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Go on a voyage of discovery that leads from the oldest known temple in the world to a prehistoric cave map, to a common belief shared by key ancient cultures, all of which were aware of the star system Cygnus’ unique place in the cosmos – and it’s significance as the spirit path to heaven. Most surprising is the fact that the Ancient Advanced cultures of the past were aware of cosmic rays emanating from Cygnus, and for their being the spark which ignited evolution – the same spark which continues to alter our DNA right through to the present day.

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33 thoughts on “ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS: The Cygnus Mystery – FEATURE”

  1. @3:16 The Nephilim & the watchers and they dropped a metal stone on the Moon and it rang a tune for several hours. We have a nepheline stone (phonolites) that rings when struck and you make magnets from it how do you think it's able to push our waters around and this stone is a mystery they think it comes from deep down and pushed up from the core but you see it comes from the Moon and the question is how did it get here? Better yet what can we use them for and how where they used in the past do know?

  2. In the Urantia Book…Lake Van is a VERY IMPORTANT PLACE and inhabited by higher beings in human form, but larger, here to help raise humanity….it is so intriguing, and hearing him mention Lake Van really intrigues me!

  3. All these assumptions of astronomical alignment claimed by these guys are, at best, good guesses, for it is impossible that such alignment exist. The motives behind these alignments are unknown to us.

  4. Would've been so cool to see Deneb when it was the Pole Star. You'd see the milky way and cygus circle around every single night in the same spot.

    I'm only 5 minutes in. He better mention that it used to be the Pole star

  5. It's weird to talk about creatures but never mention it's creator. That is the reason it always fells like missing a very important point , cause reality is that everything is created by some one .Explosions happens with a reason , it's not just out of blue .

  6. No they did not find evidence of Big Bang I dare you to show that proof it's a theory and always has been a theory why do you got to start out so good and then end on a bad note that's a horrible horrible thing do not try to make something that is pure Theory into a fact I dare you to post a video showing your proof of the Big Bang what expansion that is hardly proof

  7. Yeah well I'm still not sure about evolution I still think that it falls into the category of adaptation but maybe a little evolution I'm not giving evolutionist more power to do brutality because survival of the fittest that doesn't make sense

  8. Seguin and a few others all said the same thing like you're stating I never bought into that weird story that they've been pumping down everybody's throat how about the Sumerian interaction matter fact I have friends that read the Sumerian Tablets and they cannot find anything that this weirdness has been passed around the last five years about Sumerian overlords that is a craziest crap you ever heard the real significance in the Sumerian writings they're not talking about and they came up with this Overlord crap and nobody really knows where it came from or who started that weirdness and it has nothing to do with the actual Sumerian writings

  9. And let me tell you I believe in this before I do that weird crap that aliens came down to earth and Infused humans DNA that made no sense to me this makes sense to me and it actually can be measured in science

  10. And I am a firm believer that cosmic rays not only can alter the DNA but I think it opens up something in the subconscious other people have studied it

  11. You know I know you guys are proud of your ufotv little icon there but you know a lot of people are not going to look at your information because of that stupid little logo they've been socially program to look away how much important data is here that nobody's going to ever see because they've been programmed to look away sometimes you got to get rid of the pride and get rid of that little logo so you can get your information out there people are biased and you're not going to stop that you're choking on your own Pride if you don't listen to my words get rid of the logo so people will actually look at your stuff I am open-minded and I believe there is a minority of people who are but don't you think it would be better served and Suited if everybody looked and yes they do care and they will look away especially if it's a Conservative Republican

  12. It wasn't just the Native Americans which by the way my adopted father is okay but the native people of Australia also head hallucinogenic rituals for Consciousness and higher spirituality

  13. You know there are structures in the Brazilian jungle that are yet to be even looked at but people think this is it there is a vast ocean a mystery that structures are under the oceans but they too have not been discovered yet they know they're there we're going to find out that Humanities history goes way further back than this not that I'm trying to put down this dudes work but this is not the end game

  14. 15.000 years is a millisecond in time considering that the Sumi came here 500.0000 years ago from the Aldebaran star system  (the Sumerian interplanetary realm, whose kings and queens were the Anunnaki, revered as Gods and Goddesses in ancient Mesopotamia). but my interest here is in the Norse mythology aspect  with swans and the Cygnus star constellation and the Vril society. I have written about this before.

  15. it seems almost as if everyone knows a very important and certain Truth. > But that's not like really having it Fully.
    That's why it is so primitive.
    Coz if they really got it , they would have done something else .
    This is a Penalty of mile Stones taken to Just Start.
    Did you see those strange stone UFO Sauser SHaped Stone Found in Mines !! Also Very Old but also Hid < Not Shown < That's why it is so Alarming they might have said ? Its the Primitive thoughts thinking we have all evolved <
    But no , We all have the same exact stupid dreams…
    They were all Probably dominated by their dreams.
    It is No Coincidence that The Word God Is Already 3 Letters.
    But if you look at the Dream STellar of the Heart of the SPhinx > You will Probably Know what is the Language that represents purity. and you will understand that it is how you see things. only you can control you pineal Gland and know it's destiny. Not any Pope Holding a Stick -> Unless you really are under one <
    Only Like kids We can Unlock all things.
    The Space Ship on the Back of the Sphinx Also Has 3 Legs
    L Is like a Leg < 90 degrees has Too many Meanings.
    The Split is in the / V Corner. To be able to see the point from right Perspective.

    3 Dots Grew lines moving towards the Top to meet >> Connected to 1 Dot above.
    The Tops were all Chopped Off Because of that Reason.

    The Steps that are on top Of Isis are also 3 Representing a Throne.
    and when Man or Woman Sit Down they make the shape of those 3 steps too.

    You wanted UFOs you asked for it !

    Here's the Geeeeneeee out of the Box.

    Those 3 Feathers were not lost.
    They are in front of you.

    The 3 Abrahamic Religions

    Jewdaism – Christ – Islam

    I said Chist Because Now days It is very very wide Range of Rainbow Colors.

    Mikerinos – Kefrennn – Khufu
    Mercury – Venus – Earth and on top of it is the Moon.

    1 , 2 , 3 Laid out

    3 Aces –

    1 Diamond – 1 Truffle – 1 Heart

    Or Go Back to 4 2 3
    So that you may Understand again what is truly 432hz and Good Clear ears hands feet face arms mouth and NOSE !

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