of us younger ones when our parents were up the coast hunting or fishing the important event in the lies of the village children was being sent away to the mission boarding schools all the native children of my generation went to those schools I remember going there at eight years old at first I didn't like it there I didn't like the school and I didn't want to be there it was totally unfamiliar to me but once I found brothers cousins and other kids my own age that were similar to me I came to realize that there were things there that fascinated me it was a much bigger and greater world and I'd realized it was much more than the Julie just much more than the tides and the seasonal run of the salmon deer or berries it was a whole new world for me I remember there was very little time to be alone and I needed a place to go a place apart from the others it was then that I discovered a chapel and it became a special place for me I would find myself seeking it out because it was always calm it was quiet it was always safe and it was always beautiful when I first saw the altar I thought someone has created it someone has carved and painted it because that was my world my father was a carver and painter people in my village was always creating as a child I remember my reverence was for the artwork in that Chapel and its effect on the room and everyone in it just as I had seen my cultures art have a similar effect on the people that of on respect after three years at the school when I was 11 my family moved away from the village and traveled across the western states as migrant farm workers in my teens I got a scholarship to attend art school it was only as I became older and realized how important my own culture was to me that I dedicated myself to the art of my people it was then that my father gave me my adult Indian name apologies I spend as much time as I can on this island it is only recently that I've rediscovered how important this environment is to my work how it influences me I've learned to recognize the powers of nature as being the same as that of all creativity and I try to express that through my carvings I'm now making a wolf headdress that represents my Indian name I want the life and spirit of both forest and ocean to come through I came into this world to be an artist and that's why I'm an artist I didn't it just didn't come along the way and I said okay I can do it easily I think I meant to be that way all along I'm not doing all this to survive even though I make things in it and they're accepted and people pay a lot of money for all that but I'm not doing it to survive I do it for pure joy I do it for the love of it I do I carve wood for the love of wood it's not just a piece of cedar I love it I love the tools I love every shape every color of wood every grain movement a lot of people in Vancouver and Seattle commissioned work for their private collections as do museums my friend Norman Tate's carving a welcome figure whose every to next time I'll be doing it'll be a woman figure a mate to this one that's been do it bowl answer but I like this blue thing under the same thing self-portrait that at your anishka smile meant to touch this socket strong my decision to do through this wolf comes from the beauty and grace of the wolf dance so carving at a keep in mind what I want to what movements I want to emphasize what movements I'm going to use are the Wolves the anger I'll be coming out taking its body taking it's taking us life and turn it into a dance throughout history it's the are correct that survives they can you can talk and talk and talk and talk about Tutankhamun and Michelangelo and all the Pope and all the politics and all the goddamn wars but you stand in front of that thing and you look at it and someone made it hundreds of years ago you think of the man that did it the man I did it and what it meant to him to execute it what it meant to do them what these people meant him what he's tiny meant him and what he's personal contribution meant to him and that's what drives me to do it to me to do this mask or to do this dance or to do this whatever it is is that I known from looking at the fire from the past that they knew that they knew what they what it meant to do that that's why it was so monumental they wanted their great-great-great grandchildren to know what they stood for and then to be able to relay it to the other people to the rest of the tribes this is my family this is what we know this is what we look like this is what we stand for

Transmen Documentary Part 3


Part 3 of the documentary “Transmen.” See more at

This documentary is not for sale. © Tiffany Gibson, 2011

I am kiss leave Brendan James page on 22 and I live and bring one in Nashville Tennessee and I'm a licensed massage therapist and I'm transgender female to male I was born a female in Clarksville Tennessee Montgomery City Hospital – Monroe and Suzy Paige I always knew that I was more boyish whenever I was younger I was wore my hair up and a hat Chicago Bulls is my favorite team I was a ran around with my brother I'd always try and I guess dressed more like him and his friends and different things like that I had a lot of guy friends growing up it was always a lot more macho I guess and I could pretty much beat up and he got I hung out with I was very naive I would say it's a child about different things my family was very loving but maybe not very open so they didn't really talk about worldly worldly things and stuff like that so everyone just kind of made me seem like I was a normal even though they'll behind my back or to the side they would all make comments or be concerned about the way that I was I just really kind of teetered on a really big line on being who I really felt like I was you know and then who I was portrayed to be evil my family I mean if I could have understood that I was trans then and transitioned at 13 then I would have done it for sure like if I would have had a doctor or someone realized and sit me down and tell me exactly what it entitled then I would have been more than happy to do it I know that I definitely would have not gotten the support for my family what he has learned I first met he was Kayla her she was Caitlyn but we did hit it off I mean we pretty much texted um for like two days probably and we just decided to go ahead until I like each other everything about there was to me about the other one or anything that usually hide I guess was someone that you like and if we still wanted to meet with each other he was going to come down and visit me for the whole day so he did and everything went really good so so we used to get spark we went out there and there's like this cliff area and on the rock he had a road marry me I didn't see it I think I just said on it but whatever I turned around he was on one knee we were supposed to have thousand our wedding and then like they come late for the wedding he was like rat doing vows after I stressed over writing vows what our next way do you want we can use them for the next one I want to write Alan we can use those though I got those four minutes for my shirt just think I was watching them at church I thought you said you wrote them all from your own opinion I did with the church with health I'm hoping that we do get the rights as the married couples do whenever we're able to officially get married like I want my old same to change I don't want it to change because I went to court and made them change me like I just want everything to happen as it would as if I was straight ahead of this proportion like we are I had never personally ever really encountered anyone that was transgender and all I'd seen and had been from like TV tabloids you know different things like that and I had a really negative view on it we were just hanging out our bed talking and having like one of those little couple talks you just talk about random things and I think I asked him if he liked how the choice to be a woman or man which he would rather choose and he went with Amina and I knew that it was possible just transition and become like the opposite sex but I didn't really know what all that entailed and I'm not entirely sure if at the time I said it if I really really like him it's it but I put it out there on the table and he got really offended by it I was definitely very upset at first with her you know bringing that up but the more that we talked about it and the more that we researched and just kind of let it seep in the more than we learned about it I fit a lot of the criterias I found a therapist to go to you and we found a support curve through the the tea palace and went to a doctor in hey did you say your doctor was said it then I would be a really good candidate to start hormones and so we went ahead and started normal and scented taking my Shawna testosterone today today is going to be the first day that I start taking half the dosage sometimes it doesn't always work the first time but we hope that it does get it just right and then it will bleed a lot and sometimes I'm gonna bleed at all that's how I do my shots what most people are looking for when they come to see me is hormone therapy if it's a female-to-male transition then we typically use in testosterone injections and I needed to be familiar with those things as well as the potential side effects and complications and I spend to get a bit of time educating patients on that to make sure that they kind of know what they're getting into and some of these medications create irreversible effects and so that's another thing people need to be aware of once you have hair growth for example and if you start treating any biological female with testosterone and she develops you know hair growth in a beard pattern for example that's not going to go away if you stop treating I don't know or I'm not on T yet because I have been doing my own research on it and I'm currently looking into some alternate some alternate methods times are getting tough of course you know works kind of not giving me the other time I was so right now it's getting tough to get you know like my natural testosterone things I've been about a week or so down which is kind of really a big setback for me and kind of downer but I like to I'm hoping to pick up you know the next day or two right where I left off and continue on also hoping you know eventually I can get international orchids start looking at physicians in Nashville to actually get a physician to do hormone therapy for me money is a very big factor the many trans people can't even get health insurance because they're trans very few companies will even cover trans people and some of the ones that do don't want to cover transgender healthcare especially because it relates to the transition outside of school I spend a lot of time in Nashville when I perform I do drag which I'm a male impersonator there's some people as his hand from my head and put hair on my face it's a good time sometimes glitter I'm a drag king which is defined as usually a biologically born female who dresses who portrays a man on stage and joy queen is about usually a biologically born female a male who performs as female dry kings are not as popular as drag queens enjoy what I do very much [Applause] drug families basically are like a drag king will have will take on new drag kings as their son and will be like their mentor like and also drag queens take on drag son and daughters basically someone with more experience picks up someone with less experience and then when the person people have less experience go on they pick up someone else or less experienced so we have these elaborate drag families like right now I think my drag family including Anthony and me and my other son they we have like 26 family members it's a fun thing to do I mean you get up in front of a bunch of people and you know just be goofy pretty much I mean you get to do something that you don't get to do it in everyday life I think that several performers out there are told that they can't they can't perform because they've had work done they you know they've had cert they've had bottom surgery like Amanda females mainly like drag queens say that they are drag queen and then they're they're trans also and they've had surgery and they may be excluded from some passenger systems because they've had these surgeries never been I've never been told that I can't continue performing Trane's but in my community of drag performers everyone understands that I'm transmitted that I you know I'm James day in and day out onstage and offstage people who are in drag people who are transitioning and those are the ones who are most easier to easiest to target by police the first don't want riots the Stonewall riots were started by transgender people the original it was easiest to arrest trans people because of the visibility because they look different what's happened is what we sometimes refer to as whitewashing riding a group out of the history african-americans have been written out in different ways and that's where the term whitewashing comes from and trans people have been written out of the story of Stonewall the very people who started the riots it's really not until the 90s and and especially as we move into the 21st century that the trans community has really started to catch up to the other communities

