Adam Lane – Serial Killer Documentary

Adam Lane - Serial Killer Documentary

Adam Leroy Lane is a convicted serial killer who is dubbed the “Highway Killer” because his crimes took place near the highway, which he frequently traveled because of his job as a trucker.
Lane committed the murders while he made his way through the northeast during the summer of 2007. He had a book (DVD) in his truck on stalking and killing humans entitled “Hunting Humans.” He also carried two knives and a choke wire.

His first known victim was Darlene Ewalt, who lived near Harrisburg. She was stabbed and killed on 13 July 2007. At the time, she was talking on the telephone in the backyard. Lane stabbed her to death while her family was inside the house.

Lane’s second victim was a woman named Patricia Brooks, whom he stabbed on 17 July 2007 in York County, Pennsylvania. She survived.

His third victim was a woman in New Jersey by the name of Monica Massaro. He stabbed and killed her a day before he committed his final crime.

His final crime transpired when he made a stop on I-495 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, broke into a house on 30 July 2007, and attacked a 16-year-old girl with a knife. Her parents awoke to the sounds of her struggling. Her 135-pound mother and 160-pound father were able to subdue the 245-pound Lane and wrestle the knife he was carrying away from him, even though the mother suffered knife cuts. Chelmsford Police was contacted, arrived at the scene, and arrested him.

