Addicted: America's Opioid Crisis | Full Documentary

Addicted: America's Opioid Crisis | Full Documentary

Editor – Nick Light
Producer – Sarah Svoboda
Director, Producer and Camera – Darren Conway
Executive Producer – Jacky Martens

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Full documentary exploring the depth of America’s opioid crisis and the role played by pharmaceutical giants.

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there is no other medication which within a week can condemn someone to a life of addiction it's possible that I was promoting a drug on the basis of fraudulent science but there was just too much money to be made when they first entered life the first breath of air came along with withdrawals if the pharmaceutical companies knew about the addiction possibilities then it's horrific that they would steal my son away from me there is no other medication that kills so many people as opioids my name is Jacob I'm 12 years old your addiction why did you turn my parents into something that they're not I don't know my own father because of you it's not really that cool to ruin people's lives I couldn't have a normal childhood or life because of you my name is Kiera and I'm 11 years old your addiction you tore apart my family why mine I've been lied to because of you I have cried because of you I have been bullied because of you signed an option that child I don't think like no one really understands how I feel I don't even know where my dad is and really she winds and also she's doing drugs and I don't know if he OD didn't died or he just keeps OD my dad would bring like needles into the house and then my friends when they come over they're like what's that and I would like be embarrassed to bring anymore friends over these are stories from a summer camp that no child should have to tell mom doesn't really say anything about my dad doing drugs once I asked her why is he doing drugs and sexy me but really she just like says he's always that person I just stop asking that question but all of these children have a secret that they need to share all right show of hands do you have a parent close friend or relative who has died from drug abuse so we got a hundred percent of hands does anybody want to talk about that yes I know people that overdosed and died you should have go to rest like that you should go to rest in a peaceful way not hurting and in pain and high and all that how about do you have a parent a close friend or relative who has overdosed so that's why we're doing this work right is because all of us have those very very very hard and tragic things in common we all know somebody who's overdose right at least once anybody afraid that something might set off them using again in elementary school and like on my clients dad first started leaving and I would get in trouble I would like a beg my mom not to tell my dad cuz I don't want him to find out and then him go start doing drugs again cuz then it will affect me even more sometimes what's going on in the house makes you want to not be there go ahead there's a lot of instances where I don't like being in the house because she's like bringing drunk people or over hi people over with their families and talking to them and it makes me kind of uncomfortable because I don't like I don't like it in the house you know my sister's name is Laura I just love her she's there for me she she's hugging me get in the middle school I try not to follow up this way Sarah um she's probably my best friend she doesn't deal very well with feelings I don't I think that's why she didn't participate very much today and she's going into 6th grade this year middle school and that is a very big emotional step when I was in middle school I could probably name 4 or 5 people that could definitely sell me drugs or my closest friends that could give me drugs if I really wanted to ask for them and I I don't think she's ready to experience all of that and I don't think she's ready to be able to process things like that it's a very very scary thing because the amount of people that do those types of things in my grade is very high most of I probably have like more friends that do the more friends that don't or know more people that do the more people that don't so it's very scary and in 2001 2002 and 2003 was for me when the oxycotin it was everywhere and and I was in high school at the time and everybody had access to it at least the kids that I ran with my opiate addiction got so bad that it brought me down to the inner-city out here where one night on Christmas Eve I had my son who was about maybe one one-and-a-half in the backseat behind me and my partner on the other in the passenger seat I was parked over here on the left and I had gotten out of the car left my son and his mom in the car walked over to here made a quick transaction with the guy and then got back in the car looped around to use the drugs and that's when I realized that it was fake so as crazy as I was back then it made sense for me too now I'm gonna turn around and this guy's gonna feel bad for me because he just ripped me off on Christmas Eve and actually tried to play that card with him and I just said you know you ripped me off and literally in seconds he just reached for the wheel well of this Jeep Cherokee that was parked there on the corner grabbed a pistol and without saying anything I kind of turned around at that point I got my son in the car and he basically just kind of walked me back to to my car no that was one of the it's one of the harshest memories that I have the things I used to do with my own son in the car and the danger that I would put them in almost every day of the week for you know almost two years that's where that one pill can take you essentially when I really look at it the big picture where it all started for a lot of people it's just taken so many lives and destroyed so many households and families and I I don't see a stop to it anytime soon I blame the pharmaceutical companies and I think and I think they should they need to pay for for