Japanese journalist makes documentary on WWII sex slaves

A documentary about WWII sex slaves titled, “Living with the Memory,” is set to be released in Japan this July. Produced by a leading Japanese freelance journalist, the documentary is about the Japanese army’s use of wartime sex slaves, or “comfort women.”

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I want them to know that I've done with it took to take them from a lot of things that I've experienced a lot of the lessons that I've learned and try to raise them to be god-fearing individuals humble individual young ladies and to just understand that everybody has their own journey so do not be judgmental I want them to see me as someone who is strong and someone who overcame a lot primitive to even be here and a lot for them to be where they will be years from now there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes of being a mom in general but still have a life and to raise kids is a different type of responsibility that I don't think you ever really understand it to become a parent and I really want them to grow up understanding and a love for me for that sacrifice there's nothing I hate greater when it's time into my family I keep my girls right by my side like a family Johnny crawling to the sauna she's so fancy daddy came up first so she saw unlike her daddy my girls the world of making happy you said I'm a girl I can't wait till we can marry come for anything I'm running for best thing about it I can never repay you being a mom make me worry too much already I mean I feel like no matter where you go you're gonna have to always be careful your surroundings be careful everything that's going on but all the massive school shootings and anything that can happen but I just feel like the opportunities are a little bit more limited on the west side and I definitely won't want my daughters to be exposed to a lot more than I wasn't exposed to I feel like being on the north side or in the Midtown area of Atlanta I get to see a lot more I get to see more opportunities healthier stores but even when you overeat over here so much fast food is liquor corners every single where you turn I don't really see that where I'm in now and I don't really want my daughters to be exposed or overly exposed to stuff that they don't need to see to at a young age because right now we're in the age of social media a lot of kids aren't pression about a lot of people doing stuff things they don't have no business doing because it's readily available drugs and all that stuff it's readily available at kids fingertips over here on this side of town and I would just prefer for my kids to you know not have access to it as easily you just like I said you can't help who your kids go to school with the other stuff the joke that people may bring to your kids and stuff but you know I just know me personally with my experiences I saw too much as a child I saw too much of kids were a look to grown people are a little too fast and people had to grow up I saw kids having to be parents and adults today little siblings and stuff like that and you know me personally I just knew I had to have my mind right be a lot more street smart where I was and I couldn't really think like a child and be innocent as a child as much as I would like to be in us as a child on the west side of Atlanta and I just I want my daughters to have to experience nothing like I don't want them to have to be rushed into growing up and so don't hood I'm worried about things that they should have to worry about as a child just because of their environment just because they can't really control the other stuff that people may bring to them or bring to their attention and also the heavy judgment Joe is quisha I feel like sometimes I feel like I don't even know I like to shout out to my youtube channel like I feel like I want to be a great mother I want to be god-fearing as much as I possibly can I want to be a great daughter sister brand you know want to be a great businesswoman but when you actually look at it and break those things down and their own entities sometimes I feel like I fall short I think that overall I'm just me I'm just really seems like it's a complex answer because there's so many different facets of Who I am I've grown up and I don't so many different things so I can't just say you know one or two words to describe Who I am I just feel like you got to really hear my story to understand who I am I don't feel like there's just like words that could you know summarize Who I am as a person I just feel like my story is who I am that really defines me I think for me my whole life was with women and at a pointed that I had to come to a reality that it was more so that I thought at first I was just been in the toxic relationship and that's the reason why things weren't working out once I started to reflect within myself I noticed that it was more than a toxic relationship with other people I was in a toxic relationship with my own self I wasn't living in my own truth and I didn't want to admit it so many people rely heavily on me for my platform so many people rely heavily on me for being proud of who I was or who I thought I was at the time and and that just wasn't a true reality for me and I I realized towards the end of my last relationship that I had to start living for me I had to do what made me happy I had to make decisions for myself and I moved forward with what I knew would make me ultimately happy and not worrying about what other people would think people have been studying me investigating me and just trying to frickin figure out every little bit in piece of my life which I definitely understand because I have been very open with you guys for the last how many years I've been when you're like 29 years I've been very very open with you guys about every single thing that goes on in my life so I understand how you guys can be curious about what's going on when things look a lot different and um all of that after I realized that I have to do this for myself and this is not this is not for my family my friends or my subscribers to come in and dictate how I deal with certain things that that make sense like he/she has to deal with those things and once Keyshia has dealt with those things Keyshia can be a happier stronger person and let her friends her family and now my subscribers helped me to deal with those things as well apparently you know that decision caused a lot of controversy you know Tia pays you probably traffic to your pay so do you think that it brought like a positive impact or overall how did it impact you know your career initially I thought that people would support me being true to who I was since for so long people already tried to cast me as you know a fake lesbian or you know this is just temporary or she doesn't really know this is just a phase so I thought when I came forward and said you know I think I do want to be with the guy I think this is the path that I want to go down people will embrace it and I think people just hopped on the bandwagon because it was different they saw me in one way for so long and people were so curious as to you know how it's keeps you're gonna be with the man like let's see how different she's gonna behave or let's see what kind of guys she's interested in not necessarily supporting me and uplifting me in my decision just more so judging me for being in my truth don't play with him me and quisha a week we first met in high school but you know you know I just hope it just means like y'all my best one thing I'm in Vegas right now likes you want to hang out when I got home I'm gonna do it but honestly I kind of like pain I came home I wasn't really trying to you know set it down no girl you know I just got home from school do it understand I wasn't gonna hang out a little but I she takes it again she like that don't don't play forever like she was serious about stuff I thought I liked it so fun and we hung out like the next the next day or whatever once I saw her and I got her I got in the caucus you gotta pick me up I just I was looking at and I was just there out here and literally he got back and the next day he came with me to get baptized so he was there hand in hand with me getting baptized just like that and that was just different for me we Casillas on your balls oh I know you ain't on the ball hog but instantly when I started talking to him I said Jeremy is so different like he was so funny and he was so charming like opening all doors filling up my gas tank for me picking me out like we could just laugh I could just be myself I didn't have to worry about anything like I was just me I was talking about how my ex never even wanted me to go out because I didn't smoke I didn't drink so they try to make me feel like I wasn't fun enough or you know my girl is lame and I used to hurt me a lot and he just like girl let's get on the next flight this is my first time in Miami if I didn't tell you guys and I was able to make a lot of first memories like jet skiing a lot of the restaurants a lot of the things that my girlfriend says it was just kind of like you know I we was together for you know a little minute but in you know we don't experience a lot of stuff together been through a lot of stuff together like a boyfriend and girlfriend wouldn't pay so I just felt like it was on the right for me to actually be my partner in it honestly to keep it real I feel like they're an excuse will kept me I drew me towards her more okay just like it's just like if you care about a person cuz like I mean I care to like it was cool way before we even kind of relationship so is I we care about a person you see it like I'm going through something you know my friend I just run away from me so I was like that kind of like you know saying gee we towards hurt more forever I know you can get in school and I just I was have a person she was and you know I just not I just couldn't definitely leave the situation ever had someone support me as heavily as Jeremy did people didn't even really see like I work really hard for what I do and people have sabotage me and my and my career when I've tried to help people people have manipulated me because they knew I was the easy target and Jeremy he came in and he was there he was present he when I handed out flyers for me for my hair company like different colleges and a hot Sun he promoted me like nothing before and people were so critical of him like you don't post on social media so you must not really like her but he was present in real life if it is day right most people get in the door and I you start where you live with people you really find out who they are I've never had never experienced and with nobody nobody that were kind of like woke me up and be able to say that you might be able to make it tomorrow man ok what red carpet are you talking about hey are you recording me right now you know I'm nice it happened so fast we weren't trying to get pregnant the first time and I was so excited when I got pregnant I always wanted to know like how would it feel being pregnant or you know like what's gonna happen you know I've always wanted to be a mom I just couldn't wait to even get the end of the birth so I could meet my baby so it was such a joy for me when I found out that we were pregnant my best friend came over we planned out this whole thing to show him and it was just so exciting and just as quickly as I found out we were having a child it's as quickly as the child was gone just that fast she took my blood and that's when the lady came in talking randomness and and like I said I don't remember how she told me but some kind of way she ended up telling me oh you miscarried and as far as me and Jeremy was concerned he was I just remember him feeling so bad for me I didn't want to accept it and and he had to accept the reality for the both of us it was it was it was it was kind of I felt like I had you know like be there for her emotionally to like did it kind of like a failure come on let's get it together like we're gonna be okay just not gonna kick like he's not gonna miss you can always you know have another kid I try for her the key you know is what God saw fit for right now you know we had a conversation and I said this is something you know that I really really want and I want to know if you feel the same way about me that I feel about you was having a family and settling down and he said yes and I knew that there was gonna be a light at the end of the tunnel so the depression that I thought I was about to be in from losing that child instantly went away once he told me that he knew that he wanted the spinor SS life he wanted me to be the mother of his kids and we could try again for another child when I became pregnant again it was definitely a lot more challenging than I thought it would be I thought it would be easy breezy I thought it would be like here's my rainbow baby you know we were finally pregnant again I'm so excited and instantly like reality hit me that I was