I try to avoid 495 at all times because it reminds me of a very bad thing that happened to my family and I living close to the highway I never really thought about safety factors it was Sunday night and we had just returned home from dinner jeanny decided to step and watch the Red Sox game and I turned in early the weather was very hot it was extremely oppressive shake came home at her curfew she has a 12 o'clock curfew she actually came home probably about 15 minutes beforehand it's me I was like oh I'm doing good I'm doing good on time I came in and I went straight to the back door just to see if it was unlocked and I just left it unlocked thinking that my brother was coming home that night I wanted to make sure that he wasn't going to text me a two hours later being like hey Shay can you come unlock the door it's locked Shay was being a good sister and looking out for her big brother I neglected to tell her that Ryan had called earlier in the evening and said that he was going to spend the night at his friend Ricky's house I don't think anyone ever prepares for anything like this to happen to them I heard a muffled sound like a little whimper come from the bedroom right next to us and I thought that was odd che must be having a bad dream or something and Kevin got up at the same time she said I'll check on her and I said no I'll check on which really isn't the norm usually I'm selfish and want to get all the sleep I need and but that that morning something told me to get up I got up and my wife Jeanne followed me in there I opened up the door and I saw a black silhouette over my daughter I woke up in the middle of the night to a cold object on my neck I thought it was a gun I didn't know it was a knife I just saw dark eyes and a mask the man spoke and it was a voice that I had never recognized before and he said if you make any ethnic noise I'm going to kill you and that's when I just kind of went into panic mode and I just started kicking I just pushed my back against the bed hoping to make as much noise as possible so that my parents could wake up and hear me and my dad the first thing I heard him say was who are you the man stood up from leaning over me and just went straight for my dad and we saw a knife in his hand you it was the scariest thing I've ever seen I saw a knife a guy that was probably three times the size of my dad going after my mom and my dad he was dressed all in black black pants black mask just a terrorizing figure and he was huge my dad just jumped on top of them was trying to grab the knife I was just trying to get out of bed I was saying get the knife get the knife the knife was very big the blade was I'm gonna say that long and so I tried to grab the grip of the knife but the man's hand was huge and it was ineffective it wasn't doing anything so I just grabbed the blade of the knife because I didn't know what to do I instinctively told my daughter call 911 and get my gun I don't have a gun but something inside me told me to say that which would keep him on his guard I was so confusing with the dispatcher and I was so flustered that I didn't even know what I was saying on the phone all of a sudden he got a burst of adrenaline he erected himself up off the bed with me on his back that's when I I knew I was in some deep when man stood up with Kevin on his back the knife slid through my hands I thought oh this is it we're all dead it was so stop and go where one minute my dad had him under control and then he'd freak out again and it it was scary when high school I wrestled I knew a choke hold was the only thing with a guy of this size that I had a chance on restrain and I'm taking him down was if I took his wind out and I choked him on the throat and threw my weight back and pulled him with me and we hit the floor and so at that moment I turned around and I grabbed the knife again I grabbed the blade of the knife again I ran back into the back room is all a lot of blood and I didn't know what it was coming from and then I looked down and I saw my mom holding onto the knife for dear life and she wouldn't let go of it I was pissed and all I could think about was I need to distract this guy so that he doesn't try to do anything else so I'm screaming at him I'm like what were you thinking that's when the man spoke and said I just wanted money and I heard the accent and Kevin and I looked at each other and went ha ha ha who is this who is sitting in front of us and he said I'm nobody let me go and I said to him I said you're not going anywhere you're fat when I saw the police come into the driveway I was ecstatic I was so relieved and so happy because I knew that at that point everything was gonna be fine and the second that the first officer got into the house he just grabbed the guy and got him under control and everything I didn't cry I just immediately hugged my dad he was really choked up it really hadn't hit him yet he just I don't think it hit any of us what had happened as I left the room Shay was with me we just held on to each other for a little bit and I wasn't gonna let go of her for the life of me when I first arrived at the scene I wasn't sure what to expect at that point it was very serious the sergeant told me that a man had broke into the house it was heavily armed different types of weapons weapons that I'd never seen before Chinese throwing stars choking wires along with this horrifying task after they left our house with this intruder Jeanne and Shay went by ambulance to the hospital to tend to Jeannie's wounds Brian was in shock when he found out what happened he felt bad that he wasn't there but he was spending the night at his friend Ricky's house and it's unfortunate cause he shouldn't because it's not his fault in the slightest bit I think he just wishes that he was there to just protect us detective Tyros told me that the man that had broken into our house was a long-haul trucker his name is Adam Leroy Lane lived in North Carolina and was running routes up and down from North Carolina up to Nashua New Hampshire and various locations throughout the metropolitan Boston area he had a wife and he had three daughters that made me sick to my stomach to know on August 2nd a few days later we conducted a search warrant of Adamle Rylands truck we found his logbook receipts some more knives we also found a movie inside of a DVD player that movies titled hunting humans this movie is about a serial killer that goes around randomly killing people without