the mistakes that they made or the problems that they put out there and they also need to help pay for the solution the original opioid epidemic was a prescription opioid epidemic that was caused by over prescribing for the treatment of pain we found very early on was that 75% of the people who were using heroin had started by using prescription opiates so it was an epidemic caused by the medical care system this is an epidemic that was caused by greed this is a man-made epidemic that has cost us maybe five hundred thousand lives since the beginning of this crisis it was Purdue Pharma with their painkiller oxycontin that revolutionized how opioids were marketed in the 1990s imagine a life with chronic pain persistent debilitating stabbing pain that goes on for weeks months even years Purdue farmer was very effective in promoting their products and in persuading us in those early days that their drug was different from the opioids we were used to using and that it was likely to be more effective and safer than the opioids that had been used before some end up shuttling from Doctor to doctor desperate for relief finding doctors who neither understand their pain nor know how to relieve it we were responding to a brilliant multifaceted campaign that was really a marketing campaign disguised as education although they may once have considered them dangerous and Mike numbing many doctors and policy makers now say that opioids are safe and effective medicines for treating chronic pain opioids are not safe these are probably the single most dangerous class of medications that there is some patients may be afraid of taking opioids because the perceived as too strong or addictive but that is far from actual fact less than 1% of patients taking opioids actually become addicted there is no other medication that kills so many people as opioids there's no other medication which within a week can condemn someone to a life of addiction they were able to take this old generic drug and turn it into a blockbuster product a product that would bring in more than 1 billion in sales a year other drug companies very quickly saw how profitable this was and began to do exactly the same from around 1996 up until around 2011 there was a nine hundred percent increase in opioid addiction measured by people seeking treatment and when you have a very large increase in the number of people with a disease over a short period of time that is how you would define an epidemic one of the things that we were working against was an army of salespeople who were going out and telling doctors that these medications were safe within four years of oxycontin being introduced Purdue doubled the size of its sales force so at the time when I joined the company and on into the first couple of years the three years that I was with the company I was very excited about what I thought was the good that we were doing for the patient however it wasn't until several years later after I left the company that I began to realize and it was brought to my attention that you know what I could have been doing not knowing at the time that I was doing it was it's possible that I was promoting a drug on the basis of fraudulent science you know one of the things that bothered me about a situation was they came out with a plan you know to help doctors document better you know and we would go and and and provide them with these tools to better document the treatment of pain but then what would happen when those same exact doctors we're getting would get in trouble for quote over prescribing using the documentation that they provided they wiped their hands no support for those doctors and there's doctors who lost license as doctors have committed suicide doctors who went to prison lost everything and they were doing exactly they were they were doing exactly what the company taught us to teach them to do looking back and knowing what I know now I have no doubt in my mind that who's to blame is Perdue themselves and the family that owns the medication that owns the company Purdue Pharma argues that they manufacture a government-approved medicine that represents a tiny portion of opioid prescriptions while providing life-changing relief for millions of pain patients who need it I don't think that we as a state as a country understood the depths and the extent to which the defendant members of the Sackler family and Purdue were engaged in this misconduct and how far-reaching it was but now we know this is an email conversation between then Purdue president Richard Sackler and an acquaintance around 2001 and the acquaintance rights abusers died well that is the choice that they made I'd add a single one didn't know of the risks and Richard Sackler writes back abusers aren't the victims they are the victimizers and I got to tell you every time I read this email it's it's hard to read it's hard to stomach that somebody would write that about people that are suffering people that are real distress and people that have died and it's that kind of thinking that I think powered this company during that period and led to you know a deceptive fraudulent misleading product development and marketing strategy that preyed on people and their misery and made money off of people's misery and I think that's what these emails show they didn't take any notice of the alarm bells they didn't take any notice of what we were saying they didn't take any notice of the studies that were coming in that were showing clearly that the high doses were harming people and showing clearly that there was an epidemic of abuse and deaths and if they didn't alter their marketing tactics which I see as much worse than what they did in the first place is that they didn't take any notice of all the warning signs until they were forced to do you believe produce marketing was overly aggressive do you believe produced marketing was appropriate I believe so I presume somewhere Richard Sackler in the dark of night knew what he was doing was wrong but there was just too much money to be made and I think for me you know