pregnant and it was so much pressure on me that I felt like I shut down a lot in my relationship I felt like I shut down a lot from my friends and my family because a lot of them have never experienced a miscarriage and definitely definitely not a public miscarriage and it was hard for me to accept that I was pregnant again because I was still stuck in the miscarriage that I was at fear every single day constantly that I'll miss Carrie again it was it was those I was everything idea but I was nervous and I was I ain't know where my head can't really wrap around a lot of stuff but just this is my first time you know every corner for this type of situation you know especially being play-by-play you know I had to learn how to care for someone who tells the needs and emotions before most of the time we couldn't be sexual throughout our pregnancy I was terribly sick so I couldn't do absolutely anything I didn't really want to kiss I didn't even want him to touch me and we weren't used to that and I thought that well this is something we both wanted so we both knew it could come with being pregnant he thought well this is something we both wanted so you knew that this was something that could happen but you still have a role to me as well inside of challenges you know you never faced before you know I'm a man so it was just kind of like you know what about me no I'm I'm here I'm waiting to go every need you know but she sick all the time you know she business of my frustrations and and my team is that I fight you know a that was a perfect time I'm saying I was fucking okay that was the perfect time for them coming you know and just you know a man this do this do that after that conversation he pretty much assured me you know there was just lust and it will probably fade away but he loved me nonetheless and he doesn't regret you know deciding to have a family and you know we were gonna work things out we're gonna move through it it was okay and this is the same day as my best friend's bachelorette parties and we were at the condo where we were going to have the bachelorette party I did not plan it so I didn't know of the neighborhood or anything of that sort but once we got in our car we were sitting at the elevator I'm waiting to go up and he should had just called me and said that she was about to pull in finally she was on the way so we're kind of waiting on her as well but right before she pulled in I seen a car that looks very similar to Jeremy's keep in mind we're in a parking garage and for a neighborhood like if so its visitors and residents in this neighborhood I'm so I seen a car pulling it looks just like Jeremy's and he rolled right past us so I was able to see that it was in fact Jeremy I just understood my I just lit I just felt I felt and I live you know I let my inner demons take over Monday morning she text my phone and said you know I'm your best friend and I just want to let you know that I saw a female in Jeremy's car over the weekend I told her be he mentioned it was a girlfriend in the front seat and she was like no he said that was his homeboy girl or whatever and she went ahead and asked him about that and I guess he had other stories the backup why this girl was being in the front seat I mean you know I was just you know I was I was you know conversing you know with another another friend or whatever to get pregnant and for him to make a decision to get closer to another woman when I needed him most there's like a my I'm stuck here I can't I can't be you know set like satisfied you know men who selfish like were selfish beings you know so it was like I couldn't see past with the real objective was a situation was so you know I just you know I like I said I feel an area you know so that taught me you know a lot about myself and a lot of other things that I wanted life it was really hard seeing that she was like during pregnancy it's such a like critical moment not any stress and it hurts me so much that she was stressing out about this situation simply because like she was really going through it and he wasn't really there for her in this moment I was there for her like she confided in me she didn't talk to me like a situation because it is a embarrassing situation you can't really you don't over the trust in situations like this so because I had first on seen it and then we went through it together she was able to confide in me I didn't look at Jeremy the same for a while it's honest as he was every day you know he still kissed me and he still loved me you will bring me roses home and I knew that with his character but I just wanted to know how could he love me so deeply but be so out of reach with our relationship especially in such a joyous time I had to understand that this was just something we were going to have to get through and if we couldn't get through it then it would be okay at least we tried at least I was woman enough to accept everything that came with my relationship for what it was instead of ignoring it is it I know what I want to know you know so this is already started on what you want sentation you know the other stuff like it really it really goes away like you really started mature you know saying like the pain is myself extra set up now you know I'm a little and sorrow I just gotta you know do the things that I need to do my family you know just for them to come out happy and healthy baby it's just a love that everyone deserves to experience and that just really made what me and Jeremy went through all the more worthwhile well we got to see our prize at the end when we got to see exactly what like we created and we knew what role we have to play in these young girls lives he should just learn an amazing job raising two girls tisha I have witnessed her birth team she is so hands-on with those girls like being are progressing so we'll judge yourself judge yourself just no one else but yourself or you where you want to be are you learning what you want to learn do are you giving the love that you won't return together look at all this and Keisha she instill that in them what she has in her those two little girls would be just like the mom we understand that we are all one you know like like even our kids like they like them being here they allowed us to all good ones once we had the kids I just that's why I just felt like because me because because I I just I don't know any kind of kids I always like wanted to make sure the mother my kid is gonna you know no matter what happens to me like I'm always know that they're gonna be good because I know the mother my kids it's amazing he's something you really gotta love that kids and you're really not your kids right you gonna do whatever you got whatever sacrifices you got to do to make sure you know they're there they're gonna be good at another day you know and I'm not on the way that can be good is for me to be here and be here long enough to make sure that you know they taught me just how precious life is I know usually when you are going through life there's always goals that you want you may want you know more shoes a higher degree you may want you know a new job you may want you know a new business for yourself there's just always something you want this sometimes you forget to appreciate the now I think our girls have definitely allowed me to appreciate them now and to love them deeper than I could ever do for my own self when I look at my daughter's I see Keisha like you know and these are my angels right I can't imagine life without her would execute to be honest in his mind when I see them I see her and it's just like you know that just it just brings a warm loving feeling what I'm saying to me to know that they are her kids too you know and we we created this special blessing you know together so you know it just made me realize you know what she really made something for them I want to say about 90% of my registry was purchased from my subscribers 90% plus more I felt so whole knowing that they were loved not only by me and their father and our friends and our family but they have a whole other village of Internet supporters who truly care about them being here and being in this world and being happy and having everything that they need I've never seen something like that and that's when I knew that my good outweighs my bad on my platform despite all the negative when you speak on it and when you pay attention to it that's when it seems like it's out when the good but when you think about it and you really put things in perspective the way that they are my good definitely outweighs my bad and she kind of prepared for this as a career while she was in school watching kids to make money and so actually she would talk to me about that but you know she was doing it to make money and it's flexible to do while she's in school but then it would also be preparing her to have her own children so that she could learn from other parents and then have the hands-on experience so she's she's intentional she's doing her best and she's trying and I think she would like help and guidance and so if people really want to help she'd be willing to listen because she wants to be the best parent like all his demons she's battled alone strictly alone in this world and they it goes her success it goes strictly to her success who she is now that she had to deal with that shit along and she went through everything she went through alone and I don't think she would see that it's like I'm not gonna she is at all I think Keisha was conducted by one of the diamonds that she wears around her neck like something that she had to go through to be where she is today so yeah I in Keisha I am and moving forward whenever people ask who is Keisha I just hope that people could have watched this documentary and been never the fool that I'm human just like you cleaning these bottles out for you guys okay the milk is on his way that's cool but you know what I'm doing you know I get up and I do this I understand that bitch but I understand it but bad but I understand it but a nigger can't nigga can know what they're doing stealing I do it I understand it but just by me but having to do out it please don't people just were like okay nigga you can know how much the Bupa is you doing it up they don't even matter though they don't even matter though because they ain't it you know you wake up every single day and they don't see that type of an understandable is not a point that needs to be proven but I'm just saying for them to understand and hold what you do as a father I'm not better talking about it weird to different people I don't care about putting out a shit and what they say about are they on social media right I don't as long as you know that I'm here every day doing I put a do for them that's how I give a fuck about I'd like to keep it real part of my friends but I'm just being real like I don't I don't care to explain this shit to these people as pleasure I don't my father's I'm a damn good father so I'm definitely so I definitely give a fuck about what they got to say they're gonna say what I want to say anyway Blanca's you everyday lights how do you feel about it [Applause] [Applause] you eat make sure you let them know you about to pay then I got there he told me he was blessed by God he's still in subscribe or follow me we gonna call him out and you can get booted out the line no you're looking up your big vegan yatta real vegans on the other line all these fake being is on their staff they fake vegans up there he halfway believe in God cuz he didn't want to follow me wait Darlene directed me because I've seen you working on the ground I mean doing you see what I hit his name when you both know that my babies they got the best new then kiss actually okay Papa Jesus Jeremy pop-up five-block Jesus and look mom they're gonna turn no which are turned outward oh yeah that's the blue for your hands that is a blueprint for your head cardi B clap step approach alone while she's not going on tour card is tired of the lies exclamation point yeah but like I think it's hard you're not gonna see the cat how you want to live you got so much bad under there Ryan is the name bro blue my business and I'm just I hope that you pulled it from that yeah and I got my hair wet I got my hair wavy I got my sexy outfit oh no shade this in my way no I'm Keisha wait k oh yeah and that's how we lo now I don't own you to my voice my name is chika they thought I was Kaley really my middle name is Shawn say it's crazy guess what I think I was good enough word I should be a rapper yeah I think I could have been a rapper in my early life I really think I can be better than cardi B my name is Keisha and this is my truth I'm sitting in this room but it should have been a booth all I know it's all eyes on me I don't know how to rap and I'm kind of sleepy I want to go in her room and be with my babies my man is that serious and he's doing something crazy like rapping but putting not no music to his fans cuz everybody know where he dude they gonna dance Oh

