Ancient and medieval philosophy and classical philology, Master's Programme

Ancient and medieval philosophy and classical philology, Master's Programme

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Shadrack from Ghana tells you about the programme and what it is like to study in Gothenburg.

The philosophy of language and mind in ancient and medieval traditions is largely understood to include logic and semantics, theories of communication and argumentation, theories of knowledge, cognitive psychology, as well as their metaphysical foundations.

In addition to philosophical competence, linguistic skills in Greek and Latin and palaeography and textual criticism are essential tools for any student or researcher who wants to access the most influential texts in the development of Western thought directly and independently. Ancient and Medieval Philosophy requires essential skills that are increasingly rare on a global scale.

Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and Classical Philology, Master’s Programme offers students the possibility to acquire these skills in a leading research environment. It prepares for postgraduate education and an international research career in the interdisciplinary field. The programme has close interaction with the research group Representation and Reality and its international network of leading scholars and partner institutions.

More information about the programme:

The programme is a study of the history of philosophy, focusing on medieval and ancient philosophy. Now, since all the ancient and medieval philosophers wrote in either Latin or Greek palaeography of Latin and Greek is taught as part of the programme. One thing I really like about this programme is its affiliation with a research group at the department known as Representation and Reality. We as students have the opportunity not only to attend and listen to presentations by lecturers from all around the world, but also to be taught by them. The last seminar I visited a professor gave a presentation about Aristotle's interpretation of dreams. I got the opportunity to watch him present as well as his paper being analysed, examined, and criticised by his colleagues. It was an interesting thing to witness. After this I believe I’m equipped to pursue a PhD in philosophy to enable me to achieve my long time dream to become a teacher and researcher in the academic field of philosophy.

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