we learned how for the banks they were too big to fail in 2008-2009 well some of these pharmaceutical companies it feels like they're just too big to care we're learning more about a former football star found dead in an apparent drug overdose last Friday in Scottsdale and tonight I'm angry that the world lost a really wonderful person and I'm angry that his daughter has to grow up without a father and I'm angry that I don't get to hug my son this is where Jill Hernandez came to watch her son Brock grow up every weekend the field brings back a lot of memories he just lived for being on the field that's Brock number 22 when he was 13 years old I mean he was just a gifted athlete basketball baseball football the football was his passion he was such a good player and he gave his heart every single game that there were injuries every year if not every season for whatever he was playing and sometimes that led to a broken bone a surgery you know screws being put in his foot and he almost always was prescribed some form of painkiller Brock died in 2017 he was 24 years old it's not just another story it's a live human being that once touched our lives was in our hearts that we all miss it's not just another number on the TV if the pharmaceutical companies knew about the addiction possibilities and it's looking from what I read that they did then it's horrific that they would steal my son away from me 48 states have filed lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for their role in the opioid crisis I have traveled across Ohio over the last several years I've seen the devastation that this epidemic is wrecking on our state it is a human tragedy of epic proportion ripping families apart tearing at the fabric of our communities and holding our state back New York is in the midst of a crisis a crisis that has ravaged our communities and Families crisis that is claiming lives young and old all across our state and our nation a crisis that we firmly believe was created and perpetuated by the manufacturers and distributors of opioid drugs today we're suing the giant the pharma lord who created oxycontin we believe the sackers wrongful acts have directly contributed to the wake of addiction death and devastation in Indiana and across this country our complaint alleges that Purdue Pharma knew as early as the 1990s that one of their drugs oxycontin was one of was among the most abused opioids in the country this lawsuit contains detailed allegations about the Sackler family and their attempts to hide the vast fortunes they collected at the expense of actual lives I am worried about my boys being subject to addiction and that whole lifestyle it scares me to death to think that they would do what I was doing at their age you know when when I was 10 11 years old I had gotten an injury playing football which my son plays football I think about if he gets an injury and has to get pain medicine what's gonna go through his mind is it gonna be the same thing that went through my mind is he gonna like that feeling of that being that pain being relieved so when Kaden was born I was kind of a mess I mean I was hanging by a thread I mean I'm pretty sure I was high when I was watching me in participating in the delivery of my son and then you know couldn't wait to to get out of there to go use more father and son come on we got a rescue and they're gonna die they're gonna dry out when he was first born they actually had to give him it was opium that they put it into his baby formula just to keep him from shaking and and that was kind of a scary thing they just said it was withdrawal symptoms but he was shaking so that's when things for me really got out of control because the guilt and shame really built up at that point when they first entered life their first breath of air came along with withdrawal symptoms you know so just thinking about that it always brings up a weird feeling within me but it also drives me to do more of what I do today and live the way that I do today and set more examples for them you know and just be their hero or whatever I can be so that's never becomes an issue you know in my eyes kind of breaking the chain so they don't have to be a part of me my brother and my uncle you know the family generations of you know active addiction I'm an interventionist here in Connecticut but then messaging back and forth with your son Derek he's been communicating for quite a bit now trying to get some help yes that's all he never had a long-term rehab he hasn't had a slice of treatment at all oh and he was always dead against going to long term rehab always I would beg him he just wouldn't he always had to try to do it his way and it never worked obviously he's too dependent on us I don't know I don't know how to get him to start taking care of himself hi Kevin Morris was confidential this is Doreen tricker ello our family liaison Mike okay so what brings you guys here today well we are running out of options with our son we feel like we've tried everything we possibly could we don't seem to be getting anywhere he keeps relapsing so it sounds like you guys have exhausted all resources and done whatever you can financially and we have this time we've gotten so desperate he he overdosed and by the grace of God I had found him and so from from you know coming out of his overdose he went spill right back and celebrate stop he didn't so what we're gonna try to do is you know show up tomorrow and and offer him to help and and kind of see where it goes he sees me you know begging him to please stop putting us through this I mean most of our life has been gone this there was supposed to be the time of our life you know I think we've prepared as much as we possibly can here you know tomorrow's the big day you know just remain hopeful and try to get some sleep and hit it first thing in the morning excited sup dude how you doing good mind if we talk to you for a few minutes feeling alright okay that's right don't worry budding you that look fine to me we've been talking and we put it put together a nice little situation