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Kenyatta (1973 Documentary)

Part Three of ‘The Black Man’s Trilogy; A biographical portrait of Kenya’s first President Jomo Kenyatta and a case study of the “pitfall’s of nationalism” as a political force in Africa narrated by Keefe ‘Simba’ West & Msindo Mwinyipembe , produced and directed by award winning filmmakers Anthony Howarth and David R. Koff.

“A treasure store of old stills, buried newsreels and contemporary interviews, supported by meticulous research and synthesized with the most sensitive acumen. A unique record of what colonialism means in human terms.”—Judy Stone, San Francisco Chronicle

“A rare, penetrating and yet sympathetic look at African nationalism.”—Peter Mwaura, The Standard (Nairobi)

“A solid historical document skewed, valuably, to a distinctive African point of view. By affording a forum for black leaders, past and present, it conveys the sense of an enduring dignity that no colonialist rationalizations can eliminate.”—John J. O’Connor, The New York Times

The Achievers Documentary Trailer

First there was a movie from the Coen brothers called The Big Lebowski then, there was an Explosion of the bizarre
What could have spawned a media frenzy over the course of 5 years, driving over 300,000 hits on the Lebowski Fest website alone and selling out over 17 events from Louisville to London giving birth to a sub culture correctly labeled as Achievers?
What could gather such an eclectic crowd together relegating the best time with one could have with a stranger in a bowling extravaganza?
With interviews from Jeff Bridges and Jim James of “My Morning Jacket”, Director Eddie Chung decided to take a shot on answering this question by creating this amazing documentary with the help of producers Agi Orsi and Cecy Rangel from Riding Giants and Dogtown and Z-Boys.

this thing is the biggest thing I've ever been involved in and it's big and it's huge it's just becoming real you know we have these fests where all these fans get together just like us and we all just like kind of create this strange world of lebowski with nihilus running around and people running around in bathrobes and giant Creedence tape and severed toes the last three years of my life had just been unbelievable housekeepers cured my cancer I am the real Lebowski Chicago trivia championships are coming true I just think it's a weird dream I'm having

Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down 30 Spy Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

Jonna Mendez, former CIA Chief of Disguise, takes a look at spy scenes from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate they really are.