any mode of a reason other than to just kill people later I learned that Adam Leroy Lane was on the prowl in our town for approximately 5 hours he tried to get into at least three other houses before eventually getting into the MacDonald residence to where unlock door he was out in our town hunting humans at night we started to think maybe he's done this in other places and just has a McCoy yet you Joanne was my wife and friend is my partner in life I've known her since I was 15 phalion was sitting outside on our back patio just enjoying the weather talking on the phone at 10 o'clock I opened the door and told her I was headed to bed and she said she'd be up in a little bit I kind of laughed because I knew better she just would be out on the phone till late I just went upstairs and I shut the door I went to sleep I was just laying in bed and my bedroom door opened up and guy started screaming and shining flashlights at me guys were screaming at me to get my hands in the air I thought it might be a home invasion or something and I started to look past the flashlights and stuff and could see the silhouettes of the men standing there and I could see guns pointed at me and then one of the troopers identified himself as a state trooper so I put my hands in the air I asked if my son was there and he walked up on the police and put his hands above his head then they handcuffed him I was able to look around I see my wife's person sitting there with her cell phone and keys on one of the chairs at the kitchen table and I told my son we got big problems your mom wouldn't leave without her phone and her keys then I started seeing flash photography going off I knew that wasn't a good sign after about three hours one of the detectives came in sat me down that's when they told me that Darlene was dead and and she was killed at the hands of another person that's when things started to fall apart for me I remember hearing my son scream Senna kitchen still handcuffed broke the chair he was sitting in head-butted the frigerator you're still too big incident when I arrived crime scene investigators were already working in the backyard of what I describe as a typical suburban neighborhood this woman had been when her back patio talking to a male friend on the phone Darlene's friend hears the call sort of abruptly and a sort of muffled sound and abrupt in to a call that and his experience wouldn't normally happen talking to Darlene he tells his wife they hop in their car and drive to Darlene's home where he discovered the body on that back patio she suffered a fatal stab wound in the neck area ultimately causing her death I got woke up about 6:45 on the 13th from a phone call from my brother I answered it he's like Nicole mom's dead I'm like what you're kidding me tell me you're lying he's like no she was murdered last night and then I just feel my whole life just completely fall apart as experience is often taught the police and prosecutors people who are killed at home our most light would be killed by someone close to them that this was not a random act that it was committed by someone who knew her and someone who had the opportunity to kill her and most likely her husband they they accuse me of killing my wife they just wanted me to break down and say I did it or paid somebody to do it I knew I didn't do it cops took me down to the Pennsylvania State Police barracks where they had my brother and my father I just remember coming around the corner from the door and just running to me and just grabbing her and holding her and giving her a hug because I just there was nothing I could do for nothing I could do to make it better I just held on to her we both kind of just wanted to rewind time I never asked myself once if my dad killed my mom because I just knew I'm them had no enemies she's great personality and was just loved by everybody so it was kind of like why would someone want to hurt her let alone kill her and who would do it who could be such a monster shortly after the attack we had to go to court and see our attacker he was kept in a plexiglass bulletproof partition on the other side of the court from us he just looked like a caged animal he was disgusting he wouldn't stop staring at me and that was the worst feeling in the entire world I wanted to leap over the railing actually because I was so angry at that point I mean I really wanted to get a get a punch in or something there was no way that we could allow this guy to hit the streets the judge held Lane without bail finding that he was a danger to the community as well as to the McDonough family we didn't know a lot about him at the outset he had no prior record in the state of Massachusetts no prior criminal record but just from what we had at that point we knew he was one dangerous individual we put out an all-points bulletin to see if any of the other police departments along the East Coast it had any type of similar incidents in their communities and one of the first people to respond was a State Police trooper out of New Jersey his name was Jeff Noble and he had inquired whether or not Adam Lane might have been responsible for a murder that he was investigating down in New Jersey on the morning of Monday July 30th 2007 New Jersey troopers responded to the home of Manik massero miss massero had been stabbed multiple times in the sanctity of her own home it was just the type of crime that someone with an incredible amount of violence and rage would have done monica Massaro was a single 37 year old female she lived by herself she was very active socially she had a lot of friends really lived life to the fullest we didn't have anybody that we would call suspects specifically and that proved challenging for us we knew that our victim lived in proximity to a truck stop we of course felt that we should call the chumps of Massachusetts Police Department and just kind of compare notes on the case basically we wanted to know if Adam Leroy Lane was in New Jersey at or near the time Monica massero died so we asked detective Tyros if he had any evidence paperwork blogs receipts toll records anything that would indicate to us Adam Leroy lanes route of travel and all of a sudden detective Tyros kind of stops and he goes hey I have a receipt here okay and he goes it's from Bloomsbury New Jersey we all looked at each other like did he just say bloom was buried New Jersey when George went and then he gave us the second piece which was July 29 2007 right at the