for you it's long term there's really no time limit on it so there's not going to be a lot of pressure for you you know outside of whatever pressure you might put on yourself and you got a loving family that supports the heck out of you you know and I'll be by your side every step of the way so all's we need to know from you is how do you feel about that yeah like the idea you know I'm excited for you and I know this is confusing and probably a little difficult to comprehend I'm the good thing for you is everything is kind of taken care of you don't really have to do anything but put one foot in front of the other you know say you think it sounds like a good idea awesome awesome so Derek will let you get your bearings and then we'll get on the phone and screen get your screen for detox which is I think you've been down that road before you know they'll just ask you a bunch of yes-or-no questions and stuff like that so I'm proud of you may not hear ya nice fresh start for you it's a chance for my life it has been a gift it's a scholarship doing everything I can not to get emotional here then struggling for a while now ever since 2005 a long time what's your parents want to say something anything to them they've been here for the whole thing they've been around for everything Thank You Christine says your life derek has been struggling with addiction for 14 years it's hard to break free he's he's saying he's not getting on the plane like this he's saying he didn't get his methadone or take his methadone and and he did he did he's just he's freaking out he's getting scared now Derek's going through it right now he you know his mind right now is saying I want to go use you know and that's a really common thing you know I'm just trying to explain to him that he's gonna be okay well he's just trying to accomplish getting them you know getting high one last time he doesn't want to think about this he doesn't want to feel this right now and nobody does it's a scary scary situation we're gonna be all right dude promise you and your mom's out there shaking like a leaf right now thinking that oh man this is we did the wrong thing here and this is bad and she is counting on this it was scary for a moment didn't think it was gonna happen and I don't know whatever Kevin said what a blessing because he was me and he looks like he's ready let's start the rusty in his life spin up and do it yep we did it yeah [Applause] yeah the detox is even nicer she's been to awaken I have pictures of the detox I'll show you I'm really happy that it did happen the way it did you know at first I was struggling with it I didn't know how I would feel about it but you know in the end I'm just glad that it happened the way it did and you know I get to actually get a chance at you know at this recovery dereck flew to Florida for rehab two months later he's clean and doing well there are many lessons we need to learn and there's a lot of blame to go around and I don't really see that we're fixing these mistakes looking back knowing what I know now I don't put the blame on anyone except for the company themselves and probably the FDA that approved the product the FDA exists to protect the pharmaceutical industry primarily and it's funded by the pharmaceutical industry it so happens that the same FDA official who approved oxycontin would shortly after approving the drug take a position working for Purdue Pharma and we've seen that happen at FDA's analgesic division over and over again we have a fundamental problem when the profits of one small group are in direct conflict with the interests of most of society when some group has no legal reason not to maximize their profit even if doing so will result in killing people I am starting to get concerned that all of this attention paid on this one family is missing the role played by other pharmaceutical companies that did exactly what Purdue and the Sackler shhhh did and we're also missing some of the failures of our regulatory agencies federal agencies state agencies all the problems that need fixing if we if we blame this all on the sackler 's and their greed I'm worried we're not going to address many of these other failures Perdue farmer is not the only drug company to be blamed for this crisis others are also being called to account this is not going to go away it's going to go from one generation to the next I feel like like it just changes generation I believe he's just getting worse younger and younger people are using our younger now then I remember ever being and it's mostly because of all the pills that are popping on and that they're putting on people like these kids are actually getting pills for for pain for an accident or something like that in being pumped all these pills and then expect them not to be hooked on them when they actually stop giving it to them so they actually will look for that numbness with heroin which is the next step so unfortunately I don't see this as a stopping anytime soon when you look at the city right and you hardly know what's going on it looks so quiet but once you look down to actually the street so many things for now it's a there's a person in the corner selling drugs no more I worry I worry for my people because he's not gonna go away living on the street was horrible because you you kind of don't have purposes you don't know where to go every day was different everybody that you met wasn't there the next day having survived these back streets of addiction Billy now devotes his time helping others trapped by this epidemic how do you do whatever you need to do to to get higher you don't want to face reality you don't want to face the fact that you don't have a place to go you haven't taken a shower in days so you don't have any any place to stay you know you don't wanna you don't want to face it you haven't changed your underwear how long you know that's that's what George did Jessie what's up baby how you do you remember all that at that time that you were overdosing it almost every day I find you in the hospital couple of times like what