To learn more, check out Jonna and Tony Mendez’s new book “The Moscow Rules” out now:

The International Spy Museum located in Washington, D.C. is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to educate the public about the history and impact of espionage and intelligence. The Museum features the largest collection of international espionage artifacts ever placed on public display.

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Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down 30 Spy Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

that's sick hi my name is Johnny Mendez you may recognize her from our previous wired video I was chief of disguise at the CIA today I'm breaking down clips from movies and TV about spies and disguise roll clip this is a box of passports in the Bourne Identity this is not the reality there is no box of passports there are no huge bundles of money no guns this sort of denigrates that the expertise required to do alternate identity documents it's painstaking it's meticulous you check another name for me we don't do them just in case john-michael can they're too precious yeah you do them one by one as they're needed they're not waiting for you around the world I don't know about that picture I don't know who I am dine here homeland traveling along this motor say I'm sorry yes carries disguise which basically consisted of dyeing her hair just get it over with okay I thought was absolutely ineffective still carry with dark hair you think I know that she could have cut her hair and restyled it that's not necessary she could have changed her makeup I had a long day she could have put on some glasses to hide that kind of crazy eyed look that she has that you know tell me jumps out at you when you see her character and what do you mean yeah I didn't think that was effective at all why are you doing this to me in a similar scene in alias she dyes her hair in a bathroom before she goes through security you ever tried this him it's too late for me what do you think what she did was absolutely spot-on thank you and she didn't just dye her hair she dyed it outrageously red and then adopted the whole thing that went with it including chewing gum while she's walking through the airport and then she has that that back-and-forth with with the airline agent I though that was a brilliant thanks this is a great example of distracting someone lipstick use I love a sweet talking to them getting them engaged and getting them away from the things you don't want them looking at window we could have used that as a training film I know long-term alias the Americans have you been in my family his disguises were convincing tell me what you saw he was comfortable in them his wigs were excellent he was never trying to look good he was trying to fit these characters that he had built when it came really close to projecting the little gray man that we always would talk about at CIA that was sometimes often that was the goal you wanted to be forgettable we have to safeguard the air security officers getting into disguise is a lot like method acting the look is part of it but if you're gonna wear it for more than a minute you need to inhabit it have you been Martha that's what he does big day at FBI counterintelligence he becomes the guy in the disguise that the bureaucrat the nerd did you get a look inside this time the actor in him combined with the disguise I thought he was brilliant thank you the next clip is quick changed mission impossible three I've talked about quick-change previously for Wired quick-change is the ability to clandestinely change your appearance you have 37 seconds to come out with those changes it was not unusual for us to layer disguises so you'd have the the true person and then he would wear disguise number one and then on top of that would be disguised number two we would never let that piece of a disguise fly away that's evidence there are three covers that are basically off-limits to CIA and that would be a religious figure Media figure and Peace Corps not that we don't like the Peace Corps we love the Peace Corps but it has to stay kind of pure you got to do what's right it cannot be suspected of harboring CIA officers can you imagine priests are so vulnerable they're just out there if they're accused of being a spy they don't have any structure to protect them they're too vulnerable we also don't use the media as a cover same reason it's good for another example of quick change take a look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now that I got you I think the change into the schoolgirl outfit was actually very well done hearing that demonstrates a great precept that we always operated under and that is that basically the bigger the crowd the more forgiving they are if you want to change your clothes in public you can do lots of things you would never dream of doing no one pays any attention that's the whole point we use that a lot in our training exercises back here right it was always a way to lose surveillance you have surveillance and you have to get away from them to do whatever you need to do practicing surveillance isn't following her face they never are they're following her profile profile was a blonde wearing dark rimmed glasses in a pencil skirt and she just removed all of those pieces it was well done and so to look at another shopping quick-change let's look at baby driver [Applause] [Applause] as you can see this time the alarms go off the intent was good the execution was okay but again you have to ask yourself would we really recommend that because the odds of him getting caught and arrested for shoplifting are just too great if you have everything with you at the beginning and you start revealing it you start removing things and you have a bag where you can store some things and maybe even a bag to put that bag in that works but we don't recommend stealing blending in with the crowd Casino Royale is on the move is on the move and he's heading straight for me stop touching me here [Applause] in this opening scene the man in the crowd was called out from having his hand up he's holding on to his earpiece and he was so caught up in that motion that he forgot and it was a it was a giveaway it started the whole scene we found the way around that by inventing something that didn't exist it was a harness that we was body mourning a receiver that would be in our ear that we never had to touch and an induction loop that went around our neck right so we could receive and it would transmit to the earpiece it was a no hands kind of system perfectly officer choosing disguise Pink Panther I think he would like this one very much I'm particularly part of the enlarged pores right here about looking good oh this scene it was all about looking good are you having those four noses so the officer didn't get to choose which nose he was going to wear we would have made him a custom nose he didn't get to choose the teeth we would have made the team yeah some teeth on the house goatee if it was there do you think you do you think you do a lot of that would have been custom made some of it could be off-the-shelf what we were interested in is giving him a total look that he didn't have to like but he had to wear it we had to feel that he would wear it look what you have done nobody left our labs looking better your genius then after our labs looking different yeah boy the next clip is a worker uniform 24 makes sense to me this entire country will know what we look like in the next few hours people do that with military uniforms there a lot of uniforms that are just universally recognized there are hundreds of video cameras in there oh those are repairmen they're fine anyone asks we're working on the air conditioner get into one of those groups and you disappear and your identity becomes the identity of the group and that's a good thing Ivan agreed it we don't have stores of maintenance uniforms or military uniforms we've got nothing we can arrange anything all right let's get the sofa cover story Argo Ben Affleck is playing my husband Tony Mendez in the movie Argo my name is Tony Mendez the story of an exfiltration one of many ex filtrations that my husband undertook over the years more than 30 years ago we undertook a secret mission to save six Americans trapped in Iran this was a very successful exfiltration I'm gonna get y'all in this particular clip the sixth house guests as we call them we're using the the cover of a Hollywood location scouting team production is a that was a subject they thought they could easily talk about they could talk about Hollywood movie people do and be believable this would be first so as a cover story it was carefully selected don't have any alternatives they came up with a Hollywood location scouting party they're a Canadian film crew on a location scout for a science fiction movie rather than disguise them we more restyled them these cover identities were created specifically for each one of when they were choosing the cover for these six houseguests posing Howard what's his occupation officially it was unique because it was a group of people not just one person they had to find a cover that all six of them could believably speak about leave that you're these people so much that your dream like them looking at Argo gives us an opportunity to look at a real cover story and see how it was executed and see how it was carried off and to see that it performed its function masks Mission Impossible this is pure CGI of course this is what we called an overhead mask we could change your gender we could change your ethnicity we could turn you into almost anything course so we couldn't guarantee that that mask would animate very sorry to hear you say that we were stuck with the measurements that we were presented with what's that masks are always additive you can't put a small nose over a larger nose you have to make sure that your donor and your recipient are well matched probably right we had some aluminum molds that came out of Hollywood they came in large medium and small the size large was an old Hollywood actor named Rex Harrison so he was taking part in a lot of interesting operations without his knowledge I think Jesus let's move on to the second Mission Impossible was mission impossible it's really good you could make a mask with someone underneath it with their with their mouth taped closed but I can't think for the life of me of a purpose for doing that you don't know what you're missing you can still breathe through the nose but it's always a relief to know that you can also breathe through the mouth and so by taping the mouth you you really start restricting their other air intake Freddie's gonna oh joy how did they make these masks let's look at Mission Impossible 3 what if I said we had it so you know when you go to the dentist and you have a dental impression taken that's what we did to your whole face being very careful to keep your your nose open so that you could breathe while this was happening stop talking the mask that we just saw is a mixture of Lights CGI again and there they're flipping back and forth from the real actor to the actor wearing the mask and it's it's invisible to tell where the real actor comes back in and is is animated it's a trick wonderfully done thanks so we'll go to spy hidden identities you'll be given a new identity your name is penny Morgan you're a divorced housewife from Iowa you've sold more Mary Kay products than anyone else in your state it's a pretty funny take on being issued a new a new identity certainly not the identity that she wanted what do I have ten cats is that even illegal she didn't get to choose and the vice president of the