Arrested Development Documentary: Final Trailer

Arrested Development Documentary: Final Trailer

This is the final trailer for a doc. on this one of a kind tv show

we knew that we were working on the funniest show on television in our opinion there are so many jokes on a joke on a joke on a joke on a joke it really required your full attention it wasn't that laugh out loud and then once you got it it was belly last there's a number of things that they did on the show that I can't really believe in network ever let them get away with Oh what these guys had awesome we got away with murder it was so quick so quick it was that funny all the time I remember people telling me like that's not normal I perhaps foolishly believed that there would be an audience for them we were like destory so like tell people to really like watch it no one would we really were a ratings fiasco I don't know if the ratings ever quickly changed I think America missed this show by six months it just kept moving around I couldn't find it in every definition of the word missed America missed it all of America was supposed to say man that sure won an Emmy I've got to check it out and I think it lasted longer than anybody at Fox really would have wanted it to it was never going to appeal to the entire country I mean most people don't even know it existed really how sad is that it was indicative you know again how the show is sort of treated I hate the words groundbreaking but really I mean come on it was groundbreaking you

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  1. What would you rather? Feel superior for enjoying such an incredible work of art, one of which none of your lame less intelligent friends got? Or enjoying this master piece and just being another sheep in a herd. Its the best comedy ever written but I miss feeling superior to my friends now that everyone and their mother has seen it……

  2. Way to promote a project, without any release date or info on how to view/buy it. For anyone who is curious, it's OUT ALREADY and you can buy it on demand (directTV and TimeWarner), Itunes or just youtube it and you'll be able to purchase it here.

  3. It's true, they are filming a final season, 10 episodes I believe, for Netflix. Netflix have also considered reviving Jericho and a couple other shows have been rumoured.

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