time we believe Monica died a short time later I heard detective Noble say George what coming to Chelmsford how can you get 48 hours anytime anyplace won a clue your iPad reality drama exclusive extras to missing would be a crime when we arrived in Chelmsford Massachusetts we immediately started you know the questions where's the evidence you know we want everything that Adam Lee could have had in his possession at the time of the murder we wanted to know where was the truck and we learned that the truck had already been released we had Adam Leroy lanes tractor-trailer for approximately three weeks legally we were only able to obtain evidence that pertained to our case at that point in time we didn't have any other cases so unfortunately after several weeks the owner of the tractor-trailer was looking for his truck back without any other cases we had to eventually give his truck back everything in there that belonged to Adam Lane the owner of the company threw into a dumpster which was located in the impound yard in Massachusetts where the truck had been the trash hauling company was scheduled to pick up and empty that dumpster on that very day we got very lucky we basically beat the trash hauler to the dumpster and the dumpster was was packed it was full he sued up it took an entire afternoon we took every piece of debris and trash out of that dumpster and in that bottom of the dumpster we found basically all of Adam lanes personal property clothing shoes socks without a doubt every detective there suspected that we were coming across key potential DNA events in this case we couldn't wait to get back to New Jersey submit this stuff to the forensic laboratory and let the evidence basically show us you know what happened before Jeff went back he wanted to interview Adam Leroy Lane at that point we told them don't get your hopes up but it's worth a shot going into the interview with Adam Lane we had basically very low expectations because he didn't speak to the other detectives in Massachusetts we felt he wasn't going to speak to us after detective Noble went in to interview Adam Lane my sergeant and I waited for him we were thinking we're gonna be eating dinner shortly it's probably not gonna go very long after about a half hour 45 minutes we realized he's talking after an hour we decided you know what we've had a good week without him and as we started talking to him it became evident that Adam Lane actually much to our surprise wanted to speak with for the first hour hour and a half of the interview he never once asked us what crime we were investigating and my impression of that is he didn't need to ask us he knew I were there he knew it and we knew it we did not have the benefit of the forensic results so this whole interview was done basically with my partner I just feeling out Adam Lane as we went we told them we're not here because we think you did something in New Jersey I told them we're here because we know you did something in New Jersey and you could see Adam lanes demeanor start to change and my impression of it was he was starting to come to the realization that he was caught and after several seconds he said the words I'm done I packed up our stuff we turned off the tape recorder My partner and I got up to leave he walked out of that room and after several minutes Adam Lane made a motion through the window of the door made a nod for us to come back in and at that point we knew exactly where we were we knew that I'm Lane why not to confess that he wanted to tell us what happened he described how he stabbed Monica Robles back here best I could tell our phone across out here he described where he stabbed her did you have any sexual attraction or any of this no no I'm wearing look I am out for sexual toys what happened next time she didn't tighten very much about how long 60 seconds Adam Lane no doubt about it it is perhaps the most dangerous man that I've seen personally and the reason is because there's no explanation there is no why with Adam Lane and he killed Monica Massaro just in my opinion for the sport of it I received a phone call on my cell phone from the Chief of Police they told us that Adam Leroy Lane had murdered a woman the night before he came to our house when we heard that we we were we were just floored we knew at that moment that we came seconds milliseconds from losing our daughter in the most horrific way possible why do you think Adam Lane suddenly confessed to murder chat now on Facebook and Twitter my biggest fear after I lost my mom was that I was gonna lose my dad I didn't want him to end up in prison for something that he didn't do emotionally I couldn't bear to lose another parent I had been subpoenaed to appear in front of a grand jury the early part of September of 2007 and is it two closer more worried I was getting several weeks after we submitted Adam Leeds knives to our laboratory for analysis we received word of what the results were the results showed that not only was Monica serous DNA on his knives but also Darlene waltz from Pennsylvania her DNA was also on Adam lanes knives I found out that my mom's DNA was on a knife from the newspaper I think I called my dad I'm like so you're clear and it just kind of becomes a blur after that just knowing that finally that they have the evidence to clear my father after we discovered that Darlene's blood was on the knife taken from Adam Lane I did meet with toddy waltz I explained to him that we had found the perpetrator and apologized that he had been a suspect treated as he believes as somewhat unfairly during the investigative process and wanted him to know that we would do whatever we could to bring Adam Lane to justice I can't even begin to think how bad it would have been if Blaine was never caught I think I would have been on trial for the murder of my wife the DNA match of Darlene II Walt's blood on Adam Leroy lanes knife was a complete game-changer we knew that he was incarcerated that he faced charges in Massachusetts and he faced charges in New Jersey since he was locked up and we knew he wasn't going anywhere we decided we would defer to Massachusetts and New Jersey before commencing our prosecution here in Pennsylvania even though he terrified me I went on to face this guy down I'm sorry do you don't come into my house and attacked my family I'm gonna be there I'm gonna watch you every step of the way we knew pretty much from the outset that this case was not going to go to trial there