Ames Garden Club I couldn't even be president the bits and pieces the the identity cards the things they were issuing to her is what we would call pocket litter no there's the Tim chance those would be the things that any of us would carry around and in our bill folder in our purse that's a new there's a similarity here with the Pink Panther Clinton she didn't like the identity that was being proposed but then she didn't really get to choose was Pepe LePew not available cultural customs inglourious basterds shampoos greg lays it that ominous look tells you that something bad has just happened I'm say let's go ahead British soldier counted wrong on his hands glaze it in Europe when you're counting you start with your thumb one two three doing it this way show to him that he was not even European certainly wasn't German it was a dead giveaway we know from travelling around the world that every country has its own customs and zero foolishness and it's incumbent on us to learn those customs to know those customs and to not violate any of their their procedures this is the infra hot know-how just don't feel sometimes when you've been found out there is no escaping once you've committed one of those errors you you have outed yourself so to speak and you kind of have to go with the consequences whatever those consequences are well if this is it oh boy I hope you don't mind if I go out speaking the Kings gadget room Kingsman I've had a lot of fun with this one of our finest examples of chemical engineering poison the poison in the pen there's a real history to that Shaw thought we put a lot of things in pens they were not equipped and they were not used as weapons in some instances they would conceal a camera but we had a couple of scenarios with agents they said I will work for you but I would like poison actually insist on having an L pill which is a lethal helped me feel because I don't want to give them the opportunity to do what they would like to do to me electrocute the two cases that I know of we put L pills into fountain pens remotely activate and in one case our agent was captured and he was gonna be interrogated and he said before I do that give me my pen I will write my confession and they handed him his pen and he bit down on it on the tip they said he was dead before he hit the floor you know so there's a there's a history to the poison in pens nobody would've these thing couple of the other things in there are less historically correct but wildly entertaining that's he's sick the scientists disguise the saint I'm here to do an interview with that dr. Russell I'm an exposure as a fraud he's wearing a disguise that would send most people away from him and his demeanor is so very pretty imposing and so really frightening in a way she's working a lot out of me that draws attention and you never want to draw attention so I would rate that disguise as a failure glasses as a disguise Superman Lois Lane say hello to Clark Kent poor George Thunder hey anyone who's ever watched Superman wonders Lois can't you see Clark is the newspaper reporter and Superman is the superhero dude me physically they're exactly the same kind of natural Superman's glasses our first impression ridiculous Oh doesn't make sense poor Lois yeah poor Clark breaking in be kind rewind [Applause] is that ladder again what do you think I don't know it was funny the first time I saw it but to a professional I it looks sloppy it looks poorly planned when you plan to an operation you always had Plan B what if it goes wrong go get some ice cream in my office we had people that specialized in going into places that they should not be in I can't be here we're doing and doing things there that they should not do perhaps we think Italy me almost ever speak to you our operations were typically just meticulously planned we never planned to be hiding behind the chain-link fence nevertheless I know some of our people that not that they were caught but that they got stuck where they had to stay in place maybe for a day or two where they could leave some funny stories talking about alias names Austin Powers allow myself to introduce myself my name is Richie Cunningham and this is my wife Oprah awesome powers makes you laugh yeah baby alias names at CIA are closely controlled they are managed they are assigned to you my name is number two you end up with a name for your entire working career come again your true name is never on paper overseas Ruby baby Oprah would probably not be one of those names is my wife Oprah any name that really drew attention would not be one of those names Cunningham was it that she could happen could be but we always had a middle initial danger is my middle name you always had three names I mean you could abbreviate the middle initial but you always had three names Austin danger power my name for a life my first name was faith very shagadelic and so whenever I see anything that has to do with faith like keep the faith baby I'm like okay Oh behave furniture camouflage Sherlock Holmes who delivered this parcel the usual chat New York Curia we never tried to disguise ourselves in the furniture at the CIA but there is a story about James Comey at the White House he was trying to blend into the curtains behind him his suit and the curtains were the same blue wearing a blue suit was trying to blend in with the blue curtain he was trying to hide that way unsuccessfully another furniture camouflage in this next movie called spy hard we used furniture concealments for a number of things technology comes mostly to mind if you had spy gear in your house and you're in a foreign country and it's a controlled society you don't want your receivers and transmitters sitting around so we would build them into selected pieces of furniture trying to remember if we ever had something like that for a person James even when we had some things that we built to exfiltrate people out of the country exfiltration containers could be in various configurations at the International Spy Museum we have an exhibit from checkpoint charlie where a lot of people exfiltrated themselves out of the East a lot of them were in car concealments they would be special spaces built into cars for the purpose of exfiltrating that person across the border undercover accents 22 Jump Street everyone stay in the body or sleepy he'd like to Mexico Wolverine is here and my partner here you want to see that product when he talking yeah first of all you would speak the language you wouldn't try and use an accent no talking about we actually pay some people to study the languages to become fluent in the languages and swipe swipe but it's a made-up thing they seem totally unprepared and you sense that maybe they're gonna get arrested or worse disguising voice the dark night I wanted yogurt you wanted me your Batman has a very specific disguise beyond his voice the voice wasn't really even necessary we're in hockey man we tried to change voices we wouldn't use voice modulation technology but we would try to physically change the palette the palette of your mouth thank to our dismay it did not change your voice it would just make you list forever you could consciously try and change your voice that's like consciously limping after a while you just forget and your regular voice comes back we had no success with that this symbol of open I can never be cover story Fletch names Liddy gordon Liddy Lord take a look at the seventh Fetzer valve oh yeah I think it's been sticking probably humidity maybe I should take a look at it Gordo back here well Fletch has made the mistake of not studying his cover story but well enough before he before he took it on the road right yeah we would always pick a cover story that our people could talk about intelligent lean it's so simple maybe you need a refresher course we would never pick a professional area where they were clueless and where they would come off like Fletch did Gordon yeah I know where it is I'm just getting a bird's-eye view here spy seduction alias stories about seduction in the Espionage business our Allegiance this house in your house some of them are based on truth was a famous seductress that worked for American intelligence during the Cold War who did some amazing things went into a couple of embassies and took some ciphers out of some safe most of the stories though have to do with the Russians and the Germans swear to God the Russians even had a name for it they called him swallows although a friend of mine Jason Matthews wrote a book recently called red Sparrow and he called them sparrows who become the Germans had men who were trained the same way and they called them Romeo's so the use of sex to collect intelligence is not unheard of and it's probably going on today speaking of red Sparrow here's a clip from a seduction scene why would the CIA officer fired his gun according to his story which he says is based on truth they had a school where they trained young women in seduction the only deal in psychological manipulation to quite a degree take off your clothes you can imagine that this was a school that produced graduates you must learn to love on come on and Jennifer Lawrence is supposed to represent one of those successful graduates goodbye Dominika I think it presented to a lot of American audiences the idea that that was you know that's a piece of the intelligence machine in Moscow nobody belongs to the state it takes it to another level now you might want to ask me if the CIA has a school I suppose we'll find out and I would tell you we don't we mustn't be so judgmental this is a typically a Russian technique the state asks something in return clown disguise James Bond's hey is anyone else in there if I human carnival I can't actually say whether a CIA officer has ever changed into a clown suit there was a lot to be said for fitting into your environment into your surroundings correct we're in a clown so you look like one of them instead of an outlier I'm a surgeon so in that regard it makes a point so god fake telling Who I am during the Second World War there was an agent named Virginia Hall who disguised herself as a shepherdess with a flock of sheep to conceal her prosthetic leg and she was lethal general this man's either drunk or crazy this kind of cat suit is a popular trope let's take a look at the Avengers 1998 they use climbing gear but not really black cat suits you must be true I think the reason is because women look so good in them or at least Hollywood women did them most of our men and probably a majority of our women would not have been caught dead in a black cat suit dark athletic clothes are fine technically but not a black cat suit I feel acting drunk with Veronica Mars how long must a girl play drunk and wailing before someone tries to get her to take off her clothes I would not act drunk undercover and I don't think most officers would because it would defeat your purpose I know officers who have gotten drunk undercover but they didn't go in meaning to do that because a lot of the work used to be at those black-tie Affairs where there was a lot of Scotch a lot of liquor running around I think I'd sooner drink mark McGrath's bathwater than drink anything here and we're told at the CIA that there are things that you can drink and eat before you go that will coat your stomach and they'll help they think I'm drunk or worse if you need to appear like you're drinking do that without actually having a you can just tell the bartender I want 7up check out your ways to go about it where you don't get drunk conclusion the writers and directors do everything they can to get it really right half the fun for me is watching closely to see what they get wrong and that's a wrap

