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Area 51 Primer | UAP Channel

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UAP is making advice about Area 51. Wanna invade? Don’t. Making fun of super-seriously funny business. Making fun of quackery like main-scream scien-tainment does more than going on some foolhardy crusade.

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UAP (as conferred by my subs) stands for Underrated Actual Physicist. I’m Orthodox in faith and technologically inclined by profession, but my nature here is rebellious… it usually lines up with the traditional wisdom of Church Fathers, and knowledge of the Ancients by way of THE scientific method;
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My analysis includes humor, but is serious about finding the observable+ repeatable+ reproducible data that IS fact, especially when the Bible has given us the right direction, inspiration, and corroborating testimonials.

Even more when these Orthodox ideas have been systematically contradicted and suppressed only by widespread belief in popularly conjectured hypotheses. These things are my targets of opportunity.

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okay all you folks before you go out and storm area51 let me save you some trouble first of all even though you may be a US citizen and it's technically yours and you should be able to travel across it through it you should be able to audit it inspect it you should be able to show up unannounced and have access to pretty much anywhere in there you don't you can't and the consequences are severe so but I get it you want to know the truth you want to know if they're hiding if they are hiding something well yes they are it's secret but what they're hiding mm-hmm it's not so exciting I mean there's a little bit but it's not what you think they are not hiding a ullians because those don't exist not outer space aliens no way man so get off at get over it if you're disappointed do some introspection why are you disappointed that there aren't a humans that's kind of weird then the other thing is so what are they hiding well it's not so exciting stuff news news flash the government lies and the things they lie it out well it's having to do with the stuff we've the most part already found out that space is fake and such and so forth that kind of stuff MOOCs are fake on and on so what do they do there well why do they hide that they do there well they hide the stuff that they do they run drugs the traffic people probably they make space you know they fly airplanes and things that shoot flares that are supposed to be meteors and pretend to be satellites and pretend to be the ISS that's just a jet that they fly when they when they schedule the jet to fly that's when they send out the meteorologists to say the ISS will be visible blah blah blah because the Sun supposed to be in this certain position to illuminate this tiny little metal thing up in fake space that you wouldn't really be able to see and when you do see it it's just this kind of blurry thing doesn't really look like the ISS is supposed to look like but it does look a little bit more like this plane that they fly so anyway that kind of stuff now whether all of that is done at area 51 I'm certain that I don't know but it's just a big cash cow man they just they take the money whatever they do there is less important than getting the money and they get the money and so a whole lot of nothing goes on there I'll tell you that and then what does go on there that's secretive is nothing too different from what any criminal organization would do so any movie you watch where they have a secret lair that's what it's going to be there's a little bit more elaborate a little bit more sophisticated when it comes to the things that they do to fake a space and to fake nukes and to fake some of the other things that they fake but as far as high-technology and aliens and that kind of stuff you're not gonna really see that and then it's part of it is just to be a place where they can say that they do things that they don't do like test scramjets and ramjets that they don't really have they don't have these jets that can go Mach 10 they don't and so they don't test them because they don't exist so sorry to disappoint you some of the other things that they do there are the things that they do to make up for the fact that they don't have satellites they don't have fake space and so they have to do some mundane routine things that aren't there exciting that they don't really talk much about they do it a lot just to maintain the the illusion you know so a good example that would be launching weather balloons we've ever been watching the weather and heard the weather man or woman say okay so we're going to our weather balloon data now and we're looking and we can see that there's a storm tracking from 500 miles west of blah blah blah no they say satellite but it's not satellite not satellite not satellite it is weather balloons so they launch those things like madness there are thousands of weather balloons launched all over the world every day that's how they get all that data another thing that they do there is the aerosol spraying and for all the different ideas about how sinister it is and what it is and all this kind of stuff a main reason why they spray the aerosols is simply to put metal particulates into the air so that they can use radar to track the wind speeds directions moisture levels you know the ebb and flow of the atmosphere so that is something that they don't really want to tell you much about but they they do sometimes they call it chaff or you know the military planes are practicing throwing out chaff and then yeah right that and that covers half of a state and it appears as rain on the radar but it's just a metal particles you know so that kind of stuff is done out of those types of places there's some really weird creepy stuff that they do but it's not aliens that would get into more like the human experimentation and that kind of crap and if there's any reason to storm it it would be that but you better bet with all the advanced warning they're gonna have it all locked down I mean what honestly what you're gonna do storm in there okay you got in there it's an absolutely huge place are you going to go underground even if you find the place the place you go into that tunnel and you walk along underground you're gonna find locked doors and armed guards you know but at some point it is a good idea that hey maybe these armed guards have a conscience and if they're experimenting on people behind those doors maybe they'll unlock the doors so that the people could be rescued and their story be told but you think they're gonna allow that I don't know it would be very very revolutionary but it needs to happen because the compartmentalization is the real problem the people who work at area 51 with top-secret clearance themselves do not know what goes on at area 51 because of the compartmentalization so there you have it before and you get too excited about storming it just know the things that I've said here that's a pretty good primer and hopefully it will be your guide may God be with you ciao you