the hell spiraling yeah and then was tired of the games I was tired of divided I was tired of the creeps of beat every other date late are you okay I wish I was like you up like that and I was like now I'm just kidding he went Wow I know like I want like to get you just I'm sorry baby that happy yeah yeah poor thing nobody should be hitting you nobody nobody should be touching you are you all right okay just one month later this 20 year old woman died on these streets from a fentanyl overdose at least fix oxes you'll find them anywhere in the street they they haven't been in every other corner or whatever leepu fentanyl and it makes him with any other pill and they crush him and they put him in the compress them into this right now I'm gonna test it for fentanyl and this cooker this is the fentanyl strip which we show us if he has fentanyl you just let us smoke him the water was choking automatically if he has two lines he doesn't have fentanyl and if he has one line it has fentanyl looking at this right now he has for internal he only has one line a person that doesn't have that tolerance of fentanyl we'll take that pillow go over those yes the fact that it's gonna be a shock to their body because they're not used to twelve years right back only self internal it does worried me a lot because it I mean it looks so good you would think that something fake will look different but it doesn't it looked very good I didn't think it was possible and it in right now right now I see that is totally totally Fanta and these are supposed to be prescribed so how can you get thousands of them you know so yeah most likely comes from across the border or something the fentanyl pills are coming across the Mexican border for the most part they're manufactured in Mexico and then they'll smuggle them across the border so this is a recent seizure now you're looking at enough fentanyl to kill tens of thousands of people in this one seizure we see an inner amount of young people get hit with these things because they think that they're taking mom and dad's oxycodone that they were stealing out of the medicine cabinet and that's not what this is we see it every place we see it in rich white people we see it in poor Hispanic people we see it in middle-class black people we see it men women no age disparity we see it every place we're gonna seize over a million of these this year and it's such an amazing thing to think about how much it's coming across when four years ago we had zero think about the idea that five years ago the United States had 5% of the world's population we were using about 80% of the world's oxycodone so we clearly had an over prescribing an overuse issue and I think that that led to this high addict population that we had as we realized what happened and we started clamping down on these prescriptions well we've got this gigantic addicted population of Americans out there that need an opiate so the next cartels are smart enough to realize will they manufacture an opiate that can meet that need Phoenix is one of the main hubs for drug smuggling the majority of what we're seeing is coming from the South coming from Mexico you know it was heroin and now we're seeing the fentanyl pills we're seeing the blue and 30 pills that's what's hitting our communities hard right now and they look like oxycodone but they're not they're laced with fentanyl and that's where people are dying from so my guys are set up right now on two houses that are selling heroin and the m30 fentanyl pills we have this residents around it with surveillance units and units that are going to make the stops hey this looks like a good stuff so we need to get around this vehicle surrounding time to get out of the truck you see yours and whites back there right yeah hey Sam yes I am relaxed tongs better calm down April hey you know we tell you to pull you over you get pulled over hand on your head you on the flop mine in itself could be like crisis isms is what you see make you worry about the future and makes me question myself on what we're doing out here we're bringing overwhelmed with this drug issue here this narcotics issue especially the opiates right now I don't see it stopping I don't see it slowing down that I'm trying to say it's used a 22 from their scale they like to like a quarter out we knew that house was very active and this is proving that point right now so it was a good night took a lot of methamphetamines off and some heroin tea I don't seem into this crisis are we winning the war on drugs right now no but we're trying and we're not gonna stop drugs were always aware ever since I was younger I tried my best to stay out of it but just not as easy as it seems I'm Ryan Keith bones two years ago when I turned 25 I was shot in the back of my lay and developed nerve damage and a broken femur it's about six months after that they stop prescribing the medications but the pain didn't stop so I started going about my own way to find my own medications where first it was just a pain um then it led to addiction I had to go like I said I had to go buy my own liens on I would find people that would prescribe them and buy him off of him I still money I was uh dealing with all the drugs to come about obtaining the drug I needed my daughter's name is Paris man Bowens she's three years old for July 20th mrs. mrs. so much just she's my world you know she's my driving force I got several pictures over I hanging up in the wall waiting up to it keeps me going daddy loves baby pharmaceutical companies will likely be fined billions of dollars for igniting this crisis but will these children ever be free of America's opioid epidemic my hope for Sarah are that she can grow up and have a family of her own and if she so chooses – she can separate herself from the addiction or recovery community and it won't come back to haunt her leader my message to men and women in active addiction that have children is just to realize your actions are bigger than you and that your actions could affect your kids or your kids friends or your grandkids [Laughter]