Griselda Records Debut Album on Shady Records Documentary Intro – November 29 2019

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The highly touted Buffalo New York underground rap champions Griselda have announced their long-awaited Shady Records debut LP WWCD for this Friday, November 29th.

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Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher, the core of Griselda, have been three of the most prolific artists of the ladder half of the past decade with a rap acumen and grind that brought them from the streets of Buffalo; to cosigns and deals with two of the biggest and most important rappers of all time; a Shady Records label deal and now involvement with Roc Nation Management.

in haar head and change mijn opa is een no go fuck het is dus de opvalt is noem ze er aan een arm een muze was orkanen people of ze in we zouden ze slechts en is dit is bill cosby spijt stem en dus de persoon te zijn techniek i pay more more grammy en ruche economie doel michelle gellar de timing is lekker mijn taille enorme de la recherche zijn is of vlakken shell is dus zo kerntaken en zal lijken lachen della faille john geste wij beiden waren ruiters rode my hand haar huid daarna als we eerder colak hebben daar staat verder dat hij welvaart voor maar vlak na de teller en er zijn de studio om zijn geest nu kennis eens juist browser u wat betreft dancer and glass waar de teller dus gary in angers [Muziek] [Muziek] test voor jonge honden jakkie ze aan de titelbalk review of wat nu te doen naast windas nu gaat vliegen rust daar die sacla cerisia me c

[Teaser Trailer] My Saga – A Star Wars Fan Documentary

My Saga follows the journey of Adam Harris, a husband, father and Star Wars fan. Four years ago, the discovery of a brain tumour and a serious health scare caused Adam to re-evaluate his priorities and follow his dreams.

Star Wars has always been a constant source of joy, comfort and even safety in Adam’s life. When it became apparent his children shared the same deep love and affection for Star Wars, Adam felt compelled to discover just what it is about Star Wars that creates such devoted fans that span across multiple generations, all around the world.

With his son Jack by his side, Adam has spoken with fans, enthusiasts, die-hards as well as cast and crew members from the films. All the while discovering what Star Wars means to him, and the impact it’s had on making him the husband and father he is today.

Every fan has their own saga. This is one.

Visit the official website for the My Saga Documentary –
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my name is Adam Harris I'm a husband a father and a Star Wars fan four years ago I was left with an uncertain future when doctors taught me I have a brain tumor this has spurred me on to live out my dreams so along with my son Jay I'm going to discover what being a star's fan really means well I'm quite nervous I'm not a good flyer that sort of feeling it get that excitement whole crew went off to watch Star Wars and it was just mind-boggling it was just overwhelming there's so much you can be a part of and everybody loves each other I mean I was a bad guy everyone nor is amazed by call Carolyn said all these other clothes for it's it's really a humbling experience to come out and sit and have people appreciate something that he did 30 years ago you know it was a universe I felt safe in Gabe's journey started when he was about six months old he was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis complex which is a disease that causes tumors to grow in the body maybe that's why this means so much for you it does it really does I want to tell them they're not alone there's a world of people who've been through it and it come out the other end that's arrived you think that's is that a good message why do you think people connect with the Star Wars story do that why in the world would they do that you

Land of Hope and Glory (UK 'Earthlings' Documentary)

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BicycleDreamsTrailer (Documentary)

Bicycle Dreams is the true story of the Race Across America, a 3000-mile bike race that challenges riders to pedal across the country in just ten days. See and for more.
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I think we have more people in society now that describe a feeling of missing something there's just something missing in my life and I don't know what's missing but yet they describe something very tangible very very close to them that they're missing and in desire true desire may very well be for for many people what is missing Lance Armstrong said that endurance athletes are running away from something inside of themselves and that's one of the reasons that they do what they do there is no way these people are normal they are the seekers of the new realm or plane we're heading up on 23 hours and Marco's been off the bike for eight minutes total guessing he's gonna go down at about 40 hours without sleep the biggest fear I have and I think most of the people have in this race is it not finish and yet half the people do independent desire is is something that's that that is tricky to tap into sometimes because it requires confidence if that desire starts to falter a little bit they'll crack this next 3040 miles or take you to 300 yeah for the day and that'll be 650 miles in two days you've got a damn good chance I cooked my penny miles and I'll be out because I can't sleep because my eyes are gone but how far the next time station while we go there no I did I don't want to continue this it's not a sporting event in the classic sense it's more of sending a gladiator into a pit with a lion people can say this is a bicycle race no this is nothing you can compare to anything is no bicycle race it's not a sport event this is nothing this is something completely out of this planet you

Master Gardeners of Paradise a proposed documentary film by Darrel Jarmusch

Rough cut of preproduction concept video for “Master Gardeners of Paradise” a proposed documentary feature about the amazingly productive organic farms of Kauai, Hawaii and the master gardeners who created them, by Darrel Jarmusch.