was really no defense that he had to offer he was caught red-handed in the mcdonoughs house by the tempered police so at some level we knew it was going to be a plea and what it came down to was how long of a sentence were we gonna get on this guy the one sticking point for Adam lien seems to be the sexual assault charge he was adamant that he wasn't going to sexually assault Shea McDonough this wasn't about sex so I went to the mcdonoughs and we discussed it if that was the one sticking point did they feel comfortable with dismissing that charge if it meant that the plea would go forward on all the other counts and he would receive 25 to 30 years in state prison that meant that Shea would not have to get up on the witness stand and recount everything that she went through that night and just traumatized her all over again we said okay let's just accept the plea bargain and go forward with it I would have liked to see a longer sentence and that that's what we were advocating for but we also knew that Adam was going to face murder charges in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania so at the end of the day we knew he was never going to get out I felt compelled that okay even though the legal battles for us were over I was gonna see this thing through and I'm gonna make sure that I was at every hearing that he was at that I was with the families of the other victims we went down to the sentencing for Monica Massaro this defendant showed absolutely no mercy for Monica my sorrow we don't know why a person who was a husband and a father suddenly commits these kind of acts I just was heartbroken for thaen Frank Messara Monica was their only child and only daughter and their whole lives revolved around her I remember giving Monica's mom a hug and just saying how sorry I was and just really feeling her pain and it was hard it was really hard as we were walking into the courtroom we noticed this gentleman sitting against a railing outside of the courthouse and he just looked lost we learned that it was Todd Ewald the husband of Darlene Ewald I gave him a big hug and I just felt like awful why am I here and his wife isn't here I was just really thankful to meet him the first time to be able to shake their hand and tell them thank you for them to finally have their daughter's killer face the consequences for what he had done I was relieved that they were able to be there and see him sentenced more sense to serve as years in the New Jersey State Prison I wanted to know why lane would go off and start killing people I started digging looking for answers it just snowballs and it ended up turning into a book it seems like he had a normal childhood and as far as we could see that there was no criminal background the police told me that it was very difficult on his family we'll never probably ever know why he did what he did there was more to write about because Lane still had to face the charges against Darlene a Walt and I was determined that I was going to be in that courtroom when he was sentenced I could be there as a reminder to him that you know what you killed those other women but I'm still here and I'm gonna make sure you get what you deserve how can you get 48 hours anytime anyplace won a clue your iPad reality drama exclusive extras – missin would be a crime June 28 2010 was the day that lien was sentenced for the murder of my mother the mcdonoughs were there and the masaru's were there it showed a lot of solidarity between the families the connection that we all feel as a result of being tormented by the sky there was some tension in the courtroom but there was also a lot of tears and pain and then there was just nothing from Layne he was a blank slate it's like you didn't even care we initially saw the death penalty against mr. Lane as we continued to talk with the Ewald family they were becoming concerned about an actual trial going through the emotional aspects of hearing about Darlene's death in trial the fact that a defense tactic might be to try and blame him Todd as the killer serial killer who police say went after random women along his truck route will spend the rest of his life behind bars Lane pleaded guilty as part of a plea deal some of the waltz family were in the courtroom today and they supported it was not hard to accept a plea deal for life in prison with 4 Adam Lane because whether he's on death row or not it's not going to change my circumstances at all because nothing can make up for all of the pain that he's caused there's just no way I feel like if there's anything I can do for Nicole to make the road ahead easier for her I owe it to her I can call Jeanne any time she's programmed in my speed dial and usually at the end of every phone call it ends with I love you it's great because it's almost like a second mother McDonough's are sort of like heroes in my book they stopped an innocent man from going to jail they put a guilty man away and they saved countless women it's hard looking at the other families and seeing that the hard times that they've been through and how traumatizing everything has been for them and I do feel guilty that I'm still here and that others aren't it sucks she just was traumatized she didn't want to get up out of bed she didn't want to leave her room when she was in the basement she was terrified of people looking in she had gone off to school and she had some anxiety she thought she was ready to go on to college and she she had to come home she she couldn't be away from us initially therapy made a huge difference I was able to just get a lot of emotions and feelings out that I didn't even know I I had built up and it was just a great feeling because now I feel like I'm able to let go and able to move on without holding a grudge and being angry [Applause] every time I leave the house or every time I go anywhere it's we never forget to say I love you because you never know what can happen when I go to bed at night and I look at my husband I think you know you are just my hero really I mean he saved my daughter's life he saved my life he saved his own we're here because of him so he really is the hero he is a hero I think about moniker and a family in the e waltz in their loved ones that they've lost and I say to myself you know why were we so lucky but I feel that he was sent there to be stopped to our house I feel it was a reason or a greater power that enabled us to stop on that night and I feel he sent there to be stopped you

