Athos | Feature Documentary

Athos | Feature Documentary

Mount Athos on a peninsula off the cost of Greece is one of Europe’s last remaining secrets: a monks’ republic. Access to women is strictly denied and in order to keep unwanted tourists out, visas are granted only to pilgrims and workers. For the first time, a filmmaker was given access to all forms of monastic life on the holy mountain.

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  2. If you visit that place …you will understand what mean peace …peace in your heart in your mind … every summer when I go back in my homeland Greece for holidays …..i travel just 2-3 days to visit fathers ….believe every time I go I tell to my self ok I have see everything in ATHOS (AGIO OROS) but Every time I found more more new things and i found myself better …it’s something I don’t know ..miracle …

  3. Me siento atraído y elevado con este precioso vídeo pero me gustaría que alguien lo pudiera traducir al español para que lo entendiera ya que este es mi idioma.
    Gracias y Dios bendiga a alguien para que pueda hacerlo.

  4. I have never been to famous monastic communities such as Athos, Valaam, Optima, Mar Saba, St. Catherine's on Sinai, etc., but God has blessed me to visit a few monasteries in America. The monks in this documentary remind me of the monastics I have met and now count as friends—kind, wise, meek, and often have a sense of humor. I met two monks from the Holy Mountain last summer, a Serb and a Russian. Wonderful men. I believe I would love this life, and it would be good for me, but I am nearing 40, and have major responsibilities in the world. If God wills me to be a monk, may it be so. He will find a way. Watching this video also reminded me how truly far from God I am, because my soul is swollen with pride, grudges, and other stuff. May the prayers of our monastics save us! I was not born Orthodox, but am so by choice. I love our holy Church. May God preserve it unto ages of ages! Amen. ✢

  5. Beautiful video. As a female, I can never visit there. My sibling has been and brought me a beautiful hand painted icon from there. Your film brought me an experience of Athos that I have coveted. I feel blessed to have watched it. Thank you so very much!

  6. My question is, how do those of us who are stuck in the world gain this same level of faith. How do I as an Orthodox Christian bring monastic spirituality into my little apartment?

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