hey suddenly see you guys want to be in my movie in your movie yeah yeah yeah but I want to make a movie about The Master Gardeners of Kauai son I have a proposition for you I want to make movies I want only with a better camera having to get a better camera and I would like to come to your farm and take pictures and interview you on the farm and doing stuff in between yeah Marie I'm making a movie about The Master Gardeners of paradise would you like to be in it turning Dylan you guys want to be in my movie making a movie about The Master Gardeners of Kauai we're really trying to integrate like no-till into our beds just keeping that's you know undisturbed and trying to build fertility from like the top down that's why we go chop the cover crop rather than so what will you do with this cover crop probably just lay it down and then like these two that one was buckwheat and that was kelpies just put a buffalo grass over a chopped-up just to keep anything from getting through and sure kills off the rest of the cover crop all right so um keone and i this is candy I were just about to go out into the orchard and do some Oni with all the rain that we've had the grass has gotten really real yeah it's gotten really so when when we round the mower the grass can be this high and keone is like facing this wall of grass and just sitting here watching it come on so that's what we're about to go out and do the word of the day is well let me go okay mango years old from transplant bang is two years old variety is critical I mean it's critical and also learning to work with your ice cream satin a lot of fruit already the this is a Brooke sleet which is one of our favorites this is your pigeon pea so we've been using these for mulch as he's been in your first thing for three years they've been blown over every which way and it's still grow and they make you know seeds pods are edible dried dried beans are edible and spend all this money for four proceed meal and stuff like that it's right here that soon as they set seed like that you come in and cut them throw them down on the ground for mulch you got Celia got food get serious food for these plant it's a couple few of them sprout here and there and sometimes you leave them and just let it grow again and come back so anything that's like that that can survive must must have something going for it as a life force so we just cut them back put it use it for mulch you can see all of the plants put that so what is the secret to growing a fabulous head of lettuce variety for one selection creating soils they want to be in this is selected asta seed from the eg in Italy fabulous focus they have on quality and which is taste this is best to me best tasting lettuce we inoculate these soils that's over and over and then have quality compost you can look at that this is collection site here all the calls and left auger rod and veggies would ever go into this file and this is vegan there's no manure here so then it gets turned that pile it's turned to another and that sits for being a year it gets turned one more time after that and then when they're going to use it going to sift it and then have a have a more useful product so now you got something and again you're looking at this you don't see a bunch of wood and stuff like that in there so this is done now it's ready to give back so the problem with there's no definition compost really so people just use it in England it's a potting mix that's compost you dig that into these soils you're going to have nitrogen deficiency right off because the high carbon wood content wasn't a wood yeah good test is you take that take that product put it in a bucket of water and see what floats and positive look so it has to feel again so we need a shot at creating a Coppola chair so a sustainable living alternative lifestyle alternative living space that simple give us a shot at doing it thank you so much the

Lone Samaritan – Documentary by Barak Heymann (Scene from the film)

The Samaritans, a tiny religious sect, are dying out. But they still maintain extremely harsh rules against assimilation: if you leave the fold, you and your family are as good as dead. Israeli actress Sophie Tzedaka is one such woman. One by one, she and her three sisters became “Jews” and were excommunicated by their 700-person community. So was their father. “Lone Samaritan” is a touching father-daughter journey that transcends all beliefs. It explores universal issues of faith and modernity, the role of women in religion, and the individual’s right to forge an independent identity—especially when that means violating a tradition you still hold dear.

Written, Directed and Produced by: Barak Heymann
Editor: Neta Dvorkis
Cinematographer: Uri Levi
Original Score: Ehud Banai
Research: Tali-Shamir Werzberger

The film was supported by Channel 8, Makor Foundation for Cinema & TV and Gesher Foundation for Multicultural Cinema.

For more information, visit our website:

Trailer: History of Afterschool in America Video Documentary

This 2-minute trailer previews the History of Afterschool in America (60 minutes) and how to access the full documentary.

the history of afterschool after-school programs are now part of the community landscape by after-school we're referring to school and community based programs this has been driven by a family need for after-school supervision of youth as well as the need for you to have expanded learning opportunities over 10 million kids across the country are participating in after-school programs few of these workers or other afterschool stakeholders are aware that after-school has been around for a long time or that the important contributions that after school programs have made dating back to the early nineteen hundred's private charities and day nurseries that had services for after-school kids so we're going back due to the large public and private investments after-school is greatly expanded and become a field of its own thus we need to document share and celebrate our history with others think of Education Social Work and medicine each has a documented history we have a growing body of literature and research we can do more to fully document our history in America of course we want all of our kids to be able to be full-fledged members of society where they contribute where they have jobs where they succeed and so we can't ignore this vast amount of time outside the classroom where parents are at home where kids can be learning in this documentary we attempt to tell the full story of the history of after-school it's important role as unique institution serving low-income youth as well as lessons that we can draw from this history we also look at the contemporary after-school field and to the future of afterschool programs


The World Will Shine Again. “Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep” Only in Theaters November 8.

“Doctor Sleep” continues the story of Danny Torrance, 40 years after his terrifying stay at the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson and newcomer Kyliegh Curran star in the supernatural thriller, directed by Mike Flanagan, from his own screenplay based upon the novel by Stephen King.
Still irrevocably scarred by the trauma he endured as a child at the Overlook, Dan Torrance has fought to find some semblance of peace. But that peace is shattered when he encounters Abra, a courageous teenager with her own powerful extrasensory gift, known as the “shine.” Instinctively recognizing that Dan shares her power, Abra has sought him out, desperate for his help against the merciless Rose the Hat and her followers, The True Knot, who feed off the shine of innocents in their quest for immortality.
Forming an unlikely alliance, Dan and Abra engage in a brutal life-or-death battle with Rose. Abra’s innocence and fearless embrace of her shine compel Dan to call upon his own powers as never before—at once facing his fears and reawakening the ghosts of the past.

“Doctor Sleep” stars Ewan McGregor (“Star Wars: Episodes I, II & III,” “T2 Trainspotting”) as Dan Torrance, Rebecca Ferguson (the “Mission: Impossible” films, “The Greatest Showman”) as Rose the Hat, and Kyliegh Curran, in her major feature film debut, as Abra. The main ensemble cast also includes Carl Lumbly, Zahn McClarnon, Emily Alyn Lind, Bruce Greenwood, Jocelin Donahue, Alex Essoe and Cliff Curtis.
Trevor Macy and Jon Berg produced the film, with Roy Lee, Scott Lumpkin, Akiva Goldsman and Kevin McCormick serving as executive producers.
Flanagan’s behind-the-scene creative team was led by director of photography Michael Fimognari (“The Haunting of Hill House”), production designers Maher Ahmad (“Get Hard”) and Elizabeth Boller (“Hush”), and costume designer Terry Anderson (“Den of Thieves”). The music score is composed by The Newton Brothers (“The Haunting of Hill House”).
Warner Bros. Pictures presents, An Intrepid Pictures/Vertigo Entertainment Production, A Mike Flanagan Film, “Doctor Sleep.” Slated for release in North America on November 8, 2019, and globally beginning on October 30, 2019, “Doctor Sleep” will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The Crosses Trailer – Open City Documentary Festival

Only days after the 1973 military coup against the Allende government, a group of nineteen union members in a paper factory were disappeared without trace. The case remained a mystery for forty years, until a policeman involved in the massacre finally broke the pact of silence. Taking his confession alongside testimony from the victims’ families —all voiced by actors—the filmmakers forensically unravel the events leading to the murders, using stark 16mm photography to depict the landscape like a crime scene. A bold and formally rigorous work, The Crosses bravely unearths a dark moment in Chile’s political history that for years had been buried in silence.

AVICII TRUE STORIES: Documentary Website Case Movie

This is a case video of the official documentary website, created for Avicii’s upcoming film in October. Web design, development, and motion.

Full portfolio case

Pontus Wellgraf

Anders Åberg

Official website

All rights reserved to Avicii and the creators for its trailer, song, and cover in this footage. This is a showcase video of the website production only.