Adventure Documentary Filmmaking

Adventure Documentary Filmmaking

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My adventure filmmaking tips!

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Title page animation by Andrew O’Sullivan.

Behind the scenes footage shot by Max Wilson and Paddy Phillips.

Photos taken by Emily Martin, Christopher Lloyd, Louis Thompkins and Jennish Odigski.

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Shot on a Canon 60D and DJI Phantom 2 with a GoPro Hero 4.

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hey guys welcome to this week's vlog today I'm in Wales in a place called abaca vini I first discovered this place about five years ago when I was working on a feature film here and I've tried to come back as much as I can because I just love this place it's so beautiful today I'm going to talk about adventure filmmaking and give you guys a few tips and tricks on how to get the best results when you're out in the field filming can be hectic at times and so often you only have a short period of time to get what you need so the obvious thing to do is just run in and start shooting but that's never a good idea instead put your camera to the side and spend a few hours just connecting with your environment and connecting with your subject and the people that you're working with having spent that time developing a rapport with somebody will shine through in your work and make it so much better so rather than them freaking out because you straight away put a camera in the face instead you get to know them you connect one-on-one and they'll trust you more whereas if you just put a camera in their face they're not going to really trust you because they don't know who they're talking to they don't know they're speaking to whereas if you can just put that to the side and get to know the person and make them laugh have fun with them do silly things it really really helps this is one I really like and it's about getting shots that nobody else is willing to get so for example if you think Oh be a nice shot if I climb that tree or that would be a nice shot if I hiked up to that mountain lots of people black so much work it's three hours just for one shot but if you can have that philosophy and just work hard in order to get those shots in the long run that will always pay off because you're getting shots that nobody else are willing to get so it shots that nobody else has seen so if you can give that extra 10% it really helps and it will show in the results and people are gonna really want to work with you because they know you're gonna go that extra mile in order to get the best results you possibly can preparation is just the most important thing if you can prepare for every scenario so for example if your camera brakes have a backup if you cut yourself have a first-aid kit everything comes down to preparation it's never a good idea just to quickly go somewhere and shoot there you've always got to make sure that you've done the research people know that you're going to these places got a backup phone in case something breaks you've just got to have all these different plan a plan B Plan C plan D because if there's one guarantee it's that things will go wrong so make sure you're prepared for that for me the most important decision to make is who I collaborate with I want somebody who's gonna make me laugh when I wake up in the morning someone who loves what they do and somebody that is always going to be positive even when it's getting really tough and you're both exhausted and just want to go to sleep who you choose in your team is the difference between having an amazing experience filming or a terrible experience filming so make sure you choose someone is gonna make you smile pain is temporary and fulfillment forever and I think this is such a great way to look at it because the pain that you go through in order to get these results all these projects makes you a stronger person and it's not necessarily that enjoyable at the time but by pushing through that you're able to get these results that are really amazing and that feeling we can solve a problem and push through that it's just the best so if you're ever feeling like this is too hard this is too difficult just remember that quote and that it will pass and it's just for a time being and if you can continue and not give up then it will all be okay in the end and it will be worth it that's it for now guys I hope you found that helpful if you've got any other tips or tricks post them in the comment bar below it'd be great to see them other than that don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next week Oh

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