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  1. Police surprises family of slain deceased at gun point then handcuffs them to tell them a guy's significant other has been murdered… and nobody sees an issue with this?

  2. My Blood boils watching this I feel so much hate for this scum bag BUT SO MUCH HURT & LOVE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THERE LOVE ONES DOWN IT. Well done to the family who stop this animal who knows how many more lady's this animal would have killed ..

  3. The daughter sounds & looks like the bad girl( the one that fights with the actress) from American High school/ teen age movies. ( No pun intended, She is great indeed. Just kidding)…

  4. Boring. Too much focus on the victims. Here's a fact: they're just regular people chosen at random. Like it or not, most of us are here because we're fascinated by the madness that drives men to commit these heinous acts. Any documentary worth its salt will cater to its target audience instead of pandering to the masses like this one does.

  5. I live right off 495 in mass. I also had a man break into my house in 1989 and my father woke up to him in house and fought him for 15 minutes ending up in driveway with my father (small white guy Vietnam Vet) on ground and had the man a 6”6 Black Guy (Crack Head) had him in a rear naked choke hold until the police finally showed up 10-15 longest minutes of my at the time 9 years old life. Lucky for us he didn’t have any weapons because like I said he wasn’t a serial killer just Crack head. So crazy how similar the story was. My mother yelled I have the gun( we didn’t have gun lol) also the muddy footprints showed he was in my sisters room and took her jewelry while she was sleeping. The man got 10 years in prison. I always thought how lucky we were as a family he didn’t have any other weapons other than the heavy duty flashlight that he used on my dads face and body. I only used race in comments because it helps the visual. He slid/Squeezing threw our bathroom window which had the safety locks on. The ones that allow the window to be open 4 inches but not go passed that. I know it’s a long comment and if you are still hear thanks for listening and lock your doors and windows. You never no who’s outside. He also tried to get in our neighbors but could only get in hallway. ✌🏼 be with you

  6. We dont f around in Massachusetts were a tough ppl w alot of dedication to our familys when the marathon bombings happen it was the ppl that figured out who those guys were

  7. They are all idiots. All doors and windows should be locked at all times, and a loaded gun should always be within arms reach. Anyone who so much as tries to enter your home, you kill and mutilate before calling the pigs to come and take away the pieces. If my kid ever left a door unlocked, I would beat the living shit out of them and they would never do it again, or they would be thrown out of the house on their ass never to return.

  8. And that’s why I tell my wife and kids to always fight if they are in a similar situation. Never agree to their demands hoping they won’t hurt you.

  9. Wow. The family that survived changed everything. They helped find solution to the murdered, but more importantly they helped a man that was about to be prosecuted for something he never did. BUT again , the best part is how connected this family is, I have seen many documentaries about family invasions but women would usually run away leaving the man to fight alone. I remember there was a woman who watched her son fight the intruder while her daughter was being held down by the intruder causing the son to accidentally hit her sister. Uniting efforts is important because you might end up losing your loved ones while you had the chance to do something to prevent that. As an adult you must be able to add some muscle, it's needed . But this lovely family joined their efforts to fight this man, even their daughter who survived the attach was ready to fight, terrified and young but ready to help her parents after calling the police! You guys I love you even if I know I will never meet you, I pray that you stay a united family and keep on helping the other 2 families that lost their loved ones because of this monster.

  10. So how many innocent people do you think are in jail???that husband of two children would have been in jail have the murderer or not been caught before he went to trial!! The police would have made their case surround him… I'm not speaking bad employees they have very very very difficult job..they want to put away killers they want our street safe..they don't want to worry about their families when they're at work…but .. we must as a society as juries as human beings make sure the right killer or the right rapist or the right attacker is behind bars for the crime!!those two children would have lost their mother to murder and a father to prison and it would have known every step of the way their father did not kill their mother!! The police would have thought they had their bad guy that would have been that!!

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