34 thoughts on “Area 51 Primer | UAP Channel”

  1. lol "Mach 10"
    i like this vidya's approach.
    human experiments happen everywhere.
    look close to home, kids.
    ps people do realize that geo engineering via spraying is gov admitted in a publicly available .pdf that came out like. multiples of ten years ago.

  2. I concur with theory that – "Storm Area 51"
    is proposed so that AI can watch the real-time reactions among the unwashed masses
    Similarly, Trump's buddy – 'Q' (-anon) – is probably IBM's 'Q'. Just taking notes.

  3. the aliens are in the other worlds they aren't 3d nuts and bolts craft just ghouls who can take different forms. they used to take shape of air baloons and fighter planes they take the shape of whatever is popular and or scary looking. its all to try to get you to fear them and think they are powerful. the ufos are dumber than a box of rocks let me tell you

  4. Yeh, storm vatican..
    I disagree. Supposedly that base is where one of the lost cities of gold is,lol. They're digging to the city and finding gold possibly.. look at old maps, overlay with new. There's secret things also I imagine. The big lake that was above emptied and filled in red Sea, covering city and making sand dunes and striped land inbetween cali and nev,az. Just my conclusion. Remember the more we dig the more we find. Lol you can probably find something in your yard, dig deep enough

  5. The biggest problem with the secrets of area 51 is that not even the employees who work at area 51 know what is going on there!!! It would not be as big of an issue if more of the permanent/semi permanent US government officials knew exactly what is going on at that site. The fact that only a very select few know and not 1 of those few are elected to their position… that is extremely suspicious! I understand that site contains secrets vital to national security, however if the individuals who are responsible for making national government decisions have no access to the technological accomplishments, knowledge, and potential of a department under their dictation… then exactly who's security is being protected? (is the military industrial complex protecting congress from themselves? or the presidential cabinet from it's self? or the people from themselves? or does the military industrial complex need to protect itself from the rest of the world?) The people of the US were warned about the military industrial complex at the time of it's creation, to be concerned about its potential. For it to remain veiled in unchecked secrecy is outright irresponsible and potentially poses a global threat!!! I agree it is wrong for the common citizens to storm the grounds, however I absolutely would support the entire house of Reps and Congress Reps to storm the place unannounced and demand full disclosure for their consideration in their official capacity and collective judgement. (It is not ok for any small group to classify their own documents top secret within a Republic… period.)

  6. Aliens no, however technology that will never become used by the population, yes.
    Whatever old tech they found, new tech they don't talk about, like the energy weapons used against California. They will probably kill people trying to get in there.
    Jack Parsons opened a portal there, so they say. Demonic at best.

  7. Im2om board with everything you said, however these peopke do have air crafts that can dovamazing things. I seen them myself when I lived in Nevada. And they are not jet propelled. They are silent amd can start and stop at will. Had one fly rite above my house. Using sone sort of electromagnetism.

  8. There Are Children Underground At Area 51, What Are You On?….They're MKUltra Victims Going Though Experimental Research…..And These Alien's, Are In Actual Fact ( DEMON'S ) – Known To The Elites As The ( Vril ) Gray's, Giant's Elohem, ( Disambiguation ) = Rebel Angels Or Fallen Ones/ That Exist, To This Very Day In These Underground Base's AKA D,U,M,B S …….Good Day, God Bless and Peace👍❤️🙏.

  9. It would be a 15 mile hike thru the desert 🌵 just to get close enough to see anything. It’s not worth knowing in my opinion. We already know it’s nefarious that’s all I personally need to know about it.

  10. they hide the scenery of the false trips to the moon, the hills, the only rock, the craters of the moon, and as you know they will go back to the moon in 2024, they will return to the same place

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