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  1. Where is the accountability of the FDA? The FDA approval process does require documentation about the drug, but it does NOT require ANY testing and can be expedited through their "process" with money.

  2. The only opioid epidemic going on right now is the heroin epidemic because no one is O.D.'ing on pain pills, people who actually need them for legit diseases cannot even get them so how are street people getting them? Oxycontin hasn't been around for 20 years! Yes, pill mills were rx'ing to anyone who had cash money and also were rx'ing benzos with those opiates and also sleeping pills so yeah people were dying from these dangerous cocktails. Let's ask this question, why are people so depressed in this day and age that they have to turn to drugs, what is actually going on around us that is causing this?

  3. So ? Whats the black owners name that created crack what company was it I can't find nothing on the family is he and his family still in business and did the get lawsuits against them also from families and I am looking up black family that were offered help I can't find anything

  4. As to the 'Epidemic' that is all because of US Free-market economics and the pursuit of money over patients' health problems. When you have M.Ds behaving like Car Salesmen but pushing OxyContin (high level opioid), then there is something wrong with US Approach to medicine. Also, US has to weed out (excuse pun) all the illegal drugs, do it properly.

  5. Opioids are difficult; In Medical conditions like A&E and analgesia management opioids provide relief like no other medicines and, the safety profile is very good. A friend of mine (Doctor) says he has patients on Medium strength opioids for 20-40 years and nothing happens to them except they are addicted physically, psychologically and might get side effects like Bowel Impaction or related either way, Opioids are detoxed in 3-20 days and as far as harm to the Liver, a 120mg Codeine dose is safer than even a 325mg Acetaminophen. Opioids need to be controlled well but not by the DEA or FDA but the Doctors and the Medical Council.

  6. Opium war, America Indian massacre, slavery and many
    More horrible things that their white ancestors did to
    Other race is now coming back to get them…
    These poor generation is paying for what their ancestors Sinned against
    Other race
    God is fair

  7. It is well documented that the opioid crisis has hit the white demographic the hardest (ironically, because of racist policies that posited that African Americans have a higher pain threshold, and therefore did not need painkillers). It is the fact that white people have been hut the hardest, that we see the constant bleating, wailing, gnashing of teeth and hand wringing we see in the media.

    When the same thing happened to African Americans in the 90's (the "crack epidemic" – contrast the wording: "epidemic" vs "crisis") – they (African Americans) were mischaracterised as drug addicts and criminals, were brutally policed and carted off enmasse to prison – absolutely no sympathy was shown by white people to the victims in the "crack epidemic". Why are you surprised when the same courtesy you showed to others, is shown to you?

    What, you think you can enslave and humiliate people for four hundred years, oppress, ridicule and disenfranchise them for another 100 years, and then continue to stigmatise, brutalise and marginalise them, and then turn around and say "let's be friends"? Well, I'm afraid to let you know that it doesn't work like that.

    White people have humiliated and brutalised non-white people (especially people of African descent) in one form or the other (slavery, colonisation etc.), and have never even had the temerity to acknowledge the damage that this trauma has caused people – and you expect us to be friends?. There is an inordinate amount of justifiable indignation and anger seething in non-white people, against white people. China's economic rise was fuelled in large part, by it's desire to avenge it's "100 years of humiliation" (by the Western powers). People of African descent have the biggest gripe of all – almost 500 years of brutal oppression, dehumanisation and humiliation by whites, which has created a global class of Untermensch – if any white person thinks that people of African descent are going to forget the trauma that has been inflicted on them (with no acknowledgement of the damage being given by the perpetrators) and just hold hands in some "Kumbaya" way, they are delusional.

    What goes round, comes round.

  8. My cousin is addicted to heroin and he told me this about addiction… "You ever have a bug bite that itches so bad that you HAVE to scratch it? That's how my addiction works." He then said "Do me a favor, the next time you get a bug bite. Don't scratch it, at all, no matter how bad it itches! And then for the rest of your life, don't scratch any bug bites ever again. EVER! That's what rehab wants me to do. Not scratch my itch for the rest of my life." It was an interesting perspective. I tried it. Lasted like 5 hours. And then scratched the shit out of it.

  9. the problem of addiction isn't the drug. it's society. society's misstreating of certain people.

    people are always looking for connection. connection to other humans, love, friends, a meanning in life, dignity. no connection = internatal emotional stress.

    I tried pretty much all drugs out there, together with friends, the only people who got addicted were those who had problems in life.

    if you want to lessen addiction, don't fight the drugs, there will be other options for addicts, fight the underliying cause of WHY people are missing their connection to the world and the importance of their being in this world.

  10. I know that most people can't stop on there own without some kind of treatment but I think they could if they really wanted too. It would take alot of work but it's not impossible because I did it and I have 2 years clean.

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